01x15 - Suddenly Everything Has Changed

[Lucas’ Hospital Room]

KAREN: Hey, easy there tough guy, you’ll pop a stitch.

LUCAS: It’s just a drawer, Mom. I’m not helpless.

KAREN: You will be if you keep this up. What are you looking for?

LUCAS: The book Keith dropped off. (She hands him the book) I don’t get it. You know, Dan does one decent thing and you cut him some slack. And yet Keith makes one mistake and you cut him out.

DOCTOR: How are we doing today?

LUCAS: Like I had my spleen ripped out.

DOCTOR: You’ll be sore for a while.

LUCAS: What about basketball? Will I get it back? The way it was?

DOCTOR: Your shoulder was pretty badly damaged. Full recovery may not be possible.

(Lucas is disappointed)

[Scott House]

(The phone rings)

NATHAN: (looking at the I.D.) It’s him

DEB: Don’t pick up. (The answering machine picks up, Dan is talking, trying to get Deb to pick up) Your father is refusing to cooperate with the attorneys. So, this custody thing may end up in front of a judge. If that happens, things could get ugly, sweetie. But I want you to know, I’m only trying to protect you. Nathan.

NATHAN: (pushing off on the machine) How great is it that dad has an off button now? Look, Mom, I think you’re doing the right thing for yourself. Even for him.

DEB: It’s you I’m worried about, Honey.

NATHAN: Well don’t. I get it. You and dad splitting up is a good thing.

[Lucas’ House]

(Karen and Luke are coming in from the hospital)

KAREN: The nurse said you set a new VWU record. Visitors While Unconscious. You know Whitey came to see you, and Deb, and the guys from the River Court.

LUCAS: Anybody else from school? Peyton?

KAREN: Once. I saw her holding your hand and talking to you.

LUCAS: And she never came back?

KAREN: I don’t think so, why? (Opens Lucas’ bedroom door to see Brooke inside)

BROOKE: Surprise! (They look around at many plants and flowers around his room)

KAREN: Oh wow.

BROOKE: What? Bad idea?

LUCAS: No, no you just surprised me.

BROOKE: Then mission accomplished. I Fung Swayed your room. It promotes healing. I just wanted to say, Welcome Home, Boyfriend. (kisses him)

LUCAS: Can we have a minute, Mom?

KAREN: Keep it short, you need to be in bed. (leaves the room)

BROOKE: Hey I want you to know I’m here for you. Whatever you need. And if she’s not home, I might even give you a sponge bath.

LUCAS: Actually I can’t do that for a while.

BROOKE: What? Bathe?

LUCAS: No. You know. s*x.

BROOKE: Oh. That sucks. A little cardio might just be what you need though. What?

LUCAS: I’m just going to need some time to figure some stuff out.

BROOKE: Whatever you need, I’m here for you.

LUCAS: Yeah see that’s the thing.

BROOKE: Are you breaking up with me?

LUCAS: I just think it’s the best thing for right now.

BROOKE: Maybe for you.

LUCAS: Brooke, I’m sorry.

BROOKE: Apparently not enough. (Leaves the house crying)

[Lawyer’s Office]

CYNTHIA: Dan, Deb has made it more than clear that she intends to divorce you.

DAN: Or murder me. Did she tell you she threatened to stab me in my sleep?

DEB: It was a figure of speech.

DAN: Your client’s trying to shut me out of my son’s life and I won’t let that happen.

DEB: Dan.

DAN: And you know you can’t throw me out of the house without a court order.

CYNTHIA: You already moved out.

DAN: That’s because I was threatened with physical bodily harm. I did what I had to do to protect myself. And now that things have calmed down, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll move back in.

DEB: I’ll get a restraining order. I’ll prove what an abusive son of a @#%$ you really are.

DAN: The gloves are coming off, huh, Deb? Fine. See you’re calling the shots here, I’m just following the lead. All that stuff from your past may have to come out, Deb.

DEB: Do you really want to do that to Nathan?

DAN: No, Deb the question is, do you?

