01x09 - With Arms Outstretched

[THE SCHOOL. The hallways are crowded and students are mulling about at their lockers, as if classes haven’t started yet]

PEYTON: How’s your punching hand?

LUCAS: A lot better now that I nailed a guy’s face. How ‘bout you? How are you feeling?

PEYTON: Like an idiot. Look, Luke, you’re cool with us being just friends, right? I mean, we are- we’re friends, right?

LUCAS: We are.


LUCAS: And I’m cool with it. And besides, I was- I wasn’t ready for all that Peyton Sawyer/Girlfriend drama anyway, you know. [Pause] Hey, say hi to Brooke for me?

[PEYTON nods]

LUCAS: Alright. Talk to you later.

[LUCAS leaves PeyTON standing by his locker, looking upset]

[THE HALLWAY. NATHAN walks quickly, trying to catch up with HALEY]

NATHAN: Haley.

[He grabs her arm and leaders her into an empty classroom, gently pushing her against a wall, and he kisses her]

HALEY: [Breaking the kiss] Mmm, uh, we can’t do this here right now.

[Both laugh]

NATHAN: We just did… alright, I’ll kiss you later.

[NATHAN leaves and HALEY leans against the wall, smiling. She leaves soon after]

[THE GYM. LUCAS and the rest of the Varsity Basketball team are sitting on the bleachers as WHITEY speaks]

WHITEY: When you leave this gym today, I want each one of you to look at the sun, because if you lose to Cove City on Friday, I can pretty much guarantee you that sun will not rise the next day.

[Team laughs, but NATHAN looks uncomfortable]

WHITEY: That’s not a joke. I’ve coached some great players and great teams in this gym, but not one of those great players or great teams has finished a season undefeated. You may be the first. There are only two things separating you from greatness. Number one is Cove City. Number two… is you.

[WHITEY points a finger at the boys on the bleacher]

[THE SCHOOL. A bell rings. LUCAS enters through a set of double doors and runs around the corner, where BROOKE iswalking away]

LUCAS: Hey, Brooke! I’ve got something for you.

BROOKE: I know you do, gorgeous.

[LUCAS hands BROOKE Steinbeck’s The Winter of Our Discontent]

LUCAS: It’s that book I was telling you about. I though you might want to check it out.

BROOKE: Oh, I definitely want to check it out. I suppose I could read the book too. But what are you going to do for me?

LUCAS: What do you mean?

BROOKE: Well, I read the book. You do something for me.

LUCAS: Like what?

BROOKE: I don’t know. Something fun. Deal?

LUCAS: Okay. Deal.

BROOKE: Should we shake on it or just make out now?

[LUCAS grins and walks away]

BROOKE: [Eyeing the book] Who knew reading could be so much fun?

[KAREN'S CAFÉ. DEB’S behind the counter when the door opens and DAN steps in]

DAN: Need some help?

DEB: No. Everything is just fine.

DAN: How about a cup of coffee?

[He dangles a couple dollar bills from his hand and DEB reaches for the coffee pot]

DAN: Deb, I know you claim your taking over the café’s not some sort of payback

DEB: It isn’t. I’m trying to help Karen.

[DAN takes a sip of his coffee]

DAN: By ruining her business? That’s the worst cup of coffee I ever paid for.

DEB: If you’ve come here to mock me, Dan, save it.

DAN: I didn’t come here to mock you. I had a few hours. I thought maybe my wife could use my help. Clearly she can.

[The door opens and LUCAS walks in. He sees and stops, then exits. DEB and DAN share a look]

[THE SCOTT'S HOUSE. NATHAN and DAN sit at a table with takeout]

DAN: How’s your sandwich?

NATHAN: Almost warm.

DAN: Well, I’ll start cooking again. Unless your mother comes to her senses.

NATHAN: You know, just when I think things can’t get any weirder around here, Mom

takes over Karen’s café. [pause] I think I’m going to invite Lucas over to spend the night.

[DAN looks at NATHAN and NATHAN laughs]

DAN: Well, your mother hasn’t exactly been herself lately. It might help if you tell her you’re happy. She thinks I’ve ruined your life.

[NATHAN looks down]

DAN: Cove City game’s coming up.

NATHAN: Yeah. Whitey claims that if we lose, the sun doesn’t rise.

DAN: Well, he might actually be right for once. Of course, you know who scored the most points against the Cavaliers?

[NATHAN nods]

DAN: 42.

NATHAN: Yeah. I’m looking to top that this week.

