01x10 - Jet





Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony.

Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them.

But when the world needed him most, he vanished.

A hundred years passed, and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar an airbender named Aang.

And although his airbending skills are great.

He has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.

But I believe Aang can save the world.

Book One: Water Chapter Ten: Jet Where's Momo? Hang on Momo! All right you too.

This is gonna take forever.

That works These are Fire Nation traps you can tell from the metalwork.

We'd better pack up camp, and get moving.

Ah-ah no flying this time.

What? Why wouldn't we fly? Think about it.

Somehow Prince Zuko and the Fire Nation keep finding us.

It's because they spot Appa he's just too noticeable.

What! Appa's not too noticeable! He's a gigantic fluffy monster with an arrow on his head it's kinda hard to miss him! Sokka's just jealous 'cause he doesn't have an arrow.

I know you all want to fly, but my instincts tell me we should play it safe this time and walk.

Who made you the boss? I'm not the boss I'm the leader.

You're the leader? But your voice still cracks! I'm the oldest and I'm a warrior.

So I'm the leader! If anyone's the leader, it's Aang.

I mean, he is the Avatar.

Are you kidding he's just a goofy kid! He's right.

Why do boys always think someone has to be the leader? I bet you wouldn't be so bossy if you kissed a girl.

I-I've kissed a girl you just haven't met her.

Who? Gran-gran? I've met Gran-gran.

No besides Gran-gran.

Look, my instincts tell me we have a better chance of slipping through on foot and a leader has to trust his instincts.

Okay, we'll try it your way Oh Wise Leader.

Who knows walking might be fun.

Walking stinks! How do people go anywhere without a flying bison? I don't know Aang.

Why don't you ask Sokka's instincts they seem to know everything.


Very funny.

I'm tired of carrying this pack.

You know who you should ask to carry it for a while? Sokka's Instincts! That's a great idea! Hey, Sokka's Instincts, would you mind Okay, okay I get it.

Look guys, I'm tired too.

But the important thing is that we're safe from the Fire Nation Run! We're cut off! Sokka, your shirt! If you let us pass, we promise not to hurt you.

What are you doing? Bluffing? You? Promise not to hurt us? Nice work, Sokka! How'd ya do that? Uh instinct? Look! Down you go.

They're in the trees! Hey, he was mine! Gotta be quicker next time.

Man! Hey.


You just took out a whole army almost single-handed! Army? Pfft.

There were only, like, twenty guys! My name is Jet, and these are my Freedom Fighters.

Sneers Longshot Smellerbee The Duke and Pipsqueak.

Pipsqueak that's a funny name.

You think my name is funny? It's hilarious.

Um thanks for saving us Jet.

We were lucky you were there.

I should be thanking you.

We were waiting to ambush those soldiers all morning we just needed the right distraction.

And then you guys stumbled in.

We were relying on instincts.

You'll get yourself killed doing that.

Hey Jet these barrels are filled with blasting jelly.

That's a great score.

And these boxes are filled with jelly candy! Also good.

Let's not get those mixed up.

We'll take the stuff back to the hideout.

You guys have a hideout? You wanna see it? Yes we wanna see it! We're here.

Where there's nothing here?! Hold this.

Why what's this do? Aang? I'll get up on my own.

Grab hold of me Katara.

Nice place you got! It's beautiful up here! It's beautiful and more importantly the Fire Nation can't find us.

They would love to find you.

Wouldn't they, Jet? It's not gonna happen, Smellerbee.

Why does the Fire Nation want to find you? I guess you could say I've been causing them a little trouble.

See, they took over a nearby Earth Kingdom town a few years back.

We've been ambushin' their troops, cutting off their supply lines, and doing anything we can to mess with 'em.

One day, we'll drive the Fire Nation out of here for good and free that town.

That's so brave.

Yeah, nothing's braver than a guy in a treehouse.

Don't pay any attention to my brother.

No problem.

He probably had a rough day.

So, you all live here? That's right.

Longshot over there? His town got burned down by the fire Nation.

And we found the Duke trying to steal our food.

I don't think he ever really had a home.

What about you? Fire Nation killed my parents.

I was only eight years old.

That day changed me forever.

Sokka and I lost our mother to the Fire Nation.

I'm so sorry, Katara.

Today, we struck another blow against the Fire Nation swine.

I got a special joy from the look on one soldier's face, when the Duke dropped down on his helmet and rode him like a wild hog monkey.

Now, the Fire Nation thinks they don't have to worry about a couple of kids hiding in the trees.

Maybe they're right.

Or maybe they are dead wrong! Hey Jet, nice speech.


By the way, I was really impressed with you and Aang.

That was some great bending I saw out there today.

Well, he's great.

He's the Avatar.

I could use some more training.

Avatar huh? Very nice.

Thanks Jet.

So I might know a way that you and Aang can help in our struggle.

Unfortunately we have to leave tonight.

Sokka, you're kidding me! I needed you on an important mission tomorrow.

What mission? What are you doing? Shh~ it amplifies vibrations.

Good trick.

Nothing yet.

Wait! Yes, someone's approaching.

How many? I think there's just one.

Good work, Sokka.

Ready your weapon.

Wait! False alarm he's just an old man.

What are you doing in our woods, you leech? Please sir, I'm just a traveler.

Do you like destroying towns? Do you like destroying families? Do you?! Oh please let me go have mercy Does the Fire Nation let people go?! Does the Fire Nation have mercy?! Jet, he's just an old man! He's Fire Nation! Search him! But he's not hurting anyone! Have you forgotten that the Fire Nation killed your mother? Remember why you fight! We've got his stuff, Jet.

This doesn't feel right.

