02x02 - Morphoses

Molly: My name is Molly Woods.

I'm an astronaut.

My husband John, a robotics engineer, created a lifelike robot called a Humanich.

We adopted the prototype as our son. His name is Ethan.

Everything changed when I went to space on a 13-month solo mission.

I didn't come home alone.

I'm pregnant.

How is that even possible?

The child, part human, part alien, was unlike anything the world had ever seen.

How did you get so big so fast?

And he was dangerous.



I lost both of my sons.



And my husband.

(train horn blaring)

Some people say I've gone crazy.

This is a cover-up! That's what this is!

Get your hands off of me!

I say there's more to the story.

It's up to me to find the truth... before it's too late.

Previously on Extant...

To your best knowledge, no alien life-forms have set foot on the planet Earth.

Are you sure he's dead?

He was dangerous, Molly.

John: Ethan!

Agent: The Humanich has been declared the property of the U.S. Government for reasons of national security.

He's not property, he's our son!

When am I going home, Julie?

This is your home now.

We think you're not quite ready for re-entry.

Dave: You hear about that woman? Her belly blown open?

I am really not a lunatic.

Says the lady that broke out of Crazy Acres and then trespassed onto my crime scene.

I think I might know what happened here.

Richter: That's a court order... and she's a material witness in a homicide investigation.

I'll have her back in 72 hours, no worse for the wear.

Want to tell me what the hell this is about?

This isn't a murder investigation.

It's an invasion.

How are we, Shayna?

The SEAL team is in position, awaiting your orders.

Put it up on the big screen.

Seal 1 (radio): Bravo Team in position.

Seal 2: Alpha Team ready to breach.


Target has been confirmed.

We've got him surrounded.

Sir, Alpha Team is ready to breach. Awaiting your go.


Send them in.

That is a go.

Alpha Team, go.

Seal: Move! Move!

Northwest corridor is clear.

Enemy contact, second floor southeast. We've got eyes on the target.

That is a visual match. You are clear to engage.

Seal 2: Let us see your hands! Do not move! Put your hands up!

What are you doing?

(gunshots, SEAL groans)

Wait! Stop! At your six!

Put the gun down!

They're turning on each other?

Shepherd: Get 'em out of there.

Alpha Team, stand down. Disengage and fall back.

If you can hear me, Alpha Team, disengage and fall back.

Do not engage the target.

(gunfire continues)

Abort mission. I repeat, abort mission.

(gunfire continues)

(rifles fire)

Ready, aim, fire.

(rifles fire)

Ready, aim, fire.

(rifles fire)

Present arms.

What's going on?

It's Molly Woods.

She's out.

Molly: Where are we going?

Back to the Recovery Center.


I don't believe in little green men with ray guns.

And neither do I!

The minute you start talking about aliens, we go back to the funny farm.

Okay, then what happens to your case, Sherlock?

(engine whirrs, powers down)

(tires squeal)

All right.

It's time for your meds. Maybe it'll make the Martians go away.

Nope. Not taking them.

(sighs) Look, I signed you out of Crazy Acres, which makes me responsible for your actions, all right?

I can't have you running around like some kind of drooling maniac.

So... take your damn pills.

Oh, come on.

If you signed a drooling maniac out of Crazy Acres, that's because I'm your only hope to solve this case.

So if you want me to help you, and tell you how I know she was pregnant, for example, then I have to think clearly, and that means no pills.

Start talking.

Feed me first.


Julie: Ethan, breakfast!

So, I know it's not the weekend... but I broke down and made chocolate chip pancakes!

I'm having whipped cream on mine, don't judge me.

How's your new room?

I had to look on three different websites to find that comforter.

It's not the same.

Well, it's not exactly the same, but it's pretty close, don't you think?

Pancakes or cereal? Dealer's choice.

I don't want any.

Come on, they have chocolate chips in them.

I hate chocolate chips.

You do not. Come on...

Before it gets cold.

I said I don't want any.

Fine. What do you want?

