03x10 - Dream a Little Dream of Me

3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me

Air Date: 7 Feb 2008



Bobby is walking through the house, flashlight in hand, looking around. We hear a sound and he turns around, but there's nothing there. He looks a bit worried. When he reaches the doors to the kitchen he slowly slides them open, and takes a few steps in. He scans the room and suddenly we hear a Woman scream and she attacks him. He falls to the floor with her ontop of him and she struggles with him, pulling him back and forth, while she's still screaming. The screen flashes white a few times and then...


Bobby is a sleep on the bed. We hear the door unlock from the outside and we see a maid coming in. After a few steps she sees Bobby on the bed, who hasn't reacted to the noises she's made.

Maid: Oh! I'm sorry.

She begins to walk out again, but as she retreives the keys from the door, and Bobby still hasn't moved, she looks a bit worried.

Maid: Sir?

Since he's still not moving, she leaves the keys in the door and walks over the his bed. She touches him on the shoulder.

Maid: Wake up.

He doesn't react. We flash back to the kitchen where the woman is still screaming and Bobby is trying to survive the attack. She slaming his head against the floor. We flash to his bed where the MAID now has grabbed his shoulders, shaking him, trying to wake him up. The previous scene and the one we're flashing to seems to be a dream.

Maid: Wake up, you hear me? Wake up. Sir, wake up!

She turns around to the door, panicked.

Maid: Help! I need some help in here!

END Teaser



We open to the bartender turning around, with a bottle in his hand, to a man and a woman. He grabs a glas and walks down the bar.

Man: Cheers!

As the camera moves towards the bartender, he's pouring up a drink and we notice Sam is sitting in the background nursing a drink. We cut to him as he's tilting his glas back and forth slowly, almost spilling out the contents. He's looking sad and all the hope we usually see in him is gone. He also appears a bit drunk. The door opens behind him and Dean walks in. When he sees Sam he walks over, brows furrowed.

Dean: There you are. What are you doing?

Sam turns to him.

Sam: Having a drink.

Dean: It's 2 in the afternoon. Drinking whiskey?

Sam: I drink whiskey all the time.

Dean: No, you don't.

Sam: What's the big deal? You get sloppy in bars, you hit on chicks all the time. Why can't I?

Dean looks around and we see the woman by the bar again. She's probably 40 and she's not looking all that good, like the women Dean usually hits on.

Dean: It does have slim pickings around here.

(he turns back to Sam)

What's going on with you?

Sam shakes his head, and doesn't say anything for a few moments. He looks completely lost.

Sam: I tried, Dean.

Dean looks a bit confused.

Dean: To do what?

Sam: To save you.

Dean sits down next to him.

Dean: (to bartender)

Could I get a whiskey, double, neat.

Sam: I'm serious, Dean.

Dean: No, you're drunk.

Sam: I mean, where you're going... what you're gonna become.

(He looks close to tears)


I can't stop it.


I'm starting to think maybe even Ruby can't stop it. But really, the thing is, no one can save you.

Dean: What I've been telling you.

Sam: No, that's not what I mean. I mean, no one can save you because you don't wanna be saved. I mean, how can you care so little about yourself.

Dean takes in all this, and scoffs, and smiles a little.

Sam: What's wrong with you?

Dean looks over to meet Sam's eyes, but before they get a chance to say anything else, Dean's cell rings.

Dean: Hello?


Yes, this is Mr. Sniderson.


(he looks surprised)



(he looks over at Sam)



The Impala is going down the road, quickly, past the camera.


Bobby is lying in a bed and as the camera moves up, we see Dean and Sam standing next to his bed.

Sam: So, what's the diagnosis?

Doctor: We've texted everything we can think to test. He seems perfectly healthy.

Dean: Except that he's comatose.

Doctor: Mr. Sniderson, you're his emergency contact. Anything we should know? Any illnesses?

Dean: No, he-he never gets sick. I mean, he doesn't even catch cold.

Sam: Doctor, is there anything you can do?

Doctor: Look, I'm sorry, but we don't know what's causing it... so we don't know how to treat it. He just... went to sleep, and didn't wake up.

Dean and Sam share a look and then they look over at Bobby.


Sam and Dean enters the room, which is the one we saw Bobby in before.

Sam: So, what was Bobby doing in Pittsburgh?

Dean: Unless he's taking an extremely lame vacation...

He closes the door as they walk into the center of the room.

Sam: I mean, he must have been working a job, right?

They continue to walk around the room.

Dean: Well, you think there'd be some sort of sign of something, you know?

Sam opens a drawer, but it's empty. Dean does the Same, and that too is empty. The room looks completely clean.

Dean: Research, news clippings...

Sam turns to the closet.

Dean: Or a frigging pizza box or a beer can.

Dean walks away from the dresser he was looking in, and Sam walks over to the closet. We see that Bobby's clothes is hanging there. He turns on the light and Dean turns around to him.

Sam: How 'bout this?

He moves the clothes out of the way and on the wall behind them hangs all of the news clippings, maps and pictures they were looking for. there's pictures of roots, mushrooms, seeds and a map where Bobby has written "Pittsburgh" in big letters and underlined it. There's postists with adresses and numbers. There's a piece of paper about a plant.

Dean: (Chuckles)

Good old Bobby, always covering up his tracks.

Sam: You make heads or tails of any of this?

Dean takes one of the papers about a plant and reads the title of it.

Dean: "Silene capensis", which of course means absolutely nothing to me.

Sam: Here, obit.

He takes a newspaper clipping and reads from it as he skims it.

Sam: "Dr. Walter Gregg, 64, university neurologist."

Dean: How'd he bit it?

Sam: Um.. actually, they don't know. They say he just went to sleep and didn't wake up.

Dean takes the clipping from him, reading it himself.

Dean: That sound familiar to you?

Sam: Alright, um... So let's say Bobby was looking into the doc's death. You know, hunting after something-

Dean looks up at him.

Dean: That started hunting him.

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: Alright, stay here. See if you can make heads or tails of this.

He points to the closet.

Sam: What are you gonna do?

Dean: Look into the good Doctor myself.

He walks to the door.


Books and boxes are cluttered over the office, ready to be packed up and removed. Dean and Dr. Gregg's assistant comes in.

Dean: So you're Dr. Gregg's lab assistant?

Sanders: That's right.

Dean: Well, his death must have come as a shock to you.

