01x06 - Every Night is Another Story

[A CAR ON A ROAD. Inside, HALEY and PEYTON are “dancing” to the music as if they were best friends. PEYTON laughs]

HALEY: Come on baby.

[A CAR. NATHAN and LUCAS run to it and jump in]


PEYTON: We need some music.

[PEYTON leans toward the radio as the car veers off the road]

HALEY : [Grabbing the wheel] Peyton!

[THE CAR goes back onto the road and BROOKE jumps up from where she was lying in the backseat]

PEYTON: Sorry…

BROOKE: Where the hell are we?

HALEY: Miles from normal.

BROOKE: [To PEYTON, about HALEY] What is she doing here?

PEYTON: You invited her!

[PEYTON and HALEY laugh but BROOKE just looks confused. PEYTON turns the radio on and BROOKE grabs her head in pain]


[THE CAR LUCAS AND NATHAN are in. NATHAN goes to start the car, but the tires are stuck in mud. LUCAS and NATHAN look at each other]


LUCAS: Bail!

[BOTH jump out of the car and start running]

[THE CAR PEYTON AND HALEY ARE IN. Music’s playing loudly, and PEYTON and HALEY are laughing]

HALEY: Nice. What’s next?

PEYTON: Uh, you pick.

[BROOKE gives PEYTON a weird look]

HALEY: [Reaching toward radio] Alright.

[THE CAR speeding toward where NATHAN and LUCAS are walking. As the girls see NATHAN and LUCAS together, they lean forward in curiosity]

HALEY: Oh my-

PEYTON: Could this night get any freakier?

HALEY: Nathan with Lucas.

LUCAS: Haley and Peyton?

BROOKE: What the hell is going on?



HALEY: Hey stranger.

LUCAS: Hmm. No stranger than you.


LUCAS: Did you get my message last night?

HALEY: Nah. I was, uh, at the library late. Midterms.

LUCAS: Yours or Nathan’s?

HALEY: Both, actually.

LUCAS: Well. Good luck with that.

HALEY: Luke. You’re cool with this, right? I mean, last week, when you said you didn’t trust me…

LUCAS: I know. I didn’t mean that. Alright? I meant I don’t trust Nathan.

[PEYTON starts walking toward LUCAS]

PEYTON: Hey, you got a second?

HALEY: Speaking of…

[HALEY leaves and PEYTON winces]

PEYTON: So last week… sucked. I just… wanted to say thanks.

LUCAS: Oh, you made me a mix?

PEYTON: Just trying to square my karma.

LUCAS: Uh-huh. Does this mean we’re dating?

PEYTON: Listen, you’ve got a long bus ride tonight and I had some free time. Don’t read too much into it.

[PEYTON walks away and LUCAS watches]

[OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL. NATHAN catches up with HALEY as she’s walking

NATHAN: Haley! Hey!


NATHAN: Coming to the game tonight?

HALEY: Um… I don’t know.

NATHAN: You should come. We always beat the crap out of the Pickerington Hicks.

HALEY: They’re called the Hicks?

NATHAN: Well no. But they should be. The place is all pickup trucks and mulch.

[HALEY laughs]

NATHAN: It’s definitely worth the road trip. I’ll look for you.

[NATHAN walks away]

HALEY: Okay.


DEB: Dan! We should get going.

[DAN walks into the room]

DAN: What is wrong with these people? Putting an SPL dinner on a game night?

DEB: Honey, it’s once a year. We’ll go, we’ll enjoy a nice, adult evening downtown. And tomorrow you can pour over the box scores.

DAN: I still don’t understand why we booked a room. It’s only a thirty minute drive.

DEB: Because you and your wife are in need of some good, old fashioned alone time.

[They kiss]

DAN: I like the sound of that. [Pause] Well Nathan’s got his cell. I can keep tabs on the game from dinner.

DEB: Dan, why don’t we spend 48 hours without basketball and see where we wind up? Okay?

DAN: Sure.

DEB: Thank you.

[LUCAS’ HOUSE. KAREN walks into the room, holding two dresses out to LUCAS]

KAREN: Okay. What does this dress say to you

LUCAS: Uh… beware of crazy ladies who talk to dresses.

KAREN: No, come on. Really. I need your help. Single and successful or married to her work?

LUCAS: Is this for that justice league thing?

KAREN: Small business league. And yes. It’s one of the few times a year I get to dress up and I’d like to look nice.

LUCAS: Well, is Keith still going as your date?

KAREN: He’s not a date. We’re just going together. Why would you say that?

LUCAS: You guys hang out a lot. You get along well…

KAREN: Yeah, well I get along with the guy who delivers our water. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna date him.

LUCAS: Yeah, but the guy who delivers our water is not Keith.

KAREN: Where is this coming from?

LUCAS: Well, you know I’ve been thinking, you know, that you’re not exactly old, Mom.

KAREN: Thanks… I think.

