02x16 - It's the End of the World Pt.1


2x16: It's the End of the World (Part 1)

Original Airdate: 2/5/2006

Written by: Shonda Rhimes

Directed by: Peter Horton


(Large light overhead from an OR flashing on. A heart monitor is beeping in the background)

MVO: It's a look patients get in their eyes.

(Meredith is standing decked out in full scrubs gear in the OR which is dead silent aside from the heart monitor. She is breathing heavily and teary eyed)

MVO: There is a scent. The smell of death.

(Derek is standing opposite to her also in his scrub gear just looking at her. The OR is absolutely completely empty. No tables, no equipment, no other people, nada aside from them two. Meredith is holding out one of her hands to Derek)

MVO: Some kind of sixth sense.

(Meredith sheds a tear. The tear trails down her face to her chin, where it hangs)

MVO: When the great beyond is headed for you, you feel it coming.

(The heart-monitor flat lines and the tear falls from her chin)

MVO: What's the one thing you've always dreamed of doing before you die?

(The screen goes black)

(Meredith's house, shower)

(Izzie and Meredith appear to be naked showering together and scrubbing each other sensuously. Cristina is also in there helping them. They look like they're having a blast)

MVO: Ok, hello? Clearly not my dream.

(The shower screen door opens revealing George who also appears naked with a towel wrapped around his waist. The three girls turn their attention to them)

Cristina (whispers): George.

Izzie: You're the strongest most masculine man I have ever known.

Cristina: You're smarter than me. And you've got really great hair.

Meredith: I'm in love with you, George. I always have been and I always will be.

(George enters the shower and shuts the door behind. He then re-opens it, tosses his towel on the ground. Scene switches abruptly to George falling from his bed in his bedroom in the house)

MVO: See? I told you, not my dream.

(He looks confused for a second. His bedroom door opens revealing Izzie in her pajamas holding a box of cereal. She sneezes loudly, startling George)

Izzie: Ok. (She sniffles) This is the last time I gonna tell you this. (George scrambles to get his blanket to cover him if you know what I mean) If you're gonna clog up the toilet you've got to be willing to use a plunger. Otherwise we're gonna make you crap in the backyard. What are you doing on the floor? Get up. Something's wrong with Meredith.

(She leaves the room and George lies down on the floor)

(Meredith's bedroom where Meredith is still lying in bed. George and Izzie are both in her room standing at her bedside)

Meredith: I'm just not going.

Izzie: You have to go to work. You're an intern. Saving lives is not optional.

Meredith: Yes it is. I'm staying home.

Izzie (to George): You're supposed to be helping.

(George moves down to sit on Meredith's bed)

George: Uh Mer? Maybe um there'll be a horrible accident nearby the hospital. Cut a bunch of people open. Sternotomies, Craniotomies. That'd be fun, right?

Meredith: I don't care about surgeries.

(She grabs the pillow next to her and pulls it over her head)

(Cristina is dressed for work standing in Meredith's bedroom)

Cristina: You have a feeling?

(Izzie and George are now no longer in the room. Meredith removes her pillow to see Cristina standing there)

Meredith: Yes.

Cristina: Ok, what kind of feeling?

Meredith: Like I might die.

Cristina: Today? Tomorrow? In 50 years?

(Izzie and George now dressed for work, listening at the door outside Meredith's room)

Cristina: Cause we're all gonna die eventually! (Scene switches back to the room) But now we're late. Let's go.

Meredith: Cristina! Come on.

(Cristina sighs. She sits down on the bed)

Cristina: Ok. This is me being supportive.

Meredith: Really?

Cristina: Yeah, hey, fine. I'm totally supportive. Go.

(Meredith sits up)

Meredith: Ok the man I love has a wife. And then he chooses her over me. And that wife takes my dog. (Cristina has a confused look on her face) Ok she didn't take the dog, I gave it to her but I didn't mean to give it to her I meant to give it to him. But that does not change the fact that she's got my McDreamy! And my McDog. She's got my McLife! And what have I got?

(Meredith stares at her as if to say nothing)

Meredith (more calm and sad tone): Do you know I can't remember the last time we kissed. Cause you never think the last time is the last time. You think there'll be more. You think you have forever but you don't. (She slumps back down in the bed again and is hyped up again) Plus my conditioner decided to stop working and I think I have brittle bones. I just, I just need something to happen. I need a sign that things are going to change. I need a reason to go on. I need some hope. And in the absence of hope I need to stay in bed and feel like I might die today.

(Cristina stands up thoughtfully for a second before yanking the sheets away from Meredith. She stands up over her)

Cristina: Whatever! Everybody has problems. Now get your ass out of bed and get to work! Now! Move! Move! Move!

(She kicks Meredith to move off the bed who does so very quickly)

(George and Izzie are listening. The door opens)

George (to Izzie): What were you saying?

Izzie: I don't know.

(Meredith gives them both disapproving looks as she makes her way to get ready. Cristina follows her)

Cristina: We're good to go.

(George and Izzie nod at each other)

(Seattle Scenes)

(OR Hallway)

(Richard is standing in front of the OR board looking slightly uneasy. The board has very few surgeries scheduled on it. Burke walks up to him)

Burke: Quiet board.

Richard: I know.

Burke: That's a bad sign.

Richard: I know that. Don't you think I know that?

(Derek walks up to them)

Derek: That's a quiet board.

(Richard groans loudly)

Derek (to Burke): Is he in a bad mood?

Burke: Quiet board.

Derek: Right, he hate's a quiet board.

Richard: I can hear you talking about me.

Burke: We're just saying.

Richard: Quiet board means trouble. A quiet board is death! A quiet board bodes bad news! (He turns around to face them) And stop looking at me like that!

(He walks off)

Burke: Dr. Shepherd.

(He starts to walk off)

Derek: Dr. Burke.

(Burke stops walking and faces Derek)

Derek: You and I, we've known each other for a while now, right?

Burke: Yes.

Derek: We've done several successful surgeries together.

Burke (looks confused as to where this is leading): Yes.

Derek: Your girlfriend is my ex-girlfriend's best friend.

Burke: Yes.

Derek (smiles): Why can't we call each other by our first name?

