02x05 - Avatar Day





Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony.

Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them.

But when the world needed him most, he vanished.

A hundred years passed, and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar an airbender named Aang.

And although his airbending skills are great.

He has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.

But I believe Aang can save the world.

Book Two: Earth Chapter Five: Avatar Day What are you doing in my mouth?! Momo, you need to be a little more sensitive to my boundaries.

Give up! You're completely surrounded! Come on, come on, come on! My scrolls! My staff! Yip, yip! Wait, my boomerang! There's no time! Oh, I see.

There's time to get your scrolls and time to get your staff, but no time for my boomerang? That's correct! Oh.

Sorry about your boomerang, Sokka.

I feel like I've lost part of my identity.

Imagine if you lost your arrow, or if Katara lost her hair loopies.

Here's your produce, ponytail guy.

I used to be boomerang guy Hey, Water Tribe money.

I hope that's okay.

So long as it's money.

Have a nice Avatar Day! Avatar Day? You guys are going to the festival, right? There's a holiday for the Avatar.

Who knew? Look! They made a giant Kyoshi float.

And here comes Avatar Roku.

Having a huge festival in your honor is great, but frankly, it's just nice to be appreciated.

And it's nice to appreciate their deep-fried festival food.

Aang, look! That's the biggest me I've ever seen.

Now a torch, that's a nice prop.

It's bright, dangerous smells manly.

But I'm not sure I could carry it off.

Hey, what's that guy doing? Down with the Avatar! Down with the Avatar! Down with the Avatar! Where did you get these? What does it matter where they came from? Down with the Avatar! Down with the Avatar! Hey! That party-pooper's ruining Avatar Day! That party-pooper's my friend! It's the Avatar himself! It's going to kill us with its awesome Avatar powers! No, I'm not, I I suggest you leave.

You're not welcome here, Avatar.

Why not? Aang helps people.

It's true.

I'm on your side.

I find that hard to swallow considering what you did to us in your past life.

It was Avatar Kyoshi, she murdered our glorious leader, Chin the Great.

You think that I murdered someone? We used to be a great society before you killed our leader.

Now look at us! Huh! Aang would never do something like that.

No Avatar would.

And it's not fair for you all to question his honor! Let's tell her what we think of the Avatar's "honor.

" Give me a chance to clear my name.

The only way to prove your innocence is to stand trial.

I'll gladly stand trial.

You'll have to follow all our rules.

That includes paying bail.

No problem! How was I supposed to know they wouldn't take Water Tribe money? So some people don't like you.

Big deal! There's a whole nation of firebenders who hate you.

Now let's bust you out of here.

I can't.

Sure you can! A little swish, swish, swish! Airbending slice! and we're on our way.

I think what "Master Swish" is trying to say is that you're supposed to be out saving the world.

You can't do that locked up in here.

I can't do that with people thinking I'm a murderer, either.

I need you guys to help prove my innocence.

How're we gonna do that? The crime happened over three hundred years ago.

That's okay, Sokka.

For some reason, I thought you were an expert detective.

Well, I guess I could be classified as such.

Yeah! Back home he was famous for solving the mystery of the missing seal jerky.

Everyone wanted to blame it on a polar leopard but I figured out that it was Old Man Jarco wearing polar leopard boots.

See, a real eight hundred pound polar leopard would have left much deeper tracks.

Okay, I guess I am pretty good.

So you'll help me with my case? Fine.

But I'm gonna need some new props.

I'm ready.

What? This is the crime scene.

This is the footprint of the killer, Kyoshi.

It was at sunset three hundred and seventy years ago today that she emerged from the temple and struck down Chin the Great.

After that tragic day, we built this statue to immortalize our great leader.

Feel free to appreciate it.

This temple and this statue were cut from the same stone.

And we know that the statue was built after Chin died.

So if they were built at the same time, that means Shhh! I wanna solve it! That means Kyoshi never set foot in this temple.

That's a big hole in the mayor's story, but it's not enough to prove Aang's innocence.

You're right.

We need to go to Kyoshi Island.

Where'd you get that? You got a bald head some nice tattoos You're going to fit in real well around here.

Where's Aangy? He couldn't be here, Koko.

I wanted to see Aangy Oyagi! Aang is in jail.

The town of Chin says he murdered their leader in a past life.

They say it was Kyoshi.

Kyoshi? That's crazy talk! I'll take you to her shrine.

Maybe something there will help you clear her name.

So, uh what's Suki up to? Is she around? Actually, she and the other warriors left to fight in the war.

You kids had a big impact on Suki.

She said you inspired her and she wanted to help change the world.

Oh, well that's great.

This temple was converted into a shrine to Kyoshi.

The clerics tell us these relics are still connected to her spirit.

