01x07 - Truth or Dare

Either you joined me back here for my conversational skills or you really don't like that kid.

I don't. I don't know why anybody else does.

You conned us.

Tony: We saved all your asses!

My nephew promised you a ride, and I intend to make good on that.

But first I want to know about that fetching insignia you got there.

If we get into a bind, can that get us out?

Then tomorrow, we pick up your friend...

I'll spend the next day or two scouting ahead.

I'll be back... and we ride.

[Indistinct conversations, distorted voices]

♪ I wanna know ♪

[Voices echoing]

♪ What you're thinking ♪

♪ There are some things you can't hide ♪

♪ I wanna know ♪

♪ What you're thinking ♪

♪ There are some things... ♪

[Music slowing, voice distorting]

[Crowd screaming, voices echoing]

[Breathing heavily]

[Bird cawing in distance]

[Down-tempo music plays]






[Watch ticking]


[Walkers growling]








[Birds chirping]

[Engine revving]

[Man whistles]


[Engine idling]

Felix: I know.

You're blown away by my awesome buzz cut.

Did it myself.




Thank you.

[Down-tempo music plays]


Iris: Interesting collection.
Very eclectic.

What can I say?
Uh... I'm a renaissance man.


Well, if you need someone to read them to, I'm totally here for you.

[Exhales sharply]




No way. Thirteen and a half?

Hey, if the shoe fits...



I mean, you are a wizard.

Please, teach me another one.

Master that trick first, and then... and only then... will I show you more.

I mean, entertainment like this has just not been available.



I got something for you to wash that down with.

Had it chilling out back in the stream.

[Plastic crinkling]


Is this legit? Mountain Dew?


Good as new behind some crates in an old gas station.

I will never stop missing these.

I mean, I used to drink this like water back in the day.


Whoo! [Exhales deeply]


sh1t! Yeah.

What else did you find out there, huh?

Besides that bling.

Big cluster moving south.

Lots of blocked roads along the main route.

As long as we keep to the side streets, we should be good.

How about what you found?

Couple con men and a stolen CRM truck.

Mm, they're all right.

And plus, we got that truck, and it'll get us to New York in days instead of weeks.

There's not enough fuel to get us to New York.

You know that, right?

Well, Tony, the older one, he's got a lead on where we can get some more.

Tony: Ladies and gentlemen,

I present to you one Civic Republic military map.

[Claps hands] As you can see, there are no landmarks designated, no points of interest labeled.

To all appearances, this looks to be useless.

However... looks can be deceiving.

When Percy discovered these in the truck, they took me back to the colored lenses I used in my infamous Prism of Light illusion.

Just set them up at the proper distances, shine a powerful-enough beam of light through them, and...


[Down-tempo music plays]


See those little oil drops scattered around?

Hidden CRM fuel caches and all the gas we need.

The ones we've hit so far have mostly been shacks with, uh, landing pads...

All unmanned and unguarded.

Helicopters touch down, they refuel, and they take off again.

I, uh, can't believe it.


[Footsteps approaching]



You know, grifting's kind of my thing.

[Clears throat]

Uh, I just needed to borrow them for a minute.

I would have asked, but I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

It's probably nothing.

Yeah. What's probably nothing?

[Clears throat]

How'd you get one of their maps?

I'll explain later.

Hold this.


Tony: Okay.

Where are we dropping you off?


Honestly, we don't...
We don't know yet.

What do you mean you don't know yet?

[Inhales deeply] Listen.

I'm gonna be straight with you, all right?

The girls' father is at a Civic Republic research facility somewhere in New York.

If the CR knew we were even trying to find one of their facilities, we could all be in danger.

If Percy and I were averse to danger, we wouldn't be driving around in one of their trucks.

But if you don't even know where you're going, how is this arrangement of ours gonna work?

We'll figure it out, make it work with the intel we got.

If that means flying blind till we do, then we fly blind.

Crowd: [Chanting] Mallick! Mallick!

Mallick! Mallick! Mallick!

All right, all right. Shut up.

Mallick! Mallick! Mallick!

How about a target and trajectory report from my designated spotter?

Final target is approximately 1.4 meters due south of our current position.

Also, I feel it's my duty to inform you of some change in wind conditions.

