01x08 - The Search for Something More

[PEYTON’S ROOM. There’s a horror movie on the TV and BROOKE wakes up as someone screams]

PEYTON: [About something that happened in the movie] That’s gonna leave a mark.

BROOKE: So what am I doing here?

PEYTON: Brooke, that’s two weekends in a row you don’t remember what happened the night before.

BROOKE: Oh, please tell me I didn’t make a fool of myself with Lucas.

PEYTON: Nope, that would be me.

BROOKE: Wait. You two were totally hot for each other.

PEYTON: Were. Until about halfway through ripping each other’s clothes off I bailed.

BROOKE: Because?

PEYTON: Because he got all serious. He was talking about this intense commitment or I don’t know.

BROOKE: Uh. I don’t want to live in a world where two fine and willing girls like ourselves can have such a lame Friday night. [Pause] I gotta change my karma.

Maybe you should make some changes too.

PEYTON: I didn’t wake up with a foggy memory.

BROOKE: Well, you didn’t wake up with Lucas, either.

[PEYTON punches her playfully]

[MUSIC STORE. HALEY and LUCAS are looking through CDs]

HALEY: Luke, did you ever hear of a UHF or their SARA?

LUCAS: Yeah, UHF. They’re from Portland, right? They’re good. Um, but with SARA,

they’re great.


[NATHAN walks in]

LUCAS: You okay?

HALEY: Yeah, I can handle it.

[LUCAS steps away]

NATHAN: I called your house. Your mom said I was here.

HALEY: Crap. I should lie to her next time.

NATHAN: Look, I didn’t know until Brooke read that note, okay? I didn’t even know there was a note until later. I wouldn’t do that to you.

HALEY: Okay.

NATHAN: Great, so… cool?

HALEY: No, no.

NATHAN: Well, you believe me, right?

HALEY: Yeah, I believe you’re sorry.

NATHAN: Well then, what…

HALEY: Look, this whole tutoring, hanging out, whatever it is, thing. It’s just a bad idea. I’m done. I’m just done.

[NATHAN watches HALEY walk away. LUCAS watches NATHAN]

[LINGERIE SHOP. BROOKE has on a black bustier with purple lace and PEYTON’S still wearing her normal clothes]

PEYTON: So explain to me how this fixes your karma again.

BROOKE: It doesn’t but it’s a total pick me up, don’t you think?

[BROOKE lifts her breasts as if to demonstrate the bustier’s “pick up” qualities]

BROOKE: Now, try this on.

[BROOKE hands PEYTON a leopard print top]

BROOKE: Now the karma thing comes next. I figured out a master plan. If I can fix the

damage I’ve done to certain people’s love lives, maybe the universe will kick in and fix mine.

PEYTON: [In dressing room] Pretty long list.

BROOKE: Yeah, and Nathan and Haley are at the top of it. I screwed them over royally last night. Double karma points if I can undo that one.

[PEYTON comes out of dressing room]

BROOKE: Fabulous! You know not everybody can pull off the sceezy in the jungle

vibe. Now I can fix you up to.

PEYTON: No thanks. I am done with the drama of dating. I just wanna have fun.

BROOKE: Then you’ll be happy to know that I got us invited to a party at Duke tonight.

PEYTON: So much for you changing your ways.

BROOKE: What? You promised to have fun, and I promised to indulge in boys, not booze. And now we have something to wear.

[PEYTON laughs]

[KAREN’S CAFÉ. DEB is sitting across the counter from KAREN]

DEB: My omelet was perfect, Karen.

KAREN: Oh, thanks. And it’s on the house. It gives me and opportunity to repay you for your hospitality last night.

DEB: Oh, not necessary, I had fun.

[KAREN sifts through mail]

KAREN: Gotta love the mail service.

[She stops when she sees a letter]

DEB: Is everything okay?

KAREN: I just um, I had applied to this amazing cooking circle in Florence and they just had a last minute opening.

DEB: Oh, well congratulations.

KAREN: I’ve not even been waitlisted before.

[DEB takes the letter]

DEB: Wait a minute. Six weeks in Italy? Aren’t you excited?

KAREN: Starts next week. It’s not like I can go.

DEB: Then, why did you apply?

KAREN: As a lark. It’s just not a good time with Lucas and the café.

DEB: It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

KAREN: Yeah, well, I guess it will have to wait until some other lifetime.

[OUTSIDE THE SCOTT’S HOUSE. NATHAN is lifting weights as BROOKE walks up.

NATHAN sits up]

NATHAN: What do you want, Brooke?

BROOKE: To apologize. For what I did to you. You and Haley.

NATHAN: You’re apologizing?