I want my parents.


Ethan, we talked about this. That isn't possible right now.

Your dad is gone.

But my mom's still alive.

Yes, but she's not able to take care of you right now.

But I can go home when she's better, right?

We'll see. But for now, in the meantime... you're doing great here.

You have your room and your games and your toys and... pretty soon, it's going to feel like home.

But it's not my home.

It is for now.

Well, I hate it.

All right, get dressed; we're going to work.

I'm not going.

Ethan, get dressed!

You're not my mom!

Can I get you anything else? Coffee? Tea?

Rack of lamb?

(mouth full): No, I'm good.

All right. Let's try this again, shall we?

How'd you know she was pregnant?

I recognized the symptoms.

From where?

And please, don't tell me "aliens."

An old friend.

An astronaut who was impregnated in space.

Impregnated by who?

Well, you just told me not to say it.



You do know that I was an astronaut, right?

Well, I've spent lots of time in deep space, doing experiments on organisms and how they adapt and survive.

And when I was out there, I came across this... alien spore.

And somehow, it may have made its way back to Earth.

Let me get this straight.

You're telling me that my perp is a spore?

I can't put a spore in a lineup.

If that alien spore infected a human being, and then, that human being...

Is impregnating women?

How would we know?

Blood sample. From the victim.

I can get that from evidence.

It's got to be from when she was pregnant.

(chirping, beeping)

(explosion in game)

How'd you get a game on here?

I reprogrammed him.

Ethan, you're not allowed to reprogram the tutor-bots.

His name is Richard.

"Richard" is for learning.

I want you to put him back the way he was.

Ethan, I said please...

Charlie: Hey. Julie.

What's the Black Widow doing here?

Oh... Can you?

Yeah, I got him. Go.

Anna, what a pleasant surprise.

Richard, buddy, you're gonna have to keep it down.

Oh, get that one! Oh!

(explosion in game)

I was expecting a build verification two weeks ago.

I know.

I understand there's been some growing pains with the new staff?

It's not just the new staff. It's all new concepts and processes.

Ethan had almost a decade of programming by experience of human interaction.

We're trying to give Lucy twice that much in a fraction of the time.

We've skipped over every safety protocol John would've taken.

No disrespect to your predecessor, but we don't have the luxury of doing things the old way, Julie.

I need to see a test. Today.

Uh... (laughs) That's impossible.

We're still fine-tuning the ethical adaptor algorithms.

They didn't even exist when Ethan was built.

He learned right and wrong from us, this Humanich's learning from an equation.

Okay, Julie, I am sympathetic to your situation but if I don't show my superiors some progress, they will find someone else who can deliver.

You know that's the deal. You have until tonight.

(explosion in game)

The... 16th.

That was the first and last time I saw her.

She'd done a home version of the test, but she wanted to know for sure.

Please don't touch that.

Did you do a blood test?

No, never got the chance.

She decided to terminate.

But she never showed up for her appointment.

That was the last I heard of her till I saw the news.

And there was no mention of the father at all?

She seemed determined to deal with it alone.

I'd say there's a good chance it was a... casual acquaintance.

A one-night stand.

Richter: Okay.

Well, thank you for your time.

Did she mention anything unusual about her pregnancy?

(clears throat)

You know, legally... you're bound to tell us anything that could be relevant to our murder investigation.

There were, uh... complications.

The baby's growth was accelerated.


And at first, I thought, well, maybe she'd, uh, miscounted the weeks.

But I was on Metro-MedNet...

What's that?

A VR chat room for docs in the area.

There was a colleague across town asking advice...

She has a similar case.

There's another one?

When did you talk to her?

This morning.

There's your next victim.

We need her to trust us, okay?

If her baby has the same father, she can give us a description.

I know how to conduct an investigation.

And, by the way, I'm the investigator, you are the sidekick that doesn't talk.

You have control issues.

Are you Zoe Grant?


Detective Richter, Special Patrol.

What... what's this about?

I'm in the middle of a homicide investigation.