Private First Class Owens just ripped a beer fart from the east.


["What's on Your Mind" playing on jukebox]

[Crowd chanting softly] ...fire.



Crowd: ...Mallick...



♪ I find myself... ♪♪

♪ Didn't I treat you right, now? ♪

♪ Didn't I? ♪

♪ Didn't I do the best I could? ♪

♪ Didn't I? ♪

♪ Didn't I give you everything? ♪

♪ Didn't I? ♪

♪ I tried my best just to be a man ♪

Ah. [Chuckles]

That still hurt?

Only when I laugh.


♪ Didn't I do it, baby? ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

That morning... in the Devil's Pass...

You ever think about that?

You ever stop thinking about it?

♪ Why you wanna leave me, baby? ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Didn't I treat you right? ♪


Well, the only thing you need to remember about that morning... is I had your back and you had mine.


♪ That a woman could... ♪

Woman on television: This is a WVPQ special report.

Man on television: This evening we are following a tense situation outside Garnet Medical Center, which is now the sixth local hospital to go into lockdown and close its doors to new patients in the last 24 hours.

As with the others, we're receiving reports of chaos and confusion...

[Voice fades]

Percy: Anything?



You see that?

[Down-tempo music plays]

Get Hope.


This is the map Lieutenant Colonel Kublek gave me and Hope before we left the university.

Some of the markings on the overlays didn't form symbols on the other map.

But when we tried it on this one...


And there it is.

It's a double helix.
It's a DNA strand.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Are you saying that you think this is...

What else could it be?

I think we know where Dad is.




Ithaca, New York.

That's your finish line? Yeah.

[Laughter in distance]

Hm. Nice to see Percy spending time with kids his own age.

I bet.

I mean, I did see him go upstairs with a bottle of his booze, so...

I don't know.
Maybe I should go check on them.

Or you could let them be teenagers.

They deserve a little celebration.

So do you, my friend, after the exciting discovery.

He's right. You do.

Perimeter check. I'll be back.

Hey. You good?

Yeah. I'm just tired is all.

[Down-tempo music plays]


Took out an empty this morning.
He was wearing the EGA.


Brought back some memories...
Good and bad.

He was a Marine.

He still is.

So am I.





[Laughing] Oh!

Why should they be having all the fun, huh?

All right.

[Mid-tempo music playing in distance]


Elton, try that out.


Wait. Just, like...


I'm good. Thanks.
Hope: All right.

♪ A feeling I've never felt ♪

[Grunts] Interesting.

It's like a warm stack of nails are hugging my insides.

♪ And hear you make a sound ♪

It's not as good as mine, but let's party.

Cheers, everyone. Salud. Cheers.

Come on.

And over here.

So, uh, what's customary now?
Get more seats or...

Yes. Let's do that. Okay.

[Indistinct conversations, music continues]


I'm freezing. Are you freezing?

Oh! You did a lot.




The game's truth or dare.

Iris: I'm in. Hope: Cool.

I don't know what that is, but yeah, let's play it.

It's simple... All you got to do is you got to pick one or the other.

Iris, truth or dare?

[Chuckles] Uh, truth.

Oh, I'm good. Thank you.
Percy: Truth.

If you could do whatever you wanted right now, anything at all, what would you do?


I'd hit the Louvre...

Mm... see some good art.

I mean...
Oh, Eugène Delacroix's, um...

"Liberty Leading the People."

Oh! The brushstrokes.

The actual canvas!


I was hoping for an answer with less of a tranquilizing effect.

[Laughing] Bullshit!

It's got the best art in the world.

Granted, it's probably not even standing, and even if it were, I'd doubt I'd ever get to see it.

But... a girl can dream, right?

Fair enough.

Here's to dreaming and, uh... never saying "never."

♪ Never been before ♪

Tony: [Laughs]

[Music playing in distance]

Leo and Will...
They sound like good people.

Yes, they are.

I mean, the thing is...
I don't even know if what we're doing is gonna wind up helping them or just putting them in more danger.

Well, if there's one thing
I've learned, kiddo, it's that you can't predict the future.


I was a man of many vices before all this.

Oh, yeah?

Playing chicken with rock bottom.

Didn't even know who Percy was till my sister...