DAN: No. You won’t. You want to know why? Because you’re not tough enough inside. I got coverage buckets you’ll never get because you can’t bang down low like I did. That plus the fact that your conditioning’s for crap. I never left the floor during a game.

[DEB enters]

DEB: Hey, guys.

NATHAN: [Standing up, with no expression] I’m happy, Mom. Dad loves me.

DEB: What was that all about?

DAN: He was wondering where his mother was.

DEB: Oh. Don’t start, Dan. I’m tired and I’m hungry.

DAN: Oh, well. How about you eat first and then we argue?

DEB: How about we just don’t argue?

DAN: How about we just don’t eat?

[DAN walks out, and DEB sighs]

[NATHAN’S ROOM. NATHAN’S pacing back and forth, talking on the phone]

TIM: What up, brother?

NATHAN: You do know you’re white, Tim?

TIM: What’s wrong with you?

NATHAN: Is your brother still dealing?

TIM: Why?

NATHAN: ‘Cuz I need to tear it up against Cove City.

TIM: SO how’s getting high gonna help?

NATHAN: Not weed, Tim. Performance enhancers. Look, just tell your brother that I’m

gonna be on the floor for forty minutes, and I need to be in a different gear.

TIM: You sure about this?

NATHAN: Yeah. He’ll know what do get.

[NATHAN hangs up and notices a picture of himself and DAN. He throws the phone at it]

[PIZZERIA. LUCAS and KEITH sit at a table, sharing a pizza]

KEITH: So what, you going to avoid the café for the next six weeks?

LUCAS: What, you don’t like pizza?

KEITH: I love pizza, but that’s not the point.

LUCAS: Look, don’t you find it a bit strange, having Nathan’s mom running the café?

KEITH: Yeah. It’s a little strange. It’s also pretty gutsy of her. Dan’s gotta be giving

her a lot of grief about it. You know, Luke, you really oughtta give her a chance. Deb’s okay. And when you think about it, when she got pregnant in college, her life changed a lot like your mom’s did.

LUCAS: Yeah but Dan? Why does she stay with a guy like that?

KEITH: I don’t know. Maybe she wants to protect her son.

[BROOKE walks up and leans against LUCAS]

BROOKE: Hey Handsome. Three more chapters and you’re all mine.

[BROOKE leaves]

KEITH: What was that all about?

LUCAS: Nothing.

KEITH: Well I disagree. That was definitely something.

[LUCAS grins]

[LOCKER ROOM. NATHAN walks up to TIM, who slips pills into NATHAN’S hand]

TIM: Okay I got them. [Pause] You sure about this?

NATHAN: Have you met my dad?

[TIM turns to completely face NATHAN]

TIM: Okay, here’s the deal. These are basically amphetamines. They’re like, steroids on speed or speed on steroids. Anyway, you gotta be careful Nathan.

NATHAN: Whatever gets me jacked for Cove City, man.

TIM: Here. These will definitely do that.

[TIM closes his locker]

TIM: Anyway, if you grow breasts… I get first peek.

[TIM starts to walk away]

TIM: You’re welcome.

[NATHAN swallows a pill]

[THE GYM. There’s a practice, and NATHAN’S being extremely aggressive. The whistle blows]

WHITEY: Hold it. That was a foul. Nathan, you’ve got to get off his back.

NATHAN: Why don’t you get off my back, Whitey?

WHITEY: How would you like to call that a practice.

NATHAN: Whatever, man, that’s fine by me.

[NATHAN slams the ball down and starts to walk away]

WHITEY: Nathan!

[NATHAN turns back around]

NATHAN: What! Huh! What the hell do you all want from me?

WHITEY: Just walk away, son. Walk away.

[NATHAN walks away and WHITEY blows his whistle]

WHITEY: Fight ball up top.

[NATHAN’S LOCKER. HALEY walks over and grabs his shoulder. NATHAN swings around, surprised, and HALEY laughs]

NATHAN: Very funny.

HALEY: Hey, are you okay? Lucas said you had some trouble at practice yesterday.

NATHAN: Lucas needs to mind his own business. We got a game coming up, that’s all. I just get a little intense.

HALEY: Are you, uh, okay? You’re shaking, Nathan.

NATHAN: My heart’s racing too.

[HALEY puts her hand over his heart]

NATHAN: That’s what happens when I’m around you.

[HALEY smiles]

NATHAN: So your house tonight, right? Tutoring?

[HALEY nods]

HALEY: Are you sure you’re okay?

