01x06 - The Room Where It Happens

Previously on "The Equalizer..." This is Melody, one of my oldest friends.

Mel, I'm gonna need Harry on this one.

- What do you need?

- I need those freaky-ass superpowers of yours.

MEL: How many others are out there with nowhere to turn? They have somewhere to turn.

They turn to me.

She lied to her father.

And that dress she's wearing?

She boosted it.

They just happen to be looking for volunteers, and I'm thinking about hours ought to do it.

Detective Dante, his father was a cop, too, who got busted for being dirty. Now you have to admit it was kind of fun playing outside the lines.

Playing outside the lines or crossing the line?

Whatever gets the job done.






Hey, Mom, we don't have plans Saturday, right?

Is it cool if I hang out with a friend?

Who's the friend?

Do I know her?

Or him?

Her name is Nicki.

We met at Grandhaven while I was doing my community service.

Oh, is she a volunteer, too?

Uh, not exactly.

Okay, she was in detention, but for barely a year.

Mom, I swear, she's a really good person.

What'd she do?

She just got in a fight at the mall and happened to have a pocket knife on her.

Which she says every -year-old girl should have for safety.

Plus, the cop was a racist jerk.

So she's almost and fresh out of juvie for assault with a deadly weapon?


Ice is melting.

I'm hungry.

DELILAH: You don't even know her.

How can you be so judgmental?

I mean, when you were her age, didn't you steal a car?

I shouldn't have said that.

We'll discuss your friend Nicki later.

Go get ready for school.

You're gonna be late.



Delilah's right.

You're basically telling your daughter you don't want her to hang out with you.

Me at that age?

Hard pass.

Come on, you can't honestly think that this is a good idea.

That is not what I'm saying.

Just don't judge a girl by her record.



- Got to go.

JOSEPH: The cops said they couldn't help.

I just didn't know who to call, so when I found your message board...

You might not even do this kind of thing.

Well, try me.

My daughter Maya, she's always been happy.

She was always there to lift me up whenever I needed it.

She's smart, too.

She even got an internship with that woman who she loves who's running for mayor.


But then...

She came home on Sunday for dinner, and she never left.

And she's different.

She's scared.

She won't eat and she won't go back to school.

Her friend from college keeps calling.

Even came down here, but Maya won't see her.

She won't tell me what's going on.

But the other day I happen to be walking by her bedroom door and I overheard her on the phone.

(WHISPERS): She said, "What are you doing?

"Why you doing this?

Just leave me alone." I know it sounds crazy, but I think someone's threatening my daughter.

And I can't help her.






Doing a little Marie Kondo-ing?

The best therapy.


No offense.

I didn't even know college counselors made house calls.

Well, when a parent calls with a concern, we take it seriously.

Anxiety is my dad's love language.

All parents.

You missed a few days of school.

Oh, I burned out.

Between, uh, class and my internship, it was crazy, I just needed a little me time.

You know, Maya, I'm not just a counselor.

If you're in any kind of trouble, I'm sure I can probably help.

Seriously, I'm fine.

Your dad said he overheard a phone call.



I love him, but he's crazy.

There was no call.


I haven't been threatened, I don't need a shrink.

Uh, what I need is about four seasons of Day Fiancé and a gallon of ice cream. I'm okay.


She is not okay.

- What makes you think that?

- ROBYN: Her behavior.

The girl put on a Broadway show, but she couldn't hide the signs.

She was jumpy, fidgeting, and the cleaning just hints at a need for control.



Oh, please.

She's not talking about me.

Of course not.

And her dad's anxiety is off the charts.

Trust me, a parent knows.

Harry, were you able to access her phone records?

Yep, uh, she did get a call at the same time her dad heard her on the phone, but the caller was using VOIP.

It's untraceable.

Someone wanted to stay anonymous.

HARRY: But she was definitely being threatened.

Maya got a bunch of WhatsApp messages at the same time.

This is from BringThePain : "We had a deal.

I kept my end of the bargain.

You better keep yours." And "Clock's ticking.

Don't make me ruin you." Someone was after her.