[Lucas’ Room]

(Checking his messages)

PEYTON: (Voice) Hey it’s me. Peyton. Where are you? I really want to see you. Give me a call.

[River Court]

(Lucas takes off his sling and starts playing basketball. Peyton catches the ball and they kiss. When they pull away Brooke is standing behind them)

[Lucas’ Room]

(Lucas is sleeping)

HALEY: Lucas. Lucas? What hurts the most?

LUCAS: All of it.

HALEY: So you broke up with Brooke to be with Peyton?

LUCAS: You think that’s wrong?

HALEY: Oh I’m not in any position to judge, but the heart wants what it wants. Right? At least Brooke knows the truth now. Anyway, I should let you get some rest. (Hugs him)

LUCAS: You look good.

HALEY: Thank you. By the way, you’re lucky you didn’t die cause I would have killed you.

LUCAS: I Love you too. (Peyton comes into his room) Peyton?

HALEY: Hey I’m going to go elsewhere. (She leaves. Peyton rushes over and starts kissing Lucas)

PEYTON: I was so afraid you weren’t going to wake up.

LUCAS: What? And miss out on being with you? When you never came to the hospital, I started to worry that maybe you changed your mind.

PEYTON: No it was just all too weird with Brooke there. I started to tell her about us, the night of you accident, but then Haley called and everything changed.

LUCAS: I figured. That’s why I ended things with Brooke today.

PEYTON: You did? Did you tell her why?

LUCAS: I told her I needed to focus on getting well.

PEYTON: Maybe I should tell her the rest.

LUCAS: Sure could you just give me a few days to straighten up? Okay? Then we’ll tell her together. Like we said. Besides, we’re not exactly going to be dating in the mean time, you know? (They kiss but Peyton’s phone rings. The I.D. says “Brooke’s Cell” She pushes end to stop it from ringing)

[River Court]

(Lucas is walking around looking at Peyton’s heart drawing)

KAREN: Am I going to have to tie you to your bed to make you rest?

LUCAS: I’m sorry

KAREN: The next time you leave the house, I’ll be cashing in your life insurance. Want to tell me what’s going on?

LUCAS: What do you mean?

KAREN: Brooke’s waiting for you when you get home from the hospital. Peyton’s there when I show up after work. What happened when I went to Italy? I thought you were interested in Peyton.

LUCAS: I was. It just got too complicated. You know I don’t know where she stood with me, and so I started dating Brooke.

KAREN: You know when I first met Brooke I thought she was a little nutty. But the way she looked after you. She proved me wrong. She’s crazy about you and I think that’s a good thing.

LUCAS: Actually I broke up with Brooke yesterday.

KAREN: What? Why?

LUCAS: I’d rather not talk about it.

KAREN: Okay. But when you want to I’m here alright?

[Inside the Mall]

(Haley and Peyton walking)

HALEY: Peyton, what’s the matter?

PEYTON: Um. (They end up right in front of Brooke sitting alone on a bench)

BROOKE: Peyton? I looked all over for you. You didn’t get my messages?

PEYTON: Really? Oh no my phone’s been whacked out all day. Are you okay?

BROOKE: (Crying) Not really, no. I said I wasn’t going to do this and I said that it wasn’t worth it but it is. Lucas broke up with me.

PEYTON: I’m sorry.

BROOKE: (Crying) I was looking forward to getting a chance to show him how much he means to me and he said he just wants to be friends. And every idiot knows that that’s just code for go away. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

PEYTON: Look if Lucas said he wants to be friends, I’m sure he means it.

BROOKE: How do you do that with Lucas?

(Peyton looks to Haley)

HALEY: You just sort of do everything that you’ve been doing without the s*x part.

BROOKE: There’s a first time for everything, right?

[Haley’s Room]

NATHAN: Wait a minute, is this…

HALEY: What?

NATHAN: Is this a new outfit?

HALEY: He noticed. Yes, it is, it’s all part of the new me. Do you like?

NATHAN: Yeah but what’s wrong with the old you?

HALEY: Nothing, I just thought I’d branch out into some new things.

NATHAN: This could be good. Like what?

HALEY: I don’t know there’s a lot of stuff I wanted to try that I never did.

