03x20 - My Hangover's Arrived

Previously on Dynasty... Mia? Of all the bars in Atlanta, you walk into mine.

I like secretlydating a doctor.

My company's in trouble.

Our marriage is in trouble.

Carrington Atlantic oil tankers are being held up in Moldavian shipping lanes.

We're actually flying to Moldavia to try and rescue Blake and Anders from kidnappers without getting ourselves killed.

You were right. I just rescued Blake and Liam from prison.

What did he just say?

So, I asked Liam, if his father was in mortal danger and in a Moldavian prison, wouldn't he want to know?

And then he reminded me that his father is dead and also had an affair and a child with his son's girlfriend, so probably not, which really wasn't the point.

No, the point is that neitherof our fathers died, so I don't knowwhy you're upset.

I'm upset because Liam kept this kidnapping from me because he said I would've gone overboard and made everything worse, which means he doesn't trust me to be an adult or responsible.

Well, I'm glad no one told me, because I would've been a wreck.

Yes, you would have folded like a cheap accordion under pressure.

Luckily, I've been dealing with things like this since I was wearing monogrammed onesies.

Still, the guys saved themat the end of the day.

Why are you still defending him?

Do they not have girl code in Australia?

Luckily, I've got it all figured out.

My lawyers have been working on a little prenup.

You know, rules for our marriage.

Mostly for Liam. Like, to be true partners and to not keep secrets and totreat me as a responsible adult in all matters of importance.

Right, so it's a contract? That should go down well.

You know what, Kirby? I am starting to feel a little bit attacked right now, so I am gonna ban any more Liam talk until after our retail therapy day.

Right, um, hang on, I forgot my sunglasses.

I'll meet you outside.

No! DISTORTED VOICE: Don't say a word.

Yes, I saw the flowers. They're beautiful, thank you.

Well, when I get back, I can show you some even steamier moves.

What did I miss duringmy two days in Moldavia?

Has anyone ever told you you'refreakishly good at lurking?

So you're seeing someone now?

Yes, but please don't pressure me into talking about it.

It's still early.

Of course. You'll tell me when you're ready.

There comes a stage in every father's life where he has to learn to trust and respect his daughter's decisions about her love life.

Well, good chat, but I have a flight to catch. What?

Where are you going? Trust and respect. Remember?

Carrington Atlantic was right in my hands, and somehow Blake managed to snatch it away.

I probably should'veleft him in Moldavia.

The rescue confirmedwhat I knew all along about him.

He is a cruel, heartless monster.

That's exactly how I described him in my divorce filings.

Well, you were right, as usual, which is why I am prepared to continue this battle.

As thrilling as your loyalty is, I'm not sure we have any moves left in this war.


I do have some good news.

Guess who Blake just named as second-in-command at C.A.

Yeah. This guy.

You really buried the lede.

Now, I don't think we can take C.A. away from him.

Though with my very clever son on the inside, maybe we can destroy it and crush Blake in the process.

You still have connections at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, right?

You're not getting away with this. I will kill you.

Oh, come on. It's the perfect way to start a bachelorette party.

It gets yourheart rate pumping.

Hi, Fallon.

What is my assistant doing here, or am I still hallucinating from the polyester bag that was over my face?

I invited Allison as a babysitter.

I prefer "chaperone."

Someone needsto make sure we don't, you know, shave our heads. What is this?

Is there anyone you didn't invite?

I mean, are Liam's exes about to show up?

Okay, I ran into Cristal at the hotel, and she was eating there all by herself, and, well, I've never seen anyone chew so sadly.

But she lied to me just as much as Liam did.

Don't worry, I will stay out of your way.

I just need a getaway from my life and to let loose.

Oh, wow.

This is off to a great start.

It's my third marriage.

I get it.

Cristal just needs some peaceful time away to realize that she doesn't really want to leave.

Until then, I can focus on Carrington Atlantic.

As long as you're okay.

I'm great.

The tankers are en route to our refinery, and I'm kick-starting the new C.A. with a press conference announcing that Blake Carrington is CEO again.

