01x08 - Incursion

Molly: I went to space on a 13-month solo mission. I didn't come home alone. My husband created a lifelike android called a Humanich. His name is Ethan. He's the prototype. This is a story about earth.


A story about family. A story about surviving.

Previously on Extant...

Turn around, hands in the air!


He's sleeping.

Show her to me.

Kryger reached out to me last night.

He broke into the ISEA. I don't know what he took.

Why are you telling me all this?

Tell Sparks; he'll know what to do.


ETHAN: It's my nightmare.

Where did you see it?

On your belly.

KERN: Absalom. Dose and a half.

MAN: He's out.

SPARKS: He stole the Aruna transmission file.

I tried decoding it, but it wasn't ISEA code.

(electric hum)

This is Katie Sparks from the Aruna Station. The virus has entered the ship.


Dad, I'm gonna die up here.

She was pregnant, too.

He knew what was up there, and he sent me anyway.

Capsule is 200 meters out.

Range rate: 0.05.

Ben, you know what to do.

BEN: Copy. Initiating final approach.

(loud crash)


(alarm wails)

Meteor collision.

Functional cargo blocked.

Escape vehicle damaged.

Rapid oxygen loss. Leak detected.

T-res to bingo pressure?

Two minutes, 15 seconds.

Initiate de-press protocol.

Shutting IMV valves.

Securing the hatches fore and aft!

Equalizing available atmosphere.


If we isolated the leak, why is the alarm still...?

(high-pitched buzzing)

Aah! My ears!

We're losing pressure!

Damn it, Ben, you said you shut the IMV valve!

The meteor collision must have caused a system malfunction.

Enter manual override code.


Come on.

T-res one minute.

Come on.

Don oxygen mask.

Aah! Damn it, come on!

T-res 30 seconds.

29, 28...

Come on!

Twenty-s... Leak isolated.

Oxygen reserves active.

Nice work, Molly. That was a close one.

Yeah, I'll say.


A broken oxygen mask?


I know we got to be ready for anything, but come on.

Nice, Molly.

May I have your attention.

(voice breaking): This evening, at 6:54 p.m., Mission Specialist Derek Pearce received a distress call from the Aruna Station, reporting an oxygen fire.

Several minutes after the initial comm, an on board explosion disabled all contact between mission control... and the Aruna crew.

At this time, we believe...

We believe there are no survivors.

Go home.

Be with your families.

We'll provide more details as they become available.

Alan. Alan.

I'm so sorry about Katie.

If there's anything I can do, I...

There's nothing anyone can do.

KATIE: Whatever you do, do not recover the ship. I repeat... do not recover the ship.

Sparks knew about this.

He knew this happened to his very own daughter.

And he sent me up there anyway.

Do you think he knew Katie was pregnant?

She didn't even know she was pregnant.

But he knew something was up there.

And he sent me on a fishing expedition.

And then you come back pregnant.


That's how I know it's still alive.

Think about it, Sam.

Why would they go through all this trouble just to abort the baby?

They're keeping it somewhere, and when I find it, I'm gonna be able to prove what they did to me.

What Sparks did to me.

Molly, they took that baby out of your body without leaving any physical evidence.

I don't know how you expect to be able to find it now.

I'm not going to find it.

Sparks is gonna tell me exactly where it is.

But why?

We can't even prove that he saw the Aruna video.

But somebody can.

Derek Pearce. He was the Aruna mission specialist.

He would have been the one to receive Katie's distress call.

And you think that he'll admit that Sparks was behind this entire cover-up?

If he wants to save himself.

I'm gonna need your help.



Go through the entire Aruna crew's medical history.

There had to be some major anomalies in the scans, the tether scores, something.

Sparks would have had to sign off on anything unusual.

You know if I go through those records, he's gonna find out.

Good. I want him to know I'm up to something.

I want him to lose sleep at night.


I want to make him sweat.

Evening, sir.

SPARKS: Everything go as planned?

Not exactly.

But I managed to locate the target.


Harmon Kryger won't be causing us any more trouble.

Were you able to recover the Aruna file?

No, sir.

But I am working on a strong lead.

(electric humming)

JOHN: Morning.


Did you get any sleep?


Every time I closed my eyes, all I could see was...

Katie Sparks.

(Electric whoosh)

ETHAN: Are you ready yet? I don't want to be late.

School doesn't start for an hour, E.

We got plenty of time.

First day back. He's nervous.

Mm. I don't blame him. I mean, after all he's been through since his shutdown?

Well, that's exactly why he needs to go back.

Ethan needs to spend some time around normal kids with a normal life.

What's that?

This... is normal life.

Look. A surprise for Ethan. It's being delivered later.