Can you decrypt the sender's account?

Find out who it is?

Have you ever heard of the Arab Spring?

- Why would you get him started?

- Yes, you have, because apps like this are so unhackable that dissidents used them without getting caught and executed.

It would take me weeks.


I'm headed to the university.

See if Maya's friend can shed some light.

OLIVIA: I have no idea what's going on. And she won't tell me.

It's like she totally shut me out.

Her father, too.

It's why I'm up here to check up on her.

- When did this all start?

- Two weeks, maybe.

She just woke up a completely different person.

Started drinking too much, uh, late to class.

Never wanted to leave the room.

- Any idea what might have happened?

- None.

But last week she ran in here like she was being chased.

She tried to play it off, but I swear, I caught her checking out the window for the next hour.

I-I know I'm making her sound crazy...

No, you're not.

I think Maya was being threatened.

- By who?

- You recognize this username?

Bringthepain ?

No, but if they go to school here, someone on my group texts might know.

Let me ask the hive mind.


- Huh.

It's Jake Mitchell, captain of the baseball team.

- T-That's weird.

- Why is that weird?

He's a frat boy jock.

Maya hates jocks.

Why would she be DMing with him?


- Hello, Jake.

- What the hell, lady?

- Who are you?

- The original "bring the pain." Maya Ruiz.

Tell me about her.

- Who?

- The girl you've been threatening.

I don't know what you're talking about.


- Oh, strike one.

You remember now?

"Don't make me ruin you?" And making threatening calls?

- That's not what you think...

- Right.

Strike two.

You running out of time, and like you told Maya, "Clock is ticking." So you ready to sing...



Seriously, it was nothing.

Maya was...

She needed some extra money, She was writing my papers for me.

Why the texts?

She missed a deadline on an essay.

I was gonna get an incomplete, lose my eligibility.

So I sent those as, uh, motivation.

But that's it.

And I didn't call her.

We were good.

She gave me the paper the night before last.

But it was weird.

She wanted to meet late, and she looked a wreck.

Said she'd been injured in a fall.

That's why she needed the pills.

- Hold on.

What pills?

- Oxy.

Instead of cash payment, Maya wanted pills.

How many?

How many pills?

Maybe ?



- Hey.

- I've been calling.

- Where's Maya?

- She's napping.



Call an ambulance.


Wake up.


Stay with me.


Hey, it's Delilah.

Leave a message.


- Hey, it's Mom.

I just wanted to, um, say...


She's still not talking.

And the only thing she said was that we should have let her die.

Oh, tranquilo, papi. Tranquilo.

Remember how you told me how Maya used to keep you strong?

Now it's time for you to be her lifeline while I figure this thing out.


I know.

I know.


Harry, what'd you find out?

HARRY: This is from outside of Maya's building the night she ran in there like she was being chased.

Who's the guy?

HARRY: Identified him as one Zev Petrus.

Technically, I identified him.

Hmm, technically I didn't specify.

He's an ex-cop turned P.I.


He's shown up at my bar a few times tailing spouses, digging for dirt.

I've had to throw him out more than once.

He specializes in dirty laundry and celebrity divorces.

Sounds like a real scumbag.

Yeah, well, he's an effective scumbag.

An expensive scumbag.

Known for his ability to intimidate.

Hiring him to threaten a college kid is like using a battering ram to get through a screen door.

- Okay, so who brought in the big guns?

- I don't know.

But as a bottom-feeding dumpster diver, he's, uh, he's been known to, uh, do opposition research for political candidates.

Didn't you say that Maya was interning at a campaign?


Sinead Keller.

Sinead Keller?


Girl crush?

A little bit.

They say that she's super smart, progressive.

Like, the "real deal." Yeah, and it's a pretty high-stakes race for mayor this year.

Tons of money pouring in from both sides.

Maybe this has to do with that?

For Maya to attempt suicide?

From all accounts, this Zev Petrus guy makes Pellicano look like, I don't know, Mr. Rogers.

Who knows what he did to threaten her?

Well, sounds like someone I'm gonna enjoy speaking to.