I think you should be right there by my side.

I would love nothing more.

Sorry to interrupt, sir.

I'm sure it's bad, since you never interrupt with good news.

Well, good news can wait. Bad news needs to be dealt with.

Mm-hmm. In this case, the press got wind that you've stolen oil from the small nationof Moldavia.

Now the Department of Energyhas launched an investigation into C.A. for possiblemisconduct.

This is ridiculous. I didn't steal anything.

It's not my fault that Laura Van Kirk set me up.

Yeah, just because the king decided to nationalize oil doesn't mean they can take whatour company's already paid for.

Well, unfortunately, until the Energy Department officially agrees with yourassessment, all C.A. operations have been frozen.

How the hell did the press even find out about this?

Perhaps we should cancelthe press conference.

No. No, we can't look like we're panicking.

So what are we doing? Panicking.

Turning to friends in high places who can help kill this investigation.

Welcome to Fallon's bachelorette HQ.

We have views, 24-hour butler service, an on-call masseuse and, for a true New Orleans experience, Mistress Delphine, maker of magic, creator of potions.

Oh, so she's a bartender.Mm-hmm.

All right, well, that's good, because I still have a giant, Liam-sized headache to erase.

I'll have whatever she's having.

If I'm gonna go crazy, I'm gonna need a little more than my usual Chardonnay.

Okay, well, make mine extra strong, 'cause I'm feeling myself after saving lives and Sammy Ho is going out tonight.

Uh, can you make mine a triple?

I'll take one of those, too. SAM: What?

No. You're chaperoning.

♪ Yeah Thank you.

Oh, oh, before we drink, a couple ground rules, okay?

No tacky strip clubs, no tacky blow-up dolls, no ugly bachelorette sashes... oh, and no photos, in case they turn outtacky and ugly.

Other than that, here is to an untacky night to remember.

Snake on the floor! Snake on the floo...

What the hell?

What happened to your face?

And whose clothes are these?

Where did you get that diamond necklace?



Okay, who stole my engagement ring?

What the hell happened last night?


Well, apparently, I got married.

And I'm assuming it wasn't to Liam.

What the hell are we gonna do? This is not good.

No. No, um, it's actually pretty bad.

At least Britney Spears knew who she was marrying in Vegas.

Remind me not to invite you to my next bachelorette party.

I feel like there's a heart beating inside of my head, and your screaming is giving it a heart attack.

Oh, your head hurts? Yeah.

My screaming's making it worse?

You want to take a nap? No!


We can piece this together, okay?

What was the first thing we were supposed to do?

I think we had reservations for Antoine's.

I don't even remember eating last night.

Me, neither.

Everything is a blurafter those drinks we had here.

I just need to get my phone.

I have the whole itinerary on there.

Can someone call it? And-and please, can you stop breathing so loud?

I don't know where mine is.

None of us have our phones.

I can't find my purse.

Or my wallet.

Okay, this is the part where you guys tell me this is all some kind of, you know, sick psychological joke to seehow I react under pressure.

Tell me there's a safe word. There's a safe word, right?

Wait, I think I found something.

Oh, my God.

I told you, no sashes.

Yeah, but this one has the name of a bar on it.

Maybe we went there?

Oh, Mr. Colby's back.

Wonderful. I have something important to tell him.

Wait, Mrs. Colby, I thinkhe's in the middle of something.

Jeff, I...

Not even a sock on the door as a warning?

Alexis, just give usa minute, all right?

I'm meeting her tonight.

Hopefully this bringsa swift end to the investigationand we can get back to business.

In the meantime, I need a profile of Adam, for the press conference.

You know, stories that show he's a good leader while still humanizing him.

I'm talking gold medalin trout fishing, captain of the bison team, whatever kids do in Montana.

Well, I'm sure that's exactly what they do, but I'll double-check.

I've been thinking about yourplan to kill the investigation, and as your right-hand man, I have concerns.

Do you even know what the plan is?

I assume it involves blackmail and/or bribery.

Carrington 101.

Well, now, that's Carrington 102.

