04x10 - Heaven and Hell

4.10 Heaven and Hell

Air Date: 20 November 2008



The scene continues from the last episode.

Sam: You want Anna? Why?


Out of the way.

Dean: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, I know she's wiretapping your angel chats or whatever, but it's no reason to gank her.


Don't worry. I'll kill her gentle.

Dean: You're some heartless sons of bitches, you know that?

Castiel: As a matter of fact, we are. And?

Sam: And? Anna's an innocent girl.

Castiel: She is far from innocent.

Sam: What's that supposed to mean?


It means she's worse than this abomination you've been screwing. Now give us the girl.

Dean: Sorry. Get yourself another one. Try JDate.


Who's gonna stop us? You two? Or this demon whore?

URIEL throws Ruby against a wall. Dean attacks him.

Sam: Cas, stop...please.

Castiel touches Sam's forehead and he falls to the ground. URIEL punches Dean.


I've been waiting for this.

Suddenly a bright light engulfs Castiel and URIEL and they disappear.

Dean: What the...

Dean helps Ruby to her feet.

Dean: Come on.

Ruby then kneels by Sam, who is stirring. Dean gets into a back room and finds Anna with her hands and arms covered in her own blood.

Dean: Anna. Anna!

Anna has used her blood to draw sigils on a mirror.

Anna: Are they -- are they gone?

Dean: Did you kill them?

Anna: No. I sent them away... far away.

Dean: You want to tell me how?

Anna: That just popped in my head. I don't know how I did it. I just did it.



Dean: So, what do you think?

Sam: I think Anna's getting more interesting by the second.

Dean: Yeah, I agree. And what did they mean by "she's not innocent"?

Sam: It seems like they want her bad, and not just 'cause of the angel radio thing. I mean, that blood spell -- Some serious crap, man.

Dean: Something's going on with her. See what you can find out.

Sam: What are you gonna do?

Dean: Anna may have sent the angels to the outfield, but, sooner or later, they're gonna be back. We got to get ourselves safe now.


Anna is sitting in a chair in the panic room.

Dean: Iron walls drenched in salt. Demons can't even touch the joint.

Ruby is waiting outside the open door.

Ruby: Which I find racist, by the way.

Dean: Write your congressman.

Ruby: Here.

Dean: Hex bags?

Ruby: Extra-crunchy. They'll hide us from angels, demons, all comers.

Dean: Thanks, Ruby. [ to Anna ]Don't lose this. So, Anna, what's playing on angel radio? Anything useful?

Anna: It's quiet. Dead silence.

Dean: Good. That's not troubling at all.

Anna: We're in trouble, huh? You guys are scared?

Dean: Nah.

Sam [ Out of sight ]

Hey, Dean!

Dean: Just stay here, okay? [ to Ruby ]Keep an eye on her.


Dean: How's the car?

Sam: I got her. She's fine. Where's Bobby?

Dean: Uh, The Dominican. He said we break anything, we buy it.

Sam: He's working a job?

Dean: God, I hope so. Otherwise, he's at hedonism in a banana hammock and a trucker cap.

Sam: Now that's seared in my brain.

Dean: All right, what did you find on Anna?

Sam: Uh, not much. Her parents were, uh, Rich and Amy Milton -- a church deacon and a housewife.

Dean: Riveting.

Sam: Yeah. But there is something here in the report. Turns out this latest psych episode wasn't her first.

Dean: No?

Sam: When she was 2 1/2, she'd get hysterical any time her dad got close. She was convinced that he wasn't her real daddy.

Dean: Who was? The plumber, hmm? A little snaking the pipes?

Sam: Dude, you're confusing reality with p0rn again. Look, Anna didn't say. She just kept repeating that this real father of hers was mad. Very mad -- like wanted-to-kill-her mad.

Dean: Kind of heavy for a 2-year-old.

Sam: Well, she saw a kid's shrink, got better, and grew up normal.

Dean: Until now. So, what's she hiding?

Anna: Why don't you just ask me to my face?

Dean: Nice job watching her.

Ruby: I'm watching her.

Sam: No, you're right, Anna. Is there anything you want to tell us?

Anna: About what?

Sam: The angels said you were guilty of something. Why would they say that?

Anna: You tell me. Tell me why my life has been leveled... Why my parents are dead. I don't know. I swear. I would give anything to know.

Sam: Okay. Then let's find out.

Anna: How?


Dean is leading PAMELA down the stairs.

Dean: We're here!

Sam: Pamela, hey!



Sam: It's me. it's Sam: PAMELA


Sam: Yeah.


Sam, is that you?

Sam: I'm right here.