And I can check out Sinead's campaign offices.

See if anyone there knew that Maya was getting threatened.

Or if he was threatening anyone else there.

Plus it'll give me a chance to see what all the hype is about.

MAN: So coffee's this way. Bathrooms that way.

Uh, the Wi-Fi password is KellerCan .

You know, Maya said this office had a great vibe.

She was right.

- Oh, my God, Maya recruited you.

- Yeah.

She's such a star.

The higher-ups love her.

- Really?

- Especially Sinead.

Maya is definitely the golden girl around here.

- Good morning, team.

How we doing?


- Okay, quick, quick.

- She's talking, she's talking.

I know you're busy.

But Elijah just gave me some news and I want you to hear it first.

New polls give us a three-point lead.


I've run a lot of campaigns in my career, I've worked with a lot of incredible candidates...

- Queenmaker!

- Queenmaker!

But never with someone who has the tremendous vision or potential for greatness

- that this woman has.


If I am the first woman to become mayor of this beautiful, imperfect city, it will be you guys

- who made history, not me.

- WOMAN: Yeah!

Hey, you're new right?

- What's your name?

- Me?



Hey, Mel?

Want to go make history?

- Hey, Mel.

- Yes?

Who can?

I-I know.

It's Keller can.

- Who can?!

- ALL: Keller can!

- Keller can!


Hey, yeah, hey, do me a favor.

Show her those photos I just sent over and ask if she wants to press assault charges.

ROBYN: Hello, Petrus.

I'm gonna have to call you back.

Who the hell are you?

That depends on how you answer my questions.

You do know that trespassing is illegal?

Well, so is wiretapping.

I like to refer to it as, uh...

bringing back the party line.

Party line?

If you're old enough to remember the party line, then that means you are too old to be chasing college girls.

Maya Ruiz.

Why'd you threaten her?

To get dirt on her boss Sinead Keller?

You got it backward.

I wasn't hired to get dirt on Sinead.

I was hired to protect her.


From who?

Maya Ruiz.

See, someone's been giving information to the rival campaign.

Your girl Maya?

She had a meeting over there last week.

I'm just trying to find out why.

But far be it from me to threaten a girl.


Now why is it that I don't believe you?

I could pinkie swear.

The question is whose campaign do you work for?

The underdogs.




I think we got a problem.

Robyn, I am telling you I would actually go door-to-door for this woman.

I get it.

I get why Maya would work so hard for her.

Then why was she meeting with Sinead's opponent?

- You're kidding.

- Nope.

Petrus said she was passing info to the enemy, but I'm not buying it.

Something else is going on.

I'm pretty sure it has to do with the campaign.

But everyone here loves Maya.


Actually, not everyone.

Let me call you back.


Hey, baby.

- Are you okay?

- Yes.


I don't know, your voicemail this morning was all weird and intense.

I just said hey.


Did you think "hey" was code for something?


Well, as long as you're not in the hospital dying, I got to go.

Well, remind me not to make you my one call from jail.

Okay, my mom won't be back for a while and my aunt's out on errands, so we are now in a grown-up free zone.

Did she say we could hang tomorrow?

Yeah, she did.

She just needed to make me suffer first.

Since she quit her job, it's like my social life is her favorite hobby.

You know, I was doing fine without the micromanaging.


Try this one on, Nicki.

Before my mom died I felt that way, too, but...

I miss her lectures.

God, that was so dumb.

I wasn't thinking about your mom.

Don't trip.

This is nice.

You sure you don't want it anymore?


I've worn it, like, a million times.

I just wish I had more to remember her by.

She left me a necklace.

Gold, with a little heart.

But Jason took it.

- Girl, I thought you dropped his ass.

- I did.

Soon as I got out.

But he kept all my stuff and he's holding it hostage.

All I want is the necklace, but...

he's telling me he'll only give it back if we get back together.

Are you serious?


We're getting that necklace back.

Del, it's not a big deal.

It's a huge deal.

It's messed up.

Look, we've got the whole day tomorrow, that's what we're doing with it.

I spoke to an intern who was not a Maya fan.