Carrington 101 is getting important people to owe you favors, specificallyfor times like these.

Now it's timeto call one in.

Right, but what if you're caught meeting with this person?

Or what if it's a trap? I'd...

I'd just feel more comfortable if someone else went, like me.

Well, I appreciate the offer, but this calls for the big dog.

She trusts me.

We're meeting in an abandoned office building later.

It's gonna be fine.

I've known her for years.

Okay. Let's have a nip of whiskey then to celebrate our impending success.

Now, there's a good idea.



The point is, all we have to go on is this hideous sash.

Apologies if your sister designed it.

But I was hoping you couldtell us anything you remember from last night? Wait, you're serious?

Like, you don't remember the mechanical bull riding?

Oh. Is that why my thighs are killing me?

Gotta say, I'm a little relieved.

The last thingany of us remember is having drinksat our suite.

Yes, yes. Made by this freaky... like, hipster voodoo woman wearing a Halloween costume, Mistress something?

Mistress Delphine. Hmm.

Yeah, she's, uh, she's famous for her secret herbal blends.

Which basically act like roofies.Wow.

Nice background check.

Okay. At least we know who has our phones and our wallets.

Actually, I... have one of your phones.

That's mine!

Wait, why do you have yourphone?

'Cause this thing's practically glued to my hand.

Even Mistress Delphine's magic couldn't touch it. But you left it here.

Well, no phones allowed while riding Sophie. Okay, there's no photos because of your rules, but it looks like we took a Lyft to a place called Monsieur Reynaud's.

I didn't mean for you to find out about Mia like that.

But since the cat's out of the bag, um...

I want a divorce.


Thanks for being so delicate.

I'm sorry, but we need to face the facts, Alexis.

Our revenge failed.

We lost C.A.

Game over. That's what I cameto tell you.

There is still a way to getwhat we each want.

I have a new plan.

Don't you ever run out of plans?


Look, when I first saw you in Europe and we reconnected, I thought I was dying.

So focusing on revenge made sense.

But I have a new liver and a new lease on life.

I just want to move on, you know?

Maybe settle down and... I really like Mia.


We had a deal.

One year of wedded bliss in exchange for my testimony against Blake. Yeah, testimony that turned outto be worthless.

Look, I promise, I will give you a very generous settlement for terminating our deal early.

Okay? - What possessed us to come into this dump in the middle of the night?

Oh, hi.

I'm sor... Fallon Carrington.

I love your store. Mm.

Do you happen to remember us from last night?

You're a hard group to forget.

Except, where's the fourth one?

She's... she's outside trying not to hurl.

Speaking of last night, when we came in here, was there a man with us?

Um, probably very handsome. Husband material.

No, but you talked about a wedding to someone named Scorpio.


I married a man with anastrological sign for a name.

Let me show you the surveillance footage.

Maybe that'll help. Yes! Yes!

Oh, God.

Who keeps calling me?

"Unknown number."


Oh, my God!

So... Fallon.

I love it! Oh.

Well, that shirt is...

Can we delete this after we're done?

How much did I spend?

Wait, I don't know if I want...

Do you have your wallet? No.

Sir, can we pay for it tomorrow? Can we come back tomorrow?

No, no, no.



Um... did we... Rob my store last night?


Well, was a baseball bat really necessary? FALLON: Listen, we will pay for all of this once we get our wallets.

I hit the silent alarm as soon as I saw you return.

I'll take thatback now.

And don't forget the womanwho's throwing up outside.

Hey, Fallon, I have a new name for you:

Felon Carrington.


Uh, sir? Yeah? Make it quick.

I can't be late. My investigator's been looking into Adam's childhood in Montana for that profile you were talking about.Mm-hmm.

And while they found an adorable moment or two, they also found sealed juvenile court records.

Yeah, well, who doesn't have sealed court records, huh?

Boys'll be boys.Sir.

I paid a premium to have those records unsealed, and discovered that young Adam had a history of violent outbursts, particularly towards his adopted mother.

Well, that's not exactlya news flash, is it?