NATHAN: Like fooling around with me.

HALEY: (Playfully slaps him) Like snowboarding.

NATHAN: Okay well I can teach you how to do that too.

HALEY: Yeah? Cool.

NATHAN: What else?

HALEY: Singing.

NATHAN: Do you sing?

HALEY: I, no, I mean I sing when no one’s around.

NATHAN: Well I think you should sing for me sometime.

HALEY: Okay, right yeah. I’ll catch you on the slopes.

NATHAN: You know. I don’t know how I’d deal with all this crap with my parents if you weren’t around.

HALEY: Well you’re welcome.

NATHAN: I’m serious. It’s like the worst things get with my parents. The better things get with you.

HALEY: Are things really awful with your parents?

NATHAN: It’s a war zone. And I’m stuck with whoever’s got the best lawyer.

HALEY: Oh that’s…you should know your rights.

NATHAN: It’s not like I have any.

HALEY: No, you do, let’s find out. Knowledge is power. (gets on an internet search)

[Lucas’ House]

(Jake puts a paper bag in front of Lucas)

LUCAS: What’s that?

JAKE: This is a playstation 2. From the team. Even Nathan kicked in. We got you NBA Shoot Out, And NCAA Final 4. Keep you in the game till you get back.

LUCAS: Yeah, well the doctor says I might not be back.

JAKE: Well don’t listen to them. I mean ultimately that’s up to you right?

LUCAS: I guess so.

JAKE: Hey so I had a…I had a question for you. Do you know if your mom’s hiring at the café? Because I have to get a part time job and I was thinking maybe…

LUCAS: You want me to talk to her?

JAKE: You know if you wanted to put in a good word for me that’s cool. (Someone knocks on the door) You’re popular today, huh? (Keith comes in)

LUCAS: Keith (they hug) It’s good to see you.

KEITH: You too. Hey Jake.

JAKE: Glad to see you’re okay. Anyway I got to head out so, hang in there, Luke.

LUCAS: Tell the team thanks for me. (Jake leaves) So where’ve you been?

KEITH: I was just waiting for a chance when your mom wouldn’t be here. So how you doing?

LUCAS: Alive. You look pretty banged up.

KEITH: I got off easy. Luke, I, um, I want you to know how sorry I am about what happened.

LUCAS: I know that. Keith come on.

KEITH: I should have had those beers. I just freaked out about your mom coming home. I just kept thinking, what if Italy changed her? What if after having that experience she doesn’t want to settle for a guy with permanent grease stains?

LUCAS: It happened. Alright? I know you weren’t drunk, so…

KEITH: Yeah I wish your mom believed that.

LUCAS: She’ll get over it. I’m working on her. So Dan actually saved me, huh?

KEITH: Yeah. I have to say most of the time he’s an @#%$ but that night, he was definitely a hero.

LUCAS: Where am I supposed to put that?

KEITH: Just be grateful I guess. (Karen comes in) Hey. I was just leaving. I’ll see ya.


KAREN: Get back in bed.

[Scott Body Shop]

(Keith is on the phone)

KEITH: Well I can’t pay unless I make the repair and I cant’ make the repair unless you send me the part. Cash up front? Since when? Alright, fine, fine. Bye. (Karen comes in)

KAREN: Here’s the stuff you left at the house.

KEITH: You didn’t need to do that.

KAREN: And I’m going to pay you back. Every penny of Lucas’ medical bills. It may take me a while, but I’ll get the money to you.

KEITH: It wasn’t a loan, Karen.

KAREN: Yes it was.

KEITH: I made a mistake.

KAREN: Keith, I nearly lost my son because of that mistake. I’m sorry but I can’t change what happened.

KEITH: I wish I could. (She walks away)

[Scott House]

(Dan tries to unlock the door and it won’t work)

DAN: What the hell? (Knocks. Deb comes to the other side)

DEB: What do you want?

DAN: What’d you do? Change the locks?

DEB: My attorney’s advice.

DAN: That’s great, would you open the door please? We need to talk.