That's her kimono.

She had exquisite taste.

Please don't touch.

These fans they were her weapons, no? Also refrain from touching the fans.

These were her boots? Her feet must have been enormous! The biggest of any Avatar.

Wait a minute big feet? Little footprints? There's no way Ahem.

Special outfit? Hat and pipe? These things mean anything to you? You're right.

I'm sorry.


Aha! There's no way Kyoshi could have made that footprint and therefore there is nothing linking her to the crime scene! Brilliant, Sokka.

This girl you're talking about? She'll come around.

You just gotta hang in there.

You think so? Sure! Yeah.

You're a catch.

I don't know Hey! You're smart, handsome, funny, not to mention you're the Avatar.

You guys are great.

Don't be afraid to tell her how you feel.

This piece is called "The Birth of Kyoshi.

" It was painted at sunrise on the day this island was founded.

Why, it was today, in fact, three hundred and seventy years ago.

Three hundred and seventy years wait, are you sure it was today? Oh, seeing how it's Kyoshi Day, yes, I'm sure.

This ceremony didn't take place at sunrise, it took place at sunset.

Look at the shadows.

They point east.

So the sun must have been in the west.

So what? If Kyoshi was in the ceremony at sunset, she couldn't have been in Chin committing the crime.

She has an alibi! Honorable mayor, we've prepared a solid defense for the Avatar.

We did an investigation and found some very strong evidence.

Evidence? Hmph! That's not how our court system works.

Then how can I prove my innocence? Simple.

I say what happened and then you say what happened and then I decide the who's right.

That's why we call it justice.

Because it's "just us.

" Everyone loved Chin the Great because he was so great.

Then the Avatar showed up and killed him! And that's how it happened.

The accused will now present its argument.

You can do it, Aang.

Just remember the evidence.

Right evidence.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to tell you what really happened.

And I will prove it with facts.

Fact number one Uh The footprints! Oh, yeah You see, I have very large feet.

Furthermore, your temple matches your statue.

But I was in a painting at sunset.

So there you have it! I'm not guilty! He's dead.

Looks like you did some serious shopping.

But where did you get the money? Do you like your new teapot? To be honest with you, the best tea tastes delicious whether it comes in a porcelain pot or a tin cup.

I know we've had some difficult times lately.

We've had to struggle just to get by.

But it's nothing to be ashamed of.

There is a simple honor in poverty.

There's no honor for me without the Avatar.

Zuko Even if you did capture the Avatar, I'm not so sure it would solve our problems.

Not now.

Then there is no hope at all.

No, Zuko! You must never give in to despair.

Allow yourself to slip down that road and you surrender to your lowest instincts.

In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself.

That is the meaning of inner strength.

Mayor Tong, I'd like for the court to hear one last testimony.

I've already told you! It's just me and the accused.

You can't call any witnesses.

This isn't just any witness.

I'm going to call Avatar Kyoshi herself! What are you doing? Well, she is Aang's past life.

Maybe wearing her stuff will trigger something.

I do believe in the power of stuff.

This is a mockery of Chin law! Please! If you could just wait one more second, I'm sure Kyoshi will be here.

Hey, everybody.

Avatar Kyoshi here.

This is ridiculous.

For the murder of Chin the Great, this court finds the Avatar I killed Chin the Conqueror.

A horrible tyrant, Chin was expanding his army to all corners of the continent.

When they came to the neck of the peninsula where we lived, he demanded our immediate surrender.

I warned him that I would not sit passively and while he took our home, but he did not back down.

On that day, we split from the mainland.

I created Kyoshi Island so my people could be safe from invaders.

So what just happened? Uhh you kind of confessed.


And I find you guilty! Bring out the wheel of punishment! Uncle, I thought a lot about what you said.

You did? Good, good.

It's helped me realize something.

We no longer have anything to gain by traveling together.

I need to find my own way.

Wait! The accused will now spin the wheel of punishment to determine his sentence.

I said I would face justice, so I will.

Come on, torture machine! Eaten by bears! Razor pit! Community service! Please stop on community service.

Looks like it's "boiled in oil.

" We've come to claim this village for the Fire Lord! Now show me your leader so I may dethrone him.

That's him over there! You! Avatar! Do something! Gee, I'd love to help, but I'm supposed to be boiled in oil.

There! "Community service.

" Now serve our community and get rid of those rhinos! Rough Rhinos, to the town! Boomerang! You do always come back! From now on, we'll celebrate a new Avatar Day in honor of the day Avatar Aang saved us from the Rough Rhino Invasion.

What is this? That's our new festival food, unfried dough.

May we eat it and be reminded of how on this day the Avatar was not boiled in oil.

Happy Avatar Day, everyone.

This is by far the worst town we've ever been to.