01x05 - What on Earth Is Wrong

Molly: I went to space on a 13-month solo mission. I didn't come home alone. My husband created a lifelike android called a Humanich. His name is Ethan. He's the prototype. This is a story about earth.


A story about family. A story about surviving.

Previously on Extant...

Where is Molly?

You haven't the faintest idea what you've put in motion with your little stunt.

Concealing Molly's pregnancy, destroying her blood sample.

You sent a text: "Get out of the car."

I'm not saying another word.

You'll probably want to talk.

Your brother... you did an exemplary job of covering up his past.

Just leave my brother out of this.

This is a situation of your own making, Sam, and one that only you have the power to change.

What do you want me to do?


What's going on, boy?


Aah! He bit me!

Put that on the bite.

Okay. Thanks.

I don't want anything to jeopardize our work or him.

This is much more than my work now.

It's my family.


(electronic whirr, electrical crackling)

Ethan! Come on, baby. Come on.

(aircraft whirring)

(air hissing, machine clicking)

(distorted sound of toaster lever clicking)

What a crazy night.

I didn't get any rest.

I-I... feel so muddle-headed.


Were you expecting someone else?

Your hair looks pretty.


Have you seen my red duffel bag?

(distorted sound of toaster buzzing, then clacking)


What do you want it for?

I'm sorry.

Maybe I just have baby brain-drain.

Reentry training in the Sims.

It's the last one.

But it's a dangerous drive down the Cape in the rain.

It's a beautiful day.

No. Please don't go.

I'll come with you.

I really wish you'd turn the auto drive back on.

I feel better if I'm in control.

They never let me turn the auto pilot off on the Sims unless we're literally a million miles away from docking.

Why don't you take a nap? Wear the restraints.

I've got my seat belt on.

The other ones.

What are these?

(horn honking, tires squealing)

Stop it... I don't like...





(sighs deeply)

Are you okay? I kept your secret.


(baby crying)

The baby needs you.

(distorted shout)

(dogs barking, men shouting in distance)




Over here! I found them! Call an ambulance!

She's three months pregnant.

We'll check her in transit.

Please do it now.

Uh, Rus, I'm not getting anything.

Excuse me.

Sir, you can't move him!

Oh, Ethan.


Help my wife! Check the baby!

I can't get a fetal heartbeat.

Let's go. Let's go.


Give us a hand.

What happened?

She's unconscious.

We're going back to the mainland. I called for an airlift.

What's-what's happened?

I'll let you know as soon as I know, okay?

(siren wailing)

(quiet, passionate breathing, chimes tinkling)

(passionate breathing continues)

(both sighing)

We're not gonna hang out and get breakfast, are we?


I mean, thanks.

You know what I mean.

Good times.

(electronic blipping)

(deep whirring)

(clicking, whirring)

Play messages, last to first.

They just touched down at Medplex Metro ahead of schedule.

Maybe I've mentioned this a thousand times already, but it'd be amazing if you'd call me back!

I just talked to John out at the island.

Ethan's shut down at the core. Molly's hurt.

They're flying them in to Medplex Metro.

Call me back, Jules.

John, where am I?

It's okay. It's okay. You're safe. You're waking up.

Offshore airlift. Hypothermia from exposure.

Concussion with loss of consciousness.

You're in a hospital on the mainland...

Deep lacerations to both legs and back.

You were unconscious from a fall.

Where's Ethan?

Ethan is safe.

Mrs. Woods, do you know what day it is?

Uh... Monday.

What about the baby?

How many weeks?


Oh, God. Did something happen to my baby?

Mrs. Woods, have you experienced any bleeding or cramping in the past ten days to two weeks?

No. John, they took me somewhere.

And they... and they did something to me.

No. No, no, no, no.

They did something to me. No. Yes, they did, John.

We're going to sedate you, Mrs. Woods, and get you checked out. Nuller!

And they took...

Is that really necessary?

Just try and relax.

You need to stay out here, sir.

