01x11 - The Living Years

[Therapist Office]

(Therapist, Dan, Deb and Nathan in the room)

DOCTOR: Truth is hard. But Hostility stays outside. Who would like to start)

DAN: Well you’re the one with all the answers Doc why don’t you tell us)

DOCTOR: Hostility stays outside Dan)

DEB: Things have just gotten out of hand, so, we thought we could use some…

DAN: No, YOU thought

DEB: …objectivity)

DOCTOR: Define “gotten out of hand”. Nathan)


DEB: We reached the breaking point two weeks ago when my son…

DAN: You hear that? “My son”

DOCTOR: Deb is speaking now Dan

DEB: When our son collapsed on the basketball court after taking drugs to boost his performance.

DAN: The kid made a mistake he knows that)

DEB: His father has been bullying him about the sport since he was old enough to hold a ball)

DOCTOR: Is that true Nathan)

DAN: His mother is so quick to put the blame on me, but up until recently, job always came first.

DEB: Yes but I changed my behavior Dan, and you haven’t. You cant seem to loose this unhealthy obsession you have with basketball, and how Nathan plays it)

DAN: (interrupts) She blames me for her shortcomings as a mother)

DOCTOR: Ok, I think we got some things out in the open. Nathan, do you think that basketball is part of your families problem)

NATHAN: Part of)

DOCTOR: But you still like playing)

NATHAN: I don’t know anymore.

DAN: Great, Nice break through Nate. Thanks Doc. (Gets up to leave)

DEB: Dan

DAN: Hustle up! No way this is helping)

[outside the office at the cars)

DEB: You’re right Dan, we don’t need a shrink to identify this families problem, you just made it obvious)

DAN: I’m not his only parent Deb. Hey why don’t you ride with your old man, Nathan.

DEB: Stop it Dan. Come on Nathan lets go)

DAN: Let the kid make up his own mind. What do you say son)

DEB: Nate)

(Nathan looks at both of them then walks away)

DAN: Nathan!


(Brooke and Lucas)

LUCAS: Here we go. This is the writer I was talking about)

BROOKE: Somerset Maugham? (pronounces it wrong)

LUCAS: Well its, “Maugham” (corrects her. Reads the back) Human Bondage

BROOKE: Bondage!

LUCAS: Yeah its not like that)

BROOKE: So, you’re good. Are we done here!

LUCAS: Well I just thought that this was a better opportunity for us to spend some time, you know, hang out with each other)

BROOKE: And it is, but can we maybe do it someplace that smells a little less funky)

LUCAS: Haha, (smells the book) it’s the smell of old books.

BROOKE: Like I said! Come on, its my turn. Please!

LUCAS: (Sighs) Just keep it legal)

(Brooke nods)

[Outside a house a night)

(Brooke taking her clothes off. Then Lucas and Brooke are seen in a Jacuzzi; Lucas has no shirt and Brooke takes off her bra; They kiss)

LUCAS: Wait, you sure your parents wont come home)

BROOKE: They could. But, this isn’t their Jacuzzi)

LUCAS: Brooke…whose house is this)

BROOKE: (giggles) I don’t know! Does it matter)

(Pans away as they make out)

[Karen’s Café)

(Deb and Keith at the counter; Deb puts a plate of pancakes and eggs in front of Keith)

DEB: Here you go

KEITH: Wow, for the diet special that looks pretty damn tasty)

DEB: Oh! Sorry)

(Takes the plate to another person)

KEITH: Things have worked out pretty well huh? Karen’s café gets to stay open, and I get to see a little more of my sister-in-law)

DEB: Aw.

KEITH: So how are you doing with things!

DEB: Uh, we had our first counseling session yesterday

KEITH: Dan and counseling. It’s kind of like Hannibal Lector at a salad bar. Well if you think it would help I’d be happy to talk to Nathan.

DEB: I think he’d like that)

(Enter Dan)

DAN: I know you like my women, Keith, but come on! Deb’s still my wife)

KEITH: Won’t be for long if you keep this up)

DAN: I’m taking Nathan to dinner tonight. Do you have a problem with that)

DEB: Yeah. He needs a break from you

DAN: You can't stop me from seeing my own son.