ETHAN: Are you ready yet?

In a minute, kiddo.

(soft laugh)

Are you going to see Derek Pearce today?

Yup. The sooner he starts talking, the sooner Sparks's nightmare begins.

And ours ends.

Hey. It has to end.


Search "Aruna."

I need the medical records from the final mission.

(electric whirring, beeping)


Where's the Aruna file?


(muffled speaking)

I cou... I could... I couldn't open it.

So where is it?

Why would I keep it if I... if I couldn't open it?


(Door chimes)

Back door.

(muffled grunting)


What are you doing here?

Well, I tried calling, and when you didn't call back, I...

May I come in?

Of course.

(beeps softly)

May I help you?



Molly Woods, from the ISEA.

I'm wondering if maybe we can talk?

About the Aruna?

Molly, uh...

Uh, I'm kind of tied up right now.

It'll just take a second.

I really can't. Sorry.


I'm sorry.

I didn't know he spoke Japanese.

Neither did I.


Where'd you learn to do that?

I don't know.


(computer beeps)

I wanted to thank you.

Apparently, your information about Molly's meeting with Harmon Kryger proved quite useful.

Did it?

That's good.

I'm glad to know you're on board.

On board?

Well, that you can be trusted to act in the best interest of this organization.

And in your own best interest.

Which, really, are one and the same, considering what's at stake.

Considering that...


One more thing: I noticed you were looking into the Aruna astronauts' medical records. Why is that?

Molly asked for them.

And you gave them to her?

You said you wanted her to trust me again.

What did she want them for?

I really don't know, sir.

Find out.

And in the future, if Molly asks you for anything, anything at all, you're to run it by me first.



What? No, it's not our second date.

Please, if you think picking me up at the gym counts as a first date, there's not gonna be a second one.

Surprise me.



You okay?

I'm fine.


God, your pupils have turned into cartoon hearts.

Shut up!

They're just beating right out of your sockets. Cartoon...

I think you know where you can shove that.

"Surprise me."

Can anyone here tell me how Ethan suddenly speaks Japanese?


This morning, I dropped him off at school, and he heard two Japanese girls talking about him.

And he talked back in Japanese.

All right, little man's on fire.

But the question is: what's fueling that fire?

Well, his neural net's programmed to basic Japanese.

Yeah, but that's not nearly enough to explain this.

Linguistically, it's-it's like saying Ethan had a stepladder and-and used it to reach the moon.

But maybe he doesn't see it as linguistic but mathematical, like translation as code-breaking.

Yeah, he is good at that.

Maybe I was wrong.

Maybe that school is good for Ethan.

But at this rate, pretty soon he'll be smarter than all of his teachers.

Well, I mean, so was I. I turned out pretty good.

But we designed Ethan to-to learn at the same rate as his peers.

We sent him to school to learn like other kids, to-to learn to be like other kids.

And other kids don't just start speaking Japanese without being taught.

Be cool if they did, though.

No, it would be terrifying.

It wouldn't be human.

I don't get it.

I built Ethan; I-I thought I understood everything about him.

Gina, look up the purchase price of Derek Pearce's apartment.

Seems a bit pricey for an ex-mission specialist.

Especially one without a pension.

That property was purchased for exactly one dollar.

What? One dollar?

Well, that can't be. Check again.

Derek Pearce.

Grand Avenue. Penthouse A.

He bought it for one dollar.

Multiple property records confirm.

From who?

Previous owner was Claypool Industries.

Sending you a full purchase history now.

Okay, well, according to this, Claypool Industries bought the property for $5.2 million, and then six days later, Pearce bought it for one dollar.

So Claypool bought the property and then put it in Pearce's name.

Gina, look up Claypool Industries.

One listing. Claypool Industries Mining and Ore.

No current address.

Why would a mining company buy a luxury apartment for Derek Pearce?

I'm guessing that's a rhetorical question.

You could say that.


Gina, compose e-mail.

To Derek Pearce.

Subject: What is Claypool Industries?

Message send.

Incoming V-Chron from John.


So, uh, hey.

This might seem weird, but did you, by any chance, teach Ethan to speak Japanese?

Uh, no.

I only know a few words from my time on the I.S.S. Why?

Long story short, Ethan speaks Japanese.

Out of nowhere. Charlie put it in the lab report, and now Yasumoto wants to see it for himself. At dinner.

Tonight. With the three of us.





Thank you.

I'll see you later.

Gina, compose e-mail.

Derek Pearce. Subject: What is this?

Message send.

New message.


KERN'S MOTHER: I'm concerned, Gordon.

You haven't answered my calls. You look awful.

Your house is a mess.

Are you using again?