His... his mother...
Split from her husband... and the court appointed me his legal guardian.

It was like my prayers had been answered.

All that free money from the state?

I hit pay dirt with that kid.


Thing was... he wasn't with me more than a day before I knew I'd give my life for his.


It's a thing. Who knew?

[Laughter in distance]


Who knew, huh?


Truth. Oh, my God. Oh!

Elton: Right. In that case,

I have a four-part question that tiers off...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sorry, Elton.
Gonna have to keep this simple.

What's the worst thing you ever done?


[Exhales sharply]
What kind of question is that?

I mean, it's not even your turn.

You afraid to answer the question?

Come on.

What's the worst thing you ever done?



Back at the U, I locked the school faculty bathroom and spiked the teachers' coffee maker with laxatives.

Precious, precious laxatives.

She did.

Elton: [Laughs]


Come on. I said the truth.

That is the truth.


You think you can con a con man?

[Exhales deeply]

I know you're hiding something.
Come on. Spill it.

What's the worst thing you ever done?

She... She already told you.
It's the laxative thing.

Sorry. No, I don't think it is.


Stop it. Leave her alone.

Silas, it's okay.

Percy's right.
There is something else.

The worst thing that I've ever done...

...is agree to play this stupid game.


No. No. Allow me.

Hope. [Clears throat] Hope.

I was just playing around.

Yeah. She knows.


Hope. Hope, wait up. Hope...

What? What is it?

Nothing. Everything. Look. Okay.

It... It is a stupid game, all right?

And I was just playing 'cause I-I...

[Sighs] Just...

Um... thanks, Elton.

But, uh...

I think you're drunk, all right?

And I need to be alone.

[Footsteps echoing]


[Down-tempo music plays]


Wilkins: Containing the crisis is the strategy, separating the well from the sick.

The source and nature of the current crisis cannot be confirmed.

But with reports of widespread rioting and violence, you are being deployed into the city's service tunnels to locate civilians and escort them to safety.

If you are under threat of any kind, you are to eliminate any and all hostile targets that you encounter.


Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

[Down-tempo music plays]

I heard it came back on a rocket, that it started in space.

You know, somebody breathed it in, it turned their stomachs, and then they got on a plane...

Shut up, Owens.

[Door opens]

Come on. This way. Let's go.

Multiple targets ahead. [Walker growling]

Drake: Hold fire. Hold fire.

[Walkers growling, gunshots echoing]

[Bullets ricocheting, casings clattering]

[Walker hissing]


[Casings clattering]

Simms: What the hell, man?
What were those things?

They were people. Sure as hell ain't now.

You see more, go for the heads.

That did it.

[Screaming in distance]

We got civilian friendlies alive up there.

That's our mission.


[Walker growling, indistinct screaming]

[Rumbling, lights click]

Drake: Damn it.

[Click, night-vision whirring]

Lance Corporal Mallick, what are you seeing?

Talk to me.

A lot of activity ahead.

Stay close.

[Walkers growling]

Woman: Come this way!
[Child screams]

Lance Corporal Mallick, as your designated spotter,

I strongly suggest we start shooting something.

Can't tell the friendlies from the hostiles.

[Crowd screaming] Try thermal.

[Night-vision whirring]

Hostiles have a lower body temp.

Let's move!

[Gunshots, crowd screaming]

[Walkers growling]

Move it!

[Gunshot, walker hisses]

Man: Come on!

[Dramatic music plays]


[Indistinct conversations, whispering]

It's okay. You're safe.

We're getting you out of here.

[Door opens]

[Insects chirping]

Huck: You shouldn't be up here drunk.

You shouldn't be up here at all.

What are you doing here?

Never mind me.

You want to tell me what's been eating at you?

Something's been up since The Blaze.

And it ain't something small.
That's for sure.

Tell me. What's up?

[Voice breaking]
I killed someone.

It was the night the sky fell.

I didn't know who she was.

She was scared my mom was gonna take her truck.

She freaked out and...


...she shot my mom.


She dropped the gun, and I picked it up, and I pointed it at her.

And it went off.

She was pregnant, and I killed her.

She was Elton's mom.


You were just a kid.

But I did it!

You were a kid, and she killed your mom in front of you.

