01x07 - Life in a Glass House

Lucas: (V.O.) Previously on "One Tree Hill…"

Nathan: "Who would have known that Dan Scott’s basketball pedigree would be inherited by his two sons, Nathan Scott and Lucas."

Lucas: I can’t stand being connected to Nathan or Dan.

Whitey: This is all about you, Danny, until you acknowledge that Lucas is your son.

Peyton: I finally saw you clearly for the first time last night, the way you treated me, the way you treated your brother.

Nathan: Don’t call him that.

Peyton: I mean it. We’re done.

Haley: You still in denial?

Nathan: About what?

Haley: Missing her.

Nathan: What, are you my tutor or my shrink?

Lucas: You’re just tutoring him?

Haley: I am just tutoring him. Nathan? God! He got a good grade on a math quiz. It was nothing!

Karen: Keith!

Karen: I like who you are. And I do count on you.

Keith: I love you.

Lucas: Wow. You made me a mix?

Peyton: Don’t read too much into it.

Brooke: I think Nathan likes Tutor Girl, but I think Tutor Girl likes Lucas. And I know I like Lucas, and I don’t know who the hell you like anymore.


EXT. Tree Hill High School - Day

Brooke and Peyton are walking down the stairs.

Brooke: All I remember is you and me and Tutor Girl in my car, and then Lucas and Nathan, and then you said something about being into Lucas but it could have been Nathan, and I need to know.

Peyton: Need?

Brooke: Two of them, two of us, plenty of fine Scott boys to go around, and your courtesy hold on Lucas has expired. And you and Nathan were so… interesting together. Plus, we could still trade off once in a while… or twice. Win-win.

They walk up to Lucas’ table where he is listening to music and reading a book. He takes off his earphones and puts the book down when they walk up.

Brooke: Hey, broody.

Lucas: Hey, cheery. Peyton.

Brooke: So, I’ll see you at practice?

Peyton: As always.

Brooke: Yeah, you too.

Brooke walks away and Peyton sits down.

Peyton: So, what’s the deal? Are we gonna hang out at this annual Scott money burn or what?

Lucas: Yeah, right. Like I’m gonna spend the night with Nathan and Dan on my Friday off? I don’t think so. I’d rather stay home with "The Great Gatsby."

Peyton: You know, I read a book last night.

Lucas: Really?

Peyton: Yeah, it’s about this girl and this guy, and they’ve got this really weird vibe thing going on, but there’s all this drama, ‘cause the girl’s got this ex-boyfriend who turns out to be none other than the guy’s brother. So the whole thing comes to this great, big climax and this big party at their evil dad’s house.

Lucas: Really? Hmm. What happens in the end?

Peyton: You’re just gonna have to show up to find out.

Peyton walks away and Lucas [sighs].

Cut to:

INT. Tutoring Center - Day

Nathan and Haley are sitting at a table studying when Nathan gets frustrated.

Nathan: Oh, this is so stupid. What-why do we have to study history anyway?

Haley: So we’re not doomed to repeat it.

Nathan: [chuckles] What?

Haley: [laughs] Look, don’t lose hope, okay? Tomorrow’s a teacher’s work day so you’ve got a three-day weekend to study.

Nathan: Minus my dad’s annual kiss-his-@#%$ jamboree. Hey, I would invite you, Haley, but it’s kind of a b-ball crowd.

Haley: Oh, please, come on. Like I want to kiss your dad’s @#%$ anyway. [laugh]

Nathan: Yeah.

Haley: I made you a study guide. And, everything you need to ace your history exam… (hands him the metal box) …is right in this little box of tricks here-NoDoz, eye drops, number-two pencils.

Nathan: Why don’t you just text message me the answers.

Haley: Oh! No. (stand up and put on side bag) So, um, just give me a call if you need anything, okay? Thanks for cutting Lucas some slack.

Nathan: A deal’s a deal, right?

Haley: Right. (walks away)

Cut to:

INT. Karen’s Café - Day

Karen pours some coffee into a mug while Keith reads the paper.

Karen: Anything worth sharing?

Keith: Hmm?

Karen: In the paper?

Keith: Oh. Um, the Tar Heels won.

Deb walks into the café.

Karen: Oh, Deb.

Deb: Hi, Karen.

Keith: Hey.

Deb: Um, I never heard from both of you about Dan’s party tomorrow for the team sponsors.

Keith: For some reason, when I think of Dan, I just don’t think of the word party.

Karen: Oh, I’m sorry, Deb. I have the invitation here. I was thinking about going, but after everything that happened last week-

Deb: Yeah, th-that’s what I was afraid of. Dan feels horrible about that… believe it or not.

Keith: Not.

Deb: [chuckles] And so do I. Anyway, it would mean a lot if you could both come. It starts at three, but, uh, stop by anytime. See you.

Keith: See you, Deb. Thanks.

Deb walks out of the café and Keith turns back to Karen.

Karen: You know what? I think Deb’s right. We’re not living in some 1950s movie. I am the single mother of a player on the team. I don’t need to skulk around this town in a head scarf and dark glasses.

Keith: Well, you’re never going to get Lucas to go.