NATHAN: Yeah, I’m fine. I just- I had a bad day yesterday. See you tonight.

HALEY: Yeah.

[HALEY walks away, and NATHAN waits until he’s sure she won’t turn around, then swallows another pill]


DAN: If you came here to lecture me or argue, I get enough of that at home with the wife.

WHITEY: I came here to talk about Nathan. His behavior concerns me.

DAN: Really. You put Lucas on the team, give away his position, kick him off the team bus 30 miles away from home, and now you’re worried.

WHITEY: You forgot, uh, pressuring him and belittling him. Of course, that happens at home, doesn’t it? [Pause] I remember when you came to me. You were a scrawny freshman with a hell of a jump shot. You loved the game. What the hell happened along the way?

DAN: You happened. There was always something for you to pick apart, something that wasn’t good enough. But you are right. I did love the game. I simply despised the way you controlled it.

WHITEY: Who’s controlling Nathan now? You’d be ashamed if you learned to hate that person like you hate me.

DAN: I might be tough on him, Whitey. But then I’m not the one who told him the sun wouldn’t rise if he lost his next game.

[WHITEY looks at him then walks out of DAN’S office]

[WEIGHT ROOM. NATHAN’S lifting when LUCAS walks in]

LUCAS: You really laid into Whitey yesterday.

NATHAN: He deserved it.

LUCAS: So Cove City’s pretty tough, eh?

[NATHAN sits up]

NATHAN: They suck.

LUCAS: Listen man. I know you’re under a lot of pressure from your dad.

NATHAN: Hey! You don’t know anything about my dad, alright? Maybe if you knocked out a shout every now and then I wouldn’t have to carry us out there.

[OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL. BROOKE catches up with LUCAS and hands him his book]

BROOKE: All finished. Now it’s my turn.

LUCAS: Hey, hey, hey. Not so fast. Did you like it?

BROOKE: Did I like it or did I read it? The book’s about how a guy loses his integrity and gives into temptation. Which is exactly what I see you doing tonight… with me.

[LUCAS laughs]

LUCAS: Right. Well, a deal’s a deal, right?

BROOKE: That’s right, baby. A deal is a deal.

[A BAR. LUCAS and BROOKE are at the pool table.]

BARTENDER: Here you go.

[BROOKE shows two IDs to the bartender]

BARTENDER: Thank you… Gretchen and Henry.

BROOKE: [To LUCAS] Fake IDs. I used your yearbook photo.

[BROOKE easily knocks a ball into one of the pockets]

LUCAS: I didn’t know you could shoot pool.

BROOKE: There’s a lot you don’t know about me.

LUCAS: Really? Like what?

BROOKE: Like… I love it in the summer when there’s heat lightning at night. And up until the fourth grade, I called squirrels squirrlers.

[LUCAS laughs]

BROOKE: And I love beating boys at school. [Pause] Oh my God. A smile. Is Lucas Scott actually having fun?

LUCAS: I have fun.

BROOKE: Sure you do. Lucas, you’re like the most serious guy I’ve ever met.

[LUCAS turns around and grabs a beer]

LUCAS: Fine.

[He takes a sip]

LUCAS: Does that make you happy?

BROOKE: A little.

LUCAS: Well, just as long as you don’t feel cheated. You read a book, I drink a beer. We’re even, right?

[BROOKE laughs]

BROOKE: Wait, did you think this was the thing you have to do with me?

LUCAS: Well, yeah.

BROOKE: No. This isn‘t the thing. This is just… drinks before the thing. [Pause] Bottoms up.

[They clink their glasses]

[HALEY’S BEDROOM. HALEY sits at her computer, while NATHAN looks at a bulletin board of photographs]

HALEY: Nathan. Are you going to pace all night, or can we get started?

NATHAN: Are these all your brothers and sisters?

HALEY: Yeah. I’m the youngest. I don’t think my parents know what to do with the silence.

[NATHAN sits down on her bed]

NATHAN: So a month ago, did you think we’d be alone in your bedroom?

HALEY: Oh, but we’re not alone in my bedroom. We have the forefathers with us.

NATHAN: They can watch.

HALEY: Nathan, can you just get serious for a minute?

NATHAN: Oh, I’m serious. [Grabbing her hand and pulling her to him] Come here.

[HALEY joins NATHAN on the bed and they start kissing. Soon, HALEY’S on her back]

HALEY: My parents could come home.

NATHAN: Come on…

[He starts to unbutton her shirt]

HALEY: Nathan, come on, stop it.

