01x12 - Before the Blood

Molly: I went to space on a 13-month solo mission. I didn't come home alone. My husband created a lifelike android called a Humanich. His name is Ethan. He's the prototype. This is a story about earth.


A story about family. A story about surviving.

Previously on Extant...



He's gone.

Every time your baby has created an alternate reality, he's had an agenda.

He's alone and afraid in a world that he just doesn't understand.

And he needs his mother to save him.

I came all the way here because I trusted you.

Daddy, whose side are you on?

You have to choose.


Sparks: It's over.

He's gone.

Do not recover the ship.

Jackson: You covered up your own daughter's death.

And sent our people into harm's way.

You have to understand how powerful that being is.

French astronaut: This is the Triomphe.

We just performed a retrieval.

It appears to be an ISEA-issue craft.

Sean Glass?

You found an escape pod?

There was only a faint signal.

No signs of life...

Until we opened it.



Katie: I don't feel like myself.

I thought you were dead, Katie.

We were told everyone was killed in the fire.

There was no fire.

I left the Aruna drifting with its crew.

Or what was left of them.

It was like a... Like a madness...

That spread like a virus.

And I told myself that the people that I knew...

You knew most of them, too...

They weren't themselves anymore.

They were killing each other.

What the hell was it?

I have no idea.

I just had this feeling that it wasn't from earth.

From us.

I put myself in the vite-pod and programmed it for a medical coma.

There was no way that I was gonna be rescued in time.

But you were.


By the freakin' French.

23 months.

I know.

It's a miracle.

Jackson: He's sleeping.

He just killed a man.

He said I did something.

What does that mean?

We know what he did. He fooled us.

He only came back to gain access to our internal network.

He logged in for two minutes before you stopped him.

This is our deep orbit com-sat array.

Sparks inserted code that flipped it into a systems check.

We have no way to contact our missions till it cycles through.

What about the Seraphim?

In the dark another few hours.

I've authorized a rescue mission to evacuate Sean Glass as soon as we get our coms back.

Any theories why Sparks would do this?

I don't know.

Could there be others helping him?

Well, I helped him. When we were at the cabins, he showed me something I wanted to see.

He made me think I was entering codes into an Incubator, but I think I was entering codes into another system.

And only Sparks knows what those codes are.

Talk to him.

And take this.

He hasn't been told, yet.


We found her last night.

And there's no sign of my son.

Talk to me before this gets any worse.

Looking at a... a picture like that, it's...

Hard not to give in to your emotion.

Give in?

You love her!

She was your wife.

It's temporary.

See, your boy...

He always gives back what he takes away.

I'll see her again.


What did I do at the cabins?

You were there, you watched me.

If I did something terrible, I need to know what it is.

You're a broken woman, Molly.

Losing Katie, that broke who I was.

But it made me strong enough to do what I had to do.

You lost a family with Marcus.

That's the world we live in.

Life breaks us...

So it can make us stronger.

But what if you didn't ever have to break?

What if you could be made whole again?

You deserve that.

We all do.

And we're going to get it.

I'm gonna get my own answers.

Com-sat is down.

So the craziest, best v-chron in the history of earth-bound messages is gonna have to wait.

Is it terrible that I'm happy I might get to wash my hair first?

Building a fort with the tools?

Fixing my bed.

You're a terrible host.

We all had to do grief counseling, you know.

With Washburn?

Uh, new guy.

He said I processed your death very well.

Always the overachiever.

Did you tell him everything about us?

I told him we were close during training.

That you got drunk and kissed me one night.

And I may have spent eight months chasing that moment.

He didn't push, because I was grieving so fantastically.

You didn't make it easy for me.

To do what?

Make me feel invisible?

Your dad didn't run the program.

There was nothing I could do.

How is my dad?

Is he okay?

He's gonna be now.

I've got to go.

You gonna be all right?


Will you come back?

Of course.

We're friends, right?

Friends stick together.

But if anything happens...

What do you mean?

You know what I mean.

If your dad...

If John takes you to the lab, and you think...

If you really think they're gonna do something radical...

My parents would never shut me down.

And you really believe that?

You ask them, they won't admit it, but...

They don't really see you as part of the family.

Julie told me your mom's having a lot of trouble.

Maybe they just see you as different.

I don't have to be.

They probably won't do anything, but if you think that's what's going on, I want you to get in touch with me.


This is a very special phone, but it's only for use in emergencies.