No, I'm just... working a lot.

That's what your dad said before...

He was exactly your age when he got sick, you know.

I'm not sick.

Maybe neither was he.


KERN: Mom, what if Dad wasn't crazy?

What if he was right?

Right? What he did cost him and us everything.

I don't mean what he did.

I mean what he believed.

That the voice of God was speaking to him, telling him to land a commercial airliner in the middle of a cornfield, hundreds of miles off course?

He was sick, Gordon.

He was very, very sick.

It's a miracle that people weren't killed.

KERN: A miracle, huh?

Maybe God was up there with him.


There's more in Heaven and Earth than can be dreamt of in our philosophy.

There's no shame in it.

Not in being sick.

But if there were something wrong and you didn't admit it, that would be a shame.

I'm fine.

I'm just worn out.

Okay. I'll go.

I'll let you get some rest.

But promise me this: that if you do need help, you'll ask for it.

GINA: Dr. Barton arriving.



I found something in the Aruna records.

Okay, but I'm on my way out. Pearce agreed to meet me.

Molly, you got to see this.

I checked the crew members' brain scans.

At first glance, they all look completely normal.

Okay, on second glance?

They're all exactly the same.

Somebody must've substituted the same scan across the board.

But they didn't touch the tethers, so look at this. The naphthalene levels were elevated to a man... or a woman, in Katie's case.


We started testing for it after astronauts on the first mining missions started coming back with hemolytic anemia.

But the Aruna wasn't a mining mission.

Well, it wasn't supposed to be.

Wait a minute.

Pearce's apartment was bought by a mining company...

Claypool Industries.

Maybe buying his silence is what put them out of business.

Why would they cover up the mining?

The ISEA partners with mining missions all the time.

Because they didn't want anybody to know what they were searching for.

It must be pretty valuable.

Not compared to what they found.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to step back.

What happened?

Jumper from the penthouse.

You're sure there's nothing you're not telling me.

You didn't learn Japanese from a book or a translation app or something?

Maybe it came from the secret part of me.

(door opens)


The part that belongs only to me.

(door closes)

There you are.

We'd better get going. I don't want to be late to Yasumoto's.

Okay, Ethan. Go to the car.

W-We're gonna meet you there.

What's wrong?

What did Pearce say?

He's dead.

I think they killed him.


You mean because you were asking questions?

What-what happened?

He jumped.

Or else he was pushed.

Oh, God, John, I'm scared.

Th-This has to stop.

That video is enough to bring Sparks down.

But maybe it's not. They made me look like I was crazy once.

They can do that again.

And putting yourself in danger like this, putting all of us in danger, that doesn't seem crazy to you?

We-we can't do this any longer. It's too risky.

Yeah, I know it's risky.

But no risk, no reward.

Come on. Ethan's waiting.




Drink it. It's just water.

(grunts, exhales)

There's more in Heaven and Earth.

Damn right there is.

I've seen it.


You've seen it, too, haven't you?

It's hard to forget, huh?

I'm sure the Absalom will help, for a while.

You don't know me.

I know that you let Sparks think that you killed me. I know the fact that you haven't means that you've got doubts.

Watch it.

Real doubts. About Sparks.

About what he did to Molly and to me.

About what he's asking you to do.

I said watch it!

Damn it!


Hello again.


Um... you met Ethan.

And, uh, this is my wife Molly.


Hi. Come in.


Molly, this is, uh, Femi Dodd.

She's a board member at Yasumoto Corp.

The first time we met, I, uh...

I called her an idiot.



Thank you.

I-If I'd known you two were, uh...

I definitely wouldn't have called you an idiot.

Apology accepted.

You must be Molly.

Mr. Yasumoto.

I've heard so much about you.

And I about you.

(quiet laugh)


The possibilities are limitless.


Well, I'm not sure I'd say "limitless."

But making sense of the independent activity in Ethan's brain could be a huge step toward understanding the nature of human consciousness.

Right? Not to mention a potential path to immortality.

I-Immortality? I don't understand.

I think Mr. Yasumoto is referring to the theory that once the neural pathways are fully decoded, it would be possible to copy a human brain and upload it to a Humanich's body.

So it's possible, then?

Theoretically, but...

Just because we can do it does not mean we should do it.

For once, I agree with Ms. Dodd. And anyway, to suggest that understanding Ethan's cognitive leaps is akin to understanding human consciousness, it's not just premature, it's-it's wrong.

After all, human beings can't learn a language in a single day, so Ethan shouldn't be able to, either.

I-I think we should install some sort of governing mechanism.


Slow down his development.

But that goes against everything you've ever said.

So you think Ethan's progress should be allowed to continue?