DEB: Not going to happen, Dan. You have something to say, you say it to my lawyer. (Nathan comes up behind Dan)

DAN: Damn it, Deb, open the…(looks back at Nathan)

NATHAN: What’s going on?

DAN: Your mother’s on crack, she changed the locks on my house. Will you open the damn door?

DEB: No! You have to leave.

DAN: Fine. Come on, Nathan I’ll buy you breakfast. (Deb opens the door)

DEB: Nathan.

DAN: Hey do you mind? I need to talk to my son.

DEB: Yes I do mind. I mean it Dan.

DAN: Okay this is what I’m talking about, it’s sad to see that the lady…

NATHAN: Stop! Stop! You guys don’t get to decide who I live with, alright? I do.

DAN: What are you talking about?

NATHAN: Look it up. It’s not your decision. All I have to do is take my case to the judge. And right now I don’t know if I want to live with either of you two. (He goes into the house)

DAN: Okay. (He leaves, Deb shuts the door)

[Karen’s Café]

JAKE: Hey I really appreciate this, Ms. Roe.

KAREN: Oh please, call me Karen. And don’t worry about it. Lucas put in a good word for you. You got your first table. (Jake goes to clean a table when his phone rings)

JAKE: Everything okay, dad? You’re kidding, well I just started. No. Okay, no, I know. Yeah. (hangs up) Ms. Roe? I’m really sorry about this but I got to go.

KAREN: Is something wrong?

JAKE: Well my dad just got called into work so there’s no one to watch Jenny.

KAREN: Is that your sister?

JAKE: That’s my daughter. Lucas didn’t tell you?

KAREN: Apparently not.

JAKE: I’m really sorry to do this but I…

KAREN: No it’s okay. Just give me a call.

JAKE: Okay.

[Peyton’s room]

(She’s sitting at the computer drawing. Lucas sends her an instant message)

LUCAS: Where’ve you been? I’m going nuts!

PEYTON: Sorry. Got a strip due. (She goes back to drawing Brooke crying with the words “He said he just wants to be friends” over here. Lucas writes back)

LUCAS: You could work on it here. I love to watch you draw. (We see Lucas watching Peyton on her web cam while she types back)

PEYTON: All my stuff is here.

LUCAS: C’mon…. I miss you!

PEYTON: I can’t. Sorry. Gotta go. (She signs off line; Lucas is disappointed)

[Lucas’ House]

(Brooke knocks. Karen is sitting at the table)

KAREN: Come in


KAREN: Oh, Brooke. Hi.

BROOKE: Lucas told you we broke up?

KAREN: Actually, yeah.

BROOKE: Okay. I know he said he needed some space but I was on the internet and I found this website about Splenectomies and it recommended this herbal tea so, I picked some up for Lucas.

KAREN: That was very sweet of you. He’s asleep right now but I’ll brew him a cup when he wakes up.

BROOKE: Will you tell him I said hi?

KAREN: Yeah.

BROOKE: (Noticing the table covered in pictures) What is all this?

KAREN: Oh I was putting together a scrapbook from my trip. You want to see?

BROOKE: Great.

[Scott House]

DEB: I am sorry to put you through this, the divorce I mean.

NATHAN: It’s a little late for that, Mom.

DEB: And I know I wasn’t always there for you. I guess it was easier to avoid going head to head with your father. And I’m sorry you had to pay the price for that.


DEB: Can you tell me where you’re at?

NATHAN: I’m kind of tired of all the lying and the fighting. I’m feeling like I’m caught in the middle of it all.

DEB: That will end. As soon as the divorce is final. I just, I want you to stay with me, Nate.

NATHAN: Things are going to change?

DEB: I promise you.


DEB: I love you, Nathan.

NATHAN: Yeah. You too.

[Lucas’ House]

(Karen and Brooke are still going through the pictures)

BROOKE: So did you ever actually do any cooking while you were there?

KAREN: Are you kidding? It was culinary boot camp. But we had our Sunday’s free. So it was all about fitting the entire country into 6 days.

BROOKE: Where was this one taken?

KAREN: Oh that’s Piazza of San Marco in Venice. It was so beautiful.