Come on.

Load it up.

Two minutes till we're ready.

Then we'll roll out, I guess.


I was trying to reach you. There is no change.

My phone's been bugging out. Charlie said...

The shut down is at the root.

Is Molly okay?

Ethan must have sensed a catastrophic event during the fall, and shut himself down.

There's a chance his system integrity is interrupted, but his core is still active. He'll be okay.

What were they doing out in the woods?

Ethan got separated.


I'll dock him and run the diagnosis crawler.

And then a restart.


Oh, he's so cold.

It's the warmers. They don't draw power.

I know why he's cold. It's just...

It's just... strange.

Molly will be waking up soon.

I'll get him back.



Did... So they... Did they nuller me?

Yeah, I'm afraid so.


Julie took Ethan.

She's gonna check him out and reinitialize.

She's gonna wake him up?

Yeah. Wake him up.

He's in good hands.



Hello, I'm Dr. Gavin Beck and I'll be with you in just a moment to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about your...

I'd like to keep you overnight for observation.

The nanobiotics should prevent any complications from the lacerations, but the concussion deserves a 12-hour hold.

Um, my baby?

Did we lose it?

Your hCG is baseline, your uterus shows no sign of any implantation, let alone a recent miscarriage.

I don't understand.

There was no pregnancy.


Your body has not been pregnant in the recent past.

Are you sure you have the right patient?

Woods? Molly Woods?

I want to see myself.

We're very busy today.

Well, I need to see it.

It's a healthy uterus, but there's no fetus there. Okay?

Well, that's impossible.

They'll be by soon to move you upstairs.

Medplex cares about the quality of treatment you received today.

The following short assessment will help us to better serve...

You're not allowed in here.

There were blood tests, a scan... the baby was fact, not fiction.

Mr. Woods...

I'm just simply suggesting that there must be some kind of a problem with your... with your machines.

Did you see the scan yourself?

Or do you "know" your wife was pregnant because she told you she was?

If I were you, I might begin looking at this as a psychological issue, not a physiological one.

You can't be in here.

Where are you?

What the hell happened?

I'm okay, Daddy.

They, um... you know, patched me up pretty good.

I've been holding my breath.

Thank God you're all right, baby girl.

What about Ethan?

Please, tell me he's not hurt bad.

Well, John's gonna run some tests on him, but it looks like he's gonna be okay.

If I'd only known he was gonna run...

I know, Daddy, it's okay.

I need your help right now, though.

John and I ran some tests on one of my old genetics setups.

It should have processed a result by now.

No, I... I already shut that thing down.

Before it finished?

No, no, there... there was a readout that said, uh... there was an error with the samples.

Do you have another?

I gotta go, Daddy.

Are you sure you're all right?


What? He said I was crazy?


Right. Well, we gotta get out of here.

I know what they did.

They took it out of me and now they're covering it up.

The ISEA did this.

Sparks admitted to doing all kinds of secret experiments, right?

Well, maybe they did all of this to take the baby.

What, you got a better explanation?

Molly, I'm on your side, but nothing makes sense.

I was missing for six hours, you know.

I know, but there is no pregnancy hormones.

Did they just abort the baby and give you a full blood transfusion?

They wouldn't have had time.

They have all kinds of resources, okay?

They did this, and they're covering it up.


Ethan may remember what happened when he wakes up.

Sam... she knows I was pregnant.

She saw the scan, she performed it.

Change destination, please.

Changing destination.

How is it our little man only has class-one tears to his skin, but his neural net is freakin' nuked?

Something scared him, and he pulled all his systems down.

It was self-preservation.

Yeah, he turtled, for sure, but why, lady?


I love that his skin just tears in straight lines.

That's, uh... nice work.


I just don't understand how John could've exposed him to this kind of risk.

Ethan got lost in the woods.

It could've happened to any kid.

It's not any kid.

All right. The crawler's done.

All right, let's reboot this puppy.

Remember when we actually built a puppy and I said that?