We think the father of your child may have some information regarding the case.

Can I help you with something?

Man: Once you fill out the online form, they use a matchmaker algorithm to pick your ideal mate.

And then you set up a coffee date in the Reverie Meet-and-Mingle lounge.

So you don't actually meet face-to-face.

Not at first. Only your avatars.

We like to say it was love at first byte. With a "Y."

Seven years and counting.

Richter: And now you're gonna be parents.

And was, um... was this pregnancy planned, or...

Man: Complete accident. But a happy one, of course.

We-we, we planned to wait until genetic selection procedures were more accurate.

Man: Gen-Sel would have made sure the baby had her eyes.

Oh, God.


Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry.

No, it's fine.

No biggie. I'll get a towel.

Molly: Zoe...

Mike's not the father of this baby, is he?



You don't have to tell him, but you do have to tell us.

You could be in real danger.

All right, take it easy.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Zoe... the baby is growing too fast, isn't it?

And... and you're starting to see dead people from your past, aren't you?

Who are you people?

If you don't terminate this pregnancy, you are gonna die.

Who's the cop?

Richter, JD.

Took her out on some sort of provisional court order.

Toby, we can't contain this much longer, not with her running around out there.

People are beginning to ask questions, internally.

I have a meeting with Taylor later, to assess our options.

In the meantime, find out everything you can about this Richter.

Will do.

Are you worried?

About Taylor?

About Molly.

You have a bit of a soft spot.

She's been through a lot, but that's not your concern.

If it compromises the objective, then it is my concern.

Don't worry about my relationship with Molly Woods, just find her and the cop.

Yes, sir. Of course.


What part of "sidekick that doesn't talk" did you not understand?

You scared that woman half to death.

Do you realize I could lose my license after that little stunt?

Gina: Welcome home, Molly.

Hi, Gina.

You have 987 unanswered emails. Would you like to sort?



We shouldn't even be here, all right? This is just a pit stop.

I broke you out of the funny farm so you...

So I could help you! Which is exactly what I'm trying to do.

Now, you know as well as I know that she was lying about Mike being the father of that baby, so we have to figure out some other kind of way to get around this thing...

There is no "we," all right?

It's been a freak show since the moment you jumped into my car.

Aliens, classified missions, accelerated pregnancies.

My personal favorite? Seeing dead people.

And look at you. You're scratching your own skin off.

I'm done, I've had enough, all right? And clearly you need your meds.

We're gonna go back now.

Oh, no, no.

You told me I could come home and take a shower, and I'm gonna go take a freaking shower.

Five minutes.


(rock music blaring)

Can we please clean this place up? It looks like a dorm room!

We have two hours to get this done!

And turn that music down!

Everybody hates me, don't they?

Well, we've been working around the clock.

There was a near mutiny, but you staved it off with Ramen.

It's just for tonight.

You didn't go promising another dozen fully-finished Humanichs over the weekend?

What was I supposed to say?

Uh, "no."

Oh... look.

This is how mistakes get made.

Mihalik, wake up.


Look, Julie, I put a lot of TLC into Lucy.

I want to flip that switch as much as anyone, but we're not ready.

We can handle a smoke test.

When can I play my game on the big speaker?

Not now, we're gonna run a test soon.

Charlie promised.

Rabbit, I can't do this right now. Go play your game.

Come on, Richard.

(Richard blips and squeaks)

Everything okay at home?

He's been so difficult.

It's hard to get anything done these past few weeks.

You can hardly blame him. I mean, his father's dead, his mother's never coming back.

Yeah, he doesn't know that.


I haven't told him that Molly's not ever coming home.

I just think it's too much for him. So I just keep saying "maybe."

Julie, you can't string him along like that.

I'm trying to balance a lot of things here, Charlie.

And trying not to hurt him.

He lost his parents, his friends, his family, his home...

You can't put Pinocchio back in the box once you've turned him into a boy.

You have to deal with this.

Well, maybe in an hour or so, hopefully, we'll have another Humanich in the world.

