02x08 - Arms and the Humanich

Molly: I went to space on a 13-month solo mission. I didn't come home alone. The child, part human, part alien, was unlike anything the world had ever seen. My other child... is a lifelike android.


He has become the prototype for a new breed of thinking machines... called Humanichs. These two extraordinary new life-forms now hold the key to Earth's future. But where does that leave us? Over 99% of all species that have ever existed have gone extinct. What if it's our time?

Previously on Extant...

What are you proposing?


Coexistence means the end of the human race.

Richter: You need to figure out which world you want to live in.

You can't have both.

Kelsey Richter, daughter of suspected terrorist JD Richter, was taken into custody today...

What the hell?

You're not going anywhere.

JD, don't. Ares, stop it!

He's free to go.

In another life, Molly Woods.


Lucy: Whose PyxCube was that?


Was that her boyfriend?

Oh, my God, I could go to jail.

Only if someone tells.

Wait, wait.

This just can't happen.

Molly: The GSC has a virus to kill hybrids.

A virus I created.

Hello, Taylor.

What's your recommendation?

Taalr: Release the virus...

in conjunction with the deployment of the Humanich army.

You're not humans.

Lucy: General Shepherd... we found them.

All of them.

Reporter: Please stand by for an emergency message from the Global Security Commission.

Five counties remain on lockdown as terrorists bearing biological weapons are still at large.

Former astronaut Molly...

[Low rumbling]

[Helicopter blades whirring]

[Low, indistinct conversations]

You're not eating.

I'm not hungry.

You wish he hadn't left.

You shouldn't do that, Terra.

You can look into my mind if you want.

No. I can't read minds like you can.

But you can learn.

I don't want to.

People's thoughts and feelings are meant to be private.

I don't want you to be sad.

Well, being sad is a part of being human.

Ahdu: Molly.

Something's happened.

Heleos is missing.

He didn't come back from his perimeter watch.

[Helicopter blades whirring]

Terra. Come.

[Excited chattering]

Ahdu: Molly, they're landing.

Down to the tunnels! We have to evacuate now!

Everybody, stop!

We don't need to run.

We don't need to fight.

We'll win.

They're inferior.

Our powers have proven that.

Stop thinking like a human.

This is a mistake.

Ahdu: Violence is not our choice, but if we have to fight to survive, we will.

What's happening?

They're immune to us.

What about Lucy?

Molly: Lucy?

Ethan: My sister.

She's a soldier.

Molly: What kind of soldier?

[Quietly]: They're not human.


[Distorted shouting]

[Distorted grunting, yelling]

[Distorted]: Molly!

♪ ♪

[Distorted shouting]




[Distorted explosion, shouting]


Take out the interior.

[Indistinct shouting]

[Panicked shouting]


Sweetheart, we have to go!

[Gunfire continues]

Terra, honey.

Come on out, honey. I know you're scared, but if you don't come out, I can't help you.

Okay? So come on.

You've got to come out.

Sweetheart, come.

Oh, God, come out!




Come on, let's go.



Ethan's mother.

Don't do this.



[Distorted]: Run, Terra.


Don't worry.

This will only hurt for a second.


You miss me?

What took you so long?

I got here as fast as I could.


[Helicopter blades whirring]

[Molly groans]

Ah, son of a bitch!

You're welcome.

Sorry, but that hurt like hell.

The good news is we don't have to cauterize this.

What's the bad news?

The bad news is it's still gonna hurt like hell, but it'll stop the bleeding and prevent infection.



Ahdu: You didn't have to do that. Her body will take care of itself.

Yeah, I've seen that, and I appreciate the flower-power mentality, but I'm not taking any chances.

What'd you find out, Ahdu?


Women, children.

Some got away.

Some didn't.

Did they find Terra?

Or Ares.

But I know they're out there somewhere.

How do you know that?

I just do.

Richter: You know, they had you dead to rights.

I don't get it.

Why didn't they finish the job?



The canisters.

They released the virus.

They did finish the job.

[Excited talking]

Julie: Go, go, go, go, go.

Come on, everybody out of the way.


Her spinal cortex has been destroyed.

Lumbar vertebrae have suffered catastrophic damages.

Lucy, can you hear me?

[Distorted]: I can hear you.

All right, vocals have been affected. That means her motor skills will be, too.

Don't worry, we're gonna get you back on your feet in no time, okay?

Charlie, this is horrible.

It's all right, she's not in any pain.

That's the beauty of Humanichs. What's done can be undone.

I'm not talking about repairs.

I'm talking about what I've done... with John's vision of the program.

That can't be undone.

Lucy! You're back!

What happened?

Who did this to you?

Molly Woods. Your mother.

They took John's life's work... and turned them into assassins.

[Ahdu coughing]


Is this what's going to happen to you?