We use them at war.


You press this button and I'm gonna know it's you, I'm gonna know how to find you, and I'm gonna come straight away.



But only press it when you're in the lab and it's really happening.

You heard about the boy who cried "wolf"?

Hmm. That's a story for another time.



Hey, man.

No hugs.

Soldiers salute.

(Rhythmic beeping)

The com-sat orbit is out at a two minute radio delay.

If the array is back up on schedule, we should start receiving signals from our stations in just a few moments.

How soon can we get Sean off the Seraphim?

There's a gamma seven series prepping to launch once Sean can verify he's received your message and confirms the system's status.

Ben: Twenty seconds.

I believed as a kid, you know.

They teach you the Drake equation, they teach you it's impossible odds to make contact with an alien intelligence.

But I knew we weren't alone.

Did you believe in UFO's as a kid?

Believe in 'em? I wanted to fly 'em.

(Chirping, beeping)

Thank God, they're back.

Seraphim's still dark.

I.D. Seraphim.

Ben: Com-sat is not receiving any signals from the Seraphim.

The Seraphim station is no longer in its predicted orbit.

Well, it can't just be gone.

Something happened when the com-sats were down.

Ben, query the data log from the Seraphim before we lost contact.

Ben: On screen.

There's one transmission from an earth-based terminal.

From here?

It was remote access.

Not here.


19 hours ago.

19 hours ago...

I was at the cabins.

(Baby crying, alarm beeping)

It was me.

I was sending codes to the Seraphim.

Codes for what?

Well, what did you do?

I made it disappear.

What the hell is happening up there?

I don't know.

Occam's razor.

What is the simplest theory?

Forget all the assumptions about what's happened to the Seraphim.

What do we know?

We know I logged into the ISEA, and I entered codes.

Okay, could you, could you...

Change the course on the Seraphim?

I mean, is it… is that why it’s missing?

There's only a limited number of things you can do from a remote terminal.

And steering a ship isn't one of them.

Okay, could you, did you blow it up?

Is it gone?

My gut tells me it's off course.

I... I just can't remember what I did.

Okay, Molly, we keep saying you did this.

You were coerced, you were tricked.

Okay. What if the baby did it?

What's his purpose?

I'm gonna make a very unscientific assumption here.

My gut says we'll never be able to understand its purpose because it's not like us.

Well, it's got to be partly like us, no?

Why is it so hard for you to believe that it's just using you Li... li... like a pawn on a chessboard?

I mean, it... it kills, it... it manipulates.

It's a, it's a cold-blooded predator.

There's got to be an explanation here, John.

He can't just be that.

Why not?

Because I'm in him.

He came from me.

What are you guys talking about?


It's really nothing important.

I didn't know you were up already.

Okay, I got to go to work.

Can I come with you?

No, you're gonna stay home with dad today, okay?


Were you and dad talking about me?

No, sweetheart.

It had nothing to do with you.

I'll see you later.

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

What are you doing?

Ben said the terrestrial communications system is down.

It's global, so I'm guessing it's an antenna problem.

You want some help?

I'm handy.

You are helping.

You're here.

When they know you have... whatever it is, that makes you good at these solo missions, they can't send you on enough of them.

You get so used to being alone, you forget there's another way to be.

I know it seems obvious, but I'm basically trained

to not connect to people.

It's nice to know I'm not great at that.

Does that make any sense?

So I'm lost in space for 23 months, and I'm rescued against all odds and I'm brought here...

And it's all about you?


I'd like to be alone now.


Ben: Sean, I think I've found the problem with the antenna system.

There was an overheat alert near the N-channel power bus.

So the power supply fried and shut off all our antennas?

Yes. A good guess.

Can we fix that?

We have to.

Out here, without our antennas, we are officially more alone than any other humans in the universe.

Charlie: Did you see the gap?

"The gap"?

Yes, 87 minutes.

Yesterday Ethan's power core almost zeroed out.

11:45 to 1:12.

He was with Odin at John's house.

With John?

No. They were alone till I came to pick him up.


I know you like this guy...

Maybe Ethan asked for a flip and he did it wrong. It can't hurt him.

Did he toggle into interlude mode?


But if I'm watching a one-of-a-kind, sentient android, I might mention if I let him run out of power.

For 90 minutes.

Is Ethan okay?

He seems okay, but we should probably check him out, tell John.


You entered codes that sent the Seraphim off course?

I just have a hazy memory of what I entered.