(Burke stares at him for a bit)

Burke: I don't think so.

Derek: Seriously?

Burke: Seriously. Dr. Shepherd.

Derek: Dr. Burke.

(Burke walks away)

(Cristina, Izzie, George and Alex are in the pit getting ready for incoming cases in their lovely yellow gowns)

Cristina (to Izzie): I haven't been in the OR in two days. I'm getting some OR time.

(They all start making their way to the double doors where the patients come in)

Cristina: We haven't had a decent resident this week.

Izzie: Oh the last two weren't that bad.

Alex: Doesn't matter which resident we get. They suck.

George: They all sucked.

Izzie: Yeah.

(They've all walked to the door except for Meredith who is a few feet behind them to still putting on her yellow gown)

George: I miss Dr. Bailey.

(The door closes and the whole area goes deathly silent. Meredith looks a little ill. Empty nurses' station aside from Derek who is standing there watching her holding some files. Meredith turns to Derek)

Derek: You all right?

Meredith: I have a feeling.

Derek: I get those.

Meredith: Yeah?

Derek: Yeah.

(He moves a few feet closer to her)

Meredith: And?

Derek: If you wait long enough, it passes.

(An elevator ding sounds)

Meredith: Promise?

Derek: I promise.

(Meredith nods slightly and walks after where the others go. All the normal hospital sounds return gradually. Derek looks pensive. Addison walks up to him)

Addison (smiling): Hey. Whatcha doing?

Derek: Waiting for it to pass.

Addison (confused): For what to pass?

(Meredith is walking through the sliding doors to outside the pit where the ambulances come in. She comes up behind where Izzie and Alex are standing together and Cristina and George are standing in front of them)

Alex (to Izzie): So you want to do charts later?

Izzie: Never gonna happen.

Alex: What?

Izzie: Alex, I gave you your chance. You had your chance and you slept with someone else.

(George rolls his eyes and Cristina looks like she wants to crack up laughing. She and George both chuckle)

Izzie: I forgave you in the spirit of being a bigger person. Of rising above but these legs are closed to you now. The panties are staying on. So you and me? Never gonna happen.

Alex: So you don't wanna do charts later?

Izzie: Go stand over there.

(She gestures for to move away from her)

Cristina: Can we get back to the point?

George: You had a point?

Cristina: Yeah, which surgeon are we going to have to suck up to today?

Bailey: That would be me!

(They all turn around startled and find Dr. Bailey looking very pregnant but still dressed in normal everyday clothing standing behind them)

Cristina: Dr. Bailey?

Bailey: I've been gone 2 weeks. 2 weeks! And you ran off 2 residents! I've got people phoning me at home, screaming telling me my interns are Rosemary's babies.

(They all looking slightly offended by that)

Bailey: Nobody wants you! Do you think I have time for this? I am pregnant! I'm supposed to be on bed rest. I'm supposed to be growing a human being. I'm supposed to be calm! Do I look calm to you? Did I raise you fools to be pariahs?

(George pushes past Meredith and Izzie and walks up right to Dr. Bailey who looks confused at George's behavior. He grabs her in a tight hug)

George: You're back.

Bailey: Ah! I'm not back.

George (tightens the hug): You're not?

Bailey (hits his back): Get off me.

(George finally breaks the hug. He smiles at the other interns. Bailey shrugs off the hug. An ambulance can be heard approaching)

Bailey: Uh Yang, Karev, Grey, stay here and wait for the incoming case. O'Malley page Addison Shepherd. (George nods and moves back into the hospital) Stevens get a wheelchair.

Izzie: A wheelchair?

Bailey: A wheelchair.

(George dashes back to Bailey while Izzie goes into the hospital)

George: What shall I tell Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd?

Bailey (to Alex, Cristina & Meredith): What did I say?

(They move off to meet the ambulance)

George: Dr. Bailey?

Bailey: What?

George: What do you want me to tell Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd when she answers her page?

(Izzie comes with a wheelchair. A large gushing sound is heard. Both Bailey and George look down at Bailey's feet. George takes a step back shocked and Izzie has a large oh my god look on her face)

Bailey: Tell her my contractions are 10 minutes apart and my water just broke all over your shoes.

(She moves past him to get to the wheelchair. George attempts to lift her into the wheelchair)

Bailey: Uh, boy get off me!

(Cristina, Alex and Meredith are standing in front of the incoming ambulance. They open the doors. A young paramedic helps a very powerful screaming lady who has blood spatters over her climb out of the ambulance. Alex and Cristina pass of the lady to Meredith who takes her into the hospital. There is another paramedic named Hannah Davies [Cristina Ricci] in the ambulance who looks very nervous. Alex looks down at the patient and sees that Hannah has her hand in a very large chest wound of the patient)

Paramedic: Take her.

Alex: Dude.

Cristina: Yeah.

(She and Alex both scramble into the ambulance)

(Seattle Scenes)

(Cristina and Burke are walking down a stairwell in the hospital)

Cristina: James Carlson. Age 46. Paramedics found him unconscious and bleeding. Mechanisms of injury are unknown but he has a large sucking chest wound. And a wife with very healthy lungs.

(They enter a hallway)

Burke: Vitals?

Cristina: Tachycardic in the 140s. BP holding in the 90s.

(They walk for a bit)

Burke: You were gone when I woke up.

Cristina: Oh I, I had to do a thing.

Burke: You didn't leave a note.

Cristina: Yeah, well, I had this thing to do. You know I did this thing.

Burke: And once again ...

Cristina: What?

Burke: We go to sleep. I think everything is fine and by the time I wake up you're just a little bit crazy.

Cristina: Ok, I'm not crazy. I had a thing.

Burke: Ok.

(Burke enters a trauma room with the patient James Carlson. You can hear his wife screaming from far. Hannah is still there with her arm plugging the wound. Meredith is checking James' heart rate. There are other nurses and doctors in there as well, including the other paramedic who helped Mindy Carlson out of the ambulance)

Burke: How's his respiratory effort?

Meredith: Absent breast sounds on the right side. Air bubbling on the side of the wound. He's shocky and getting a little cyanotic.

(Burke moves to check the heart rate)

James (mumbles): My wife is ...