It's what has to be done now let's get outta here.

Come on Sokka! Sokka! Look what the Duke gave me! Ow! Quit it! Hey Sokka.

Is Jet back? Yeah he's back.

But we're leaving.

What? But I made him this hat.

Your boyfriend Jet's a thug.

What? No, he's not.

He's messed up Katara.

He's not messed up, he's just got a different way of life a really fun way of life.

He beat and robbed a harmless old man! I wanna hear Jet's side of the story.

Sokka you told them what happened but you didn't mention that the guy was Fire Nation? No, he conveniently left that part out.

Fine! But even if he was Fire Nation, he was a harmless civilian.

He was an assassin, Sokka.

See? There's a compartment for poison in the knife.

He was sent to eliminate me you helped save my life, Sokka.

I knew there was an explanation.

I didn't see any knife! That's because he was concealing it.

See Sokka? I'm sure you just didn't notice the knife.

There was no knife! I'm going back to the hut and packing my things.

Tell me you guys aren't leaving yet.

I really need your help.

What can we do? The Fire Nation is planning on burning down our forest.

If you both use water bending to fill the reservoir, we could fight the fires.

But if you leave now, they'll destroy the whole valley.

We can't leave now with the Fire Nation about to burn down a forest! I'm sorry Katara.

Jet's very smooth, but we can't trust him.

You know what I think? You're jealous that he's a better warrior and a better leader! Katara, I'm not jealous of Jet.

It's just that my instinct Well my instincts tell me we need to stay here a little longer and help Jet.

Come on Aang.

Sorry Sokka.

Let's go.

Now listen you are not to blow the dam until I give the signal.

If the reservoir isn't full, the Fire Nation troops could survive.

But what about the people in the town won't they get wiped out too? Look Duke, that's the price of ridding this area of the Fire Nation.

Now don't blow the dam until I give the signal got it? Where do you think you're going, ponytail? Sokka.

I'm glad you decided to join us.

I heard your plan to destroy the Earth Kingdom town.

Our plan is to rid the valley of the Fire Nation.

There are people living there Jet mothers and fathers and children.

We can't win without making some sacrifices.

You lied to Aang and Katara about the forest fire! Because they don't understand the demands of war.

Not like you and I do.

I do understand.

I understand that there's nothing you won't do to get what you want.

I was hoping you'd have an open mind, but I can see you've made your choice.

I can't let you warn Katara and Aang.

Take him for a walk a long walk.

You can't do this! Cheer up, Sokka.

We're gonna win a great victory against the Fire Nation today.

Jet I'm sorry about how Sokka's been acting.

No worries he already apologized.

Really? Sokka apologized? Yeah I was surprised too.

I got the sense that maybe you talked to him or something.

Yeah, I did.

I guess something you said got through to him.

Anyhow, he went out on a scouting mission with Pipsqueak and Smellerbee.

I'm glad he cooled off.

He's so stubborn sometimes.

All right, we're here.

Underground water's trying to escape through these vents.

I need you guys to help it along.

I've never used bending on water I can't see.

I don't know.


You can do this.

What about me? I know the Avatar can do this.

Yes! Good job! This river empties into the reservoir a few more geysers and it'll be full.

Look, there's another steam vent.


You two keep it up I'll go check on things at the reservoir.

When we're done we'll meet you over there.

Actually probably better if you meet me back at the hideout when you're done.

I bet that's enough and I'm not just saying that to be lazy.

Let's catch up with Jet at the reservoir.

I thought we agreed to meet Jet back at the hideout.

Well, we finished early I'm sure he'll be happy to see us.

Come on move along! How can you stand by and do nothing while Jet wipes out a whole town? Hey listen Sokka, Jet's a great leader.

We follow what he says, and things always turn out okay.

If that's how Jet leads, then he's got a lot to learn.

Hey! While you two are up there you might want to practice your knot-work.

Hey Smellerbee you gonna eat your leechee nuts? What are they doing? Hey, those are the red barrels he got from the Fire Nation.

Why would they need blasting jelly? Because Jet's gonna blow up the dam.

What? No that would destroy the town.

Jet wouldn't do that.

I've gotta stop him.

Jet wouldn't do that.

Yes I would.

Jet why? Katara, you would too if you just stopped to think.

Think about what the Fire Nation did to your mother we can't let them do that to anyone else, ever again.

This isn't the answer! I want you to understand me Katara.

I thought your brother would understand, but Where's Sokka? Katara.

I need to get to the dam.

You're not going anywhere without your glider.

I'm not gonna fight you, Jet.

You'll have to if you want your glider back.

Why, Jet? I can't believe I trusted you.

You lied to me you're sick and I trusted you! What are you doing? You're too late.

No! Sokka's still out there he's our only chance.

Come on, Sokka.

I'm sorry I ever doubted you.


No Sokka didn't make it in time.

All those people Jet you monster! This was a victory, Katara.

Remember that.

The Fire Nation is gone and this valley will be safe.

It will be safe without you.

Sokka! I warned the villagers of your plan, just in time.

What! At first they didn't believe me.

The Fire Nation soldiers assumed I was a spy.

But one man vouched for me the old man you attacked.

He urged them to trust me, and we got everyone out in time.

Missus Pretty! Sokka, you fool! We could've freed this valley! Who would be free everyone would be dead.

You traitor! No, Jet.

You became the traitor when you stopped protecting innocent people.


Please help me.

Goodbye Jet.

Yip yip.

We thought you were going to the dam.

How come you went to the town instead? Lemme guess your instincts told you.

Hey sometimes they're right.

Um Sokka? You know we're going the wrong way, right? And sometimes they're wrong.