(Stammers) Wait, are you gonna put that in my neck?

It's a memory enhancer, Molly.

I can't really inject it into your ass.

You know, this can't bring back memories that don't exist.

But it can make existing ones much more clearer.


The brightener only has a momentary effect.

It's kind of like a sneeze.

So you'll have to focus on the exact cloudy memory that you want enhanced.


All right, relax.

Close your eyes.


Are you focused on the memory?

Just focus...

I will if you just... Stop talking.



(Baby crying, alarm beeping)



Ben: It's just some code.

I'll dictate, you enter.

Start with your access code.

Okay, okay, okay!

It's going to be fine.







(Baby crying)


(Dings) Ben: Everything taken care of.

I see numbers!

Give... give me something to write!

Oh, my God. Write it down before the brightener fades.



Oh, God.

Are you okay?

I saw Marcus.

And I was holding the baby.

It was real.

Sam, it was so real.

I know this is gonna sound crazy.

But do you think there's any way that what I saw could actually be real?

Do you mean more than a hallucination?


I don't... I don't know what to say.


I'm gonna go talk to Ben.

I think he's the only one who can help me understand what these commands mean.



Who am I to say what's real?

If you held your baby, then you held your baby.

Ben, simulate the access level limits for a remote terminal log on.

Of course.

Okay, I'm gonna enter some coordinates.

See if you can make any sense of these.

Parse them at three digits.

Maybe they were coordinates for a new course.

You wouldn't have had clearance to give the Seraphim new way-points from a remote terminal.

Okay, Ben, so how could these 20 characters have changed the course of a ship?

Could you have sent Sean Glass a coded message?

Like what... "Turn the ship"?

Would you like me to try common ciphers?

Sure. Go ahead.

Wait, hold on a second.

Maybe you were right about sending a message.

Parse three groups of three digits.

Single digit, double digit.

They are coordinates.

And they have vectors, too.

Position, direction and speed.

Ben, if there were an immediate threat to the Seraphim...

Say a real emergency situation...

Would I have been able to warn it from a remote terminal?

Wouldn't that make it change its course?

It would be exactly like yelling, "turn the ship."


I didn't change the course of the Seraphim because I couldn't.

But what I could do was tell the on board nav-com there were asteroids on a collision course with it.

So it entered into an avoidance protocol to avoid asteroids that didn't exist.


If the Seraphim deviated its course to here, it would've passed fairly near another station.

Who is that?

This is Commander Pierre Lyon of the Triomphe.

We received your message.

Unfortunately we lost contact with the Seraphim, and do not know about its current location.


We have returned to them yesterday this woman and the Aruna rescue pod in which she was found.

Pierre: Hey. You feeling better, yes?

It was a very long sleep.

Man: Katie? Smile.

A little wave?


Jackson: The French returned her to us yesterday.

Molly: She's been drifting for almost two years.

It's a miracle, Alan.

But a different kind of miracle.

She shows up on this video because she's real.

She's alive.

I want to see her.

I do, too.

But she's on the Seraphim.

We've lost all contact.

Now I remember that you had me take the Seraphim off course.

But I don't remember where I sent it.

I can't.

She was alive this whole time, Alan.

Now, you need to help us.

The Seraphim is falling out of its orbit.


It's coming back to earth.

It'll disintegrate as soon as it hits the atmosphere.

How could you make me do that?

He said it was necessary.


I don't know.

Oh, please...

Save my daughter.

I'll tell you what you want to know.

Sparks gave us enough to calculate the last position and heading.

We should be able to intercept it, assuming it hasn't changed course again.

We need to get someone up there as soon as possible.

Who are you gonna send?

Well, you've got more solo hours on the Seraphim than anyone else.


You want me to go?

After everything that's happened?

It's because of everything that's happened that I want you to go.

No one knows that ship as well as you.

My problems are down here, not up there.

You've got other qualified candidates.

None of them are you.

I don't want to go to the lab.

I don’t either, but we need to do a systems check.

You shouldn't have let your batteries get so low.

I didn't.

Ethan, I'm really not upset with you, Okay?

Is this about your argument?

Sometimes I... I just don't understand your mother.

Do you understand me?

I want to go home!

We have to do this today, Okay?

I don't want to talk about it anymore.

All right, bud. Get comfortable.

This is gonna take a second.

My dad said it was just a systems check.

Well, today we're gonna do a deep scan.

I've never done that before.

