01x03 - Wish You Were Here

MOLLY: I went to space on a 13-month solo mission.

I didn't come home alone.

My husband created a lifelike android called a Humanich.

His name is Ethan... he's the prototype.

This is a story about Earth...


A story about family... a story about surviving.

Previously on Extant...

MOLLY: He is not the same as when I left here.

We have to go, right now.



He's changed.

And so have you; that's called life.



See for yourself.

Completely normal human fetus.

What did you do to me?

I don't know what you mean.

Well, I'm 14 weeks pregnant.

And 14 weeks ago, I was in space.

I put the family in the spaceship so that they'd be safe.

Safe from what?


Why didn't you call me? I was worried.

I just couldn't. I'm sorry.

If you're not ready to talk about what's going on with you, that's fine.

Is that why you haven't told John?

What? That I had a vision of my dead boyfriend and now I'm pregnant with something I can't explain?

Harmon is alive.

He told me not to trust the ISEA or anybody.

They'll follow you, they'll force you into quarantine, and if you tell anybody,

nobody will believe you!

Not even the people you love.

HIDEKI: With Molly, there can be no doubt.

You think we found them?

I think they're already here.

(dogs barking)

(computer beeps)

KERN: I tracked Dr. Barton's car there with the surveillance drone.

Sam Barton knows?

She knows there's a baby.

That must have come as something of a surprise.

She was with Molly through all of her infertility courses at the Medical Center.

All unsuccessful.

She was pregnant once, but she lost it.

It was a previous relationship.

Who's this?

Marcus Dawkins.

They met in the Ascendants Program.

There was an automobile accident before he had a chance to go up.

And that's how she lost the baby?


We have to contain this before she tells anybody else.

I'll take care of Molly.

What are you gonna tell her?

Something more believable than the truth.


I'm sorry.

For what?

I feel like it's my fault.

No, no, Molly.


It's not.

We'll try again.

I don't know if I can.

Then we'll stop.

Or we'll wait.

They're making advancements in stem cells every day.

There's a lab in Lucerne that's on the verge of creating an oocyte.

I mean, maybe we can pull some strings and get in a trial.

But that's still experimental.

Well, it's a possibility.

I don't want possibilities anymore.

I want something concrete.

I want tangible.


I don't want to be disappointed.

We've been doing this for so long.

Maybe we have to just face the facts that this isn't for us.

That we're not meant to have a child together.


What if there's another way?

I've interviewed dozens of couples who want to take him home for the beta testing phase.

And he'd probably do well with any one of them.

He'd get the programming he needs by being a part of a family.

But why shouldn't it just be us?

We have more to give than anyone I know.

And if we can't give it to a child of our own, let's give it to him.

If he's going to be programmed by a family experience, why not this family?



Let's-let's keep him here as our son.

Sweetheart, it doesn't work like that.

You can't just plug and play a family.

I know that.

But, hey, what's the saying?

Family is what you make it.

If we give it time... a year, maybe two years...

I just signed up for the rotation on the Seraphim.



After the doctor.



Um... when will you know if you're going up?

I don't know.

I might not go up.

I mean, there's other really qualified candidates, but...

Then we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

You don't want possibilities, you want concrete, right?

Well, this is concrete.

This is what we wanted.



How long have you been awake?

Not long.

I was thinking.

We should take the morning off.


Got too much to do. We can't.

No, I can handle it.

Ethan's orientation isn't until 11:00.

I can get him ready, and then I can pick up the cake and the food for the party.

I don't need another party.

(chuckles) I just had a party.

No, no, no, no. That was a homecoming.

This is your birthday.

This is not my birthday.

No, it's not.

But on your real birthday, you were millions of miles away with nobody to keep you company or sing to you.

Well, not true.

Ben sang to me.

(laughs): How was that?


No, really, come on.

Let me make it up to you. Hmm?

All morning for yourself.

No errands, no obligations.

What's the one thing you want to do the most?



Do I have to go?

It's orientation day at your new school.

It's important.

Will you stay with me?

You know I can't do that.

I won't know anyone.

