03x09 - The Big Payback

♪ I'm upbeat, feel good ♪ I'm upbeat, feel good...

MAGNUM: There's something about starting your day alone on the water.

Peace that comes with that kind of solitude.

Out here, you can forget all your worries and just be in the moment.


Ahoy, Captain!

♪ I'm upbeat...

MAGNUM: Well, there goes my alone time.

♪ I'm upbeat ♪ Feel good.

[chuckles]: Hey.

Double cap, extra dry, just like you like it.

Before I accept this, I want to know what it's gonna cost me.

Just your advice.

God knows I could use some.

[chuckles]: Okay.

What's up?

It's Suzy, man.

I got it bad.

Like, really bad.

Uh, only thing is it's just a little complicated.

You mean because you're her boss and if you ask her out, she may feel pressured to say yes.

Not to mention if she does say no, could make for an awkward workplace.

Which is why I was thinking maybe you could ask her out for me.

Oh, okay.

So, when you said you wanted advice, what you really were saying was you wanted a favor.

Come on, where's your compassion, man?

I really like this woman.

What is this, fifth grade?

I go...

I got to go talk to the cute girl in class for you, maybe slip her a note?


Please, come on.

You're acting just like TC.

You mean reasoned and intelligent.

No, I mean he's like the angel on my shoulder.

He's always pushing me to do the right thing.

You are supposed to be my devil.

Pretty sure I should be offended by that.

I just don't get why I can't ask out Suzy.

I mean, and if Higgins gets to date her doctor, why shouldn't I ask out an employee?

[horse neighs]

Is that Higgins' horse?



Easy, girl.

It get out of the stable?

Don't think so.

She wouldn't be saddled.

Yeah, okay.

We'll call you when we find her.

Kumu said Higgins left over an hour ago.

I don't get it.

If she fell or had an accident or something, why wouldn't she call out for help?

I don't know.

I mean, she could have been thrown off.

Could be unconscious for all we know.



Over here.

It's Higgins' phone.

Thomas, blood.

I got drag marks, Thomas.

They lead this way.

MAGNUM: Tire tracks.

Someone was waiting with a car.

They knew Higgins would be coming through here.

And now they have her.

♪ [grunts]


Torque wrench.

[clears throat]

If you're gonna buy a 20-plus-year-old truck, you should probably learn how to keep it running, right?

Yeah, I guess.

How's school?

Mom says you're keeping your grades up.


How about basketball?

Is, uh, Coach giving you more minutes?

He moved me to the two.

Said I was giving up too much height at forward.


Yeah, well, I may partially be to blame for that.

Katsumoto men tend to top out at five-ten.


So, you think you can fix it?

Uh, let's see.

Give it another try.

[ignition clicking]

That's good.

That's what I was afraid of.

Alternator's blown.


Tell you what.

I'll pick up a new one for you this week.

That should get you up and running again.

[phone ringing]


So, you know what?

The day doesn't have to be a total loss.

Why don't we go grab some breakfast.

We could hit Sweet E's.


I guess.



[phone ringing]

You should probably get that.

Could be important.


Why would someone do this?

I don't know.

But whoever it is, they did their homework.

They knew Higgins' schedule and that she'd be her most vulnerable during that morning ride.


What do we know so far?

Uh, not much.

Katsumoto is leading the investigation.

HPD's processing the scene.

But why Juliet?

Why would someone want to take her?

Could be something from her MI6 days.

Blowback from an old assignment.

Or it could be a money play.

Yeah, Higgins owns Robin's Nest.

Worth a lot of cash.

At least on paper.

[phone chimes]


What is it?

Oh, my God.


[phone ringing]

Get your phone.

You got to record this.


Got it.


MAN: Do I have your attention, Mr. Magnum?

You do.


Listen carefully.

Three hours from now, a prisoner will be transported out of Wahiawa Penitentiary.

The size of the convoy is unknown, but security will be heavy.

Why are you telling me this?

Because if you ever want to see Ms.

Higgins alive again, you're gonna free that prisoner.

KUMU: Do we tell the police?


Not yet, at least.

Limits our options.

I've seen that look before.

What are you thinking?