DEB: Oh, actually I can. By telling you nicely, or calling a lawyer. Your choice)

DAN: Tell him I’ll pick him up at 7

(Dan leaves)

KEITH: Tell Nathan to come see me. I’ll do what I can)

[Peyton’s house)

(Door is cracked open and Lucas hears noise inside)

LUCAS: Peyton? (Grabs a rake and goes inside) Peyton! (A man is standing in the kitchen; Lucas knocks on the table with the rake) Where’s Peyton)

MR. SAWYER: Dressing for school is my guess)

LUCAS: Who are you!

MR. SAWYER: I’m the guy who’s about to take that rake from you and beat your scrawny @#%$. I’m her dad. Who are you)

LUCAS: Oh. Sorry. The front door was open and I thought…I’m Lucas)

(They shake hands)

MR. SAWYER: Larry Sawyer.

(Peyton walks in)

PEYTON: Hey dad do you know where my…(sees Lucas) What are you doing here)

MR. SAWYER: Oh he’s trying to rake me to death)

PEYTON: What?)

LUCAS: I thought you were…nothing crucial. I’m gonna go put this back)

[outside school)

BROOKE: So, who’s the guy)

PEYTON: What guy)

BROOKE: The one that’s got you smiling

PEYTON: That’d be my dad)

BROOKE: Oh I’d be smiling too but for entirely different reasons)

PEYTON: Dude that’s my dad! Don’t go all horndog on me. There’s a line)

BROOKE: Speaking of which, I really don’t wanna cross any so tell me if this is totally inappropriate to ask.

PEYTON: When has that every stopped you)

BROOKE: I need to connect more with Lucas)

PEYTON: I thought you guys were already doing that)

BROOKE: I mean, the making out thing is great and all but it only goes so far. Can you help a girl out)

PEYTON: Yeah. (Reaches into her bag for a CD) You know what? Give him this)

BROOKE: Travis

PEYTON: Yeah, Tell him that tracks 8 and 11 make you think of him)

BROOKE: Great. Wait, make me think of him or make you think of him)

PEYTON: Just friends)

BROOKE: I know, sorry. You’re a goddess. (hugs her and leaves)

[Tutoring Center)

HALEY: Did you finish ‘The Little Prince’)

NATHAN: No, I just rented the movie. This book is stupid)

HALEY: Nathan, you’re not going to pass French if you keep renting movies)

NATHAN: Well, its not like I have a lot of time to just sit around and read)

HALEY: So, are you ever going to tell me how it went)

NATHAN: The therapist asked me if I really want to play basketball or not)

HALEY: Wow, what did you say)

NATHAN: I didn’t know what to say. Nobody’s ever asked me that question)

HALEY: Wow, that’s really big)

NATHAN: This last couple of weeks without it, I mean if I didn’t play I might actually have a life)

HALEY: What would you do)

NATHAN: I don’t know. At least I’d have some time to figure it out though. Besides, I’m sure we could find a lot better things to do with our time right)

HALEY: You think? (they kiss) I think you’re really brave. To consider rebuilding who you are. I don’t know if I could do that.

NATHAN: You could. Well, I gotta go)

HALEY: (looks at her watch) Oh yeah. Hey, um, practice starts back up again today right)

NATHAN: Yeah, I’m just not sure if I do. I’ll see ya)

[Outside school)

(Lucas is sitting down working, Brooke comes up to him)

BROOKE: All work and no Brooke make Luke a boring boy)


BROOKE: I got you something

LUCAS: But I don’t have anything for you

BROOKE: And yet you do. (Hands him the cd) A couple of songs on there that made me think of you. Of course most things do)

LUCAS: I didn’t know you were into Travis

BROOKE: Are you kidding I love Travis. He’s the best.


BROOKE: Travis guy. Are we not in the same conversation? (Luke looks confused. Bell Rings) Check out tracks 8 and 13. You’ll love them. (kisses him) Bye.