Sanders: Yeah, it did.

Dean looks around the office, while Sanders stands behind him.

Sanders: But, still, go in your sleep, peacefull... That's what you wish for, right?

Dean: Yeah. Right.

Dean looks at a book on the Doctors desk.

Dean: Dr. Gregg uh.. studied sleeping disorders?

He picks up the book and holds it up for Sanders

Dean: Dreams?

Sanders: I don't understand. I went over all of this with the other Detective.

Dean puts down the book and looks at her, curious.

Dean: You already spoke to another Detective?

Sanders: Yes. A very nice older man with a beard.

Dean: Well, I'd love to hear it again if you don't mind.

Sanders: Thing is, I'm sort of busy. Maybe we could do this later?

Dean: Sure. Yeah. Just bring you down to the station later this afternoon.

(her face falls)

Get your statement on tape, do it all official-like.

Sanders: Look, okay, I didn't know about Dr. Gregg's experiments. Not until I was cleaning out his files.

Dean: (confused)

His experiments, uh...? The ones he was conducting on sleeping?

Sanders: No one knew, okay? Not the university, not anybody. I already spoke with a Lawyer and he told me I can't be held liable for anything.

Dean: Maybe you couldn't, but that was before the new evidence came to light.

Sanders: New evidence?

Dean: Mhm.

Sanders: What new evidence?

Dean: I'm not at liberty to say.

Sanders sighs, most likely feeling screwed.

Sanders: Look, I'm just a grad student, this was a gig to cover tuition.

Dean: Maybe so. But, uh, still this-this... this could go on your permanent record. Unless you hand over the Doctor's research to me. All of it.

Just seconds before the scene switches we hear a knocking.


Dean holds up his badge, that states he's a Detective for Pittsburgh police department. Jeremy moves away from the door so Dean can come in.

Jeremy: Look, I don't know what the RA said, but, ah, I was growing ferns.

Dean walks in.

Dean: (scoffs)

Take it easy, Phish, that's not why I'm here.

Jeremy: Really?

Dean turns around to him. He's got a file in his hands.

Jeremy: (relieved)

Oh, thank God. Okay.

Dean: I wanna talk to you about Dr. Gregg's sleep study.

Jeremy: Yeah. Dr. Gregg just died, right?

Dean: You were one of his test subjects, right?

Jeremy: Yeah.

Jeremy opens his fridge and takes out two beers. He holds them up a bit, motioning as a question. He then holds one out to Dean.

Jeremy: Unless you're on duty or whatever?

Dean looks to the door for a second, and then decides to go for the beer.

Dean: I guess I can make an exception.

Dean takes the bottle and Jeremy grabs the bottle opener. He opens his bottle as Dean opens his. They hold up their beers to each other and then takes a swigg. Dean closes his eyes as he takes in the beer, enjoying the taste. He gives a small smile before continuing with the interview.

Dean: Now, Dr. Gregg was testing treatments for a, uh, "Charcot-Wilbrand syndrome"? Which means...?

Jeremy: Um.. I, uh.. I can't dream.

Dean makes a "huh" face.

Jeremy: I had this bike accident when I was a kid and banged my head pretty good and I haven't had a dream since. Till the study. You know. Sort of.

Dean: What'd the doc give you?

Jeremy: It's this yellow tea. It.. it smelled awful, tasted worse.

Dean: What did it do?

Jeremy: Just passed right out. And uh, I had the most vivid, super-intense dream. Like a bad acid trip, you know?

Dean: (forgets he's in character)


(remembers his role)

I mean, no.

Jeremy: That was it. I dropped out of the stufy right after that. I didn't... like it. To tell you the truth... it kind of scared me.

Dean looks at him, thoughtful.


Dean is sitting by Bobby's bed, looking at him, thoughtful. Sam enters after a few seconds. Dean hears or feels Sam and turns around to look at him. They share a look before Sam walks further into the room.

Sam: How is he?

Dean rubs his hand over his chin as he turns back to Bobby. Sam walks to stand by the foot of the bed, he's got files in his hand.

Dean: No change. What you got?

He gets up and walks over to Sam, to see what he brought with him.

Sam: Well, considering what you told me about the doc's experiments..

(he sighs)

..Bobby's wall is starting to make a hell of a lot more sense.

Dean: How so?

Sam holds up a picture of a plant from the folder.

Sam: This plant, Silene capensis, is also known as African Dream Root. It's been used by shaman and medicine men for centuries.

Dean: Let me guess. They dose up, bust out didjeridus, start kicking around the hackey.

Sam: Not quite. If you believe the legends, it's used for dreamwalking. I mean, entering another person's dreams, poking around in their heads.

Dean: I take it we believe the legends.

They share a look.

Sam: When don't we? But dreamwalking is just the tip of the iceberg.

They pick up a paper from the folder that contains info on the root and a drawing of it.

Dean: What do you mean?

Sam: I mean, this Dream Root is some serious mojo. You take enough of it, with practice, you can become a regular Freddy Krueger.

The camera pans up on Bobby.

Sam: You can control anything. You could turn bad dreams good, you could turn good dreams bad.

Dean: And killing people in their sleep?

Sam nods.

Sam: For example.

Dean sighs.

Sam: So let's say uh, let's say this doc was testing this stuff on his patients, Tim Leary-style.

Dean: Somebody gets pissed at him, decides to give him a little dream visit, he goes nighty-night.

Sam: What about Bobby?

He looks over at him and the camera cuts to him, zooming in slowly on his face.

Sam: I mean, if the killer came after him, how come he's still alive?

Dean: I don't know.

We zoom in on Bobby and the screen flashes in white.


We're back in the house Bobby was dreaming about in the beginning. He's holding a door closed as the woman is banging on it, making it rattle. She continues to scream and Bobby's panting, scared. He looks around for something to hold the door, and grabs an old suitcase. He desperately grabs around the space, which now reveals itself to be a closet, for anything to hold the door. He grabs a broom and holds his back to the door, trying to keep it closed.

Bobby: (screaming)

Help me! Somebody help me!

The camera was on his face as he screamed and it now zooms out and reveals that the closet is gone and it's just a very long hallway. The camera zooms out faster and faster.

Bobby: HELP ME!

The screen flashes


We zoom in on Bobby in the hospitalbed.


Sam and Dean comes out through a door, probably just leaving Bobby's room. They walk the hallway.

