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03x09 - Malleus Maleficarum
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3.09 Malleus Maleficarum

Air Date: 31 Jan 2008



Door opens, and a woman and man dressed in formal (JANET and PAUL DUTTON) attire walk in, the man switches on the bedroom light as the woman tosses her purse on the bed.


That was just a terrible, terrible party.


But there was this one really beautiful woman there.


You should have gone home with her.


I did

They kiss, and he unzips her dress. It falls to the floor.


I need a few minutes.


Alright, there's a bottle of '89 in the fridge.

They kiss and he walks out the door as she crosses the room and enters the bathroom.

INT. Amanda's ROOM - NIGHT

A match is struck on the edge of a box as an incantation is being recited which runs through the rest of the action as a voiceover.

Amanda: Echranmuk madan fiéré, fiahohshee shé morelorn

The match lights a candle, and as the incantation continues to be spoken.


JANET is removing her diamond necklace in front of the bathroom mirror.

Amanda (V.O)

Marc oh don

INT. Amanda's ROOM

The camera pans across the altar Amanda is still reciting her incantation in front of, with various occult objects, including the candle she lit, and bones and symbols drawn on wood.

Amanda: Duer kianave kihér tolic


JANET opens a brand new toothbrush and removes it.

Amanda (V.O)

Einder bolic

INT. Amanda's ROOM

Amanda opens a cloth on the altar on top of the symbol revealing a used toothbrush (presumably Janet's) inside the cloth.

Amanda: Madan fiéré fiahohshee shé morelorn


JANET brushes her teeth.

Amanda: Marc oh don duer kianave kihér tolic

INT. Amanda's ROOM

Amanda reaches for a dagger and drags it along her right palm dripping a drop blood on the bristles of the toothbrush that she has unwrapped on the altar.

Amanda: Echranmuk madan fiéré fiahohshee shé morelorn


Janet reaches for her mouth, and wiggles one of her front teeth which comes loose, and falls out in her hand.

Amanda (V.O)

Marc oh don duer kianave kihér tolic einder bolic


Oh god.

INT. Amanda's ROOM

Amanda's hand drips blood.

Amanda: Madan fiéré


JANET turns slowly, feeling around the inside of her mouth with her tongue.

Amanda (V.O)

Fiahohshee shé morelorn

INT. Amanda's ROOM

Another drop of blood lands on the bristles of the toothbrush.

Amanda: Marc oh don


JANET reaches inside her mouth and removes another tooth.

Amanda (V.O)

Duer kianave kihér tolic einder bolic


What the?

She puts both teeth in one hand as the incantation stops momentarily.



INT. Amanda's ROOM

The incantation continues as more drips of blood land on the toothbrush bristles.

Amanda: Fiahohshee shé morelorn


Paul runs into the bedroom as the incantation pauses again.


What is it?


It's my teeth.

As Paul sees her he rushes forward, but the bathroom door slams shut and the deadbolt locks into place. Paul pounds on the door.




Help me!

INT. Amanda's ROOM

Incantation continues again through the rest of the action, with the shot showing only Amanda's lips reciting the words.

Amanda: Duer kianave


Paul keeps banging on the door, and Janet has blood dripping down her chin as she chokes and turns to bend over the sink spitting out a tooth and blood. She then spits out another tooth

Amanda (V.O)

Kihér tolic

INT. Amanda's ROOM

Closed fist drips blood.

Amanda: Echran


Janet spits blood and teeth into the sink.

Amanda (V.O)

Muk madan

INT. Amanda's ROOM

Blood drips on the toothbrush bristles.

Amanda: Fiéré fiah


More blood and teeth are spit into the sink. JANET turns away from the sink, holding her hand in front of her mouth still coughing up blood.

Amanda (V.O)



PAUL bangs on door which shakes but does not unlock

INT. Amanda's ROOM

Amanda: Einder bolic

Amanda stabs the blood covered bristles with the dagger and the incantation stops.


PAUL backs up from the bathroom door and goes to kick it down as the deadbolt turns and the door swings slowly open. PAUL stares in horror as the door swings open more revealing JANET lying on the floor with blood surrounding her mouth motionless.

The sink is splattered with blood and teeth as one tooth rolls toward the drain.

END OF Teaser


Dean is questioning PAUL about JANET and Sam is searching the bathroom for clues as to what happened.


She was so scared. I couldn't help; I couldn't do anything to stop it. And I've talked to the police, and I've talked to the medical examiner and no one can explain it.

Dean: Well that's why they put the call in to us Mr. Dutton.


But the CDC, that's disease control right? What do you think; it's some kind of virus?


Sam closes the door to the bathroom and looks more thoroughly through things.