(whispers): Yeah.

(clears throat)


Say a prayer.

(electronic whirr, clank)

There's still damage at the core.

This is gonna take a while.

How did it make the trip?

Our concerns about keeping it alive outside of the mother won't be an issue.

It's surviving.

It's thriving.

Have a nice day.

Don't go anywhere.


Still no answer.

The door is open.

Keep it that way.

(doorbell chimes)


(knocking at door)

Hey, Molly.

Sam, thank God.

What's going on?

Hey, John. Come on in.

I have been calling you and calling you.

I can see that. What on Earth is wrong?

Has anyone been in touch with you?

About what?

Why do you have cuts on your hand?

Well, because John and I went to see my dad on the island.

We were gonna do a test ourselves, but they followed us there.

Who did?

Sparks. He's behind the whole thing.

You so saved me, Sam.

Molly, did you get an I.V.?

We just left the hospital.

Molly blacked out. We were looking for Ethan.

They took the baby out of my body.

I woke up this morning and the baby was gone.

They're covering their tracks.

What baby?

Do you mean Ethan?

The pregnancy?

Are you pregnant?

No. Molly...

That's not even... possible.

Wait, you honestly don't know what we're talking about?

I mean, you-you discovered it.

You-you did the scan.

What scan?


Are who listening?

Oh, come on!

Molly, what were they treating you for at the hospital?

Was it a blackout, a head injury?


Are we really gonna play this game?

I'm not playing any game.

I'm trying to react to you as a friend...

No, as a friend, you told me to get out of that car.

You called me after the party and I said she'd gone to the ISEA with Sparks, and you sounded worried.

I was worried.

You were acting so strange that night.

The text is gone.

They erased it!

Honestly, I don't... I...

What do you want me to say?

What do they have on you? Huh?


If there's any part of you that trusts me right now, please, go back to the hospital.

They better have a gun to your head.


I'm so sorry...

But something happened to her up there.

She's right to be paranoid.

But it's a brain issue.

She needs to be seen.

Take her far away from whatever it is she's suspicious of, but please, just get her some help.


They got to her.

They're trying to make me look crazy.

(phone ringing)


We'll be right there.


It's Ethan.

Something's wrong. He's not waking up.

Yasumoto Towers.

Whatever caused him to shut down, was catastrophic.

His systems are trying to rebuild everything he is from scratch.

He's still in there.

I know he is.

Is there anything we can do?

Well, it's not as simple as reloading a backup.

Ethan's complexity has out-paced our ability to repair him.

We could try forcing an engagement, with his body to speed up the process but...


Interfering could be disastrous.

Even when we've modeled a flawless restart, there's still potential for cognitive and memory loss.

He might not be who he was before he shut down.

So... basically, he's in a coma?


All we can do is wait.


I want someone by his side 24-7.

Really? But he's not even gonna know we're here.

We'll know.


Ethan's hurt because of me.

They used him to lure me out of the house.

Who knows what happened?

We have to get inside the ISEA.

It's the only way we're gonna get any answers.

Hey, well...

I-if you don't believe me...

Hey, I-I...

I don't know what I believe.

That's the truth.

I-I know something happened to you on the mission because you came back changed.

I-I know, I know you believe you were pregnant...

No. I was pregnant.

We spent years trying to have this baby.

We wanted it so badly.

So I... what? I saw what I wanted to see?


Huh? All of it?

You were alone with Sam during the test.

I wasn't with you when she warned you about Sparks.

Everything I know about this pregnancy I know from you.

And we both know you've been hallucinating.

Yeah, well, I know when I'm hallucinating, okay?

I've had a lot of practice lately.

I'm not saying it wasn't real to you.

I am not imagining a baby.

Listen... it doesn't matter if I believe you or not.

But if I'm not sure it happened, then I guarantee you the rest of the world will be certain it didn't.


You let me know if anything changes with Ethan.

Molly, where are you going?

It does matter, John, if you believe me.