BROOKE: I’d love to go there someday. (Lucas opens his door behind them and listens)

KAREN: I don’t even know how to describe it, Brooke. I got to be an entirely different person for a little while. I almost didn’t want to come back.

BROOKE: Yeah. When things are really special it makes it that much harder to let go.

KAREN: Lucas is going through a pretty tough time right now.

BROOKE: I know. I’m hoping that maybe when he feels better he’ll take another chance on me. (Lucas goes back into his room. He takes off his splint, grabs his coat and goes out the door)

[Peyton’s room]

(She’s drawing, Lucas knocks on the door)

PEYTON: Lucas what are you…

LUCAS: I wanted to see you

PEYTON: The doctor said you shouldn’t be out. What are you crazy?

LUCAS: Probably. I just had to get out of there, you know? I can’t get you out of my head. I wish we could just fast forward these next 6 months. This messed up thing with Brooke. So we could just be together. What’s going on Peyton? You sign off fast. You…Ah

PEYTON: What? Are you okay?

LUCAS: Can I just lay down?

PEYTON: Lucas. Oh my God you’re burning up. (She picks up her phone)

LUCAS: What are you doing?

PEYTON: I’m calling your mom

LUCAS: She’s with Brooke.

[Karen and Brooke in the Kitchen]

KAREN: Well I should go check on Lucas.

BROOKE: Will you let me?

KAREN: Yeah.

BROOKE: (In Lucas’ room) Lucas? (The phone rings)

KAREN: Hello? Peyton. What?! Can you get him to the emergency room I’ll meet you there. Brooke. It’s Lucas. I got to go.

BROOKE: Yeah I’m coming with you.

[Hospital room]

(Peyton is pacing around Lucas’ bed. He starts to wake up)

PEYTON: Hey. You’re back.

LUCAS: How long was I out?

PEYTON: Just a couple of minutes. Luke what are we going to do? (Karen and Brooke come in)

KAREN: My God Lucas are you alright?

LUCAS: Yeah I think so.

PEYTON: The doctor said his fever’s going down.

KAREN: Where were you?

BROOKE: Peyton.

LUCAS: I was down at the river court. I know I shouldn’t have but I had to get out. I guess I over did it. I started feeling pretty bad and Peyton drove by.

PEYTON: So now that you guys are here I should probably go.

KAREN: Thank you, Peyton.

PEYTON: Sure. I’ll see you guys later.

LUCAS: I’m sorry.

KAREN: Yeah you should be. Honestly, Lucas…

LUCAS: Mom, just wait and not yell at me now. Until we get home.

BROOKE: You going to be okay?

LUCAS: Yeah (Brooke leaves)

[Beach House-outside]

DAN: You want a drink?

NATHAN: Since when do you let me drink?

DAN: You’re old enough.

NATHAN: Look, Dad.

DAN: I know things haven’t been easy on you lately. To be honest, when you told us that it’s you who gets to choose who you’re staying with, I was relieved.

NATHAN: You were?

DAN: Absolutely. Cause you’re a smart kid. And you know what’s best for you right?

NATHAN: Yeah, yeah and that’s why I came…

DAN: You know I’ve been there for you your whole life. And I admit, sometimes too much. But, it’s only because I care about you. And I’ve been trying to pick up the slack for your mom whose been focused on her work all these years. I wish she wouldn’t go through with this. But she’s doing what she feels she has to do. So I’m just going to have to do the same.

NATHAN: Meaning what?

DAN: I’m going to have to make some tough choices where she’s concerned. But you should know, this is all in service of you.

NATHAN: What are you planning on doing, Dad?

DAN: She’s trying to steal you away from me, Nate. So I’m going to fight her. By making things as difficult for her as I can. And the sad part is, and you know how lawyers work, they’re going to make her out to be an unfit mother. By using all the time she was absent against her. And there’s other stuff as well.

NATHAN: What other stuff?

DAN: Anything they can find out about her.

NATHAN: Like what, Dad?

DAN: Come stay with me, Nate. I’ll back off and let this divorce go through as quickly as possible. You’d be better off with me. You’d be doing your mother a favor as well.