(His wife is still crying and screaming loudly)

Burke (to a nurse): Let's get him intubated and place an occlusive dressing over the wound. (to the Hannah) And who are you?

Hannah: Hannah. Hannah Davies.

Burke: Hannah, why do you have your hand inside my patient?

Paramedic: I'd like to say for the record that I told her not to.

Hannah: I tried to tamponade the wound with gauze and pressure but the only thing that would stop the bleeding was my hand. Every time I tried to move it he starts bleeding out.

(Burke checks the wound)

Hannah: Can I take my hand out now?

Paramedic: You don't stick your hand inside of a patient when you don't know how he was injured. You don't stick your hand inside of a patient at all.

Hannah: Yeah, I know that now!

Burke (to the paramedic): Out of my room.

Paramedic: She gets to stay?

Burke: She has her hand stuck inside my patient. (Hannah smirks at the Paramedic guy who looks annoyed but he leaves the room)

Hannah: Nice. Thanks.

Burke: Oh don't get happy. You have your finger on a major bleeder. Mr. Carlson is running out of time. The only thing that you've won is an all expense paid trip to the OR. (to Meredith) Dr. Grey, prepare to transport her to the OR. (to Everyone) And let's make this happen quickly people.

Cristina: Uh what, what do you want me to do?

Burke: I want you to ... to make that woman stop screaming and tell us what happened.

Cristina: Oh, I can't go to the OR?

Burke: No. You have a thing to do.

(Burke walks away)

Meredith: What was that about?

Cristina: If I'd known you were gonna get the good case I would've let you stay in bed.

(Cristina walks off)

(The pit where Mindy Carlson is still screaming her head off. Alex is standing in front of her. Izzie is as well but cringing at the sound)

Alex: She's been going at least 15, 20 minutes. This must be like some kind of record.

Izzie: Look at her. She's not even turning red.

(Cristina walks up to them)

Cristina: Good for her. Burke says shut her up.

(Olivia walks in)

Olivia: We've got an incoming trauma, MVC with a 30 minute extrication time and severe and intrusion damage to the car. (Mindy screams even louder at Olivia) Definite head injury. Stable vitals and everything else. 5 minutes out!

(Olivia walks completely by them ignoring Mindy and heads out to meet the ambulance)

Cristina: I got it.

Izzie: I got it.

Cristina: I got it first.

(They both move towards the double doors)

Alex: I thought you said Burke told you to shut her up!

Cristina: No Burke told me to tell you to shut her up.

(Alex sighs)

Alex: Ma'am. Ma'am.

(Mindy just screams at Alex)

Alex: Mrs. Carlson. Are you injured?

(Her screaming just continues which is very annoying)

Alex: I need you to try and calm down. Mrs. Carlson. (A bit louder) Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

(Mindy just screams. Alex looks fed and goes up to close to Mindy and screams loudly into her face. Mindy stops instantly screaming shocked)

Alex: Good. Ok. Now can you tell me exactly what happened to your husband?

(Mindy just starts crying loudly)

(George is standing in the hallway peering into a patient room through the tiny window on the door. Richard comes by and notices this)

Richard: What are you doing?

(George turns around looking happy)

George: Chief. (He points at the door) Bailey's in there.

Richard (excited): Bailey's back?

(Richard moves to the door to look in smiling but instantly stops. He looks at George mortified)

Richard: O'Malley!

George: She's in labor. Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd is examining her cervix.

Richard: I can see that, quiet clearly!

(George moves back to look through the door)

Richard: O'Malley, stop looking!

(George moves away from the door again but still smiling)

George: Pretty amazing right? The miracle of life.

Richard: Our Bailey. Becoming a mother. Feels good. Having Bailey back at the hospital. The balance is being restored.

George: That's all I'm saying, sir.

(Derek walks by and up to the nurses station nearby. He sees the two standing there)

Derek: Hey guys. (He hands a nurse a file) Would you ah get this to Dr. Shepherd for me, please? (He turns back to the guys) What's going on?

George (gestures to the room): Bailey's in there.

Derek (smiling): Oh Bailey's back? (He grins) That's excellent.

(He makes his way to the door to peer in and quickly loses his smile)

Derek: And her cervix is being examined by my wife which is ah, which is a visual image I'll never get out of my head. Thanks for the warning.

(George and Richard smile)

George: Right.

(Derek's pager goes off)

(The door opens and Addison walks out)

Addison: Well...Hmm the gathering of men outside the delivery room. How mid-century of you.

(She moves to Derek who gives her a kiss on the cheek)

Derek: Say hi to Bailey for me.

Addison: Mmm.

(Derek walks off. Addison walks up to the nursing station. George and Richard walk up to her)

Richard: How's she doing?

Addison: Taking it like a woman. (George and Richard exchange smiles) 6 centimeters dilated. 50% effaced and refusing all pain meds which I think is stupid but I'm not in labor so...

(She walks off. The doors open suddenly and Bailey walks out)

Bailey: What are you people doing out here?

Richard: Are you alright? Can I get you anything?

Bailey: A boy the size of a 10 pound bowling ball is working his way out of my body. Can you get me something for that? Can you get me a new v*g1n*?

Richard: Oh, well...

Bailey: I didn't think so. Look everybody I appreciate the concern but I'm fine. It's just childbirth. All I need is my husband who should've been here by now.

(George holds out a pad and a pen)

George: Write down his number. I'll call him. I'll track him down.

(Bailey takes the pad and pen and writes down her husband's number)

Bailey: All right. Then go away. Give me some privacy. I don't want to see any of you again until after the baby is born. (She hands George back the stationery) Which if does like I told him to and stays on schedule, should be in about 4 and a half hours.

(Bailey makes her way back into her room. George and Richard are still standing there smiling)

Bailey: I mean it!

(She closes the door. George turns to Richard)

Richard (grinning): Bailey's back.

George: She's back sir.

(They walk off in separate directions)

(Trauma room where Izzie, Cristina and various other nurses and doctors are checking on a large black man, lying down on a gurney)

Izzie: He's my patient Cristina. Get your own.

Cristina: I had one. Meredith took him.

Izzie: So now you're gonna take mine?