His program architecture is resilient.

He's strong.

He gets it from us.

He gets it from Molly, too.

Can I take a shift?


What happened out in those woods?

I don't know.

I guess we'll find out when he wakes up.

(alarm beeping)


What are you doing?

Trying something. His systems are ready.

You can't engage his body yet!

He needs some kind of stimulus.

He needs to know we're here.

It's too soon!


Do you hear me?

(raspy, distorted): Who are you?

It's me dad.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you? Who are you?

Shutting down.

How could you do that?

It's just as risky to do nothing.

So... that was... that was... good?

The truth is Ethan is in an undiscovered country right now.

Neither of us knows what's going on there.

The truth?

How about you want to find out what Ethan knows about what happened to Molly?

I do, but I didn't put him at risk.

Taking him to the island was putting him at risk.

You didn't even tell me you were going!

We built him together, John.

From coding to body-mapping through every stage of development, and then every big decision that needs to be made, you just make it.

Did I need your permission to take him to see his grandfather?

That's not what I'm talking about.

We were gonna find the best home for Ethan.

We were auditioning families when you just... took him home.

But you-you-you, you never objected.

What was I gonna say... I know you guys can't have kids of your own but I think it'd be better for Ethan to be with someone else?

I'm not saying he's in the wrong place.

I know Ethan wouldn't be who he is without you.

But you're not his parent.

And I don't need your permission to make any decisions here.

You work for me.

We're not partners.

How's Ethan?

I don't know.

I was impatient.

I tried to rush things.

He's back to where he was.


I want to believe.

If you can just help me see how can all of this be true.

Okay. I can't.

Something terrible happened to me... unthinkable... and I don't have proof.

Now, I know... that's hard for you...

You need a leap of faith.


But if I take the leap and I'm wrong...?

And I'm crazy?


Nothing would make me happier right now than to be crazy.


I can't lose you.

Please, don't give up on facts now.

The only chance I've got is to keep fighting from the inside.

But why would they keep you around?

Well, because they think they've neutralized the threat.

Sam was the only one who had proof of the baby on that blood test.

And they tied her up pretty good.

They covered up everything.

Everything they knew about.

The dog.

Remember Gus?

Yeah. He bit me.

Sparks doesn't know about that.



I gotta go call my dad.

Thank you, Daddy.


Baby girl.

Hey, what the hell do you want with a bloody towel?

See you at 4:00.

Dr. Beck, do you have a moment?

(distant) John Woods. You treated my wife Molly.

I just wanted to apologize for my behavior yesterday.

I had no right to come after you that way.

There's no need.

I see you didn't stay the night, like I asked.

(distant): Well, she was panicking, and I felt much better for her to be home. Sorry.

As long as her symptoms didn't get any worse.

But you were right.

I-I was seeing what I wanted to see.

We all do that. If you'll excuse me...


But she's getting worse. Now that you've opened my eyes, I realize she's been living in this, in this fantasy world for quite some time.

I can have my office give you the contact information.

There are also at home therapy options, if you don't mind a simulant.

Now, I really need to be going.

Oh, "a simulant"?

An artificially generated therapy option.

The units are excellent.

A robot therapist?

I-I don't know that I'd trust that kind of thing helping my wife.

Do they really work?

Just get in touch with my office.

(quietly): Come on.

Uh, sorry. I...

I-I just to, uh, thank you again.

And, uh, did you, did you give me you contact information? (clattering in distance)

You know, uh, I'll let you escape now.

Thanks for all the help.

This proves it.

They tried to make me think I was crazy.

There was a baby.

Okay, but why admit to getting you pregnant, and then cover it up?

I don't know.

But this blood analysis shows that it was part me.

And this other DNA... well, I've never seen anything like it.

(sighs deeply)

So what Sparks was saying about me being the father, that's... (sighs)

I'm sorry.

I believed him when he said it was ours.

But I've gotta find out what they did to me.

You said it yourself: the only way is from the inside.