Well, you're getting more complex.

There's more to check as you get older.

But the worst part is... is you... are gonna have to wear... The Dufus cap.


Nothing, huh? Okay. Come on.

I'm not wearing that.

Come on, it's not that bad.


I promise.


Come on...

Hey, rabbit.

Where's my dad?

He's gonna come in at the end to see how we did.

I don't want to do it. I'm not wearing that.

Give us a minute?

Um... yeah.

You okay?

You seem really scared.

What's wrong, rabbit?

I know what you're trying to do.

I know my mom and dad want to shut me down.

Shut you down?

Why would they want to do that?

So that he can re-program me so I'm like other kids.

Julie: No way, Ethan.

No one wants to shut you down.

Your parents love you.

We all love you.

But I'm a machine.

We're all machines.

I'm half motors, half muscles.

Who cares what we are?

If you can love something, than you can be loved.

That's how it works.

Who told you they wanted to shut you down?


(Drill whirring)

What are you doing?

I thought you were lying down.

23 months was enough.


Earth antennas are shot.

Protocol says I gotta prep the escape pod.


A party.

I'm gonna hang a disco ball, invite the French.

(Both laugh)

We gotta go, Katie.

If we can't contact earth, we need to evac the ship in a reentry vehicle within 24 hours.

Problem is, our spare oxygen generators are stuck in the shed and I can't get the doors open.

We've been having a fungus problem up here.

I'm thinking that's what's messing up the controls.


Hey, Hey... What's the matter?

I can't get in a pod again.

I… I can’t. It’s okay.

I'm sorry. I... I'll figure it out, I'll...

I'll get over it, I'm...

We'll just take a little more time.


Come here.

So you said "no"?

Molly: Yes, I told Jackson "no"

you want me to go?

Why do you ever go back? Huh?

You're drawn to it.

Well, yeah, but... ... I... I want to be here, too.

Okay, maybe this time you're not going to space, but... but you're... you're not here, either.

But I... I am here, I...

Let me be honest now. Please.

I love someone whose heart has been broken more than once.

Marcus, the baby...

I... I get it.

You've always been looking for something, searching for something you lost.

And I know you loved them, and I accepted that.

But... but I thought... I thought you would heal.

I... I... I thought you would be able to put it all behind you and... and really be here, with us, with the family you have.

What is it I was supposed to do, John?

Just forget about Marcus and the baby? No, I never wanted you to forget them.

I just... didn't expect you to see them again.


Isn't there someone that you would give anything to see again?





I'm sorry.

I don't want us to be like this.

All I'm asking for is a way to talk about it.

I don't want to lose you.

I don't want to lose you, either.

This is my family.

John: We both forget that.

I don't want to fight anymore.

You are the most important person in the world to me.


What are you doing?

(Whispering): I love you, too.

Ethan: Dad?


Gina! Lock the door!

Ethan! What did you do?

Gina, unlock the door.

(Door chimes)

Hey, Pam, it's Julie.

Listen, I need a favor.

You know the EX-200 joint we designed a few years ago?

I need you to send me any information you've got on the recipient of serial number EX265...

Triple four G7.

Thanks. Patient's name is Odin James.


Are you sure you have the right number?

So what is his name?

That's "Hutchinson" with a "T"?

(Sirens wailing)

Yes. Thanks. Got it.

I have been unable to access the oxygen generators we need for our return due to equipment failures, so I'm gonna take a look on the Aruna escape vehicle for some spares.

Also, Katie Sparks has had an adverse reaction to the thought of boarding another pod so quickly after being rescued.

For her own well-being, I may need to sedate her in order to get her on board.

Anyone who receives this message, please contact the ISEA.

Let them know we're alive and ready to commence evac and reentry.

This is Sean Glass of the Seraphim space station.

Ben, did you get all that?

Ben: Of course.

Send it out on our shortwave emergency transponder.

Ship to ship is our best chance of someone picking it up.

Not a very good chance.

Keep the statistics to yourself, please.

(Hatch hisses open)

(Hatch closes)

Julie: Thank you.

I'm such a klutz.

No worries, dear.

It's nice seeing you again.

He's such a private person.

You're good for him.

He's a bit of a mystery to me, too, if it makes you feel any better.

I'm just going to grab my phone.

Do you mind if I use the bathroom?

I can show myself out.

Oh, that's fine.

(Whooshes, trills)

Odin: Okay.

All right.