Well, I don't know.

But I do know that we're not gods.

We're just parents.

And all we can do is give him the best of ourselves.

And then whatever happens happens, right?

We just have to wait and see.

To "wait and see" is to expose Ethan to needless risk.

Well, no risk, no reward.

Yeah, it was tough when I was young, but... these days the supers are so good, it's...

I hardly even notice anymore.

Yeah, well, I wish I could say the same.

Well, it's still new.

It'll get easier.

So you're not... I don't know... resentful?

Honestly, I'm...

I'm almost grateful.

If it wasn't for my legs, I wouldn't have started designing prosthetics, or gotten involved in the Humanichs Project.

You love your work, huh?

Well, some days more than others.

Yeah? Today wasn't one of those days?

It's just my boss.

He's like... threatened by progress all of a sudden.

You know what I mean?

Yeah. Yeah, I do.

And he lets his personal feelings cloud his professional judgment, which drives me insane.

Sorry, we don't have to talk about my dumb office drama.

Oh, no, it's okay. No.

I like it.

I'd like to talk more about it actually.


Sure. I mean, take Ethan. How do you guys... how do you guys control him?

We don't.

Especially not lately.

Actually the goal is to try to get him to start thinking for himself.

So, you're saying that someday he could have complete free will?

Can you imagine?

(both chuckling)

We have to talk.

Not now.

Now! Pearce is dead.

You could be next. If this is about taking Sparks down, you have what you need.

It's time to go public with the Aruna video and let the chips fall where they may.


It's about more than that.

I want to see it.

See what?

The baby.


Whatever it is, John, it's half mine.

It was inside of me.

Not you. Me.

I brought it here.

And every indication is it's still alive.

I don't believe this.

And if it's out there...

I'm gonna find it.


I'm gonna die up here.

(crying): I just want...


Whatever you do... do not recover the ship. I repeat... do not recover the ship!

What kind of father sends his daughter into harm's way like that, Alan?

And then lies and covers the whole thing up?

I know the Aruna was a secret mining mission, and that Claypool bought Pearce an apartment to keep him quiet.

How much did they give you?

Well, enough to get Pearce killed, I guess, right?

What was his life worth?

And what about my baby?

How much did you get for that?

Careful, Molly.

You're out of your depth here.

What about Katie's baby?

Yeah. She was pregnant when she died.

Just like I was.

Guess you're the one out of your depth here, Alan.

What do you want?

I want to know where my baby is.

I don't know.

But I can find it.

No. I'll find it.

I got this far all by myself.

Before you go to bed tonight... get down on your knees and pray for Katie's forgiveness.

Tonight and every night for the rest of your life.

It's not nearly gonna be enough.

But it's gonna be worth a try.

(computer beeps)

Hey, wh-what are you doing up?

Did Julie adjust your sleep cycle?

No. I just woke up.

Is that for me?


Will you teach me to ride it?

Sure, sure.

We're gonna take it for a spin in the morning.

No. Now.

Ethan, it's dark out.

We'll-we'll wait for morning.


Well, screw it. Let's go.



You want to come in?

Next time.

JOHN: Okay, I'm gonna hold on to help you balance, but steering, pedaling... that's all you, okay?

You think you can handle it?


This is how my dad taught me, and I fell a lot.

But I didn't give up. Okay?

Okay. Remember... keep your eyes straight ahead.

Not down on the ground, okay?

Dad, let go.


Let go.


Are you okay?


Did you want to teach me more?

No. No.

I mean, I-I did, but, uh...

I just want to watch you ride now.




What's wrong?

You can't go off on your own like that.


Come on, let's-let's go back inside.

It's late.

We must prepare ourselves for the battle ahead.

There will be violence.


But I, for one, am ready to fight for a better world.

That's what I thought I was fighting for overseas.

And then... then the drone strikes began.

See, I lost my arm in combat, but... my opponent wasn't on the battlefield.


He... or she... was sat in a nice, little air-conditioned room thousands of miles away, pushing buttons and watching the carnage unfold on-screen!

When we outsource war to machines, we outsource our humanity to technology.


We have... lost our souls to machines.

We talk of making a difference, but so far that's all it's been: talk.

Power outages and rolling blackouts... these half-measures are wholly ineffective.

We need more.

We need a reckoning.

Starting right here.

(door opens)

Sorry I'm late.

Actually, your timing is perfect.

Can I help you?

Yeah, um, I'd like to go to Claypool Industries.


Gone. - I-I know it's late.

I'm sorry, but...

No, no. I mean, they're gone.

The fifth floor's been empty since I started here.

Okay, well, you know what?

Uh, the thing is, um...