Yeah. So I've gotta get myself back to work, pretend I believe their story, act crazy and confused, and chalk it all up to a bad reentry.

Act like you believe it, and they will, too.

We can't trust anybody, John.

Not Sam, not anybody.


But we can trust each other.

Do you think we...?

I've been worried as hell about you.

They told me that you were admitted to a hospital after an airlift this morning.

I had to get away, okay?

I panicked. I'm sorry.

You could've killed us both.

I was trying to help you, Molly.

Help me.

You saved my life.

It was crazy of me thinking I was pregnant.

I'm-I'm embarrassed that I lost touch with reality like that.

It's painful to see someone you love not act like themselves.

Yeah, well, I-I-I scared everybody I loved.

Okay? Even myself.

I need another chance.

I want to come back to work.

(quiet laugh)

I'm not Kryger.

No, you're not.

He wasn't as strong as you.

But I suggest you take some time.

You think about this.

No, no, no, no.

I worked too hard for everything I've got.

I don't want to lose that now.

All right.

We're all here to help you get healthy, Molly.

But I won't lie to you.

Given your condition, we'll be watching you very carefully.

I'd expect that.

I'm not gonna let you down.

Welcome back.

Thank you.

I know you're there.

You smell better than anyone else in this building.

(both laugh)

Well, that's not saying much.

You know, you should go away more often.

(over speaker) While you were gone, I found out that you were wrong about two things... First, oh, that, uh, sales rep was trying to seduce me. I wasn't imagining it.

I'm happy for you, Danny. I'm sure it had nothing to do with that centrifuge he was trying to sell.

You know what? Promise me.

When our research makes a deep-space colony viable, I get to go first. By myself.

You don't mind, do you?

"Mind"? I've been hanging out with our dead worms.

(music playing)

Speaking of which...

(music drowning out conversation)

This is the cam from the deep-space probe as it was returning

to the Seraphim on the mission.

So, this was about... 6,400 miles up.

Where all the worms died... right... there.

Yeah, well, I was looking at that.

But I couldn't find anything.

Either could I... which only leaves one possibility.

You messed up and contaminated the samples before the probe left the station.


No, wrong.

You don't mess up. Hey!

Do you want to do this another time?

No, no! Um, go.

Well, I kept at it, and then I discovered.


Oh, a new filter.


I called it Algorithm Danny 5.

But, here, here, here. Watch.

Right at 6,392 miles out.

It's a wave of interlaced energy fields. I mean, it oscillates so fast, no single frequency shows up.

That's why we never found it.

I've never seen anything like it.

So, it moves like energy, but it contaminates.

More like a spore.

What is it?

Where did it come from?

I don't know.

Looks like you found our worm killer.

(laughs quietly)

(phone ringing)

Hey, John.



I'm on my way.

He did it on his own.

Julie noticed it first.

20 minutes ago, everything just comes back up.

He's asleep, but he's in there.

He's smiling.

Wouldn't you?


Hey, Ethan.



Welcome back.

We missed you.

Time to go home.

I'm so tired.

Well, Dad said it's gonna take some time to feel all better.

A lot of rest.


I was so scared when you were gone.

Do you remember what happened?



Can I get a drink?

No, no, no, no. You stay right here.

I'll do that.

Don't get used to this kind of treatment.

(chimes tinkling gently)

(distorted sloshing sound)

Were you expecting someone else?


Where did it come from?

Hey, boss. I'm just leaving.

Hey, Danny, can you send me the new algorithm?

Uh, your file?

Yeah, but you're not gonna guilt me into staying late.

(wry laugh) No guilt.


There you go.

Thank you.


Load file.

Index day 307, hour 14.

Is this...?


When I saw Marcus.


Insert filter, Algorithm Danny 5.

Index play.

(whooshing, hissing on video)

(whooshing, hissing continue)

(keypad blipping, door latch clacking)

The transfer to the life support cell is complete.

All vitals are strong.

What the hell is it?

It's a boy.