Bryon's going to be your senior guide; you'll know her.

By the end of the day, you'll know a lot of other kids, too.

There's nothing to be worried about.

Okay, I have to go pick up some stuff for the party tonight.

Mom's on her way back.

Can I leave you with Gina for a few minutes?


Can I trust you to obey the rules?


What are the rules?

Don't go outside, don't answer the door.


If you have any problems, Gina can call me, okay?

♪ ♪

GINA: You've exceeded recommended heart rate.

I encourage you to decelerate.


Blood pressure rising.

Please decelerate.


You appear to be under stress.


(rumbling in distance)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

You were right.

I didn't think there was a chance in hell that it could be true, but it is.

What is?

There's a covert program in the Medical Center.

They've been conducting experiments on astronauts, all off the books.

For all I know, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Why would they do that?

It was an experimental treatment to reverse your anovulation.

Nanotech, set to time release.

They picked you because you still had samples in storage from your infertility courses.

So it's ours?

Yours and John's.

Well, why wouldn't they just ask me?

It was a blind test, Molly.

Given your history, they didn't want anything to impede the possibility of success.

I'll know more tomorrow.

Right now, my primary concern is you.

There's something else going on.

Your brain scans are identical to Harmon Kryger's.

Which makes me think you're suffering the same hallucinations he did before he killed himself.

I'd feel a lot better if you'd come in and get checked out.

No, no, no.

I just got home; I'm not going into quarantine.

I'm not talking about quarantine.

I'm talking about a day or two in the hospital with somebody you trust, like Sam.

John and Ethan can come whenever they want.

You're right.

I was supposed to protect you, and I didn't.

And I intend to take full responsibility for that.

This is going to end a lot of careers, including mine.

But before I show myself to the door, I'd like to do everything in my power to make this right.

I got to go.

I'm out of here.


Molly, I hope you'll let me help.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(wings fluttering)

Okay, everybody, you should have received a checklist for the orientation scavenger hunt in your pre-mailed packet.

If you didn't get one or you need a new one, please let your senior guide know. Mr. Perry?

Seniors, once you have your student, you can take them to their first session.

And, parents? Hello, parents?

Pickup is outside the playground entrance at 3:30.

Thank you, everybody.

Be good to Brynn, okay?

He'll be good.

If not, I'll lock him in the dungeon.

It's illegal to put kids in dungeons.

Then I'd better not get caught.

MOLLY: Here you go. There you are.

And... don't forget the scavenger hunt.

Go get 'em.

Dr. Woods?



I am so sorry. Um, some of the parents would like to ask you a few questions.


I have been working with Dr. Woods on this for the last six months, and I can assure you, neither of us would do anything that puts any of your children in danger.

I believe this was addressed in the pre-orientation packet.

This was not in that.

Wh-What is your concern?

I work with assembly bots over at the hangar, okay?

You know what happens on the floor there.

They put, they put 'em in cages so that people don't get mauled.

He's not an assem... (sighs)

Look, we've given them hundreds of tests over the years... empathy tests, uh, right and wrong decision trees.

He has passed them all.

He's at a point right now where he needs the thousands of little interactions with his peers every week.

Your kids will be an important part of his development.

You still haven't answered the question.

Is he dangerous or not?

No, he's not. (laughs)

I don't see what's funny about this.

Well, if you're worried about a little kid...

No, that's just it... he's not a kid, he's a toaster with hair.

Okay, okay, okay.

Yeah, he is a toaster... to you.

But to us, he's our son.

Now, I don't expect you to understand that, and, honestly, I have a hard time with that myself sometimes.

He's not dangerous.

He's just different.

And you don't have to be afraid of different.

(video game beeping, zapping)

Your turn.

Thank you, Julie.


Stop it.

Stop what?


(chuckles) I'm sure he's fine.

It's not Ethan I'm worried about.

What, the other kids?

He's gonna have to deal with them sooner or later.

There's no nature with Ethan; it's all nurture.

(laughs) Kids his age are not nurturing.

It's the opposite.

If you're even the slightest bit different...