I told my boss that I would take a look at all the empty offices.

He's expecting a full report from me first thing in the morning.

So... do you think I could take just a quick little peek upstairs?

I'm really not supposed to leave my post.

I know. I know you're not.

But I would be so grateful if you did.


Okay, come on.

Thank you.

(scanner trilling)


Katie, it's me.

Please, Katie.

Please forgive me.


You gotta believe me.


I... I had no idea.


I'm sorry.

Oh, Katie, I'm so sorry.



All righty. Here we are.

Take your time; look around.

I gotta get back downstairs.


All right.

Security breach. Code Black.

Threat currently isolated on five; requesting backup.

Hi, Daddy.

(alarm beeping)

VERDISIGN: Security breach, Code Black.

Fifth floor. Repeat: security breach, Code Black, fifth floor.




You've made a mistake!

I can help you.



And how are you gonna help me?

You don't know what you've unleashed.

I do.

You think it was the hand of God reaching down? You're wrong!

I've seen it!

And it felt a hell of a lot more like it was reaching up.

VERDISIGN: Phone call from Director Sparks.

One word, and this is all over.

You understand?

Put him through.

(Verdisign chimes)

Yes, sir?

SPARKS: Get down here.

Molly Woods is in the building.

Have security forces been mobilized?


(tires screech)

(urgent chatter)



Go, go.


I... (muffled scream)

Shh. It's me.


(alarm blaring)

You can go with them or you can come with me... your choice.

Back. Shh.

Here. You take her.

Wait, wait! No!

Take her!

No! Wait! Not this! No, wait, wait, wait!

Let's go.

No, no!

Move, move, move!

Get in the car. Move!


Go, go, go.

(tires screeching)


Hey. It's me.


Oh, God... I wish I could talk to you.

Listen, I'm sorry.

It's just, uh...

I can't control much right now, but I can still control Ethan.

And I have to go in and slow him down.

It's for his own protection.

I hope you'll understand.


I love you.


Gina, Oasis Mode. Windows on Seclude.

How do you know they didn't follow us here?

Because I'd know if we were seen, and it's my job to activate a team to follow you.

No, we got away clean.

We're safe here. You can trust me.

You want me to trust you?

Tell me everything. The truth.

When Sparks came to pick you up from your party, you were right to run to Vaspar.

He was bringing you in to extract the Offspring.

The Offspring?

That's what we call it.

When you fled, we had to improvise.

Sparks may seem like the man in charge, but I think there's somebody else who's pulling the strings, somebody outside the ISEA.


I don't know.

But whoever he is, he outfitted the hospital ship with a surgical team.

They erased all the evidence of your pregnancy, and then they put you back on the island.

And Ethan?

He was used to lure you into the woods.

And the baby? It's alive?

It's a he.


♪ I don't trust nobody ♪

♪ I don't love nobody ♪

♪ I don't trust nobody ♪

♪ I won't kill nobody ♪

♪ For anyone but you...


(music stops)

You're lucky, Odin.

I don't usually let in handsome foreigners until after 2:00.


Why did you do it?

Do what?

Reset Ethan's access protocols.

What are you talking about?

You've been against the idea of installing governors I-in Ethan since I brought it up.

Now all of a sudden I can't get in?

Wait. So, you actually tried to slow him down and he blocked your access?

No, no, no, no. You blocked my access.

Okay, I may not agree with intentionally limiting his natural development, but I would not go behind your back to stop you.


I guess you thought I would.

But h-how would he even do it?

I mean, we-we built in safeguards to prevent him from interfering with the coding process.

I don't know. Why would the most advanced AI on the planet stop you from hobbling his mind?

I didn't mean to...

Are you alone?

What if I'm not?

I should go.


KERN: He's in an artificial womb about 20 floors below where you were poking around.

It's not gonna be a baby for long; it's growing fast.

They're treating an alien intelligence far beyond our comprehension like a lab rat.

Molly, I know what you're thinking.

You are not its mother; you were its host.

He sent me a message tonight.

He scattered a flock of birds in-in the shape of the pattern.

It's trying to speak to us.

And it wants to communicate through you.

KRYGER: I'm sorry.

It made me flush my mother into space.

It ain't the baby Jesus.

Whatever he is, I brought him here.

And I'm gonna get him out.

KERN: You think you're getting back into that building after what happened today?

It's impossible.

If Sparks is running a rogue operation, just go to the ISEA and tell them.

Tell them what?

Without proof of the baby, we got nothing.

We have the Aruna file.

They killed Derek Pearce because I sent him an e-mail.

What do you think will happen if I go in there with just my story and the Aruna file?

What choice do we have, huh?

Sparks reports to the board.