She said that all the attention Maya was getting from the higher-ups was going to her head.

And that last week, she borrowed the campaign car without asking and was gone for a couple of hours.

Do we know where?

I checked the car's GPS for that day and the address matched an apartment building in Jersey City.

She was there for over three hours.

Any idea who she was visiting?

Well, according to the browser history of the computer she used at work, the address matched a search she ran on a woman named

- Patty Romero.

- Who's Patty Romero?

That's the weird thing...

Her public records go back two years.

Before that, it's like she didn't exist.

Send me the address.

(KNOCKING) Patty Romero?

I'm a friend of Maya Ruiz.


Because a good friend would tell her to drop it.

- Drop what?

- Yeah, you guys are clearly very close.

She attempted suicide.


It wasn't my job to protect her.

No one can.

Not while they're protecting that b*st*rd.


The moment I saw Maya at the door, I knew what happened to her.

Big, brown eyes, dark hair...

We could be sisters.

- Just his type.

- Whose type?

The Queenmaker, God's gift to women candidates...

Elijah Reade.

He assaulted you?


He raped me.

You have to understand.

Elijah is New York politics.

He's the whole ball game.

When he hired me five years ago, it wasn't just getting a job, it was like...

like he gift-wrapped me a future.

I didn't report the rape because I was afraid to lose all that.

- He knew what he was doing.

- Yeah.

Because then he fired me anyway.

I told him I would sue, and got threatened with the greatest hits.

I'd never work again in this town if I said anything, no one would ever believe me...

Finally, they got me to sign an NDA, take a settlement.

It was tons of money, but...

not enough.

Considering that when I signed that document, my truth...

my pain, legally belonged to him.

I couldn't stay quiet, so I tweeted that I was sexually assaulted by a political consultant.

That was brave.

It was stupid.

Because my old colleagues came forward to defend him. People I thought were friends.

Said I was a disgruntled employee using the #MeToo movement to take down a good man.

I was torn apart in the press.

Blackballed from politics.

Had to move and change my name because of the harassment.

I didn't try to end my life, but...

my life ended.

- Patty...

- Sarah.

My real name is Sarah.

Nice to meet you, Sarah.

Sarah, did you ever deal with a Zev Petrus?

When they were pressuring me to take the money, Petrus was the one trashing my reputation, destroying me publicly.

I couldn't even go to the cops.

Petrus told me about another woman who tried in , and they did nothing.

That's why I told Maya to give up.

Because either you live in silence, or they make you wish you were dead.

Shouldn't have to be that way.

You see another option?


Make them wish they were dead.


I talked to Sarah.

Maya, I'm not a college counselor.

But I am someone who can help.

I want to go after Elijah Reade.

To bury him.

But I want to know I have your permission.

Either way, I promise I have your back.

So can you hang in there?

Stay with us while we do this.

Let's see how you do first.



MEL: Elijah Reade... over his -something-year career in politics, he's become one of the most sought-after strategists in the city.

You bag him, you bag the election.

So he's a golden goose for political candidates.

MEL: Yeah, the guy never loses, and he has a history of supporting female candidates.

He's a wolf in feminist clothes.

Reputation alone makes him the perfect predator.

Serial predator...

I mean, I'd bet money on it.

I've met the guy.

Everybody loves him.

I think he's been getting away with this for a very long time.

Which means there are other victims out there.

It's no wonder Maya's been meeting with other campaigns.

She was trying to get away from the guy.

Patty mentioned there was another woman back in who went to the cops.

Nothing happened.

See, this is why women don't report these kinds of crimes.

It takes everything that you have to come forward, and then everybody doubts you.

Not this time.

This guy's going down.

But first we have to break the dam of silence.

We have to break his machine of fear.

Let's start with the woman back in .

See what happened there.

NYPD cases from weren't digitized.

They were still filling out forms, hiding them in some basement somewhere, hoping the pipes didn't burst.

I don't think I'm your guy for this.

Well, good thing I got another guy.

- You all right?

- Mm-hmm.


- Detective Dante.

Detective Dante, this is Detective Grisham from the th.

