01x08 - The Halloween Night



PAST JACOB: I never got that story.

-You know, you've got this girl, Dorothy. -Hey.

PAST JACOB: She's living a normal, boring life, and she gets the chance to live an exciting life, and all she wants to do is go home.

-Hey-- -How did you bring me with you?

I summoned the spirit of my ancestors. No big deal.


PAST JACOB: That's very perceptive.

-It's work. Hold on. -[RINGING CONTINUES]

Hello, Farnaz?

Whoa. Slow down, slow down.

[STAMMERING] That can't be right. Check on the...

No. Don't call 911. Do not call 911.

I'll be right there. I will be right there.

-Listen, I have to go. -YOUNG ALMA: What?

-Wait, wait. -We can't let you drive off to be murdered.

We can't do anything until we find out who killed me.

If I don't go to the lab on this night, -they're just gonna try again. -YOUNG ALMA: No. Not again, Dad.

I don't know this place. I cannot get home from here.

Stay here, I will be back for you.

Dad! Dad!

I waited for you.

-I know. -All night.

Well, we can change that.

Let's go to the lab.


Be careful with the equipment.

-PAST CAMILA: Where is she? -FARNAZ: I told you, she's not here.

Don't touch that.

-PAST CAMILA: Where is Alma? -That is a 10,000-dollar magnetic resonance...

PAST JACOB: [SIGHS] What's going on?

Well, I saw the door broken open and heard a lot of crashing, so I called you.

Turns out, it was your wife.


Why is Mom here?

I don't know.

Leaving you on the street is the last thing I remember.

PAST CAMILA: Where are you hiding Alma?

I know you bring her here at night to do your experiments.

[SCOFFS] Camila, I don't.

Alma told me about a dream where she came to your lab and you put the wires on her head like Frankenstein.

Little girls have all kinds of silly dreams.

Stop lying.

Ah, see, I remember that.

It wasn't a dream, was it?

In a sense, everything is a dream.


But no, that wasn't a dream.

You told me you never experimented on me.

No, I was just trying to promote your abilities.

I don't want you to end up like my mother.

You know, a victim of...

I wanted you to be a shaman.

Which you're becoming, -and you've far exceeded my expectations. -[CLATTERING CONTINUES]

-PAST JACOB: She's not here. -PAST CAMILA: Then where is she?

-Alma? -I left her to come here.

You left her? At night?

PAST JACOB: In Terrell Hills. It's a nice neighborhood.

How could you just leave her there?

Well, because you broke into my lab.

Who cares about your stupid lab?

You know how important my work is.

Your work?

Or spending your nights with your pretty girlfriend?

-Camila, we're not-- -You care more about this woman than you do your own daughter.

No one cares more about Alma than me.

She might be the key to unlocking time and space.

Do you listen to yourself?

-Jeez, you were kind of a jerk. -I was driven.

You were using me for your research.

I was trying to help my mother.


I... [SIGHS]

I thought if I... well, went back in time, I could train her so... she didn't turn into a big, scary monster that got locked up, but realized her power and how special she was.

Like you.

PAST JACOB: Aren't I allowed to have my own relationship with Alma?

PAST CAMILA: No. No, you are not.

I am done lying to myself.

You are not a husband to me anymore.

You're barely a father to your daughters.

But I'm never gonna be one of those dads who comes home every night at 6:00 and plays with the dollies and makes hotdogs.

It's just not who I am.

That is not what this is about and you know it.

It's over, Jacob.

No, it's not.

Listen to me.

Do not come home again.



You don't remember any of this?

I don't remember anything after I left you.

I thought it was the trauma of the accident

-but I think it's something more. -[SIGHS]


You know, I can't really stay here.

No, no, no, no, no. You're not leaving me again.

You need to stay here.


You have to.

FARNAZ: What the hell?

You know you need both parents' consent to do pediatric experiments.

Give me a break, all right? My wife just left me.

I don't wanna do this anymore.

We've crossed too many lines. First, the stolen relics.

The Nahuatl Indians did not realize the power they possessed.

Stolen relics?

And now we're doing illegal experiments on a child.

[SIGHS] Farnaz, where are you going?

I'm calling your wife and telling her the truth.

Don't do that-- She'll never let me see Alma again.

And then I'm reporting you to the head of the department.

If it comes out that I knew and I said nothing--

No, Farnaz, just...

Just-- I can't think straight.

I'm sorry. Maybe I'm wrong.

How about I drive you home and we'll figure out how to tell my wife what we're doing here.

And how it doesn't hurt Alma.

We could start there.