You walk into the morning meeting, you play them the file.

They can't all be in on it.

And what if Sparks buries the truth of the baby before they see it?

They're never gonna know what he did.

But it'll be over. And we'll be safe.

Hey, hold up.

You don't believe this, do you?

That this-this thing is trying to communicate with Molly?

It chose her for a reason.

But the way it's being treated, that may change everything.

I was an Air Force MP all the way through Second Korea.

I was stationed in all kinds of hellholes across this rock, and there is one thing that has never changed: If you lock someone in a box who doesn't belong there, he's got a lot to say when you finally let him out.

Sparks is going about this the wrong way.

He's gonna get a lot of people hurt.

You don't have to convince me. I almost got my ticket punched.

I never intended on killing you.

Well, you could've fooled me.

No one's stopping you from walking.

And leave you alone with Molly? Hell no.

Right now, she is the only friend I have on this planet.

And this whole switching sides thing seems rather convenient.

Maybe I stick around to make sure you don't pull another 180.

Your call.

But you can trust me.

No offense, but the only person I trust is me at this point.


Claypool has been compromised.

Molly Woods breached the upper floor and managed to escape.

How is this possible?

I don't know.

But with her getting this close, I believe the entire operation is at risk.

I also believe that it's time to eliminate that risk.

For so long, you've wanted to protect her, and now...

Molly's a very smart woman.

She's a viable threat to the Offspring.

But she is its mother.

There could be consequences if we eliminate her.

We must ensure its continued growth.

Even at the risk of being discovered?

It's a risk we must manage.

I'm dying, Alan.

The substance that sustains me has nearly been exhausted.

Despite my best efforts, I have failed to reproduce it.

We could do another mission.

We could learn from the mistakes we made with the Aruna.

Why send another mining expedition when we have in our possession perhaps something more valuable?

Billions were spent locating the source of the substance, and we encounter the entity in the same location?

It can't be coincidence.

It's all the more reason to protect it.

Yes, there are many reasons.

You yourself have one.


I've seen the surveillance footage.

At first, it was difficult to understand what was happening.

But it became clear you were able to see Katie.

That she had come back to life for you.

What a wonderful gift you've been given.

What is it like?

A miracle.

I can only imagine.

I need the Offspring to stay alive.

You need it to have a reason to live.

What would you like for me to do, sir?

Relocate the Offspring to the contingency site immediately.

But Molly Woods is not to be harmed.

When we know the Offspring has no use for its mother, you can do what you wish.

Place call.

(soft chime)

Anya Sparks.

Alan? Alan, what's wrong?

Nothing. I just needed to talk.

Oh, you know, it's-it's late.

It's just, I was thinking of Katie.

You're the only one in the world who understands.

I understand that calling me makes you feel better. I do.

But it just makes me feel worse.

If Katie was...

We'd still be together.

A family.

But she's not.

That's not gonna change.

Good night, Alan.

You sure you don't want me to come with you to the board meeting?


I've worked for the ISEA for almost 20 years now, and... you know, what we have should be enough.

I'm sorry, Molly.

It wasn't just the baby they took from you.

They took everything.

Space. The stars.

Not everything.

(quiet laugh)


We still have breakfast.

I got your message about Ethan's governors.

I think you're making a mistake.

Well, it's a moot point. He locked me out.

I don't understand.

Well, that makes two of us.

I've lost all access to Ethan's neuralnet.

How is that even possible?

I have no idea.

Ethan. Breakfast.

I checked his room. He's not up there.

Thought he was down here.



His bike is gone.

Where's he going?

He's at the park. I'll get him.

You go do what you got to do.


Check this out.


(boys laughing)

Ah, yeah.

All right.


Nice bike.

Thanks. My dad gave it to me.

You live around here?

No. I live a few miles that way.

Oh, so you came here to give us your bike?

No. I came to ride. I like to ride.

Hope you like to walk, loser.


(short cackle)

You want some more?


Hey. Thank God. What happened?

Let me see.

Did you fall off the bike?


Then what?

I told you last night... you can't just go riding off on your own like that.

What were you thinking?

I don't know.

I just wanted to explore.

We need to get you back to the lab.

Come on.

Damage detected.

Please contact the nearest maintenance facility at your earliest convenience.

I want to take him home.

It's a busted-up sweeper bot. It doesn't work anymore.

I want to take it.

KERN: By the time I got to Claypool, the team had already let her slip away.

They executed the containment scenario.

She just got the better of us.

We're abandoning Claypool.



We're moving the Offspring to the contingency site.

The teams know what to do.

Yes, sir.

And, Gordon... taking into account last night's break-in, our investor would like that security threat eliminated before we move the Offspring.