I've been followed for a couple months, right?

Now Higgins gets taken?

You think it's the same person?

I mean, think about it.

Somebody does surveillance on me; they identify Higgins as someone they can use to leverage me.

Yeah, but why you?

I mean, you're capable, sure, but if this guy's just looking to bust somebody out of prison, plenty of people that'll do it for the right price.

Got to be some other reason that he's targeting you.

Uh, Kumu, could you leave, please?



Because what we're about to discuss is highly illegal, and the less you know about it the better.


Just bring her home, okay?

So we doing this thing, huh?

I don't see any other choice.

One thing I do know is that we got to keep Katsumoto out of it.

Come on, Thomas, you know you can't...

I know what you're gonna say, right?

He's put his job on the line for us a thousand times.

But this is different.

I mean, if he knows a crime is about to be committed-- a prison break no less-- he can't just stand by and let that happen.

[phone beeps]

Hey, I just got off the phone with Icepick.

He gave me the name of the prisoner that's being moved.

Who is it?

Guy's name is Elliott Hamler.

You know him?


Mind if I ask you how long you've been doing this?

A few months.

I see.

Look, Mr. Hamler, if you're looking for someone with more experience, I get it.

You can find that on the island, but I can promise you this.

No one's gonna work harder for you than I will.

You know, I read up on you.

Former Navy SEAL.

Spent 18 months being held captive by the Taliban.

Takes a lot of resilience to survive something like that.

Yes, sir.

My son enlisted out of college.

He's stationed at Al-Asad.

I have a lot of respect for those who serve.

Appreciate it.

So why don't you tell me how I can help you.


My wife, Kiana-- she's struggled with substance abuse in the past.

Thought it was behind us, but two days ago, she emptied one of our checking accounts and disappeared.

You want me to find her.

Cops say they can't do anything.

Kiana is everything to me.

There's nothing I wouldn't do to bring her home safely.

Well, Mr. Hamler, you have yourself a private investigator.

So, wait, if this Hamler guy was your client, then how'd he end up in prison?

I put him there.

Okay, well, guess that's a bigger story...

that we'll have to hear about later.

Any update?

CSU took casts of the tire treads and pulled traffic cams in the area.

We identified the kidnapper's vehicle, but unfortunately it came back as stolen.

Owner's out of town, didn't even know it was gone.

So it's a dead end.

Afraid so.

But given how well our kidnapper covered his tracks, and the fact that they clearly knew Higgins's schedule, I have a hunch this may be connected to the person who was following you guys a couple months back.

Yeah, TM was just saying that same thing.

Magnum, listen, for all we know, you could be a target, too.

That's why I need to ask you to stand down.

I'm also gonna post a protection detail outside.

H-Hang on, Gordie, you're gonna bench us while Higgins is in trouble?

I am.

HPD is doing everything we can to find her.

Let us do our job.

You know what?

I think he's right.

Guys, we're too close to this, all right?

We got to let HPD take this one.


Let you guys know if I find anything.

Now, please tell me we're not standing down.

Of course not.

All right, good.

How we gonna get past the protection detail?

You let me handle that.

♪ [grunting]



I do have a question, though.

Why bother giving me water when you clearly plan to kill me?

Why would you assume that?

Because if I had any chance of getting out of here alive, you would never have let me see your face.

You surviving this depends entirely on your friend, Mr. Magnum.

If he delivers what's been asked of him, I'll be leaving the country, and no one will ever see me again.

But if he fails, well, you said it yourself.

[engine revving, tires screeching]

[siren wailing]

Sorry, Officer.

Was I going too fast?

MAGNUM: All right, first order of business, we got to do some recon.

See if we can figure out everything we can about this prison transport.

I'd say we should just hack Wahiawa's server, but Higgy's our go-to for that sort of thing.

Don't get me wrong, Higgy's great, but she's not the only hacker on the island.

Oh, you know a guy?

I always do.

♪ ♪ I'm wide awake ♪ Mind so woke 'cause my brain never pushed the brakes ♪ ♪ I'm wide awake ♪ Eyes so open...

That's your computer wiz?

Yeah, trust me, this kid's got skills.