Dean: So how do we find our homicidal sandman?

Sam: Could be anyone.

Dean: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: Anyone who knew the Doctor and had access to his dream shrooms.

Sam: Maybe one of his test subjects or something?

Dean: Possible. But his research was pretty sketchy. I mean.. I don't know how many subjects he had or who all of them were.

Sam scoffs and Dean looks at him.

Dean: What?

Sam: (loud sigh)

Any other case, we'd be calling Bobby and asking him for help right now.

Dean looks like he just thought of something. He grabs Sam by his arm to stop him and he looks up at him.

Dean: You know what? You're right.

Sam: What?

Dean: Let's go talk to him.

Sam: (a little confused)

Sure, I think we might find the conversation a bit one-sided.

Dean: Not if we're tripping on some Dream Root.

Sam: What?

Dean: You heard me.

Sam: You wanna go dreamwalking inside Bobby's head?

Dean: Yeah. Why not? Maybe we could help.

Sam: We have no idea what's crawling around in there.

Dean: How bad could it be?

Sam: Bad.

Dean: Dude, it's Bobby.

Sam: Yeah, you're right.


One problem though. We're fresh out of African Dream Root, so unless you know someone who can score some it...

Dean: Crap.

Sam: What?

Dean: Bela.

Sam: Bela? Crap. (scoffs)

You're actually suggesting we ask her a favor?

Dean: I'm feeling dirty just thinking about it, but yeah.


Dean walks away. Sam doesn't move for a moment. He sighs and then follows.


Sam is sitting by his laptop when a knock on the door sounds. Sam closes the lid on the computer, sighs and then walks over to the door. He cautiosly only opens it a few inches and then when he sees who it is, he opens it up completely, walking with it, holding it up. Bela walks in in a trenchcoat.

Bela: Hey, Sam.

Sam closes the door as Bela stops in the room, turns around, and then faces him.

Sam: (annoyed)

Bela, I didn't think there's a chance in hell you'd show up.

He stands across from her, putting his hands on his hips. She just smiles at him.

Bela: Well, I'm full of surprises. Though, truthfully...

She takes hold of the belt of her trenchcoat, and begins to walk towards Sam.

Bela: You wanna know why I'm here?

Sam takes a few steps back as Bela comes up in front of him.

Sam: Okay.

She opens and takes of her coat, revealing her in only her underwear.

Bela: Because of you.

Sam looks to the side, unsure and a bit embarassed, as the coat falls to the floor.

Sam: Uh.. What are you doing?

He looks down at her and she puts her hand on his cheek, her eyes on his lips.

Bela: I can't stop thinking about you.

Sam: (confused)


She leans in and kisses him. He responds and puts his hand on her arm. They breath in with the kiss and she puts her other hand on his waist.

Sam: Are you sure?

We cut to the bed where Sam lands on his back with Bela on top as they continue to kiss. They roll over as Bela moans and ends up beneath Sam. The camera cuts between her every word to her holding her head in different angles, enjoying Sam.

Bela: Sam. Sam. Sam. Oh.

Dean (V.O)

Sam! Wake up.

CUT TO: Sam is by the desk, resting his head on his arm. Drool covers his hand and he's got a smile on his face. Dean is sitting in the background, looking through the papers about the case. Sam smiles a little more and then realizes it was just a dream. His smile disappears and he sits up, wiping his face with the back of his hand. The Same hand he had drool on, which he discovers. He wipes his face with his other arm. Dean smiles at him.

Dean: Dude, you were out. Making some serious happy noises.

Sam looks very uncomfortable and doesn't look over at Dean.

Dean: Who were you dreaming about?

Sam: What? No one. Nothing.

Dean: Come on, you can tell me. Angelina Jolie?

Sam: No.

Dean: Brad Pitt?

Sam turns around, almost looking at him.

Sam: No. No. Dude, it doesn't matter.

Dean: Whatever.

Sam: (to himself)


Dean: I called Bela.

Sam gets still at this, a smile quickly flashes by. Trying to cover his voice when answering.

Sam: Bela? Yeah? She-What'd she.. you know, say? She.. gonna.. help us?

Dean: Shockingly, no, which puts us back to square one. I've been trying to decipher the Doctor's notes. Unfortunately, he has worse handwriting than you do.

Sam is still in his chair, back to Dean, looking around a little.

Dean: You gonna come help me with this stuff?

Dean looks over at him. Sam looks around, and then down to his.. well, you know. He looks up, still keeping his back to Dean.

Sam: Yeah, yeah. Just give me a sec.

He moves around a bit in his seat, moving his hands around. Suddenly a knock on the door sounds. They both turn in its direction. Sam stays in his chair as Dean gets up to open the door. Dean opens the door just inches, just like Sam did in his dream. When he sees who it is, he looks annoyed and opens up the door, walking with it.

Dean: Bela. As I live and breathe.

Bela enters, wearing a similar trenchcoat to the one in Sam's dream, only this one is black and the other one was tanned. Sam reacts to her right away due to the dream, and tries to cover up his "situation".

Bela: You called me. Remember?

Dean: I remember you turning me down.

Bela: Well, I'm just full of surprises.

Sam is still in the chair, waves one hand at her while the other is placed to continute to cover things up. He's not looking at her.

Sam: Hey, Bela. What's going on?

Dean looks from her to Sam, and she just continues on.

Bela: I brought you your African Dream Root.

She hands over a jar of it to Dean.

Bela: Nasty stuff, and not easy to come by.

She puts her bag on the TV and goes to open her coat, with her back to Sam.

Dean: Why the sudden change of heart?

Bela: What? I can't do you a little favor every now and again?

Sam gets a bit more tense but curious of her as she's removing her coat. He's obviously got his mind somewhere else.

Dean: No, you can't.

The coat falls away and reveals her in a regular shirt, and not as naked as Sam was hoping. He lets out a breathe silently, visibly relaxing a bit more.

Dean: Come on, I wanna know what the strings are before you attach them.

Bela: You said this was for Bobby Singer, right?

Dean nods.

Bela: Well, I'm doing it for him. Not you.

Dean: Bobby? Why?

Bela: He saved my life once.


In Flagstaff.

Dean throws a look Sam's way and Sam just shrugs. He looks back at her, still not responding to her statement.

Bela: I screwed up and he saved me, okay? You satisfied?

Dean: Maybe.

She looks at Dean, who's now looking at the jar, and at Sam.