BROOKE: Yeah, I know. Kinda weird, right? But I’m trying to appease the gods so… I’m sorry.

NATHAN: Whatever. … for drunken high school girls sick, so…

BROOKE: Okay, I totally had that coming. I want you to know I’m going to fix it. Get you and Haley back on track.

NATHAN: Not gonna happen. She made that pretty clear this morning.

BROOKE: Leave it to me. What do you want to do on your date?

[NATHAN looks up]

NATHAN: What date?

BROOKE: Never mind. No time to waste. I’ll call you later with details.

[KAREN’S CAFÉ. KEITH sits at the counter and KAREN walks up with a pile of boxes]

KEITH: What’s with the boxes?

KAREN: Oh, bookshelves. And they were supposed to come assembled.

KEITH: You gonna put them together all by yourself?

KAREN: Actually, I was going to offer you dinner to help me.

[KEITH grins]

KEITH: Sold.

KAREN: Perfect. I’ll be closing the café around seven. So it’s a date?

KEITH: It’s a date.

[KEITH gets up and walks away]

[HALEY in the café. She’s working as BROOKE walks in]

HALEY: We’re closed.

[BROOKE looks at the door, not having seen a closed sign]

BROOKE: Oh, I get it. Closed to me. I don’t blame you. I’d be a @#%$ to me to after last night.

HALEY: Knock yourself out.

BROOKE: You’re feisty. I see what Nathan likes about you. [Pause] Look, you’re blaming Nathan for something that I did and that’s not fair. I was drunk and I was pissed and I found your note and you know the rest…I want to make it up to you.

HALEY: By going away?

BROOKE: By hooking you and Nathan up tonight. What’s your idea of a perfect date?

HALEY: Watching you get hit by a bus.

BROOKE: And that sense of humor… Nathan’s really lucky. He’ll be here at 7. Have fun.

[BROOKE leaves]

[LUCAS’ HOUSE. He’s listening to the voice of an Italian man on the answering machine as KAREN walks in]

MAN: Bonjouno. I am Marcello Vivari of the Genoculudidian Institute in Florence. I call for Seniorina Karen Roe.

LUCAS: When’s that ‘do not call list’ kick in?

MAN: Excuse me, but we haven’t heard from you. We sent a letter inviting you to start next week and, uh, we haven’t heard a word so would you be call enough to call me back.

[KAREN deletes the message]

LUCAS: Isn’t that that school you’ve been talking about forever?

KAREN: Yeah…

LUCAS: Mom, that’s great!

KAREN: It’s no big deal. I’m not gonna go.

LUCAS: It is a big deal, Mom. Come on, it’s a huge deal.

KAREN: Well maybe I’ll just go some other time.

LUCAS: No, Mom. Now’s the time. Come on, you’ve put your whole life on hold for me.

Every choice you’ve made has been about me.

KAREN: That’s the way it’s supposed to be. I’m your mother.

LUCAS: And I want you to have this. [Pause] It’s time for you to do something for yourself.

KAREN: I’ll think about it.

LUCAS: Don’t think about it, Mom. Do it.


BROOKE: We’re young, we’re fun. Lets do some damage.

GIRL: Want some while it lasts?

[GIRL holds out cup of alcohol]

BROOKE: No thanks. Designated driver.

[BROOKE walks past the alcohol and PEYTON smiles]

BROOKE: [Looking at random guys] Too desperate… too geeky… hello, Abercrombie.

[BROOKE and PEYTON share a smile as BROOKE goes to talk to ‘ABERCROMBIE’ and

PEYTON continues to walk, coming to a stop at a bedroom door. Inside’s a guy, laying on a bed, playing music from a record player]

PEYTON: Wow, Fugazi, Sparta… on vinyl. Do you mind?

[The guy looks up and PEYTON walks in, picking up The Descendant’s “Milo Goes To College”]

PEYTON: Milo Goes To College. This is a great album.

GUY: You know the descendants?

PEYTON: Yeah. I’m Peyton.

GUY: I’m Gabe… you wanna hear it?

[PEYTON nods and the guy gets up]

[PLAYGROUND BALL COURT. When LUCAS arrives, his friends are playing]

SKILLS: That’s too easy man, you gotta play some defense.

[LUCAS reaches MOUTH]

MOUTH: The prodigal son returns.

LUCAS: Hey, Mouth, how you doing, baby?

MOUTH: Hey sir remembers my name… heh.


JUNK: Have, uh, we met?

LUCAS: How’s it going, Junk?

[LUCAS shakes hands with JUNK and a third BOY holds out his hand]

BOY: Ferguson Thompson.

LUCAS: Okay, guys, come on, it has not been that long.