(Peyton drawing in school; Lucas puts the cd in front of her)

LUCAS: Thought you might want that back)

PEYTON: I already have it)

LUCAS: So do I. Tracks 8 and 11? Totally you. So what are you doing? Some sort of serrano thing for Brooke)

PEYTON: Why would I do that)

LUCAS: Well I asked you first

PEYTON: Look, don’t underestimate Brooke. She’s full of surprises. Its just part of her charm)

LUCAS: She told me to listen to track 13. There are only 12 songs)

PEYTON: Honest mistake)

LUCAS: Yeah, I guess. Anyway, sorry about this morning with your dad. (both laugh) I had no idea he was there.

PEYTON: It’s cause he usually isn’t.

LUCAS: I thought you were happy with your setup)

PEYTON: That’s what I tell him. I make up stuff in the emails I send him about how happy I am being on my own, and how responsible I’m being even when I’m not. He loves his job, you know? And after my mom died, it’s just not fair to ask him to give that up. But I miss him when he’s away.

LUCAS: You tell him that)

PEYTON: He worries. It’s just better not to.

LUCAS: So listen, I don’t have a lot of quiet time these days. You mind if I just sit and read while you draw!

PEYTON: As long as you don’t act out the parts.

LUCAS: (laughs) Alright)

(Peyton watches him read then looks down. Luke looks up at her and smiles)

[Scott Body Shop)

(Keith lowers a car and Nathan is standing on the other side)

NATHAN: My mom said you wanted to see me)

KEITH: Yeah. Hand me that ratchet would you? So how are you holding up)

NATHAN: Why? Are you going to report it back to my mom)

KEITH: It’s not like that Nate. Look I know you and I haven’t talked very much. And I’m sorry about that. But that’s just fall out from your dad and me. I know you’re going through some tough times so, if you need anything.

NATHAN: Well, let me ask you something. You played basketball in high school right)

KEITH: Only for a little while.

NATHAN: You didn’t enjoy it)

KEITH: What are you kidding me? I loved it! But there was no pressure then. And then I didn’t love it so much anymore. Your dad came up and just made everything a competition.

NATHAN: So then you just walked away)

KEITH: Only looked back at the cheerleaders. It’s just a game Nate. Not a life.

[Outside school)

(Haley meets up with Peyton)

HALEY: Hey spirit girl. That cheerleading thing always throws me off)


HALEY: Just the more I get to know you the harder it is to wrap my head around it)

PEYTON: My mom used to cheer and Brooke and I have been cheering together forever so it’s just kind of our thing.

HALEY: Oh cool.

PEYTON: What’s up)

HALEY: So, um, I need some advice. About Nathan. I don’t know if its crossing a line. (Peyton starts to laugh) Okay funny wasn’t what I was going for but.)

PEYTON: I was the queen of boyfriend-dysfunction and now I guess I’m everybody’s go-to on relationship advice its just kind of bizarre right!

HALEY: If it’s too weird then…

PEYTON: No it’s cool. What’s going on)

HALEY: Well, um, Nathan’s talking about quitting the team. And I just, I don’t know what to say)

PEYTON: Yeah, look I could never find the words to get through that big wall that he puts up so I really can’t help you out much. But you’re so much better with him than I ever was. He’s lucky to have you)

HALEY: Thanks. I don’t want to keep you from your practice.

PEYTON: Hmm. Go Ravens.

HALEY: Hey, um, I didn’t mean anything, about your mom.

PEYTON: It’s cool


[Inside gym)

(Cheerleaders are warming up)

BROOKE: You could have told me Travis was a group

PEYTON: It’s not like it’s some big secret)

BROOKE: Lucas gave me the weirdest look when I said that. I felt so stupid)

PEYTON: You’re not stupid. You guys just don’t like the same things.