[He doesn’t stop]

HALEY: Come on… don’t… Hey!

[She pushes him off]


HALEY: God… I think you should go.

NATHAN: You’re kidding, right?

[HALEY walks over to the door and opens it]

NATHAN: Haley… alright, Haley, I’m sorry. We can study, it’s fine.

HALEY: I’d like you to go.

[NATHAN gets up and exits]

NATHAN: Unbelievable.

[HALEY stand in the doorway]

[PEYTON’S bedroom. She’s working on her drawing “I’ve wanted this for so long…” The t is no longer there, so it says, “And now we can have it.”]

[THE BAR. LUCAS and BROOKE are drinking… a lot]

BROOKE: Don’t you love weird science?

[LUCAS nods, setting his drink down]

LUCAS: Ah, the family jewels.

BROOKE: He doesn’t even have a license, Lisa.

[LucAS laughs]

[PEYTON’S ROOM. She’s on the phone]

[THE BARr. LUCAS’ cell phone rings and he looks at it]

LUCAS: Out of area?

BROOKE: Booty call?

[PEYTON’S ROOM. She’s still on the phone and we hear “Hey, this is Lucas’ cell phone. Please leave a message.”]

[THE BAR. Heavy eye contact between LUCAS and BROOKE]

LUCAS: Where were we?

BROOKE: Where we were having fun.

LUCAS: Mmm-hmm. I’m glad we did this.

BROOKE: Good. So what’s your take on tattoos?

LUCAS: I don’t know… depends.

BROOKE: Come here.

[She grabs his hand and leads him into the back room. Leaning against a wall, she pulls him closer]

BROOKE: What do you think…

[She starts undoing her pants]

BROOKE: About… this tattoo?

[BROOKE has a small tattoo on the inside of her right hip]

LUCAS: Mmm. That tattoo is very, very… sexy.

BROOKE: Right answer.

[BROOKE leans in and kisses him. The kisses grow in passion]

[LUCAS’S HOUSE. LUCAS attempts to sneak in, but KEITH’S there. He turns on the light]

LUCAS: Keith! Hey man.

KEITH: You okay?

LUCAS: I’m perfect.

KEITH: Have you been drinking?

[LUCAS nods and gestures “a little” with his fingers]

LUCAS: Mmm-hmm. Oh Keith. There is this girl.

KEITH: Now I know how my hope and Ant felt when I came rolling in… you know, you

had me worried sick, Luke? Why don’t you go and sleep it off and we’ll deal with this tomorrow?

[KEITH walks over to the fridge, and LUCAS starts walking away]

[THE SCOTT’S HOUSE. DAN’S sitting at the table reading a newspaper when NATHAN walks in]

NATHAN: What are you doing, Dad? Still looking for your name in the box scores?

DAN: Hey. Knock it off and get serious. You’ve got a big game coming up. [Pause] And you think you’re gonna break my scoring record. [Laugh]

[LUCAS’S ROOM. LUCAS is standing in front of the mirror in his jersey when KEITH walks in]

KEITH: Come on, Tara Reid, you’re gonna be late.

[LUCAS is holding a cloth against his arm as he turns around and KEITH walks further in]

KEITH: What’s up?

LUCAS: Nothing.

KEITH: What are you hiding?

[LUCAS takes the cloth off and shows a tattoo on his arm, kind of like the one BROOKE had]

LUCAS: Check that out.

KEITH: Tell me that’s a joke. [Shakes his head] No, no, no. Just, just… wipe it off, okay.

LUCAS: Keith, it’s a tattoo.

KEITH: A tattoo. Of what?

LUCAS: It’s an ancient symbol for fun.

KEITH: Oh, for fun? Because I thought it was for freaking fool.

LUCAS: Keith…

KEITH: Luke. Your mom trusted me. She’s gone five days and now you scar yourself for life.

LUCAS: It’s just a tattoo.

KEITH: It’s a tattoo. There is no just. God. What were you thinking? This is a bunch of crap. You’re out half the night, you’re drunk, and now you got a tattoo. What, did you join the navy too?

[LUCAS shakes his head]

KEITH: You took advantage of me, Luke. You’d have never would’ve pulled a stunt like this with your mom here.

LUCAS: What stunt? You mean actually enjoying myself for once? [Pause] You said it yourself. My mom’s not here. Is she?

KEITH: Your @#%$ is grounded.