Karen: Oh, even if you’re going, too?

Keith: Oh, not a chance. Besides, I don’t want things to be any weirder than they need to be.

Karen: Weirder? How?

Keith: Well, you know, after dinner the other night, I said some pretty crazy things.

Karen: [inhales] No, I don’t remember anything crazy. Well, I’m gonna go. You let me know if you change your mind.

Keith: Okay.

Karen: (walking away) Mm-hmm.

Keith: [chuckles] (drinks coffee)

Cut to:

INT. Science Classroom - Day

The class is watching a slide-show on the overhead while taking notes. Peyton is in the front row, Nathan behind her and Brooke behind Nathan.

Teacher: Okay, you guys, listen up. Now, you’ll all want to pay close attention to this next batch of slides. We’ll be discussing them following the slide show and, uh, I also have a feeling that this material may find its way onto your next quiz, so…

Brooke: [whispering] How are you, Nate?

Nathan: [whispering] Bored.

Brooke: [whispering] And lonely, right? Just a smidge.

Nathan: [whispering] Brooke, whatever drugs you’re on, save them for the party, okay?

Brooke: [whispering] Ah, "the party." Guess who’s coming with me, and I’ll tell you Peyton.

Nathan: [whispering] Whatever. She’s off my radar, and apparently, I’m off hers too.

Brooke: [whispering] That was pot Peyton. She’s totally back on track. And I think the new "old Peyton" would be open to discussing a reconciliation.

Nathan: [whispering] Did she tell you that?

Brooke: [whispering] She tells me everything.

Nathan: [whispering]What are you up to, Brooke?

Brooke: [whispering] What? I just want to see two people that are perfect for each other back together. Is that a crime?

Nathan looks forward at Peyton, who turns around after looking at Nathan for a second. Brooke smiles.

Cut to:

INT. Locker Room - Day

The team is in there getting changed for practice when Jake walks in and over to his locker.

Jake: Sorry I’m late, coach.

Whitey: Why should today be any different, Jagielski? Move your @#%$. The rest of you ladies start defense drills, pronto! (walk out)

Nathan: Why is coach so easy on you, Jagielski?

Tim: Baumgartner got wind sprints.

Jake: We party together.

Tim: Maybe they’re lovers.

Nathan: Why, did you two break up?

Nathan, Tim and one other guy walk out to the gym.

Lucas: So, anyway, man, what’s the deal? What’s going on? You know, you’re out sick all the time, and you come in late and cut out early. I don’t understand. Coach just lets you.

Jake: (getting changed) Just helping me out.

Lucas: Meaning?

Jake: Meaning he’s just helping me out.

Lucas: All right.

Lucas walks toward the door but first pats Jake on the back and continues to the gym. Jake leans against his locker and [sighs].

Cut to:

EXT. Tree Hill High School Parking Lot - Day

Peyton walks over to her car, puts her bag in and gets inside. She puts the key in the ignition and starts to back out, suddenly stopping just before crashing into Haley.

Haley: Whoa! Walking here.

Peyton: God! I’m-I’m sorry.

Haley: [chuckle] Like you weren’t aiming.

Peyton: You’re not on that list.

Haley: [laugh]

Peyton: You need a ride somewhere?

Haley: Um…

Peyton: Come on, get in.

Haley: (walking to passenger side) I guess it’s better to be in your car then under it. (gets inside)

Peyton: So, I’m not really good at this.

Haley: Yeah, obviously you’re gonna want to put that in gear and give it a little gas. [laugh]

Peyton: No, I meant-I mean the whole not-being-defensive thing.

Haley: (confused) Okay.

Peyton: Last week in Brooke’s car, you said he cares about you, and I was trying really hard to be cool, and I didn’t ask, um, whether you meant Nathan or Lucas.

Haley: And now you’re asking?

Peyton: In a pathetic kind of way, yeah.

Haley: I’m-I’m not gonna be much help. I-I guess I meant both of them. Lucky you. [chuckles]

Peyton: Look, it’s not like you need my permission or anything, but if you like Nathan, it’s totally cool. Just be really careful.

Haley: (at same time) Be careful. Yes, I know. You told me.

Peyton: Okay.

Haley: You be careful, too.

Peyton: With which one?

Haley: Driving. My mother likes it when I get home alive. Let’s go.

Peyton: [chuckle]

Peyton backs the car out of her parking spot.

Cut to:

INT. Karen’s Café - Night

Lucas walks in. Karen and Keith are at the counter.

Lucas: Hey, mom. Hey, Keith. (sets tux jacket on counter) This doesn’t fit anymore. I need a new jacket. Uh, I think I’m going to go to this thing tomorrow.

Karen: What changed your mind?

Keith looks over at Lucas with a knowing smile on his face.

Lucas: Well, I don’t know. I mean… Nothing really.

Karen: Well, we’ll, uh, go to Vietti’s first thing. Get you a new jacket.

Lucas: All right. Thanks, mom. See you, Keith. (walks out)

Keith: See you, Luke.

Karen: A girl?

Keith: What else?

Karen: Hmm. Well, I guess I’m gonna have to go to this thing then.

