01x06 - Nightmares

Molly: I went to space on a 13-month solo mission. I didn't come home alone. My husband created a lifelike android called a Humanich. His name is Ethan. He's the prototype. This is a story about earth.


A story about family. A story about surviving.

Previously on Extant...

MOLLY: They took the baby out of my body.

Are you pregnant? That's not even possible.

Are we really gonna play this game?

What do you want me to say?

They better have a gun to your head.


JULIE: Whatever caused him to shut down was catastrophic.

His systems are trying to rebuild everything he is from scratch.

He's still in there.

I know he is.

MOLLY: I need another chance.

I want to come back to work.

We'll be watching you very carefully.

There was a fetus, and it's not human.

DANNY: This is the cam from the deep space probe as it was returning to the Seraphim on your mission.

What is it? Where did it come from?

MOLLY: Insert filter.

JOHN: Is this...?

Yeah, when I saw Marcus.

DAVIS: The transfer to the life support cell is complete.

All vitals are strong.

What the hell is it?

It's a boy.

(quiet whooshing over video)

(computer beeps)

You should get some sleep.

Come here.

(computer beeping)


What is it?

A wave of nanoparticles?

Maybe a field of carbon atoms?

I don't know. I'm not a physicist.

It used me to get here.

I brought this thing here.

You said the sonogram looked human.

Yeah, but how does that create a human?

(Ethan yelling)

Ethan? Ethan!


Ethan, wake up, honey.


You're having a dream.

That's impossible.

He's not programmed to dream.

Mom? Mom?!

You're okay, honey. You're having a nightmare.

How could I see if my eyes weren't open?

Because it's not real, okay?

Sometimes I have bad dreams, and-and your dad... he has bad dreams, too.

Need to get him to the lab.

Can't that wait?

Will you lay down with me?


Something bad was happening to you.

No, honey.

Nothing bad is gonna happen to me.


I promise.

(tires screech)

AUTOMATED VOICE: Good morning, Dr. Meehan.

Proceed to optical scanner.

Access granted.

AUTOMATED VOICE: Begin decontamination.

Decontamination complete.

How is he?

Steady growth, heart rate's stable at 140 BPM.

You okay? You look a little pale.

Just drained.

Go home. I can take over.

Thanks. I’ll just finish up.

(skin crackling)

You know, if you're getting a bug, you shouldn't be in there.

Until we understand the immune system, we probably should just...

I'm fine.

I just need a little sleep.


(skin crackling)

SEAN: This one must be from the psych team.

Yes, in fact, I am having homicidal thoughts, thank you for asking.

I want to kill whoever dehydrated the turkey chili, because... it blows.

(others chuckling)

Uh, mechanical. Honestly, the only problem is this condensation on the hub.

It's slowing down communications, and Ben is malfunctioning more than usual.

I'd love some help from Engineering.

Signing off. Same time next week.


Bring him down, sir.

Use the condensation as a cover if you have to, but get him on the ground.

These missions are scheduled years in advance.

I can't just pull him down.

You got what you wanted with Molly.

There's no reason to keep him on the Seraphim.

Sooner or later, Glass will have an encounter, and then what do we do?

It's not my call.

Well, whose call is it?

You were late.

It won't happen again.

Get some sleep, Gordon.

You look terrible.

(phone ringing)

What's wrong?

We got most of the med team out before lockdown, but Meehan's still inside.

Calder blocked the door.

What about the entity? Is it safe?

Vitals are normal, breach protocol was followed to a T.

I don't know what's happening to him, sir.

Who is he talking to?

There's no one there.

Where's Meehan?


(Calder muttering)

There he is.

What the hell?

MEEHAN: He's gone crazy!

Get me... get me out of here!

Get the ops team in there now.

Send them in!

He’s gonna kill me!

He’s gonna kill me!

No! No! No!

(flatline tone)

Drop your weapon!

Turn around! Hands in the air!


He's sleeping.


Good morning.

Do you want to tell me about your dream?

Pretty scary, huh?

Well, dreams are just your subconscious trying to make sense out of what happens to you during the day.

What's a subconscious?

The secret part of you.

What do you mean?

Well, there's the part of you that's here with me right now.

And there's another part of you that just belongs to you.

I don't think I have that part.

Of course you do.

Everybody does.

Can I stay with you today?

You can come to work with me.

I want to stay with Mom.

Come on, we have to tell the gang about your dream.

Maybe you've got some other superpowers we don't know about.

What do you say?

Go on. Next time.

Toast is on the table. Quick like a rabbit.

We are still years away from being able to program REM cycles.

Whatever initiated this dream simulation didn't come from us.

Can the program learn how to do it?

Not on its own.

I mean, it must have advanced to override the damage from-from the shutdown on the island. If that's true, dreams are just the beginning.