BROOKE: See that’s the problem. He brings up art and books and I’ve got nothing. (Whistle blows; Guys run out into the gym. Lucas runs past Brooke and Peyton) Hey you

LUCAS: Hey you. (to Peyton) And you)

(Whitey blows whistle again)

WHITEY: Welcome back gentlemen. Lets see how soft you all got after that little hiatus. Suicides. Now (Jake jogs in with Jenny) Better be a basketball in that thing Jagielski)

JAKE: Come on Coach. It’s either this or I miss practice)

WHITEY: Alright well find her a spot with a good view so that she can watch her daddy throw up)

PEYTON: I’ll take her Jake.

JAKE: Yeah? Thanks Peyton)

PEYTON: Glad to

WHITEY: (Whistle) Alright, gather around. Where’s Nathan? Tim, you’re his girlfriend, where is he)

TIM: I don’t know coach. He was at school today)

WHITEY: Alright. I’ve got some offensive sets worked out here. Line up at the low stacks.

[Lucas house)

(Typing a letter to his mom when Brooke walks in)

BROOKE: So I had an idea.


BROOKE: Remember when I read that Steinberg book!

LUCAS: Steinbeck

BROOKE: Yeah, that guy. And then you did something that I wanted)

LUCAS: Oh yeah, yeah. Getting drunk, tattooed and grounded!

BROOKE: But in a fun way. I’m thinking we should try that again

LUCAS: Okay, you might want to run that by Keith first.

BROOKE: Not exactly that, I just, I want to know everything about you. And I want you to know…almost everything about me)

LUCAS: What’s going on Brooke)

BROOKE: Nothing. I just. I want to know you better Luke. So how about, the next time you do something you love, you bring me along, and then we trade. Are you busy after practice tomorrow)

LUCAS: Yeah, I have a date with you)


(Dan and Nathan; Girl brings pizza to the table)

TARA: Half with olives. We aim to please)

DAN: (flirting) Well, you hit the bulls eye Tara)

(Nathan gives him a look)

DAN: What? You know how I like to kid around.

NATHAN: Yeah, you’re famous for it. Dad, you really think that’s gonna help what’s going on)

DAN: Look, you know I think this counseling thing is ridiculous but I promised your mom I’d try again. We’ll be okay)


DAN: You just focus on your game. Whitey kick your @#%$ today)

NATHAN: I didn’t go to practice)

DAN: What’s going on with you Nate)

NATHAN: Nothing, I just need some time. Okay)

DAN: No its not okay. It’s career suicide)

NATHAN: Dad, Keith said…

DAN: Keith said! You talked to Keith? You take advice from Keith you’ll end up spending the rest of your life running a second rate auto garage. Is that what you want)

NATHAN: I told you. I don’t know what I want)

[Scott Body Shop)

(Keith lowers a car and Dan is standing on the other side)

KEITH: That’s just freaky)

DAN: Where do you get off telling Nathan he can quit the team)

KEITH: I didn’t tell him he could quit. He wanted to talk, we talked. Maybe you ought to try it something)

DAN: So you neglect him most of his life, I’m out of the house a week, and there you are)

KEITH: He surprised me, Dan. You know Nathan’s a good kid. You got him so screwed up he doesn’t know what he wants)

DAN: Deb got her hand up your back, Keith)

KEITH: Deb’s the best thing Nathan’s got going for him right now. She’s trying to save him)

DAN: What the hell do you think I’m trying to do)

KEITH: I’ve been trying to figure that out all these years, Danny)

DAN: I don’t mind you playing Daddy to one of my offspring, but leave the good one alone, would you)

[outside school]

(Jake walks with Peyton)

JAKE: Hey Peyton. Missing these!

PEYTON: Those are the keys to the squads equipment cabinet. I gave them to Jenny yesterday to play with. She was shaking them like a pom pom.

JAKE: Maybe she’ll be a cheerleader)

PEYTON: Or President. You gotta think big)

JAKE: Alright, you never know. Whatever makes her happy.

PEYTON: You know I think its really amazing how committed to her you are)

JAKE: Well, its really not that hard. I mean, from the moment I saw her I was totally hooked. She’s just so cute. And I think about watching her grow up. I couldn’t imagine not being there.

PEYTON: You know I bet you’re a really great dad.