Keith: You? I thought you already had your mind made up. Did you get cold feet?

Karen: Like ice. Something about stepping directly into the Lion’s Den.

Keith: Oh… Okay, you talked me into it. (grabbing paper bag)

Karen: Just promise me you won’t punch him unless I ask you real nice.

Keith [Sighing] Okay.

Karen: Enjoy.

Keith: Bye-bye.

Cut to:

INT. Peyton’s Bedroom - Day

Peyton puts on dark red lipstick as Brooke looks over at her.

Brooke: Haven’t you heard goth is the new geek? (toss Peyton a tube of gloss) Tonight’s gonna be killer. You and Nathan, me and Lucas, an open bar.

Peyton: (putting on gloss) There is no me and Nathan, or you and Lucas, for that matter.

Brooke: (walking over to her) For now. You know, Nathan’s loving the idea that you’re coming tonight.

Peyton: (handing back gloss) How do you know that?

Brooke: ‘Cause he told be he’s still hot for you. He was actually very sweet about it.

Peyton: Nathan Scott?

Brooke: You know you two were meant to be together. (walks back over to mirror)

Peyton: That’s a scary thought.

Cut to:

INT. Lucas’ Living Room - Day

Lucas walks up to the mirror trying to straighten his tie.

Cut to:

EXT. Lucas’ House - Day

Haley runs up the steps and we hear [rhythmic tapping on the door]. Lucas opens the [squeaky] door.

Lucas: Haley?

Haley walks inside.

Lucas: What are you doing here?

Cut to:

INT. Lucas’ Living Room - Day

Lucas closes the door.

Haley: First, I am saving you from that tie. (taking off jacket) Second… [sighs] we need to talk.

Lucas: Well, could we do both at the same time.

Haley: Yeah.

Haley turns around to look at the ties and eventually chooses a black one as Lucas takes off the other one. Haley is very uncomfortable.

Haley: Uh, okay, you’re not gonna like this. In fact… you’re gonna hate this. (tying tie) But I feel that I should tell you in the interest of full friendship disclosure.

Lucas: [chuckles] Yeah, right. What could be worse than you tutoring Nathan, huh?

Haley looks up at him and [sighs]. Lucas realizes what she’s talking about and stops smiling.

Lucas: You like him.

Haley: (pointing) Luke, do not freak out on me, okay? I can’t help it any more then you can.

Lucas: I don’t like him!

Haley: I’m talking about you and Peyton. We don’t decide who we like. We just-it happens.

Lucas: (angry) Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?

Haley: I-I’m not getting myself into anything. I am thinking about maybe getting into something that is never gonna happen anyway, so-

Lucas: But what could you possibly like in the guy, huh?

Haley: D-different stuff. We connect. Yes, he can be a total @#%$ sometimes-(walking to Lucas)-but I’m telling you, it’s just a defense mechanism. He really opens up with me, Lucas.

Lucas: You know how I feel about him.

Haley: And I’m sorry for that. I am.

Lucas: [sighs] But I get it, all right? I understand.

Haley: [Sighing] Okay.

Lucas: Just do me a favor, okay? Just-

Haley: (taking off tie) Be careful? [Sighs] I wish everybody would stop saying that.

Cut to:

EXT. Nathan’s House - Day

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s House - Day

Dan is talking to the bartender.

Dan: Three fingers of whiskey, just a whisper of sweet vermouth, a splash of bitters, a crush cherry- A perfect Manhattan.

Laurie: Oh, so that’s how you like it?

Dan: Well, that’s one way I like it.

Laurie: [laughs]

Deb: (walks up and grabs Dan’s arm) Excuse us.

Deb and Dan walk out of earshot from the girl.

Deb: She’s young enough to be your daughter, and in this town, she might just be.

Dan: Ouch.

Deb: Sorry, couldn’t resist. I spoke with Karen yesterday. She might be coming with Lucas and Keith.

Dan: They had to know the invitation was just a formality.

Deb: (fixing his tie) Mm. Until I invited them in person.

Dan: Deb, you know how important this party is for me.

Deb: Oh, I thought this party was for the team.

Dan: So you go behind my back and turn into my worst nightmare.

Deb: Oh, no, Dan. Your worst nightmare is what’ll happen if they show up and you do anything to make them feel uncomfortable in our home.

Deb straightens out Dan’s jacket and walks away.

Cut to:

EXT. Nathan’s House - Day

Lucas, Keith and Karen get out of their car and begin walking up the pathway to the front door.

Lucas: Hey, guys, maybe we should have, like, a signal. You know, in case one of us wants to leave.

Keith: Maybe we should just leave.

Lucas: Oh, come on. That’s no fun. How about "caw"!

Karen: "Caw"?

Lucas: Yeah. You know, like a raven. Caw!

Karen: Caw!

Lucas: [chuckles] That’s the spirit. So, when one of us wants to leave, we just "caw."

Karen: Caw!

Keith: (hesitates) Caw!

Lucas laughs and pats Keith on the back as the walk up the steps.

Lucas: [Sighs] You ready, mom?

Karen: Ready as I’ll ever be.

Lucas rings the doorbell and wait.