Wait, what? Why am I here? Dad!

JACOB: Up ahead at the red light. Just stop.

The truck won't hit you. You won't go to the hospital.

Everything will go back to normal.

Okay, where are you?

I should never have brought you into this, I'm sorry.

What happened when you drove Farnaz home?

Just go up to the red light and stop.

No! I want to know the truth. I wanna know everything. I--


I need to know what happened.

JACOB: Alma, please don't.

FARNAZ: You missed my turn.

This isn't the way to my house.

Jacob, where are we going?

There's nothing left for me.

My family's been taken.

You turned on me.

They're gonna take my lab and none of my work will be valid.

Okay, I'm sorry. I won't--

[STAMMERS] I won't tell anyone anything, I promise.

See, I just don't trust you.

-[CAR DOOR HANDLE THUMPING] -Jacob, please, let me out.


FARNAZ: Jacob, what are you doing?

-Taking control. -[HORN BLARING]



JACOB: Don't you see?

I'm not worth saving.

-No. Dad! -No.

I'm not the good guy I thought I was, who I convinced you I was.

No, I'm not giving up on you.

We're going back and we're trying again.

We can go back an infinite number of times, it won't change anything.

I'll just be stuck in my own mistakes. Look what I did.

You keep telling me that I'm more than the bad choices that I've made.

That inside, I wanna help people. Where do you think I get that?

You just wanna have a father you can love. So you see what you wanna see.

No, there has to be a way.

Can't the you now influence the him then? You're better now.

There might be a way, but...

I don't think I'm strong enough.

Just try.

But also not try. But try.

Try to not try-try. You understand?

You sound like me.

Of course I do. You're my dad.


You know you've got this girl, Dorothy...

Okay, well, the night you get back, that's when the timelines realign, so... if this works, I can see you again.

-Where? -PRESENT JACOB: You know where.

-YOUNG BECCA: You're it. -YOUNG ALMA: No, you're it!

JACOB: The opportunity for new life.

We'll be in the cave together.

[WHISPERS] I like this.

PAST JACOB: I never got that story.

You know, you've got this girl, Dorothy, right?

She's living a normal, boring life, and she gets a chance to live an exciting life, and all she wants to do is go home.

Hey, if you had the chance to do something amazing would you just want everything to return to normal?

I always think, if the witch dies when she gets wet, -she must have to be real careful peeing. -[CELL PHONE RINGING]

JACOB: That's very perceptive.

Oh, it's work.

-You're gonna answer or what? -[RINGING CONTINUES]

Are you kidding me? Take a work call?

We have a candy bucket to fill, we haven't gotten a single peanut butter cup and those are the only one your mom likes.

So what were you saying about The Wizard of Oz?

So much of it doesn't work. I mean, what about the monkeys?

Those tiny wings? That's not aerodynamically sound.

Gosh, you're such a nerd.

JACOB: Thank you.


TUNDE: Oh, dear God.

Teacher ran into the mirror, there was a big crash, she fell on the floor and she got bloody.


I know that's what it looks like in your reality but that's not what happened.

Kids, I need to talk to teacher Alma for a minute.

-So why don't I put on a movie? -GIRL: Frozen!

-BOY: Anything but Frozen. -All right, come on.



Um, look.

I've tried to be understanding and everything since the accident, but I've got to think about what's best for the kids.

And what you did today was completely unacceptable.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah, I can see how it might appear that way.

You can't work here anymore.

I was actually going to ask for the day off anyway because I have to make it to a pyramid in Mexico--

Look, speaking as your friend...

I am really concerned about you.

It's all good, Tunde.

I did what I needed to do.

And now, everything's gonna be okay.


SAM: At least let me make you a sandwich.

I have to go. I have to get there before the timelines realign.

Hey, I was actually wondering about that.

Because in Back to the Future, history changes as soon as Marty comes back.

Well, I guess time travel works differently for white people.


Just wanted to make sure you've thought everything through, you know?

CAMILA: [KNOCKS] Hello? Alma?

What's my mom doing here?

I don't know. Why would I know?

-CAMILA: Sam said I should come right over. -Damn it.

You called her?

Alma, I had to do something.

Tunde told me what happened at school.

Your mother and I have been talking.

-You little sh1t. -We're really worried about you.

You stalled me?

Yes, but please, I need you to listen to me.

God, why do I keep trusting you? I'm such an idiot.

-CAMILA: Alma, are you okay? -Give us a minute, Camila.

-CAMILA: Let me in, mija. -Listen.

I checked on your prescription.

And it got me looking at this schizophrenia website.