I thought you convinced him that she might be necessary.

She crossed the line.

We can't take any more chances.

Come with me.

They're moving the Offspring.

We don't have to go in.

They're bringing it out.


We can get him?

The truck carrying the mobile incubator will be heavily guarded. But if all goes to plan... if we can pull this off... we'll have a few hours to get the Offspring to the ISEA.

I'm sorry, but the word "Offspring" just...

It-it feels so...


Look, I don't know how we... astronauts are gonna pull off a truck heist without...

There's a vulnerability in Claypool's infrastructure.

I'll detonate an explosive on the main transformer as soon as the Offspring truck is clear of the building.

With the power cut, the system will drop the garage gates to protect the building.

We can then split the truck off from its security convoy.

Okay, what about the guys driving the trucks?

We'll neutralize them.

Oh, we're neutralizing now, are we?

We're not. I am.

Can you drive a truck?


Then worry about that.

The rest is on me.

No, well, we're all at risk here.

Sparks gave me an order to kill you before they move it.

This is our only chance.

Okay, Rabbit, let's fix you.

So, they just grabbed your bike for no reason?

I could have stopped them if I was stronger.

Don't move.

Don't be so hard on yourself. It was two against one.

I should be stronger.

SERVICE BOT: Damage detected.

Please contact the nearest maintenance facility at your earliest convenience.


They were hurting the bot.

Seriously, if you keep moving, I'm gonna turn your mouth off.

Can you help me fix him?

Got my hands full fixing you.

Are they gonna throw him away?

He looks pretty beat up.

I don't think he's able to perform his function anymore.

What's my function?

We made you... so that you could find your own function.

That's why you're special.

Nobody wakes up on this planet and knows their purpose.

But I'm sure you'll find yours.

He's come a long way since then.


I'm sorry.

For accusing me of locking you out of Ethan, or for barging into my apartment in the middle of the night?

You choose.

You shouldn't fret over Ethan rebelling against his programmer.

You wanted a kid, you got one.

It doesn't concern you we no longer have access to his programming?

I can't speak to your concerns as a parent, but... we set out to create a machine that approximated a human, and he just asked me what his function is.

Ethan is questioning his own existence, John.

It doesn't get much more human than that.

Hey, sorry I missed the facial lesions.

John said Little Man was a trooper.

He was much more than that. He's changing, Charlie.

He's thinking about things... not just processing, but thinking.


Hooray! We're making a neurotic.

That seems like cause for celebration.

You want to get a drink, or we can eat some food?

You eat? Of course you eat. I mean, you hungry?

Look at me: I'm thinking.

I'm actually meeting someone.



You've been spending a lot of time with this all-father of the gods.

What do you actually know about this guy?

I know he minds his own business.

Yeah, but I bet if you ran a search on him, Mr. Perfect wouldn't seem so perfect.

You ran a search on him?

I mean, if I did, I'd just be looking out for you.

If you did, it wouldn't feel that way.

What's happening in there?

My transport team was prepping for extraction when the incubator developed a leak.

The cloud appears to be generating on its own from inside the containment chamber.

Get inside and find out what's going on.

(mechanical hissing)

(device beeps)

Engage manual override.



(door whooshes shut)

I'm a few steps in.

Visibility is limited.

The source of the leak is not immediately apparent.

It's a particulate emission of some sort.

There's a similar substance adhering to the walls.

I've got a sample.

I'm moving towards the tank.

It's definitely the source.

I can't make out the leak.

Sir, you're not going to believe this.

(alarm blaring)

What's happening?

Offspring heart rate dropping. Respiration, too.

Revive team, move in!

Revive team, hold.

Heart rate right at 60 BPM.

Davis, report.


Did we lose comms?

No, sir. Comms are good.

Davis isn't responding.

Dr. Davis? Dr. Davis?

(door opens)

We have a problem.

SERVICE BOT: I appear to be outside my designated service area.

Turn the lights on, will you?

Why can't we fix him now?

It's bedtime.

I'm not tired. I want to fix him.

It's not up to you, Ethan.

We'll fix him in the morning.

I appear to be outside my designated service area.


Why'd you do that? He needs our help.

Lights. Inside.

MOLLY: Okay, five minutes.

KRYGER: You ever hijack a truck?


But I have docked a spaceship.

Same diff.

They called off everything.

They're not moving the Offspring.


Something happened to it, or is happening to it, but they never got it to the mobile unit.

Okay, now what?

We're scrubbing this.

No! It can't be over!

You heard the man. We're finished, we're done.

No, we're not.

Maybe I can get you down there.


I'm sorry, didn't you say that was impossible?

We still have a Honey Bomb on the main transformer.