He had this scam going at Oahu State where he'd trade cash for grades.

Eh, he gave himself a triple PhD and then he got busted for fraud and identity theft.

RICK: Hey, what's up, Zeke?

[Rick whistles loudly]



Well, we're off to a great start.

Sorry, my dude.

Wish I could help.

But one of the conditions of my parole is, I can't use a computer, like, at all.

I get that, but we're in a real jam here, all right?

All we need you to do is hack into Wahiawa Penitentiary and just get us a little info on a prisoner transport.

Oh, is that all?

Just hack into a prison and help you guys bust out a criminal?

No, thank you.

It's not like that.

We'd love to explain, but, honestly, the less you know about it, the better off you are.

Yeah, still no for me, dawg.


Listen, man, we're desperate.

All right?

A friend of ours' life is in danger.

This is a chance for you to use your skills for some good; you could help save her.


Let me see that thing.

Oh, there we go.

All right, so the guy's name is Elliott Hamler.

He's scheduled to be moved later on today.

Hey, you know, if you need a second to do...I'm in.

Okay, then.

All right, looks like he's gonna be moved at 12:30 today, and he's scheduled to be transported in an armored van, along with four guards and an HPD escort.

Looks like we got our work cut out for us.



Come on!

Come on!

[cries out]

♪ [electricity crackles]

[Higgins cries out]


Okay, here's what we know: once a month, Hamler is transported to Queens Medical down here for a blood transfusion to treat a liver condition.

Why so much security for a regular trip like that?

Same reason they got him in solitary.

Apparently, word's out that Hamler's been talking to the Feds, trying to shave time off his sentence in exchange for rolling on some of his old associates, most of whom are-- ding-ding, surprise-- criminals.

Ah, so there's a lot of people that want to keep him from talking.


Now, I looked at the route, and I think that the best place to hit the convoy is probably right here.

We're gonna need two clean vehicles.

Okay, I'll call Kawika and get him right on it.

We take out the lead vehicle, we have less than a minute to extract Hamler and get out of there.

That's not a lot of time.

No, it's not, but we take any longer, we risk compromising our getaway.

Extraction, exfil.

Kinda reminds me of the old days, huh?

[phone ringing]

Oh, hang on.

Oh, yeah, I got to take this.

Hey, pal, what you got?



Oh, hey, you really came through this time.

Thanks, pal.

There's a guard at Wahiawa, went through all of Hamler's phone records, logs.

Said there was one person visiting him on the regular.

Who's that?

A guy named Miles Hamler.

My son enlisted out of college.

He's stationed at Al-Asad.

Miles Hamler is Elliott Hamler's son from his first marriage.

He served in the Second Brigade Combat Crew.

Well, makes sense he would come after you.

You sent his dad away.

You never did tell us why you turned on the guy.



Thomas Magnum, private investigator.

How did you find me?

I was able to get ahold of your sister's cell phone records and tracked one of the numbers to this hotel room.

I have a little under $8,000 left.

Just tell Elliott you couldn't find me, and you can have it all.

No, I'm sorry, I can't do that.

He hired me to get you into rehab.

Your bags are packed.

What, you-you think that's what this is about?

I've been clean for 18 months.

Not according to your husband.

You think you know him.

Well, I do know he's paying my full rate plus expenses.

Elliott makes himself out to be this big self-made success, but the truth is he's just a criminal in a suit.

And the people he does business with, they're dangerous.

And so is Elliott.

I had to get out before I ended up like his first wife.

What do you think happened to his first wife?

He told me she ran off.

Left him and their son.

But no one's seen or heard from her since.

When I asked if he did something to her, the look he gave me...

I knew he killed her.

I don't want the same thing to happen to me.

I take it you never told Hamler you found his wife.

No, I did not.

But I did look into his first wife's disappearance, and it was definitely shady.

Okay, well, I think it's pretty clear that Hamler's son is our kidnapper.

He was in regular contact with his father, and he's got the experience and the skills to snatch a highly trained operative like Higgins.

And now that we know who he is...

We no longer have to play by his rules.

[phone chimes]

Zeke just pinged Miles' phone again.