SKILLS: It feels like forever, dawg. I mean, do you still play street ball?

LUCAS: Better than you.

SKILLS: Aw, baby, he’s been back two seconds and he’s already talkin’ right. Ooh…

lets see what you get.

LUCAS: Fine. Shoot for teams.

SKILLS: You know what, why don’t you and Fergie just take it, cuz, you gonna need it.

LUCAS: Oh really? Like that.

SKILLS: Just like that. Lock him up, man.


ABERCROMBIE: So what are you drinking?

BROOKE: I’m not tonight.

ABERCROMBIE: Yeah? Me neither. Killer exam on Monday.

BROOKE: Really? On what?

ABERCROMBIE: Psychology. [Pause] Human sexuality, actually.

BROOKE: What a coincidence. I specialize in sexuality.


GABE: [Holding up a record] So there’s no way you have this one.

PEYTON: Please. I’ve got it on colored vinyl.

GABE: Okay. I was wrong about you. I guess the, uh, clothes through me off.

PEYTON: I’m into the music, not the uniform.

GABE: Same as me.

PEYTON: Yeah? Well maybe some of us can love the song without painting our fingernails black.

[BOTH laugh]

GABE: Let me get you a drink.

PEYTON: I’m not really drinking tonight.

GABE: So that’s why we haven’t met before. You’re still in high school.

PEYTON: Yeah. I’m a regular cheerleader.

[GABE laughs]

GABE: Right, right… you’re a straight edge?

PEYTON: Not really.

GABE: How about it? One drink. We haven’t even gotten to my bootleg collection.

PEYTON: Why not?

[GABE gets up and pours her a drink. He slips in a pill, grinning. She isn’t watching]


HALEY: Okay. Done. [Throwing Keith a rag] Catch. I’m gonna head-

[NATHAN knocks at the door]


[HALEY opens the door and steps outside]

HALEY: What are you doing here?

NATHAN: Didn’t Brooke tell you I was going to come?

HALEY: I try to block out everything that Brooke says so whatever you guys are up to I’m just not in the mood.

NATHAN: I’m not up to anything. Look, I apologized and I told you the truth. The rest is Brooke. She set up this whole serial date thing. One card leads to the next.

HALEY: Well, what does the first one say?

NATHAN: Convince Haley to go. How am I doing so far?

HALEY: I don’t know. It depends on what the second card says.

NATHAN: Go to 1423 River Street and find your next envelope. On the way, tell three things you like about each other.

HALEY: I don’t know…

NATHAN: Look, I’ll go first. You’re the most patient person I know. You don’t go postal on me during tutoring and you don’t treat me like some kind of a moron. I really appreciate that. Look, I know I have no right to ask, but we never do anything just fun together. And plus, this is Brooke. I mean, you can bet it’s not gonna be boring.

HALEY: I’m free to bail whenever?

NATHAN: Absolutely. Trust me.

HALEY: Uh-huh. [Pause] Okay, what the hell.

[DUKE PARTY. BROOKE and ‘ABERCROMBIE’ are making out]

ABERCROMBIE: Brooke, lets go to your room.

BROOKE: Um, you know what, yours is better.

ABERCROMBIE: Sick roommate. You live in this dorm?

[They start kissing again]

BROOKE: Across campus. Way across.

ABERCROMBIE: I-I got my car.

BROOKE: Okay. Great. Lets start there.

[A cell phone rings and both reach for their cells]

BROOKE: It’s you.

ABERCROMBIE: [To cell] Hello? I can’t hear… right now? But you said that I could stay

until midnight…This sucks.

[ABERCROMBIE hangs up and turns back to BROOKE]

BROOKE: I’m sorry, was that you mom? What, are you in high school?

ABERCROMBIE: Yeah… but these parties are a great place to meet college girls.

[Pause] Can I get your number?

BROOKE: What kind of loser pretends he’s in college?

ABERCROMBIE: I’ll take that for a no.

BROOKE: [Looking up] Real funny.

[GABE’S ROOM. PEYTON’S laying on his bed]

GABE: Hey. Are you okay?

PEYTON: I don’t know. What’s this?

GABE: Why? You like it?

PEYTON: Did you slip me something.

[GABE walks over and Peyton tries to get up]

PEYTON: Oh god I…

GABE: Lie down. Good idea.

[GABE shuts his bedroom door]

PEYTON: Leave me alone.

[BROOKE calls Peyton]

[GABE’S ROOM. As PEYTON struggles against GABE, she turns on her cell]

PEYTON: Get off me… Ow.

[GABE holds a finger to his mouth to silence her]


BROOKE: [Into phone] Peyton!