JAKE: I don’t know. Some days I wonder)

(They walk off screen)

(Lucas stops Nathan outside the gym)

LUCAS: Hey Nathan


LUCAS: Missed you at practice

NATHAN: Look man you don’t have to be nice to me cause I’m going out with Haley, okay)

LUCAS: I’m not. Team sucks on a day without you man. Ask Whitey.

NATHAN: I’m trying to avoid him.

LUCAS: That’s cool. Do what you got to do)

NATHAN: Usually do

(Lucas leaves. Haley comes up to Nathan)

HALEY: Am I hallucinating? Did I just see you talking to Lucas)

NATHAN: No, he was trying to talk to me. The whole nice guy thing’s wearing kind of thin)

HALEY: You want to walk to English)

NATHAN: Actually I think I’m gonna cut out of here a little bit early. Wanna join me)

HALEY: Are you serious)

NATHAN: Yeah, why not? You up for it)

HALEY: I can’t, Nathan.

NATHAN: Alright. Well, look, I gotta get out of here so I’ll catch you later.

HALEY: Okay (Starts to walk away. Haley thinks about it and catches up to him) You know what? Catch me now)

[Outside Dan’s Motors)

(Haley’s excited as Nathan pulls up in a convertible)

HALEY: (getting in) Oh My God!

NATHAN: Nice huh)

[the Beach)

(Nathan and Haley are drinking)

HALEY: So, are we trying to get killed)

NATHAN: I told you, my dad’s in Charlotte, it’s okay. I’ve never seen you like this)

HALEY: Now you have

(kisses him)

NATHAN: Let’s go inside

HALEY: Okay (Haley starts to get on his back) Okay, 1...3...5 (Jumps on) Okay

NATHAN: Got it)

HALEY: Yeah I’m good. Oh, stop moving the pier.

(They look up to see Dan in front of them)

NATHAN: Nice knowing you

(Dan is somewhat pulling Haley to the car; Nathan is going to the car)

DAN: You’ve got Mason Bowl next week and this is how you’re training)

NATHAN: Can we do this later)

DAN: There may not be a later for you)

HALEY: Oh, oh Mr. Scott

DAN: Was I talking to you? (Slams her door) Get in the car. I’m driving you both home. You’re mother’s going to love this. You getting drunk on her watch…

(Haley throws up in his lap)

HALEY: Oh! Eh.

[Karen’s Café)

(Peyton eating with her dad)

MR. SAWYER: There’s some kind of interesting news that I need to talk to you about.

PEYTON: Why does interesting scare me)

MR. SAWYER: No, no. Listen, the company’s been hired to do some flood control. They want me to supervise.

PEYTON: How long is it going to be this time)

MR. SAWYER: Well, seeing that it is in New Zealand, um, 3 maybe 4 months)

PEYTON: So, what’s the upside)

MR. SAWYER: It’s a lot of money, sweetie. Way more than I make now. We could be good to go for a while. Maybe even afford that art school you talk about.

PEYTON: Is this something that you want)

MR. SAWYER: I only want to do this if it’s right for us)

PEYTON: (Nods, trying to hide her disappointment) You should do it dad.

(Lucas enters the cafe and comes to the counter and sees Haley who looks hung over)

LUCAS: What happened to you)

HALEY: Nice to see you too

LUCAS: Yeah I missed you in sixth period)

HALEY: Yeah, I kind of skipped. You can get your jaw off the floor now)

LUCAS: He’s got you skipping school)

HALEY: Lucas, talk to me when you get your tattoo removed)

(She walks to the back)

LUCAS: alright

MR. SAWYER: Lucas)

PEYTON: What are you doing!

MR. SAWYER: I’m taking care of my little girl)

PEYTON: You are such a trouble maker. Daddy stop it, come on. Don’t. Stop.

MR. SAWYER: Hey, sit down, Rake Boy)

LUCAS: Hey. I’m never gonna live that one down)

MR. SAWYER: Probably not.