[KEITH starts to walk away]

LUCAS: Keith…

KEITH: Bread and water. Hard core grounded. Start now. You know… I expected more from you.

[KEITH exits and LUCAS looks upset]

[OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL. HALEY and LUCAS are sitting at a table]

HALEY: What did you do last night?

LUCAS: Nothing, you?

HALEY: Nothing.

LUCAS: Well… actually I kinda made out with Brooke.

HALEY: What?

LUCAS: While I was drunk.

[HALEY laughs]

HALEY: Oh. Wow. Slow night for you. What happened.

LUCAS: Well, we went out as friends and things just kind of escalated.

HALEY: Yeah. Sounds like. You and Brooke Davis. Please.

LUCAS: What, is that so strange?

HALEY: Yeah, it is.

LUCAS: You know, she’s different than people see? You of all people should understand that.

[HALEY pauses]

HALEY: I’ve been kissing Nathan.

LUCAS: If I told you not to do that anymore would you listen?

HALEY: Would you?

LUCAS: Maybe.

BOTH: Probably not.

HALEY: Yeah. [Pause] So what about Peyton?

LUCAS: Yeah, you can kiss her if you want.

HALEY: I’m serious.

LUCAS: Look, I- I told her how I felt, alright? She doesn’t feel the same way.

HALEY: Maybe she’s just not ready.

LUCAS: Nah. She just wants to be friends.

HALEY: So are you and Brooke Davis like a thing now?

LUCAS: No. We went out. We had fun.

HALEY: Alright, well, if that’s what you want. I mean, you deserve to be happy.

LUCAS: Yeah. You too.

[OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL. In a different area, PEYTON’S sitting at a table. BROOKE walks up]

BROOKE: Hi, friend. Guess who I went out with last night. I’ll tell you. Lucas.

PEYTON: Definite went out.

BROOKE: We met at a bar, shot some pool, had a few drinks.

PEYTON: Lucas Scott?

BROOKE: Yep. You didn’t tell me he was such a good kisser.

[PEYTON looks shocked, and a little upset]

BROOKE: I gotta go.

[BROOKE leaves and PEYTON looks after her]

[OLD ABANDONED BUILDING. DEB walks in to find DAN already in there, standing by a ladder]

DEB: Hi…

DAN: SO what do you think?

DEB: Uh, uh, about what?

DAN: Long counter here, some retro books.

DEB: I don’t follow.

DAN: Deb’s Diner. The hottest little place in town.

DEB: Dan… I don’t want a diner. What- What’s this really about?

DAN: You tell me.

DEB: I told you. I’m simply trying to help Karen.

DAN: You hardly know the woman.

DEB: Well, that’s not true. But for the sake of discussion, lets say you’re right. Lets

say I’m doing it to help you.

DAN: Me?

DEB: What do you feel when you see Lucas? I mean it was different when we never saw him. But now-

DAN: -What do you want me to say?

DEB: Anything. Something honest.

DAN: Okay, then how does this sound? I was a kid, I made a decision. And I’m tired of you and everyone else holding it over my head every day of my life. So if you’re running that little café so you can find absolution for me, forget it. I don’t need it and I don’t want it.

[DAN storms out]


HALEY: What’s going on? You said you wanted to talk.

PEYTON: Do you think second chances are a lie?

HALEY: Well, it depends on who you are dealing with, I guess.

PEYTON: Yeah… How are things going with you and Nathan?

HALEY: Hmm-mmm. Um. Not so great. I don’t know what he wants us to be. Are we a

couple? Are we just hanging out? Is it for s*x because if it is…

PEYTON: If it is what?

HALEY: That’s not enough for me.

PEYTON: Bad experience?

[HALEY looks up, smiling]

PEYTON: What, are you- are you a virgin?

HALEY: Yeah. So what if I am?

PEYTON: Good for you.

[HALEY laughs]

PEYTON: So what are you going to do?

HALEY: Try and get some answers I guess.

PEYTON: Did Lucas tell you what happened between us?

HALEY: Yeah. He just said that you weren’t ready for a relationship.

PEYTON: Did he tell you about Brooke?

HALEY: That they went out? Yeah… You okay with that?

PEYTON: He’s fair game. Plus, she’s really not the dating kind, if you know what I


[HALEY smiles]

PEYTON: Is connecting with someone really this complicated, or is it simple and we just make it worse?

HALEY: For me its complicated. You just make it worse.

[Both laugh]

[LUCAS’S ROOM. LUCAS is getting ready for the game and KEITH walks in]

KEITH: Hey, I, uh, got you some tape.