Bela: So when do we go on this little magical mystery tour?

Dean: Oh, you're not going anywhere. I don't trust you enough to let you in my car, much less Bobby's head. No offense.

Sam looks a bit disappointed. Dean walks over to the closet. He turns on the lights and opens up the safe, where the Colt is, and he puts in the jar of Dream Root with it. Bela and Sam is watching him.

Bela: None taken.

Sam looks up at her quickly and Dean closes the safe, locking it. He walks into the room again, where Bela is looking a bit annoyed now.

Bela: It's 2 am. Where am I supposed to go?

Dean: Get a room. Ah, they got the Magic Fingers, a little Casa Erotica on pay-per-view. You'll love it.

Bela: You...

She takes her bag in a huff and walks to the door, retreiving her coat on the way. Sam jumps out of his chair calling after her.

Sam: Nice to see-.. Seeing you...

She slams the door behind her, ignoring him.

Sam: Bela.

Dean who was smiling after her, takes that in and he turns to Sam, a bit confused.


Sam walks over to the beds with two glascups of the liquid containing the Dream Root. Dean is sitting on the bed, waiting for him. As Sam comes over, he hands Dean one of the cups and then sits down on the other bed.

Dean: Uh, should we dim the lights and synch up Wizard of Oz to Dark Side of the Moon?

Sam looks over at him, with a smile.

Sam: Why?

Dean looks at him, disappointed.

Dean: What did you do during college?

Sam looks at him with his usual "huh" reaction to such questions. Dean goes to drink the liquid but Sam stops him.

Sam: Wait, wait, wait. Can't forget this.

Dean puts down the cup and looks over at him as he pulls out a little brown envelope from his shirt pocket. He pulls something out and as Dean reaches out his hand, he puts it in it.

Sam: Here.

Dean: What the hell is that?

Sam: Bobby's hair.

Dean: We have to drink Bobby's hair?

Sam: That's how you control whose dream you're entering. You gotta drink some of their uh... Some of their body.

Dean: Well, guess the hair of the dog is better than other parts of the body.

They put it in and Sam exhales, getting ready to drink what seems to be a very disgusting drink. They both raise their cups a bit.

Dean: Bottoms up.

Sam: Yeah.

They put their cups together in a toast and then drinks it all up. They both grunt, trying to swallow, which seems to be a little hard. They smack their mouths a bit, due to the aweful taste. They look quite disgusted and nothing seems to have changed.

Dean: Feel anything?

Sam: No. You feel anything?

Sam looks over at him as he shakes his head a little.

Dean: No.

He holds up the cup and looks in it.

Dean: Maybe we got some bad shwag.

We hear thunder from outside and rain pattering on the window. Sam looks over, a little confused.

Sam: Hey, when did it start raining?

Dean looks over at the window as well. He gets up and starts walking to the window, that's covered with white curtains. As he comes up to it he pulls the curtains apart to look outside, and we see that the rain is actually not coming from the sky, but from the ground.

Dean: When did it start raining upside down?

He turns around to Sam and as the camera follows his movement all colors seems to have drained and we see that they're now standing in the Same house that Bobby was dreaming about. They looks around a bit and as the camera changes angle, we see that the window Dean was just looking out through, is gone and instead there's a fireplace. The entire bedroom part of the motel have turned into a livingroom.


Dean: Okay, I don't know what's weirder. The fact that we're in Bobby's head or that he's dreaming of Better Homes and Gardens.

Dean is looking at Sam while he just looks around the room a bit more.

Sam: Wait. Wait a sec. Imagine the place without the paint job.

He begins gesturing to everything he's talking about.

Sam: More cluttered, dusty, books all over the place.

They begin to move around the livingroom. We get a shot through the window from outside, as if someone's watching them.

Dean: It's Bobby's house.

Sam: Yeah.

Dean: (calling out in a hushed voice)


As Sam walks to the opening of the livingroom, by the stairs, he feels someone watching him. He turns around and we get a shot through the window again and the camera moves to the side, as if someone's hiding to not be seen by him. Sam keeps watching and we get a shot of the windows from his angle and then we see from the outside again, the person behind the camera is still hiding, but watching him through the curtains. Sam finally turns back around and walks slowly to the stairs and the person watching outside moves to get a better view again. Sam looks up towards the top of the stairs.

Sam: (whispering)


Sam looks towards the door, while Dean is still in the livingroom.

Sam: Dean?

Dean turns around to Sam.

Sam: I'm gonna go look outside.

Dean: (whispering)

No, no, no, stay close.

Sam: Dude, I'll be fine. Just, look around in here. Look, we gotta find him.

Dean: Don't do anything stupid.

Sam nods and walks to the door, where we see on the windows that it's still raining outside.


Sam comes out and we see everything in bright technicolor and the sun is shining. The house is bright blue, with flowers all around, and birds chirping can be heard. Sam walks out on the porch, a confused look on his face. We pan over the yard, and down to Bobby's car, that looks completely new (Same car as used in "The Magnificent Seven") and we pan up the walkway, which is lined with all kinds of bright, beautiful flowers, to Sam. While Sam takes this in, the door suddenly slams shut behind him. Sam turns around at the sound and goes back and tries to open it but it's locked.

Sam: Dean!

He walks over to the window next to the door and bangs on the wall while looking in. We see Dean through the window, still looking around the house with his back to Sam, but he doesn't seem to react to neither Sam calling his name or him banging on the wall.

Sam: Dean!

Sam walks down the porch out of view.


Dean open the doors to the kitchen, where we saw Bobby at the beginning of the episode. He walks in, looking around cautiosly. He moves through the kitchen towards the hallway on the other side.

Dean: Bobby?

He walks out into the hallway, where there's two doors. One across from the kitchen and one on the left.

Dean: Bobby!

He turns around as if he heard something and looks down the hallway in the other direction, where there's another closed door.

Bobby: (scared)

Who's out there?

Dean turns back to the door that was on his left when he entered the hallway. He walks over to the door and we see long scratchmarks on it. Dean touches them as he goes for the doornob.

Dean: (whispered)

Bobby, you in there?

Bobby: Dean?

Dean: Yeah. It's me. Open up.

Bobby opens the door and looks behind Dean.

Dean: Hey.

Bobby moves towards the kitchen, looking scared and looking around to make sure the screaming woman isn't there. He's scratched up on his cheek and nose. Dean walks up next to him.