We know Adam's got a temper... he burned down my vineyard.

He's a good son. He basically saved our lives.

Forget the profile.

We don't need it. I'll have my men return home.

I think they're required to give us food soon.


I'm trying to look at the bright side.

I don't think you should be in chargeof the entertainment anymore.

You told me you wanted the party to be extra crazy, 'cause you were mad at Liam for not trusting you, okay? So...

I didn't ask you to have usdrugged and thrown in jail.

Oh, no, he's right, though. This whole thing started because youwere angry at Liam when all he didwas save your dad.

Stop taking his side.

I'm not taking his side.

I'm actually taking Adam's side, because...

Don't even say it. It's not the time, Kirby.

We're seeing each other.

Ugh! Wow.

Well, good luck with that. Youshould have invited Adam, too.

I mean, Cristal's here.

I'm here because I thoughtit'd be a nice way of showing that no matterwhat happens with Blake, we could still be friends.

No, you said you were here so you could drink Blake into oblivion.

I could do that anywhere.

Now I'm starting to understandLiam's point of view.

How canhe trust you?

You do go overboard on everything.

You're mad at Liam, you marry someone else.

You're mad at me, you ice me out.

You probably gave methis black eye!

Well, if I did, believe me, it is the one thing I wish I could remember.

Oh, my God, you are themost... ungrateful, spiteful... Shut up!


Ah, thank God.

Mmm, mmm!


Thank you for meeting and giving me a chance to apologize for earlier.

I assure youl was merely surprised.

I would have been startled, too.

That is kind of you to understand.

Jeff said you were sweet.

He did?

He is head over heels for you.

And I'm just so happy he's finally found someone he's thinking about more seriously.

He can be a difficult man to pin down, that one.

He was always kind of a player.


But you two are platonic, right?

Like, I'm not stepping on anything?

You have nothing to worry about.



Alexis, ugh, you are so clumsy.


A little soda water, and it'll come right out.

Oh, I think it's... gonna take more than that, dear.

You know what?

Why don't you take mine?

No. That's fine. It's-it's okay. No, no, no, I insist.

You can't run around town with Jeff Colby, carrying a purse that looks likeit was stolen from an aquarium.

Consider it a "get to know you" gift.

Thank you.

Thank you, that means a lot.

So, how did you know we were here?

Well, Kirby called.

Because apparently, you won't contact Liam.

Don't tell me you're still mad about the Moldavia thing?

He made a life-or-death decisionon my behalf because of the way he assumed I would react.

I mean, is that how our marriage is gonna be?

I'm sure he thought he was doing what was best for you.

Well, I didn't ask him to... which is why it is all going into the prenup.

I am going to force him to think of me as an equal and not some unreasonable childthat he has to rein in.

Fallon, I'm sure he doesn't think that.

And if he does, then that's something you two need to work out.

I liked it better when you hated him.

Still not a big fan.

All right, I've got to head back and give the team back their plane.Okay.

We're good to go. Thanks for this.

Of course. What's the point of having your own plane if you can't use it on the spur of the moment?

I take it you all can make it home on your own.

But why don't I have to bail out Allison?

She didn't end up coming? Allison?

We forgot about Allison. What if she's lost?

Or lying in a ditch somewhere, and she's trying to call us over and over, and her voiceis getting weaker, and she's reachingfor her phone... Shh, shh, shh.

Give me your phone. What?

I think she was trying to call us over and over.

What? The unknown number, that must have been her.


Okay. Where are you?

Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Fine, we'll be right there.

How did you know it was her?

Well, listening to your horror story just now made me think back to this morning in the room when the phone kept ringing, and then I realized the only person annoying enoughto call every hour is Allison. So where is she?

She's in the hospital. I'm just prayingWhat?

She remembers something about my wedding.

And that she's okay.

Of course. Thank you.

I need a quick and favorable ruling.

Which should be simple, since your department is handling the probe into C.A.I know I owe you, Blake, but you're asking a lot.

This is a high-profile case for us.

All right, think of it this way.