Dean (V.O)

We're not ruling out anything yet. Mr. Dutton did Janet have any enemies?


I'm sorry?


Dean: Anyone that might have a reason to hurt her?


Wait, what are you saying? That somebody poisoned her?

INT. BATHROOM Sam looks under the sink in the bathroom and finds the hex bag that was left there by Amanda. The questioning continues in the bedroom.

Dean (V.O)

I'm just saying we have to cover every base here.


Well, I mean, what kind of poison? You think a person could have done this?

Dean (V.O)

Would anyone want to?



What?! No, no, there's just no one that could've-

Sam opens the bathroom door.

Dean: Mr. Dutton?


Uh, everyone loved Janet.

Sam nods at Dean so he knows that Sam is done investigating.

Dean: Okay. Thank you very much; I think we've got everything we need. We'll get out of your way now.


It's raining as Sam and Dean walk out of the house toward the Impala.

Dean: That dude seem a little evasive to you?

Sam: I don't know I was under a sink, pulling this out.

Sam takes the hex bag out of his pocket and hands it to Dean and they both stop as Dean takes the bag from Sam and opens it.

Sam: Hex bag.

Dean: Awww gross.

Sam: Yeah, there are bird bones, rabbit's teeth. This cloth is probably cut from something Janet Dutton owned.

Dean looks back at the house for a second and turns back handing the bag to Sam and walking towards the Impala again.

Dean: So we're thinking witch?

Sam: Uh, yeah, and not some new age wicked water douser either. This is old world black magic Dean, I mean, warts and all.

INT. Impala - DAY

Dean gets in and turns to Sam.

Dean: I hate witches.

Sam Chuckles

Dean: They're always spewing their bodily fluids everywhere.

Sam: Pretty much.

Dean: It's creepy, you know, it's down right unsanitary.

Sam: Yeah, well someone definitely had it out for Janet Dutton.

Dean: Yeah, someone who snuck into that house and planted the bag. So what are we thinking, we're uh, looking for some old craggy blair bitch in the woods.

Sam: No it could be anyone. Neighbor, coworker, man, woman that's the problem Dean, they're human, they're like everyone else.

Dean: Great how do we find 'em?

Sam: This wasn't random; someone in Janet Dutton's life had an ugly axe to grind. We find the motive-

Dean: We find the murderer.

Sam: Yeah.

Dean starts the Impala and pulls away from the curb, driving off in the rain.

EXT. Amanda's HOUSE

ELIZABETH is tending to her garden as Amanda pulls into her driveway and gets out of the car. ELIZABETH looks up and tries to get Amanda's attention.



Amanda is distracted and grabs a grocery bag out of the back seat of her car and starts to walk to her door. We see that she has a bandage on her right hand signifying this is the witch we heard reciting the incantation who cut her hand with the dagger.


Hey Amanda!

Amanda: Oh, Elizabeth hi. Sorry, I've got like a thousand things on my mind.

Amanda keeps walking toward the door to her house.


Are you okay sweetie? You didn't come to book club last night.

Amanda: Yeah, sorry I was gonna call, I just- I got busy you know? But I'm fine, really, I am.

Amanda hurries into her house waving her hand behind her at ELIZABETH.

INT. Amanda's HOUSE

Amanda walks into the kitchen and sets down the grocery bag on the counter and goes to the oven opening the door and reaches in to take out a platter with food on it. A buzzing starts in the background and as Amanda sets the platter on the counter the food can bee seen to be rotten. Amanda continues to look at the platter as the buzzing intensifies and the camera closes in on the food showing flies, maggots and worms crawling all over the rooting food.


PAUL is sitting in his car pulled over on the side of the street and reaches over and turns on the radio. Every Rose Has it's Thorn by Poison starts to play on the radio as he begins to eat a burger.


The camera pans across the altar in Amanda's living room showing various occult objects, including a candle, bones and symbols drawn on wood, the Same as before. Now she places the platter of rotten food where Janet's toothbrush was and lifts the Same dagger she sliced her hand with previously and looks at it.

INT. PAUL DUTTON's CAR PAUL is chewing the food he has eaten as the song continues. He puts down the burger and goes to check his watch, but his wrist is bare and he looks confused. Amanda begins the incantation.

Amanda (V.O)

Echranmuk madan fiéré marc oh don

INT. Amanda's HOUSE

Amanda places a watch (presumably PAUL's) on the platter with the rotten food and continues her incantation.

Amanda: Duer kianave kihér tolic einder bolic marc oh don duer kianave. This dinner was cooked for you Paul Arthur Dutton.

Amanda stabs the dinner with the dagger.

Amanda: Now you're going to eat it.