Cristina: If I can.

Tucker: Is my wife here? Is she here?

Izzie: Was she in the accident with you?

Tucker: She should be here. She's supposed to be here.

Izzie: We'll find her, Mr. Jones...

(Derek enters the room)

Derek: Ok, what do we got?

Izzie: Ah Tucker Jones. Age 35. Lost control of his car. Hit the guard-

Cristina (interrupts): He's got a chest contusion and (Izzie looks pissed at Cristina) a head CT shows a left side depressed skull fracture. And a temporal epidural hematoma. GCS 14 in the field. Now down to 12. His motor exams are due back.

Derek: Okay let's get him on a gram of dilantin and 70g of mannitol.

Izzie: I'm on it.

(Cristina looks annoyed)

Derek (to Tucker): Mr. Jones, I'm gonna need to do an examination of you, okay?

(A phone starts ringing)

Tucker: Ah, my phone. Answer it. My phone. My wife. You need to answer it.

Derek: Ok, we're going to answer it. (to Izzie): Dr. Stevens, answer his phone.

Izzie: But...

Cristina: I got it.

(She grabs the injections from Izzie)

Derek: Mr. Jones can you squeeze my fingers for me, please? Mr. Jones?

(Izzie looks mad and makes her way to answer the phone)

Tucker: My phone.

Derek: Mr. Jones I need you to squeeze my fingers.

(Tucker starts seizing and Izzie answer's his mobile)

Derek: Okay he's seizing. Get him on his side! Watch his arm.

Izzie: Hello? Hello? George? It's me Izzie.

Derek: All right. Let's get him to the O.R

Izzie: No I don't have Bailey's husband's phone. What are you, I think I'd know if I have Bailey's husband's phone George.

(The others start wheeling Tucker out of the trauma room while Izzie turns around shocked realizing that Tucker could be Bailey's husband)

Izzie: What's Bailey's husband's name?

(Izzie looks horrified)

(OR with a large OR team and Meredith prepping for the surgery on Mr. Carlson. Hannah is all scrubbed up with her hand still inside Mr. Carlson)

Meredith: How are you doing over there?

Hannah: My hand is getting numb and I gotta tell ya, this whole insides are all bloody and squishy thing is so not good for my gag reflex. But I'm good. Is this ok? Me being in here like this.

Meredith: Once Dr. Burke scrubs in. He'll have you remove your hand and then you can go. (Hannah nods) And we'll fix Mr. Carlson.

Hannah: Good. Cause I know how much medicine I know and it's just enough to never be allowed in an OR. It's my second week. As a paramedic. I got out of school about a month ago.

Meredith: I haven't been doing this that long either.

Hannah: Oh. Talk about on the job training huh?

(Scrub area where Burke is scrubbing up. Derek walks in to scrub up as well)

Derek: Dr. Burke.

Burke: Dr. Shepherd.

(Addison comes up to them)

Derek: Hey.

Addison: Hey. You've got Dr. Bailey's husband on the table?

Burke: Bailey's husband is going into surgery?

Derek (nods): Got into a car accident trying to get to the hospital before the birth.

Addison: What do we tell Bailey?

Derek: Nothing. Let's just wait until I get in there and see how bad the damage is. Have something concrete to tell her.

Addison: Yeah, no use upsetting her until we know. Okay, keep me posted. (She moves to leave) Hey, Preston.

Burke: Good seeing you Addison.

(Derek looks amazed as Addison leaves)

Burke: What?

Derek: She gets to call you by your first name and I don't.

Burke: I like her.

Derek: And you don't like me?

Burke: No.

(He walks off leaving Derek looking after him)

(Derek is entering the OR where Tucker is lying on an operating table being prepped for surgery. Izzie and Cristina are one of the many doctors in there)

Derek: How are we doing?

Izzie: He's stabilized.

Anesthesiologist: I'm just about to put him under.

Tucker: Doctor. (Derek walks up to him) You, you're Shepherd, right?

Derek: Yes I am.

Tucker: I thought so. Miranda ... she really likes you.

Derek: I like her too.

Tucker: We're having a baby.

Derek (nods): I know. I'm going to care of you. I'm gonna get you back to Bailey, ok? Safe and sound.

(The anesthesiologist moves to put Tucker under)

(The pit where it appears Mindy has stopped crying. Nurse Tyler has helped Mindy change into a hospital gown and got her bloody clothes from her. Alex is at her bedside)

Tyler: All this blood and none of it's hers.

Alex: Yeah she's fine. Acute-anxiety reaction. Give her 2 diazepam PO to calm her down.

Tyler: She in shock?

Mindy: I'll say.

(Tyler and Alex exchange a look)

Alex: Can you tell us exactly what happened?

Mindy: You mean the shock part? It was shocking. I'm shocked. You tell my husband when I get my hands on him; He's a dead man! Do you hear me? Scare me like this.

Alex: Exactly how was your husband injured?

(A man named Paul calls out)

Paul: Mindy? Mindy? Are you in here?

Mindy: I'm over here. You moron!

(A middle aged man looking fairly stressed out and kinda dressed like a war veteran walks up to the group)

Paul: How's James doing?

Mindy: Oh he's bleeding all over the place. That's how he's doing! (She yells) The girl of the ambulance put her hand inside of him! That's how he's doing!

Paul: What are you yelling at me for?

Mindy: Because! Because you and James are like idiots! Playing like 8-year olds!

(Alex tries to interrupt)

Paul: Ok we don't play. We re-enact.

Mindy: You play! You put on your costumes and build your stupid toys and you play!

Paul: We re-enact.

Mindy: Nobody re-enacts World War II. You moron!

(Alex walks up to Paul)

Alex: Exactly what happened?

Mindy: You wanna know what happened? What happened is my husband and his moron best-friend...

Paul (interrupts): Can you stop calling me a moron?

Mindy: Moron best-friend! Decided to build some kind of big gun.

Paul: Yeah an exact replica of the finest allied anti-tank weapon of World War II. The M9A1 bazooka.

Mindy: So they put on their stupid costumes and they go out into the backyard and they try to shoot the thing!