Karen: You know, maybe the best plan is to just avoid him all night, and then that way…

Dan opens up the door and smiles.

Dan: Come on in.


EXT. Nathan’s Backyard - Day

Dan stands on the porch giving a speech as the crowd quietly listens. Peyton and Lucas give each other small smiles.

Dan: Spirit. The vital principle and animating force within every human being. Of course, for some of you, spirit simply means alcoholic beverages.


Dan: But this Ravens basketball team has a surplus of spirit. It’s an incredible team with an incredible group of young men. Except for their crushing defeat by the fathers this year, this team has been on a roll.


Dan: Well…

Brooke: (to Peyton) Oh, it is so on tonight.

Dan: …my lovely wife for setting up this party. Look at this, please. But Raven team spirit also includes the parents and the local businesses, whose financial support make this team great. Tonight’s for you. Enjoy.

Shari: And here’s to our host, Dan Scott.

Crowd: Here, here!

Tim: (to Nathan) My parents are such suck-ups. So, what public humiliation you got planned for "Pukas" tonight?

Nathan: [Sighs] Nothing, Tim. It’s a little played out, don’t you think?

Tim: Since when?

Over by the refreshment table, Dan walks up to Whitey.

Whitey: You had a little sin of omission there in your speech, Danny boy.

Dan: Didn’t I mention the coaching staff?

Whitey: If you did, I didn’t hear it. Here… (hands him bowl) you’re out of cashews.

Whitey smiles and walks away as Dan shakes his head and puts the bowl down.

Back up on the porch, Tim walks up behind Brooke and Peyton.

Brooke: I’m gonna grab a drink at the bar before it fills up. You go talk to Nathan. See how he’s been looking at you? (walks away)

Tim: [laughs] (follows Brooke)

Peyton looks over at Lucas and they give each other flirty smiles. Nathan [sighs] and backs off.

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s House - Day

Brooke and Tim walk over to the bar.

Tim: They’re never gonna serve you.

Brooke: Watch and learn. Bartenders love me. [clears throat]

Laurie pops up and rolls her eyes at them.

Laurie: Soda or juice?

Brooke: Actually, I was gonna ask if you knew how to make a screaming orgasm.

Laurie: [laughs] For a pretty girl like you, sure.

Brooke: [laughs] (smiles)

Laurie: (making the drink) So, what is this thing tonight?

Brooke: Ravens basketball.

Laurie: Oh. And what position do you play?

Tim: [laughs]

Brooke: Cheerleader.

Laurie: Jocks and cheerleaders. Lots of hormones tonight. (hands Brooke the drink) Don’t go around advertising.

Brooke: Secret’s safe with me. (walks away)

Tim: (leans up on the counter) I’ll have what she’s having.

Laurie: [laughs] Right. Soda or juice?

Tim [sighs] and walks away as Laurie rolls her eyes. Karen and Keith walk up to the bar.

Karen: You would think that after 20 years, your brother’s ego would cease to amaze me.

Keith: Try a lifetime.

Karen: [chuckles] (to Laurie) Hi. I’ll take a white wine, please.

Keith: I’ll have club soda.

Whitey: Hey, Laurie, pour me a double shot of your best top-shelf bourbon, would you, please?

Laurie: [Laughs]

Whitey: Hello, Keith.

Keith: Hey, Whitey.

Whitey: Well, Karen Roe. Look at you.

Karen: Coach Durham.

Whitey: [chuckles] Most grown-ups call me Whitey. It’s good to see you coming ‘round again. Seeing you in my gym really turns back the clock.

Karen: (smiling) For me, too.

Whitey: Well, in my humble opinion, you have raised a fine son. You should be proud, and not just of the boy. (smiles and walks away)

Karen: Thank you.

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s House - Day

Lucas walks down the hallway and stops when he sees Peyton. They each give each other nods telling the other to come over there. Jake walks up behind Lucas and he turns around.

Jake: You know, there are some states that could arrest you for what you’re thinking about right now.

Lucas: [laughs] How are you doing, Jake?

They smack hands as Brooke walks up.

Jake: I’m good. You do your thing, man.

Lucas turns to go over to Peyton but Brooke stops him.

Brooke: Hey, Jake, Lucas. Two handsome boys for the price of one.

Lucas: Hey, Brooke. Listen, I was gonna-

Brooke: Where are you going? I haven’t had the chance to invite you to the real party. It’s at my place, later. I’m only inviting the cool people, but I guess you can come. (turn to Jake) You too, Jake.

Jake: Oh, thanks, Brooke, but I gotta cut out early tonight.

Lucas: Oh, like that’s a surprise.

Jake: Obligations, man. I’ll see you, Luke.

Lucas: Take care, man.

Jake: All right, Brooke. Just go easy, okay? (walks away)

Brooke: (turning back to Lucas) Obligations? What is his deal?

Lucas: Look, I don’t know. Could you just excuse me?

Brooke: Well, I was gonna say, my parents usually close this place down every year, so if you wanted, we could go back to my place and start the party early. We have a Jacuzzi.

Lucas: That sounds tempting, Brooke-

Brooke: We have a naked me in a Jacuzzi.