PEYTON: It’s okay, he can be way worse)

MR. SAWYER: What have you got there? (taking his books) You’re reading Faulkner in school now)

LUCAS: No, I just love his stuff)

(Brooke walking towards the café. Looks at herself in a car mirror. She notices Peyton, Mr. Sawyer and Lucas in the café laughing and looks hurt)

[School Hall)

(Brooke walks up to Lucas’ locker)

BROOKE: So what did you do last night? I saw you with Peyton

LUCAS: What are you talking about)

BROOKE: You two just looked pretty friendly

LUCAS: Well that’s because we’re friends

BROOKE: And what are we)

LUCAS: Well, I thought that we were dating)

BROOKE: Well it looked more like you were dating Peyton. How messed up is that? (Walks away)

LUCAS: Brooke!

(Peyton comes to his locker)

PEYTON: What was that about)

LUCAS: She's mad. She saw us together last night

PEYTON: I’ll talk to her. Explain to her how bored out of my skull I was listening to you and my dad talk about dead writers all night)

LUCAS: Hey! You okay? You just seemed kind of weird when your dad called me over)

PEYTON: He had just told me about this horrid job he’s taken in New Zealand, so he’s gonna be gone for like ever now)

LUCAS: Well did you tell him not to)

PEYTON: It’s important to him)

LUCAS: Yeah but he doesn’t know it’s important to you. You’ve got to stop pretending everything’s okay…he might surprise you)

[Tutoring center)

(Haley sighs and checks watch. She starts to pack her things when Nathan walks in late)

HALEY: Oh hey. I almost gave up on you

NATHAN: Lost track sorry. You still hung over)

HALEY: I’m not as bad as your dad’s pants)

NATHAN: How great was that)

HALEY: Horrible. Let’s just tackle some geometry okay)

NATHAN: Or, Bottle Rocket is playing at this theater downtown. We could take the train)

HALEY: Are you serious)

NATHAN: I promise I won’t get your drunk okay)

HALEY: We are doing equation’s on the train)

NATHAN: Alright, it’s not exactly risky business, but there’s always the ride back. (A quiz with an ‘F’ is on the table) Is this one mine)

HALEY: No. I…This girl I know missed a pop quiz in English Lit yesterday)

NATHAN: Haley, you got an F)

HALEY: Mr. Kelly said I could make it up. It’s no big deal. (stands up. Takes paper) It’s shocking, I’m human I know. Let’s go. (kisses him and leaves)

[Peyton’s house)

(Mr. Sawyer opens a box (iSight by Apple) when Peyton walks in)

MR. SAWYER: Hey, check this out. New web cam with 2 way voice capability. Sweet huh? No more hunt and peck.

PEYTON: That’s great. Daddy, I just…

MR. SAWYER: Hey, and since I missed your last birthday. I got a little surprise for you. (Opens a box with oil paints) You’ve been yammering about working with oils.

PEYTON: Wow, um, These are way too expensive.

MR. SAWYER: Not anymore, thanks to Global Dredging)

PEYTON: So, you already took the job)

MR. SAWYER: Yep, Made the call this morning.

PEYTON: Well congratulations)

MR. SAWYER: Yeah, yeah, well you and I are going to go out and celebrate, what do you say)


MR. SAWYER: Let me go change. I’ll be quick.

(He leaves Peyton looking upset; Doctor's voice is over a shot of Peyton after her dad leaves the room)

DOCTOR: You know, sometimes we hold back to spare each other’s feelings, and our own.

[therapist’s office)

(Doctor continues)

DOCTOR: So maybe it’s good that we have a session without Nathan

DEB: Holding back hasn’t been our problem)

DOCTOR: How is he doing)

DAN: He’s out of control.

DEB: He’s skipping school

DAN: Basketball practice

DEB: Yesterday we caught him drinking

DOCTOR: Sounds like he wants your attention

DAN: He was a good kid before. Worked hard. Kept busy with sports)

DEB: He needs to find himself outside of sports)

DAN: Right, take away the one sure thing the kids got)

DOCTOR: Tell me about basketball, Dan)

DAN: Uh, you put a ball through a hoop)

DOCTOR: What do you think Nathan gets out of it)

DAN: He gets structure and discipline. And he gets to know that he’s the best at something)

DEB: And also, you can relive your past and feel good about yourself)

DOCTOR: Okay, time out. Um, lets talk about the two of you for a minute. I mean outside of Nathan, let’s explore what makes you work as a couple. I mean who are Deb and Dan Scott!