Maybe having Lucy will help him move on. He'll have a sister.

He doesn't need a sister. He doesn't need Lucy.

He needs the truth, and you'd know that if you'd pull your head out of Anna's ass for one freaking second.

I'm sorry.

That's the MSG talking.

No, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for not being John.

Sorry for not living up to your standards. But I'm doing everything I can. For you and for Ethan and for this project.

So please stop second-guessing me.

So is that what you're gonna wear back to the hospital?

Nope, but I am gonna have a drink in it.

Who's the kid?


He was my son.

I didn't know you had a son.

Yeah, well... he was a Humanich.

He was a what?

A robot.


Oh, you're serious?

Never a dull moment with you, is there?

Not if I can help it.

Don't make me drink alone.

Just one.

So tell me, is there a robot husband as well?


A real one.



I'm sorry.



But she wishes you were dead.


Yeah, something like that.


What are you thinking?

I am thinking that... if even half of what you're saying is true, then it's no wonder that...

That I ended up in Crazy Acres.

That you... that you need a rest.

All right.

Listen, I hate to be that guy, but...


(groans): Whoa... What the... What the hell did you do?

Julie: This is a glorified smoke test.

We're gonna see some basic physical functions, simple locomotive movements and speech.

I promise you, she won't catch fire.

All the more advanced processes take a little bit more time.

I understand. Show me.

She's beautiful.

John made her in the image of his wife.

We've ported the most recent program from her incubation server, which means we get to see Lucy experience the world in a three-dimensional, corporeal form for the first time.

All we have to do is to power her up.

So without further ado...



Charlie: Three... two... one.


This is Julie.

Hello, Julie.

You have a body now.

Can you sit up?

(chuckles) Takes a little getting used to.

Anna: That's great.

I'd love to see her stand.

Uh, we weren't prepared to make that...

Tell her to stand.

Can you stand?


You made it. (laughs)

Welcome to the world.

Thank you, Julie.



Uh, nice to meet you.

But... we know each other.

Right, no.

I-I know. It's just seeing you... so mature.

(explosion on game)

(bones crackling) Aah! Aah! Let go!


(Charlie panting)

(beeps, clicks)



Leave me alone or I swear I will scream!

I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to help.

I know what's happening to you.

That you're seeing things. Things that you can't explain.


Strange patterns on different parts of your body.

People that have died.

I know this because it happened to me, too.

Please, Zoe... talk to me.

Velez: I just wanted you to know that Richter fellow, Patrol Special, dishonorable discharge from Second Kuwait.

Our trackers show they went to her apartment together.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

He's due to bring her back in the next 72 hours or so.

Maybe it was just a... conjugal visit.


What's wrong?

I got the updated assessment from Taylor.

I asked him what to do about the target.


He's recommended a drone strike. It's the only way to take him out.

On American soil?

What about civilian casualties?

Well, he's prepared to accept.

Are you?

I can't send another team to the slaughter.

The other programs aren't ready so... we're out of options.

Set up a control center for the strike.

Yes, sir.


I shouldn't have snapped at you about Molly. I'm sorry.

No, don't be.

To be honest, I am not sure if it was your girlfriend asking or your chief of staff.

Either way, the answer is the same. It's not a soft spot.

It's just history.


I started going back to Reverie, the VR where we met.

I wasn't looking to cheat.

It seemed harmless enough.

Then I stared spending more time in my fantasy relationships than in my real one and... we split up for a while.

Mike doesn't know he's not the father.

Who is the father?

There were a few one-night stands.

I'm not proud of it.

What's wrong with my baby?

It's... it-it's like it's carrying a virus.

And it affects the fetus.

And the mother.

But it happened to you and you're alive.

Yeah. But my baby was extracted from me before it reached full term.


Did-did it survive?

I can't terminate this pregnancy. I can't.


It-it brought Mike and I back together.

This baby won't be healthy.

You have to listen to me.