Oh. Know how I can tell? [ grabs Sam's ass ]That perky little ass of yours. You could bounce a nickel off that thing. Of course I know it's you, grumpy. Same way I know that's a demon, and that poor girl's Anna and that you've been eyeing my rack.

Sam: Uh... uh... uh...


Don't sweat it, kiddo. I still got more senses than most.

Sam: Got it.


Hey, Anna. How are you? I'm Pamela.

Anna: Hi.


Dean told me what's been going on. I'm excited to help.

Anna: Oh. That's nice of you.


Oh, well, not really. Any chance I can dick over an angel, I'm taking it.

Anna: Why?


They stole something from me. [ takes off her sunglasses, revealing white eyes ]Demon-y, I know. But they're just plastic. Good for business. Makes me look extra-psychic, don't you think? [ laughs ]Now...how about you tell me what your deal is? Hmm? Don't you worry.



Nice and relaxed. Now, I'm going to count down from five to zero. When we're at zero, you'll be in a deep state of hypnosis. As I count down, just go deeper and deeper, okay? 5... 4... 3... 2... 1. Deep sleep. Deep sleep. Every muscle calm and relaxed. Can you hear me?

Anna: I can hear you.


Now, Anna, tell me... How can you hear the angels? How did you work that spell?

Anna: I don't know. I just did.


Your father... What's his name?

Anna: Rich Milton.


All right. But I want you to look further back... When you were very young... Just a couple of years old.

Anna: I don't want to.


It'll be okay. Anna, just one look -- that's all we need.

Anna: No.


What's your dad's name? Your real dad. Why is he angry at you?

Anna: No. No! No. [ screams ]No!


Calm down.

Anna: [screams ]He's gonna kill me!


Anna, you're safe.

Anna: [ screams ]No! [ the lights explode and glass shatters ]


Calm down.

Anna: [screams ]He's gonna kill me!


It's all right, Anna.

Dean: Anna?

Dean walks towards Anna.


Dean, don't.

Anna throws Dean across the room.


Wake in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Anna... Anna? You all right?

Anna: Thank you, Pamela. That helps a lot. I remember now.

Sam: Remember what?

Anna: Who I am.

Dean: I'll bite. Who are you?

Anna: I'm an angel.



Anna: Don't be afraid, I'm not like the others.

Ruby: I don't find that very reassuring.


Neither do I.

Anna: So...Castiel, Uriel -- they're the ones that came for me?

Sam: You know them?

Anna: We were kind of in the Same foxhole.

Dean: So, what, were they like your bosses or something?

Anna: Try the other way around.

Dean: Look at you.


But now they want to kill you?

Anna: Orders are orders. I'm sure I have a death sentence on my head.



Anna: I disobeyed... which, for us, is about the worst thing you can do. I fell.

Dean: Meaning?


She fell to earth, became human.

Sam: Wait a minute. I don't understand. So, angels can just become human?

Anna: It kind of hurts. Try cutting your kidney out with a butter knife. That kind of hurt. I ripped out my grace.

Dean: Come again?

Anna: My grace. It's... energy. Hacked it out and fell. My mother, Amy, couldn't get pregnant. Always called me her little miracle. She had no idea how right she was.

Dean: So, you just forgot that you were God's little Power Ranger?

Anna: The older I got, the longer I was human, yeah.

Ruby: I don't think you all appreciate how completely screwed we are.

Anna: Ruby's right. Heaven wants me dead.

Ruby: And Hell just wants her. A flesh-and-blood angel that you can question, torture, that bleeds. Sister, you're the Stanley Cup. And sooner or later, Heaven or Hell, they're gonna find you.

Anna: I know. And that's why I'm gonna get it back.

Sam: What?

Anna: My grace.

Dean: You can do that?

Anna: If I can find it.

Dean: So, what, you're just gonna take some divine bong hit, and, shazam, you're Roma Downey?

Anna: Something like that.

Dean: All right. I like this plan. So, where's this grace of yours?

Anna: Lost track. I was falling about 10,000 miles per hour at the time.

Sam: Wait. You mean falling, like, literally?

Anna: Yes.

Sam: Like the way a human eye can see? Like a comet, maybe, or a meteor?

Anna: Why do you ask?


Sam is surrounded by books and old magazines.

Sam: Here. In march '85, a meteorite vanished in the night sky over northwestern Ohio. It was sighted nine months before Anna was born, and she was born in that part of Ohio.

Ruby: You're pretty buff for a nerd.

Sam: Look, I think it was Anna and here, Same time -- another meteor over Kentucky.

Ruby: And that's her grace?

Sam: Might be.

Ruby: All right. That just narrows it down to an entire state.