LUCAS: I’m just saying that I’d be all right with it, you know… if that’s what you’re worried about.

KAREN: Well, thank you, Cupid. Now, help with the dresses, please.

LUCAS: Black, I guess.

KAREN: Hmm. Black it is.

[KAREN goes to leave but stops]

KAREN: Keith didn’t say something to you, did he?

LUCAS: Oh, about the date that you two aren’t going on tonight? Not a word…

[KAREN laughs]

KAREN: Good luck with your game.

LUCAS: Yeah, you too, Mom.

[KAREN holds up a hand as she leaves and LUCAS laughs]

[PEYTON’S room. BROOKE comes to the door, waving a washcloth as PEYTON sits on her bed]

BROOKE: Safe yet? No hostile tone, no bitter complaints, no yelling at your best friend because you broke up with your jerk of a boyfriend?

[PEYTON smiles]

BROOKE: Oh my god, a smile!

PEYTON: Alright. I was a mess last week. I’m sorry.

[BROOKE cheers in front of the web cam]

BROOKE: Apology accepted! A-P-O. L-O-G. Y? Because I love you. Get your skinny @#%$ up and lets go beat the pirates.

[BROOKE flashes her bloomers at the web cam]

PEYTON: [Stunned but laughing] What are you doing?

BROOKE: What? It’s a web cam. It’s what they’re for. [Pause] Come on.

[BROOKE walks over to PEYTON]

BROOKE: Overweight. [BROOKE throws her pompoms at PEYTON]

BROOKE: Now we’re even.

PEYTON: You’re dead!

[PEYTON jumps up and chases her from the room]


[A BUS. The Ravens are getting on and WHITEY’S in the front]

WHITEY: Alright! Knock it off. This is our first away game. For those of you who are unfamiliar, you sit there with your mouths shut and focus. I’ll choose the music.


WHITEY: Tonight’s theme is defense.

[WHITEY inserts the tape and old sappy music starts playing. LUCAS and NATHAN put their headphones on]

WHITEY: Lets roll!

[LUCAS puts in PEYTON’S CD and starts reading Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Men]

[PICKERINGTON GYM. MOUTH and HALEY are sitting in the bleachers, as MOUTH’S “announcing”]

MOUTH: Good evening, ladies and gentleman, from the stinks of Pickerington where

the pirates always suck and the livestock is nervous, I’m Mouth McFadden and sitting in with me at tonight’s away game is Haley James. Haley, how do you see tonight’s match up?

[MOUTH holds out his “microphone” to HALEY]

HALEY: I’d rather not be associated with your lunacy, Mouth.

[MOUTH covers the microphone and pulls it away]

[BROOKE and PEYTON walk into the gym as the team warms up]

BROOKE: Oh, see, Lucas looks even hotter in blue. You should totally hook up with him.

PEYTON: Stop it.

BROOKE: What? At the very least you’re due for a little rebound action unless you’re still into Nathan.

PEYTON: I’m not.

BROOKE: Alright. Since you’re my pal you can have a courtesy hold on Lucas for the weekend, but after that he’s fair game.

PEYTON: He’s already fair game, thanks.

BROOKE: So what’s the story with that one anyway?

[They looks over at HALEY]

PEYTON: She’s tutoring Nathan… supposedly.

BROOKE: And hanging out with Lucas. Right… we’re supposed to believe she’s just friends with both of them?

[BROOKE looks back over at HALEY as NATHAN nods at her]

BROOKE: Did you see that?


BROOKE: Nathan just gave her the nod.

PEYTON: What nod?

BROOKE: The “lets hook up after the game” nod. [Pause] Wanna know what I think? I think Nathan likes tutor girl. But I think tutor girl likes Lucas. And I know I like Lucas. And I don’t know who the hell you like anymore. This is all turning into one big love… rectangle plus one, whatever that is.

[PEYTON laughs and BROOKE runs off]

[During the game]

MOUTH: So as you’ve heard Ravens have the big lead early in the second quarter.

[NATHAN smashes the ball out of some Pirate’s hands]

MOUTH: Ooh. And that’s a foul by Nathan Scott.

[NATHAN walks over to LUCAS]

NATHAN: Hey. Why don’t you try putting your hands up on defense, alright?

LUCAS: Why don’t you try not getting beat?

NATHAN: Why don’t I just beat your @#%$?

[NATHAN starts to walk away]

NATHAN: Moron… keep it up, punk.

[A whistle blows and the REFEREE throws the ball in]

REFEREE: Ball in!

LUCAS: Hey, you gonna talk or you gonna play, Daddy’s boy?

NATHAN: Hey, Haley’s looking pretty fine tonight, right? Can’t wait to get with that.

[The Pirates get another basket]

LUCAS: [To Peyton] Hey. So I saw Nathan in the shower… yeah, no wonder you broke up with him.