Bobby: How in the hell did you find me?

Dean: Sam and I got our hands on some of that Dream Roof stuff.

Bobby: Dream Root? What?

Dean: Dr. Gregg, the experiments?

Bobby, who's still looking around, throws him a glance. He's terrified.

Bobby: What the hell are you talking about?

The lamps begin to flicker.

Bobby: Hurry.

He runs for the closet again. Dean turns around and grabs him, trying to figure out what's going on.

Dean: Woh, woh, woh, woh, woh. What's going on?

Bobby: She's coming.

Dean: Okay, you know this is a dream, don't you?

Bobby: (terrified)

What are you, crazy?

Dean: It's a dream, Bobby! None of this is real!

We suddenly see the woman from his dreams earlier opening the door on the other side of the hallway, behind Dean. Bobby points to her.

Bobby: Does that look made-up?

Dean turns around and we see the woman coming out into the hallway. She's wearing a white dress and there's blood on it and her. Suddenly the closet door slams shut and Bobby turns around, rattling the doornob to make it open. Dean looks at him and then when Bobby turns around, Dean looks back at the woman. We now see she looks rather normal except for a few cuts on her chest and neck. Even her hair is styled in a regular fashion. She doesn't look happy though.

Dean: Bobby, who is that?

Bobby has tears in his eyes now, but not from being terrified.

Bobby: She's... She's my wife.

Now her expression isn't as hard, she's just looking back at Dean and Bobby. Dean looks from Bobby to her and back again.


The boys are each lying on their beds, knocked out. Dean even has the cup still in his hand. Sam's is on the floor between the beds and his arm is hanging above it. They're both on their backs.


We're in the backyard and Sam comes around the house. There's a little pond and loads of beautiful flowers. Sam walks further into the backyard, just looking around.

Bobby's Wife (V.O)

Why Bobby?


Bobby's Wife: Why did you do this to me?

They're now standing in the kitchen, by the livingroom, and his wife is standing in the doorway leading to the hall. At her words, Bobby turns around.

Bobby: I'd rather died myself than hurt you.

Bobby's Wife: But you did hurt me. You shoved that knife into me. Again and again. You watched me bleed. Watched me die.

Dean comes up behind Bobby and grabs hold of him.

Dean: Bobby, she's not real.

Bobby doesn't respond to Dean, his eyes are on his wife.

Bobby's Wife: How could you?

Bobby is close to crying now.

Bobby: You were possessed, baby. You were rabid. And I didn't know what I know now. I didn't know how to save you.

Bobby's Wife: You're lying. You wanted me dead. If you'd loved me,


you would've found a way!

Bobby: (small)

I'm sorry.

Dean grabs hold of him again, more forcefull this time.

Dean: Come on.

He drags him into the livingroom and as he begins to slide the doors closed, Bobby's Wife runs for the doors, screaming.


Sam is walking by a line of washed sheets, drying in the wind. When he turns around, Jeremy shows up with a bat, swinging, hitting him hard in the chest and shoulder.


Sam flinches from the hit.


Sam falls to the ground with the hit.


The camera zooms in on Sam who continues to just be knocked out, without a reaction.


Sam is on the ground, holding his shoulder and Jeremy stands over him.

Sam: Who are you?

Jeremy: Who are you? You don't belong here.

Sam: You're one to talk. You're in my friend's head.

Jeremy: You got a poor choice in friends. This is self-defense. He came after me. He wanted to hurt me.

Sam: Maybe because you're a killer.

Jeremy: You should be nicer to me. In here... you're just an insect. I'm a god.


Bobby's Wife is jumping and banging on the doors to the livingroom, screaming.

Dean: I'm telling you, all of it. Your house, your wife, it's a nightmare.

Dean is standing by the doors, keeping them closed. Bobby is standing across from him, just looking at him. His wife continues to bang and scream. Dean finally grabs a wire to tie around the doorhandles.

Bobby: (crying)

I killed her.

Dean: Bobby! This is your dream that you can wake up. I mean, hell, you can do anything.

He ties the doors together just as Bobby walks up behind him.

Bobby: Just leave me alone. Let her kill me already.

Dean grabs hold of him, trying to get him to wake up, to snap out it all.

Dean: Look at me. Look at me. You gotta snap out of this now. You gotta snap out of this now! You're not gonna die. I'm not gonna let you die. I'm not gonna let you die. You're like a father to me. You gotta believe me, please.

They look at each other for a moment. Bobby looks once at the door his wife is still banging on and screaming behind, and then he look back at Dean.

Bobby: I'm dreaming?

Dean: Yes. Now take control of it.

Bobby looks towards the door, and then he closes his eyes tightly and suddenly all the banging and screaming stops. Dean lets go of him and walks over to the doors. He removes the cable and slides the doors open, revealing an empty kitchen. Bobby's Wife is nowhere in sight.

Bobby: I don't believe it.

Dean turns around and looks at him.

Dean: (breathing heavily)

Believe it. Now would you please wake up?


Sam is still on the ground and Jeremy is standing over him.

Jeremy: Sweet dreams.

He raises the bat and Sam pulls up his arm to take the impact. Jeremy swings the bat down hard.


Bobby wakes up with a force, sitting up in bed.


Dean and Sam wake up with a force, sitting up on their beds, panting.


Bobby's panting, looking around.


The boys are panting and Dean looks down at his cup. They look over at each other.


Bobby is sitting in bed, looking over the papers from the investigation. Dean is sitting on the bed next to him.

Dean: Hey, Bobby. That, uh... That stuff, all that stuff with your wife?

Bobby looks over at him.

Dean: That actually happen?

Bobby: Everybody got into hunting somehow.

Dean: I'm sorry.

Bobby: Don't be sorry. If it weren't for you, I'd still be lost in there. Or dead.


Thank you.

Dean only responds with a twitch of his lips. Sam comes in after that, seeing the guys sharing a look.

Sam: So, uh, stoner boy wasn't in his dorm. My guess is he's long gone by now.

Bobby: He ain't much of a stoner.

He picks up a picture of Jeremy, looking at it.

Dean: No?

Bobby: No. His name's Jeremy Frost. Full-on genius. Hundred-and-sixty IQ. Which is sayin' some, considering his dad took a baseball bat to his head.

Dean nods at that. Bobby picks up another paper and hands it to Sam.

Bobby: Here's Father of the Year.

