01x16 - The First Cut is the Deepest

[Outside School]

(Peyton is walking and sees Brooke approaching her)

PEYTON: Brooke (Brooke looks at her and walks passesd. Jake starts walking with Peyton)

JAKE: Peyton


JAKE: What’s the latest?

PEYTON: Boy dates girl, girl doesn’t know what she wants, boy starts dating girl’s best friend, girl ruins everything.

JAKE: Dark, anything I can do?

PEYTON: No, story pretty much ends there. You look like hell.

JAKE: Thanks. Only have been working on about two hours of sleep. I don’t know what it was, but Jenny, just would not stop crying last night.

PEYTON: You try the key thing?

JAKE: Yeah, yeah I tried that, but as soon as I’d stop she’d start up again.

PEYTON: Try a shot of whisky? Always works for me.

(Peyton and Jake share a laugh)

JAKE: So hey, listen. My cousin’s getting married downtown this weekend. Is there any chance that you could watch Jenny for a few hours? You’d really be helping me out.

PEYTON: What’s the pay?

JAKE: An entire night away from all this drama that you got going on.

PEYTON: Okay. You got yourself a sitter.

JAKE: Yeah? (Peyton nods) Thank you.

[Beach House]

DAN: So, what’s your mother got planned for you two this weekend?

NATHAN: As little as possible I hope.

DAN: Sit. Eat.

NATHAN: Dad, I can’t, I gotta go. I haven’t made it to school on time once since I moved out here.

DAN: Well you will now. (Holds up car keys and tosses them to Nathan.)

[Their Driveway]

(Nathan and Dan standing in front of a new Mustang)

DAN: Five speed mustang, fully loaded, and she’s all yours. (Nathan puts his bag down and walks to the door) I know this divorce has been hard on you, Nate. Just wanted to thank you for sticking by the old man. What’s the matter? You’re not supposed to look the gift horse in the mouth you know.

NATHAN: It’s not a gift, Dad. This is a bribe.

DAN: A bribe. Wow. Not exactly the thank you I was expecting.

NATHAN: Okay, thanks for the car, Dad. Now I can get away from you whenever I want. (He gets in and speeds away)

[Outside School]

HALEY: Hey. (Catches up with Peyton) Lucas told me about Brooke. I was afraid something like this might happen.

PEYTON: Ten points for Haley.

HALEY: How’s she doing?

PEYTON: Who knows. I don’t think she’ll ever speak to me again. I know I wouldn’t. (Nathan drives around the corner honking. The girls see the Dan Scott Motors license plate and try to see who’s driving. Nathan gets out)

PEYTON: What’d you do? Knock over you dad’s dealership? (Nathan gives her a sarcastic smile) Okay, none of my business. I’ll see ya.

HALEY: Okay. What is this?

NATHAN: Dad gave it to me. His way of showing me who’s in control.

HALEY: Ew, give it back.

NATHAN: No. If I’m going to live like this I’m going to take everything I can get.

HALEY: Okay.

NATHAN: So what’d you do last night?

HALEY: I was up all night bidding on ebay for those Sheryl Crow tickets.

NATHAN: Oh yeah. The show’s tomorrow.

HALEY: Yeah.

NATHAN: Any luck?

HALEY: No, but there’s three more auctions tonight.

NATHAN: I got DSL. Do you want to come over?

HALEY: Oh yeah!

[Weight Room]

(Lucas is lifting with his good arm. Skills comes in)

SKILLS: You sure you should be pushing yourself so hard, man? I thought you were supposed to be at physical therapy.

LUCAS: Look all they let me do is stretch right now. You know I figured, I get back in here, I build up some muscle, be back in shape twice as fast.

SKILLS: Or risk messing yourself up for good.

LUCAS: Who’s side are you on anyway? Huh?

SKILLS: I’m on your side, man. Look, all I’m saying is, dawg, what are you rushing back to?

LUCAS: Look I worked hard to be a part of this team, Skills. We’re undefeated. And I’m not giving up my spot now.

TIM: Hey gimp. Coach wants to see you at practice, pronto.


TIM: What am I a psychic?

[Gym Hall]

(Brooke passes him in the hall giving him a bad look)

LUCAS: Brooke, I’m sorry.

BROOKE: Yeah, sorry you got caught.

LUCAS: We didn’t mean to hurt you.

BROOKE: You did not just say that to me.