[BROOKE laughs as LUCAS runs off. PEYTON just looks shocked. NATHAN throws a basketball at LUCAS. LUCAS storms back and the two proceed to fight, knocking BROOKE over and fighting on top of her. The whistle’s blowing like crazy. The rest of the team separates them]


REFEREE: You two! You’re out of here!

WHITEY: You’re throwing them both out of the game?

REFEREE: I got to, Coach. I got things rolling.

[The REFEREE runs off and WHITEY watches angrily]

WHITEY: They’re on the same team!

BROOKE: [On the ground, with PEYTON standing over her] Ow! Pain!

[THE BUS HOME. The bus stops and whitey stands up]

WHITEY: Nathan Scott! Lucas Scott! On your feet!

[NATHAN and LUCAS stand up]

WHITEY: Congratulations, boys. In all my years of coaching, this has got to be a low point. That little stunt you pulled almost cost us our undefeated record. I don’t give diddlee-squat about your issues with your daddy or your girlfriends. As far as I’m concerned, you can hate each other until hell freezes over. But if you’re going to play on my team, you’re gonna learn how to work together.

NATHAN: I can’t see that happening, Whitey?

WHITEY: Yeah? Well you’ve got thirty-some-odd miles to figure it out.

[TREE HILL HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS BUS LEAVING. NATHAN and LUCAS are standing on the side of the road]

NATHAN: They can’t just leave us here.

LUCAS: Nice work, idiot


NATHAN: This is great. This is friggin’ great.

LUCAS: Calm down.

NATHAN: You calm down, man. My phone’s on that bus. My wallet’s on that bus.

LUCAS: Yeah, my wallet too!

NATHAN: So what the hell do we do now?

LUCAS: We start walking.

[For once, the two agree on something. They start walking]

[PIRATES’ TRAINING ROOM. PEYTON’S outside while someone looks at BROOKE’S injured leg]

BROOKE: Ow, that’s too tight.

[A young man makes an adjustment]

MAN: There. How’s that?

BROOKE: Too loose. [Pause] Ow, that’s too tight.

[BROOKE smiles flirtatiously at the man]

BROOKE: So you’re in college, right?

MAN: Junior.

BROOKE: Oh… you know, I love college guys. [Pause] Two more years, you’ll be a doctor.

[MAN laughs]

MAN: Uh, not exactly.

BROOKE: So tell me, Doctor College Boy. If you wanted to give me something for the pain, you could, right?

MAN: Well, the team doctor would have to…

[BROOKE adjusts so she’s showing off her legs]

MAN: I could, I could maybe do that.

[BROOKE holds her hand out and the MAN opens a bottle of pills]

MAN: Wait. You’re not a cop, are you?

[BROOKE laughs]


[The MAN hands her a pill]

BROOKE: Well, and one for tomorrow… please.

MAN: Okay, here’s the thing. Those are really strong painkillers.

[MAN turns around to get BROOKE water and she swallows both]

MAN: So just take, like, a half of one. Every twelve hours.

[MAN turns back around with water]

BROOKE: Oops! All gone!

[A ROAD. NATHAN and LUCAS are walking]

NATHAN: We wouldn’t be out here if you never joined the team.

LUCAS: No. We wouldn’t be out here if you weren’t such a jackass about me joining the team.

NATHAN: Why do you want my life so bad anyway, man?

LUCAS: Dude, don’t flatter yourself, alright? You’re about the last person I want to trade places with.

NATHAN: Oh yeah? Well all I know is you came out nowhere and started grabbing everything you could from me. My game, my girl…

LUCAS: What about you, huh? I bet your grades sucked before you met me. But I didn’t see you going to Haley for help then.

NATHAN: Who said what me and Haley’s got’s is about grades.


BOYS IN CAR: Ravens! Hey Ravens!

[CAR stops]

BOY IN CAR: Want a ride?

LUCAS: [To Nathan] I wouldn’t take that ride if I was you.

NATHAN: You’re not me. You never will be.

[NATHAN walks over to the car and is pulled in. The car backs up to LUCAS]

BOY: Two little Ravens for the price of one. Get in or the superstar dies.

[LUCAS looks at the guys then walks over to the car]

[OUTSIDE THE TRAINING ROOM. HALEY walks down the hall]

PEYTON: What are you still doing here?

HALEY: I’m thinking of transferring. What’s your excuse?

PEYTON: Brooke. She’s been in there forever.

[BROOKE comes running clumsily down the hall, the college guy following behind her]

BROOKE: Peyton!


PEYTON: Oh boy.

MAN: Hi.

BROOKE: This is my best friend in the whole wide world. Don’t you think she’s pretty?

PEYTON: What is this?

MAN: She found some pills… on the floor. She’ll be fine. Just uh, let her sleep it off.

[MAN starts to walk away]

BROOKE: Hey! Ooh, call me!