GPS confirms he was here as of five minutes ago.

House is rented in his name.

His truck's out front.

He's definitely here.

Let's go.

♪ Guys...

I got a cell phone.

It's got to be Miles.

Yeah, except he's not here.

Neither is Higgins.

They're holding her somewhere else.


He's watching us.

[phone rings]


You just got your friend killed.

No, no, wait, wait!

Give me one reason why I shouldn't put a bullet in her head right now.

Because if you do, you'll never see your father again.

The transport leaves in under an hour.

You better get moving.

♪ Heads up, the convoy's approaching your position.

Copy that.

[engine starts]

[tires screeching]

[tires screeching]

Back up, back up!

[tires screeching]

Don't move.

[tires screeching]


Let me see your hands!



Let's go!

Move, move, move!

[tires screeching]

TC: Let's go, let's go!

[tires screeching]

CASEY: I don't care what else you have.

This is an all hands situation.

So get out there.


What's going on, Sergeant?

See for yourself.

A prison transport was just hit.

Three-man crew disabled the lead vehicle, then used a controlled blast to bust the inmate out.

Weird thing is, they weren't using live rounds.

Bullets were blanks.

Given the degree of difficulty, we're thinking they got to be pros.

Former special ops maybe.


I think you might be right about that.

Put those on.

We'll leave as soon as we hear from your son.

You know, I lost three years because of you.

Why don't you tell that to your first wife?

The one you claimed walked out on you.

You didn't think I knew about that?

What you did to her?

You had to be the big hero and save the girl?


I could have given you a pass for that.

But you made a mistake when you came after me.

HIGGINS: Can I help you?


Yes, actually.

I'm looking for a rosé.

Something light, accessible.

I don't know.

How about this?

This bottle any good?

Yeah, quite.

It also retails for about $200.


For rosé?


Well, all right.

How about something in the, uh, $20 to $30 range?

No, I'm afraid not, Magnum, because this isn't a wine shop.

In fact, this wine cellar is off-limits to you.




I assume you were gonna share that pilfered wine with the woman I saw you taking to the guesthouse.

No, i-it's not what you're suggesting.

She's the wife of a client, okay?

Oh, I see, so now you're seducing your clients' wives?

Yeah, that's-that's different.

No, I'm not seducing her, I'm helping her.

Her husband hired me to track her down.

It turns out, she has a really good reason to bail on him.

Oh, really?

And what is it?

Well, he has ties to organized crime and he may have killed his first wife.

I see.

Well, why haven't you taken this information to the police, then?

Because I don't have any hard evidence yet.

I mean, I've been digging into his first wife's disappearance, and I just can't find anything to tie him to it.

Coming up empty.

You know, being a P.I. is...

it's not as easy as you would think.

Life rarely is.


Well, y-you don't have to worry about Kiana.

She's only gonna be here until I can find somewhere safe for her.


how about that bottle?


But, uh, there's an open bottle of Madeira in the kitchen that you're welcome to.

It's the least I can do for someone who's been through what she has.

Appreciate it.

Hey, uh...

Have you considered a slightly different approach?

What do you mean?

Well, if you can't prove this man's connection to his wife's murder, then maybe you could find evidence to connect him to his other crimes.

I mean, if he's in prison, then her problem's solved, right?

How was the reunion with you and Hamler?

You guys all caught up?

Yeah, you could say that.

So, you gonna tell us how you sent this guy away?

Yeah, well, it took some digging, but I eventually found out Hamler was laundering money for organized crime here on the island.

I sent that evidence to the FBI, anonymously, of course, and a couple days later, he was arrested.

I guess it wasn't as anonymous as you thought.


What's going on?

I could've just bought Kiana a ticket off the island and wished her luck.

Okay, no.

"No" what?

Come on, bro, this is not your fault.

Y-You don't know that.

I-I mean, I went after Hamler without considering there could be blowback for it down the road.

Not just for myself but for people in my life.

I didn't have to turn that evidence in.

I could've used it as leverage against Hamler, told him if he didn't leave Kiana alone, that I would turn it into the authorities.


Listen to me, man.

You got three years' experience doing this job now.

You've grown.