We see that it's a copy of a drivers license for Jeremy's dad, Henry DAVID FROST.

Bobby: He died before Jeremy was 10.

Sam: Looks like a real sweetheart.

Bobby: Injury gave him Charcot-Wilbrand, he hasn't dreamt since.

Sam puts the paper back on the little side table.

Dean: Till he started dosing the dream drug.

Bobby: yep.

Dean: How'd he know how to dig up your worst nightmare and throw it at you?

Bobby: He was rooting around in my skull. God knows what he saw in there.

Sam: Yeah. How'd he get in there in the first place? Isn't he supposed to have some of your hair, your DNA or something?

Dean: Yeah.

Bobby: Yeah. Before I knew it was him, he offered me a beer. I drank it. Dumbest frigging thing.

Dean, realizing he's done the Same thing tries to make it a bit lighter.

Dean: Oh, I don't know. It wasn't that dumb.

(nervous laugh)

Sam and Bobby both looks at him with this comment.

Sam: Dean, you didn't.

Dean: I was thirsty.

Sam: (angry)

That's great, now he can come after either one of you.

Dean: Well, now we just have to find him first.

Bobby: We better work fast and coffee up. Because one thing we cannot do is fall asleep.

The screen goes black.


Two Days Later

INT. Impala - NIGHT

Dean's behind the wheel, Sam is sitting next to him. Dean is clearly pissed over the whole situation.

Dean: I mean, this Jeremy guy's not a frigging ghost. Where the hell could he be?

Sam: Dean, you sure you don't want me to drive? You seem a little...

Dean looks over at him.

Sam: ..caffeinated.

Dean: Thanks for the news flash, Edison.

Dean's cell rings. He tries to get hold of it but it's turns out it's a bit hard and he mutters indistinctly. He finally gets it up. The scene flashes between Bobby in the motelroom with Bela and the Impala.

Dean: Tell me you got something.

Bobby: Strip club was a bust, huh?

Dean: Yeah.

Bobby: That was our last lead.

Dean: What the hell, Bobby!

Bobby: Don't yell at me, boy. I'm working my ass off here.

Dean: Sorry, I'm sorry. I'm just.. I'm-I'm-I'm tired.

Bela is using her spirit board and tarot cards to find help from the dead.

Bobby: Well, who ain't?

Dean: What's Bela got?

Bobby turns to Bela.

Bobby: What do you got, Bela?

Bela: Sorry. Sometimes the spirit world is in a chatty mood, and sometimes it isn't.

Bobby: (to Dean)

She's got nothing.

Dean: Great! Well, I'm just gonna go blow my brains out now!

He flips the phone closed and throws it in his lap. He hits the steering-wheel grunting angrily.


Bobby flips his phone closed and looks over at Bela, who's still working by the board. Bobby walks over to her.

Bobby: Let me ask you somethin'.

Bela looks up at him.

Bobby: What are you doin' helping us?

She smiles a little.

Bela: Bobby, I'm surprised you don't remember.

Bobby squints his eyes a little, not making the connection.

Bela: Flagstaff?

Bobby looks thoughtfull for a moment.

Bobby: Oh. Yeah. Right. Flagstaff.

EXT. Impala

The Impala comes down the road towards the camera. Suddenly Dean turns the car on a sideroad instead of continuing on. When they get to a clearing in the woods, he shuts off the engine. The camera pans up from the headlights to the windshield and over to Dean's window.

Dean: Alright, that's it. I'm done.

Sam: What are you doing?

Dean slides down a bit in his seat, resting his head on the back of it.

Dean: Taking myself a long-overdue nap.

Sam: What? Dean, Jeremy can come after you.

Dean: That's the idea.

Sam: Excuse me?

INT. Impala

Dean: Come on man, we can't find him, so let him come to me.

Sam: On his own turf? Where he's basically a god?

Dean: I can handle it.

Sam: Not alone, you can't.

He reaches over and pulls out some of Dean's hair.

Dean: Ow!

He touches his head where Sam grabbed some hair. He looks over at Sam.

Dean: What are you doing?

Dean: Coming in with you.

Dean: No, you're not.

Sam: Why not? At least then it'll be two against one.

Dean doesn't have a respons first, opening and closing his mouth.

Dean: 'Cause I don't want you digging around in my head.

Sam: Too bad.

Sam goes for the items to make the liquid and Dean just looks at him for a moment.


They're both asleep, leaning on the doors of the Impala. Sam wakes up first, clearing his throat. The car is right where it was before we cut to after they fell asleep.

Sam: Dean.

Sam hits Dean on his arm and Dean wakes up forcefully.

Dean: Jeez. For the love of God.

Dean looks around a bit, looking extremely tired.

Dean: What are we still doing here?

Sam: I have no idea.

A sound can be heard from outside the car.

Sam: There's someone out there.

EXT. Impala

They get out of the car, looking around. As they walk in front of the car, music can suddenly be heard. Dean looks behind him and then when he turns around, a corner of the clearing lights up, and there sits Lisa (from episode "The Kids Are Alright") on a little blanket and a picknick basket. Dean just looks at her and she smiles up at him.

Lisa: Hey. You gonna sit down?

Dean doesn't move, he just looks at her. She has a glas of red whine in her hand and she reaches for another glas in the basket.

Lisa: Come on. We only have an hour before we have to pick Ben up from baseball.

She holds the glas for him, giving him another smile. Sam is standing a bit behind Dean, taking this all in as Dean just looks at her. He looks over at Sam.

Dean: I've never had this dream before.

He turns back, away from Sam, and we can see that he isn't telling the truth. Sam takes a few steps towards him.

Dean: Stop looking at me like that.

Sam: Sorry.

Lisa: Dean. I love you.

She smiles and suddenly her entire scene shakes and both her, the picknick, the light and the music disappears. Dean looks around, Sam turns around, doing the Same.

Dean: Where'd she go?

Sam is looking into the woods and suddenly Jeremy comes out from behind a tree.

Sam: Dean.

He takes after Jeremy, who runs off. Dean quickly follows Sam and they run into the woods. Dean looses track on Sam, but keeps running in the Same direction. Suddenly he stops and turns, looking around confused.

Dean: Okay.

The camera pans out and reveals that the woods have turned into wallpaper and Dean is standing in a hallway with doors on both sides.


Sam is still running through them, in pursuit of Jeremy. He comes to a clearing, where he stops, panting, looking around.