[GABE’S ROOM. PEYTON’S passed out and GABE’S laying over her]

[BROOKE outside of GABE’S door. A guy is standing there as BROOKE struggles to open the door]

GUY: Are you looking for someone?

BROOKE: Yeah. No, my friend’s in here. Get it open.

[The guy opens the door and BROOKE finds GABE over PEYTON]


GABE: Get out!

[BROOKE runs into the room and pushes GABE]

BROOKE: Get off of her. Peyton! Oh my god, this perv attacked my friend.

GABE: She’s lying. Her friend’s just wasted.

[BROOKE stands, almost fully supporting PEYTON as she hurries from the room]

BROOKE: Peyton, come on.

GABE: She shouldn’t drink so much.

[LUCAS’ HOUSE. KAREN sits at a table with some pieces to the bookshelves]

KAREN: What’s on your mind? Keith?

KEITH: What? Is it that obvious?

KAREN: Well, you just seem a little preoccupied.

KEITH: Yeah, well, last night after Dan’s party I- I realized something and I’m tired of


KAREN: How so?

KEITH: Well, I developed a bad habit somehow just, uh, letting things happen to me

instead of going after what I really want.

KAREN: Yeah, I know what you’re saying. Sometimes I feel like I’m too old to take risks.

KEITH: Well, yeah, but we’re not. Hell, why can’t we still be as fearless as we were when we were kids?

KAREN: Because we have mortgages and businesses and more responsibility than we ever dreamed of back then.

KEITH: Well, yeah, but don’t you think we should still take a chance every now and then. Find something you want and… go for it.

KAREN: Like what?

[KEITH just looks at her. He’s about to answer when the buzzer goes off]

KAREN: Oh, that’s the bread.


KAREN: Hold that thought.

[KEITH looks disappointed]

[PLAYGROUND COURT. The game’s still going on]

MOUTH: And Scott is back with a vengeance, showing the locals how it’s done.

JUNK: That was nice, Lucas.

[LUCAS’S cell rings and he runs to answer it]

SKILL: Man, you got a cell phone too, dawg? Dang, you sure have changed, man.

[LUCAS grins, answering his cell phone]

LUCAS: Hello?

[ON THE DUKE STEPS. BROOKE has her cell out]

BROOKE: Lucas, Peyton’s in trouble. Somebody drugged her drink and I can’t wake her up.

[BASKETBALL COURT. LUCAS looks concerned]

LUCAS: Okay, Brooke. Slow down.


LUCAS: [Through cell] Where are you?

BROOKE: We’re on the steps of Chapman Hall.

LUCAS: Alright, call the campus police.

BROOKE: I can’t. She’s been drinking!

LUCAS: Okay, I’ll be right there.

[PLAYGROUND COURT. LUCAS turns off his cell]

LUCAS: Gotta go, guys.

[LUCAS takes off, running toward his car]

FERGIE: Yo, Luke!

[THE SCOTT’S HOUSE. DEB’S preparing the table for dinner]

DAN: Nathan joining us?

DEB: Uh, no, he had a date with Haley.

DAN: His tutor? Must be a mercy thing.

DEB: Okay… you did not just say that.

DAN: Come on, she’s from Westover. Her father works for the power company.

DEB: So, what are you saying? That she’s somehow… beneath him?

DAN: Don’t be so dramatic. I’m just saying Nathan could do better.

DEB: Hmm, funny, that’s what my parents said about you.

DAN: And I proved them wrong.

DEB: Well that may be. You should give Haley a chance to do the same.

[A STREET. HALEY and NATHAN are walking]

HALEY: And number three?

NATHAN: Your loyalty. To Lucas. I know I’m not always wild about how it plays out, but it’s cool.

HALEY: Okay, uh, three things I like about you.

NATHAN: My good looks.

[HALEY laughs]

HALEY: I like the way you let me in, past all the bluster you give everybody else. And I like your smile when you solve a problem. And… you’re not horrible to look at.

[BOTH stop, having reached their destination]

HALEY: [Shocked] This is where we’re going?

[NATHAN laughs and the shot changes angles so we see NATHAN and HALEY standing in front of a lingerie store.

NATHAN: Nice work, Brooke.

[ON THE DUKE STEPS. PEYTON’S head resting against BROOKE’S leg. A young woman walks over]

WOMAN: Is your friend okay?

BROOKE: I don’t know; she can’t stay awake.

WOMAN: [To Peyton] Do you know where you are? Do you know your name?

PEYTON: Just… dizzy.

[Scott Body shop pulls to a stop and LUCAS jumps out, rushing over to BROOKE and PEYTON]

LUCAS: Brooke!

BROOKE: Sorry, I didn’t know who else to call.