I need to get him to the lab.

I need to get some answers.

Here's how you're gonna figure this out.

What is it?

It's how Ethan's ears record sound to be analyzed by the motherboard in his brain.


A few nanometers of graphene in a conductor gel.

The graphene is stimulated by the heat from the skin tissue. As it melts, it'll transmit audio to your cell phone frequency.

So you can find out what Sparks has on Sam.

So, you want me to spy on her?

You have to find out what they have on her.

She was the only guest at our wedding.

You spent every summer at her lake house for years.

And she lied to both of us.

Come on, Molly.

The roster is not long, and the bench doesn't get any deeper.

I've known you for 15 years.

You've never loved making friends.


That's not what I mean.

Hey, Sam is working with them.

Maybe she knows what they did with the baby.


(elevator bell dings)


Oh. Hey. Sorry, boss.

I thought you were Julie.

What's with this delinquent?

Playing hooky?

Come on. Tell him what happened.

What happened?

I had a dream.

Shut... up.

It was a bad dream.

Are you kidding me?


He woke up screaming.


I mean, uh, are you okay?

I'm sorry.

It's amazing.

Worth taking a look.

Yeah. Um... (clears throat)

Come on, pal. Let's, uh...

Let's go probe those brains.

Where's Julie?


Has that ever happened in the history of ever?


♪ ♪

You're good.

I have a lot of brothers.

I'm Odin.


Just started a couple months ago.

I'm actually, uh... terrible.

(clears throat) It's embarrassing.

(mechanical whirring)


Do you have an O-ring?

It'll really cut down that noise.

Oh. That obvious, huh?

They're both supers.



No. I mean... they're amazing.

Thank you?

No. I-I just meant the, um...


Still not used to this thing, you know.


Drone strike, Second Korea.

Still... lucky I didn't lose the whole arm.

Do you mind?


(mechanical click)

How'd you do that?

I was part of the team that designed it.


I'm impressed.

We make way better joints now.

If you want to try one out, give me a call.

I will.

So, you want to tell me how you lost them?

Not particularly.

Oh. Sam.

Molly. Hi.

Uh, I need to make an appointment with you.

Okay. Paul can take care of you.

I'm sorry, I have to get to a meeting.

Okay, Sam, wait, wait.

Um... I'm sorry.

It's just been hard for me to accept that I've been... seeing things that aren't there.

You know what, we'll do another scan.

We'll get to the bottom of it.

I just need clarity.

And please, don't walk on eggshells with me, okay?


Of course.


KERN: We swept the lab.

No traces of contaminants or outside tampering.

Dr. Calder's psych eval was flawless.

There's no explanation for what happened, except for this.

It’s the same symbol that was sent from the Aruna.

Has anyone else seen this?



Wipe the footage.

Sir, this won't just go away.

Wipe it. I want it gone.

Whatever power that thing has, it's only getting stronger.

Kryger and Molly were having hallucinations.

Now we have a top scientist killing a man in cold blood.

You can't be suggesting that we scrap the greatest discovery in the history of civilization.

All I know is it went to great lengths to impregnate Molly.

And it didn't come all this way to be put in a box.

If it can inflict this much damage now, what will happen when it's grown?

VERDISIGN: I have security footage of Dr. Barton speaking to Dr. Woods in Hallway C.

Bring it up.

(monitor chimes)

MOLLY: I need to make an appointment with you.

SAM: Okay. Paul can take care of you.

You mind telling me what that conversation was about?

I have no idea.

She wanted to apologize, I guess.

It appeared more intimate than an apology.

SAM (over computer): You got what you wanted, Alan.

She thinks she's crazy.

It's hard to keep letting her think that.

I can't keep lying to her face.

SPARKS: You're gonna lie if I tell you to lie.

You don't have a choice.

♪ ♪


A dose and a half.

(snaps fingers)

Chair seven.

(gas hissing)

(breathing deeply)

KRYGER: Is he out?

He's out.


(acid sizzling)



(water sizzling)




AUTOMATED VOICE: Access denied.

Security, sector 7 breach.

(alarm blaring)

(alarm continues blaring)

Commencing lockdown.

SPARKS: Kryger broke in 20 minutes ago.

He was the source of the breach.

He accessed the central server.

He was in and out of the building in under five minutes.

He walked right into the front door, with your prints.


Damn it, Gordon!

You're supposed to be in charge of security.

You can't be the security breach.

I will find him... wherever he is.

He stole the Aruna transmission file.

So, yes, you will find him.

And you will put an end to our Harmon Kryger problem.

Do you understand?

Yes, sir.

And what about Molly?

Do you think she was involved?

Find Kryger.

Let me worry about Molly.

(door opens, closes)

I don't think you heard me.

What are you talking about?

You're playing with fire, Sam.

SAM: What do you think I did?