Sam: Dean?!


Dean is walking down the hallway towards a door at the end of it. Before he reaches it, it suddenly opens up slowly. Dean stops, watching. The door glides open more, revealing a motel room.


Clicking can be heard, as Dean enters the room. As he comes in, we see that the motel room looks exactly as the one he and Sam is staying in. Across the room from the door, sits a man on the chair by the desk. Dean walks further into the room, watching him.

Dean: Jeremy?

The man keeps clicking the on and off button for the lamp on the desk, his back to Dean. When we get an angle over the mans shoulder, he clicks the lamp back on and we see that it's.. Dean. He turns his head back towards Dean, and he doesn't look very nice. Dean sees that the man is himself. Dream Dean slowly stands up, and turns to Dean, who swallows at the sight of himself. Dream Dean doesn't looks so hard anymore.

Dream Dean: Hey, Dean.

Dean: Well, aren't you a handsome son of a gun.

He smiles.

Dream Dean: We need to talk.

Dean nods and begins to walk in a circle, as does Dream Dean. They're walking in the Same direction just across from each other.

Dean: I get it. I get it. I'm my own worst nightmare, is that it? Huh? Kind of like the Superman III junkyard scene? A little mano y mano with myself?

Dream Dean: Joke all you want, smart-ass. But you can't lie to me. I know the truth.

They stop walking, now having changed places. Dean standing by the desk, Dream Dean by the door.

Dream Dean: I know how dead you are inside. How worthless you feel. I know how you look into a mirror... and hate what you see.

Dean: Sorry, pal. it's not gonna work. (smiling)

You're not real.

Dream Dean: Sure I am. I'm you.

Dean: I don't think so. 'Cause see, this is my siesta. Not yours.

(raises left hand)

All I gotta do is snap my fingers and you go bye-bye.

He snaps his fingers once, and nothing happens. Dean snaps again, noticing nothing's happening. Dream Dean just watches him. He snaps them three more times and then lets his hand fall to his side. The smile gone, but his eyebrows are raised at this. Dream Dean gives him a nod and looks at him, clearly saying "see".

Dream Dean: I'm not going anywhere. Neither are you.

The door slams shut behind him, and locks. All the smiles are gone from Dean's features, taking in the seriousness.

Dream Dean: Like I said...

He raises his right hand, in which he now has a pistol-grip sawed-off.

Dream Dean: ..we need to talk.

INT. Impala

A bang can be heard, and Sam wakes up, gasping. He looks over at Dean, who's still asleep.

Sam: Dean.

Sam hits him on the arm and the camera pans from Sam to in front of Dean.

Sam: Hey.

As the camera reaches Dean's face, we see it's in fact not Dean, but Jeremy, who's very much awake.

Sam: Wake up.

He hits him on the arm two more times and then Jeremy turns around, with a hard, evil look. Sam only has a second to respond and take in that it's Jeremy and not Dean, and then Jeremy hits him hard in his stomach with the tip of the bat he used earlier in Bobby's DREAM. Sam grunts and opens the door.

EXT. Impala; DREAM

Sam falls out through the door, face first, still grunting over the pain. Jeremy comes around the front of the car, the bat resting against his shoulder.

Jeremy: Boy, you just don't know when to leave well enough alone, do you?

As he walks towards Sam, who's reached the back of the Impala still on the ground, he closes the door Sam fell out through and continues walking up to him. Towering over Sam who's now turned over, looking up at him, still moving backwards.

Sam: You're a psycho.

Jeremy: You're wrong.

Sam: Yeah? Tell that to Dr. Gregg.

Jeremy: The doc? No, no. The doc's the one that got me hooked on this stuff and then he took it away.

Sam is lying still on the ground, looking up at him. He leans on the Impala, raising the bat, holding it like he's about to swing, looking down at Sam.

Jeremy: But I needed it, and he wouldn't let me have it.

Sam: So you killed him?

Jeremy: I can dream again. You know what that's like, not being able to dream? You never rest, not really. It's like being awake for 15 years.

Sam: And let me guess. That makes you go crazy?

Jeremy leans down towards Sam, holding the bat out at him.

Jeremy: I just wanna be left alone. I just wanna dream.

Sam: Sorry. Can't do that.

Jeremy: That's the wrong answer.

Sam is suddenly pulled flat against the ground. He begins to breathe heavily. As we get a shot from the side, we see that Sam's now tied to railroad spikes, unable to move.

Jeremy: I'm getting better and better at this. Stronger and stronger all the time.

He's still standing by Sam's feet, now examining the bat. Sam looks to the side, and Jeremy looks down at him.

Jeremy: But you and your brother? You're not waking up. Not this time. I'm not gonna let you.

Sam looks up at him.

Dream Dean (V.O): I mean, you're going to hell and you won't lift a finger to stop it.


Dean and Dream Dean has begun circling each other again.

Dream Dean: Talk about low self-esteem.

(he Chuckles)

Then again, I guess it's not much of a life worth saving, now is it?

Dean: (to himself)

Wake up, Dean. Come on, wake up.

Dream Dean: I mean, after all, you've got nothing outside of Sam.

They stop circling each other. They're now back in their original positions. Dean by the door, Dream Dean by the desk.

Dream Dean: You are nothing. You're as mindless and obedient as an attack dog.

Dean: (smiling a little)

That-That's not true.

Dream Dean: No? What are the things that you want? What are the things that you dream? I mean, your car? That's Dad's. Your favorite leather jacket? Dad's. Your music? Dad's. Do you even have an original thought?

Dean scoffs, not wanting to admit to anything.

Dream Dean: No. No, all there is is, "Watch out for Sammy. Look out for your little brother, boy!" You can still hear your Dad's voice in your head, can't you?

He motions with the weapon to his head.

Dream Dean: Clear as a bell.

Dean: (smiling)

Just shut up.

He takes down the weapon.

Dream Dean: I mean, think about it..

He begins to walk towards Dean, whose smile is fading now.

Dream Dean: ..all he ever do is train you, boss you around.

They're now standing face to face.

Dream Dean: But Sam... Sam he doted on. Sam, he loved.

Dean: I mean it. I'm getting angry.

Dream Dean: Dad knew who you really were. A good soldier and nothing else. Daddy's blunt little instrument.


Your own father didn't care whether you lived or died. Why should you?

Dean: (angry)

Son of a bitch!