The more powerful I am, the more influence I'll have to help you get that Secretary of Energy spot one day.

That doesn't happen if you don't fix this for me.

You do make a very good point.

What the...?

This way.

What the hell was that?

Are you okay?

Not really.

You clearly have Moldavian terrorists after you.

I don't need my life in danger.

It's just a smoke canister.

I think it's pretty clear they're here and they are angry.

And I haven't even done anything for you yet.

Who knows how far they'll go if I actually help?

You can't do this, Olivia.

I need you to end this investigation.

It's too hot right now, and I'm not gonna do anything to jeopardize my career or my family.

I'm sorry. We need to wait until everything cools down.

So, any big planstomorrow?

Mm... going to work, yoga, meal prepfor the week.

Nothing tooinsane, huh?

I think I've outgrown the insane in my life.

Oh, wait.

Some days I skip the gym.

That's crazy, right?



Those martinis are strong.

Now I need to go visit the ladies' room.

Mia, huh?

I've been on a few dates with her, too.

You used the Sugar4Hire app, right?


We both know who she is.

Mia only dates wealthy guys.

Expensive tastes, but... worth every penny.


Have fun, man.

I sure did.

It's all right, Tony, I found it.

Only my daughter would use a priceless work of art to house common weeds. Hmm.

Yes. Ignore my previous phone call.

Uh, keep investigating Adam Carrington.

Go as deep as necessary.

Report back only to me.

You ever hear of Sugar4Hire?

Is it food delivery? Because this crudité isn't cutting it.

It's a service that matches younger women with rich men to date.

I'm not that desperate, Jeff.

I found Mia's profile on there.

Turns outshe's a gold digger.

Only after me for my money.

I am so sorry.

You can't tell about some people.

Oh, and you should've seen this$20,000 bag she was carrying.

And when I mentioned it, she made up this crazy story that you gave it to her.


I mean, we met for drinks, but I wouldn't even give Fallon that bag.

No, she must've gotten it from one of those sugar daddies.

That harlot. She doesn't deserve you.

Okay, you can drop the act.

What act?

Did you really think I wouldn't figure it out?

I'm a tech billionaire, Alexis.

I did a background check on Miabefore we even went out.

That sugar baby profilenever popped up.

So then I hacked into your credit card account.

That's a violation of my privacy.

Are you gonna call the police?

Huh? Anyway, I saw you bought that bag this morning.

Why the hell are you trying to ruin my relationship?


I'm your wife.

By arrangement.

There's no reason for us to stay married anymore.

I like being Mrs. Colby, okay?

It gives me a certain cachet in society and name recognition for my podcast.

You know what? I've had enough of this.

I'm filing for divorce in the morning.

Thought I'd bring your favorite. I trust the meeting went well?

Actually, it didn't.

The Moldavian government sent someone to attack us.

What? A-Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. It was more of a warning, really.

Nobody was hurt. My eyes got a little red.

So, your contact, are they still gonna help, or...?

No, she was, she was shaken.

Really upset.

But your old man was able to turn things around.

You were?

Yeah. Well, the attack gave me a great idea.

You know, it's just a short leap from caving to terroriststo working with them.

So I asked Walker what her bosswould think if she was in business with the Moldavians.

It'd be so easy to make it looklike she was getting kickbacks from them to screw over an upstanding American citizensuch as myself.

This time tomorrow, C.A. will be back online, those tankers will beat our refinery, just in time for the press conference.

That's how we do it.

Drop the pudding. We need to talk.

What do you rememberabout last night?

And most importantly, do you remember who I married? You married someone?

Oh, my God. You were supposed to be the responsible one.

I'm so sorry.

The nurse told me I fell off a mechanical bull.

Guess none of you noticed, because a stranger brought me here with a concussion.

We just left you there?

Yeah, but don't feel bad.

I broke out of my comfort zone and had a great time.

I assume.

Well, now I do feel bad.

Not because of you, so much, but because we'releaving tomorrow, and I haveto tell Liam, my fiancé, that I marriedsomeone else because I got mad.