[BROOKE goes to chase after the man but collapses into HALEY’S arms. PEYTON grabs her to make sure she doesn’t fall over]

[OUTSIDE PICKERINGTON HIGH SCHOOL. HALEY’S supporting BROOKE as they walk outside]

BROOKE: We should totally hang out more. What is your name?

HALEY: Haley…

BROOKE: Yeah. I don’t like that name. Lets call you… Brooke!

[PEYTON’S waiting by the car]

BROOKE: Hi friend!

[PEYTON grabs BROOKE as well and the two girls get her into the backseat of the car]

PEYTON: Thanks.

HALEY: Sure. I’ll see you guys later.

PEYTON: Where’s your ride?

HALEY: Oh. I’m going to take the last fan bus back.

PEYTON: It just left.

BROOKE: That’s perfect. Brookie can come with us!

HALEY: Yeah, she named me Brooke.

[PEYTON looks at her]

BROOKE: Peyton, can she come? Please? Peyton, please!

PEYTON: [To Haley] Just don’t touch the stereo. Or we’ll have a problem.

BROOKE: Road trip.

[BROOKE throws up her pompoms]

BROOKE: We’re going on a road trip. We’re going on a road trip.

[HALEY gets into the passenger’s seat]

[THE CAR with the Pirates. It pulls to a stop]

NATHAN: Alright. This is my stop. Thanks for the ride, fellas.

GUY: This one’s funny, Thing. Lets kill him last.

NATHAN: Wait. Your name is Thing?

THING: That’s right. Thing.

BOY: And I’m Thing One.

[LUCAS turns to the guy next to NATHAN]

LUCAS: Okay, wait. Let me guess. Thing Two.

GUY: Thing Three. Because I’m the third.

[THING pulls out a gun]

NATHAN: Whoa. Dude…

THING THREE: Get your clothes off, boys. You’re going shopping.

[SPL DINNER. It’s a fancy restaurant, and KEITH and KAREN sit down at a table]

KEITH: Oh, what do you know? We finally got the center aisle this year. Guy must’ve thought I said Dan Scott.

KAREN: No. Dan’s table has one spot for Dan and five for his ego.

[DAN and DEB walk over]

DAN: Well, well, well. Isn’t this cozy?

DEB: Hey Karen.


KEITH: Hi Deb… Dan.

[DAN smiles uncomfortably, and everyone follows suit]

[CONVENIENCE STORE/RESTAURANT. The door opens and we see a pair of bare male legs, just wearing sneakers. Then we see a second pair. We zoom up and see that LUCAS and NATHAN are shirtless as well, just wearing their boxers. Everyone looks at them, laughing. LUCAS consults a list]

LUCAS: Hemorrhoid ointment.

NATHAN: Dude, this is total crap. These guys are morons, not killers. I bet it’s not even a real gun.

LUCAS: Lets just play the game, get our clothes, and get home.

LUCAS: Okay. Ah, we need two bottles of spring feminine cleansers.

[Store owner dials the phone]

NATHAN: Oh, great. A pair of douche bags.

LUCAS: A case of beer and we’re out of here.

NATHAN: What? How are we going to pull that off?

LUCAS: Would you card us?

[NATHAN starts walking to the register. LUCAS turns to follow]

LUCAS: I didn’t think so.

[LUCAS walks to the left of NATHAN and we see their backs. LUCAS’ says RAVENS. NATHAN’S says SUCK]

[THE CAR driving along a road. BROOKE’S hitting PEYTON with her pompoms as PEYTON tries to drive]

PEYTON: Brooke! Come on…

[BROOKE throws the pompoms out the window, giggling and clapping. Then she leans over the front seat, looking at HALEY and then PEYTON]

BROOKE: Don’t you two like the same guys? [Pause] Or guy, or something?

HALEY: I’m just tutoring him, that’s all.

[BROOKE sits back in her seat]

PEYTON: So you’re not into him? Because he seems to be into you.

[BROOKE’S now looking out the back window]

BROOKE: He gave her the nod!

PEYTON: Just be careful.

HALEY: Well, what about you and Lucas?

PEYTON: What about us?

HALEY: Oh, come on. Tortured artist meets tortured athlete? Talk about your obvious attraction.

[The car beeps to signal lack of gas]

BROOKE: I hear birds.

PEYTON: Unbelievable! Brooke, did you not think to put gas in the car?

[BROOKE looks at HALEY]

BROOKE: Answer the question, Brooke.

[The car stops]

BROOKE: Why are we stopping?

[PIRATE PLAYER’S CAR. The car’s in the parking lot of the store. Thing looks through a bag]

THING: Sweet. They scored the brew.

THING THREE: Where’s the p0rn?

LUCAS: Hey. You had your fun. Now give us back our clothes.

THING ONE: Yeah, man, I’m done with these clowns. Hey, lets go somewhere and get wasted.

THING THREE: With no porno mags?

NATHAN: They didn’t have Playgirl.

