02x11 - Zugzwang

Molly: I went to space on a 13-month solo mission. I didn't come home alone. The child, part human, part alien, was unlike anything the world had ever seen. My other child... is a lifelike android.


He has become the prototype for a new breed of thinking machines... called Humanichs. These two extraordinary new life-forms now hold the key to Earth's future. But where does that leave us? Over 99% of all species that have ever existed have gone extinct. What if it's our time?

Previously on Extant...


I thought we'd lost you.

[Gasps softly]

Molly: I shed my old life today.


John's voice: Molly, this is John.

A Humanich has killed a human being.

There's only one thing that can stop them.

The person who has been entrusted with guarding this is Nicholas Calderon.

Molly, when you died, what did you see?

Molly: You were dying.

And I think I killed you.

Toby, you're under arrest.

On what charge?

Aiding a known enemy.

We've been playing Calderon's game.

He ginned up the hybrid threat to launch a worldwide Humanichs revolution.

You need a good lawyer, Toby.

Shepherd: I am gonna find Calderon and I am gonna take him down.

Call Molly Woods.



This is the Global Security Commission.

And our job, what we are paid to do, is to protect the people of this planet.

And we can't even protect our own people, our own damn building.

And I have to tell you, I'm pissed off right now.

And if you're not pissed off, too, you do not belong in this room.

If you don't want revenge for what was done to us, you should walk out that door and never come back.

Because I need warriors.

Does everyone understand?

Stop nodding your damn head and answer me.

Do you understand?

All: Yes, ma'am.

[Urgent chatter]

Woman: It's still too early to determine the cause of the blast.

Global Security Commission Chief General Tobias Shepherd is believed to have been the driver.

Now sources say General Shepherd fled the GSC after assisting the terrorist cell that attacked its regional headquarters, going as...

[TV clicks off, remote thuds on table]

Guy finally does something honorable, and of course they get it wrong.

It was my fault.

He died trying to help me.

Molly, don't do that to yourself.

All right? Shepherd died doing the right thing.


It's never gonna be over now.

He was our only hope.

No, not according to John.

We'll find this Calderon guy, and we'll shut down Humanichs ourself with... whatever this is.

Molly. What did you do to me?

I'll send the rest of your stuff as soon as you're ready, okay?

Don't be sad, Julie.

We'll see each other again.

Julie: Of course we will.

I love you, Rabbit.

I love you, too, Julie.

[Sobs softly]

I think it's time.

For what?

To put the past behind us.

You're always gonna be a part of his life.

And mine, too.

Fiona: We've installed delta wave sensors in all 52 states, per your recommendation.

Taalr: Very good, Madame Secretary.

Eradication of the hybrid species is essential to the preservation of the human race.

About General Shepherd's death.

What about it?

Have you reviewed the preliminary reports?

Yes. The explosion appears to have been generated from an outside source.

Perhaps the hybrids launched another assault.

But why would the hybrids kill Toby if he was helping them?

If there's another player on the board, I need to know.

Of course, but this brings up the question of your own safety, Madame Secretary.

I have adequate security.

As did General Shepherd.

I have a few suggestions, ones you may find unorthodox.


She's gone.

I knew we shouldn't have left her here.

What is all this?

It's one of the things that survived the fire.

It's from John's and Calderon's old office.

Our best hope for finding him is in this box.

Ethan: Chessboard. Cool.

John and Calderon worked together?


For about seven years.

And then they had a huge falling out, and apparently Calderon went off the deep end.

Richter: So he's crazy enough to launch the biggest cyber attack in history and genius enough not to get caught.

Lethal combination, right?

Male voice: Resuming session with previous opponent.

Is that him?

It's John.


Somebody's on the other side of the board.

Slow down. What are you talking about?

John Woods embedded a message in Ethan telling us to find his old partner, Calderon.

Nicholas Calderon?


The message is meant to be triggered if a Humanich breaks protocol and kills a human being.

It happened.

They're not just killing hybrids. They're killing humans, too.

Lucy: One human.

Fiona: Nate Malone was a hybrid sympathizer.

Thankfully, Lucy took action.

Your hard work on ethical adaptor algorithms paid off.

Can I speak to you alone for a second?

I've made Lucy my head of security.

Whatever you have to say to me, you can say in front of her.

I know you two have had some misunderstandings.

We're gonna leave all that behind us for the greater good.

Are we clear?

Yes, ma'am.

Of course.


Since you're here, I'm making some changes in the Humanichs Lab.

What kind of changes?

Our allies are placing orders in the thousands.

We can't meet that kind of demand.

Not with human workers, no.

You're gonna put Humanichs at work in the lab?

Fiona: They don't get tired, they don't call in sick.

And best of all, they don't question orders.