Funny, I thought they disbanded the th.


No wonder it's so quiet here.

Listen, I need you to pull a file for me.

It's about Elijah Reade back in .

Why would I do that?

Because you like me.

How can I like you when I hardly know you, Detective Grisham?

You're not the only detective here.

You know I can hear you smiling, right?

Come on, you know what?

I wouldn't ask if it wasn't for a good cause.

What's the case?

You tell me.

Isn't this breaking and entering?

Okay, you used to live here.

You still have a key.

It's not breaking, it's just entering.

Maybe on your side of town.


He stole an heirloom of your dead mother's to extort you for s*x, and you want to argue about putting a key in a door?

Okay, they're out.

Let's go.

DANTE: Okay, I found the file.

A woman accused Elijah Reade of sexual assault.

A case was opened, but before any real work could be done, she withdrew the complaint.

Because someone got to her.

Who was the detective on the case?

Zev Petrus.


You sound like you know him.

What have you found?

Other women he silenced.

This victim, what was her name?

That's not something I'm gonna give you without her consent.

I figured as much.

Thanks for your help, Detective.

So, it's .

Petrus is a cop looking into Elijah for rape.

And Petrus has a bank account where his conscience should be, so Elijah backs up the Brink's truck and makes the case go away.

Petrus quits the force and, uh, goes on Elijah's payroll full-time.

And the women get bullied into silence.

It's not right.

We need to talk to this woman, see if she's willing to get justice with us now, with our help.

Well, how we gonna do that?

We don't even have her name.

I don't think we're gonna need it.



Hi, I'm Laura Foley.

I work with Sinead's campaign.

May I come in?

Sure, please.

Nice to meet you.

I won't stay long.

We at the campaign just heard what happened.

I'm just here as a messenger to offer her the campaign's full support.

In fact, we would be more than happy to cover your hospital bill.

That's very generous.

Of course, we would just want Maya to sign a little paperwork, out of respect for her privacy.

You understand.

Would be an enormous help.

Elijah insisted.

Thank you.

We'll think about it.

Just let us know.

And feel better, Maya.


What's to think about?

Don't get me wrong, your health is the only thing that matters to me, but...

you know we need the money.

Dad, I have to tell you something.

I knew you wouldn't let it go.

You followed me?

Well, I heard the way Petrus' name got stuck in your throat.

There's history there.

You knew he sandbagged the case, So you're here to make it right.

Maybe I am, but I'm not about to do it with you.



You don't have to tell me who she is.

I already know.

Elijah has a type.

You're doing great, Evan!

Look, I...

I get it.

You want to play by the rules.

But what's the point if people like Elijah and Petrus rig the game?

How many other victims?

At least two.

I'm guessing a lot more.

I take lead.

MAN: There you go, there you go!

Your boy's got real skill.

Explosive, too.

I'm Detective Dante.

This is...

an associate.

I can't be seen talking to you.

Because someone warned you to stay quiet?

Like they did in ?

Was it Petrus?

My husband doesn't even know, and I've never said a word to anyone else.

Look, I understand.

You don't want to talk about it.

I can't talk about it.

I signed an NDA, took a settlement because I had no other option.

Because no one would listen.

The way you were treated when you told your story...

that never should have happened.

Let us reopen your case.

We can protect you.

There are others.

Women like you.


Are they talking?

Then neither am I.

It's like going up against the mafia.

Can't make a case when no one's willing to talk.

So, you still want to play by the rules?

More so.

Because Zev Petrus is what you get when you don't.

Wiretapping, intimidation...

He's the reason these women have to live with their abuse.

He may have left the force, but he's still a dirty cop in a more expensive suit.

Only I could never prove it.

You know the reason I knew you would come here and talk to her is because you act according to your nature.

Nudge Petrus.

He'll do the same.



You okay?

I shouldn't have told him.

I shouldn't have told him.

Your dad?

What, he didn't believe you?

No, no, he did, and now he's gone.

And he's gonna kill Elijah, and it's all my fault.

Talk to me Harry.


Social media puts him at the campaign headquarters.

Damn it!