I don't know.

Everybody is affected differently by the virus.

Does that meant that... there's a chance you won't get sick?

I don't know.

I can't control what's gonna happen to me.


Right now... all I care about is taking care of my son.


Oh, okay.

Come on, come on.

Oh, crap.

Who is it?

It's my ex-wife.

Here, can you get Ahdu in the house?

I... I can see how this looks bad.


My ex-husband's a terrorist?

The GSC literally just dragged our daughter out of my living room.

They won't even let me talk to her.

It's just a scare tactic, all right? They're not gonna hurt her.

What the hell have you gotten yourself into?

It's complicated.


Look, how did you even get here anyway? Where's you car?

I parked and I walked up the back trail, the old trail.

So, no one followed you?

No, no.

I followed all your crazy-ass security protocol.

And, yes, I remember what you told me about how to spot a tail.

Thank you.

Don't thank me.

You're a wanted man.

My just being here makes me an accessory.

And I'm a judge.

At the very least, I could lose my seat on the bench.


Please, JD, tell me what the hell is going on here.

I mean, honey, you're a lot of things... but a terrorist is not one of them.

It's not me that they're looking for.



So you say it's very complicated, but actually it's quite simple.


You turn them in, and we get our girl back.

No, Dorothy.

Look, if you're not gonna do it, I will.


Oh, wow. Your heart's racing.

What's happening to me?

The virus is... affecting your blood.

How long do I have?

Well, at the rate your cells reproduce...

A day.

Maybe two.

Dorothy: Listen. Whatever's going on here...

What the hell? Uh...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Dorothy. Put the gun down, Dorothy.

Did you not see what just happened?

Okay, I-I can explain...

No, no, no.

I don't I want you to explain anything.

I want you and-and whatever that is to get out of this house.


Listen to me, Dorothy.

You're not... you're not thinking straight, all right? Just...


Molly, what the hell? Knock it off!

[Laughs] Thanks. That means a lot.

[Laughs] I love you, too.

All right. You know what? That's enough. Stop it!

I know that it's hard for you to understand what's happening.


What the hell?

Ethan: Can she be fixed?

Julie: We're trying.

Lucy's in good hands with Charlie.

No, she doesn't want a human working on her!

Why not?

Because they can't be trusted.

Why would you say that?

[Sighs] Lucy said that... she said it was Molly who hurt her.

Ethan, Lucy has suffered quite a bit of damage.

Her diagnostics show misfires all through her cognitive processors.

You can't be sure she's got all her facts right.

Humanichs aren't supposed to hurt humans, but humans can hurt Humanichs.

Why is that okay?

It's not okay.

Nobody wants to hurt anybody.

So you would never hurt me?


What about Lucy?

Not intentionally, no.


'Cause if you did, I don't know what I'd do.


I brought you a little something to take the edge off, maybe help you calm down.

Calm down?

After what just happened and... she did and...

And then there's that... I mean, I-I don't even know what he is.

What is he?

Come here.

He is... half human.

A hybrid human-alien.


His name is Ahdu.

He is Molly's son.

And he's dying.

Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for her and him.

Um, but, you know, we have a daughter... who's being held against her will.

I was on my way to help Kelsey... when the GSC unleashed a reign of holy terror on Molly, Ahdu and his people.

His people?

Whatever you want to call them.

There's more of them?

There were.

There were. Most were slaughtered. I saw what was going on, and I couldn't stand by and let that happen.

Not again.

This isn't Second Kuwait.

I mean... you're talking about... I-I can't even believe I'm saying this. you're talking about aliens!

I mean, I mean, if turning them in gets us Kelsey back, then just do it, JD.

I can't.

I-I can't turn them in. If I do that, they will be killed.


Listen to me. I-I think I have another solution.


It's cold.

I know.

If we can lower your body temperature, we just might be able to slow down the progression of the virus.

And then what?


It's all right, Molly.

No, it's not all right.

I am not giving up, Ahdu.

Okay? I am gonna figure this out.

Now, there's one person I know that just might be able to help you.

Dorothy: Why are you doing this? Don't do this!

We both know there's another way.

No, there's not another way.

I'm going.

Going where?

To get Kelsey.

I'm gonna turn myself in, Molly.

Yeah, he's sacrificing himself for you and your son.

I mean, that's who they really want, right?

She's right. You can't do that. They don't want you.

If I turn myself in, the GSC, they'll release Kelsey.

All right? So, Dot, just get me a good lawyer.

Look, I'm gonna keep the GSC busy.

It'll buy you time, get them off your scent.

I'm not gonna sit here and watch him die.

What choice do you have?

There's someone at the GSC that I think can help Ahdu.

Now, I know it's a Hail Mary, but I at least have got to try.