(Both look at each other without talking)


(Whitey and Nathan)

WHITEY: Well, you’re late, practice was over about 5 hours ago)

NATHAN: I drove past and saw your car. Don’t you ever go home)

WHITEY: (Laughs) Sometimes I think this is my home. (sits down) Well is this a hit and run or a sit down)

NATHAN: Sit down I guess)


NATHAN: I don’t know what I’m going to do, Coach)

WHITEY: Nathan, nobody can make you do anything you don’t really want to)

NATHAN: By nobody you mean my dad)

WHITEY: Let me ask you a question. Let’s take your father out of the picture)

NATHAN: I wish

WHITEY: Let’s take out all the pushing, the pressure, the training that you’ve got to do to be as good as you are. Now ask yourself one simple question. Do you really love this game!

NATHAN: I do. I just hate what it’s doing to my life.

WHITEY: Then you may have found your answer.

[Outside school)

(Peyton sitting on a bench drawing; Brooke joins her)

BROOKE: You wanna know what I think!

PEYTON: I’m sure you’ll tell me

BROOKE: I think he’s trying to have the best of both worlds)

PEYTON: Who? Lucas!

BROOKE: He uses you for some sort of intellectual slash emotional thing, and me he just uses.

PEYTON: Come on, you know he’s not like that)

BROOKE: He’s a guy, Peyton. I mean follow the nature trail and they’re all the same)

PEYTON: Brooke, you could have any guy that you want and now you’ve got Lucas, okay so can you please just sit back and enjoy it? He likes you! I like you, okay? So trust him, trust me, maybe try trusting yourself, okay!

(Peyton leaves)

[Peyton’s room)

Mr. Sawyer is on the computer; Puts in a disk and it starts installing. He starts looking around the room at her art. He sees the stop light drawing: Bottom picture green light, middle picture yellow light, top picture all three are red “People always leave” written on top)

(Enter Lucas)

MR. SAWYER: Doorbell broken)

LUCAS: She never hears it. She always has her music on)

MR. SAWYER: I tell myself I’m doing what’s best for my daughter. That she should have whatever she wants.

LUCAS: What I think she wants is you. (Hands him the paper) Did you see her comic strip today)

MR. SAWYER: What strip)

(4 drawings: Little girl waving goodbye to a ship with the girl getting bigger and the boat getting smaller each time)

LUCAS: It’s supposed to be anonymous, our secret okay)


[Outside school)

NATHAN: Hey Haley you got a sec)

HALEY: Hey you planning our next road trip)

NATHAN: Actually, I thought we could just talk

HALEY: Oh yeah sure what’s up)

NATHAN: Well, look. (They sit down) Haley, I’ve had a lot of fun with you lately. But, I’m trying to apologize. For dragging you out of class the last couple of days)

HALEY: Oh Nathan, I had fun.

NATHAN: And you got an F on your exam.

HALEY: Well, so what? You know I make my own choices and I choose to be with you)

NATHAN: That’s the thing. Look I like to be with you too, but the real Haley, the one that I got all crushed out on, you know? I don’t want to see you change. I like you. And I like the fact that somebody like you sees something in me.

HALEY: Somebody like me or me)

NATHAN: You already know the answer to that)

(Kisses her)

[Peyton’s house)

(Lucas is sitting at the table when Peyton walks in)

PEYTON: You waiting for me)

LUCAS: Actually I’m just hanging out with your dad

PEYTON: Oh God, help me. Listen you should probably talk to Brooke, she’s convinced she’s not being a good enough girlfriend.

(Mr. Sawyer comes down)

MR. SAWYER: Ops, am I interrupting!

LUCAS: Actually, I was just gonna…(leaves)

PEYTON: (Looking at the bag on her dad’s shoulder) Please tell me that’s laundry.

MR. SAWYER: My ride’s on the way. I’m headed out tonight.

PEYTON: You said you were going to be here till Wednesday)

MR. SAWYER: That was before I turned down the job)


MR. SAWYER: They managed to find me a 3 week gig instead. Then after that, I’m only taking locals, so we can be a family again)

PEYTON: Daddy don’t joke with me

MR. SAWYER: It’s no joke, hunny. Peyton, I love what I do, but not nearly as much as I love you. You’ve been alone enough, no more)

PEYTON: I love you, Daddy. (hugs him)

MR. SAWYER: You better. (horn) Just promise to keep talking to me okay? I want to know what’s going on inside that pretty head)


(Lucas walks back in)

LUCAS: Mr. Sawyer, your ride’s here)

MR. SAWYER: Oh, I gotta go.


MR. SAWYER: Lucas, you keep an eye on this one for me alright)

LUCAS: I will.

(Peyton hugs her dad again)

PEYTON: I’ll leave the light on for you)

MR. SAWYER: Oh and by the way. I like your comic strip. (He walks out the door)

(Peyton gives Lucas a look, he pretends not to know anything)

[Outside Lucas’ house)

(Brooke is sitting on the steps waiting for him)


BROOKE: Keith said you were at Peyton’s, again)

LUCAS: Actually I was with Peyton’s dad, if that makes any difference)

BROOKE: Whatever. Luke can we talk!

LUCAS: Yeah.

BROOKE: Okay, I’m not sure if we have a problem, or if I have a problem.

LUCAS: What’s the problem)

BROOKE: In a nutshell, You’re you and I’m me)

LUCAS: Yeah but if I was you, you’d be dating yourself.

BROOKE: What I mean is, I do what I do, and I like what I like, and that’s just who I am.

LUCAS: I know, and that’s what I love about you

BROOKE: Okay but the music that you listen to and the books that you read, I’m not into any of that stuff)

LUCAS: And I never asked you to be. Okay? You know I kind of enjoy the fact that we’re different)

BROOKE: Okay. I’m sorry. It’s just that you’re the first really great guy that I’ve ever dated and that really scares me because I never gave a rat’s @#%$ before, okay? But I do now)

LUCAS: That’s good, because I give a rats @#%$ about you too)

(Luke kisses her)

[Beach house)

(Dan is on the pier, Nathan stands next to him)

DAN: You’re mother know you’re here)

NATHAN: Yeah, she said it was cool as long as we didn’t kill each other. I’m sorry for all the crap I’ve been pulling lately, dad)

DAN: I figured. Everything okay)

NATHAN: Not so good.

DAN: Well, you’ll bounce back)

NATHAN: Dad, how did we get so screwed up)

DAN: We’ll get through this, Nate)

NATHAN: How? Everything’s basketball with us, Dad. And now you’re yelling at me, and mom. Mom’s yelling back at you. I’m starting to wonder, is this all because of me)

DAN: Nathan…

NATHAN: I mean, Dad, look, I know you’re upset with me missing practice and everything, but I’m just not sure if I’ll ever be the player you were. I’m starting to think maybe (sighs) maybe you chose the wrong son.

DAN: Nathan, you have to know, whatever you do, whatever you decide. You’re my son, and I am proud of you. I love you.

[The Park)

(Nathan playing basketball at the park; Lucas walks on)


NATHAN: I was looking for you. I’m done. Just thought you should be the first to know.


NATHAN: Yeah, you wanted my world man, (bounces the ball to Lucas) it’s all yours)

[Jake’s house)

(Jenny is crying. Jake hands her keys to calm her down)

[Nathan's House)

(Deb looking in her empty bedroom)

[Peyton's House)

(Peyton turning on the front porch light)

[Lucas and Brooke making out in the back of a car)

[Dan sitting alone on his porch)

LUCAS: (V.O.) “And the little prince said to the man”


(Nathan pulling his name tag off his locker and shooting it into the trash, Whitey watching him leave)

LUCAS: (V.O.) “Grownups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always explaining things to them“