I can blow it.

I can use the threat to clear the lab.

Let's just shoot each other here a-and save them the trouble. Let's...

Just let him talk. The IR defenses will go dark on the outside.

I can override a service door.

The first floor camera system reboots in sectors, from the outside in.

If you can stay ahead of the reboot, you'll be able to move undetected to the central elevator that serves the lab.

It runs on its own power.

And you won't be able to call it if you're not authorized, so I'll get to security, I'll send it up.

No way. This is suicide.

Even if we do get down there, how are we gonna bring the Offspring up?


We're not bringing it up, are we?

I need to see him.

I need to know what he's trying to say to me.

You don't have to go.

Molly, you remember what it did to both of us up there.

Do you really... do you really want to go through that again?

I can't walk away now.

Screw it.

Screw it, I'm already dead.

If you go, I go.

Okay. Good.

I need a minute, okay?


Take your shoes off and go get ready for bed.

We'll be in to check on you in a minute.


Gina, lock up for the night, please.

GINA: Doors locked.

Hey, shoes.


It's been a long day, Ethan.

You want me to take my shoes off because it's been a long day?

I want you to take your shoes off because they're muddy, okay?



John, I'm sorry this is a message, but if I heard your voice, I don't think I could say this.

I can't let it go.

I don't expect you to understand that.


MOLLY: But if I don't come back, in time, I hope that you'll realize that I didn't

have a choice.

And please don't come after me.

I don't want to risk Ethan losing both of us. Molly?

I love you.


GINA: Incoming V-Chron from Molly.

John, I'm sorry this is a message.

But if I don't come back, in time, I hope that you'll realize that I didn't have a choice.

And don't come after me. I don't want to risk Ethan losing both of us.

I love you.


Let's do it.

Thanks for coming on such short notice.

We had just finished dinner when you called.

Uh, I hope you don't mind. This...

Odin, John. John, Odin.

JOHN: Hey.

Uh... hey, sorry if I ruined your plans.

Not at all. Glad we could help out.

What's going on?

Uh... it's, uh... Molly.

I-I... I think she's in a tough situation.

It's okay. Go. Do what you need to do.

If anything suspicious happens, just call the police, okay?

Uh, okay.



There's nothing to worry about.

Julie and her friend are gonna stay here till I come back, okay?

Is this about Mom?

No. No. Don't worry.

Just-just go back to bed.


It'll be okay.

Thank you.

Of course.

Hey. Remember Odin?

MOLLY: Here, put this on.

What's happening?

The camera Kern mounted picks up their infrared security.

All seems quiet.


Security's down.

Let's go.

What the hell is going on?

(alarm blaring)

20 seconds to sector two.

My guys say the main power transformer overloaded and exploded.

Check it out.

I want to know exactly what happened.

And find me Kern.

(alarm continues blaring)


Here we go. Sector one's back.

Emergency protocol. This is not a drill.

We have five minutes to evacuate.


Director Sparks needs to see you right now.

(alarm continues blaring)

(urgent chatter)

I'm gonna take him.

Stick to the plan.

Nowak, get upstairs.

Where have you been?

Dealing with Molly Woods.

She's been taken care of.

It's not here.

We can't wait.

Come on. Wait, wait, wait. What are you doing?

Getting us a ride. I have his prints.

How do you know the room is clear?

Would you rather stay here?

KERN: Fire's spreading.

You should evacuate with the others.

I'm not leaving.

If this fire gets out of control, we're gonna want to put as much space between us and this before the hook and ladders show up.

KRYGER: You okay?


Are you sure you're ready to meet this thing?

I'm ready.

Thanks for coming with me.

Just remember not to trust anything you see down there.

You won't know what's real or not.

Don't worry. I'm real.

Sir, we need to move.

Okay, let's go.

(elevator bell dings)

I thought we were evacuating.

Who's coming down?

Gordon Kern.

We're not going anywhere.

(elevator humming)

(elevator stops)

They cut the power.


We're out of here.

He doesn't move.

I trusted you, Gordon.

You're making a huge mistake.


But you made an even greater one.

Fan out. This is your target.

Here, take my hand!

(whooshing outside)

(whooshing nearby)


Are you okay?


What the hell's going on down there?

Oh, my God.



I'm s... I'm sorry, Molly.

I couldn't let that thing live.

Where is it?

Where did it go?

KERN: Molly, if you can hear this, get the hell out!


I didn't want it to end like this.

I lost Katie once.

I can't lose her again.

No. No.

I'm sorry, Molly.




Oh, no, no, no, no.


No, wait, Katie.

Oh, Katie. Oh...



(quiet whooshing nearby)


He needs our help.