(Alex looks a little confused)

Paul: I'm the gunner. James is the loader. Ok we follow the specifications exactly. (Alex nods) You should see it. It's a 60 millimeter. One and a half pound rocket. It's a beauty.

Mindy (angry): It didn't work. So like an idiot my husband has to go and stand in front of his big gun to see what went wrong! That's when the stupid toy starts working!

(Alex starts looking concerned)

Paul: Stop calling it a toy.

Mindy: It's taken up half my garage. I'll call it whatever I want!

Alex: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, he shot himself with a bazooka?

Mindy: Yeah!

Alex (turns horrified to Paul): He shot himself with a bazooka?

(Paul nods)

Mindy: Like I said, morons! The pair of them!

Alex: Was there an explosion?

Paul: Huh?

Alex (insistent): Was there an explosion?

Paul: No. Why?

(Alex looks beyond horrified)

Paul (horror-struck): Oh crap.

(Alex runs out of the ward sprinting)

Mindy: What? What is it?

(Alex is sprinting down a hallway. Richard sees him)

Richard: Hey! Slow down!

(Alex ignores him and keeps running)

(Derek is in the OR about to start surgery on Tucker with a drill)

Derek: If Bailey asks, I'm not the one who did this.

(He starts drilling)

(Bailey is in her patient room holding her mobile looking concerned. She opens up her phone and starts dialing)

(Alex is sprinting down another hallway)

(OR where Mr. Carlson is. Burke is about to start the surgery)

Burke: Okay everyone. I'm going to do a thoracotomy and Hannah here is going to pull her hand out. Dr. Grey is going to clamp the bleeder when we have more exposure. (To Hannah) Ready?

Hannah: More than ready.

Burke: Scalpel.

(A nurse hands him a scalpel)

(Alex is sprinting down the hallway, breathing hard and entering a stairwell)

(George sees Tucker's mobile phone ring but going un-answered)

(Bailey in her room on her mobile)

Bailey: Uh, Tucker Jones you better lying in the street somewhere dead, mister (She starts getting a contraction) because when I get my hands on you (she calls out in pain) I am having your baby here mister!

(Alex sprinting up the stairs)

(OR with Burke about to cut Mr. Carlson)

Burke: Ok, on the count of the 3. One.

(Alex running down a hallway. Scene switches back to Burke)

Burke: Two.

(Alex running. Cut to Burke about an inch away from flesh and from making an incision)

(Bailey in her patient room moaning as the contraction passes)

(OR as Burke just presses the scalpel against Mr. Carlson's skin. Alex slams open the door breathless)

Alex: Dr. Burke? I need to speak with you.

Burke (annoyed): I am in surgery, Karev.

Alex (insistent): You wanna talk to me sir.

(Burke looks at him for a bit before handing the scalpel back to the scrubs nurse. Burke makes his way over to Alex who's standing at the doorway while the OR team including Hannah just look over at the two)

Burke: Karev, if you interrupt me in my OR it better be for a good damn reason.

Alex (interrupts): Was it through and through?

Burke: What?

Alex: The wound on James Carlson. Was it through and through.

Burke: No, it was just an injury. No exit. Why?

(Alex looks resigned)

(Hannah and Meredith)

Hannah (to Meredith): He's cute. He single?

(Meredith just stares at Burke and Alex who are talking in hushed tones. The OR team give each other confused looks. The anesthesiologist Dr. Milton also looks confused)

(Burke takes one step back into the OR and Alex half-closes the door watching)

Burke: Hannah.

Hannah: Yes, Dr. Burke?

Burke: What do you feel? Inside of Mr. Carlson. What is your hand touching?

Hannah (confused): What do you mean?

Burke: Is your hand touching anything hard?

Meredith (confused): Hard?

Burke: Like metal?

HannahHHH: Um, I don't know.

(Hannah attempts to move her hand)

Burke: Don't move your hand. Just tell me what you feel.

Meredith: Dr. Burke, what's going on?

Burke: Hannah?

Hannah: Um, my finger tips are touching something...kinda hard. (She nods) Yeah, yeah definitely.

Dr. Milton: Oh my god!

Burke (admonishing tone): Dr. Milton!

Hannah (panicky): What? What's wrong?

Burke: Hannah, I don't want you to move. Not your hand, not your body. Not an inch.

Hannah: Ok you should know your starting to scare me.

Burke: Don't be scared. Everything is going to be fine. Dr. Grey could you ah...

(He motions with his head for Meredith to come forward. Meredith leaves the table and walks up to him looking very confused)

Burke (quietly to Meredith): I want you to walk out of this room. Walk, do not run. Go and tell the charge nurse that we have a code black.

Meredith: I'm sorry, code black?

Burke: Code black. Tell him that I am sure. And then tell him to call the bomb squad.

(Meredith looks concerned and scared)

(OR team now including Alex and Meredith standing outside the OR which has now only Burke, Hannah, Dr. Milton and James Carlson)

Alex: Can you imagine? What she stick her hand in there for anyway?

Meredith: She was trying to save his life.

Alex: And now she might die because of it.

(Burke opens the door and steps outside)

Meredith: What do we do now?

Burke: I go back in and wait for the bomb squad. You leave. You all leave.

(Most of the team starts leaving but a few stand their ground including Meredith)

Alex: Mer, you coming? (Meredith turns and gives him a look) It's your funeral.

(He walks off with the others)

Meredith: You need a surgical team.

Burke: All I need is Dr. Milton to keep him under. I can do the rest myself.

(Meredith and 3 other people from the OR team just stand there)

burke: Fine. But you wait by the elevator. I don't want anybody in here that doesn't need to be in this OR. When the bomb squad arrives we'll take it from there. Until then Milton and I are doing this alone. Now, go.

(They all walk off to stand by the elevator)

(Bailey's patient room where Addison is helping Bailey to do some exercises to lessen the pain of her contractions)

Bailey: Ok, ok, ok. (The contraction passes) Ah!

(George enters)

George: 8 minutes apart.

Addison: There is no shame in an epidural, Miranda.

Bailey: Epidural increases the possibility of a C-section.

(George places a suitcase with Bailey's clothes on the bed)

Addison: It also decreases pain. Miranda, this is a big baby. It's your first baby and I'm telling you it is not gonna be a short or an easy labor.