[He throws the tape and LUCAS easily catches it]

KEITH: For the tattoo. You gotta cover it for the game, right?

LUCAS: Thanks. I appreciate it.

KEITH: Let me see it.

[LUCAS pulls up the arm of his shirt so KEITH can see it. It looks infected, with spots of blood throughout it]

KEITH: Geez, Luke. Where’d you get this thing? Some back alley in the Philippines?

You know, you can get Hepatitis, HIV from.. [Pause] Does it hurt?

LUCAS: A little.

KEITH: Well…We’ll get it checked before the game.

[KEITH starts to walk away]

LUCAS: Keith, man, you worry too much.

[KEITH turns around]

KEITH: I’ve got to worry once for myself and once for your mother.

[THE SCOTT'S HOUSE. NATHAN’S doing pull ups on a bar in a door]

DAN: Your arms are going to be dead for the game tonight.

NATHAN: Yeah. You wish.

DAN: No I don’t. I’d love for you to break my record, Nathan. I just don’t think you will.

NATHAN: We’ll see about that.

[DEB enters]

DEB: Good news and bad news, Nate. Bad news is I have to be at the café so I’m gonna miss your game. Good news is Haley can be there.

NATHAN: Whatever.

[NATHAN walks out]

DAN: At least one of us will be there.

[DEB sighs, looking upset]

[OUTSIDE THE GYM. NATHAN’s walking toward the gym and HALEY chases after him]

HALEY: Nathan!

NATHAN: Not now, Haley.

HALEY: Okay, after the game, can we get some food and talk?

NATHAN: Haley, I said not now, okay?

HALEY: Why are you being like this?

NATHAN: Because I can, okay? That’s how it works. People are mean, life’s a @#%$.

HALEY: What is your problem?

NATHAN: What’s my problem? My problem’s on the other side of the wall. And in five

minutes, if I’m not perfect, they’re going to eat me alive. That’s my problem.

[WHITEY DURHAM’S FIELD HOUSE. The game’s almost through, and MOUTH is sitting on the bleachers, making sports announcements]

MOUTH: That’s 38 points for Nathan Scott tonight, and we’re early in the fourth quarter. He’s 5 points from breaking the all time high against Cove City, set of course by He-Who-Won’t-Be-Named.

[The game continues as NATHAN shoots another basket]

MOUTH: Another 4 pointer for Nathan and now he’s a basket away from the record.

NATHAN: Yeah, baby!

[NATHAN grabs the ball again, and starts running toward the hoop to shoot it.]

MOUTH: This is it.

[NATHAN’S stopped by a Cavalier player, who he knocks out of his way and makes the basket. The whistle blows]

REFEREE: No basket!

MOUTH: Oh, no basket! Nathan Scott is whistled for charge-

NATHAN: [To REFEREE] He was moving at speed. What are you talking about?

REFEREE: One! Two! Three! Easy, son.

WHITEY: Time out!

NATHAN: Keep your eyes on the game!

WHITEY: Time out!

REFEREE: [To WHITEY] Coach, you better watch your boy?

HALEY: [In Audience] What’s he doing?

WHITEY: [To NATHAN] Nathan, I don’t care how many points you’ve got. You keep this up, I’ll move you so far down the bench they’ll have to pump air into you.

[Whistle blows and all the boys get up and hit their hands together]

NATHAN: [To LUCAS] Just give me the ball.

TIM: Alright, lets go fellas. Defense on three.

TEAM: One! Two! Three! Defense!

[The team runs back onto the court]

LUCAS: [To NATHAN] You alright?

NATHAN: I will be 2 points from now.

[Whistle blows and the game’s back in action. TIM steals the ball from a Cavalier]

MOUTH: Here we go, folks. This is it!

[LUCAS has the ball but he’s not throwing it]

MOUTH: Luke waits for Nathan Scott to come free! He’s got 41 points

[The Cavaliers are starting to crowd NATHAN. LUCAS throws the ball to him, and

NATHAN catches it. But something’s wrong. NATHAN’S practically leaning against the

Cavalier behind him who’d put his hands on his back to try to get the ball. His vision starts to close up so he can barely see LUCAS. We flash to DAN in the audience. He looks concerned. We flash to HALEY, and for once, she seems to share a sentiment with DAN. Everyone looks concerned. NATHAN drops the ball and starts to fall down. The Cavalier behind him, not knowing that NATHAN’S passing out, goes for the chance and grabs the ball, leaving NATHAN to fall. On the hard court.]