Lucas: Okay. Um, what if I told you there was someone else?

Brooke: Normally, I’d suggest a threesome, but I think the person you have in mind is getting back together with her old boyfriend.

Lucas looks over at Peyton, who is now talking with Nathan.

Nathan: So, uh, did you get my messages?

Peyton: Yeah, I got all of them.

Nathan: I don’t blame you for not calling me back.

Peyton: Are you being self-deprecating?

Nathan: Probably… if I knew what that meant.

Peyton: [laughs]

Nathan: Do you want to, uh… Do you want to go somewhere and talk? Just-Just to talk, Peyton.

Peyton looks over at Lucas and Brooke. Brooke is laughing and smiling.

Peyton: (nods) Just to talk.

Peyton and Nathan walk away and Lucas turns back to Brooke.

Brooke: See what I mean?

Lucas looks upset, and walks away. Brooke looks over at him and back over to where Nathan and Peyton were standing and smiles.

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s House - Day

Peyton and Nathan walk past Shari. Karen comes out of the bathroom and Shari stops her to talk.

Shari: Karen Roe… in Dan Scott’s house… with Keith Scott as her date. [laughs]

Karen: Nothing gets past you, Shari. Well, Keith and I are just friends.

Shari: Oh, of course you are. Um, one Scott brother to the next-You practically need a scorecard around here to keep up with you people.

Deb: (walking up) Karen, there you are. I need your expert opinion in the kitchen. Excuse us, Shari.

Shari: Oh, yeah.

Deb: (walking away with Karen) You’re lucky she didn’t knee you.

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s Bedroom - Day

Nathan and Peyton walk in and Nathan leans up against his dresser while Peyton sits down on the bed.

Nathan: So, I see you smiling at school a lot. That’s good.

Peyton: You’ve been looking?

Nathan: Yeah, sometimes.

Peyton smiles.

Nathan: Anyway, uh… Look, I don’t know if Brooke is just playing games or what. She said you were into us getting back together.

Peyton: Funny. She told me the same thing.

Nathan: [sighs] Right. Look, the thing is…

Brooke and Tim walk into the room laughing, but stop when they see Nathan and Peyton.

Brooke: [gasps] Oh. Sorry. We’ll come back.

Tim: But there’s vodka in the drawer.

Brooke: Tim, later. These two need some space.

Peyton: You know what, Brooke? Give it up.

Brooke: Trust me, I’m trying.

Peyton: You know what I mean.

Brooke: I’m just trying to help.

Peyton: Help with what? Get me out of the way so you can go embarrass yourself in front of Lucas?

Brooke: That’s funny. I didn’t realize you were in my way. Are you finally fessing up? Or, are you finally denying it?

Peyton doesn’t look like she knows what to say. She looks guiltily over at Nathan and walks out of the room.

Nathan: What the hell is wrong with you, Brooke?

Nathan follows Peyton out of the room, and so does Tim.

Brooke: [scoffs]

Brooke walks over to Nathan’s drawer and opens it up. She pulls out a bottle of vodka and notices the metal box that Haley had given to Nathan. She pulls it out, puts down the vodka and opens the box. She pulls out a pink envelope and opens it. The card has a big "H" in the middle. Brooke opens the card and inside it says:


"Believing you will do well is half the battle…"

-Call me if you need anything at all!


Brooke smiles at this, in disbelief. She looks over to the door and back at the card.

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s House - Day

Dan takes a sip from his glass as Laurie walks away. Keith slowly walks up to the bar.

Dan: Perfect. (sees Keith) Thought I’d find you near the bar.

Keith: (holds up the drink) It’s club soda.

Dan: Well, that’s a good thing considering.

Keith: How ‘bout we don’t do this right now, huh?

Dan: How about you meet me halfway. You say you’re sorry, I say I’m sorry, we shake hands and go from there. It works for me.

Keith: Well, you see, that’s the problem, Dan. It always has to work for you.

Dan: Okay. How ‘bout we don’t do this right now.

Keith: You in the mood to apologize, Dan? Why don’t you start with Karen or Lucas or maybe even Nathan, hmm?

Dan: I’m gonna do you a solid, big brother. Just walk away.

Dan walks away leaving Keith shaking his head.

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s Kitchen - Day

Karen: This is a very nice kitchen.

Deb: Oh, thanks. I’m afraid it’s wasted on me. Where did you learn to cook?

Karen: Oh, books, trial and error, a lot of burnt casseroles. And I get to experiment a lot at the café.

Deb: Oh, I’ll have to eat there sometime. Don’t worry, I’ll come alone.

Caterer: (walks up) Hi. There’s been a mix-up. The baker seems to have delivered the cakes to a bar mitzvah in Charlotte.

Karen: You know, I-I have a lot of desserts at the café. I’d be happy to contribute.

Deb: Oh no, I don’t want to put you to that trouble.

Karen: No, no. It’s no trouble. I’ll call Haley.

Deb: Haley? Um… is she a tutor, by any chance?

Karen: Yeah, she is. Why?

Deb: Oh, no. It’s a small world. She must be the girl who’s helping Nathan.