SPARKS: Harmon Kryger broke in an hour ago.

He stole confidential information.

I told you he was alive, that he reached out to Molly.

That is it.

That is all I know.

I'm gonna ask you one more time.

What did Molly tell you this morning?

You think she knew about this?

Oh, I think it's possible you did, too.

No. No, I didn't.

All it takes is one phone call and your brother gets dropped off in the middle of the city with no money, no medication.

Whatever he does then, you can't protect him.


What happened to you?

I won't warn you again.

(door opens)

(door closes)


Uh, come in.

I'm here for my appointment.

Oh. Okay.

Uh, come on in.

(chuckles) Have a seat.

(door closes)

Are you still having the hallucinations?


Not since I woke up in the hospital.


Why don't you, um, lay back and I'll take a look.


Can you lift up your head?

And down.


(soft electrical humming)

Ethan had a nightmare.

And John didn't program him to do it, either.

But, hey, we want him to be more human, right? (chuckles)

Well, humans aren't programs.

They don't always do what we want them to.


No, they don't.

Sometimes it's hard for me to accept what Ethan is.

But in that moment, he was just a kid.

And he seemed really scared, and I felt completely helpless.

And I would have done anything to make him feel better.

Of course.

He's your son.

Well, he is my family.

And I get it now.

No matter what, family is different.

How am I doing, Doc?


Well, the abnormal activity in your amygdala seems to have subsided.

That's probably the reason your hallucinations have stopped.

I wonder why.


You dropped this.

But-But thi...

(phone ringing)


I need to show you something.

Kryger, Sparks knows you broke into the ISEA.

They're looking for you.

10:00 a.m.

There won't be another chance.

I killed him, didn't I?

I killed Henry.

Did Dr. Meehan do something to provoke you?

She was there.

And for a minute, I forgot.


Who was there?

Sarah Wilton.

From your Antarctica research?

I swear to God, she was telling me to kill him.

Sarah Wilton drowned a year ago on a research expedition.

I know she's dead.

I don't know what you want me to say.

She told me to let the baby out.

She wanted me to open the door.

Do you know what this is?

What is it?

It appeared on your skin before you attacked Dr. Meehan.

You ever seen this pattern before?

No. What is it?

What is it?

(door closes)

MAN (over TV): Breaking news.

The center of the storm is now just 40 miles off the Northern California coast, with steady...

(TV chimes off)

(rapid tapping)

(rapid tapping continues)


Are you okay?

What are you doing?

(rapid tapping continues)

Are you drawing something?

Why are you drawing this, Ethan?

It's my nightmare.

Did you see this somewhere?

On your belly.

Ethan said he saw it on my belly when I passed out.

He said it was moving.

What you think it is?

I don't know.

But I also know that Kryger saw it.

I mean, he even drew it on the wall of his trailer.

Where did he see it?

Good question.

I'm gonna meet him tomorrow.

Molly, you can't. He broke into the ISEA.

He's reckless, he's putting himself in danger.

He knows something about that symbol.

Maybe that's the reason he did it.

Maybe the reason is he's crazy.

Well, Sparks knows he did, so I've got to meet him and warn him, because if I don't, who knows what they're gonna do to him.

Okay, if you do meet him and you get caught, what'll they do to you?


Where is Kryger?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You stole my prints, you gave them to him.

Where is he?

I have access codes to 60% of the satellites orbiting this rock.

Maybe you're walking home tonight, a drone malfunctions, blows your legs off.

Ow! Look. Ow! Stop! Stop!

Ok, look, look, he paid me to copy your prints.

I don't know anything else.


Okay, okay! Look...

I heard him talking to someone on the phone... on the phone.

He's-he's meeting someone tomorrow morning.

Bradfield Park.

(groans): 10:00 a.m.


Thanks for this.


(electronic chiming)

Sorry I was late yesterday.

Charlie filled me in.

There's no record of the synapses that would have created a dream in his circuitry.

It's as if it never happened.

Well, maybe we just can't see it.

He's faster than he was last week.

JOHN: Yeah, he is.

Listen, John, about the other day.

I was out of line.

It's just, ten years, you know, everything we've worked for.

It's just hard for me, you know, because I care about him, and I care about you and Charlie and...

JOHN: Listen, I have to run out for an hour.

Um, can you keep an eye on Ethan?

(chuckles) Sure, no problem.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(line ringing)

(phone chiming)

Dr. Barton.

Sam, hi.

I really need your help.


Kryger reached out to me last night. He broke into the ISEA.

I don't know what he took, but he asked me to meet him.

I'm sorry. I can't, um... I can't really hear you right now.

Your lab results won't be back until Monday.

He's in over his head this time.

You know, maybe you should call John.

The meeting is in ten minutes at the Camden Library, but I'm not going.

Why are you telling me all this?