I hear you, Jules.

But he can't stay with us forever.

He didn't.

John took care of that.

(video game beeping, zapping continues)

CHARLIE: Oh, she's good.

She's up, three-nothing.

She isn't just learning, she's getting competitive.

How many rounds have you played so far?


(whistles) That's faster than Little Man.

A lot faster.

Nice job, Lucy.

Shall we play another?


I know everybody who works in the Med Center,

and they would never do something like that.

Well, they said it was some kind of covert program.

There's too much oversight for a covert program.

It takes me four rounds of requisition forms just to get new clipboards around here.

But why would he lie?

It's not like the guy is covering his ass.

He practically resigned in my driveway.

So what do you think he wants?

Nothing. He just wants me to come in for some tests.

He's worried about my brain scans.

Look, no one wants you to end up like Harmon Kryger. But still...

What did John say?

I haven't told him.

We had the orientation this morning, we have the party tonight...

Molly, you have to tell John.

I'm going to... tonight, after the party.

But right now I got to find Kryger.

If they've been testing on me, I'm sure they've tested on him.


(door creaks)



(electronic tones sound)

GINA: Reminder. Ethan pickup at 3:30.



♪ ♪

(door closes)

Dr. Woods. (chuckles)

I hope I didn't scare you.

I recognized the car... I wanted to save myself a trip.

Uh... this was recovered in the women's room at work yesterday.

Oh. I, uh...

I must've dropped it before I left.

That's what I figured.

Don't worry, it's been sterilized.


Oh... put it in whenever you get a chance.

I know the director has some concerns about your health.

He'll rest easier once he knows your tether is back online for monitoring.

I'm late to get my son, so...

Of course. Again, I'm sorry.

I hope I didn't frighten you.

♪ ♪

WOMAN: Walk, please.

I'm sorry.

We're walking. Thank you.


See you tomorrow.

Congratulations. Your daughter made friends with the toaster.

KERN: If Molly keeps digging around like this, she will raise suspicion.

No, we will raise suspicion if we drag her out in the middle of the day.

People ask questions.

All right, what do you suggest?

I've known her for a long time.

If I can bring her in tonight, quietly, of her own free will, we can get her to a secure spot with a medical team standing by.

That will save us a lot of headache down the line.

You're a good friend.

(door opens)

(door closes)


You think?

Uh... wow.

(both laugh)

For a successful first day of school, and the celebration of the birthday you missed.

You really didn't have to do all this.

Well, just to see you in that dress, it was worth it.


(whispers): Cheers.

(electronic tones sound)

GINA: John, Ethan's requesting your help in his bedroom.


The bow tie.

Good luck.

♪ ♪

JOHN: All right... worst thing, best thing.

What was the worst thing that happened to you at school today?

They had sloppy joes for lunch.


Best thing?

I made a friend.

Oh, I saw that.

She said her parents didn't want me there.

Uh, I think her parents were just a little bit concerned.

About what?

Well, because you're new. You know?

Sometimes people are afraid of new.


Because new means change.

You know, it's nothing you should worry about.

You should just keep doing what you're doing. Huh?

Be kind, be helpful. Be trustworthy.

Just like you were today.


There you go. Wait, more stiff elbow, there.

Charlie. Stop it.

He says it's the dance of my ancestors.


Not cool.

(both laugh)

(doorbell chimes)


Hi. Hey.

There's the schoolboy.

How'd it go?

It was fun.

Oh, good. Hi, John.

Hey. Welcome.

Thank you.

Hey, would you like to help me with something upstairs?

Sure. All right, I'll see you later, okay?

Once I get this to the lab, the DNA test shouldn't take long.

I'm gonna go straight there and then I'm gonna come straight back.

All right.

The blue light means it's ready to draw.

It's gonna sting a bit. You ready?

Yup, go.


You're doing great.

That's all I need.

You okay?


Are you sure?


All right.

In two hours you will have all the answers that you need.

Oh, thank you. Happy birthday.


I'll be back.

(soft grunt)




It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.


(doorbell chimes)

Hey, Mol.