Karen: Oh. She must be.

Cut to:

EXT. Nathan’s Backyard - Night

A bunch of team members shoot some hoops as Lucas stands by and watches with a lipstick smudge on his cheek. Peyton walks up to him.

Peyton: Haven’t seen you much today.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. Every time I get within about five feet of you-

Peyton: Brooke happens.

Lucas: Or Nathan.

Peyton: Loose ends. Those are all tied up now. (notices smudge) Looks like she got you (trying to get off the smudge) [Laughing] right here.

Brooke: (walks up) Listen up, everybody… it’s time to play truth or dare. Or maybe just dare, ‘cause (looking at Peyton) nobody really tells the truth anymore. (turning to Theresa) Let’s see… Theresa, I dare you… to go pinch Whitey’s @#%$.


Theresa: Be right back. (walks away)

Brooke: (smiles, and turns to Peyton) Let’s see… Peyton?

Peyton: Brooke, come on.

Brooke: I dare you to show us how you really feel. Kiss Lucas.

Peyton looks embarrassed, but after a nod from Brooke, she eventually turns around and kisses him. Brooke seems jealous as she looks over at Nathan, who is also hurt. Peyton finishes the kiss and walks away, embarrassed. Lucas turns to Peyton, then back to Brooke, who walks past Nathan.

Nathan: Why are you being such a @#%$ tonight, Brooke?

Brooke: (stopping, leaning on him) Well, I thought you liked that in a girl.

Nathan: (getting up) You should put some ice on it.

Nathan walks away and Brooke stands there, upset.


EXT. Nathan’s Backyard - Night

Peyton walks past the tree swing, and paces uncomfortably as Lucas walks up.

Lucas: So that was…

Peyton: (facing him) Yeah.

Lucas: What was that exactly? A game?

Peyton: Kind of. (crosses arms) Not really. Want to play again? [laughs]

The two smile, walk towards each other and prepare for a kiss…

Haley: (O.S.) Sorry.

Peyton turns around and Lucas looks up, both of them embarrassed. Haley stands there carrying some boxes of cake.

Haley: Uh, sorry. I just-um… Your mom called with an SOS, so I just thought I’d sneak in the back and not bother anyone. [laughs]

Lucas: You need some help?

Haley: (uncomfortable) No. I-I’ll, uh-You’ve got your hands full. [laughs] So, I’m just gonna-carry on.

Peyton and Lucas turn back to each other and [laugh], embarrassed.

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s Kitchen - Night

Haley is bringing in the boxes of cake.

Haley: Everything you need… (sets down the cakes) [sighs] …for a first class sugar coma.

Deb: Oh, let’s see. (opens a box) Oh, these cakes are gorgeous. Who makes them?

Karen: (holds up hands) These guys.

Deb: Thank you, Haley. The caterers can take it from here. Go join your friends. Have some food.

Haley: No, that’s okay. I-I have to get back, anyway. I’m-I’m still on the clock.

Karen: Did you lock up when you left, turn off the coffee machine?

Haley: Yeah.

Karen: Well, then you’re off the clock.

Deb: Great, then it’s settled. Uh, I’ll get some waiters to serve these. (walks out of the room)

Haley: She seems kind of cool. How are you holding up?

Deb: Well, I haven’t had to, uh-caw!-yet.

Haley: [laughing] Okay, whatever that means.

Karen: Haley?

Haley: Hmm?

Karen: Why didn’t you tell me it was Nathan you were tutoring?

Haley: Oh, uh… it just seemed kind of weird. Lucas wasn’t really happy about it, so I just figured you wouldn’t be too happy about it. I wasn’t even sure if I was happy about it.

Karen: And now?

Haley: Um…now things are okay with Lucas and with me.

Karen: And with me. Now go, have fun. It only comes around once.

Haley: [sighing] Okay. (walks away)

Cut to:

EXT. Nathan’s Backyard - Night

Peyton and Lucas sit on the two-person swing, smiling at each other. Dan looks on from behind, confused.

Peyton: [Laughs]

Lucas: You know, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but, um, I’m glad I came.

Peyton: So, what do we do now?

Lucas: [Sighs] I don’t know. What happens next in the story you were telling me about?

Peyton: (thinks for a moment) Come on.

Peyton gets up and walks away, Lucas follows. Dan looks on.

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s House - Night

Haley crosses her arms, searching for someone she knows. Nathan stops behind her and recognizes her.

Nathan: Haley?

Haley: (turning around) Hey! Um, I’m not crashing. I promise. Your mom just wanted some cakes.

Nathan: Cakes?

Haley: Yeah. It’s a long story. She invited me to stay and I sort of had a brain freeze and said "sure"…and it’s probably really weird. I’m actually gonna leave.

Nathan: No, no, no. I’m glad you came.

Haley: Really?

Nathan: Yeah. I mean, I’d even study right now. It’d be a hell of a lot more fun than this suck-fest.

Haley: [laughing] Sorry. I’m off-duty.

Nathan: Well, then let me get you a drink.

Haley: Okay.

They begin to walk away but stop and turn around when they hear Brooke.