THING THREE: Go back inside and get some hardcore.

[Sirens are approaching]

THING: Wait! Shut up! Listen!

[They all hear the sirens and then see the cruiser]

THING ONE: Come on, roll, roll, roll.

THING THREE: Go, roll!

[The car peels out of the parking lot]

THING THREE: Come on, lets go, lets go, lets go. Move it! Lets go!

[PIRATE’S car. They’ve pulled over to a side and the cruiser goes by as they duck]

THE THINGS: Oh, yeah. Yeah, baby!

LUCAS: Yeah, yeah, right. Alright. Yahoo! Yeah, enough’s enough. Give us our clothes.

[THING grabs his gun and points it at LUCAS]

THING: Don’t they say please in the suburbs?

[NATHAN grabs the gun and points it at THING]

NATHAN: He said give us our clothes, you hick.

[THE THINGS laugh]

THING: Can’t you steal a fake gun in the suburbs?

NATHAN: That’s great. It’s a starter pistol. I knew this thing was fake.

THING THREE: Yeah, but our fists are real.

THING: Look. We’ll give you guys your clothes back. We’ll even give one of you a ride home.

LUCAS: Yeah. What do you mean by one of us?

[OUTSIDE THE PIRATE’S CAR IN THE WOODS. THE THINGS are leaning against the car and NATHAN and LUCAS are standing opposite them]

THING: The game is Gladiator. Basically, you guys beat the hell out of each other for our amusement. The one left standing gets his clothes and a ride to a phone. The loser… well he loses.

THING THREE: Let the games begin.

[He holds up a beer and LUCAS and NATHAN stare at each other]

THING: Okay, the game isn’t called two punks staring at each other. It’s called Gladiator. Get to it.

LUCAS: Alright, you can screw yourself. Because there’s no way in hell that the two of us are going to fight.

[NATHAN charges LUCAS]

LUCAS: Or maybe we are.

[LUCAS attacks NATHAN]

[THE WOODS. NATHAN and LUCAS are still fighting]

NATHAN: This is great. Not only do I get to kick your @#%$ but you get 30 miles to think about it.

[NATHAN throws LUCAS against the car]

LUCAS: What the hell are you doing, man? We should be fighting them.

NATHAN: You want it?


[NATHAN grabs the keys from the car]


THING: Wait, wait, wait!

NATHAN: You okay?

LUCAS: Yeah.

NATHAN: Pickerington morons.

THING: Give us the keys.

LUCAS: Give us our clothes.

[THING throws LUCAS a sock]

THING: Fine.

NATHAN: You guys wanna play games, huh? I’ve got a little game for you. It’s called keys for clothes. You give us a piece of our clothes, we’ll give you a key.

THING: No deal.

NATHAN: Fine. We were walking anyways.

[NATHAN starts to throw the keys]

THE THINGS: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

THING ONE: We’ll deal.

THING: Forget it. I want to walk home.

THING THREE: It’s dark.

THING ONE: Man, seriously.

NATHAN: Fine. Give him his sweats.

LUCAS: That’s worth a house key.

[NATHAN throws a key]

NATHAN: Hey, keep them coming.

[BROOKE’S CAR. PEYTON gets out of the phone with her cell]

PEYTON: There’s still no signal. Who lives like this?

HALEY: Pop the trunk, will you?

BROOKE: Peyton, don’t listen to it. It might be a trick.

[PEYTON pops the trunk and HALEY looks inside]

HALEY: Yeah, it’s empty. I saw a gas station a few miles back. If I’m not back in an hour, tell my mom I loved her?

BROOKE: Don’t you mean Nathan?

[BROOKE laughs]

PEYTON: I’ll go with you.

BROOKE: What about me?

[BROOKE’S back in the car and PEYTON locks the doors. As BROOKE and HALEY walk away, BROOKE’S yelling]

BROOKE: I could suffocate in here. Guys!

HALEY: You did crack a window, right?

[PEYTON laughs]

BROOKE: Guys! Come on! I’m scared! Please! Come on, you guys. Don’t go! Someone will come!

[PEYTON and HALEY walk off]

[SPL DINNER. Another couple’s now sitting with KEITH, KAREN, DAN, and DEB]

DAN: Scott Motor Company’s been reaching a lead in new car sales for the past six years. Pretty soon we’ll be the top dealership in North Carolina.

MAN: [Pointing between KEITH and DAN] So you two are in business together?

DAN: Uh, no. I own the company. Uh, Keith runs a garage.

KEITH: I fix the junk that he sells.

[The other couple laughs]

DAN: Alright. Lets give credit where credit’s due. Big brother here has been tinking with cars for years. If it wasn’t for his influence and, uh, lack of initiative, I may never have been able to realize my dream.

KEITH: Hmm. Was it really my influence, Dan? Because I thought it was Deb’s money that bankrolled your dream.

