02x01 - The Avatar State

Water Earth Fire Air Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony Then, everthing changed when the Fire Nation attacked Only the Avatar, master of all four elements could stop them but when the world needed him most, he vanished A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar an Airbender named Aang and although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone but I believe.


Aang can save the world Aang? Do you wanna talk about it? Naah.


just a nightmare I was in the Avatar State But I was outside my body watching myself It was scary I was scary Kitara, I want you to have this This amulet contains water from the Spirit Oasis The water has unique properties Don't lose it Thank you Master Pakku Aang, these scrolls will help you master waterbending But remember, there are no substitutes for a real master.

Sokka Take care son.

Fly straight to the Earth Kingdom based to the east of here General Fong will provide you with an escort to Omashu There you'll be safe to begin your earthbending training with King Bumi Appa, yip yip! Say hi to Gran Gran for me! Aahh.


This is what I've been missing Who knew floating on a piece of a driftwood for 3 weeks with no food or water.


and sea vultures waiting to pluck out your liver could make one so tense? I see It's the anniversary isn't it? I lost it all I want it back! I want the Avatar, I want my honor, my throne! I want my father not to think I'm worthless.

I'm sure he doesn't.

Why would he banish you if he didn't care? Urgh.


that came out wrong didn't it? My brother and my uncle has disgraced the Fire Lord and brought shame on all of us.

You may have mixed feeling about attacking members of the royal family I understand.

But I assure you.


if u hesitate, I will not hesitate to bring you down.


Princess, I'm afraid the tide will not allow us to bring the ship into port before nightfall.

I'm sorry Captain, but I do not know much about the tides Can you explain something to me? Of course, your Highness Do the tides command this ship? I'm afraid I don't understand.

You said the tides would not allow us to bring this ship in.

Do the tides command this ship? No, Princess.

And if I would have you thrown overboard Would the tides think twice about smashing you against the rocky shore? No, Princess Well then, maybe you should worry less about the tides if they're already made up their mind about killing you, and worry more about me, who's still mulling it over.

I'll pull us in.

There it is! Welcome, Avatar Aang.

I am General Fong.

And welcome to all of u, great heroes.

Appa, Momo, brave Sokka, the mighty Katara.

"Mighty Katara"? I liked that.

Not bad, not bad.

Avatar Aang, we were all amazed at the stories of how you single handedly wiped out an entire Fire Navy fleet at the North Pole.

I can't imagine what it feels like to wield such devastating power.

It's an awesome responsibility.

I tried not to think about it too much.

Avatar, you're ready to face the Fire Lord now.

What? No I'm not! Aang still needs to master all four elements.

Why? With the kind of power he possesses, power enough to destroy hundreds of battleships in a matter of minutes, he could defeat the Fire Lord now! But, sir, the thing is, Aang can only do those things when he's in Avatar State.

See, it's a special state where.


I'm well aware Your eyes and tattoos glow, and you're able to summon unbelievable power Without you we'd be slaughtered before we even reach their shores.

But with you leading the way, as the ultimate weapon, we could cut us warf right through to the heart of the Fire Nation.

Right, but, I don't know how to get in or out of the Avatar State.

Much less what to do once I'm there.

So it's decided then I'll help you figure out how to get into the Avatar State and then you'll face your destiny.

No, nothing's decided.

We already have a plan.

Aang's pursuing his destiny his way.

Well, while you take your time learning the elements, the war goes on.

May I show you something? That's the infirmary, and those soldiers are the lucky ones they came back.

Everyday the Fire Nation takes lives, people are dying Aang! You could end it, now.

Think about it.

Almost perfect.

One hair out of place.

Almost isn't good enough.

General Fong? Come in, Aang.

Have you thought about our discussion? l'm in.

l'll fight the Fire Lord.

l told the General l'd help him by going into the Avatar State.

Aang, no.

This is not the right way.

Why not? Remember when he took out the Fire Navy? He was incredible.

There's a right way to do this-- practice, study and discipline.

Or just glow it up and stop that Fire Lord.

lf you two meatheads want to throw away everything we've worked for, Fine.

Go ahead and glow it up.

Katara, l'm just being realistic.

l don't have time to do this the right way.

This rare chi-enhancing tea is a natural stimulant.

ln an ordinary warrior, it improves strength and energy tenfold.

ln you, it may induce the Avatar State.

Tenfold energy, huh? ls it working? ls it working? l can't tell! Somebody tell me if l'm in the Avatar State 'cause l don't have a good view of myself.

Am l talking too loud? l guess he could talk the Fire Lord to death.

Ooh! Maybe l can shock yo u into the Avatar State.

l love surprises.

(shrieking) (yells) Still not glowing.

Uh Uh Ahh! You are wearing a ceremonial piece of clothing from each of the bending nations.

Now, l will join the four elements into one! Water Earth Fire Air Four elements together as one! This is just mud.

So, do you feel anything? (sneezes) We have to find a way.

Look at these magnificent shells.

l'll enjoy these keepsakes for years to come.