LUCAS: Is she okay?

WOMAN: She’s not drunk. I think he gave her a sedative. We just need to know what it was.

[LUCAS looks at the woman questioningly]

WOMAN: I’m a med student.

LUCAS: Okay, Brooke. I need you to show me what room she was in.

[BROOKE nods, starting to cry]

LUCAS: Okay. [To the woman] Can you stay with her?

WOMAN: Sure.

LUCAS: Alright. [To BROOKE] Alright, come on.


BROOKE: It’s this one.

[LUCAS knocks on the door]

LUCAS: Hey, open the door.

GABE: [From inside] Piss off.

LUCAS: Piss off. [To guy who’d opened the door for BROOKE earlier] Is this your dorm?

[The guy nods]

LUCAS: Go get your R.A.

[LUCAS steps back and kicks the door open. GABE jumps up]

GABE: Hey man!

BROOKE: It’s him.

[LUCAS lunges at GABE]

LUCAS: What did you put in her drink?

GABE: I didn’t put anything in her drink.

LUCAS: You can tell me, or you can tell the police.

GABE: It was nothing, man. Alright? It was one roofie.

LUCAS: Where are they?

[GABE laughs and LUCAS slams him against the wall and punches him]

LUCAS: I said where are they!

GABE: They’re over there. In the box.

[LUCAS walks over to the box, grabs the sheet of pills, smiles, and punches GABE again]

LUCAS: Oh. You better hope to God she’s alright.

[LUCAS storms out of the room and past BROOKE, who shakes her head and glares at GABE]

[LINGERIE STORE. NATHAN’S going through the items, grinning]

NATHAN: This would go a lot faster if you helped.

HALEY: I’m gonna kill Brooke.

NATHAN: Well, okay, here it is.

[NATHAN pulls an envelope from a thong]

NATHAN: [Reading the letter] Congratulations. Now, buy each other a gift and

exchange them on the way to… there’s another address here.

HALEY: This is so wrong.

[NATHAN laughs]

NATHAN: You want to do it?

HALEY: I didn’t say that… lets go.


NATHAN: Did you see what that saleswoman was wearing?

HALEY: Or not wearing.

[HALEY hands NATHAN her bag]

HALEY: Here. You go first.

NATHAN: Alright

[NATHAN takes the item out of the bag]

NATHAN: Socks.

HALEY: I was playing it safe. What did you get me?

NATHAN: Open it and see.

[HALEY pulls out a cream negligee]

HALEY: Oh my gosh. This is really nice. Thanks.

NATHAN: Okay. If we go to this next place and we hate it, we can just get some pizza, alright?

HALEY: Okay.

[A BEDROOM. LUCAS tucks PEYTON in under the covers, then joins BROOKE at the computer]

BROOKE: Says here she’ll be disoriented, may have some short term memory loss, which is maybe not a bad thing.

LUCAS: How long ‘til it wears off?

BROOKE: Overnight, probably. Think she’ll be okay?

LUCAS: I don’t know, Brooke.

BROOKE: I feel terrible. It’s all my fault.

LUCAS: Yeah, well, what’s done is done. The med student says she’s gonna be okay, right? So we just need to watch her until she wakes up.

BROOKE: I can do it. You’ve done way too much already.

LUCAS: I don’t mind hanging out. This time, I’d worry about her too much if I took off anyway.


LUCAS: Look. It's not your fault, okay?

LUCAS: And hey, you did get her out of there.

[BROOKE nods]

[A RESTAURANT. A WAITER hands HALEY a menu as NATHAN sits down]

WAITER: Here you go, Miss… Sir

NATHAN: Thanks… to be honest, I’m a little afraid.

HALEY: Order your favorite dish for the other person.

NATHAN: Any chance your favorite dish it… prime rib?

HALEY: Yeah, we have a lot of that at my house.

NATHAN: I’m not very experienced with this so, uh…

HALEY: Ordering food?

NATHAN: No. I mean, with Peyton, it was all just parties and games and drama. I never really did anything like this. This is different.

[HALEY nods]

HALEY: Different… good? Different weird?

NATHAN: No, good.

HALEY: Okay.

NATHAN: I’m really glad you decided to come.

[LUCAS’ HOUSE. KAREN and KEITH are sitting at the table, eating]

KAREN: So the other night, after the SPL banquet, you said something.

KEITH: Yeah, I know.

KAREN: You said that you… you weren’t the person you want to be. [Pause] I feel the same.

KEITH: Yeah, well, maybe it’s time we change that.

KAREN: I want to. I’m a little scared.

KEITH: You don’t need to be. I promise.

KAREN: Good. Because there’s something I want to talk to you about.