LUCAS: Look we didn’t plan any of this. It just happened.

BROOKE: Go to hell.


(The boys are practicing. Tim misses a shot)

WHITEY: Tim, if you can’t knock down that shot I’ll find somebody who can. Now listen up, all of you. As long as we’re a man short, you’re gonna have to work double time to take up the slack. (The cheerleaders are practicing. Peyton looks at Brooke and gets a dirty look in return.) Alright, let’s play.

LUCAS: You wanted to see me, Coach?

WHITEY: Yeah. How’s that shoulder healing up?

LUCAS: I’m working on it. It should be fine.

WHITEY: Quit working on it.

LUCAS: Coach I know what I’m doing.

WHITEY: So do I. You’re pushing yourself too hard. From now on I want you court side and out of the weight room.

LUCAS: I’m useless here. What’s the point?

WHITEY: The point is I’m still your coach. And I’m going to need you at playoffs. Lay off the weights. (To the team) Let’s go! (Lucas walks past him towards the doors) Let’s get moving! (Dan is coming into the gym as Lucas is leaving)

DAN: Didn’t expect to see you back in the gym so soon.

LUCAS: I’ll bet.

DAN: (Holding the door open) Here.

LUCAS: No, I can get my own door.

DAN: Fine. You’re welcome.

LUCAS: I’m welcome?

DAN: Yeah, for the whole rescue thing. Don’t sweat it.

LUCAS: If you think I owe you a thank you, you gotta be kidding me.

DAN: Oh what’d I do now? Save your life wrong?

LUCAS: What you did doesn’t change who you are. Doesn’t make you a good guy.

DAN: You’re right. I pulled you from that car so I could make your life a living hell. It was all a big plan so you could live to watch my son take his team to the state championships. Is that it? Is that what you want to hear? (Nathan makes a lay up) Nice shot, Nate. That a boy. (Lucas storms out of the gym with everyone watching)

WHITEY: Alright let’s get back to business. Let’s go. (Peyton looks back at Brooke and gets another bad look)

[Outside the gym]

DAN: Nathan.

NATHAN: For once I’m with Lucas, Dad. I’ve got nothing to say to you.

DAN: You forgot you bag this morning. You nearly drove over it in your brand new Mustang.

NATHAN: I got clothes at home.

DAN: What’s a guy got to do around here to get a little gratitude.

NATHAN: You don’t want gratitude, Dad. That car’s an investment. You’re just looking for a return.

DAN: You don’t want the car? Just say the word. (Nathan sighs) Yeah, that’s what I thought. What do I have to do to prove to you, you made the right choice when you picked me?

NATHAN: It wasn’t a choice, Dad. It was a lack of one.

[Outside School]

(Brooke walking out of practice. Peyton following)

PEYTON: Brooke! Sooner or later you’re going to have to talk to me.

BROOKE: Why don’t I just smile at you, you know, Peyton style, pretend everything’s okay and lie to your face.

PEYTON: If I could go back to the way things were then I would.

BROOKE: Back to when my best friend was cheating with my boyfriend and I was too stupid to realize it?

PEYTON: You’re not stupid!

BROOKE: Did you sleep with him?

PEYTON: No! No I didn’t. Okay? We stopped before it got that far. God, Brooke, I am sorry okay? We were going to tell you and then the accident happened and you liked him so much and I just…

BROOKE: Thought you’d spare me the heartache?


BROOKE: Yeah well that worked out real well, didn’t it?

PEYTON: Brooke!

BROOKE: Are you in love with him? (Peyton looks like she’s thinking about it) Hmm? You know what, I don’t even care. He’s all yours now, have a great life together.

[Scott Body Shop]

(Dan pulls up outside)

DAN: Hey. I heard a rumor this place was for sale. Some financial crisis? Don’t tell me you’re trying to make good on a certain nephew’s medical expenses.

KEITH: I don’t have time for your jabs today, Danny.

DAN: Tell you what. I’ll buy the place.

KEITH: Yeah right.

DAN: No, I’m serious. I’ll pay you market value for the property. You could pay off your debts with the profits. Meanwhile you could reopen the service center and run the place at a fair salary.

KEITH: You want me to work for you?

DAN: Nope, no, no, you’ll still be your own boss I’ll just be the guy behind the curtain. And once this place returns to profitability, I’ll even let you buy it back.

KEITH: You must really think I’m an idiot.