We don't need any more useless things.

You forget, we have to carry everything ourselves now.

Hello, brother.


What are you doing here? ln my country, we exchange a pleasant ''hello'' before asking questions.

Have you become uncivilized so soon, Zuzu? Don't call me that! To what do we owe this honor? Hmm.

Must be a family trait.

Both of you so quick to get to the point.

l've come with a message from home.

Father's changed his mind.

Family is suddenly very important to him.

He's heard rumors of plans to overthrow him, treacherous plots.

Family are the only ones you can really trust.

Father regrets your banishment.

He wants you home.

Did you hear me? You should be happy.



l just gave you great news.

l'm sure your brother simply needs a moment to Don't interrupt, Uncle! l still haven't heard my thank you.

l'm not a messenger.

l didn't have to come all this way.

Father regrets? He wants me back? l can see you need time to take this in.

l'll come to call on you tomorrow.

Good evening.

KATARA: Can we talk about something? AANG: Sure.

Do you remember when we were at the Air Templee and you found Monk Gyatso's skeleton? lt must have been so horrible and traumatic for you.

l saw you get so upset that you weren't even you anymore.

l'm not saying the Avatar State doesn't have incredible-- and helpful-- power, but you have to understand, for the people who love you, watching you be in that much rage and pain is really scary.

l'm really glad you told me that.

But l still need to do this.

l don't understand.

No, you don't.

Every day more and more people die.

l'm already a hundred years late.

Defeating the Fire Lord is the only way to stop this war.

l have to try it.

l can't watch you do this to yourself.

l'm not coming tomorrow.

Good night.

Good night.

ZUKO: We're going home.

After three long years.

lt's unbelievable.

lt is unbelievable.

l have never known my brother to regret anything.

Did you listen to Azula? Father's realized how important family is to him.

He cares about me.

l care about you.

And if Ozai wants you back, well, l think it may not be for the reasons you imagine.

You don't know how my father feels about me.

You don't know anything.

Zuko, l only meant that, in our family, things are not always what they seem.

l think you are exactly what you seem-- a lazy, mistrustful, shallow old man who's always been jealous of his brother.

(yells) (gasps) Sokka, Sokka, wake up.

Huh? l don't think we should be trying to bring on the Avatar State.

You sure? Yes.


Do you think the General will be mad? What can he say? You're the Avatar.

Who knows better than you? Wait.

Don't leave without me.

Uncle, you've changed your mind.

Family sticks together, right? We're finally going home.

AANG: The thing is-- l don't think we'll ever be able to trigger it on purpose.

So l guess that's it.

Sure l can't change your mind? l'm sure.

l can only reach the Avatar State when l'm in genuine danger.

l see.

l was afraid you'd say that.

Aang! (yelling) Men, attack the Avatar! What are you doing? l believe we are about to get results.

l'm not your enemy.

l won't fight you.

You can't run forever.

You can't fight forever.

Brother, Uncle Welcome.

l'm so glad you decided to come.

Are we ready to depart, Your Highness? Set our course for home, Captain.


You heard the Princess.

Raise the anchors.

We're taking the prisoners home.

Your Highness, l You lied to me.

Like l've never done that before.

(yelling) l wonder what crazy thing they're trying now.

(rumbling) Maybe we should just make sure Aang's okay.

What's going on? The General's gone crazy.

He's trying to force Aang into the Avatar State.

Good bird-horse thingie.

(roaring) Maybe you can avoid me, but she can't.

(yells) (grunts) l can't move.

Don't hurt her.

) (yells Katara, no! Stop this.

You have to let her go.

You could save her if you were in the Avatar State.

l'm trying.

l'm trying! Aang, l'm sinking.

l don't see glowing.

(screaming) Please! You don't need to do this! Apparently l do.

lt worked.

lt worked! (yells) Zuko, let's go! You know, Father blames Uncle for the loss at the North Pole.

And he considers you a miserable failure for not finding the Avatar.

Why would he want you back home except to lock you up where you can no longer embarrass him? (grunting) (yells) Avatar Aang, can you hear me? Your friend is safe.

lt was just a trick to trigger the Avatar State.

And it worked! lt's time you learned.

The Avatar State is a defense mechanism designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge of all the first Avatars.

The glow is the combination of all your past lives focusing their energy through your body.

ln the Avatar State, you're at your most powerful but you're also at your most vulnerable.

What do you mean? lf you are killed in the Avatar State, the reincarnation cycle will be broken and the Avatar will cease to exist.

l'm sorry, Katara.

l hope you never have to see me like that again.


Are you joking? That was almost perfect.

We just have to find out a way to control you when you're like that.

You're out of your mind.

l guess we'll figure it out on the way to the Fire Nation.

Anybody got a problem with that? Do you still want an escort to Omashu? l think we're all set.

Anyone who harbors these traitors will face the wrath of the Fire Lord.

(gasps) There will be no place left to hide.

(panting) l think we 're safe here.