(cell phone ringing)

(crying) I'm sorry, it's Mike. I'm sorry, I have to go.

Zoe, you are gonna die!

Hey, you didn't pay for those!

Don't touch me!

Ma'am, I swear I'll call the cops!

I said don't touch me!

Zoe, wait!




Are you okay?

Do you need help?

Richter: Wake up!

I said wake up!


Wake up. We got to go.

Well, what-what's going on?

If you don't get up right now, I will carry your ass out of here myself.

Now, let's go.

How come you handcuffed me?

Because you roofied me, you lunatic!

And clearly you went on some kind of midnight hike.

Where did you go, Molly?


I went to see Zoe.

I told you I was gonna help her, but...

How did I get back home?

Are you really asking me that? I don't know.

I woke up from my little nap, and here you were.

(phone ringing)

Did you take my car?

And my phone.

Female electronic voice: JD, you have two messages.

Zoe: This is Zoe Grant calling for Dr. Woods.

I can't stop thinking about what you said. I lied.

I think I know who the father is, and I-I can give you a description.

But, please, I need your help.

I... I don't want to die.

Julie: We doubled up teams to finish the ethical algorithms in time, which means we skipped over the physical calibration.

When she clamped down on Charlie's hand, there was no limit to the force of her grip.

I take full responsibility for that oversight.

I'll turn it down for the next test.

We don't want you to turn it down.

That kind of strength would be very valuable to Lucy in the field.

My colleague had his hand crushed.


But it did open our minds to new possibilities.

I told you she would pass as human.

And now I'm asking you for more.

We would like this new breed of Humanichs to be faster, stronger than we are.

That has potential consequences...


Julie, this is the deal that you made.

Now, you get to continue your work with Ethan, but only as long as you deliver what we need to do ours.

I understand.

Speaking of Ethan, it seems his behavior has become an issue.

He's been through a lot. His father just died.

He's never gonna see his mother again.

I think all things considered, he seems pretty normal.

Normal or not, if you cannot get him under control, we will give him to someone who can.

No, I...

No, I promise you he won't be a distraction.


Julie, you're a brilliant woman.

But you've got to get your program under control.

There is no more room for error.

For either of us.

The target escaped five months ago.

Been on the run and growing ever since, evading every attempt we've made to capture or kill him.

We thought he was dead until got up and walked out of a morgue.

We've used an accelerated aging program to create an image of what he looks like now.

And this is an extraordinary threat, and it calls for extraordinary action.

Which is why I've received authorization for a drone strike.

I need you to understand... failure is not an option.

We have to eliminate the target for good.

Molly: Zoe!


Where would she go?

Try her again.


Straight to message. Let's try the clinic.

Maybe she went to see her doctor.

What the hell did you say to her last night?

Same thing I said to her in her living room.

(cell phone chimes)

One-one-nine-six-four, passkey: buffalojump.

Val: You have an incoming alert.

Fatality just reported.

Victim suffered a stomach hemorrhage that has similarities to case S1-304.

Has the victim been ID'd?

Sending data on file.

The victim is Mrs. Zoe Grant.

Charlie, you can't quit. This is good news, they're happy.

Oh, they're happy she crushed my hand?

(scoffs) Congratulations on a job well done, Dr. Frankenstein.

I'm sorry, I'm the boss, I had to make the call.

The boss of what? Have you even thought about what we're doing here?

Yes, this project could save lives, a lot of them.

Well, I'm sure the people who split the atom said the same thing.

Julie, Humanichs was supposed to be a revolution.

Six months, and all we've done is turn it into another weapon.

I didn't sign up for this.

Well, what about Ethan? Our work with him hasn't changed.

Everything has changed, including you.

I can't be part of it anymore.

(alarm sounds)

Charlie: Ethan's core is overheating.

Where is he?




Ethan. What's going on? What are you doing?

Trying to die.

Ethan, please don't do this.

Talk to me, Rabbit, please.

I want my mom and dad. You lied to me.

You said I would see her again.

I know.