Which just proveshis point.

I am a child. Why should I be trusted?

I do go overboard.

Well, I mean, we all went overboard.

It's not just on you.


Look, guys, I'm sorry that I yelled at you when you were just tryingto do what I wanted you to do and be a good bride tribe.

And good friends.

You know what?

It doesn't matter whose fault it is.

What matters is that we've dodged jail, ridden bulls.

Stolen jewelry. Wrestled anacondas.

So we can definitely figure out this Scorpio situation, together.

Or... we just make sure that Liam never, ever finds out about it.

Girl code, right?

I can help as soon as I change.

Can someone undo this thing?

No. Not my job. Ah, come here.


What is it? Is it bad?


"The Anaconda Club"?

Why does that sound familiar? It's a strip club.

Oh, come on. I married a stripper?

The staff told me you were here.

It's nice Blakeoccasionally lets you out of the house for some air.

Now, to whatdo I owe this headache, because I am reallynot in the mood.

I've just discovered thatmy daughter is dating your son.


Well, good taste has never beenone of Adam's strong suits.

I could say the same about Kirby.

But I've been looking into Adam's past, and I'm a bit worried.

He's left quite a trail of violence behind him.

Now, I know you two have always been close, but has he ever hurt you?

Adam is a mama's boy through and through.

He would never hurt me.

He actually saved my life when I tripped into the fireplace and burned my face.

You know, I've always wondered, how does one trip into a fireplace?

And lie there long enoughfor their face to melt off?

Well, you'd thinkyour reflexes would kick in.

Well, my reflexes were slowed from too much wine.

I'm fortunate my son arrived when he did, and that's all there is to that story, I'm afraid.

Yeah, well, I'm probably justbeing an overprotective father.

I'll show myself out.

♪ Hey, you don't want no... problem ♪

♪ You know, uh-uh...

I told you no strip clubs.

Well, I was under the influence.

But how great is this place?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I don't think so. Okay? Out.

Out.Whoa. What do you mean, out?

We just got here. No, no, no.

You were banned from the club last night.

What? Why?

She jumped onstage for a lap dance, but her face got in the way of a stripper's elbow.

We had to kick you all out for rowdiness.

I'm sorry I accused you of punching me.Mm-hmm.

Then you all snuck back in, and you ran off with Andy.

I would never run off with an Andy.


Wait, is Andy an anaconda?

You know what? Just getout of here, all right? Before I call the cops.

No... Okay, come on. We don'tneed to go to jail again.

We can't just give up. We need a New Orleans miracle.


Yeah, baby!

Allison... Hey! My walkie!

Go, Allison! FALLON: Let's go.

You need to givethat girl a raise.


The smoke bomb did scare her, but somehow Blake still managed to talk her into it.

It was a good plan, but your father always manages to weasel his way out of trouble.

All right, so we figure out another way.

An un-weaselable way.

Between this plan failing and Jeff wanting a divorce... maybe it's time to move on.

Do you want to talk about it?

I'm not in the mood yet.

Great, neither am I, but here's the thing.

You're the one who taught me never to give up.

Blake would've left me to rot in a dungeon just to save C.A.; he would've kept you from your children.

That's why we continue to fight for whatever we want.

This is the first time you've ever given me a pep talk.

Look at my boy.

All grown up.

Well, your boy has a new plan.

And all I need is your trust.

And a little money.

Is thatall there is?

Yes, it's her entire medical file from the night she fell into the fire.

♪ I feel the motion, just setting in... ♪

How do we knowwhich is Scorpio?

They all seemequally... oily.

Well, maybe they have their names written on their tiny little underwear.

I think we're gonna need a closer inspection.

Fine, I'll do it.

And now... the moment you've been waiting for.

Let's give it up for Scorpio!

Oh, my God, my God, that's him... he's wearing my ring!

Well, we don't have much time. Security could come back any second... go, go talk to him.

Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me...

Scorpio? Scorpio... please wave your dollars at some another banana hammock, okay, that's my husband!

Scorpio! Scorpio, over here!