Brooke: Tutor girl!

Haley: It’s Haley.

Nathan: Brooke…

Brooke: Haley, right. Nathan’s own personal little care package. Everything’s starting to make so much more sense now. You two are adorable. What was my favorite part? "Believing you’ll do well is half the battle…" (to Nathan) You know, Tutor Girl’s little love note you passed around earlier-the one that said, "Call me if you need anything…" (looks at Haley) "…at all." (smiles)

Nathan: (stepping in front of Brooke) All right, Haley, I-

Haley: Stay away from me. (walks away)

Nathan: [sighs] (turns to Brooke) Games are getting old, Brooke.

Brooke just shrugs and turns to talk to Theresa. Nathan looks at the closed door that Haley went through.

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s House - Night

Karen is sitting on the couch when Deb comes up and joins her.

Deb: Cover me. Sherry’s proposing a couples cruise.

Karen: [laughing] Oh no.

Deb sits down.

Karen: I have to confess something. I have been pretty judgmental about you.

Deb: How could you not be?

Karen: I really didn’t want to like you.

Deb: I’m hoping there’s a "but" in there somewhere.

Karen: There is. I was wrong. I’m glad I’ve had this chance to get to know you.

Deb: Oh, that make’s two of us.

Dan sees Karen and Deb talking.

Karen: There are so many questions.

Deb: That makes two of us again. You start.

Karen: When you first met Dan, did he, uh, tell you about me?

Deb: He said he’d had a girlfriend in high school.

Karen: Did you know I was pregnant?

Deb: He conveniently left that out. I didn’t find out about you until we were married and living in Tree Hill.

Karen: Oh, I would’ve killed him.

Deb: Oh, I almost did.

Karen: So when did you, uh-

Deb: We met at Freshman Orientation.

Karen: That was about a month after I told him I was pregnant.

Deb: A few months later, I was pregnant, too.

Karen: You know Dan, always the overachiever.

Dan walks away.

Deb: Don’t take this the wrong way, Karen. I’m glad I didn’t know about you back then because if I did I wouldn’t have Nathan.

Karen: I know what you mean. I love my son, but sometimes I wonder how I could have been that reckless.

Deb: We were kids.

Cut to:

INT. Deb and Dan’s Bedroom - Night

Lucas and Peyton come inside, kissing each other passionately. Peyton kisses his stomach as she takes off his shirt and tie.

Peyton: Don’t need this (jacket)…mm, or this. (tie)

Lucas: I’ve wanted this for so long.

Peyton: Me too. And now we can have it.

Lucas: No, no, no. I don’t mean just that. I want this.

Lucas puts his hand over her heart.

Lucas: You know? I want to be here. I want to have everything with you. I want it all. I want us, Peyton.

Peyton backs away, leaving a confused Lucas.

Lucas: Hey, what’s wrong?

Peyton: This isn’t supposed to be that.

Lucas: Peyton-

Peyton: Why couldn’t you just leave it alone? (walks out)


INT. Nathan’s House - Night

Peyton quickly walks past Dan, crying. He looks back at her for a second and continues on to his room.

Cut to:

INT. Deb and Dan’s Bedroom - Night

Lucas is putting on his shirt and picking up his jacket when Dan walks in. Lucas turns around, startled for a second.

Dan: Interesting. You’ve always made me out to be the bad guy. Maybe you’ll judge me a little different now.

Lucas: Spare me a lecture.

Dan: Just trying to give you the benefit of my experience.

Lucas: In what-fathering a child… or abandoning one?

Dan: [chuckles softly] Seems to me you’re one mistake away from both.

Lucas: Yeah, well, one’s an accident. The other’s a choice. (walking past Dan) Excuse me.

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s House - Night

Lucas walks up to Karen, fully clothed now. She looks at him, sensing that something is wrong.

Karen: Excuse me. (walks up to Lucas)

Lucas: Hey.

Karen: "Caw?"

Lucas: Hey, listen, you guys can stay if you want. I think I’m gonna cut out.

Karen: What happened?

Lucas: Nothing. I’m just done is all.

Karen: All right. Well, let me go grab my coat.

Lucas: Hey, take your time. You guys go ahead. I’ll-I’ll be in the car, all right?

Lucas walks away but Brooke tries to stop him.

Brooke: Lucas…

Lucas: Come on, Brooke. Not now. (walks away)

Brooke: (turns around) Jake… Jake, Jake, Jake.

Jake: Oh, Brooke, Brooke, Brooke.

Brooke: (grabbing his tie) I’m drunk. You’ll do.

Jake: Oh, oh, hey, um, it’s quite an honor, but I got to be somewhere.

Brooke: Oh, right-the big mystery.

Jake: (taking her hand off him) Yeah. Anyway, I should-

Brooke: What’s going on anyway? Lucas turns me down. You turn me down. Oh, my god! I got it! You’re both gay. That totally explains it.

Jake: Yeah, yeah, we are. We’re actually-we’re gay. [laughs] Whatever you say, Brooke.

Brooke: Then what is it? Come on, you can tell me. I won’t even remember tomorrow.

Jake: You want to know?

Brooke nods.