Repeat what you just told me for the camera; I love it.

I don't like rules.


Whose rules?

My dad's.

(Wry laugh): Why not?

All right, it's just you and me in here; break a rule.

Right now.

(Odin scoffs)

What would you do... if they tried to shut you down?

I wouldn't want to find out.

The dire events today

are tragic proof, that we have gone out of our depth when it comes to engineering artificial intelligence.

The explosion at Yasumoto Towers that destroyed the Humanichs Corporation laboratory was a terrorist attack.

Planned and executed not by our human enemies, but by a machine with no fear of death, no moral compass...

And a vengeful desire... to send a message... by killing his creators who had made the wise decision... to shut him down.

(Screen blips, switches off)

(Crickets chirping)



(Gate squeaks)




(Voice breaking): John, what's going on?!

John! (Gasps)

Oh, my God, Molly.

(Trembling): Where's Molly?

Where's Ethan?

Find him!


Can I come closer?

(Whispers): Oh...

Looks like...

You cut yourself.

You're bleeding.

But it’s okay.

I'll take care of you.

I didn't expect you to be a little boy.

How'd you get so big... so fast?

Who's the other boy?

That's my son, Ethan.

He was just scared, I'm sorry.

He's... different than you.

Yeah, he is.

But, he's still my son.

Just like you.

I needed to find you.

(Voice breaking) I needed to find you, too.


I know you were scared.

They wanted to catch me.

I know.

Because, they didn't know what you were.

They wanted to use you.

(Sighs): You had done things that...

That they really didn't understand.

I did what they wanted.

What "who" wanted?

We need to go.

(Stammers) Wait.

Go where? (Sighs)

What are you afraid of?

The ones without blood.



What are you talking about?

The ones without bodies; like me...

Before the blood.

They'll be here soon.

Who's gonna be here?!


Quinn: Baby girl.

(Chuckles): Hey.

Where'd you go?

I turned around and you were gone.

Hey, guess what? (Sets down cooler)

Buck has actually got a fire started, and we just may... cook what we caught today.

(Whimpering): No...

No, please...

Don't do this.

What is it?

Hey, what are you doing, are you crying?

(Whispers): Hey...

It's gonna be okay.

(Gasps) Everything's gonna be okay.

This is not real.

And you are not here.

Oh, I am here...

And I'm as real as everything around here.

Hey. (Clears throat)

Look at these hands... Here.

These are the hands that held you when you were first born.

(Sighs) Oh... wow...

These hands are warm...

Just like your mama's.

And we had better go before she gets mad, okay?

(Whimpers): Mom... ?



Yeah, I talked to her and I told her that

you caught the big one and you let it get away.

You know what she said?


That you did the right thing.

Peas in a pod, you two.

Now, she's gonna get grumpy... (Trembles, sighs)

If we keep her waiting.

Now, come on.

(Crying): No, I can't!

We've got to go, baby girl.

If you don't come with me...


I can't keep you safe.


I don't want anything bad to happen to you.

What's gonna happen?

They're coming down and you can't stop them.

On the Seraphim?


Who's coming?

And why?

They're real hungry.

And there's lots... and lots and lots of them.

They're coming, baby girl.

(Trembles): No.

(Firmly): I won't talk to you like this.

This is not real!

(Shouting): Stop!

(Louder): Stop!

(Sighs): Oh, no.



We need to go...

No! Enough!

I don't want to be here.

I want to talk to you.


(Crickets chirping)


Baby, come here.

Come here.


I don't want to go to those places you send me, anymore.

Don't you want to be with those people?

(Sighs): No.

I want to be with you.

The "others" that are coming down here...

Can you stop them?

They're too strong;

I have to do what they say.

Okay, listen to me...

I brought you here;

you're part of me.

Now, I know there's a part of you that's telling you what to do.

But, there's another part of you...

That's human.

You need to tell them not to come.

I can't, we need to survive.

But, we can both survive.

We just have to find a way.

You can tell them not to come.

I'm sorry, I can't stay.

You need to stop them.

(Sighs): How?

(Sniffles) You're the only one who can.

(Sighs): Okay.


John: Molly?!


He's gone.

Thank God you're okay.

I have to go up, John.

I have to stop this thing.



Get in!

(Device blips, bleeps)

(Sighs): Ben...

Check the Aruna pod equipment manifest for backup oxygen generators.

Ben: The manifest shows there are six reserve o-gens in on board storage.



It's okay.