[DAN laughs and everyone else looks around uncomfortably]

DAN: True. Deb’s father took a leap of faith with me. Of course, I returned his investment ten-fold. And every good business man knows it’s a long road from seed money…

MAN: To profit.

DAN: To profits, exactly.

MAN: Amen to that.

DAN: So Keith. You talk about being a self-made man but… self-made into what?

KEITH: Excuse me.

[KEITH gets up and leaves. KAREN and DEB look at DAN]

[IN THE WOODS. NATHAN holds up a key]

NATHAN: Last key. You got one thing left.

THING: Give us the car key and we’ll give you the shirt.

NATHAN: I can live without my shirt.

[NATHAN throws the key into the woods]

THE THINGS: Oh man, no!

NATHAN: Have fun walking.

[NATHAN and LUCAS run off]

THING: Just find the key… we’re gonna kill those guys.

[A ROAD. HALEY and PEYTON are walking]

HALEY: What did you mean before? About Nathan when you said before?

PEYTON: I just know him, that’s all.

HALEY: Said the ex-girlfriend.

PEYTON: Look, we were crazy with drama but I’m over it. He’s not a complete waste. He just- he’s really threatened by Lucas. It could all just be a big mind game. That’s how he works. [Pause] Do you like him?

HALEY: I was- talk about stuff, you know what I mean?

PEYTON: Like what?

HALEY: Like school or… his dad.

PEYTON: Oh. Dan. Danny sure did a number on his boy, right?

HALEY: Yeah. Both of them.

PEYTON: So you didn’t answer my question. Do you like him?

HALEY: It- it doesn’t matter. I mean, that… it would be too weird around Lucas.

PEYTON: That’s his problem. You’ve got a life to live too.

HALEY: It just seems kind of selfish.

PEYTON: Why? Did he ask you if he could go out with me?

HALEY: Did he ask you out?


[They laugh]

PEYTON: That’s not the point. No. He wouldn’t ask permission. So why should you?

HALEY: Would you say yes if he asked you out?

PEYTON: It depends. What song is playing… am I in a mood… is he smiling when he asks or is he doing that goofy brooding thing he does?

HALEY: Oh, you know I think he’s definitely doing the broody thing.

PEYTON: He does that all the time!

HALEY: It’s strange. Just… the night away from school. It feels like you and I actually live on the same planet.

PEYTON: Life plays trick on you like that.


[They continue to walk]

[SPL DINNER. KEITH’S sitting alone and DEB walks over to him]

DEB: Can I bankroll another drink for you?

KEITH: I’m sorry about that. [Pause] I, uh, I shouldn’t have dragged you into it. Sometimes my little brother has a way of getting to me…

DEB: He has a gift.

KEITH: Yeah.

DEB: You know, um, you and Karen really go nicely together.

KEITH: I don’t think she sees me that way.

DEB: Hmm. How do you see her?

KEITH: She’s amazing. She’s strong, she’s beautiful and uh, you know, she’s a great mother to Lucas.

DEB: So…

KEITH: A relationship would just complicate things. What about you, Deb? Tonight was just part of the course with him. And, uh, I know it’s none of my business but why are you…

DEB: Why do I stay with him.

KEITH: Yeah…

DEB: It’s okay. Uh, believe it or not, some days he’s the man I fell in love with and other days… I don’t know. Besides, if you’ve got Lucas to consider, I’ve certainly got Nathan. [Pause] Come on. Lets go rescue Karen.

KEITH: Yeah.

[KEITH and DEB both get up]

[THE WOODS. NATHAN and LUCAS are hiding within hearing distance of THE THINGS]

THING: Alright, it’s a blue key chain.

THING ONE: Dude, look over here moron. Is that blue?

THING THREE: Are you color blind?

LUCAS: I can’t believe you sucker punched me.

NATHAN: I had to. It got us outta there, didn’t it?

[LUCAS takes off his sweatshirt and hands it to NATHAN]

LUCAS: Here.

[NATHAN puts on the sweatshirt]

LUCAS: So what’s your master plan, genius? Huh? You gonna hotwire the car?

NATHAN: Actually, we’re not gonna have to. Those idiots are gonna flip out when they find a key chain with no car key.

[GAS STATION. PEYTON and HALEY look in the door. It’s dark]

PEYTON: Great! And no phone. What are we going to do?

[HALEY looks around and sees a pickup truck]

[THE WOODS where NATHAN and LUCAS are hiding]

NATHAN: So we’ll get the car, we’ll drive into town, we’ll find a phone, and we’ll ditch it.

LUCAS: Wait, what if they report it stolen?

NATHAN: Well I kinda think that the cops got the license plate number earlier, don’t you?

LUCAS: Yes, but they didn’t see who was driving that car. I mean, think about it, if they pull us over they can pin everything on us.

NATHAN: What if we sit here and we talk about it all night, huh? Got any better ideas?

LUCAS: [Resigned] I’ll drive.