PAUL is chewing and holding his burger as the radio goes static and the song changes to I Put a Spell on You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Paul lays down his burger on the passenger seat of his car and maggots fall out onto the wrapper. He reaches and turns off the radio. Picking up his burger again he takes another bite and begins to chew but makes a face and goes to reach in his mouth lifting his burger and looking down at it. He see's it is covered in maggots.


Aah, oh!

PAUL puts down the burger as I Put a Spell on You comes back on the radio and he leans forward starting to choke. He opens the door of his car falling out onto the pavement hunched over as Dean and Sam arrive in the Impala. Dean runs over to PAUL and yells at Sam: Dean

Check the car!

Sam searches under the dashboard and steering column as Dean tries to help PAUL.

Dean: Sam!

Sam: Got it!

Sam gets up removing the hex bag he found as Dean pulls Paul up from the pavement.

Dean: Come on.

Sam lights the hex bag on fire and drops it to the ground as it glows with blue and green flames.

INT. Amanda's HOUSE

As she begins to cut her hand with the dagger and continue the ritual, the platter of rotting food bursts into flames.


PAUL recovers from choking and leans back against his car.

Dean: You okay?


What the hell is happening to me?!

Dean: Someone murdered your wife and now they're trying to kill you, that's what's happening to you.


That's impossible! There's no way-

Dean: If we hadn't have been following you, you'd be a doornail right now. Now who wants you dead?



Dean: Come on think.


There's a woman-uh

Dean: A woman, okay?


An affair- a mistake, she was un-balanced, she was blackmailing me and I put an end to it a week ago.

Sam: What's her name?


What could she have to do with-?

Dean: Paul what is her name?

INT. Amanda's HOUSE

Amanda is frantically flipping through the pages of a book with occult symbols on it and foreign language written around the symbols. A wind blows through her house blowing out the candles on her altar. Amanda screams and holds out her left arm where one cut has already been sliced in her wrist vertically. Two more slice down next to that cut with no visible assailant and blood begins to pour out of the wounds.

Amanda: No! No...aah no!

Three cuts slice into her right wrist vertically matching those on her left wrist and blood pours out of them despite Amanda's creams in protest. She falls forward pushing the altar off the table and lands face down on her glass coffee table blood from her cut wrists pooling around her arms her eyes shut.


Dean picks the lock and enters Amanda's house followed closely by Sam with their guns drawn. They enter the room and find Amanda lifeless on the table covered in blood and switch on the light.

Dean: That's a curveball.

Sam: Yeah.

They approach Amanda's body, and Dean lifts her right arm with the barrel of his gun then looks at the other as well.

Dean: Three per wrist, vertical. She wasn't foolin' around.

Sam puts his gun in the back of his jeans and bends down to look at the scattered remnant of the altar holding his nose to the smell of the burnt rotten food.

Sam: Yeah, looks like she was working some heavyweight evil here.

Dean: Yup.

Dean turns around nearly running into the hanging body of a rabbit.

Dean: Oh god! Freakin' witches! Seriously man, come on!

Sam: Guess we know where she got the rabbit's teeth from.

Dean: Well, Paul sure knows how to pick 'em huh? It's like Fatal Attraction all over again.

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: And why does the rabbit always get screwed in the deal?! The poor little guy.

Sam: You know what I don't get Dean? If she was so bent on revenge, why do this?

Dean: Well, she got Janet Dutton, thought she finished off Paul, decided to cap herself and make it a spurned lovers hat-trick.

Sam: Maybe.

Sam starts to look under the glass table that Amanda is on.

Dean: I mean, this doesn't exactly look like the TV room of a bright and stable person you know?

Sam: No, but then...

Sam reaches around and pulls out another hex bag that is tucked under the table and stands up tossing it to Dean.

Sam: There's this.


Another hex bag? Come on!

Dean opens the bag to find similar contents of the bag they found in JANET's bathroom and he tosses it on the table reaching for his phone.

Dean: Looks like we got a hit huh? A little witch on witch violence?

Sam: I guess.

Dean dials the phone and hold it up to his ear.

Dean: I'd like to report a dead body, 309 Mayfair Circle. My name? Yeah, sure my name is

Dean clicks the phone shut cutting himself off.

Dean: Why are witches ganking each other?

Sam: I don't know, but I think maybe we got a coven on our hands.


Camera pans out from 'Determination' poster on wall to two women sitting on a sofa.


Alright, alright.

RON is standing in the doorway to the room that the women are in.


I'm going. I'm not fooled by your little book club by the way. I know what you ladies get up to when I'm gone. It's all dish and gossip.

The women laugh as ELIZABETH walks in and joins RON in the doorway.


Hi Ron.


Oh, hello Elizabeth. I mean, when's the last time anyone actually brought a book?