Hey, look at you.

I brought the dip.

Nice. See how she treats me?



(short laugh)

What are you doing here?


Six weeks.

I ran into Bill downtown.

He said you wouldn't mind.

Of course I don't mind.

How'd it go?

At school?

A little bumpy at first, but it all worked out.

What kind of bumpy?

Parents. Nothing to worry about.

(sighs) I wish he didn't have to go through that.

Well, I do, too. But he needs school.

We can't just keep giving him the same input, just you, me and Charlie.

I don't think the answer is sending him to school where we can't control what he's exposed to.

I don't want to control what he's exposed to.

He needs random input, not programmed learning.

Yes, but if we push him too fast...

Julie, I understand your concern. I do.

And you're absolutely right.

He may get some bad input from other kids. But if he does, we'll just balance it out with the good.

I just don't want anything to jeopardize our work. Or him.

Julie, this is much more than my work now.

It's my family.

Excuse me.

Come on.



(Softly laughs)

So, hey, I lost track of you after you got on the boats.

Where you been?

I sent a couple postcards.

What, eight years ago?


Eight years.

Look, I... I hit a rough patch after Marcus died.

And having that distance from everyone...

I don't know, but somehow it helped.

I think if anyone can understand that...

I do.

He was your brother.

I am sorry.

About what?

For not being there for you after the accident.

Oh, Tim.

Look, I know how hard it was for you after losing him and losing the baby.

It was just so much for you to handle.

I guess I just didn't know where to start.

Well, there wasn't anything anybody could do.

I just had to push through it, every day, all by myself.

Do you ever see him?


I do. (short laugh)

All the time.

I mean, I-I know it's not really him. Just a stranger or someone on the street that looks like him.

With those eyes.

Those eyes, they'd cut right through you.

Used to hurt like a punch to the gut.

Now I see it as him sending me a message.

What kind of message?

That even though he's dead, he's always gonna be with us.

One way or another. (short chuckle)

That we'll be all right.


CHARLIE: Okay, listen up, we're gonna do a group picture.

So everyone come on over here.

Get real close and centered and...

All right, squeeze in.

All right.

Big cheesy smiles, here we go.

One, two, three.

(shutter clicks)

ALL: Smile.

(all groan)

Sorry. Hang tight, everyone.

I'm gonna get some candles.

CASS: That's like the third one this month.

I'll kick on the generator.

(muffled fluttering)


Did you do this?



This morning.

You went outside when you weren't supposed to?


I was going to come back and play with it.

This is exactly what I'm talking about.

You-you can't do this kind of thing.

I wasn't going to hurt it.

Well, it didn't have any food or air.

It could have died in here.

I'm sorry.

You remember what I said about people being afraid of you?

You have to be more careful than other kids; you won't have the same chances they do.

Do you understand?



No more breaking the rules, no more birds.

And no more secrets.

Mom said that secrets are okay if you don't want someone to worry.

She said that?

Does your mom have a secret?

(loud click) (all exclaim)

(whooping, whistling)


MAN: About time.


(indistinct chatter)

MAN: Seems like that took a long time, actually.


What's going on?

Are you keeping something from me?

Ethan told me.

Told you what?

That you were keeping a secret.

Do you think we could talk about it after the party?

No, I don't want to talk about this after the party.

I-I-I-I think I've waited long enough.

So just please tell me.

Okay. This is... This is why he's having problems.

He-He's, he's lying, Molly, he's, he's disobeying me.

And so this is my fault?

No, he just reflects what we give him.

And we can't get back on track if you don't want to tell me what's going on with you.


You know what... you can keep all the secrets you want.

Please, just don't involve our son.

I'm pregnant.

Why would you say something like that?

Because it's true.

How is that even possible?

The ISEA did it.


Sparks said they implanted something inside of my body.

They took our samples with some kind of time-release system and then-then they did all this without my consent.

When'd you find out?

When I got home.

You've been dealing with all of this since you got home?



I didn't tell you because I was scared.

Of what?

That you wouldn't believe me.

Of course I believe you.