You gotta admit, these symptoms kind of fit you.

-SAM: Hearing voices... -[SIGHS]

...believing you have special powers, feeling like you have some kind of grand mission to accomplish?

[SCREAMS] Yeah, you got it, Sam!

Yeah, you guys are doctors.

I'm crazy, I'm... I'm wacko.

There's something serious going on with you.

And I'm tired of pretending like there isn't.

Well, guess what?

I'm not your problem, so get off my ass.

Alma, I have to get you help.

Even if it means you're gonna hate me forever because that's what love is.

No, you know what love is?

-Love is not lying to me all the f*cking time. -Fine.

You want me to be totally honest with you?

You're mentally ill.

You didn't travel back in time and your father doesn't talk to you because he's dead!

I'm sorry.

You know what? I'd break up with you right now but after the timelines realign, I'll have never even met you.

-Alma? -Oh, mother of Christ.

Sam says you're not taking your pills.

Thanks, Sam.

And that you think you've been talking to your father?

I gotta go.

And now you have run into a mirror in front of children.

That is not going to heal well.

Hey, guess what? I know what you've been hiding from me now.

You broke into Dad's lab that night.

That is ridiculous.

You need help. Everyone can see it but you.

I'm going to take you some place where they can take care of you, okay?

What place?

A nice place with the best doctors.

Handsome doctors.

Hmm, no. I got plans today.

But let's definitely schedule a mother-daughter date to the loony bin another time.

Okay, you're right.

I did see your father at the lab that night.

I don't know how you know that.

Because I was there.

And I know you've been lying.

-To protect you. -From what?

Your father.

In the year before he died, he started to say things that didn't make any sense.

He was getting scary, so I made him go to a doctor.

-Of course you did. -He was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

I tried to get him to go to therapy and to take medication, but he wouldn't listen.

Alma, he was doing experiments on you.

I know. To help me.

-Help you what? -You wouldn't understand.

You sound just like him.

I don't want to make the same mistake that I made with your father.

[STUTTERS] I don't want to lose you, too.

I will not give up on you, Alma.


You don't need to worry about me.

And you don't need to blame yourself for Dad.

-[KEYS JINGLING] -I mean, that wasn't your fault.

You just...

You didn't understand him.

Alma, you need to come with me to this clinic.

Nope. I'm going to Mexico.

Alma! Alma, no!





Mom, don't worry.

Dad and I fixed everything.

-We're all going to be okay. -Alma, no.




BECCA: I was in the neighborhood.

So I thought I'd say hi.

Mom told you to come?

I am doing you a huge favor.

Mom's out of control.


I got her to relax by promising to fly down and make sure that you're okay.

I'm okay.

I'm glad to hear it.

Did I ruin your honeymoon?

Nope, not a problem at all.

Did I not mention that this is the worst day of my entire life?

And everything is going to hell?

-Don't think you mentioned that. -Mm.

I told Reed everything.

Yeah, I was feeling so connected to him and I knew that he would love me no matter what I said, so I just had to tell him the truth.

-It didn't go well. -Oh, God.

The Hollingsworth family lawyer's having the marriage annulled.

I have to return all of the wedding gifts tomorrow.

Oh, thank you for the six forks.

They're from Sam, too.

They're nice. [CHUCKLES]

Here's the good news.

This whole reality is going to go away.

-Yeah? -Yeah.

All we have to do is wait here tonight.

ALMA: Dad's going to come back.

Everything will have changed. He'll never have died.

Our family will be normal. We won't be broken people.

So all the stupid sh1t we've done in our lives...

it'll just go away.

That's nice.


-There's another one. -What? Damn, I missed it.

That's like the fourth one. How do you keep missing it?

[SIGHS] Doesn't matter. It's a beautiful night.



Dad didn't come.


I'm sorry.

Maybe his astral self just didn't hold.

It's the only explanation.

There's another explanation.


So, what?

All this is just in my mind and I'm just a crazy woman everyone feels sorry for?

It's not like that.

Don't you want there to be more?

Don't you believe there has to be more?

I don't know. I mean, we're sitting here watching a beautiful sunrise on ancient ruins.

The trees...


...the birds...

...the clouds...

Real life is also pretty amazing.

Yeah, I know.

I'm gonna help you through this. So is Mom.

Let me take you home.


I just need a few minutes alone.

I know this sounds nuts, but...

I just need to be sure Dad's not going to come out of that cave.

I just gotta be totally sure before I... leave all this behind.

I'll meet you in the car.


I love you.

I know you do.

It's why I know you're crazy.