Goodnight Ron.



RON leaves and as soon as the door closes behind him ELIZABETH goes into the room seemingly upset.


He doesn't know? You didn't tell him?


About Amanda? Oh, I think that's book club business don't you?

TAMMI gets a candle holder with three tapers in it and sets it on the coffee table in front of the sofa.


Thank you Tammi.


The police just took away her body, and what? We're just gonna pretend it didn't happen?


We loved Amanda.


It's true.


We know that she was a little...unstable.


Also true.


And we have to face it, she probably killed Janet Dutton.


People just don't spit out their teeth all of a sudden.

RENEE shakes her head in agreement with TAMMI


We have to stop. We have to stop book club, this has all gone too far.

RENEE gets up from the sofa.


Elizabeth, just take a deep breath. Calm down.


We can't...stop.


But people are dying.

RENEE scoffs.


Amanda killed herself yes. And yes, she killed Janet. Awful, awful business of course, but that's all over now. And think about what book club has gotten us hmm? Your husband's promotion, that little trip to Hawaii that you won. And what about me? My home pottery business is finally taking off and you wanna just stop? Do you wanna stop?

ELIZABETH shakes her head 'no' and RENEE claps her hands together.


K, now come on, we don't have much time, Ron gets back from his Fantasy Football in an hour.

The three of them start getting ready for 'Book Club' which is their witches coven meeting by putting a cloth with a demonic symbol on it down on the table, putting the 'Book of Shadows' in the middle of it, and lighting the candles in the candle holder.


Book of Shadows we kneel before you, let us serve your master as you serve us.

Book of Shadows we kneel before you, let us serve your master-


ELIZABETH is turning the soil of her garden with a small shovel when Dean and Sam walk up her driveway to question her.

Sam: You must have a green thumb.


Excuse me?

Sam: Getting these herbs to grow out of season like this, quite impressive. I'm sorry; I should have introduced myself first.

Sam reaches on the pocket of his suit jacket and takes out a badge.

Sam: I'm uh, Detective Bachman, this is Detective Turner.

Dean takes his own badge out of his jacket pocket and flashes it at ELIZABETH.

Dean: Hi-ya.

Sam: We're following up on Amanda Burns' death, going around the neighborhood and talking to neighbors and stuff like that.


But didn't she- I mean she killed herself right?

Sam: Maybe, maybe.

Dean: We heard you were friends with the deceased right?


Yeah, I guess so.

Dean: Did you have any idea about her practices?


I'm sorry, what kind of practices?

Sam: Well see, her house was littered with satanic paraphernalia.

Dean: A regular Black Sabbath.


No, the- but she was an Episcopalian.

Dean: Well, then we're pretty sure she was using the wrong bible

RENEE and TAMMI walk up unseen, and RENEE speaks causing the brothers to turn and take notice of their arrival.


Elizabeth, you alright?


I'm fine uh Renee, these are Detectives. They say Amanda was- she was practicing-


I'm sorry Detectives; you can tell that Elizabeth is a little bit upset.

Dean: Of course, Miss.?


Mrs. Renee Van Allen. Would you like me to spell it for you?

Dean: I'll get by, thanks.


This Amanda business has been hard for Liz, for all of us.


Yeah, I mean, you think you know a person.

Dean: Well, I guess we all have secrets don't we?

Sam: Well, thanks, um, we'll be in touch.

Dean: Have a nice day.




The Impala is driving down a country road through fog.

INT. Impala - NIGHT

Dean is driving and Sam is in the passenger's seat.

Dean: Well, I'm already sold on that Elizabeth chick? Did you see that victory garden of hers? Belladonna, wolfs bane, mandrake, not to mention that little flinch she threw when we mentioned the occult.

Sam: Well, she's definitely had a good run lately, gone up a few tax brackets; won almost too many raffles. Kinda thing a little black magic always helps with.

Dean: Yeah.

Sam: I don't think she's alone either, look like Mrs. Renee Van Allen has won almost every craft contest she has entered in the past three months.

Dean: Yeah, a regular Martha Stewart huh? Except for the devil worship, I'm thinking that was the coven back there we met minus one member.

Sam: Amanda was clearly going off the reservation, what do you think they killed her to keep up appearances?

Dean: Seems like an appearance kind of crowd don't you think?

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: If they killed the nut-job should we uh, thank them or what?

Sam: They're working black magic too Dean, they need to be stopped.

Dean: 'stopped' like stopped?

Sam gives him a look that says 'of course'.

Dean: They're human Sam.

Sam: They're murderers.

Dean looks at Sam for a second with doubt and then resigns himself.

Dean: Burn witch, burn.

Dean continues to drive when the Impala stutters and starts to choke up.