Why wouldn't I believe you?

Are you okay?


We'll get through this, okay?




We're waiting for you guys for the video.

(whooshing over TV)

Ethan and I, we felt bad that you were gonna miss a lot while you were in space this year, so we came up with an idea...

I came up with an idea.


JOHN: You're not gonna miss a thing.

Hey, Molly! So I just got out of the DMV, and guess what, I'm licensed!


CASS: Molly, whatever you do, please stay in outer space, okay?

Because it's really not safe down here.

BRYNN: I'm a good driver. Don't listen to her; I'm great.

Hey. Why aren't you downstairs watching the video?

Your room is looking pretty cool these days.

You still have it.

It's the one that you gave to me.


Long before you ever got your body.

At night, your dad would go home and I would stick around and I would sit in front of the screen and I would turn out all the lights except one.

Then I'd read it to you.

We must have read this book 200 times.

Didn't you get bored?

No. I could never get bored with this book.

In fact, I'd read it right now, you know, if someone asked me to.

Would you read it to me?



Hold on.

Now I'm ready.



"There was once a Velveteen Rabbit, and in the beginning, he was really splendid...€"

What's going on?

They've got the whole wing sealed off.

Some kind of chemical leak.

Chemical leak?

Yeah, they've got the Hazmats and the whole nine yards.

Well, I just have to get into my office.

Uh, it's probably gonna be a while.

Sorry, Dr. Barton.


You're coming home tomorrow.

It's been excruciating at times, for various reasons, but, uh... you're always worth the wait.

I love you.

Come back.

Fast. Quickly.



Well, you guys know I'm not really good at giving speeches.

I spend most of my time talking to computers and dead worms.


But I have to say, after 13 months in space, I have realized what's really most important in life, and...

I'm looking at it right now.

It's friends.

It's family.

And, well, it's all of you, so... thank you for being here. Thank you for doing this.

Really. And, um, now... it's time for you to get the hell out of my house.


No, just kidding. Stay around.

Drink, eat.

Have fun. Thank you.

Where's Tim?

I want to say good-bye before he goes.


Yeah, Marcus' brother.

Tim, who used to work on the boats? That Tim?

Yeah. He's here.

No, he's not.

Yeah, he is. He came with Bill.


No, Molly, Molly, he's not here.

I just saw him.

He's here. Tim.



He's not here.

Yeah, he-he is here.

He's... right...

ALL: Smile.


Quarantine? Not after what they did to you.

Whatever's going on in my brain is getting worse and fast.

Okay, but I'll take you somewhere else.

Where else am I gonna go?

Anywhere but not with him.

Sparks has nothing to do with this.

You believe that?

Well, I have no reason not to. And Sam is gonna be there and I trust her.

Hey, hey. How long has this been going on?

Since I was on the Seraphim. Before I came home.

I saw somebody.



And-and Tim?

Tim is a whole other story.

I spent the whole night talking to him.

I saw other people talking to him.

I can't keep going on like this, John.

Something is happening to me.

It was a lot easier when I only had to worry about one crew at a time.

Make sure everyone was safe, make sure they all got back alive.

Now I've got 20 different missions going, teams rotating in and out.

I thought I had a handle on it, but after my daughter died up there, after Katie died, I was probably due a career change.

I just didn't see it ending like this.

How much longer is this gonna take?

Let me see if I can get an answer for you.

I have Dr. Barton here wondering when she can get in her office. Please advise.

Someone will be here in a minute.

Tell them I'll come back later.

MAN: Dr. Barton's computer goes to the lab.

All files on Molly Woods, everything.

GINA: Molly, you have a call from Dr. Barton.


SAM: Where's Molly?

She's on her way to see you at the Med Center.

Who'd she go with?

Director Sparks.


GINA: Call ended.



Dr. Barton.



Where are you taking me?

Molly, you're going to be fine.

You just have to trust me.

(moans) Pull over.

I can't do that.

Pull over!

Molly. Molly, stay in the car.

Pull over!

(tires screeching)

(tires screech) (exhales)


(indistinct chatter)


They're gone.