And if you want to keep your job, neither should you.

Ethan: Do you think it's him?

Well, whoever it is wants us to know he's there.

Otherwise, why would he keep playing?

He's sending us a message.

John used to send me messages all around the house in binary code.

He used to use zeroes and ones. Now, I couldn't understand it, but I had a program that can decode it.

Well, black squares could be ones and white squares could be zeroes.


Yeah, simple.


Richter: What are you saying?


I thought you didn't understand this stuff.

I didn't. Before.

Richter: What's he saying?

Ethan: They're numbers.

"Three, seven."

Spelling out the word "dot."

Could be coordinates.

He's telling us how to find him.

I got it.

It's only 15 miles from here.

Let's go, Ethan. You and I are gonna take a little road trip.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean, "you and I"?

This is one place you can't go.

The hell I can't.

If you go to Calderon's...

I'm scared you're gonna die.

We are talking about the world's most dangerous man here.

You think I'm gonna let you and Ethan just venture off by yourselves?

Okay, look at this.

This is the amulet that I was holding in my dream when I tried to kill you.

So what?

Maybe you recognize it from somewhere else.

Maybe John had a picture of it.

Maybe this is the future, and I saw it.

Listen, I am sorry you had this dream, I really am, but let me tell you something about dreams.

I have them every night, and you know what?

None of them come true.

So, if you're going, I'm going, and if you want to do your weird, glowy-eye thing to stop me... knock yourself out.

I have lost too many people that I loved, and I am not gonna lose you, too.

You're not gonna.

This is my choice.

It's mine.

[Elevator bell dings]

[Quietly]: Hello, and welcome to Oceania.

I just found out.

I mean, they're talking about accelerated production here.

Y'know how many of these things they could unleash if we don't find a way to...

[Quietly]: I saw Molly Woods.

She's alive? Where is she?

Trying to track down Nicholas Calderon.

The fugitive?

He may have hijacked Lucy and the entire Humanichs operation.

This is really freakin' ungood.

And now Shepherd's dead. And Fiona's...

No help to us, we both know that. Just you and me.

What do we do?

Lucy told Shepherd that she was answering to a higher authority.

We need to find out where those orders are coming from... and cut off communication.

You need to get close to her, Charlie.

How close?

Close enough to swap out her network card.


[Arguing inaudibly]


Charlie: No.

Yeah. I... I don't want to talk about it.

She doesn't appreciate you.

You were listening? That's not really your business.

Actually, everything that happens here is my business.

I've been promoted. I'm head of Fiona's security team.

That's great. W-We should...

Ah, never mind. Forget it.

N-No, what?

No, I was gonna say we should celebrate or something.

I know they don't let you out.


But I could volunteer as lab security detail tonight... and we could celebrate... here.

All right.

It's a date.

It is.

♪ ♪

That seems not very helpful.

Well, it's too many digits for a phone number anyway.

Richter: You sure these are the right coordinates?

Molly: I'm sure these are the coordinates he gave us.


[Vibrating pulse]

That is the most awesome security fence I've ever seen.

♪ ♪

Fiona: Nicholas Calderon.

Taalr: What about him?

Shepherd thought he was the one behind the attacks here at the GSC, not the hybrids.

This morning, Julie Gelineau brought up his name as well.

Calderon disappeared years ago; trail went cold.

I have no new information, Madam Secretary.

I want you to run a continuous deep scan of networked intelligence agencies.

Flag anything and everything related to Nicholas Calderon.

We may not be the only ones looking for him.

Stay here.

Keep the doors locked no matter what.

[Shotgun cocks]

♪ ♪

[Handcuffs jangling]

Put these on.

Put the cuffs on.

They're not alone.

If they move...

Come out!

Come out with your hands over your head where I can see them!


Richter: Hey.

Richter: We know you killed John Woods.

Probably killed Tobias Shepherd, and you hijacked Humanichs.

We're here to take it back.

Molly: John sent me this image in a message.

I want it.

Where is it?


Mute? Like your friend here?

It's all right. You don't have to say anything.

How 'bout we jump in my truck, we take a little drive, we'll find a room at the GSC.

Maybe you'll be open to a little bit more discussion when we get there.

I didn't kill John Woods.

I wasn't even sure he was dead until you told me.

For all I knew, it was him on the other end of the game.


That's a cute little story.

Every single lead we have, everything that we have heard or seen, all roads lead to you, Mr. Calderon.

Everything you think you know is wrong.

Well, enlighten us.


What do you know about Taylor?

[Soft crackling]

Julie: Careful.

We only have one chance to track the data coming and going.

If she's connecting to another network, we have to find out.


What's wrong?

She thinks it's a date.


Charlie, she used you. She blackmailed you.

Don't forget, she's a killer.