Sam: Look, it's a start.

Ruby: Sam... I'm sorry.

Sam: For what?

Ruby: For bringing you this mess. If I had known, I would have kept my trap shut.

Sam: Yeah, well, we'll muddle through.

Ruby: Not this time. You do not want to get between these two armies. It's Godzilla and Mothra. If one side doesn't get us, the other one will.

Sam: So, what do you want to do? Dump Anna and run? Forget it. Look, I know the angels freak you out.

Ruby: Forget the angels. It's Alastair I'm scared of.

Sam: Alastair?

Ruby: You met him in the church. Practically the grand inquisitor downstairs. Picasso with a razor.

Sam: And?

Ruby: And you should pull him out and throw him back in the pit... if you weren't so out of shape.

Sam: Ruby...

Ruby: No, your abilities -- you're getting flabby.

Sam: Yeah, so how do I tone up?

Ruby: You know how. You know what you got to do.

Sam: No, I'm not doing that anymore.

Ruby: Sam...

Sam: I said no.

Ruby: Well, then you better pray that Anna gets her groove back, or we're all dead.


Anna: Pamela get home okay?


Yeah. She said she was sorry. It's just after last time, she, uh... This is just a little too rich for her blood.

Anna: I don't blame her. You guys should do the Same.

Dean: Well, we're not that smart. Can I ask you something? What do they want me for? Why did they save me?

Anna: I'm sorry. The angels aren't talking about it. And it was after I fell.

Dean: That's another question. Why would you fall? Why would you want to be one of us?

Anna: You don't mean that.

Dean: I don't? A bunch of -- of miserable bastards... Eating, crapping, confused, afraid.

Anna: I don't know. There's loyalty... forgiveness... love.

Dean: Pain.

Anna: Chocolate cake.

Dean: Guilt.

Anna: s*x.

Dean: Yeah, you got me there.

Anna: I mean it. Every emotion, Dean, even the bad ones... It's why I fell. It's why... why I'd give anything not to have to go back. Anything.

Dean: Feelings are overrated, if you ask me.

Anna: Beats being an angel.

Dean: How's that possible? You guys are powerful and perfect. You don't doubt yourselves or God or anything.

Anna: Perfect... Like a marble statue. Cold... no choice... only obedience. Dean, do you know how many angels have actually seen God? Seen his face?

Dean: All of you?

Anna: Four angels. Four. And I'm not one of them.

Dean: That's it? Well, then how do you even know that there is a God?

Anna: We have to take it on faith... Which we're killed if we don't have.

Dean: Huh.

Anna: I was stationed on earth 2,000 years. Just... watching... silent... invisible... out on the road... sick for home... waiting on orders from an unknowable father I can't begin to understand. So don't tell me that --

Dean laughs.

Anna: What is so funny? What?

Dean: Nothing. Sorry. It's just...I can relate.

Sam: Hey.

Dean: Did you find something?

Sam: I think so.


Sam: Union, Kentucky. Found some accounts of a local miracle.

Dean: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah. In '85, there was an empty field outside of town. Six months later, there was a full-grown oak. They say it looks a century old at least.

Dean: Anna, what do you think?

Anna: The grace. Where it hit, it could have done something like that, easy.

Dean: So grace ground zero -- it's not destruction. It's...

Anna: Pure creation.

INT. Impala - NIGHT

Dean is driving. Sam is beside him and Anna and Ruby are at the backseat. Dean looks in the rear-view mirror and laughs.

Ruby: What?

Dean: Nothing. It's just an angel and a demon riding in the backseat. It's like the setup to a bad joke... or a Penthouse Forum letter.

Sam: Dude... Reality... p0rn.

Dean: You call this reality?


Dean: It's beautiful.

Anna: It's where the grace touched down. I can feel it.

Dean: You ready to do this?

Anna: Not really.

Sam: Anna, what are we even looking for?

Anna puts a hand on the tree trunk.

Anna: It doesn't matter. It's not here. Not anymore. Someone took it.



Dean: We still got the hex bags. I say we head back to the panic room.

Ruby: What, forever?

Dean: I'm just thinking out loud!

Ruby: Oh, you call that thinking?

Sam: Hey! Hey, hey, hey. Stop it.

Ruby: Anna's grace is gone. You understand? She can't angel up. She can't protect us. We can't fight Heaven and Hell. One side maybe, but not both. Not at once.

Anna: Um... guys? The angels are talking again.

Sam: What are they saying?

Anna: It's weird... Like a recording... a loop. It says, "Dean Winchester gives us Anna by midnight, or..."

Dean: Or what?