Bailey: Mmm, I can handle a little pain. No problem.

(George opens the door to leave and watches from the doorway. Bailey stands up with the help of Addison and goes to sit on the couch in her room)

Bailey: Women all over the world do this at home.

Addison: Mmm hmm.

Bailey: With nothing more than a pair of scissors and a bucket of hot water.

(They both sit down on the couch)

George: Well women all over the world also die giving birth at home every single day.

(Both Bailey and Addison give George I can't believe you just said that looks)

George: I did not just say that.

(Addison shakes her head)

Bailey: You're supposed to be making yourself useful and finding my husband.

George (confused): What? I...

Addison (interrupts): He's ah not here.

(Bailey looks disbelievingly and George shrugs)

Bailey: Oh now he should be here by now!

Addison: Ok we're going to go find him. Right, Dr. O'Malley?

George: Right.

(He leaves. Addison's pager beeps and she does a double take when she sees it)

Bailey: What?

Addison: Oh nothing. I'll ... I'll be right back.

(She leaves the room)

(OR where Derek is performing surgery on Tucker. Izzie and Cristina are watching from afar. Derek's pager goes off)

Derek: Yang, could you check that?

(Cristina moves to check his pager and raises her eyebrows at the pager. She moves to make a phone call)

Izzie: How's he doing?

Derek: Oh, it's touch and go. I've located the clot. I'm just trying to find the source of the bleeding. Go and find Addison and tell her that he's in worse shape than I thought.

(Izzie leaves and Cristina hangs up the phone)

Derek: What'd they want?

Cristina: They want us to evacuate.

Derek: Evacuate? Did they say why?

Cristina (questioning tone): Ah no but your pager said 'Code Black'?

(Derek looks up startled from the surgery)

Derek: You sure they said that?

Cristina (nods): Yes.

Derek (to himself): Could be a drill. Even if it's not a drill I can't evacuate. I've got an open brain on the table. I'm not leaving Bailey's husband on the table with his skull flap open so (he speaks up louder) if anybody wants to go they should go. Anybody want to evacuate? (They all stand there) Going once. Going twice. Three times.

(Nobody leaves)

Derek (to Cristina): You're sure they said Code Black?

Cristina (nods): Yes.

(Elevator where George gets on. Addison is already standing there. Other people are in there looking like they're going home)

George: I don't like having to lie to Dr. Bailey.

Addison: Now's not the time Dr. O'Malley.

George: She'd want to know about her husband.

(His pager goes off. The doors begin to close)

George: Code Black? What's a 'Code Black?'

(Izzie runs to the doors)

Izzie: Wait! Hold it! Whoa.

(She stops the doors from closing and enters the elevator)

Izzie: Dr. Shepherd. The other Dr. Shepherd wanted me to let you know that Tucker's bleed is more extensive than he originally thought. It's gonna be a few more hours before he has anything concrete to tell Dr. Bailey.

Addison: Thanks Stevens.

(The doors shut and George moves to speak to Izzie)

George: What's a 'Code Black'?

Izzie: A what?

(She moves to look at his pager but her own goes off which she checks)

Izzie: 'Code Black'? Code Red, Code Blue, Code White. I've never had a 'Code Black' before. (She looks to Addison) Dr. Shepherd?

Addison: Just, just go back to your locker room and wait for your resident to give you instructions.

Izzie (now concerned): We don't have a resident.

George: What's going on?

Izzie: Is it something bad?

(The elevator dings and the doors open to reveal chaos on the floor with nurses, doctors and many police officers running around)

Addison: Yeah, it's something bad.

(OR with Mr. Carlson. Hannah is still there looking very nervous. Dr. Milton is slowly pumping the manual ventilator, an ampoule bag. Burke is standing a few feet away watching)

Hannah: So, so I'm touching live unexploded ammunition?

Burke: I'm afraid so.

Hannah: Huh. Not the greatest feeling in the world.

Burke: No. I guess not.

Hannah: And he's still out?

Dr. Milton: Yeah.

Hannah: But he's not hooked up to the machine anymore?

Burke: I had Dr. Milton take him of the ventilator. The flow of oxygen posed a danger. The ambu bag is breathing for him now.

Hannah: But he can't hear me?

Burke (shakes his head): No.

(Hannah nods and looks down)

Burke: Hannah?

Hannah (panicky): What if I just take my hand out really quickly?

Burke: We'd have to ask the bomb squad that when they arrive but I'm guessing that would cause the ammo to shift and explode.

Hannah (nods teary-eyed): Oh.

Burke: Hannah?

Hannah: Yeah?

Burke: You're hand is keeping Mr. Carlson from bleeding out. You are keeping him alive.

Hannah (nods and closes her eyes): Right. And the bomb squad is coming.

Burke: The bomb squad is coming.

Hannah (nods again even more teary-eyed): Ok. Ok.

(Burke nods)

(Richard is standing on the stairs nearby a nurses' station. He's giving a meeting to many attendings and residents. Addison walks up to the group with George and Izzie following)

Richard: We're having pre-op patients transferred to Mercy West and all trauma re-routed to Seattle Presbyterian. There is no danger to the north, south and west wings of this hospital. Just the east surgical wing. That said anyone who wants to leave can leave. No one stays unless they volunteer to stay, understood? (The group nods) Ok.

(The group starts to break up and Richard starts walking off and Addison approaches him with George and Izzie listening but a few feet behind them)

Addison: Richard, it's a Code Black? Really?

Richard: Yes, I've shut down the OR's.

Addison: Wait to trauma?

Richard: To everything.

Addison: Wait a minute to everything, everything?

Richard (stops walking): As of ten minutes ago all the operating rooms at Seattle Grace were completely evacuated with the exception of Dr. Burke's team.

Izzie: And Dr. Shepherd's team.

Richard: What? (He walks up to Izzie) What do you mean Dr. Shepherd's team?

Izzie: They're still in OR two.

(Nurse Debbie comes up to them)

Debbie: Bomb squad just arrived.

Richard: Excuse me.

(He leaves)

(Bomb squad is coming off the elevator onto the O.R floor lead by a man named Dylan Young)

Dylan: You're the surgical team?