Because we made her that way.

She was supposed to be like Ethan, remember?

She was supposed to have free will.

We just took it away and forced a destiny on her.

Well, maybe if you had put the damn limiters on when you were supposed to...

Says the woman who wiped a kid's memory and rushed a bunch of robot soldiers through production like she was opening up a fast food joint.

Julie, wait.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


That's not fair, okay?

You're right. We've both done some questionable things.


You were just keeping to the core ideals, and I was...

I don't know what the hell I was doing.

But we have a chance to make it right here.


We don't have time for sentimentality, Charlie.

And we don't have time for regrets.

Calderon: We did this presentation dozens of times when we were looking for funding.


Threat Assessment and Algorithmic Research.

John would say, "Imagine the greatest minds "in the world coming together to solve its biggest problem: the threat of human extinction"

Then I'd jump in.

"Asteroids, pandemics, environmental catastrophes."

Oh, we were good.

You'd posit an extinction level scenario.

Taylor would recommend a course of action to preserve the greatest percentage of human life.

The bigger the problem, the better he got.

Millions of decision trees all branching out... exponentially.

He was sublime.


It wasn't long before the government came calling.

Instead of tsunamis, they posed different questions.

Next thing we knew, he was telling us what wars to start, what countries to invade.

He wasn't making recommendations.

He was taking actions.

I tried to shut him down, but...

He didn't care for that.

Are you saying you were framed for those bombings by a computer?

My husband was on his way to your house the night he died.

John knew I had a way to shut them down.

A kill switch.

Taylor decided to stop him.

So Taylor killed my husband?

Taylor knew that if John shut down Humanichs, the human race was in danger, because Humanichs were the best defense against the invasion.

Richter: If Taylor discovered... that humans were threatened with extinction... what would he do?

If he had to kill a billion people to save eight billion... that's just what he would do.

So, the kill switch is the amulet.

It is. Unfortunately... it disappeared when the government confiscated my property.

I'm sorry I don't have better news for you.

Now... [Sighs]

Do you mind?

[Elevator bell dings]

[Gentle French music playing]

What's all this?

Well, I know you have memories of Paris implanted in your brain, but I wanted you to experience it.

As much as you can, anyway.

So I got croissants, I got Gruyère cheese, chocolate, champagne, non-alcoholic.

You did this for me?


To apologize.

For what?

For treating you like a machine.

Because you are so much more than that.

Thank you.

Want to know a secret?

I love secrets.

I've been working on a little side project.

Something the GSC would never let me do, because it's not a military upgrade.

What is it?

A neural sensitivity enhancer... designed to give you even more of the human sensory experience, to heighten your sense of touch.

When will it be done?


I just need a beta tester.

Know anyone who might be interested?

There we go.

Now you should feel a slight...

Did that feel any different?


But I still liked it.

I'll keep working.

And we'll keep testing.

[Piano playing "Moonlight Sonata"]

Calderon: John and I never wanted it to turn out this way.

This is the future we dreamed of.

Machines teaching machines, learning the way humans learn.

Richter: Wait a second.

Are you saying that Frankie is a Humanich?

A Syntiate. My design.

There's a difference.

Any why doesn't she speak?

Some of her parts have worn down, but she gets by.

Okay, well, look, it's been a long day, so...

Listen, you can stay as long as you like.

We grow plenty of food, music in the evening, a beautiful pond to skinny dip in.

And at least you'll be safe here.

Okay, you have to have another plan up your sleeve, some way we can stop Taylor.

In chess, it's considered poor etiquette to keep playing when it's hopeless.

I have a spare room and a sofa.

I'll leave it to you.


Ethan is powered down for the night.

So I... think I'm gonna take the couch.

No, no, no, no, I...

I set up my tent. I'm gonna sleep underneath the stars.

I have a confession to make.

I feel relieved that the amulet doesn't exist.

I know that sounds crazy.

But at least I know you're gonna be okay.

That does sound crazy.

But I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't more than a little bit creeped out by the whole thing.


But you stayed.

Of course I did.

Maybe Calderon has a point.

Maybe we should stop running.

Yeah, we could hang out around here and... go skinny-dipping in the pond.

Yeah, we could.

[Both laugh]


Look, if it is the end of the world, for you, me or for whoever...

Maybe we should enjoy what time we have left.

Even if it is for just one night.

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

[Mechanical thud]

Where should we go?

Anywhere we want.

You choose.




That's too hot.

How about Montana?

I see you as a cowboy.

I do have the boots for it.

We could grow our own food.

Have fish in a pond.

Ride out the apocalypse like Calderon and Frankie.

It's working for them.

Ethan: Mom! Somebody help!

Help! Help!



Somebody help! Help!

Stand back.