I'm sorry, I... I never meant to hurt you.

We're here for you, buddy.

No, you're not.

If I mess up again, that lady's gonna take me away from Julie.

I heard her say it.

So that's what she's holding over you.

And Charlie said he's leaving. So then I won't have anyone.

I'll never see my parents again, and I'll never see you again.

And I want to cry, but I can't, because I'm not human.

Ethan, I'm so sorry about your mom and dad.

I am. I should have told you everything.

And I... I can't change what's happened.

I can promise you, though, that I will never ever let anyone take you away from me.

They'll have to kill me to get near to you.

I'm dangerous, even with one arm.

But you're leaving.

I'm not going anywhere.

I just said that because I was angry.

We're family, Ethan.

Families get angry with each other sometimes.

They argue, and... they say things they don't mean. And they make mistakes.

I am so, so sorry.

Please, Rabbit, turn your warmers down.

Come on, buddy.

(Julie and Charlie sigh with relief)

I love you. I really, really, really, really do.

Molly: We can't just give up.

I'm not giving up, all right? I've got another body.

Look, what I'm gonna do is just some good old-fashioned police work, all right?

Because if there's a serial killer out there, then I... I've wasted too much time already.

Are you so small-minded that you can't consider the possibility that there is something else out there?

No, I've considered it, all right?

But I'm a cop, so I work with facts. I work with evidence.

I believe in what I see.

Oh, God.

And Molly... Molly, what I see is... is someone who is distraught because they've lost their husband and their son and who needs rest desperately.

No, no, but...


But JD...


Please. Get your things.



No funny business.

Gina, connect me to Metro-MedNet.

Welcome to Metro-MedNet.

I am not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Okay, look, I am really sick here.

Something is happening to me, and I think I'm going crazy.

What are your symptoms?

Well, I started off with severe migraines.

Mood swings, unusual appetite.

And now it's getting worse.

And my skin is burning, and it's itching like crazy.

I'm having voices in my head. And I'm starting to black out.

And I'm ending up in places that I have no idea how I got there.

When did this begin?

When I got home from space.

I'm... I'm an astronaut.

Do you think this could be, I don't know, schizophrenia?

Or cosmic radiation poisoning?

Cosmic Radiation Syndrome is a rare neurodegenerative disease brought on by prolonged exposure to high-mass, high-charged particles found only in space.

Symptoms can include those you've described.

What's the prognosis?

The patient's mental state may deteriorate, resulting in aggression and confusion.

In extreme cases, this can lead to paranoid delusions, psychosis and suicide.

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, please...


I'm sorry I ruined the test.

There will be other tests.

I don't know why I keep doing these things.

Because you're hurting.

It's what humans do when we've been through something sad, we do things to try and stop the pain.

Well, if this is what pain feels like for humans...

I don't want to feel it anymore.

Ethan, what if...

What if I could take it away?

Do you trust me?

I'm gonna wake you up in a few minutes.

You're gonna feel a lot better.



Damn it.

All right, Molly Woods...

Let's see what you're up to.

Shepherd: We've ran the composite through a worldwide recognition network.

Picked up a 99.9 percent hit here.

A bar called Hydrogen.

It's close to a heavily-populated zone.

There will be civilian casualties.

This is a fight we can't afford to lose.

Tell them we're set for launch.

Icarian-4 drone, we are go for launch.

Feel better?

Yeah, much better.

Night, Rabbit.

Good night, Mom.

Icarian-4, inbound two minutes.

Give me eyes on the target.

He's already been confirmed.

Not by me! He hasn't!

If I'm gonna drop a bomb on 52 American citizens, I want to see him with my own two eyes.

Tech: Inbound 90 seconds.

Tech 2: Pulling up the bar security feed.

Move left.

Switch views.

Tech 2: Yes, sir.

Stop! There he is. Get me a better angle.

Tech 2: Switching cameras.

Push in.

Tech 2: Sir?

Target's in site, waiting for your go.

Tech 2: Sir? Sir.

What do we do?