Jake: (leans in) The truth would kill your buzz. (walks away)

Brooke turns after him, confused.

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s House - Night

Karen is holding onto her coat as she looks around an empty room. Dan walks in and stops at the door.

Dan: Deb put this room together for me a few Christmas’s ago.

Karen: It’s nice. Anyway, I just came to get my coat.

Dan: Karen, why are you doing this?

Karen: For Lucas. And for me.

Dan: For you? What do you get out of it?

Karen: I get to move on. And that’s pretty liberating. Look around you, Dan. You have a wonderful life. Why are you spending it stuck in the past? (walks out)

Cut to:

INT. Karen’s Café - Night

Lucas walks up to the door and prepares to unlock it, but it is open. He walks inside and closes the door, looking around.

Lucas: Haley? Hey, Hales!

Haley sits on the floor behind the counter, crying. She puts her hands over her face as Lucas sees her and kneels down next to her.

Lucas: Is this floor taken?

Haley: [whimpering] [inhales/exhales deeply] You know, just this once, I deserve a big, fat "I told you so."

Lucas: Well, you won’t get it from me.

Haley: [laughs lightly]

Lucas: What happened?

Haley: Exactly what you told me was gonna happen. I started believing that he wasn’t terrible, and he proved me wrong. Once again, the smart girl is really stupid.

Lucas: (wiping her tears) Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. You are not stupid.

Haley: Thanks. [swallows, sniffs] Well, at least things are, uh, working out for one of us. It looks like you and Peyton are headed in the right direction.

Lucas: Well, if it’ll make you feel better, that lasted all of about five minutes.

Haley: [laughs] (leans forehead on Lucas’) It doesn’t make me feel any better. (pulls away) Well, welcome back.

Lucas: To where?

Haley: Normal.

Lucas: Yeah. They can have their world. Come on. Let me help you close up.

Haley: No, thanks. I’ll do it. I just… I just want to be alone for a little while, okay?

Lucas gives her the "are you sure?" face.

Haley: I’ll be fine. I’ll be okay. (pushing his face) I’m okay.

Lucas: All right.

Lucas pats her lap and heads out the door. Haley puts her hands behind her head, crosses her arms and [sighs].


INT. Nathan’s House - Night

Dan and Deb show the last of the guests out the door.

Peter: Great party, as always, Dan.

Dan: Oh, thanks, Peter.

Sherry: Deb, honey, you got to send me the number for the caterer. Those cakes were to die for.

Deb: Oh, it’s in the book under "Karen’s Café."

Sherry: Really? Well, who knew?

Deb: Good night.

Peter: Bye-bye.

Peter and Sherry head out the door and Deb closes it and turns to face Dan.

Deb: So, was it all you wanted it to be? ‘Cause, I think it’s the first year I’ve actually enjoyed myself. Might have even made a new friend.

Dan: (faces Deb) I noticed.

Deb: (walking to him) Thank you for being on your best behavior. You really stepped up. (kisses him)

Dan: Did I? ‘Cause I can’t ever remember feeling more off-balance. (walks away)

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s Bedroom - Night

Nathan walks in and up to his dresser. He notices the note from Haley, reads it quickly and [sighs].

Cut to:

INT. Karen’s Café - Night

Haley is wiping off the counter when Nathan walks up to the clear glass door and knocks.

Nathan: Hey.

Haley turns around and walks up to the door, arms crossed with an angry expression on her face.

Nathan: Can I come in?

Haley thinks for a second and flips off the light switch.

Nathan: Haley, I didn’t know.

Haley walks to the back of the café.

Nathan: Come on. Please, you got to believe me. [sighs]

Cut to:

INT. Jake’s Bedroom - Night

Jake is sitting on his bed playing guitar and singing to a baby lying in a cradle. The baby starts to cry and Jake puts down his guitar and cuddles the small child.

Jake: Sweet dreams, baby. Daddy loves you, all right?

Cut to:

INT. Nathan’s Bedroom - Night

Nathan walks in the room and notices something on the floor. He kneels down and [sighs]. We pan up from the feet to the head and recognize Brooke, sound asleep.

Cut to:

EXT. Nathan’s Backyard - Night

Dan paces on the porch and stops when he sees Deb inside the house. He is expressionless as he takes a sip of his drink.

Cut to:

INT. Peyton’s Bedroom - Night

Peyton is busy drawing a sketch. There is a close-up of a computer screen with her webcam opened up on it. The sketch is of her and Lucas when he says, " I’ve wanted this for so long." In the left-hand section of the drawing it says AND NOW WE CAN HAVE IT. Peyton works on the last letter and it becomes AND NOW WE CAN’T HAVE IT. Peyton finishes the drawing and looks up at the computer screen.

Cut to:

INT. Lucas’ Bedroom - Night

Lucas sits at his computer desk, watching Peyton on her webcam.

Cut to:

INT. Peyton’s Bedroom - Night

Peyton stands up and unzips her sweater. She takes it off.

Cut to:

INT. Lucas’ Bedroom - Night

In a close-up of the computer screen, Peyton throws the sweater at her webcam, blacking it out. Lucas stares at the screen.