NATHAN: Dad look I just want to know what you’re talking about. What other stuff with mom?

DAN: Go live with her and find out.

[Lucas’ House]

(Karen and Lucas are coming inside)

KAREN: Sit down. Now, tell me why you and Peyton were really together.

LUCAS: I told you.

KAREN: Lucas, you’re lying to me. And you wouldn’t be unless you’re doing something you’re not proud of.

LUCAS: I went to see Peyton. We want to be together

KAREN: Behind Brookes back?

LUCAS: I broke up with Brooke.

KAREN: But apparently you didn’t tell her about Peyton. And that’s a shabby way to treat someone who’s really been there for you.

LUCAS: Kind of like the way you’re treating Keith.

KAREN: Don’t change the subject.

LUCAS: Mom I heard you talking to Brooke, about Italy. You know, I know you had this great time. It was amazing. But you know what I think you’re blaming Keith for taking that away from you.

KAREN: I blame Keith for nearly killing you.

LUCAS: No you weren’t there, Mom! You don’t know how excited he was to see that you were coming home.

KAREN: Lucas.

LUCAS: No, he had a couple of beers because he was nervous about you coming back the way you guys left things. He wasn’t drunk. Why are you pushing somebody out of your life who really and truly cares about you?

KAREN: Why are you?


KEITH: That doesn’t look like a yes face.

WOMAN: I’m sorry Mr. Scott, your account history is working against your loan application.

KEITH: What does that mean?

WOMAN: Well, given your average monthly income and what your new mortgage payment would be, it’s not a very reassuring picture.

KEITH: Well look, business is good. I mean, you know, it’s…

WOMAN: We’re also concerned that withdrew virtually all of your savings. That’s usually a sign of trouble.

KEITH: Look my nephew nearly died in a car accident. I paid the medical bills, I just…

WOMAN: I wish I could help you.

[Karen’s café]

(Jake comes in with Jenny)

HALEY: Hey. Hey sweetie. I’m glad you brought Jenny.

JAKE: Yeah. Hey Ms. Roe. Can I talk to you for a sec?

KAREN: It’s Karen, remember? Oh she’s beautiful. What’s up?

JAKE: Well look I’m really sorry about this but I don’t think this is going to work out. Because now my mom, she’s got the flu, and you know she can’t watch Jenny and I can’t keep flaking out on you like this.

KAREN: It’s okay, Jake, I understand. Come here I want to show you something. (They go behind the counter to a crib) This was Lucas’. And I can’t throw anything away so, when you need to bring Jenny, it’s fine.

JAKE: You’d let me do that?

KAREN: I wasn’t much older than you when I had Lucas. I know how hard it is to ask for help. But sometimes it’s okay to have someone give you a hand

JAKE: I don’t know what to say

KAREN: Say thank you, and get to work.

[Scott House]

DEB: You were out late last night.

NATHAN: There was some stuff I had to take care of.

DEB: Try to remember to call, honey. (Nathan puts a suitcase on the table) What’s that?

NATHAN: Look, mom, you and I both know that no matter what we do, no matter what happens, dad’s not going to let up until he wins. It’s just the way he’s wired. So I’m going to save us all one huge headache.

DEB: Nathan what did he say to you? What did he do?

NATHAN: No, mom apparently the question is what did you do?

DEB: If your father is threatening you, you have to tell me the truth.

NATHAN: Why am I the only one who has to tell the truth around here?

DEB: Nathan what did he say.

NATHAN: He told me that there’s some things that you don’t want people to know about you. And that he’d use it against you in court. Maybe you can tell me he’s bluffing.

DEB: I made some mistakes in the past.

NATHAN: What kind of mistakes?

DEB: The kind that should stay in the past. None of it had anything to do with you or how much I love you, Nathan you have to trust me.

NATHAN: I already tried that. I’ll be back later to get the rest of my stuff.

DEB: Nathan please listen to me.

NATHAN: You want to keep your secrets, Mom? Fine. I’m gonna help you do that. (They go outside and Dan is sitting in the car. Nathan gets in; They drive off)

[Scott Body Shop]

KAREN: Keith, you got a minute? I don’t want to dance around this.