[The audience stands up in front of LUCAS, who looks concerned as well. We zoom into HALEY and then DAN. TiIM’S reached NATHAN’S side and he taps NATHAN]

TIM: Coach! Coach!

[WHITEY’S reached NATHAN. He puts a hand on NATHAN’S chest as the team gathers around]

[EMERGENCY ROOM. NATHAN’S lying on a hospital bed/stretcher and DAN’S at his side. NATHAN wakes up]

DAN: Easy, son. You’re okay. Can you hear me?


DAN: You collapsed during the game.

[A DOCTOR walks up to NATHAN]

DOCTOR: Nathan, how are you feeling?

NATHAN: I have to piss.

[DOCTOR laughs]

DOCTOR: You were severely dehydrated. We have you in these ice packs because you body temperature was very high. Now, I need to ask you some questions about the supplements you’re taking.

[DAN looks at NATHAN]

DOCTOR: Uh, Benzedrine, Mephedrine.

[NATHAN shakes his head]

DOCTOR: Anabolic steroids? Anadrol, Dianabol?

[NATHAN shakes his head]

DOCTOR: Okay. What about speed? And uh, cocaine? Ecstasy?

DAN: Hey, Doc, he’s an athlete, not a junkie, okay?

DOCTOR: And he’s also a kid.

DAN: True, but he’s my kid? So how about you play a little more doctor and a little

less detective?

DOCTOR: Mr. Scott, could I speak with you?

[DOCTOR heads out to hallway]

DAN: [To NATHAN] Listen to me, son. You’re going to be fine, okay? You’ve been hitting it a little hard lately, we’ll back a notch or two . You’ll be as good as new. Hell, the scouts won’t even remember this come to post season.


DOCTOR: The early results tell me that your son is going to be fine, physically.

DAN: That’s great.

DOCTOR: But they also tell me he’s taking some sort of amphetamine.

DAN: There’s got to be some kind of mistake.

[Cut to NATHAN. He winces]

DOCTOR: Mr. Scott, these kids are under a lot of pressure to perform, and granted, it

could be an isolated case, but there could be a more serious problem.

DAN: Look Doc, I appreciate your concern, I really do. But I gotta tell you. I know my son. And if he says he’s clean, he’s clean. So if you label him an addict, you take away his future. So unless you’ve got your results 100 percent accurate, you’re looking at a lawsuit you don’t want. Now from where I stand, your job is to get him well. I’ll do the rest. Are we clear?

[NATHAN looks upset]

[KAREN’S CAFÉ. HALEY runs through the front door and DEB’S behind the counter]

HALEY: Hey. I was on my way to check on him, and then I realized you were here, so I turned around and came back. You should go? How is he?

[DEB has no idea what she’s talking about]

DEB: Who?

HALEY: Nathan.

DEB: What about him?

[EMERGENCY ROOM. DAN’S on his cell phone]

DAN: I appreciate it, Keith. Thanks.

[DAN walks over to NATHAN’S cubicle and slides back the curtain]

DAN: How are you doing, son?

[NATHAN’S not there. DEB walks into the emergency room, extremely worried]

DAN: He’s okay.

[DEB breathes a sigh of relief]

DEB: [Noticing the empty bed] Where is he?

[DAN meets her gaze. She realizes he doesn’t know]

[WHITEY’S OFFICE. He puts a “W” over Cove City, as in “win” then he tears down the sheet. He looks extremely upset, then KEITH walks in]

KEITH: Hey. [Pause] I, uh, talked to Dan. Nathan’s going to be fine.

[WHITEY breathes a sigh of relief]

WHITEY: You know why they made whiskey, Keith? [Pause] For the poor fool that wakes up after 35 years and discovers he’s a part of the problem. [Pause] Well, no more. I’ll forfeit the damn games before I lose a boy to that. I’ve got to be the sorriest son of a @#%$ on the planet.

KEITH: Well, Karen left me to watch Luke. And uh, he got drunk and then he got a tattoo.

WHITEY: Well, I take it back.

[They clink glasses]

[THE SCOTT’S HOUSE. DAN walks in ahead of DEB]

DAN: I tried to call you but you weren’t answering your phone.

DEB: Because I ran out of the café with nothing but my car keys and the fear that my son was dying.

DAN: Oh, and that’s my fault?

DEB: After Haley walked in… how long was that, Dan? 20 minutes after Nathan collapsed? A half hour, maybe?