But what hasn't changed, though, is you being the kind of man that always tries to do the right thing.

Any other P.I would take the money from Hamler and decide that it was none of their business.

That's not who you are.

Look, you did the best that you could back then, and we're doing the best that we can right now.

He's right.

Hey, Higgins is gonna be all right.

We're gonna get her back.

I got to be honest, guys, this...

could go wrong a dozen ways.

And if it does and the cops find out we sprung Hamler, that's prison time.

For all of us.

Well, at least we'll be spending our sentences together.

Won't be the first time.

You got that right.

[knocking on door]

We could have a problem.

[door opens]

Hey, Gordie.

What's up, man?

What brings you by?


I was just in the neighborhood.

Figured I'd stop by, maybe grab a bite.

Maybe see how it's going with that, uh, prisoner you guys busted out.

I think his name's Elliott Hamler?

Uh, Gordie, I know this looks bad, but there's a reason why we didn't w...I know.

You were trying to protect me.

And it's not like I didn't suspect you guys would try something like this.

But Higgins is my friend, too.

Tell me what I need to know, let's go get her back.


Hamler's an old client.

He blames me for getting him locked up, so he sent his son Miles to kidnap Higgins to use her as leverage against me.

TC: Yeah, the only way the son will let her go is if we give him his father.

We're still waiting on the phone call with instructions for the trade.

HPD has resources to handle this kind of thing.

We should be up on your phone for starters.

RICK: No, no.

Miles was very specific.

No cops.

[phone ringing]

This has got to be him.


MILES: Do you have my father?

I do.

Nanakuli Forest Reserve.

30 minutes.


And, Mr.

Magnum, if I see anyone other than you and my father there, she dies.

It just kills you, doesn't it?

Not being in control?

Where is she?

I'm okay.

Here's how this is gonna go.

I'm gonna count to three, and then we send them across.

Once they've switched, we go our separate ways.

Works for me.






Wait, wait.

Dad, what are you doing?

We promised we'd let your friend go.


never said a word about you.

What are you talking about?

Change of plans.

I'm gonna do the counting this time.

By the time I get to zero, if Magnum here hasn't dropped his gun, Kill her.

Don't do this.

HIGGINS: Magnum.

You can't trust them.







Well, let's go.

It's gonna be okay.

[engine starts]

You okay?

You hurt?

No, I'm fine, but they took Magnum.

We have to get him back.

We know.

We heard the whole thing.

We planted a listening device on Hamler.

It also has a GPS.


We got to move!

Let's go, let's go.

Let's go.

MILES: Hold on.

We need to make sure Mr. Magnum followed the rules.

[soft clicking]



I should kill you right now.

But I think I'll take my time.

Get in.

[engine starts]

[engine revving]

They must've switched cars.

The GPS tracker is still pinging to here.

KATSUMOTO: We know they took Magnum with them.

That means he's still alive.

Yeah, but we have no idea where they're headed.


Miles must have an exfil plan to get off the island.


If he's smart, he set an exchange near the airport they're planning to use.

RICK: Makes sense.

Minimizes the risk of getting caught.

Yeah, except there's no airstrip near here.

Commercial or private.

There's a port, though.

It's a couple miles from here.

"Second Glance." What's that?

Where I was being held, I saw a note.

It said "Second Glance.

Three and a half hours." Second Glance must be the ship they're leaving on.

Which makes three and a half hours the travel time.

They're taking a boat to another island.


Smart play.

Figure the cops are gonna be at the airport, so you take a boat to a neighboring island, jump on a plane from there-- assuming to a non-extradition country.


You really do see every angle.

As much as I'd love to join, I didn't bring my passport.

You're just along for insurance.

Soon as I'm sure we're not being followed...

Kill me, dump my body in the ocean, huh?

Like I said, every angle.

Sit down.


Let's go.

Guess he never told you about your mother.

Hey, you...

shut your mouth.

What about my mother?

She was gonna divorce him.

So he made her disappear.

He's lying.

She left us.

You know that.

Let's go.

Do you know that, Miles?

Or is that a story your dad likes to tell you?

What is he talking about?

Nothing, Miles!

He's trying to get in your head.