[Sniffs] Elton doesn't know.

Iris knows, but not that it's Elton's mom.

And they shouldn't.

We can't change the things we've done.

Just find the strength to carry the truth for everybody else so they don't have to.

But how? [Sobs]

[Down-tempo music plays]

Welcome to the party, kid.

[Exhales deeply]

Some nights, it's so damn dark.

And then they still manage to get darker.

But the light... will come.

I promise you.

It'll come.



Tony: In there somewhere is a whole stash of refined CRM fuel just ripe for the taking.

Big place.

We'll split up, start at the bottom, work our way up.

And these places are clear of empties, yeah?

As far as we can tell.

CRM keeps their sh1t locked up pretty tight.

Good thing lock-picking's our thing.

Mine too.

Still, we should stay alert.


Hope, we're heading out.
You and me. Come on.

[Water dripping]


So... still gonna to talk to him, huh?

I know what you're gonna say, but I finished his mom's book.

She was smart and kind and...

I think she just got scared and did a bad thing, all right?

If I can forgive her, then maybe Elton can forgive...

Is this about him or this about you?

Truth's a funny thing.

People say that's what they want, but it isn't.

What? So we're just stuck living a lie?

That's the thing.

If they don't know it's a lie, they get to just live.

We pay the cost, but they get to live 'cause of us.

[Water dripping]

Where the hell are the others?

[Indistinct conversations, fence rattling]

Wilkins: Listen up.

[Indistinct talking on radio]

We received orders, per Central Command.

Sunset Protocols are in effect.

Pending final authorization, all units in the hot zone will be directed to kill all targets in their grid.

With respect, sir, what the hell are you talking about?

That means you put down anything still walking...

Friendly or unfriendly, civilian or hostile, living or dead.

[Down-tempo music plays]

[Clatter, metal scraping] Hope?



Talk to me.

[Water dripping]






Drop the gun.

Do it... now.

[Sobs, whimpers]


Easy, man. Easy.

Not one more step! [Sobs]


So, when you and Percy get us to where we're going, what's next for you?

More of the same, I suppose.

What's that?

Just keep on moving, keep conning?

Keep surviving.

It's what we do. I hear that.

Percy had to grow up fast out here.

He doesn't know any other way.

You know, he reminds me a lot of me when I was his age.

Living on the streets.
Survival was everything.

I met the girls' dad, Leo, and then he showed me... showed me there was more.

Showed me I could be more.

That was another time.

Things are different now.

Maybe it doesn't have to be.

You smell that?

They took the time to stash this supply good.

[Down-tempo music plays]

[Metal squeaking]





Cabinet looks new.



I said stay the hell back!

I'm a statue.

You good, pal?

What happened to your leg?

No. I'm gonna ask the questions, okay?

You're them...
With the helicopters.

How many more?

Just me and the girl.

We're not them.
We're just scavenging.

Got lucky. You're lying!

You both got the symbol on your jacket.

What happened?

One of the dead take a bite
out of you?

Shut the hell up! [Gasps, sobs]

[Breathing heavily]
You are them.

This place...
This place is ours.

You just came in and took it.

We took it back.

We didn't take anything.

I'm not them.

You don't look too good.

Come on. Let's talk about it.

I don't know.

I j... I just woke up, and my brother, he'd... he'd turned.

I stabbed him.
He's dead in the next room.

Well, you ain't gonna last much longer with that leg.

You know that, right?


Stop! I will shoot her!
I swear to God!


Her name's Hope. They call me Huck.

We're just passing through.

What's your name?

[Breathing heavily]


Listen, Walter.

I can help you, but first you got to let my friend go.


You didn't let me finish.

Then you train your sights on me.

Huck, no!

Walter, she's just a kid... Harmless.

Focus on me, all right?


[Grunts, sobs]



Now let's talk about how we're gonna save you.

That's impossible.

We can do it. Trust me.

Stand by.

[Baby crying]

Huck: We can't do this.

An order from Central Command is like an order from God!

We have to!

What if those people are infected, huh?

What if shooting them is the only way to stop this thing from spreading?

We're gonna have to take that leg before it spreads further.

No way.

It's been too long.

You shouldn't be here.

Maybe none of us should be.

I'm sorry. It's not personal. I just...