Meredith: Yes.

Dylan: Dylan Young, bomb squad. (to his team) All right spread out and check the area and then we'll secure the patient. (he turns back to Meredith) Where are they?

Meredith (points to the OR down the hall): Dr. Burke has them in there.

Dylan: Right, the rest of this floor has been evacuated?

Meredith: It has. Yes.

Dylan: Okay, you stay here. Nobody moves unless I say so.

(A bomb squad member calls out)

Man: We've got people over here.

(Meredith looks confused)

Dylan (to Meredith): I thought you said the floor had been evacuated.

Meredith: I thought it had. I'm not in charge or anything.

(Cristina is yelling at a bomb squad member and blocking him from entering the O.R. Meredith sees this)

Meredith: Cristina!

Cristina (to the bomb squad guy): Back Up!

Meredith: Oh no she will hurt him!

Cristina (to Meredith): What's going on?

Meredith: Bomb in a body cavity.

Cristina: Man. All I got is Bailey's husband's open brain.

Meredith: What procedure?

Cristina: Craniotomy with Shepherd.

Meredith: Shepherd's got Bailey's husband on the table?

Dylan: Excuse me.

Meredith (they both ignore him): Bailey's having a baby!

Dylan (louder): Excuse me! Stop talking!

(Cristina and Meredith give each other looks and move away from each other)

(Izzie is sitting against the wall in a hallway overlooking the floor below filled with the police and hospital staff. George comes up, sits next to her and hands her half of his sandwich)

George: Eat something.

Izzie: You knew Meredith and Cristina would be on a floor with a bomb?

George: Yeah.

Izzie: Is it wrong that we're jealous? It's alright that we're jealous, right?

George: The fact that we're jealous because they might blow up and die is not a reflection on our character. It's about feeling useless.

Izzie: Ineffectual.

George: We couldn't even get Meredith out of bed this morning. We had to call in Cristina. How embarrassing is that?

Izzie: You know what I think George? I think Meredith and Cristina are doers.

George: They do. They're doers.

Izzie: They do and we ... (she sighs) we watch. We're watchers.

(They both look pretty down at this. Izzie notices Alex helping out on the floor below)

Izzie: We have to become more proactive George. We have to become doers.

George: Fight for what we want.

Izzie: We have to do.

George: Yeah. (Izzie stands up and walks off) Oh you mean ... (he stands up) We are starting right now. Ok.

(Izzie is walking down an empty hallway very determinedly. She enters the Doctors' lounge where Alex is in there by himself making a cup of coffee)

Izzie: Alex.

Alex: How crazy is this. Dude, it's like the apocalypse.

Izzie: Alex.

Alex: It's true. Look around you. Half the people who are supposed to be saving lives fled the building to save themselves. Bailey's husband almost died coming to see his kid get born. (Izzie moves to speak but Alex keeps talking) The annoying twins are down on the OR floor with a guy who literally might explode in their faces. It's a morgue waiting to happen in here. Just saying people should get while the gets good because they're might not be tomorrow.

Izzie: Alex!

Alex: What?

(Izzie and Alex are in a linen closet making out passionately. They break apart)

Izzie: Take off your pants.

(She starts taking off her shoes and socks)

Alex: Izzie what are you doing?

Izzie: I'm being a doer. Getting while the getting's good. Now take off your pants.

(She starts removing her top)

Alex: Look when I said the apocalypse I meant it metaphorically not literally.

(Izzie removes her top leaving her standing in her bra. She takes out her hair from its bun)

Izzie: Alex. I haven't had s*x in 8 months and 12 days. I'm horny, I'm half-naked and saying yes. You wanna stand there and talk metaphors or do you wanna literally take of your pants! (Alex nods) Okay.

(Alex throws down his pants and stands up eagerly as Izzie removes her bra)

(Derek is still operating on Tucker with his O.R team. Dylan stands at the doorway)

Dylan: Dr. Shepherd there's an explosive device in the OR next door. I need you to evacuate now.

Derek: Yeah and I've got a guy who's brain is exposed on this table. I'm not going to walk away and leave him to die. (to his O.R team) The rest of you can go.

(The majority of the OR team leaves but a few stay. Dylan doesn't look very happy)

Dylan: You close him up. You do whatever you have to do. The 'Chief of Surgery' has authorized to tell me you cannot stay here.

Derek: The 'Chief of Surgery' doesn't scare me. Dr. Bailey scares me. I'm not going to be the one to let her husband die. And that's what would happen if I put his skull flap on in this condition. Bomb or no bomb. Now get out of my OR.

(Dylan closes the door)

(Bailey is in her room standing up trying to pass off another contraction. Addison comes in)

Bailey: Trying to get gravity to do me a favor. I'm 9 centimeters dilated. I need that last centimeter.

Addison (distracted): Good. That's ah ... good.

(She avoids looking at Bailey. Bailey notices this)

Bailey: Dr. Shepherd? Where exactly is my husband?

(Addison faces Bailey teary-eyed)

Addison: He's with my husband.

(Addison gives Bailey the news)

(X-ray viewing room where Burke is Dylan looking at x-rays of Mr. Carlson. There's also another bomb squad guy there as well)

Dylan: There is no telling how dangerous it is. We need more info.

Burke: The longer we wait, the greater the chance he'll bleed out and die.

(OR with Hannah and Dr. Milton. They're both wearing flak jackets now. They both seem very scared)

Dr. Milton: Pink mist.

Hannah: Excuse me?

Dr. Milton: That's what the bomb squad calls you when you blow up. Pink mist. I read that somewhere. Bomb goes off and...anyone in range explodes into a billion pieces. You're liquid. There's nothing left. (Hannah does not look happy hearing this) Just flecks of human flesh and blood. Pink mist. Sometimes they don't even find a finger. One minute you're a person, the next ... you're bloody rain.

(Milton stares at Hannah for a bit)

Dr. Milton (holds out the ambu bag): Here take this.

Hannah: What?

Dr. Milton: Go ahead. (Hannah takes the ambu bag with her free hand) Now I want you to squeeze it in even beats. Ok? (Hannah begins squeezing the bag) Now not too fast. Not too fast. There you go.