Anna: "...or we hurl him back to damnation."

Sam: Anna.. Do you know of any weapon that works on an angel? To what? To kill them?

Sam nods.

Anna: Nothing we could get to... Not right now.

Dean: Okay, wait, wait. I say we call Bobby. We get him back from hedonism.

Sam: Dean, what's he gonna tell us that we don't already know?

Dean: I don't know, but we got to think of something!


Dean is studying a book over the Impala.

Dean: Hey. Holding up okay?

Anna: Trying.

Dean: Yeah.

Anna: A little scared, I guess. So, um... Dean... I just wanted to thank you.

Dean: For what?

Anna: Everything. You guys -- you didn't have to help me --

Dean: Hey, let's can the "thanks for trying" speech, you know? Participation trophies suck ass.


I don't know. Maybe I don't deserve to be saved.

Dean: Don't talk like that.

Anna: I disobeyed. Lucifer disobeyed. It's our murder one, and I knew it. Maybe I got to pay.

Dean: Yeah, well, we've all done things we got to pay for.

Anna: I got to tell you something. You're not gonna like it.

Dean: Okay. what?

Anna: About a week ago, I heard the angels talking... About you... What you did in Hell. Dean, I know. It wasn't your fault. You should forgive yourself.

Dean: Anna, I don't w-want to, uh... I don't want to... I can't talk about that.

Anna: I know. But when you can, you have people that want to help. You are not alone. That's all I'm trying to say.

Anna kisses Dean.

Dean: What was that for?

Anna: You know... Our last night on earth... All that.

Dean: You're stealing my best line.

INT. Impala - NIGHT

Ready for love by Bad Company is playing while Dean and Anna make love.


Sam is asleep over an open book as Ruby leaves.


Ruby burns her hex bag.


Hello, Ruby.

Ruby: Alastair.


I have to say, I'm surprised to find you out in the open like this.

Ruby: Yeah? Desperate times.


That they are. You looking for this? [ takes out Ruby's knife ]Your gawky human friend gave it to me.

Ruby: Keep it. I just came to talk.


About what? About how a demon is protecting an angel? We really must revoke your membership.

Ruby: Look, I know I'm not employee of the month, but this -- I never wanted to get in the middle of this.


Why are you here, Ruby?

Ruby: I'll give you the angel.


Will you? And in return?

Ruby: I walk away. Me and the Winchester boys, both of them. This angel business is none of our business.


Hmm. You know...I'd always heard that you were a devious, cowardly little slut. You don't disappoint.

Ruby: So, what do you say?


It's interesting... Prudent.

Two demons appear and grab Ruby from behind.


But, uh... Let me make you a... counteroffer.



Look at that. It's so cute when monkeys wear clothes.

Dean: I'm dreaming, aren't I?


It's the only way we could chat... since you're hiding like cowards.

Dean: Don't normally see you off leash. Where's your boss?


Castiel? Oh, he, uh... He's not here. See, he has this weakness. He likes you. Time's up, boy. We want the girl.

Dean: Wouldn't try that if I were you. See, she got her grace back. Full-blown angel now.


That would be a neat trick, considering... [ takes out a necklace ]...I have her grace right here. We can't let Hell get their hooks into her.

Dean: Well, then why don't you just give her back her angel juice?


She committed a serious crime.

Dean: What? Thinking for herself?


This is our business, not yours. She's not even human... Not technically.

Dean: Yeah, well, I guess I just like being a pain in the pooper.


No. There's more. You cut yourself a slice of... angel food cake. Didn't you? Huh? You did.

Dean: What do you care? You're junkless down there, right? Like a Ken doll?


Ooh. Well, it's your last chance. Give us the girl, or --

Dean: Or what? What, you're gonna toss me back in the hole? You're bluffing.


Try me. This is a whole lot bigger than the plans we got for you, Dean. You can be replaced.

Dean: What the hell? Go ahead and do it.

Dean: You're just crazy enough to go, aren't you?

Dean: What can I say? I don't break easy.


Oh, yes... you do. You just got to know where to apply the right pressure.


Ruby is tied to some kind of dentist chair, ALASTAIR is torturing her with her knife.


You know the problem with your generation? Instant gratification. It's all now, now, now. No patience, no craftsmanship. But I do have to say... This knife of yours... It's an exquisite piece. You must tell me where you found it. You know... I haven't been up here since Poland '43. Truth is, I loathe it. It's chilly. No stink of blood or sizzle of flesh or the wet flap of flayed skin. I don't know how you stand it. So, the sooner you cooperate, the sooner I can finish up with this ghastly angel business and return home to my studies. But no rush. Let's take our time... Relish the moment. Now, I'm going to remove this, but don't you go smoking out of that meat. You won't get very far.