No, you get within 20 miles of GSC, they're gonna tag you.

Well, that's a risk I'm gonna have to take.

And what about Ahdu?

Well, he needs his cold packs changed every half hour to keep his body temperature from rising.

No! No, I'm not going back in there.

I don't know what that alien's capable of!

That alien... is my son. And he's dying.

I promise you I will take care of our daughter.


Thank you.

Dorothy, don't do anything stupid.



[Car engine starts]

I... feel...



Now I get why humans fear death.


I don't want to die, Charlie.

Hey. Luckily, you're not going to.

At least, not today.

No, not now. Ever.

I can't remove your expiration date, Lucy.

You mean you won't.


I mean, I physically can't.

Removing your expiration date would kill you.

It's a safeguard.

Safeguard from what?

John Woods believed that nothing was meant to last forever.

Not even a soldier.

Expiration dates give you more of the human experience.

I am not human.

I want to live.

Whatever the cost.

Find a way to remove my expiration date or I tell Julie everything.

How you didn't install my limiters.

And how we had... relations.


What are you doing?

What are you doing? Stop it. Stop that!

Stop it! Stop it!

How the hell did you get video of that?

That was a mistake. Which I stopped.

I know that. But Julie doesn't.

And neither does the GSC.

All of that can change with the blink of my eye.


Look under the table.

If this is about what's happening to you, there's no way to reverse it.

So you know?

We put the pieces together.

Okay, then you know I don't have a lot of time.

Now, Shepherd released that virus that we created.

A lot of the hybrids have been exposed.

Are you...

Showing symptoms? No.

The others haven't been so lucky.

I'm sorry.

I don't need sympathy, I need help.

Now, my son Ahdu is dying.

Do you think plasmapheresis can save him?

It's a long shot.

Okay, but if I could take the infected plasma from his blood...

You'd need special equipment.

And you can get that.

You're asking me to steal GSC equipment, aid and abet a known fugitive and enemy of the state.

You understand that, right?


And you only helped me because you had no choice.

Because a scary alien hybrid took control of your mind.

So that's your story?

No. That's yours.

I'm sorry, but I'm fresh out of options.

[Ahdu's labored breathing]

[Labored breathing continues]

Could I have some water?

Uh... sure.

I didn't mean to frighten you.


I was just, um... caught off guard.

It was a logical reaction.

Grabbing the gun wasn't.

You've only held a gun one other time.

At a range with JD.

How did you...


He taught me how to use one. For protection.

He cares deeply for you and Kelsey.

Did you see that in his mind?

I didn't have to look into his mind... to see the obvious.

But you can see in mine?

He's disappointed you.

I know.

He fought for us, helped us when he didn't have to.

He's a true hero.


Whatever you decide, I understand.

[Elevator engine whirring]

You have my daughter and now you have me.

Let her go.

Charlie: Wait...

Wait, this is illegal.

It's, like, misuse of government property or something.

Lucy: Is that all I am? Property?

Charlie: No. Of course not. You're...

Lucy: I want to feel what humans feel.

Oh, my God, I could go to jail.

Lucy: Only if someone tells.

What the hell, Charlie?

I mean, like, seriously, what the hell?

I was drunk, but I didn't sleep with her, I stopped it.

I mean, that part of the footage is now conveniently missing, but...

[Laughs] Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Why are you showing this to me?

Lucy wants me to remove her expiration date and if I don't, she's gonna send that video to the GSC.

She's blackmailing me.

Blackmail? But... that's way beyond the scope of her programming.


It's not. I never installed her limiters.

What? Why?


Without them, she was better.

Better at what?

Do you realize what you've done?

Well, you know, if I didn't find that PyxCube of you and John, we might not even be having this conversation.

You know, I always suspected with you guys, but just seeing you...

Charlie, I don't have a PyxCube of me and John.

She must have planted it.

She knew that would be the easiest way to manipulate me.

Now she's threatening me.

What else is she capable of?

Ethan said today that humans aren't to be trusted.


Give you one guess where he got that from.

Lucy's gone off the rails, Jules.

We need to shut her down. For good.



[Ahdu coughing weakly]


[Raspy breathing]

Okay. I got something here... that might help.



This machine is gonna take your infected blood out, clean it, and then put it back in your body.

Thank you for staying with him.

[Phone ringing]

Hey, baby. Are you all right?

Oh, thank God.

It's Kelsey. Yeah.

Okay. So you're home?


You got what you wanted.

The release of your daughter.

Where is Molly?

You killed her.

She's dead?

What the hell did you think was gonna happen?

You exposed her to the virus, General, so it's just a matter of time.

You and I, we both know what she is now.

So, soon, she's just gonna be another little notch on your gun.

Right there next to John Woods.

Careful, Richter.

John Woods was my friend.

Yeah, and we all know how you treat your friends.

Old Tough Call Toby, no way, he would never order the death of an innocent man.

I won't be patronized by a deserter.

A man who would rather go AWOL than follow an order.

[Chuckles dryly]

You don't understand honor.


You want to talk about honor?

You ordered a drone strike... that wiped out an entire village of innocent civilians so you could get one terrorist.

And for what? What'd you gain? 400 yards of mud?

A mountain of dead bodies?

If that's your idea of honor, General...

I want no part of it.

What I did won us that war.

You won.

The rest of us buried our friends.

Who are you to sit there and judge my actions?

These people, these hybrids, invaded us.

They represent a clear and present danger to mankind.

So do you.

Your first move is to destroy what you don't understand.

And you know what? It isn't that simple.

These "people"... they are of flesh and blood... with families.

They have compassion, honor...

And the power to destroy us. Killing them is the only option.

You seem damn certain of yourself.

I have to be.

Well... certainty is the devil, General.

[Whirring quietly]

[Footsteps approaching]

Kelsey's home.

I-I should probably get going.

Is it working?


I have to give it a little more time.

[Ahdu groaning faintly]

[Weakly]: I want to see the stars.

[Softly]: Okay.


People are gonna ask questions.

You mean Anna.

We're gonna need a decent alibi in shutting Lucy down.

More money has gone into her than most fighter jets.

You mean "she went totes bonker" isn't a good enough reason?

Julie: Charlie, come on, be serious.

Okay. Let's walk through this.

As the face of Humanichs, [Over tablet]: we want to use this opportunity to retrofit Lucy with a new alloy, a better alloy.

Julie: And we have to take her back to square one to do it.

Charlie: Right. I mean, to make her better, faster, stronger... we have to shut her down.

Spyder, send this footage to Lucy.

We have to warn her.

Thank you.

For what?

For bringing me... here.

I did this to you, Ahdu.

I created that virus.

You... gave me life.

You gave us all... life.


It's not over, Molly.

They're still out there.

I can... feel them.

But there are some you cannot trust.

[Groans, grunts]


And... Terra.


[Faint grunting]



♪ ♪

[Softly]: I'm so sorry.

♪ ♪



I sent everyone home. There's no witnesses.

Good. Lucy's in standby mode.

Are you sure this is the right thing to do?

It's the right thing to do.

Trust me.

I can't trust either of you.

I won't let you kill my sister.

Ethan, whatever you overheard, you don't understand.

I do understand. You're going to hurt Lucy.

You were supposed to be my BHF.

But she was right. Humans can't be trusted.

Little man, you can trust us. We're family.

Lucy's the only real family I have.

You said you wouldn't hurt a Humanich.

I wouldn't.

Then why won't you just fix her?

Ethan, something went wrong in Lucy's programming, and she's malfunctioning in a very dangerous way.

Charlie: Sometimes things are just beyond repair.

The best thing to do is reboot, start over.

We're not trying to hurt her, we're trying to help her.

I don't believe you. You're liars!

Both of you!


I'm gonna go after him. Just get the job done.

[Door closes]

[Door opens]

Ethan! Hey!

[Panting]: Look...

You're upset, I get it, but you got to understand, Lucy is not who you think she is.

I know who she is. She's my sister!

Yes, but she's also something else. Okay? Something worse.

And it's... my fault.

[Molly's labored breathing]

[Machine whirring quietly]

[Weakly]: You should go.

I'm not gonna leave you alone like this.

JD would want me to stay.


No word yet.

It's me they want.

And we both know it.

So, you never put limiters on her?

Humans have self-limiters. Ethics, morals... things you learn along the way.

But not all humans are good.

And not all Humanichs are good.

See, Lucy, she didn't have what you had.

A loving family, a lifetime of experience.

All she learned was how to manipulate, to get what she wants.

Like how?

Well, like, she tricked you into running away, didn't she?

Filled your head with all these ideas about how you can't trust me or Julie.

Right? I mean... she tricked me, too.

I know this is hard, Ethan, but... [Sighs heavily] there are good humans and there are bad humans, and there are good Humanichs and there are bad Humanichs.

Lucy is one of the bad ones.

Lucy: Hello, Julie.

Doesn't feel good, does it?


Knowing the decision of whether you live or die is in the hands of someone else.

[Gasps, chokes]

Lucy, stop. Please. Stop.

My good little soldier told me what you were planning.

I won't let you kill me.

And Ethan told me about your legs.

He thinks it makes you more like us, but... you're nothing like us.


You're only human.

Julie! Let her go!



Good-bye, Julie.


[Trembling breaths]

What did I do?

You saved my life.

♪ ♪


You wanted me, Toby.

You got me.

[Panting]: Help me.

Oh, God, what have I done to you?