Get up there, Fallon!

♪ Almost rang the phone off the wall... ♪ Pop that booty! I can't watch.

♪ This evening

♪ I need some hot stuff, baby, tonight... ♪ Hey.




Is this Scorpio?

Listen, sir, I think you have my ring.


I'll just come back later.

He seems busy.


Oh!♪ Hot stuff...

Your mother would be very proud.

Hi. Um, if I could just talk to you for one second...

Really? Okay.

If I could just... ♪ Hot stuff...

Yes. We like that.

Very good. You done?

All right, let's hear it again for Scorpio!

Wow, this is officially the bestbachelorette party ever.

Never speak of this again.

Hi. Finally.

Fallon Carrington. Yeah, I know.

I was wondering when you guys were coming back.

Oh. You mean, when we were gonna come back, or when you could score some more free bling?

Apparently, I'm your wife.

My wife?

No, uh, I didn't marry you.

I married him.

♪ Something in the air tonight... ♪ What?

What now?

I'm not ready to give up on our marriage.

Even if that means having to tell you the truth about my feelings and letting you see the real me.

Well, this iskind of the third real you, but I get it.

I didn't like seeing you with that girl.

I think there's something between us, and you know it, too.

You were the first person to visit me after my accident.

You tried to protect me from Adam, and you came to see me when you thought you were dying.

If all of that means nothing, I'll give you your divorce.

Maybe there is a seedof something between us.

But if we went there, it-it'd get messy.

You are a lot, Alexis.

Look at the stuntyou pulled with Mia.

That's not whatl need right now.

What you don't need is simple, uncomplicated Mia.

She will make you dull.

And one day, she will do something even worse.

She will bore you.

Sometimes, a man just wants to take the easy, well-paved road.

Not Jeff Colby.

Yeah, I pulled that stunt.

I keep you on your toes.

And if you have a new lease on life, why not choose the more interesting life?

So, the first time we came in...

Everyone was pretty wasted. Especially you.

I heard.

But I'm-I'm notlike that, really.

Well, normally.

I-I have a lot going on.

Anyway, uh, in all the chaos, you left your phonesand wallets here, so...

Oh, thank you. Yeah, of course.

So, um, when exactly did I propose?

I mean, I assume that I was the one who proposed, right?

Yeah, you did. Uh, apparently, you went to the barand were moved by some story that Fallonwas telling everyone about marrying a total strangerand falling in love.

Oh, yes! Yes! Yeah?

Me and Liam. Aw.

What a sweet story.

You see? Sometimes, going overboard pays off.

So, what else did he say I said? Not your turn.

So, then we must have gone to that store to buy wedding clothes, right?

Or steal them.

Well, you came backall decked out and got down on a kneewith Fallon's ring.

Wow. I cannot believe I let you borrow my ring to propose to a stripper.

Well, you asked for mineas collateral.

Well, at least my business sense still remained intact when I was blackout drunk.

Uh, so, that would explain this gumball machine ring I'm wearing. SCORPIO: Yeah.

We got marriedat an all-night chapel.

Wow. Blackout me is leaving sober me speechless.

Well, as useful as you have been, Scorpio, I would, uh, like my ring back. Oh, yeah.

There you go.

I am really happy we're not married, 'cause thatwould have been bad. Yeah.

Bye. Thanks so much. SCORPIO: Bye.

Thank you. KIRBY: It was really nice to meet you.

Yeah. Bye.Bye.

So, we can get an easy annulment, right? Yeah.

Of course. But, hey, can I...

Can I call you if I'm in Atlanta?

Last night was, uh, actually pretty fun.

You know, maybe we could start with a-a date.

Um, look, you seem really cool, but, um, I'm actually trying to keep it cas.

You know, not really looking to settle down.


Well, just in case you changeyour mind, there it is.

Ryan? Mm-hmm.

Thank God your name's not Scorpio.

I can't tell youhow proud and thrilled I am to have the company back in the family and to be CEO once again, this time with my sonas my number two.

Now, you all know that Carrington Atlantic is already a hugely profitable company, but I plan to...