Ruby: Oh!


Now you tell me where that angel is.

Ruby: No.



Ruby: No. I tell you, you kill me. But I'll show you.


Sam: I don't know, man. Where's Ruby?

Dean: Hey, she's your Hell buddy.

Dean is drinking from his flask.

Anna: Little early for that, isn't it?

Dean: It's 2 a.m. somewhere.

Anna: You okay?

Dean: Yeah, of course.

The doors open with a blast and Castiel and URIEL enter.

Castiel: Hello, Anna. It's good to see you.

Sam: How? How did you find us? [ pause ]Dean?

Dean: [to Anna]I'm sorry.

Sam: Why?

Anna: Because they gave him a choice. They either kill me... or kill you. I know how their minds work.

Anna kisses Dean goodbye.

Anna: You did the best you could. I forgive you. Okay. No more tricks. No more running. I'm ready.



Castiel: I'm sorry.

Anna: No. You're not. Not really. You don't know the feeling.

Castiel: Still, we have a history. It's just --

Anna: Orders are orders. I know. Just make it quick.

ALASTAIR, a bleeding Ruby and another demon appear.


Don't you touch a hair on that poor girl's head.


How dare you come in this room... you pussing sore?


Name-calling. That hurt my feelings... You sanctimonious, fanatical prick.

Castiel: Turn around and walk away now.


Sure. Just give us the girl. We'll make sure she gets punished good and proper.

Castiel: You know who we are and what we will do. I won't say it again. Leave now... or we lay you to waste.


Think I'll take my chances.

Angels and demons begin to fight. Castiel tries to exorcise ALASTAIR with his hand with no result.


Sorry, kiddo. Why don't you go run to daddy?

URIEL exorcises a demon.

Demon: Aaaaahhhh!

ALASTAIR begins to exorcise Castiel.


Potestas inferna, me confirma. Potestas inferna, me confirma. Potestas inferma, me confirma!

Dean hits ALASTAIR with a crowbar.


Dean, Dean, Dean... I am so disappointed. You had such promise.

ALASTAIR attacks Dean and Sam. Anna takes her grace from URIEL while he is killing the other demon.



Anna breaks the pendant releasing the grace. White light flows into her mouth.

Anna: Shut your eyes. Shut your eyes! Shut your eyes!

Bright light comes out from Anna's body and makes ALASTAIR disappear, leaving behind Ruby's knife.

Dean: Well, what are you guys waiting for? Go get Anna. Unless, of course, you're scared.


This isn't over.

Dean: Oh, it looks over to me, junkless.

Castiel and URIEL disappear.

Sam: You okay?

Ruby: Not so much.

Dean: What took you so long to get here?

Ruby: Sorry I'm late with the demon delivery. I was only being tortured.

Dean: I got to hand it to you, Sammy. Bringing them all together all at once -- angels and demons. It was a damn good plan.

Sam: Yeah, well, when you got Godzilla and Mothra on your ass, best to get out of their way and let them fight.

Dean: Yeah, now you're just bragging.

Sam: So, I guess she's some big-time angel now, huh? She must be happy... Wherever she is.

Dean: I doubt it.



Sam is sitting on the hood of the Impala with a beer, and Dean is leaning against the side of the car near him.

Dean: I can't believe we made it out of there.

Sam: Again.

Dean holds out his bottle and Sam clinks it.

Dean: I know you heard him.

Sam: Who?

Dean: Alastair. What he said... about how I had promise.

Sam: I heard him.

Dean: You're not curious?

Sam: Dean, I'm damn curious. But you're not talking about Hell, and I'm not pushing.

Dean: It wasn't four months, you know.

Sam: What?

Dean: It was four months up here, but down there... I don't know. Time's different. It was more like 40 years.

Sam: My God.

Dean: They, uh... They sliced and carved and tore at me in ways that you... Until there was nothing left. And then, suddenly... I would be whole again... like magic... just so they could start in all over. And Alastair... at the end of every day... every one... he would come over. And he would make me an offer. To take me off the rack... if I put souls on... if I started the torturing. And every day, I told him to stick it where the sun shines. For 30 years, I told him. But then I couldn't do it anymore, Sammy. I couldn't. And I got off that rack. God help me, I got right off it, and I started ripping them apart. I lost count of how many souls. [ a tear rolls down his cheek ]The -- the things that I did to them.

Sam: Dean... Dean, look, you held out for 30 years. That's longer than anyone would have.

Dean: [ crying ]How I feel... This... inside me... I wish I couldn't feel anything, Sammy. I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing.