01x10 - You Gotta Go There to Come Back

[Lucas' House]

(Picks up with Peyton, Lucas, and Brooke looking at each other. Peyton dissolves out and we see Lucas waking up in bed.)

KEITH: Well you look like hell

LUCAS: I didn’t get much sleep

KEITH: Why’s that? What’s up?

LUCAS: You ever have a tough decision to make, and you wonder if you made the right choice?

KEITH: Well what kind of choice are you talking about?

LUCAS: Well…

(Knock on door; Brooke enters with coffee)

BROOKE: Morning Boyfriend…again.

LUCAS: Thank You

(they kiss)

KEITH: I think you’re good

LUCAS: (laughs) Keith Brooke. Brooke, my uncle Keith

BROOKE: Hi (hands Keith the coffee)


LUCAS: we gotta get out of here, alright.

KEITH: yeah alright, oh don’t forget your moms calling from Italy 6 pm sharp.

LUCAS: oh right, alright I’ll be here, promise.


(Brooke and Lucas walk out)

[Haley’s bedroom)

(Haley and Nathan are asleep in each others arms)

HALEY: So if my parents come home, I’m gonna act like I have amnesia, so don’t freak out if I pretend not to know you.

NATHAN: Look, I think I should get back to the madness. (Haley moans disapprovingly) But hey, if I could, I’d stay like this all day.

HALEY: (kisses Nathan) Ok. (Nathan sits up) Nathan, about last night…

NATHAN: Hey, look its not about s*x with me ok? When you’re ready, I’ll be too.

HALEY: Come here

(Haley sits up and kisses him then lays back down)

[Karen’s Café)

(Dan enters with roses)

DAN: Special Delivery for Mrs. Dan Scott

DEB: (signs) what are you doing here?

DAN: I wanted to apologize for last night. We were both spent. We both said things we regret. At least I know I did.

DEB: Dan…

DAN: These are for you. And, I made a reservation at Chatley Resort. Remember the view?

DEB: Dan…if you’re in the mood to mend fences, start by devoting a weekend to your son. One without your inflated expectations of him. If you hadn’t noticed the only quality time you’ve spent with him lately was in an emergency room. You figure out how to make sure that never happens again then maybe you and I can talk.


(Haley and Lucas walking)

LUCAS: It’s not that hard, alright? Peyton and I just don’t make sense as a couple. She said so herself.

HALEY: And then took it back

LUCAS: Now what are you? Her lawyer?

HALEY: I’m just…look I’ve seen Peyton really try to make an effort to turn things around and it just sucks that she got bit the first time she reached out to somebody, you know?

LUCAS: Haley, I’m not the bad guy here, ok? Peyton’s just too…hard.

HALEY: Unlike Brooke who I understand is nice and easy.

LUCAS: Excuse me. She makes me laugh. She’s honest, she’s not afraid to be herself. Ok? Plus she’s not covered head to toe in issues. What’s so bad about that?

(They sit on a bench)

HALEY: Nothing! Nothing. If you’re happy, I’m happy.

LUCAS: Are you? Happy.


LUCAS: I hope you’re right.

[another part of school)

(Peyton is kneeling on the ground drawing something, Brooke walks up to her.)

BROOKE: Hey, I’ve been two-waying you all day, where have you been?

PEYTON: Nowhere really.

BROOKE: I wanted to talk to you about Lucas. You left so quick the other night. What was that all about?

PEYTON: Did he tell you what happened?

BROOKE: We didn’t really do much talking after you left if you know what I mean.

PEYTON: I was just returning a CD I borrowed.

(Brooke looks like she doesn’t know what else to say)

[another part of school.)

(Jake is sitting against a tree. Lucas walks up to him)

LUCAS: Late night?

JAKE: Yeah

LUCAS: (laughs) Who’s the girl?

JAKE: You don’t know her

LUCAS: Come on man. (helps him up) We’re gonna be late for practice.

[outside gym)

(A sign on the door says: “Basketball Cancelled (until further notice)" Nathan pulls the sign off the door and reads it. Whitey walks out to them)

WHITEY: (to Nathan) Nice to see you vertical. How you feeling?

NATHAN: Same as always. What’s this all about?

WHITEY: Seems to me, we’ve lost track of what this game’s supposed to be about. (looks at Lucas) Myself included. I want you to take this time, and think about why we’re really out there. Till then, no practice.

(Whitey puts the sign back on the door and goes inside)

TIM: This sucks

JAKE: Speak for yourself. Whitey just did me a favor.

(all the guys walk away)

NATHAN: Yeah, me too.

(he walks away, leaving Lucas alone)

[School parking lot)

(Peyton getting into her car. Lucas runs up behind her)

LUCAS: Peyton


LUCAS: Look, about last night, I feel really bad about what happened…

PEYTON: Can we not relive it, please? I…I’d had this really weird, long day, and I just…I probably wasn’t making any sense.

LUCAS: No, you were. But I had no idea you were coming over last night. You know and Brooke and I were just…

PEYTON: Make a really good couple. I’m happy for you. You’re a good guy Luke. And she’s my best friend.

[Karen’s Café)

DEB: Business seems to have dropped off lately, and I’m beginning to take it personally.

HALEY: Oh don’t, no, it’s the University, they’re on a break. It will pick up soon.


HALEY: You know, Karen actually always thought we should do live entertainment to bring people in, like um…like an open mic night.

DEB: Hmm, well that’s a great idea

HALEY: You think?

DEB: Yeah absolutely, but let me run it by Lucas first, you know, make sure he’s ok with the idea.

HALEY: Yeah or, I could talk to him. I mean he hasn’t popped in much lately.

DEB: Yeah yeah I’ve noticed. No that’s one of the reasons I want to talk to him myself.

HALEY: Ok. Well if you have this ghost town under control, then I have a study session with Nathan.

DEB: Haley, I’m glad you’re seeing Nathan. He’s lucky to have someone like you.

HALEY: Thanks. Bye!

[Peyton’s room)

(She’s drawing on her bed when Brooke walks in behind her. Brooke picks up a Polaroid and takes a picture of Peyton)

PEYTON: (looks back at Brooke) What are you doing?

BROOKE: Documenting. A day without Cheer. Hour one. There’s something wrong with this picture though. Oh I know what it is, I’m not in it! (grabs the camera) Come here. (Brooke takes a picture of both of them) Would you please draw your freaky drawings later? There is no basketball, we’re young, we’re gorgeous, we have all this free time so lets go do something fun.

PEYTON: What about Lucas? I’m sure he’d be up for some fun. Probably some polaroids too.

BROOKE: Lucas, the monkey in the room.

PEYTON: Elephant

BROOKE: (laughing) Whatever. Look I came to make sure there’s no weirdness about that. You’re my best friend and I would never cut you out for a guy. Ok? No matter who he is. Or how happy he makes me.

PEYTON: Brooke, I’m cool with you and Lucas.

BROOKE: You sure?

PEYTON: Yeah, I just wanna draw for a little bit. How about a rain check?

BROOKE: Count on it. (holds up her fist) Hoes over bros (Peyton hits her fist with hers) I am gonna borrow this though. (holding up the camera) Incase he’s feeling frisky. Thanks!

(Brooke leaves; Peyton looks at the picture of them)

[Whitey’s office)

(Dan walks in)

DAN: Tell me I heard this wrong

WHITEY: (knocks on the table) It’s called knocking.

DAN: You did not just cancel practice.

WHITEY: You ever play the ponies Danny? What do you think of a Whirly Bird in the third? You think that’s a win place or show?

DAN: Have you completely lost it? You have a perfect season.

WHITEY: (laughs) You see that sign in the gym? It’s got my name on it. Means I call the shots. The game’s not fun anymore Danny. Somewhere along the way we’ve strayed off the path.

DAN: You’re supposed to be their coach, a leader.

WHITEY: (stands up) That is something that we agree on. We’ve driven him too hard, Danny.

DAN: What are you talking about?

WHITEY: Dehydration. We both know it’s more than that.

DAN: So now you’re a doctor.

WHITEY: I’ve taken steps to ease the pressure. I think you’d be well advised to take a couple of days and do the same. (walks out of the room) Hit the lights on the way out would you?

[Nathan’s house)

(A bag is sitting on the floor; Nathan walks in)

DAN: Hey. How you feeling son?

NATHAN: Okay. What’s my bag doing here?

DAN: Well I packed some things for you.

NATHAN: Dad, I’m not gonna move to the beach house.

DAN: You’re not gonna have to, we’ll work this out.

NATHAN: Well then what’s this?

DAN: You and I are going away for the weekend.

NATHAN: Are you kidding?

DAN: I already cleared it with your mom. I’ve got your golf clubs in the back of the car, we’ve got a 9 am tee-time.

NATHAN: Dad you can’t just spring things on me like this, alright? I had plans this weekend.

DAN: I know you do, with me.

(Dan walks out. Nathan looks upset)

[the park)

(Lucas and the guys are playing basketball)

MOUTH: (talking into his microphone) Oh, say it isn’t so. Fergy and Skills take it 15-13.

(They all sit down; Brooke drives up and hooks at them)

JUNK: This guy's got his own personal cheering squad now?

FERGIE: How you know she's not cheering for me?

SKILLS: Trust me dawg, she's not cheering for you man.

(Lucas walks over to her)

LUCAS: Hey babe.

SKILLS: Hey Luke. So that means we’re gonna get to see a little bit more of you, i mean you know since you got some time on your hands, right?

BROOKE: Not if I have anything to say about it boys.

SKILLS: See that is whack, dawg. We win the game and he get the girl.

(Brooke and Lucas kiss; The guys look away laughing)

[“Tidal Creek” grocery store)

(Deb sees Luke at the counter)

DEB: Lucas?

LUCAS: (looks nervous and puts things on the counter) Oh hey um...

DEB: I’m not playing hookie from your moms café, I just ran out of coffee filters.

LUCAS: (nods) Ok. See you later.

DEB: I’m glad we bumped into each other. Uh, Haley and I were talking and we thought it might be fun to start up some live entertainment at the café.

LUCAS: Great

DEB: Are you sure? Because if you think it’s a decision your mom should be making I understand.

LUCAS: No it’s…it’s a great idea. It’s good. Good.

DEB: Good


(Lucas turns around trying to stop the conversation)

DEB: Lucas, are you alright?

LUCAS: (trying to sound fine) Yeah

(Brooke jumps in front of him without noticing Deb)

BROOKE: Hey. (holds a box of condoms in front of him) don’t you think it makes more sense to buy in bulk? Plus…(holds up whipped cream) for desert. (Lucas looks up at Deb; Brooke turns around and laughs nervously) Oh, Hi Mrs. Scott.

DEB: Hi. Um…excuse me.

[outside store)

(Brooke and Lucas are walking to the car)

BROOKE: Of all the things to stick in my mouth it had to be my foot. (Lucas sighs) Lucas come on hold up.

LUCAS: Did you see the look on her face?

BROOKE: Yeah, total Judge Judy. Which is completely ridiculous considering who her son is.

LUCAS: She’s friends with my mom.

(He opens her door for her)

BROOKE: Right…forgot about that one. Well, your mom’s in Europe for the next month so what are the odds she remembers this?

LUCAS: Whipped cream and condoms…

(both laugh)

[Nathan and Dan in the car driving)

NATHAN: Are you and mom getting a divorce?

DAN: Why? What’d she tell you?

NATHAN: She kicked you out of the house right? That’s usually the first step.

DAN: Don’t worry, things will be back to normal in no time.

NATHAN: No, dad. Mom doesn’t want things to be back to normal, she wants them to be better.

DAN: Listen to me Nathan, you have a great life. A beautiful home and a basketball pedigree any kid would die for.

NATHAN: yeah I know. (His phone rings) I almost did. (Answers the phone) Hey, what are you doing?

HALEY: (sitting in the café looking at flyers she‘s drawing for open mic night) Oh just marveling at my lack of artistic ability. How’s the amazing race?

NATHAN: Well, it’s about as well as can be expected.

HALEY: Well, I wish you were here. We’re doing this open mic thing at the café tomorrow.

NATHAN: So I’m gone for 2 hours and you go all Hollywood on me.

HALEY: Yeah that’s me, Glamour girl. Hey you want to say hi to your mom?

NATHAN: No, uh, it’s bad timing. Look, let me give you a call back alright? Bye

(Haley hangs up the phone; Scene stays at the Café)

DEB: How’s he doing?

HALEY: Well there was no gun play or screaming so I’m assuming pretty well. He said to say “hi”.

DEB: Haley, these um, these flyers…

HALEY: (laughing) Suck! Yeah, uh huh! I know! I know! I’m trying everything! (she looks out the window) Hang on! (runs out of the café past Keith who’s walking in) Hi Keith, bye Keith

KEITH: Nice talking to you too.

DEB: Hey, Oh I’m Glad you’re here.

KEITH: Yeah I heard you could use the business.

DEB: Uh, yeah that too.

KEITH: So let me guess, Dan did something.

DEB: Of course, but actually this is about Lucas. I saw him at the grocery store today. He was with a girl.

KEITH: Oh yeah that’s Brooke, he’s been spending a lot of time with her. I can’t say I blame him.

DEB: (pouring them both coffee) Uh, they were, buying condoms.

KEITH: Right.

DEB: I guess you could take comfort in the fact that he’s being safe, but you know mistakes happen. I’m a walking poster child for it.

KEITH: Oh boy. Karen’s calling tonight, what am I going to tell her? You know besides the fact that I want what’s best for Lucas, I just, I don’t wanna let her down.

DEB: Well then don’t. She’s 3000 miles away, She trust’s you to handle this.

KEITH: I could always lock him in the cellar.

DEB: I was going to suggest talking to him.

KEITH: Or that!

[outside THUD magazine)

(Peyton walks out and Haley stops her)

HALEY: Oh, Hey


HALEY: I need your help. Don’t worry it doesn’t involve orphans or Nathan or any major commitment of any kind.

PEYTON: What does it involve?

HALEY: Your artistic ability.

(Haley holds up her drawings; Peyton laughs and takes them)


HALEY: I know they’re horrible. Can you fix it?

PEYTON: Yeah! I can burn them!

HALEY: (laughs) Can you come up with a design that doesn’t suck?

PEYTON: When do you need them by?

HALEY: Tomorrow afternoon.


HALEY: Oh, thank you! You’re the best. (starts to walk away) I take back everything I said about you before we met.

[Hotel with Dan and Nathan)

MAN: Welcome back, Mr. Scott.

(shakes his hand)

DAN: Thank you

MAN: Your room is all ready. And your wife?

DAN: Uh, actually there’s been a change of plans. This is gonna be a guys weekend! This is my son Nathan.

MAN: Oh well the suite that you requested has a King size. Shall I check for a double room?

DAN: I’d hate to give up the view. Um, I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you bring up a cot.

MAN: Very good.

(Nathan turns around looking upset)

NATHAN: (sighs) Dad are you kidding me? This was supposed to be a weekend for you and mom?

DAN: Well it didn’t work out that way did it?

NATHAN: So this whole father son thing, this is just plan B.

DAN: What difference does it make how or why we got here. The point is we’re here. And we’re gonna have a good time.

(a phone rings and they both check if it’s theirs)

NATHAN: It’s Haley

DAN: She’s got you on a short leash.

NATHAN: (talking on the phone) Yeah.

HALEY: Hey its Haley.

NATHAN: (not sounding enthusiastic) Yeah I know. Look its not a good time right now, alright?

HALEY: Oh sorry I just…

NATHAN: I’ll call you back.

(Nathan hangs up)

DAN: Nice work.

MAN: Shall I send up your bags?

DAN: I have some golf clubs in the back of the car too, I’m taking my son to school on the links tomorrow.

MAN: They’ll be waiting on you on the tee in the morning.

DAN: Perfect.

(Man leaves; Dan walks towards the room. Nathan shakes his head and follows)

[Lucas’ bedroom)

(Lucas and Brooke are making out in the dark. The lights turn on and both look up)

BROOKE: (nervously) Hi, Uncle Keith.

KEITH: Brooke. Could you maybe pick this up some other time? I’d like to have a word with Luke.

BROOKE: Ok. (gets her things together and starts to leave not really knowing what else to do)

LUCAS: Keith

KEITH: Say goodnight Luke

BROOKE: I’ll…call you later (she walks out the door)

(Luke watches her out the window)

LUCAS: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

KEITH: That’s funny I was just about to ask you the same thing.

LUCAS: I get it. This is about Deb right?

KEITH: No. This is, um, about you. And some incredibly bad judgment. And I think you should remember that Deb’s the one keeping your mothers business alive while she’s gone.

LUCAS: Yes, but it doesn’t give her the right to butt in alright? I mean look at Nathan. The guy gets away with 10 times the crap I do.

KEITH: Well you’re not Nathan. And you know, that’s not the point. I mean what is this? You couldn’t even be home for your mothers phone call tonight?

LUCAS: I forgot. What’d you tell her?

KEITH: I told her that you missed her. And that you loved her. And that you were at the library studying. You know, the Luke Scott that I know, is better than this.

LUCAS: Well look the Keith Scott that I know isn’t my mother alright? He’s not even her boyfriend. So this really isn’t your business.

KEITH: Well that’s where you’re wrong. Cause while I’m here it is my business. You know, you might wanna take a long hard look in the mirror. And see if the guy staring back at you is the kind of person you want to be.

(Keith walks out leaving Lucas upset on his bed)

[Golf course with Dan and Nathan)

(Nathan hit’s the ball)

DAN: Well what do you know, you actually hit the fare way this time. (laughing)

DAN: watch and learn. (he hit’s the ball) Oh, so pretty! My ball cleared yours on the fly. Maybe you wanna hit from the ladies tee next time.

NATHAN: (walking back to the cart) Wanna drive?

DAN: I just did! (laughing)

(Nathan tries to ignore him)

[Peyton’s room)

(Haley is looking through her music and Peyton is drawing on the bed)

HALEY: (reading the names of the music) Vex, Cat Power, Cheap Trick. You’re all over the place!

PEYTON: I kind of got a lot of moods. (her phone rings; Peyton gets up and hands the picture the Haley as her answering machine picks up in the background) Alright finished.

HALEY: Oh this is great! Thank you!

PEYTON: No problem.

BROOKE: (Voice on answering machine) Hello! Best friend! Pick up the phone. don’t pretend you’re not there, cause I can see you on your cry for help web cam.

(show computer and see Peyton and Haley standing in view of the camera)

HALEY: Web Cam? (looking around)

PEYTON: Its…(point to it)

BROOKE: (voice) Hi to you too tutor girl!

PEYTON: Hold no just one second. (picks up the phone) Hello? Look I’m busy, I promised I would do something. (giving Haley a look like she is obviously lying) Okay. Yeah I’ll call you tonight. Bye. (hangs up) Do you need help with those? (pointing to the flyers)

HALEY: Oh no you don’t have to do that.

PEYTON: No, yeah I do. I mean, if you want help.

HALEY: (Understanding that Peyton needs an excuse not to see Brooke) Yes I would love help. Yeah, come on.

(Peyton throws a shirt over the web cam as they leave)

[outside Jake's House)

(Jake is playing the guitar outside as Lucas walks up with a basketball)



LUCAS: I was just on my way down to the river court man, thought maybe you’d want to shoot around.

JAKE: Yeah it kind of feels weird not having Saturday practice right?

LUCAS: (sits next to him and sighs) Never thought I’d miss it.

JAKE: Yeah I appreciate it but I kind of have to stay around the house today

LUCAS: What are you grounded?

JAKE: No, no not exactly.

LUCAS: You sick? (Jake just looks down not knowing what to say) Alright cool, you know what? You don’t wanna hang out with me man its cool. Alright? I’ll see you later man. (He starts to leave)

JAKE: Luke. Come on in. (Lucas and Jake enter the house; Jake walks over to a crib; Lucas soon joins Jake by the crib) So this is Jenny

(See an adorable baby girl)

LUCAS: Is she...

JAKE: Yeah. Yea, she’s all mine.

LUCAS: Wow that is unbelievable. (Jake gives a bottle to Jenny) How old is she?

JAKE: (proud) She’s 6 months. 9 days and a couple of hours.

LUCAS: Who’s the mother?

JAKE: Uh, that’s, that’s a long story but lets just say shes out of the picture.

LUCAS: So you’re raising her all by yourself?

JAKE: no my parents they work nights. And they help out a lot, between the three of us we’re handling it.

LUCAS: That explains a lot about you man. But um, why keep her a secret?

JAKE: Oh come on you know how people are.

LUCAS: Yeah but if you treat this like its something to be ashamed of, your daughter will carry that around with her for the rest of her life.

JAKE: Well no, I’m not ashamed of her. I’m just trying to protect her.

LUCAS: You know my mom did the same thing. When I found out, the truth about who I was, there was a part of me that thought that maybe, she kept it a secret because she was ashamed of me. Trust me man, you don’t want to hide this.

(Jake looks down at Jenny)

[The streets)

(Peyton and Haley are walking and putting flyers on cars)

HALEY: Are you gonna come?

PEYTON: I don’t know. I want it its just kind of…

HALEY: Brooke and Lucas. He told me about the other night.

PEYTON: It’s my own fault. I blew it.

HALEY: Sorry

PEYTON: The worst part is though, Brooke is my best friend, you know and she doesn’t have any idea how much this is killing me. I don’t know what kind of karmic monster I was in my past life!

HALEY: Probably one of those sirens that lure in sailors and then kill them on the rocks.

(Peyton jokingly pushes her and they laugh)

HALEY: Look, between you and me, I really don’t see Lucas and Brooke as like an epic romance, ok? (laughs) But I mean he did ask me to give them a chance, so I kind of owe him that you know?

PEYTON: Well what do you think I should do?

HALEY: The same thing.

[Golf course)

(Nathan is trying to putt)

DAN: Never up never in Nathan. You really fell apart on the back nine.

NATHAN: I think you told me that a few times already, Dad.

(Nathan putts but it doesn’t go in)

DAN: Well it was a nice try. (Nathan tries not to say anything back) Well you sink this one you might actually break 100. (Laughs) Alright focus. Square your shoulders. Loose grip. Line it up. Good. (Nathan takes a full swing and hit’s the ball past Dan into the water) Woah what the hell are you doing?!

NATHAN: Never up never in, right dad?

(Nathan starts to walk away)

DAN: Hey! Watch it!

NATHAN: You know this whole thing is just another chance for you to pick me apart and show me how much better you are. Well there you go Dad, you just kicked my @#%$, congratulations. (He starts to applaud) It was great really.

DAN: Don’t make a scene.

NATHAN: You know what? I almost killed myself for you. You know that?

DAN: What are you talking about?

NATHAN: Drugs dad! I took drugs for you.

DAN: No! My son would never take drugs.

NATHAN: “Your son”. it’s all about you isn’t it dad? You know why mom kicked you out? Cause you’re a bully. And you don’t give a damn about anything other than your own ego.

DAN: Would you keep your voice down?

NATHAN: No! You know what you should do? You should give mom a divorce. You should do her a favor and give mom a divorce. She’s never going to be happy with you dad, Nobody is!

(Nathan walks off the course)

[Whitey’s House-outside)

(Keith walks up and brings the news paper to Whitey on the porch)

WHITEY: You always were a sorry paper boy. Whenever you did manage to drag your butt out of bed, I’d get the paper either through a broken window or on a working sprinkler head.

KEITH: Well maybe if you tipped in Holidays, it would be a different story.

WHITEY: Pure extortion. Well are you here to warn me about the town lynching?

KEITH: No firm date has been set yet, far as I know. (Whitey laughs as he reads the paper) Taking a little hiatus, huh?

WHITEY: Extreme times call for extreme measures.

KEITH: Oh yeah, that’s kind of why I’m here. I need some advice.

WHITEY: More trouble with Nathan?

KEITH: Nah its Lucas. I’m worried he’s taken some wrong turns and I think I might be part of the problem.

WHITEY: How’s that?

KEITH: Well, I’m not exactly a shinning example of good choices.

WHITEY: Well, you could take a page out of my book and step back.

KEITH: That’s your advice? Just…do nothing?

WHITEY: Or you could emulate your brother and smother the kid with your own short comings. (both laugh) Now I’ve coached 35 teams. Some of them I’ve coddled, some of them I’ve yelled at. But each player has to find his own game. Don’t worry about Lucas. He’s a good kid. He’ll find his way back to the main road.

[THUD magazine-inside)

(Peyton passes a man inside)



(They walk past each other but Peyton looks back at him)

PEYTON: You’re Gavin DeGraw.

(He turns back around)

GAVIN: Oh yeah that’s me.

PEYTON: Are you playing in town?

GAVIN: Yeah we’re doing a gig at Carolina, and an interview.

PEYTON: Oh, wow um. Ok not to be presumptuous or anything but you wouldn’t be interested in playing a smaller space, like a much much smaller space. There’s a thing across the street tonight. Open mic night. I know that’s way beneath you but I would score so many major cool points if you would just come and play a couple of songs. I’ll stop now!

GAVIN: Well um, what’s the name of this place?

PEYTON: Um, Karen’s Café?

GAVIN: It’s low key though right?

PEYTON: No, totally low key. Um, maybe I’ll see you there.

GAVIN: Yeah maybe.

PEYTON: Ok... Bye


[Lucas’ house)

(Lucas walks in and sits in the kitchen with Keith)



LUCAS: I kind of said some brutal things last night I wish I could take back.

KEITH: Well, obviously I suck at this. I um, I want to be your friend, but I also want to do the right thing by your mom.

LUCAS: And I know how important that is to you. I’m not really making it easy am I?

KEITH: Well, at a certain point its up to you. It’s your life. And I think the best thing I can do is back off and let you live it. And if you need help, I’ll always be there.

LUCAS: Thanks

[Jake's house)

(Jake starts to open his mail and sees a yellow folded paper)

“THEY’VE GOT BOOSTER CHAIRS… LUKE” is written on the front

(open to see a flyer for open mic night)

[Karen’s Café; open mic night)

(The place is packed; Haley meets Peyton at the door)


PEYTON: I guess all those flyers weren’t a complete waste of trees.

HALEY: Thank you so much for your help. Oh just grab an apron. (starts to walk away and Peyton looks at her) Kidding! Sit wherever you want, order whatever you want on the house, I’m glad you came. (she walks off to serve people)

[Brooke and Lucas walk in)

BROOKE: so this is the place

LUCAS: This is it.

BROOKE: Very buzz worthy. (she sees Peyton sitting alone in the corner) Cool clientele too.

(Lucas kisses her forehead and she walks over to Peyton; Lucas walks to Deb)

LUCAS: Listen, Deb, um…I just wanted to say you’re doing a great job. My mom will be happy.

DEB: That means a lot to me, thanks Lucas.

LUCAS: And, about the other night.

DEB: Yeah, yeah I know you think I overstepped my bounds

LUCAS: No its just that if you have a problem with me, could you just talk to me about it first?

DEB: You got it

LUCAS: Alright

(Brooke and Peyton sitting at a table; Lucas walks up to them)

LUCAS: Hey, Mind if I join you?

(Brooke looks at Peyton waiting for her answer)

PEYTON: Actually, I was just leaving, I’ll see you two.

(she gets up and leaves, Brooke looks at her upset and gets up to follow)

BROOKE: (to Lucas) I’ll be right back

(Outside the café. Brooke runs after Peyton)

BROOKE: Peyton!

(Peyton looks angry that she followed her and turns around)

BROOKE: What’s going on? Are you mad at me?

PEYTON: (almost with tears in her eyes) Its not you Brooke its me, I thought I was cool with this but I’m not, I’m sorry.

BROOKE: With me and Lucas?! You do not have to feel like a third wheel. You’re my best friend. Ok? He gets that.

PEYTON: It’s not that Brooke.

BROOKE: Then what is it?

PEYTON: I just…(looks back at Brooke and stops). You’re right it’s the whole third wheel thing, I guess I just missed you.

BROOKE: Then will you please come inside and hang out? I miss you too, ok? Come on.

(Peyton nods and they hug and walk back inside)

[Inside Café; Haley gets on the mic)

HALEY: Hey, so I just want to remind everybody that the stage is open, if anybody has any hidden talent they want to reveal.

JAKE: (walking in the door) I’ll give it a shot.

(Brooke looks at Lucas surprised that he is there)

HALEY: Great come on up. Thank God. Jake Jagielski ladies and gentlemen.

(everyone cheers; Jake puts Jenny’s carrier on the floor and sits with his guitar)

JAKE: Um, so normally, I only sing for my daughter. (Peyton smiles) But something that a friend said convinced me that I should open up to a wider audience and this seemed like the right time and place. So everyone, this is my daughter, Jenny. And Jenny, this is my whole world.

(Brooke and Lucas on the couch)

BROOKE: Jake has a baby?!

(Lucas looks at her and smiles. Haley stands next to Peyton at the counter)

HALEY: You ok?

PEYTON: (nods but looks upset) yeah

(Haley walks away again; Peyton looks at Brooke and Lucas on the couch and they smile at each other)

[Jake’s song in the back ground:

Such a Lonely boy

Couldn’t find the joy within

Such a lonely girl

Such a lonely world we’re living in

I watch it all go by

I can’t find a tear to cry)

(the song gets very low as Haley picks up the phone to call Nathan; Nathan walks in the room and stands behind her)

NATHAN: Jerk never called you back did he? (Haley turns around surprised and hugs him) Believe me you didn’t want to talk to him anyways.

HALEY: What are you doing here?

NATHAN: Look I’m sorry…

HALEY: No…(kisses him) I’m glad you’re back.

NATHAN: Yeah me too! It’s like, every time I’m with him, I just get caught in this rip tide, you know, the harder I try to get out, the harder it is for me to keep from downing.

HALEY: Maybe you just need to steer clear of the water for a little while.

(Deb walks in)

DEB: Hey, Nate. I thought you weren’t getting back till tomorrow what happened?

NATHAN: We were keeping score mom. What do you think happened?

DEB: Oh honey I’m sorry, I should have known.

NATHAN: Whatever, I’m used to it.

(Puts his arm around Haley and walks out of the room)

[Outside the café)

(Dan is sitting in his car looking in; Jake still singing)

[Inside the Café)

(Jake singing and Peyton watching)

[Jake’s song:

Such a lonely boy

Such a lonely girl

It’s such a lonely world)

(song ends; everyone cheers)

PEYTON: So what are you, like, married too?!

JAKE: Nah, its just me and Jenny.

(Peyton looks at Jenny and back at Jake)

PEYTON: She’s got your eyebrows

JAKE: Oh that’s not a good thing!

(both laugh)

PEYTON: She’s beautiful

JAKE: Thanks, Peyton.

(They walk away from each other; Enter Gavin DeGraw; Peyton meets them at the door)

PEYTON: Thanks for coming

GAVIN: I thought this was going to be low key

PEYTON: Sorry! Is it still cool?

GAVIN: Yeah its alright.

[Nathan and Haley are standing along and Lucas comes to them)

LUCAS: Listen man, some of the guys and I are gonna go down to the River Court, I wanted to know if you and the team wanted to come.


LUCAS: Cause it’s fun. Don’t you remember?

(Nathan nods and Lucas walks away; Haley smiles at Nathan and jokingly nudges him)

HALEY: Alright Ladies and gentlemen give it up for Gavin DeGraw!


[The band starts playing:

I don't need to be anything other than a prison guard's son

I don't need to be anything other than a specialist's son

I don't have to be anyone other than a birth of two souls in one

Part of where I'm going is knowing where I'm coming from

I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately

All I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind

I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wondering what I gotta do

Or who I'm supposed to be

I don't want to be anything other than me)

[River Court)

(hear music continue in the background)

MOUTH: (voice only) good evening everyone to a historic game of basketball. I’m Mouth McFadden and tonight this is the only game that matters.

(all the guys playing together; Lucas and Nathan are on the same team; Peyton and Brooke are sitting on top of a car with Jenny between; Haley walks up to them)


BROOKE: Hey, tutor girl!

(They all laugh; The ball rolls towards the girls and Jake goes after it; Peyton picks it up and hands it to them; They smile at each other; Brooke takes a picture of Jake and hands it to Peyton)

BROOKE: I guess this answers the gay question.

HALEY: Give me this. (takes the camera from Brooke) Get in. (Peyton and Brooke lean in towards Jenny and smile) Cheese!

(Nathan scores and is obviously playing well with Lucas and his friends; Whitey and Keith in a car across the park watching the game)

KEITH: I thought you might want to see this coach. Come a long way since the last time we sat here.

WHITEY: uh huh. Makes you wonder where they’re all headed.

(Fades out from the game)


(Dan enters)

DAN: Busy night?

DEB: What happened today Dan?

DAN: Oh you know, we were going to spend the weekend but we missed you too much.

DEB: I ask you to make good with your son and you make it worse.

DAN: He flipped out on the 18th hole. It was embarrassing

DEB: and did you badger him into it? You have a problem Dan. You’re competitive and controlling and you need some help.

DAN: Since when did you become mother of the year? Last I knew you were out of sight half the month and out of mind the rest.

DEB: You’re right. I have a lot of catching up to do with Nathan. But at least I’m trying to help. You on the other hand…

DAN: What about me?

DEB: I want you to see someone. A therapist. We’ll go as a family.

DAN: Forget it.

DEB: Its not a negotiation Dan. You get some help or you’re not going to see Nathan.

DAN: (starts to leave) You really think you’re going to stop me from seeing my own son?

DEB: Try me.

(Dan nods and leaves)