KEITH: Me too. You first.

KAREN: I got accepted to this cooking program in Italy. It’s uh, been a dream of mine since I was a teenager.

[KEITH looks hurt]

KEITH: Well, that’s, that’s great. When would you leave?

KAREN: Oh. Right away, actually. I’d have to leave the day after tomorrow, actually.

KEITH: Well, for how long?

KAREN: Six weeks. But I mean, do I have a right to go traipsing half way across the world when I have a son and a business to worry about?

KEITH: Well, you’ve got good instincts, so what does your gut say?

KAREN: That I should go.

KEITH: Well, then you should trust that. I mean, you know, you spent your whole life putting Lucas first and he’s a good kid, but now you need to go after a dream of your own.

KAREN: That’s what Lucas said.

KEITH: Well he’s right.

[KEITH lifts his glass]

KEITH: Here’s to your great adventure.

[They clink glasses]

[THE BEDROOM. BROOKE’S sitting on the bed next to PEYTON. LUCAS stands in the doorway]

LUCAS: Still sleeping? [Pause] Here, I made some coffee if you want...

BROOKE: I don't know how you do it.

LUCAS:... it's easy. The directions are on the bag.

BROOKE: You know what I mean. You'd give up everything to help her after what happened at Nathan's house.

LUCAS: She told you about that?

BROOKE: A little... look, the thing about Peyton; it's really hard for her to let her guard down but once she does, she's got this amazing heart, you know.

LUCAS: Sounds like something the two of you have in common... who knew.

BROOKE: So you don't have any brothers, do you?

[Right after she says it, she realizes what was wrong with the question and starts to laugh]

LUCAS: You mean... besides Nathan.

BROOKE: [embarrassed] Yeah...how’d that work anyway? I mean, are you…

LUCAS: I’m three months older. My mom got pregnant right after her senior year. Dan moved on to Nathan’s mom the first semester of college.

BROOKE: That must have been really hard for your mom. [Pause] So you two are pretty close.

LUCAS: Yeah. We do a lot of stuff together. We talk... she's really great.

BROOKE: Sounds nice. My parents would rather throw cash at me and send me on my way then spend any time with me.

[PEYTON shifts and they look at her]

LUCAS: Listen, you can grab some sleep if you want. I'll watch her for a while.

BROOKE: Okay [Smiling] I'd rather stay and talk to you if you don't mind.

LUCAS: I don't mind...

[They share a smile]

NATHAN: I thought you’d be into lobster.

HALEY: Dude, macaroni and cheese is food of the gods.

NATHAN: Yeah, if the gods are five year olds.

[HALEY laughs]

NATHAN: Ready for this next envelope?


NATHAN: Reveal a secret that nobody else knows about you.

HALEY: Okay. When I was in second grade, I stole some candy.

NATHAN: Come on, that’s not a secret. Tell me for something to real.

HALEY: I cheated on a Geometry test last year.

NATHAN: Haley James cheated?

HALEY: Yeah. My dad was out of town and um, my mom was sick and I had to take care of her so I didn’t really have time to study.

NATHAN: Did you get caught?

HALEY: No. That was the point. I mean, I knew what I had done and that didn’t sit right for me.

NATHAN: So you started tutoring?

HALEY: Yeah. I guess I thought it would be like, penance, or something. But it turns out I really liked it.

NATHAN: I thought it was just to get to me.

HALEY: So, what about you? What’s your… secret?

[A group of NATHAN’S friends walk over]

FRIENDS: What’s up, Nathan?


NATHAN: What’s up, guys?

FRIEND: What’s this?

NATHAN: Well, you know Haley’s my tutor, right?

FRIEND: Looks more like a date to me.

NATHAN: No, dude, it’s definitely not a date.

FRIEND: Okay. If that’s your story.

[The friends walk off]

NATHAN: Hey, I’m sorry about that.

HALEY: Are you really that embarrassed to be seen with me?

NATHAN: No. He just, he was gonna-

HALEY: Why are you only nice to me when we’re alone?

[NATHAN doesn’t answer and HALEY stands up]

HALEY: You know, for a few hours there I was actually starting to think that you weren’t a son of a @#%$ and you just, God, fooled me again.

[HALEY starts to leave]

NATHAN: No! Uh, Haley, wait.


LUCAS: Hey. How are you feeling?

PEYTON: Like hell. What are you doing here?

LUCAS: You don’t remember last night, huh?

PEYTON: I remember Brooke took me to a party.

LUCAS: A guy slipped you something in your drink. Brooke called me to help out.

[PEYTON starts to sit up, shocked]

LUCAS: No, nothing happened! Brooke stopped him.