You shoot me, you take your life with that bullet, too.

You... You can help me?

I've seen people survive amputations hours after infection.

You're lying.

I'm not. Wilkins: Listen up.

I just received final authentication of Sunset Protocols.

Y'all know me.

I don't like this any more than you do.

We are being trusted with these orders because they are absolutely necessary.

Any Marine, including myself, who fails to follow these orders will be taken into custody and brought up on charges.


[Baby crying]

...we don't have a choice.

[Down-tempo music plays]

Huck: Gun's getting heavy, huh?

It's all good.

Nobody would blame you for dropping it.


I-I just...

It wasn't supposed to go this way.

[Grunts, sobs]


[Whispering] It's okay.
It's okay.


You can save me?

[Breathing heavily]


I can save you.



[Crowd shouting]

On my command!

[Crowd shouting, baby crying]


[Click, night-vision whirring, gunshots echoing]

Wilkins: [Grunts]

Drake: Jennifer! Jennifer, stop!

Jennifer, stop!

[Casings clattering]

Put it down.

No. I'm a Marine.

I don't know what the hell you are.

[Baby crying]

[Gun cocks, gunshot echoes]


Hope: You said you could save him.

Huck: Time to forgive yourself, kid.

You got a future.
You got to see that now.


Iris: What the hell happened?

Are you okay?

H-Huck... Huck saved me.

Jesus, Huck.

It's okay. We're okay.

This guy had walkies, supplies.

We found the fuel.

Let's get the hell out of here.

We found something else, too... locked in the cabinet.

What are those?

Potentially... something to work with.

[Birds chirping]

You think these are encrypted CRM lunch orders?


If we could just crack this, it could tell us more about them, help our chances of saving Dad when we get to him.




Hope, it feels like we're changing.

It feels like it's just the start.

Hey, Silas. Hold on.

Tony has something he wants to say.

Tony: Okay.

So, after talking it over with Felix, Percy and I have decided to... extend the terms of our agreement with you.

Yeah, instead of dropping you guys off, we want to stick around, do what we can to help you guys find your dad.

After that, who knows?

Let the chips fall where they may.

Felix: All right.
Let's all get some sleep.

We're hitting the road at first light.

Sounds good.

I'll go charge up the walkies and top off the tank.


So, uh...

...would you maybe want to see me by the truck in an hour?

Why? What's at the truck?

Just me.

Just, uh... need to get my gloves back.

Oh. I can give them to you now.

Uh, no, no.

Uh, my hands... aren't cold now.

Uh... but they will be in about an hour?

An hour. Okay.



Um, hey.

Um, I-I didn't get a chance to tell you this earlier, but, um... I-I'm sorry for what happened to you.

[Door opens, closes]

I-It means everything to me that you're still alive and here with us. Thanks, but...

I mean... [Clears throat]

I wouldn't want to lose you like the, um...

[Chuckles] ...queen of hearts.

[Down-tempo music plays]

I know it's just a stupid trick, but show somebody the impossible, and suddenly everything seems possible.

I just wanted to thank you... for sharing this with me.

Your mother seems like she was an amazing woman.

She was.

And hey, maybe she still is.

I mean, who knows, right?

Everything is possible.

Yeah. Everything is possible.






[Insects chirping]

[Footsteps approaching]

You were right.

Telling Elton...
[Exhales deeply]

I'd just be doing it for me, not for him.

The truth would just crush him.

You're a good person, Hope.

[Down-tempo music plays]


I took this from Elton's mom after I...

I stole it.

Still think I'm a good person?

I know you are.
The necklace proves it.


You took it as a reminder...

...something you wear every day to remember the bad you've done...

...a reminder to keep living to do good, 'cause that's the only way to make the bad mean something.


You're gonna be okay, Hope.



[Insects chirping]


[Down-tempo music plays]






[Glass breaking in distance]

[Footsteps departing]



[Hinges squeaking]


[Dramatic music plays]



Hope? Felix?

Somebody, help!



Felix: Iris?!

[Breathing heavily]

Holy sh1t.

Hope: That's Silas's.

What the hell?


Oh, my God.

Cover me.

Who's in there? Who did this?


[Hinges squeaking]

Felix: Silas?