(He starts backing out of the O.R slowly and turns to leave. He reaches the door)

Hannah: Dr. Milton?

Dr. Milton: I've got kids. (Hannah looks shocked as she realizes he's leaving her) Even beats, ok? That's it.

(He leaves the OR, leaving Hannah thoroughly scared by herself)

(Conference room where Richard is sitting talking to Mindy. Paul is pacing around the room)

Mindy: What about my husband? How long can he stay like that with live ammo inside him?

Richard: I honestly don't know.

Mindy: But you're going to try to save him, right?

Richard: We're gonna try. First the bomb squad has to determine the best way to retrieve the device.

Paul: I'm sorry, Mindy. I'm so sorry.

Mindy: Shut up. We've got 3 kids and you've got him building bazookas! (she turns back to Richard) Oh god. He's gonna die.

(She starts crying)

Richard: Ah Paul why don't you go with the officer there and answer his questions about the device you guys built.

(There is an officer standing at the doorway as is Alex. Mindy sits down)

Paul: Oh anything, anything to help.

(Paul leaves and Alex comes in)

Richard: Uh Karev, why don't we get Mrs. Carlson a cup of coffee.

(Alex nods and leaves. Richard pats Mrs. Carlson comfortingly)

Mindy: I guess I should look on the bright side. It's not like this can get any worse. I mean this is it ... this is bad as it gets, right?

(Richard is silent)

(George enters Dr. Bailey's room. Bailey is pacing around. All of her stuff is piled on the table in front of her bed)

George: Dr. Bailey, I was just... Dr. Bailey what...

Bailey (interrupts): Can someone find me my suitcase? I need my suitcase. I'm going home.

George: Dr. Bailey, you're having a baby.

Bailey (angry and upset): There's not going to be any baby born today. You hear me? I'm holding it in! (George looks shocked) I'll have him tomorrow. Just not now. Not like this. No! Just, no. (She has another contraction and struggles not to cry) I'm going home. I'm going home right now. (Crying) I can't. I can't do this without my husband. I can't do this alone. (The contraction passes) Ah! Ok, ok, ok.

(Cristina and Meredith are standing in the OR hallway watching Dylan and Burke discuss the situation in the x-ray room)

Meredith: So how are they going to remove that ammo without killing Hannah and James?

(Cristina walks up to the outside of the OR with Hannah and James)

Meredith: Cristina! (Meredith walks up to her quickly) The bomb squad guy said you're supposed to stay away from there.

Cristina (peers into the O.R through the window on the door): Is it me or is she shaking?

(They both look in. They see Hannah shaking and squeezing the ampoule bag)

Meredith: Is she squeezing that ambu bag by herself?

Cristina: Where is Dr. Milton?

(They open the door slowly. Hannah is by herself and is very pale. She's also shaking very badly but still squeezing the bag. She's very nervous and teary-eyed and scared)

Meredith: Hannah? (Hannah looks at them) Where's the anesthesiologist?

Hannah: He um ... he left. (To herself) He didn't wanna die.

(She struggles not to cry and breathes erratically)

Meredith: Hannah.

Hannah: I think I'm going to take my hand out now.

(X-ray room with Burke and Dylan)

Dylan: When the hell are people going to learn?

Burke: Well it may not be as bad as it seems.

Dylan: Her hand is holding that device steady.

Burke: Or maybe her hand is simply in there with the ammo. We can't know.

Dylan: Well my guys talked to the friend. That device is home made which means it's unstable and very unreliable. It could be a dud but we have no way of knowing. Add that to the fact you've got a surgeon in the OR next door refusing to leave. (Burke looks surprised at that) And a nervous paramedic's hand in the body cavity.

Burke: It's definitely as bad as it seems.

Dylan: That's what I'm saying.

Cristina (calls from the other OR): Hey, somebody help! Help here!

(They all sprint from the room and across the hall to the other OR. Dylan and the other bomb squad guy to leave. He and Burke enter the OR. Cristina is now pumping the ambu bag. Meredith is standing next to Hannah trying to comfort her)

Hannah (upset): I think I'm going to take it out now.

Meredith: Ok we're almost to the finish line. You can do this.

Hannah (crying): No, no. No, I just want to take it out and be done with it.

Burke: Hannah. It won't be much longer. Remember you're keeping him from bleeding out.

Hannah (very upset): No! (gasps) I am 22 years old! I should not even be in here! This is some kind of mistake!

Dylan (to Burke): She's panicking. We need to clear the room.

Meredith: I'm not leaving.

Burke: Grey, let's move!

Meredith: I'm not leaving her.

Dylan: Get everyone out now Dr. Burke.

Burke: She's my intern. I am responsible for her.

(Meredith has her hand on Hannah's arm that is inside James. Everyone starts talking at once)

Hannah: No, it's gotta come out! It needs to come out!

Burke: Yang, go with Dylan!

Cristina: You go with Dylan.

Meredith: It's alright. Hannah, look at me.

Hannah (shakes her head): NO! It's gotta come out. No, NO!

Meredith: Hannah, look at me. You can do this.

Dylan: Hannah, you need to calm down. You need to relax. Everything's gonna be fine.

Hannah (crying): No!

Burke: Hannah. Hannah.

Meredith: Hannah. You can do this.

Hannah: No. It has to come out.

Burke: No, you keep it there. Just a little while longer.

Hannah (yells): I have to! I have to!

(She pulls her hand fast. Burke, Dylan and Cristina all fall to the ground with the arms above there heads. Meredith is still standing. Hannah runs to the door. She opens it and leaves a bloody handprint on the wall as she runs out of the room. Meredith just stares after Hannah. The door closes slowly)

(Cristina stands up slowly and sees that Meredith now has her hand inside James Carlson. Burke stands up as well)

Cristina (looks shocked and whispers): Meredith.

Meredith (to herself): What did I do. Oh, god.

(Dylan is standing up as well. Burke moves to go up to Meredith)

Dylan: Just stay right where you are. Nobody move. Stay exactly where you are.

(Meredith takes in a slow deep breath)

Meredith (whispers to herself): What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? (She takes a deep breath) What did I do? (Breathes again) What did I do? What did I do?