Dean: What the hell?


The head lights of the Impala flicker on and then back on again as it slowly comes to a stop in front of a figure sanding in the middle of the road. The view from the inside of the Impala shows that it is Ruby. Sam gets out of the car first and Dean follows.

Sam: Ruby.

Ruby: Sam, listen to me, there's no time.

Sam: For what? What are you talking about?

Ruby: You have to get out of town.

Dean: So this is Ruby huh?

Dean raises the colt and aims it at her cocking it.

Dean: Never had the pleasure.

Sam: Dean!

Dean: I was hoping you'd show up again.

Ruby: Point that thing somewhere else.

Dean: Hahahaha, right.

Ruby: Sam please, go, get in the car and don't look back.

Sam: Why? I don't understand.

Dean: Hey hot stuff we can take care of a few kitchen witches, thanks.

Ruby: I'm not talking about witches, you jackass, witches are whores. I'm talking about who they serve.

Dean and Sam both look confused for a second, but then it dawns on Sam.

Sam: Demons, they get their power from demons.

Ruby: Yeah, and there's one here, now.

Dean: Oh, what, you mean besides you?

Ruby: Sam, it knows you're in town and it's gonna come after you and its way more than you can handle.

Dean: Oh come on, what is this huh? Please tell me you're not listening to this crap!

Ruby: Put a leash on your brother Sam, if you wanna keep him.

Sam: Dean, look, just chill out.

Dean: No, no! She's messing with your head, God knows why, that's who they are!

Ruby: I'm telling you the truth.

Dean: And I'm telling you to shut up bitch.

Ruby: I'm sorry, why are you even a part of this conversation?!

Dean: Oh, I don't know maybe because he's my brother you black eyed skank!

Ruby: Oh, right, right. You care about your brother so much, that's why you're checking out in a few months, leaving him all alone?

Dean: Shut up.

Ruby: At least let me try and save him, since you won't be here to do it anymore.

Dean: I said shut up!

Dean moves to fire the colt at Ruby.

Sam: Dean no!

Sam pushes Dean's arm away from Ruby as he fires the colt, and Dean tries to fight against Sam's hold and they lock arms and both look to where Ruby was standing to see that she has vanished. Dean gives Sam a look of disappointment and goes back to get in the Impala, as Sam looks around in vain for Ruby.


Dean walks in first and switches on the light and Sam follows right behind him.

Dean: What the hell were you thinking?

Sam: What?! What the hell was I thinking?

Dean: She's a demon Sam, period alright. They want us dead, we want them dead.

Sam: Oh, that's funny; I remember that demon chick in Ohio, Casey? You didn't want her dead.

Dean: Yeah, well she wasn't stringing me along like a fish on a hook.

Sam: No one's stringing me along. Look, I know it's dangerous, that she is dangerous, but like it or not, she is useful.

Dean: No, we kill her before she kills us.

Sam: Kill her with what? The gun she fixed for us?

Dean: Whatever works.

Sam: Dean, if she wants us dead, all she has to do is stop saving our lives.

Dean turns away from Sam and goes to the sink turning on the water.

Sam: Look, we have to start looking at the big picture Dean, start thinking in strategies and- and moves ahead.

Dean splashes water on his face.

Sam: It's not so simple, we're not- we're not just hunting anymore, we're at war.

Dean turns off the water and looks at Sam in the mirror above the sink, grabs a towel to dry off his face and turns back around to Sam.

Dean: Are you feeling okay?

Sam: Uh, why are you always asking me that?

Sam sits on the foot of one of the beds in the room, and Dean moves back toward Sam.

Dean: Because you're taking advice from a demon for starters, and by the way, you seem less and less worried about offing people, it used to eat you up inside.

Sam: Yeah, and what has that gotten me?

Dean: Nothing, but it's just what you're supposed to do okay? We're supposed to drive in the friggin' car and friggin' argue about this stuff. You know, you go on about the sanctity of life and all that crap.

Sam: Wait, so- so you're mad because I'm starting to agree with you?

Dean: No, I'm not mad, I'm- I'm- I'm worried, Sam

Dean moves and sits down on the foot of the other bed in the room.

Dean: I'm worried because you're not acting like yourself.

Sam: Yeah, you're right, I'm not. I don't have a choice.

Dean: What is that supposed to mean?

Sam: Look, Dean, you're leaving right? And I gotta stay here in this craphole of a world, alone. So the way I see it, if I'm gonna make it, if I'm gonna fight this war after you're gone, then I gotta change.

Dean has been looking increasingly uncomfortable during Sam's last speech, and is now clutching his stomach in discomfort and leaning forward slightly.

Dean: Change into what?

Sam: Into you, I gotta be more like you.

Dean tightens his face in pain, and leans further over still clutching his stomach and side with his left hand.

Dean: Ah!

Sam: What's going on with you?

Dean moves around in pain still clutching his stomach, and he can barely force words out.

Dean: I don't know. Oh- Sam something's wrong- bunch of knives inside of me-

Sam: Dean.

Sam Moves off the bed and kneels in front of Dean who is now leaning all the way forward with his head almost between his legs.

Dean: Son of a bitch-

Sam: Dean, hey.

Dean: The coven man, it's gotta be the coven.

Sam: Don't worry.

Sam gets up and rushes into the bathroom opening the cupboards below the sink looking for the hex bag as Dean groans in pain and lies back on the bed, his face still twisted in pain. Sam pulls things out of the cupboard throwing them aside. Dean leans back forward falling to his knees in front of the foot of the bed, spitting out blood, choking and sputtering. Sam is still looking for the hex bag, in another cupboard pulling out pillows and when he finds nothing, he moves to the bed while Dean is still choking on blood and spitting it out of his mouth. Sam pulls off the covers to the bed tearing back the sheets and slices the mattress open with his knife and still cannot find the hex bag

Sam: Dean, I can't find it.

Dean falls over sideways and looks weak and hurt and still in pain.

Sam: No.

As Dean continues to cough blood more weakly now, Sam rummages through his bag and pulls out the colt and opens it to make sure there are bullets in it.

Dean: Sam, what are you doing?

Sam gets up and moves toward the door.

Dean: Sam.

Sam leaves closing the door behind him.

Dean: Sam!


The Impala speed down a dark country road and the camera pans up to reveal Sam at the wheel with a look of determination on his face.


ELIZABETH, RENEE AND TAMMI are around the coffee table again with the altar set up, chanting.


Kihér tolic echranmuk madan fiéré marc oh don duer kianave-

Sam kicks in the door and the women scream out of fear getting up from the altar raising their hands in surrender. Sam enters the room with the colt drawn.

Sam: Let him go.


Let who go? What are you doing? You're insane, get out!

Sam: Look, if you know about me, you know about this gun, you're killing my brother, now let him go. Get away from the altar.



Sam: Now!

They all move away from the altar with their hands still up as Sam keeps the colt trained on them.


Dean is leaning over a pool of blood he has spit out gasping and coughing blood still. There are quick footsteps outside and the door is kicked open and Ruby steps in and finds Dean who looks up and sees her.

Dean: You wanna kill me? Get in line bitch.

Ruby goes over to Dean and pulls him up by the collar tossing him on the bed, leans over him and forces his mouth open with her left hand as Dean tries to push her away. Ruby sprays a black liquid into his mouth from a bag at her side with her right hand while Dean still struggles under her hold. Ruby stands up as Dean chokes on the liquid and spits some back out.

Ruby: Stop calling me bitch.


Sam is still aiming the gun at ELIZABETH, RENEE and TAMMI.

Sam: Go.

ELIZABETH, RENEE and TAMMI move over in front of the fireplace with their hands still up in the air.


What- we- we weren't hurting anyone.


Please we don't even know your brother.

Sam: Stop the spell or die, five seconds



Sam cocks the gun and points it back at them.

Sam: Four .


No, please, please don't kill us.


We were just getting Renee a lower mortgage rate.

Sam looks confused but still holds the gun ready.


Ruby: Next time you point that gun at me, I'm not gonna just disappear, understand?

Ruby tosses a sawed off shotgun over to Dean who is back to sitting on the foot of the bed, his face is cleaned off from the blood and liquid 'cure' that Ruby gave him.

Dean: You saved my life.

Ruby: Don't mention it.

Dean: What was that stuff? God, it was ass, it tasted like ass.

Ruby: It's called witchcraft shortbus.

Ruby turns and walks out of the room closing the door behind her and leaving Dean on the bed slightly offended.

Dean: You're the shortbus...shortbus.


Sam: Okay, maybe it's not you,

Sam points the gun at ELIZABETH.

Sam: or you.

He points the gun at RENEE this time.

Sam: Maybe it's you.

Sam points the gun at TAMMI who looks upset and scared.


I don't even know what he's talking about, what are you even talking about?

Sam: I mean, all of you, everyone in your little coven, you've all had runs of good fortune, news worthy good fortune, except for you Tammi. Now tell me, why is that? You didn't want anything for yourself? Or is it because you're already getting what you wanted, like these women's souls.


I can't- I-I'm not- I-I-I don't...

TAMMI sighs and puts her hands down, going from looking frightened to calm and her eyes change to black revealing that she is the demon Ruby warned him about.


Nice dick work Magnum.

Sam: Let my brother go.