KEITH: Dance around what?

KAREN: Us. Where we’re at now. I left you with the most important thing in my life and you let me down at a time when I really thought we had something.

KEITH: We do. Those 6 weeks were amazing to me. For once I felt like I was in Lucas’ life in a real way. I mean you have to know how much that meant to me.

KAREN: I don’t doubt that, but.

KEITH: I know. It doesn’t change what happened, right? I wasn’t drunk, Karen.

KAREN: I know that. But that’s not what this is about.

KEITH: Well I want you to know, one of these days, you’re going to look at me and you’re going to see the person you used to see.

KAREN: Where does that leave us now?

KEITH: I guess it doesn’t.

[Lucas’ house-Outside]

(Peyton knocks on his back door)

PEYTON: How you feeling?

LUCAS: Okay I guess. And not so okay.

PEYTON: Me too. (they both walk outside and sit on the porch) Lucas

LUCAS: Peyton

PEYTON: When I saw you lying there in the hospital right after the accident all I could think about was how my mom wasn’t was luck as you. And then I remembered, after she died, it was Brooke who was there for me. We were just little kids and she would come over, every single day, to make sure I was okay. She’s been my best friend ever since.

LUCAS: Well life’s short, Peyton.

PEYTON: Too short to live it as a bad person. I cant betray her, Lucas.

LUCAS: You mean even more than we already have. (She gets up to leave) Peyton. I’m sorry.

PEYTON: Me too. But it‘s better this way, right?

LUCAS: Yeah. (she walks away starting to cry)

[Karen’s Café]

(Nathan comes in after they’re closed to see Haley)


NATHAN: Hey you’re still here.

HALEY: How are you? I’m always here. Are you okay?

NATHAN: Whatever I said last time you asked me that question probably still applies.

HALEY: Want to get some coffee? There’s some left if you want to talk about it.

NATHAN: Actually I’m kind of tired of talking about it.

HALEY: Oh, okay. Well if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.

NATHAN: Well I was thinking about what you said, about living in the moment. Well I realized, that if I’m going to live in the moment, then I just want to live in it with you. (kisses her) So were you serious? About doing something for me?

HALEY: Well that depends. What is it? (He looks towards the piano) Nathan…no.

NATHAN: Here’s your chance. Come on you said you do anything to help me and this would really help me take my mind off things.

HALEY: You asked for it.

NATHAN: Yeah, I did. (She sits down and plays Elsewhere by Sarah McLachlan)

I love the time and in between

the calm inside me

in the space where I can breathe

I believe there is a

distance I have wandered

to touch upon the years of

reaching out and reaching in

holding out holding in

[Karen sitting at the table looking at pictures of her, Keith and Lucas when he was a baby]

I believe

this is heaven to no one else but me

and I'll defend it long as I can be

left here to linger in silence

if I choose to

would you try to understand

[Nathan and Dan moving into the beach house]

Oh the quiet child awaits the day when she can break free

the mold that clings like desperation

[Keith putting his business up for sale]

Mother don’t you see I've got

to live my life the way I feel is right for me

say it’s not right for you but it's right for me...

I believe

this is heaven to no one else but me

and I'll defend it as long as

I can be left here to linger in silence

if I choose to

would you try to understand

[Peyton’s room]

(She’s drawing on the bed. Brooke comes in)


PEYTON: You’re out late.

BROOKE: Lucky thing you finding Lucas like that. If you didn’t come along, who knows what might have happened.

PEYTON: Everything turned out okay.

BROOKE: No, not really. I don’t know what hurts worse, you and Lucas sneaking around behind my back or you lying about it to my face.

PEYTON: Brooke

BROOKE: No. The next time you want to steal my boyfriend, you might want to turn that thing off. (Looks to the web cam) I went into his room to check on him and his computer was on. I know you two were together. He meant everything to me, Peyton. And I was ready to try and be his friend if that’s what he needed. And now I don’t really care if I see either one of you again. (She walks out. Peyton looks at the web cam. Lucas is watching her on his screen)