Help! Help me! Mom!

Help! Help!




Are you okay?

[Ethan gasping]

You're one of them.

Come on, let's get out of here.

I wasn't gonna hurt him.

I just wanted a speech translator.

Is that why you wanted us to stay here?

No, I...

Frankie hasn't spoken a word in three years.

Not since hers wore down.

I couldn't get one.

I couldn't risk being detected.

Well, you didn't have to attack my son to get it!

Go on, get out.

Get out.

Come on, Ethan. Let's go.

But, Mom...

I think I can help.

[Computer trilling]

Charlie: Okay, so we're trying to figure out who exactly is giving Lucy her orders and from where.

So I broke down her data into smaller packets.

And she can't detect us?

We're like people standing on an overpass, watching cars go by underneath.

She has no idea.


So I pulled this one from the first set of packets.

It's a stream of MAC addresses, all Humanichs currently online and connected to the central server.

But check this one out.

Julie: Finland?

Not so fast.

It's changing.

Charlie: Right.

Media access addresses don't change like that.

Correct. Hence the...

Julie: What's happening?

I have no idea.

I thought we couldn't be detected.

So did I.

I understand. I'll take care of it.

It's okay.

Is this what you're talking about?

♪ ♪

Say something.

Say something.

What the hell is the matter with you?


If you're one of them, the Humanichs are looking for you, too.


I didn't deserve Ethan's kindness.

But maybe I can repay it.

There is a way to stop the Humanichs and Taylor.

And it could save your life.

But it comes at a terrible cost.

Taalr: Still no sign of Nicholas Calderon.

And Molly Woods and the rest of the hybrids are still at large.

Perhaps it's time you made the public your eyes and ears.

Tell them there's an invasion?


But we went through all that.

That there would be panic, riots.

There aren't enough National Guardsmen to maintain control.

You don't need the National Guard; you have Humanichs.

Humanich soldiers patrolling American streets.

Wouldn't the added security bring your citizens comfort?

For a while, maybe.

Over time, they would come to see it as an occupation.


Because it's human nature to resist control.

To want freedom.

Isn't that the nature of all conscious beings?

I suppose so.

Hey. Good news.

They expedited the approval process to ship out new Humanichs.

They did?

There are 1,000 in that warehouse going out tomorrow.

In 48 hours, they'll be all over the world.

Your handiwork on all seven continents.

That's great.

I thought you'd be pleased.

Can't wait for our next date.

Me, too.

[Line ringing]

Julie: What'd you find out?

They're shipping tomorrow.


The Humanichs in the warehouse.

They're shipping tomorrow.

But they're not due for weeks.

Well, somebody expedited the process.

We have to destroy those bodies, and we have to do it now.

Hang on, hold on. Let's just think this through a second.

We don't have time to think it through!

Charlie, if those Humanichs go out now, we will never be able to stop them.

Can you get your hands on some thermite?


What are you talking about?

Meet me downstairs at the warehouse.

We're gonna melt them down.

Every last one.

Calderon: Albert Einstein said he made only one major mistake in his life.

He signed a letter to President Roosevelt... urging the creation of the atomic bomb.

When the government took over Taylor...

John and I started work on a worm, a program that would infiltrate and destroy the base operation that both Taylor and the Humanichs were built upon.

[ATM beeps]

Atm: Welcome.

Please move closer for biometric scan.

[ATM trilling]

Calderon: We called it "Einstein's Regret."

It was either that or... "Zugzwang."

It's a chess term.

When a player has to move, but any move weakens his position.

I'm about to make a move... that's going to weaken my position substantially.

Atm: Welcome back, Mr. Lasker.

It's been some time since your last visit.

Now retrieving contents of box number 45638.

The Humanichs.

Where did they all go?

Lucy: You're too late.

I believed you.

Lucy, please listen.

You were playing me. That's okay.

I like games; I'm very good at them.

In fact, we're going to play hide and seek.

I hid Julie; your turn to go find her.

Wait. What?

Hey, where the hell is she? Ah!

That's your punishment, Charlie.

[Chuckles]: You're never going to know.

Lucy... don't do this.

[French accent]: As they say in Paris...

au revoir.


Help me!


[Muffled]: Help!

[Muffled]: Help!

All the instructions are inside.

I hope you understand there may be nothing or no one beyond Taylor's reach at this point.

Every computer, every self-driving car, every bit of connected machinery.

Thank you.

[Sirens approaching]

[Tires screeching]

[Men shouting]

♪ ♪

Ah! No.

Just let me do it.

I'm gonna throw it in these weeds and we're just gonna keep driving.

How far?


They're gonna find you eventually.

There is no future if we keep running.

Not for anybody.


This is the magic bullet.

And we're gonna use it. No matter what happens.