What's wrong, couldn't find my hex bag? Sorry, sweetheart, but your brothers' lungs should be on the floor by now.

Sam shoots the colt and the bullet trail is shown in slow motion ad TAMMI lifts up her hand and the bullet loses momentum is slowed and falls to the floor before it reaches it's target.



You're in a lot of trouble Sam.

TAMMI motions her arm at Sam, and Sam is thrown against the wall behind him, and pinned there.


Tammi, what's wrong with your eyes?

TAMMI turns her head and attention on the other two women, making her eyes look human again, while Sam is pinned helplessly to the wall.


Tammi, what are you doing?


Renee, shut your painted hole


What? I-I will- You can't- Not in my house Tammi Fenton.

TAMMI waves her right hand at RENEE and RENEE's head snaps to the right so far it almost turns completely backwards, killing her instantly and she falls to the floor as ELIZABETH shrieks in terror covering her mouth.

Sam: Look, you got me, let the girl go.


Wait your turn young man.

ELIZBETH makes another scared noise bringing TAMMI's attention back to her.


Shhh, Lizzie, its okay.


You're not Tammi.


No, but I'm wearing her meat. I had to break the ice with you girls somehow.


You killed Renee.


Renee, Amanda, that's what happens to witches who get voted off the island.


Who are you?


Funny story actually. You remember all those dark demonic forces you prayed to, when you swore your servitude? Just who did you think you were praying to?


This-this isn't it can't b-


What did you think it was? Make believe? Positive thinking? The Secret? No, it was me. You sold yourself to me, you pig.

ELIZABETH gasps and continues to stare at TAMMI in horror.


All I had to do was bring one good book to book club, and you ladies lined up to kiss my ass.


No, no, we didn't know-


Oh, yes you did. You knew every step of the way, and now your ever living souls are mine.

TAMMI turns back to Sam who is still pinned to the wall.


Comments? Questions? Hmm, Sammy Winchester, wow! Right here in our little town. You know, my friends and I, we've been looking for you.

Sam: Why? Oh, right, cause I'm supposed to lead some piss poor demon army.


No, not at all. You're not our Messiah, we don't believe in you. But, there's a new leader rising in the west, a real leader. That's the horse to bet on Sam, the one who's gonna tear this world apart. Thing is, this demon, it doesn't like you very much, doesn't want the competition.

TAMMI raises her hand and Sam slides up the wall and is suspended against it.


Nothing personal, it's a P.R. thing, so, buh-bye.

TAMMI keeps her hand raised, and Sam begins to ne crushed into the wall, paint and plaster cracking as he is pushed harder into the solid wall. Elizabeth stands there watching, frozen in fear and the front door to the house slams open. Dean runs in with his shotgun drawn and TAMMI turns around easily throwing him over the sofa, and when he gets up, she pins him to the wall behind him.


Two for one, lovely.

Ruby's voice cuts in before TAMMI can finish what she started.

Ruby: Wait.

Ruby walks in with her hands raised in surrender.

Ruby: Please, I just came to talk.

Ruby puts her hands down


You made it out of the gate, impressive. That was a bitch of a fight wasn't it?

Ruby: Doors outta hell only open for so long.


What do you want Ruby?

Ruby: I've been lost without you, take me back. That's why I led the Winchesters here.

Dean looks angry, and mouths "I told you so" to Sam

Ruby: They're for you, as a gift.



Ruby: Let me serve you again, I've wanted it, I've wanted you for so long.


You were one of my best.

Ruby and TAMMI look at each other, and Ruby pulls her knife out and tries to stab TAMMI, but TAMMI catches it in mid-air.


But then again, you always were a lying whore.

The knife is thrown sideways out of their hands across the wood floor. TAMMI and Ruby fight, and TAMMI throws Ruby into the TV, but she gets up and kicks TAMMI and goes to run past her, and TAMMI clotheslines Ruby causing her to fall flat on her back. TAMMI pulls Ruby up and throws her into a bookcase and gets a fireplace poker from the stand on the hearth, looking at ELIZABETH who is still cowering from TAMMI, before she walks back to Ruby with the poker in her hand


You're really telling me you threw in your chips with Abbott and Costello here?

Ruby tries to get up, and TAMMI hits her across the face with the fireplace poker. ELIZABETH runs to the altar and dumps a bunch of pins out of a bow onto the cloth with the demonic symbol on it. ELIZABETH is unseen by TAMMI who is still paying attention to Ruby.


Come on, get up.

Ruby is panting and not moving, with blood coming out of her nose.


I said get up!

TAMMI tosses the poker aside and crouches over Ruby grabbing her by the jacket and pulling her up.


We've been here before haven't we?