DAN: My first concern was for Nathan. You’re overreacting.

DEB: Oh. Overreacting? That my son nearly died and my husband didn’t see fit to call?

[DAN rolls his eyes]

DEB: Where is he, Dan? He could be anywhere. He could be unconscious.

DAN: Get a hold of yourself. The doctor said he’s out of harm’s way.

DEB: Well the doctor was wrong. Because as long as you control him the way you do, he’ll be in harm’s way.

DAN: Ohhh… okay. Yeah, I get it. I’m to blame. It’s gotta be my fault.

DEB: Yeah.

DAN: Would you consider this, lady? If you weren’t off helping your little friend Karen and her café, you might’ve been there for him like I was.

DEB: [very angry] You smug son of a @#%$. I want you out of this house.

DAN: Deb…

DEB: I said get out!

DAN: It’s been an emotional night…

DEB: No, no, no, Dan. It’s been a night of clarity. And it’s time for you to go.

DAN: It’s my house.

DEB: Fine, then I’ll go. But either way, Nathan stays with me.

DAN: Don’t do this.

DEB: I’ll say it one more time, Dan. Pack a bag and get out. Or so help me God, I will stab you in your sleep.

[DAN starts to walk away]

DEB: And you better pray that my son is okay.

DAN: [stopping to look at DEB] Do you really think Nathan would choose you over me?

[DEB looks destroyed]

[HALEY’S ROOM. She’s pacing back and forth in her room, talking on the phone]

HALEY: Hey, its me. Um, I guess I’m just worried about you. I really hate the way we ended things.

[NATHAN appears behind her, at the door]

NATHAN: So do I. [Pause] Nobody answered the door.

HALEY: They’re gone for the weekend.

[HALEY turns off the phone and sets it down]

HALEY: How are you?

NATHAN: Not so good. Can I-

[HALEY and NATHAN both move in and hug. It’s bittersweet and both are upset]

NATHAN: I made a lot of mistakes, Haley.

[NATHAN pulls away]

NATHAN: Sometimes because of my dad, sometimes by choice.

[He sits down on her bed, taking her hand]

NATHAN: I just can’t do it anymore.

HALEY: [Almost crying] It’s okay…

NATHAN: No. No, it’s not okay. I’m not okay. [Pause] I lived for tonight. I was so scared. I’m still terrified. Then I saw you. I promised myself that if I could just get up, and walk over to you, and tell you how much I need you, and how much I want you, that nothing else matters.

[HALEY smiles and they kiss]

[LUCAS’S HOUSE. Someone knocks on the door and LUCAS answers it]

LUCAS: Peyton?

PEYTON: I heard about Nathan.

LUCAS: Yeah, he’s gonna be okay. [Pause] So… what’s up?

PEYTON: Lucas, I made a mistake. When you said you wanted to be with me, I got, I got scared, but-

LUCAS: Peyton…

[PEYTON holds up a hand]

PEYTON: But, the truth is, I want all the same things that you want, I do. And I want them with you.

[LUCAS looks at her. BROOKE walks out from another room, wearing LUCAS’ gray sweatshirt. She hasn’t noticed PEYTON]

BROOKE: Okay, superstar, are you ready to score?

[BROOKE suddenly notices PEYTON, who looks taken aback]

BROOKE: Hey… we missed you after the game tonight.

PEYOTN: Yeah. I just… I guess I just kind of got turned around.

[PEYTON starts to leave]

LUCAS: Peyton…

[She stops and looks at BROOKE, who looks at LUCAS, who looks back to PEYTON]

[THE SCOTT’S HOUSE. DAN has a suitcase as he walks toward the door. DEB watches as he leaves]

[THE RAVEN’S TROPHY CASE next to the gym. It’s full. WHITEY walks out of the gym, closing the door behind him. On the door is a piece of paper. It says, “Basketball Canceled (Until Further Notice)]

[HALEY’S BEDROOM. NATHAN and HALEY are still kissing, and HALEY gets up and walks to the door]

NATHAN: [Quietly] Haley…

[HALEY turns to look at him]

NATHAN: Can I stay with you for tonight?

[HALEY closes her bedroom door]

[LUCAS’S HOUSE. PEYTON, LUCAS, and BROOKE all look at each other, all upset]

LUCAS [V.O.]: What a frightening thing is the human, a mass of gages and dials and registers.

[LUCAS looks at BROOKE. She stares at him, heartbroken]

LUCAS [V.O.]: And we can read only a few. And those perhaps not accurately