Are you seeing this? MAN: Mr. Carrington?

Mr. Carrington?

Mr. Carrington, what can you tell us about the refinery explosion?

How will the loss of $500 million in oil affect C.A.? That...

What the hell is that?

Is that one of ours? It was.

Apparently, the Moldavian oil was tainted.

Caused an explosion at therefinery. There's no casualties, but it's gonna be a nightmare financially and PR-wise.

They're gonna be out for blood.

Yeah, I know that.

Mr. Carrington?

The press conference is over. No questions.

Mr. Carrington. Mr. Carrington! Mr. Carrington. Mr. Carrington!

Mr. Carrington! Mr. Carrington, wait!

You were right. The prenup was a bad idea.

You know, and even thoughl didn't marry Magic Mike, I am capableof going a little crazy.

So you're saying Liam was right?

No, no, no. I'm not saying he was right.

I'm saying I understand why he made that decision.

And Culhane may have talked a little sense into me.Oh.

I guess I can't have all the control in a partnership.

You giving up control?

Ha! SAM: Guys?

I just found some pictures of our first trip to the strip club.


I want to see. And yes, I broke your "no pictures" rule, but what did you expect?

Some of these were sent by Ryan. KIRBY: Your wedding!


Ooh! SAM: Yes, bitch.



Oh.SAM: All right, Allison.

Aw.FALLON: No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

That's disgusting. KIRBY: Send it to me.


Oh, honey.

I meantwhat I said in jail.

I hopewe can stay friends, no matter what happenswith me and your dad.

Don't worry.

You'll always be my second evil stepmother.


Oh, again with the lurking.

I know you're dating Adam.

You need to stay away from him.

What happened to trusting mewith my own love life?

I would if I didn't care about you.

What are you even on about?

Adam's dangerous.

He has a history of hurting people.

I-In fact, Alexis didn't fall into the fireplace.

He shoved her into it.

He burned her. He's deranged.

And you believethat lying bitch? She claimed that I burned the manor downso you'd send me away.

Yeah, again, I'm sorry about that.

But I verified this with the hospital records.

Alexis claimed she was drunk. That's why she tripped.

But her tox report came back clean.

She had bruising on her back and her neck, like someone had been holding her down.

Hello? You're the onethat sounds deranged.

It's obvious you don't likethat I'm dating Adam, and you're using liesto break us up.

If you'll just listen to me...

Oh, I'm done listening.

So, I assumeour deal is back on and we're gonna stay marriedthe rest of the year?

Can we just take it day by day?

Mmm. I can do that.

But I think you're gonna wantto extend our contract after you see this.

Adam bribed the ship's captain to poison the oil tanker with a toxic solution, and once it reached the refinery...

Blake losthalf a billion dollars, and this isjust the beginning.

I admire your resilience, Alexis.

And I'll support you if that's what you want to focus on.

But I meant what I said.

Life is too short to waste it avenging the past.

Right now, I just want to enjoy myself.

I can help with that, too.

Hey, Cristal. Um...

Yeah, I know I haven't called you.

Uh, but I just wanted to give you some space.

And, um... It's been a really bad day.

Yeah, I've only been CEO a week, and the company's already on the brink financially.

It's really hard to trust anyone when you're a Carrington.

And it's even harder to let yourself love sometimes.

But you pushed past all my defenses.

You're the only one that I want to talk to and be with when the going gets tough.

So... Would you please come back?

What's wrong?

My dad doesn't like me seeing you.

Really? Um...

He told me you were dangerous, and he went on and on with this insane story about how you shoved Alexis into a fireplace?


Did my mother tell him that?

No clue.

All I know is it's ridiculous.

I don't know why I brought it up. I-It is.

It's completely ridiculous. Don't...

Don't even think about it.

Whatever. It's been a crazy 48 hours since I last saw you, and I did promise you some steamy new moves.Mm-hmm.

Cream or sugar?

I'm good. Thank you.

So, what are you going to be doing up north?

Some fly-fishing?

More like hunting.Hmm.