NATHAN: No. I’ll drive.

[They take off toward the car and NATHAN starts it]

THING: Whoa, whoa!

NATHAN: Pickerington sucks!

[The car’s stuck in mud]

THING: Oh yeah, oh! They aren’t going anywhere. Lets go get them, boys!

[NATHAN and LUCAS look at each other]


LUCAS: Bail!

[They jump out of the car and start to run]

THING: We’re gonna pluck you, Ravens!

THING THREE: Hey, I’ve still got your shirt!

THING: Shut up! They can run but they can’t hide!

[GAS STATION. HALEY and PEYTON reach the truck]

HALEY: Oh yes!

PEYTON: So what are you doing?

HALEY: Um…here, hold this.

[HALEY hands PEYTON a pocketknife]

PEYTON: Or you’ll stab me?

HALEY: A girl can’t be too safe. [Pause] Here, try and get that gas cap open, will you?

PEYTON: Does this really work?

HALEY: We are about to find out.

[HALEY inserts a tube into the gas tank and starts sucking]

PEYTON: Had a lot of practice?

[HALEY looks at her]

PEYTON: At sucking gas. What did you think I meant?

HALEY: You wanna do it?

PEYTON: Watch out for the golf ball.

[HALEY moves back as the gas starts to come out]

HALEY: Ooh! Ooh! [Pause] Oh, yeah.

PEYTON: Are you kidding?

[HALEY looks up, grinning]

PEYTON: Dude, who knew you were like the 4th Charlie’s Angel?

[Both girls laugh]


THINGS: [Driving around] Oh Ravens! Come out and play

LUCAS: [To Nathan] Still out there.

NATHAN: They’ll get bored eventually.

LUCAS: So that was a pretty good move with the car keys.

NATHAN: Yeah. It doesn’t change the fact that my dad’s gonna kill me for getting kicked out of that game.

[LUCAS looks at him but looks away quickly]

NATHAN: You should consider yourself lucky sometimes.

LUCAS: Lucking out of a dad?

NATHAN: At least this one. [Pause] I remember this one summer, I was playing little league baseball and I was the pitcher and my dad was the coach. Anyway, this kid Billy Lyons, he was a great hitter. Everything he hit was a homerun. So, you know, he got up to the plate and there was nobody on base so I just walked him. Four straight pitches, nothing even close to a strike. So my dad calls a timeout, comes to the mound, and I’m thinking he’s gonna say like, Smart move or Good thinking son, something like that. But instead... instead he grabs me by the arm, and he kicks me in the @#%$ as hard as he can. I mean, he literally took me by the arm so that I wouldn’t like, go flying, he kicked me so hard. Then he brought Stevie Planking into pitch, sat me on the bench, never mentioned it again.

LUCAS: That sucks.

NATHAN: Yeah. [Pause] So just think about that the next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself.

[SPL DINNER. DAN‘S on his phone]

DAN: I haven’t heard from you, Nathan. I’m starting to get nervous. Uh… just call and leave your stats on my phone as soon as you get this.

[KEITH and DEB walk over]

KAREN: [To Keith] You okay?

KEITH: Yup. Just a little bit hammered.

DEB: Sorry, Karen. It was my fault.

[DEB looks at DAN]

DAN: What?

DEB: I thought we said no basketball.

DAN: What do you want from me, Deb? You leave me here with Karen and these two?

[DAN looks at KEITH, who’s taking a sip of wine]

DAN: How you doing, boozy?

[KEITH starts laughing]

KAREN: Alright, you know what? I’m ready to go.

DAN: Oh, there, see. Your ride’s leaving. I mean, she may not be much of a date but at least she’s a reliable designated driver.

DEB: Dan, that’s enough.

KEITH: You know, maybe you oughtta spend a little less time worrying about my relationship and a little more time paying attention to your own.

[DAN leans over the table]

DAN: If you call chasing after my leftovers a relationship.

[KEITH jumps out of his chair and tries to punch DAN who jumps out of the way. KEITH falls into a table]

KAREN: Keith! Keith! It’s not worth it.

KEITH: Come on!

KAREN: Keith! Come on, come on. Please? Lets just go, alright?

KEITH: Okay, I’m fine.

DAN: It was a joke.

KAREN: Come on, please.

[DEB glares at DAN]

[BROOKE’S CAR. PEYTON and HALEY have just gotten back and HALEY’S refilling the gas tank. PEYTON’S in the driver’s seat. PEYTON turns around to see BROOKE passed out across the back seat, her bloomers showing. She starts laughing as does HALEY]


LUCAS: Man, it’s been like, what? Twenty minutes? Think they’re coming back?

[NATHAN starts laughing]

LUCAS: What?

NATHAN: Thing, Thing One, and Thing Three.

[LUCAS laughs]

LUCAS: Well, yeah man, he was the third.