He pushes Dream Dean hard, and he hits the wall above the desk, landing on it.

Dean: (screaming angrily)

My father was an obsessed b*st*rd!

Dream Dean tries to get up and Dean kicks him down on the desk again. He holds the weapon as a bat and hits Dream Dean once and then pins him to the wall with it.

Dean: All that crap he dumped on me, about protecting Sam. That was his crap. He's the one who couldn't protect his family. He-

Dean steps back and swings the weapon again, hitting Dream Dean twice.

Dean: He's the one who let Mom die.

He pins Dream Dean again.

Dean: Who wasn't there for Sam. I always was! He wasn't fair! I didn't deserve what he put on me.

He backs away from Dream Dean.

Dean: And I don't deserve to go to hell!

He shoots Dream Dean twice in the chest. As he lowers the weapon and looking at Dream Dean, we see the latter is dead. There's bloodspatter on Dream Dean's face and his eyes are closed.

EXT. Impala; DREAM

Jeremy is hitting Sam repeatedly on his legs and knees, both with the bat and with his feet. Sam is grunting through the assault, not able to move.


Dean approaches Dream Dean on the desk, looking at him. Suddenly Dream Dean's eyes flickers open and they're completely black, as when a demon possesses a human. Dean widens his eyes at that. Demon Dean sits up, looking into Dean's eyes.

Demon Dean: (hard and angrily)

You can't escape me, Dean. You're gonna die. And this, this is what you're gonna become.

EXT. Impala; DREAM

Jeremy is now standing over Sam, the bat hovering above Sam's chest.

Jeremy: You can't stop me. There's nothing I can't do in here.

Sam: (panting)

Because of the Dream Root.

Jeremy: That's right.

Sam: Yeah? Well, you're forgetting something.

Jeremy now holds the bat, ready to swing down on Sam.

Jeremy: What's that?

Sam looks up at him.

Sam: I took the Dream Root too.

He smiles.

Man: Jeremy!

As Jeremy turns around, the camera swings to the woods and we see Jeremy's father, Henry, standing at the edge of the woods.

Henry: Jeremy!

Jeremy: No. No.

Henry begins walking towards him.

Jeremy: Dad?

Henry: You answer me when I'm talking to you, boy.

Jeremy backs away from Sam and Henry. He no longer has the bat in his hands.

Jeremy: No.

Suddenly Sam shows up and hits Jeremy across his face with the bat.


Jeremy's eyes flicks open.


Dream Dean stands up.

EXT. Impala; DREAM

Sam hits Jeremy again.


Jeremy turns over on the cott he's sleeping on, a clear reaction to the hit from Sam. He begins to shake and gasp in his bed, most likely from being beaten by Sam in his dream, and then he dies.


Demon Dean disappears and a flash on the screen appears. (this is matter of seconds)

INT. Impala

The boys wake up. They looks over at each other and then look away. Dean is clearly taken by what just happened.



Bobby and Sam comes around the corner and walks down the hallway together. Sam has a key to the room in his hands.

Bobby: So you did a little dream-weaving of your own in here, huh?

Sam: Yeah. I just sort of concentrated and it happened, you know?

Bobby: Didn't have anything to do with... you know, your psychic stuff?

Sam looks at him, and they stop walking. Bobby turns and looks at him.

Sam: No. I mean, I don't think so.

Bobby: (nods)

Good. Good.

They continue walking down the hallway.


Dean is on the phone with his back to the door. He closes the phone and when he hears the lock being unlocked he turns around, and Sam and Bobby enters.

Dean: Hey, you guys seen Bela? She's not in her room. She's not answering her phone.

They close the door and comes in.

Sam: She must've taken off or something.

Dean: Just like that? It's a little weird.

Bobby: Yeah well, if you ask me what's weird is why she helped us in the first place.

Dean: I thought you saved her life.

Bobby: (confused)

What the hell are you talking about?

Dean: The thing in Flagstaff.

Sam turns around and looks at Bobby.

Bobby: That thing in Flagstaff was an amulet. I gave her a good deal, that's all.

Dean gets confused at that, closing his mouth. Sam turns around and looks at him, confused. He turns back to Bobby.

Sam: Well, the why did y-?

Bobby: You boys better check your pockets.

Sam reaches into his pockets, as does Dean.

Bobby: Not literally.

Dean stops what he's doing and slowly looks up at Sam and then turn to the safe in the closet. Sam who's looking at Dean, does the Same.

Dean: (walking)

No, no, no, no.

He goes over to the safe and opens it up. It's empty.

Sam: The Colt.

Dean looks over at him and slams the safe shut.

Sam: Bela stole the Colt.

Bobby: Damn it, boys!

Dean: Pack you crap.

Dean walks over to his bag on the couch.

Sam: Why? Where are we going?

Dean turns to him.

Dean: We're gonna go hunt the bitch down.


The boys are standing by the open trunk, Dean is zipping his bag closed and Sam puts his own in there.

Dean: Hey, Sam. I was wondering. When you were in my head, what did you see?

Sam: Uh, just Jeremy. He kept me separated from you. Easier to beat my brains out that way, I guess.

(Dean scoffs)

What about you? You never said.

Dean shakes his head.

Dean: Nothing. I was looking for you the whole time.

Dean takes the keys out the lock to the trunk and closes it. They get into the car.

INT. Impala

Sam sighs as he sits down. Dean looks thoughtfull for a while.

Dean: Sam.

Sam looks over at him.

Sam: Yeah?

Dean doesn't look at him.

Dean: (clears his throat)

I've been doing some thinking. And... Well, the thing is... I don't wanna die.

Sam expression softens, saddens.

Dean: I don't wanna go to hell.

Sam swallows, not answering right away. He nods his head softly.

Sam: (softly)

Alright. Yeah. We'll find a way to save you.

Dean looks over at him, and then looks away nodding. He looks back at Sam, a little smile on his lips.

Dean: Okay, good.

Sam nods at him, reassuringly. Suddenly the scene goes into slowmotion and Dean looks to the side.

Dream Dean (V.O): You can't escape me, Dean.


Dream Dean (V.O): You're gonna die.

We see the scene of Dream Dean waking up again as a demon after being shot.

Demon Dean: And this? this is what you're gonna become.

We see Dean, when he first snapped his fingers. His eyes are now black as night, he's a demon. He smiles and snaps his fingers and the screen goes black.