LUCAS: Alright, I’m gonna go wake her up, okay?

PEYTON: Wait! Thanks. Again.

LUCAS: I just wanted to make sure you were okay, alright?

[LUCAS gets up]

PEYTON: Lucas…

[LUCAS turns around]

PEYTON: I’m sorry.

LUCAS: For what?

PEYTON: All sorts of things.

[LUCAS nods]

[A PARKING LOT NEAR THE WATER. LUCAS pulls the truck to a stop]

LUCAS: You want me to follow you home?

BROOKE: No. I'll be okay.

LUCAS: Okay. [Pause] So why'd you call me, anyway? I'm not Nathan or one of the guys...

BROOKE: Because I knew you'd come through.

LUCAS: You're a good friend to her, Brooke.

BROOKE: You sound surprised.

LUCAS: Sorry, I just... I guess I just figured that you were...

BROOKE: A brainless slut.

LUCAS: No. You're not. What I was gonna say was that I just…I didn't think that you were... that tough. But I was clearly wrong about you.

BROOKE: It's okay. Most people are. [She leans in and kisses him on the cheek]

LUCAS: Hey Brooke... call me. If you need anything, okay?

[Brooke nods]

BROOKE: Count on that.

[She gets out of the truck. He sits there for a moment after she leaves]

[LUCAS’ HOUSE. LUCAS walks in and KAREN’S standing there, angry]

KAREN: Please tell me that you were somewhere in the land of no phones.

LUCAS: I know. I should’ve called.

KAREN: Coming home would’ve been another option.

LUCAS: You’re right. I’m sorry.

KAREN: You, you looked me in the eye and said ‘Go to Italy. I can take care of myself.’

LUCAS: Look, I can, Mom! A guy drugged Peyton’s drink at a party. Brooke called me

for help. I took her home, waited until she felt better. Truth.

KAREN: As excuses go, that’s pretty solid. Is she okay?

LUCAS: Yeah, she’ll be fine.

KAREN: Drugs, parties, and I’m supposed to leave the country.

LUCAS: Hey, don’t not go to Italy because of this? Okay, Mom, please?

KAREN: We’ll see. But if I do decide to go I’m going to have Keith come and stay here while I’m gone.

LUCAS: Great, just as long as you go.

[LUCAS pulls a piece of paper from his sweatshirt pocket]

LUCAS: I went on Peyton’s computer and booked you a flight on the emergency credit card, non-refundable.

[KAREN looks up and smiles]

LUCAS: I want you to have something for yourself, Mom. You’ve earned it.

[They hug]

[OUTSIDE HALEY’S HOUSE. NATHAN’S throwing rocks at a window]

HALEY: Trying to wake up my parents? That’s their room.

[NATHAN turns around to see HALEY behind him]

NATHAN: Wait! Haley, look, I need to apologize, okay?

HALEY: You should write them in bulk if you’re going to hand apologies out that often.

NATHAN: Can we just- I don’t know how to do this, alright? I’m not like you.

HALEY: What does that mean?

NATHAN: I screw up a lot, alright? And being around you, I just, I don’t want to be

that guy anymore.

HALEY: Well who do you want to be, Nathan?

NATHAN: I want to be someone who’s good enough to be seen with you.

HALEY: [Frustrated] Well you should’ve thought of that last night. You know, I keep, I keep putting myself out there, and you keep blowing it, it’s probably a good thing because at this point there’s nothing you could say or do that’s gonna surprise me.

[NATHAN leans in and kisses her suddenly]

HALEY: [Quietly] Except that. You shouldn’t have done that, Nathan.

NATHAN: I wanted to.

HALEY: Yeah.

[HALEY pauses, looking at him, then suddenly leans forward, kissing him again, this second kiss much more passionate than the first]

[KAREN’S CAFÉ. DEB walks in as KAREN’S looking at a piece of paper]

DEB: Have I lost my dining privileges?

KAREN: Why would you?

DEB: Oh, because yesterday I popped off about how you should drop everything and

go to Italy. I- I can be a tad bit pushy.

KAREN: Actually, I was, uh, all set to get. But then this morning I was, uh, going over

the numbers and there really is no way I can afford to shut down for six weeks.

DEB: Well then don’t. Hire me. I, I can take over.

[KAREN laughs]

KAREN: Right…

DEB: Well why not? I’ve got the time and the management experience, and, and if that’s all that’s keeping you from going.

KAREN: Deb, be serious. I have two things in my life. Lucas and this café.

DEB: I know that. And because of that you know I take it seriously. You can walk me through the big stuff today and Haley can help me with the rest.

KAREN: I can’t. I can’t.