TAMMI Chuckles to herself and looks over at Sam.


She didn't tell you?

TAMMI turns back to Ruby and continues.


Pretty mortifying I guess. She was one of mine. I turned her out a long, long time ago. Ruby here was a witch. Of course that was when you were human.

Dean and Sam both look surprised even though they are still both pinned to their respective walls. TAMMI throws Ruby back down onto the debris of the bookcase she crashed through and stands up.


Didn't want your friends to know that all those centuries back you sold yourself to me? Embarrassing I guess, but don't worry love, no secrets where you're heading remember?

TAMMI begins to chant and black smoke rises out of Ruby's mouth curling and hovering inches above her mouth.


Monyé valack forsa, ulu iri regatt ruac, fieesh nieesh forthsa lé inmist infirum forthsa por un betest a té un fornalles ecclaisee i

TAMMI begins to cough and ELIZABETH is chanting under her breath at the altar. As TAMMI coughs harder, Dean is dropped from the wall and he falls forward. Sam also falls from the wall and drops to the floor as TAMMI brings her hand up to her mouth. TAMMI coughs up a handful of long pins into her hand, her mouth bleeding in the process. She looks at the pins and raises her right hand and clenched it into a fist. ELIZABETH's breath catches and her eyes go wide as her heart stops and she falls onto the altar, dead. Dean comes up behind TAMMI and stabs her in the back repeatedly with Ruby's discarded knife. TAMMI dies as well as the demon that was inside of her and she falls to the floor. Dean looks at Ruby and goes to help Sam up and they both move toward the door and stop to look at Ruby.

Ruby: Go.

Ruby looks at them slightly embarrassed and wipes the blood away from her mouth.

Ruby: I'll clean up this mess.

Dean starts to walk toward the door, helping Sam on his way.

Dean: Come on.

Dean and Sam stop and look back at Ruby one more time. Ruby turns her eyes black and glares at them.

Ruby: Go.

Dean and Sam walk out the door and Ruby leans over TAMMI's body and takes her knife out of TAMMI's back and holds it up. The knife is covered in blood and smokes.


Sam is splashing his face with water and looks in the mirror above the sink with a worried expression etched in his face.

EXT. Hotel - NIGHT

Dean is walking outside of the hotel as the lights flicker, he looks around, and then back to where he originally was looking and sees Ruby standing there in the shadows of the hotel parking lot. Dean walks toward her.

Dean: So the devil may care after all, is that what I'm supposed to believe?

Ruby: I don't believe in the devil.

Dean: Wacky night. So let me get this straight, you were human once, you died, you went to hell, you became a...

Ruby: Yeah.

Ruby turns to leave.

Dean: How long ago?

Ruby: Back when the plague was big.

Dean: So all of 'em, every damn demon, they were all human once.

Ruby: Every one I've ever met.

Dean: Well, they sure don't act like it.

Ruby: Most of them have forgotten what it means, or even that they were. That's what happens when you go to hell Dean. That's what hell is, forgetting what you are.

Dean: Philosophy lesson from the demon, I'll pass thanks.

Ruby: Its not philosophy, it's not a metaphor. There's a real fire in the pit, agonies you can't even imagine.

Dean: No, I saw Hellraiser, I get the gist.

Ruby: Actually they got that pretty close, except for all the custom leather.

Dean looks thoughtful and Ruby stops her departure, and turns back to Dean.

Ruby: The answer is yes by the way.

Dean: I'm sorry?

Ruby: Yes, the Same thing will happen to you. It might take centuries, but sooner or later hell will burn away your humanity. Every hell bound soul, every one turns into something else. Turns you into us, so yeah, yeah you can count on it.

Dean: There's no way of saving me from the pit is there?

Ruby: No.

Dean: Then why'd you tell Sam you could?

Ruby: So he would talk to me, you Winchesters can be pretty bigoted. I needed something to help him get past the-

Dean: The demon thing? It's pretty hard to get past.

Ruby: Look at you, tryin' to be all stoic. My god it's heartbreaking.

Dean: Why are you telling me all this?

Ruby: I need your help.

Dean: Help with what?

Ruby: With Sam. The way you stuck that demon tonight, it was pretty tough. Sam's almost there, but not quite, you need to help me get him ready, for life without you; to fight this war on his own.

Ruby turns and walks away again.

Dean: Ruby, why do you want us to win?

Ruby turns back around to face Dean.

Ruby: Isn't it obvious? I'm not like them, I- I don't know why, I wish I was, but I'm not. I remember what its like.

Dean: What what's like?

Ruby: Being human.

Dean looks down lost in his thoughts, and when he looks up Ruby has disappeared leaving Dean alone in the parking lot.

(transkribed by Kernen Wing)

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