MAGNUM: Come on.

Think about it.

Would your mother just run off, disappear, never see you again?

Or do you think your father-- a violent man with ties to organized crime-- had something to do with her disappearance?


I said shut your mouth.

Is it true?

Tell him.

I asked you, is it true?

I said enough!



[running footsteps]

♪ [grunting]

[cries out]

[Miles gasping]

You son of a bitch.



Over here!

You okay, TM?


Where's Higgins?

That was so incredibly stupid.

Excuse me?

Can't believe you agreed to give up your gun and go with them.

Well, it worked, didn't it?

Yeah, I suppose so.

Well, what now, Gordon?

You, Magnum and TC have to get out of here.

I'll call it in.

It'll probably take HPD about ten minutes to get here, which will hopefully give Higgins and I enough time to...

get our stories straight.

Katsumoto, you don't have to do this.

Yeah, I do.

You guys can't be connected to this in any way.

He's right, Magnum.

You need to go.

Thank you.

♪ La, dah, dah, dah ♪ La, dah, dah, dah ♪ ♪ La, dah, dah, dah ♪ La, dah, dah, dah ♪ ♪ What really makes you happy ♪ The only question to be asking ♪ ♪ 'Cause that's an everyday occurrence ♪ ♪ Sittin' on the porch, watchin' ♪ ♪ All those bridges burning down ♪ ♪ 'Cause they only listen to everybody else lyin'...

♪ This is killing me.

Can I get something a little stronger?

Uh, I think we have some industrial cleaner in the back.

How's that sound?

It's been four hours.

Seriously, how long does it take for the police to conduct an interview?


If anybody can stand up to this kind of interrogation, it's Higgy.

[door bells jingle]

TC: Speak of the devil.




KATSUMOTO: Well, Higgins gave her statement.

As far as HPD's concerned, she was targeted for her hacking skills.

Miles Hamler kidnapped her and forced her to breach Wahiawa's server.

Acting on an anonymous tip, I then tracked the Hamlers down.

They were shot trying to flee the island.

Accomplices are still at large.

You see?

What did I tell you?


So how about a round to celebrate, eh?


Coming right up.

KATSUMOTO: Well, I can't stay long.

It's my weekend with Dennis.

I've already blown most of it.

SUZY: Look at this.

The whole crew is here.

What's the occasion?

You know, just celebrating being alive.


Good a reason as any.

Juliet, you've had a hell of a day.

You sure you wouldn't rather be at home?

After what I've been through, I could use a drink-- or three.

Plus, um, this band is pretty good.

They are, aren't they?

It's a shame the crowd's not giving them more love.

Dance floor's empty.

I know, right?

Yeah, someone should get out there and get the dancing started.

I mean, I would, if someone would just ask me.


She's talking about you, idiot.




Suzy, you want to dance with me?

Oh, hell no.



I'd love to.


All right.


That was hard to watch.

[Kumu laughs]


["Don't Go Away" by Landon McNamara playing]

♪ ♪ Said I don't want you to go away...

♪ Why so glum?

We should be festive.

Not glum, I'm just, uh...

just glad you're okay.

You know, years ago I made this decision to go after Hamler.

And because of that, you could have died.

Thomas, you know what I thought of you when I first met you?

Not entirely.

But I can imagine.

Yes, well, needless to say, it wasn't all that positive.

But, um, you know, that night in the wine cellar, when I learned how you were helping Kiana...

That's when my whole opinion of you began to change.

I saw that you were someone who was genuinely concerned about people.

Would do anything to help them.

And I hope that never changes.

♪ By my side...

[phone chimes]

It's Ethan.

Well, I should call him.

Back in a sec.

♪ [chuckles]

I guess our homie won't have to agonize about asking Suzy out anymore.

She made the first move.

Well, actually, she may have gotten a little nudge.

You told her that Rick was interested?

Yes, I sure did.


But don't say anything to Rick.

I mean, the guy needs all the help he can get.

Oh, don't I know it?

You're a good friend, TM.

Well, I try.

♪ Back my way...

To young love...

Hear, hear.

♪ I said now come back my ♪ Ooh...♪ ♪ Way.