LUCAS: Hey. What are we doing hiding from these idiots anyway, huh? Look, I can hold my own. And I know that you could throw a pretty damn good punch. [Pause] I say lets take these fools on.

NATHAN: Alright. I’m in for that.

[NATHAN and LUCAS jump up]

[SPL DINNER. DAN’S sitting alone at a table, drinking, when DEB comes up behind him and sits across from him]

DEB: Are you gonna stay down here all night?

DAN: I made a call. Nathan got thrown out of the game tonight for fighting with Lucas.

DEB: Fighting with his brother. Hmm. I wonder where he gets that from?

DAN: His phone’s turned off. No one’s answering at home.

DEB: But he’s okay?

[DAN doesn’t know]

DAN: I’m sorry about tonight, Deb. I don’t know how things got so out of hand.

DEB: Things didn’t get out of hand, Dan. You did.

DAN: He threw the first punch.

DEB: You provoked him.

DAN: Nathan’s prospects took a huge blow tonight. Can we just focus on him?

DEB: That’s the wrong answer, Dan. And if you don’t know that, I’m not sure I know you anymore.

DAN: Well that’s a two way street.

DEB: I’m gonna go upstairs and pack. We should go home.

[DEB gets up and leaves DAN sitting there]

[BROOKE‘S CAR. HALEY’S waving her hand to the music. PEYTON looks ubër-serious and BROOKE‘S still passed out]

HALEY: He cares about you, you know?

PEYTON: Yeah. [Pause] We need some music.

[PEYTON leans toward the radio as the car veers off the road]

HALEY : [Grabbing the wheel] Peyton!

[THE CAR goes back onto the road and BROOKE jumps up]

PEYTON: I’m sorry…

BROOKE: Where the hell are we?

HALEY: Miles from normal.

BROOKE: [To PEYTON, about HALEY] What is she doing here?

PEYTON: You invited her!

[PEYTON and HALEY laugh but BROOKE just looks confused. PEYTON turns the radio on and BROOKE grabs her head in pain]


[HALEY and PEYTON laugh]

[KAREN’S HOUSE. KEITH’S lying on the couch and KAREN walks over with a cloth and places it on his head]

KEITH: I cannot believe I let him get to me.

KAREN: So did I. I guess we both should know better by now.

KEITH: Yeah, but even so… you should be able to count on me. It’s like I can see the guy that I am in my head and I can see the guy that I want to be and they’re just… it’s not the same.

KAREN: That’s okay, Keith. I like who you are. [Pause] And I do count on you. More than you know. [Pause] Can I tell you a secret?

KEITH: Sure.

KAREN: Lucas called tonight a date for us.

[KEITH laughs]

KAREN: And for a while, I pretended that it was. And it felt good.

[KEITH’S half asleep]

KEITH: Can I tell you a secret?

KAREN: Sure. Go ahead.

KEITH: I pretended that too.

[KAREN smiles]

KEITH: I love you.

[The smile disappears]

KEITH: Always have.

[KAREN stares at him]

[BROOKE’S CAR. Music’s playing loudly, and PEYTON and HALEY are laughing. The song ends]

HALEY: Nice. What’s next?

PEYTON: Uh, you pick.

[BROOKE gives PEYTON a weird look]

HALEY: [Reaching toward radio] Alright.

BROOKE: This is so tragic. You two don’t actually think you’re going to be friends tomorrow, do you?

[BROOKE leans forward as PEYTON and HALEY lose their smiles]

[THE ROAD. NATHAN and LUCAS are walking]

LUCAS: So this Haley thing… you know, for some reason she feels like you’re not full of crap. Don’t take advantage of that.

NATHAN: I’m not going to.

LUCAS: I know you’re not. Because if you do, you’re going to live to regret it.

NATHAN: Bring it on. [Pause] Hey, listen. Look, man, you didn’t have to get in that car when those guys grabbed me. Especially after you warned me not to.

LUCAS: Right, whatever. You know the way I see it, I mean, if they would’ve taken you out, who the hell else am I gonna have to fight with, right?

NATHAN: Same person I have.

[NATHAN turns around and starts walking. LUCAS follows. They hear a car]

LUCAS: Car. [Pause] You ready?


LUCAS: Lets do it.

[They stand side by side in the street as the car approaches. It stops]

LUCAS: Haley and Peyton.


HALEY: Oh my Gosh. Nathan with Lucas?

[BROOKE’S CAR, driving away. LUCAS and NATHAN are now sitting on either side of BROOKE]

LUCAS: [V.O.]: As happens sometimes a moment settled...

[THE SCHOOL. HALEY sees PEYTON and BROOKE and smiles. They don’t respond]

LUCAS: [V.O.] ... and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped…

[PEYTON looks at HALEY but doesn’t wave or anything]

LUCAS: [V.O.] ... for much, much more than a moment.

[HALEY walks away and PEYTON looks away]

LUCAS: [V.O.] And then the moment was gone.