DEB: Karen. I’d like to believe we’re friends. And, uh, I know that’s happened quickly, but it has, and it means a lot to me, so I’m going to say this and then deny it if it ever gets out. There are things in my life I would change if I could, and running from opportunity is one of them. Go to Italy. Let me help you go. Your life is now.

[KAREN smiles]

KAREN: Okay… okay.

[PLAYGROUND COURT. LUCAS and his friends are playing basketball. A car pulls up]

LUCAS: [To Skills] Are you going to play D? [Pause] What?

SKILLS: She aint coming to watch me play, dawg. Mmm-mmm.

[LUCAS turns around to see Brooke walking toward the picnic table. She sits on it next to MOUTH]

BROOKE: Hey. What’s your name again?

MOUTH: Mouth.

BROOKE: Really? That was my nickname in summer camp. Because I slept with my mouth open.

MOUTH: Right. Of course…

BROOKE: You know, you’re kind of cute. Do you have a girlfriend?

[MOUTH looks shocked]

BROOKE: I’ve got a real knack for hooking people up.

[BROOKE catches LUCAS’ gaze and smiles. He smiles back]


DAN: Mmm. What smells so good?

DEB: Uh, I got takeout from Karen.

[DAN frowns]

DAN: [Gesturing to Karen’s laptop and other business-related supplies] What’s all this?

DEB: I’m going back to work for a while.

DAN: Oh. Deb, that’s great. The foundation must be thrilled.

DEB: Uh, no, not with the foundation. Um, I’m going to run the café for Karen while she’s away at cooking school in Italy. Keith is moving in with Lucas while she’s away and I told Karen [Pause] Oh, um, what are you doing?

[DAN’S looking around]

DAN: I’m looking for the hidden cameras. Because you can not be serious.

DEB: Uh, I am, serious. Karen has had enough taken away from her and if I can give just some tiny part of that back-

DAN: And you did all this without discussing it with me first?

DEB: The way you discussed all those decisions you made about Nathan with me?

DAN: Payback’s an ugly emotion, Deb.

[DEB smiles and walks away]

[LUCAS’ HOUSE. KEITH and KAREN are carrying a huge suitcase out of the house]

KEITH: I thought you were going for six weeks.

[LUCAS follows KAREN out of the house]

KAREN: [To LUCAS] So, you sure you’re okay with Deb taking over?

LUCAS: Yeah. If it means you get to go.


KAREN: Oh. I love you.

LUCAS: I love you, too.

[KEITH’S finished getting the suitcase into the car. He walks over to KAREN]

KEITH: You ready to go?

KAREN: Yeah.

KEITH: Great… got a little present for you.

[KEITH holds up 10,000 lyre]

KEITH: This is all that’s left of my backpacking trip through Europe.

KAREN: 10,000 lyre.

KEITH: Yep. It’s only worth about 6 bucks but you can, uh, get yourself a gelato.

[KAREN smiles and leans against KEITH]

KEITH: Don’t worry. It will all be waiting for you when you get back.


HALEY: Around six o’clock people get out of work, they want to come by

DEB: Six o’clock.

HALEY: Yeah. That’s when it starts getting really busy.

[The phone rings]

HALEY: I’ll just…

DEB: Yeah.

[A car horn honks. DEB looks out the window to see KAREN waving. She smiles and waves back]

[THE SCHOOL. HALEY’S just leaving the building to go home (you see buses behind her) when she sees Nathan down the hall]

HALEY: Bye… sorry. [Pause]

[NATHAN starts walking toward her, but he runs into friends]

FRIEND: What up, Nathan?

[NATHAN nods and knocks fists with the friend. HALEY starts to leave. NATHAN notices]

NATHAN: Haley!

[NATHAN runs after her. She stops and lets him catch up. He pushes a hair out of her face, making it obvious he doesn’t care who knows]

[NEW BRUNSWICK COUNTY AIRPORT. KAREN and KEITH are at the departure gate]

KEITH: Don’t forget to call when you land, okay?

KAREN: Alright. [Pause] You remember when you said the other night that I had good instincts and that I should trust them?

KEITH: Yeah.

[KAREN leans in and kisses a shocked KEITH. Karen pulls back]

KAREN: You were right.

[KAREN walks away and KEITH watches, smiling. They wave.

[THE SCHOOL. LUCAS is walking and he runs into PEYTON]


[PEYTON hugs him]

PEYTON: I owe you.

[PEYTON smiles, walking away. LUCAS catches BROOKE’S gaze. She smiles at him, then walks away with PEYTON. LUCAS watches them]

BROOKE: So, been to any bad parties lately? [Pause] Come on, I’ll walk you to history.