Because you need to know.

Tell Sparks. He'll know what to do.

Camden Library.

That's where he can find Kryger.

(line ringing)

Alan, I have something for you.

(phone ringing)

SPARKS: Gordon, Sparks.

Kryger's headed to Camden Library.

Get your men over there.

Let's go.

Head down, head down.

Keep walking. Let's get out of here.

You're not safe.

Little man's on fire.

JULIE: He's beating her.

Last week he could barely keep up.


ODIN: Julie.

Who is that?

Odin. Hey.


Hey. Is this an okay time?

It's perfect.

Charlie, this is...


Yeah, right.


Ruler of Asgard, father of Thor.


This is Charlie, one of my coworkers.

Yeah. I’m gonna get a sandwich from the coworker lounge.


Sorry about him.

Um... the clicking came back.

Okay, yeah. Let me, um... go see what I can find.

Mm. Just a second.

(electronic chiming continues)

What are you playing?

A game.

Odin was the Norse god of war.

And also poetry.

That's funny, huh?

Those two things don't always go together.

There's lots of poems about war.

That's true.

Why do you think that is?

I don't know.

I think it's because we love heroes.

Warriors performing heroic acts for heroic reasons.

JULIE: This'll work, till we can fit you for a new model.

I'll have to do some blood work and take some skin samples.

(electronic whirring)

(electronic whirring)

How's that feel?

It's much better. Thanks.

That's Ethan.

I designed his body.

You can barely tell he's an android, right?

That's in-incredible.


I guess that's the future, huh?

Where's the baby now?

The ISEA covered their tracks, made it seem like I wasn't even pregnant, like I... hallucinated the whole thing.

I don't even know if it's still alive.

What is this?

Where did you get this?

You drew it on the wall of your trailer.

What does it mean?

I saw it on the Seraphim.

When you left the other day, I-I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Anna Baskov.

Think she would go for me?

BEN: Harmon, Control is asking for your samples.

You know, she dated Jensen for a while.

He had that crazy beard.

Maybe I should go full beard.

We're receiving an incoming transmission.

I'll take it in Bay 1.

Sending, Bay 1.

Ben, can you determine the coordinates on this transmission?

Coordinates are scrambled.


Or using an off-site channel.

What’s the symbol?

I'm running the attachment through code-breaking software.

What happened?

Mission control reports the transmission is an ISEA test pattern.

What kind of test?

Emergency response testing.

Control advises you disregard.

Well, whatever you say.

Ben, fire up those samples. Let's knock this out.

Okay, Harmon.

When they told me to disregard,

I had no reason not to.

It was months away from my encounter, but... if it really was a test pattern, why were they so quick to terminate?

Well, if it wasn't a test pattern, then what was it?

I think that symbol was sent from someone in distress.

On another ship?

Control cut off the V-Chron message before I could see anything.

This is a copy of the transmission from that day.

But it's encrypted.

I tried decoding it, but it wasn't ISEA code.

John, maybe you can do it.

Yeah, probably. If we take it to the lab.

You'll have to do it on your own.


Because every second we're together, you're in danger.

I'll find you.

(electric buzz)

(computer trilling)

The ISEA uses the same three algorithms on all encryptions.

This is something different.

I've never seen anything like this.

It's-it's impossible.

You're playing it wrong.

It's not a game, E.

Can I try?


This one goes here.

See? It's a match.

And this one goes behind it.

Not next to it.


KATIE: This is Katie Sparks, from the Aruna station.

That's Sparks' daughter.

A virus has entered the ship, and the crew has been infected.

Branson is dead.

The early symptoms are...

Ethan, go play.

Exhaustion and paranoia and a-a strange, circular rash.

And then the hallucinations started.

And within a matter of hours, they had turned on each other.

While Victor was sleeping, Johan came in and he beat him with a pipe and he wouldn't stop and he said he had been ordered to do it. And this morning, I found Branson in the med bay, sawing at his wrist.

(loud knocking)

The others, they-they're trying to get in.

They’re gonna kill me.


I'm sending you an attachment of the rash.

I am definitely infected and cannot risk contamination with Earth.

I'm going to deploy an escape pod into deep space.


I'm gonna die up here.

And I just wanted to...

(Loud knocking)

(alarm beeping)

Whatever you do, do not recover the ship.

I repeat, do not recover the ship.

She was pregnant, too.

The same thing happened to her.

She was up on the Aruna at the same time Kryger was up on the Seraphim.

They lied.

Sparks said the whole Aruna crew died in an oxygen fire.

But... why would Sparks cover up the death of his own daughter?

Because he didn't want the mission to end.

He knew what was up there.

And he sent me anyway.

I was the bait.

And if they went that far... the baby is still alive.

Grab a coffee.

Show her to me.

(whispers): Katie?