He's got a head start on me.

Come on, Joseph, don't do this.


Aunt Vi.

Not a great time.

Dee and Nicki got caught for breaking and entering.

They ran from the cops, Dee got away, but Nicki got arrested.


I told you Nicki was a bad idea.

I shouldn't have said yes to her.

Put Delilah on the phone.

Before you jump down her throat, Robyn, I think you should hear the whole story.

Don't tell me what I need.

She's not your daughter.


But I'm the one she called, and I'm the one who picked her up.


MICHELLE: Hi there!

- Are you here to volunteer?

- Uh, yeah.

Great, just give me one sec to grab a couple of forms for you, and I'll give you the lay of the land.

♪ You pull that gun, you will destroy your life.

I failed her.

Every parent feels that way at some point.

Believe me, I know.

But the only way you really fail her is if you pull that trigger.

Because if you do this, Maya loses her father when she needs you the most.

I'll get him.

I will.

But right now, Maya needs you.

You need to be with Maya.

(DOOR CLOSES) ♪ I'm sorry, Aunt Vi.

I really am.

I didn't mean what I said.

Oh, yes, you did.

You know, Robyn, I get caught between the apple and the tree with you two, but there is never a question in my mind that she's your child.

She's in her room.

Before you go, there is something that you need to know.

Scooch over.

Aunt Vi told you me why you did it.

I just wanted to help Nicki, and...

now she's in jail because of me.

I see your heart.

You tried to help a friend.

I get it.

But, Dee, you can't be risking yourself like that.

Mom, I had to.

She has no one else.

But you do.

You'll always have me.

I know, Mom. Win anything?


Dante Jr.

Look at you all grown up, huh?

I heard you made detective from the old crew.

What it take you, two years longer than your old man?

The old crew mention some of your cases are being reopened?

Does the name Elijah Reade ring a bell?

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

Wouldn't waste my money on those.

Whole system's rigged.

ROBYN: They're turning up the pressure Elijah's lawyers just offered Maya a settlement.

They're trying to buy her silence like the others.

Well, she's not gonna take it, is she?

It's either that, or Elijah's machine crushes her.

She just wants to be done with this.

No, Robyn, she can't.

She'll regret it for the rest of her life.

Then we'll have to make sure she doesn't.

Glad to see you're feeling better.

I just want to get this over with and get on with my life.

I can go.


I want to do this.


♪ I want double.


You thought Little Miss Suicidal was gonna take whatever you throw at her?

Maya, our position is firm.

You don't have a position, Laura.

You get paid to keep me quiet about the criminal you work for.

And this insulting number makes me feel really chatty.


But I'll need a moment to update the paperwork.

Where are your restrooms?

Out in the hall.

The office doors are locked this time of night, so you'll need a key to get back in.

Emily, can you...?

You okay?

Sorry, it just...


Feels good, to be fighting.

It'll get you into the office.

We got this.

It's almost over.

I'm ready to sign.

- Well, did you get them?

- Yep.

Signed NDAs and settlements.

How many?


But that's not the shocking part.

The very mayoral candidate Elijah is now supporting?

Sinead Keller was one of his first victims.

Go with the cobalt.

It pops.

I-I'm sorry, do I know you?


You don't.

But I have some information I think you might want to hear.

Elijah Reade, your right-hand man?

For the past two decades, he's coerced women working under him into sexual relationships and then silenced them.

That's an outrageous claim.

Do you have proof?

I think you might be it.

years ago, you started your career working for Elijah, right?

There was an NDA.

Are you threatening me?

I would never tell your story.

You don't know my story.

Elijah and I, it was, it was consensual.

Was it?

Or did he convince you that it was?

Elijah's trying to put a woman in Gracie Mansion.

I'm-I'm not gonna threaten his chances of doing that by giving these false accusations any airtime.

They're not false.


I wish they were.

I wish Elijah really had wanted to mentor me.

That meetings in his office hadn't slowly turned into drinks that felt like dates.

You know how that felt?

There was an event at a hotel two weeks ago.

Elijah had the staff up into his room for a drink.

He convinced me to stay, help him clean up.

Then he asked for other things.

I tried to leave, but he wouldn't let me.

He'd been drinking.

He was sloppy.

When I met him, he looked at me like I was special.

And I was excited because I thought I could be like you.

He called me his "stallion." But...

when he raped me, I-I realized he'd probably forgotten my name.

I signed a settlement.

More money than my dad had ever seen, and I know we could be sued for more if Elijah knew I was telling you this.

So could his other victims, but...

if you speak out against him, people will listen.

That's a terrible story.

But it's not mine.

I have an interview to get to.

ROBYN: Just so you know.


Thank you.

Oh, you smell wonderful.

- (CHUCKLES): Thank you.

- PRODUCER: Everyone ready?

We're live in five, four, three...

INTERVIEWER: Sinead, thank you so much for having us here today to talk about the campaign and the partnership that got you here.

And what a campaign it's been.


Thank you.

We are so grateful for the numbers we're seeing this week.

Let me begin with a question for Elijah.

Sinead started her career working for you as an assistant years ago.

When did you first see the potential in Sinead as a leader?

Oh, from the very start.

You know, my mother was a staunch feminist, and I've always felt it critical to support and empower women.

Sinead is one of many.

But there was always something special about her.

She's-she's passionate.

(LAUGHS): Empathetic.


I'm just, I'm just glad to be a small part of her story.




Uh... What was it you used to call me?

My stallion.

Because I knew how far you could go.



It's a nice story.

I've been telling it to myself for years.

But you left out a few parts.


Like the part when I was and my boss got me drunk and slept with me.




I'm sorry, the campaign has been, uh, exhausting.

And the candidate's running on fumes...

- I feel fine.

- That is quite an allegation.

And that's-that's all it is.

And even if it were true...

Which I want to be clear, it is not...

It would have been years ago.

And it's been a good years for you, Sinead.

I know.

And people will judge me for that.

Might even mean the end of my campaign.

They'll say I knew, that I enabled your abuse.

Because it didn't stop with me, did it?

women, NDAs.

You didn't empower these women, you violated them.

And you silenced them.

How do you think your mother would feel about that?

Don't get too excited.

The women's names have been redacted, but the amounts he paid them haven't been.

The truth is, I didn't know about these victims.

But I know about them now.

And if any of you choose to speak out...

...I will stand with you.

I will fight for you.

I will believe you.

You okay?

Sinead offered me my job back.

A promotion, actually.

That's great.

How do I go back to my life?

What happened doesn't define you, Maya.

It's just one page in a very, very long book.

And you get to write your next chapter.

DANTE: Make sure you get that USB over here.

I admire the initiative, Junior, but you need a warrant for this.

You mean like this one?

You know, old as you've gotten, Petrus, you still take a nice picture.

That jawline don't quit.

In fact, I got a few good ones last night.

Here's you running straight to Elijah after we talked.

You two must have been pretty nervous with so many people asking questions, because here's you breaking into Maya's house right after that, doing what you do best, playing dirty.

Didn't get an angle on you putting the bugs in the house and tapping their phones, but don't worry.

We found them all the same.


Watch your head.

Feels good.

I can see it in your walk.

Guess I owe you one.

I think I'll take you up on that right now.

What do you have in mind?


If there's ever trouble, call me.


You're not gonna believe it.

I just got a call from Nicki.

They let her out.


ROBYN (OVER PHONE): That's great news, babe.

Do you want to maybe invite her over for dinner on Sunday?


Uh, yeah, yeah.

I think Nicki would like that.


Check it out.

Since the interview, women have come forward.

AG's pressing charges, Twitter says Elijah has been arrested.

And there is a massive civil suit brewing.

It's always nice when a dirtbag gets buried alive, isn't it?

Wish that happened to my dude.

Where'd he end up?

Who knows and who cares?

Look at my life.

I was done with that years ago.

He's living in a studio apartment in Pahrump, Nevada.

I screw with his credit every once in a while, and the poor guy keeps having his identity stolen.


(WHISPERS): Nobody messes with my lady.

That's right, Harry.