DAN: Don’t be so paranoid, Keith. You did a good thing. I’d hate to see you go down for it.

KEITH: Since when?

DAN: Maybe I turned over a new leaf. Regardless, you should think about this. Besides, I don’t see anyone breaking down the door with other offers.

[Deb’s House]

(Nathan is getting out of the car)

DEB: Hey


DEB: Welcome home. I missed you.

NATHAN: I’ve only been gone a week, Mom.

DEB: I’m sorry for the way things ended last time, Nate.

NATHAN: Whatever.

DEB: Nice car. Dan give it to you?

NATHAN: Yeah. So?

DEB: I just never considered him as bribing you. You know it’s a little hard to compete on that level.

NATHAN: I didn’t want this, Mom. I gave you a chance to come clean with me, but you didn’t want to do that.

DEB: Nathan, you have to believe me. I’m only trying to protect you.

NATHAN: From what? What could be worse than this, Mom? Fine, you know what? You want to keep your secrets. I guess we all lose.

[Karen’s Café]

(Lucas, Karen, and Haley are sitting having dinner)

KAREN: I can’t remember the last time the three of us did this.

HALEY: Yes it’s just like old times. Minus one spleen. (Lucas doesn’t look amused) Oh come on it’s a joke. Tragedy plus time. Haha. Alright, too soon. (Lucas starts to reach for something with his right arm but it hurts him)

KAREN: Do you ever do it at physical therapy?

LUCAS: Physical Therapy’s a waste of time.

KAREN: Alright, let’s try something else. How was school?

LUCAS: Well let’s see. Brooke hates me, and Peyton won’t talk to me.

HALEY: See it is like old times.

LUCAS: Oh you know what else? I saw Dan. He told me the reason he pulled me out of the wreckage, was just so that you know, he could watch me suffer.

KAREN: Lucas, I’m sure that’s not true.

LUCAS: Mom, don’t defend him.

KAREN: I’m not saying that Dan hasn’t don’t some terrible things, but he did save your life.

LUCAS: Whatever that’s worth.

HALEY: Oh snap out of it already. Come on.

LUCAS: You know what? You’re right. It’s time. Time for a change. (He gets up)

KAREN: Where are you going?

LUCAS: Out! (Throws the door open and walks outside)

HALEY: Luke!

LUCAS: Don’t wait up.

[In the Bar]

LUCAS: Give me a beer.

BARTENDER: Can I see your ID? (Lucas hands him the fake ID Brooke made him) Bottle or draft?

LUCAS: Draft’s fine. (He takes off his splint) What do I owe you?

BARTENDER: She got it. (Lucas looks over to a girl at the end of the bar and walks over to her)

GIRL: Nice eye contact. You got a name?

LUCAS: I’m Lucas

GIRL: You mean your name is Lucas.

LUCAS: Yeah that’s what I said.

GIRL: No, you said you are Lucas, like you’re the only one out there. I’ve got news for you. It ain’t about you and it ain’t about me.

LUCAS: Okay. Thanks for the beer. (starts to walk away)

GIRL: Do you believe in magic, Lucas?

LUCAS: No, not really.

GIRL: That’s a shame. Sit down. Let me show you a trick. I’ll bet you, I can get this drink back in this glass, without touching the plate. (She pours her drink on a plate, and puts the lime in the middle and sticks a match in it)

LUCAS: What’s the bet?

GIRL: To be decided. (she lights the match and puts the glass over it and the drink is sucked into it) See? Magic.

LUCAS: Not bad.

GIRL: Yeah I’m full of tricks.

LUCAS: Really? What’s your name?

GIRL: Buy me a drink. Maybe I’ll tell you.

[Peyton’s Room]

(She’s drawing a picture of Lucas, Brooke and herself shooting guns at the heart with a 3 in it. She unhooks her web cam. “Lucas’ Cell” Calls her phone)

PEYTON: You okay?

KAREN: Oh um, actually it’s Karen. Lucas’ mom.

PEYTON: Oh, hi.

KAREN: I’m trying to track Lucas down. Obviously he’s not answering his cell phone and I tried the number he had for Brooke but she’s not answering either. Do you think maybe they’re together.

PEYTON: I don’t really know.

KAREN: I don’t mean to sound like a dramatic mother but he did just get out of the hospital.

PEYTON: No, yeah, um, I’ll talk to her. See if she knows where he is.

KAREN: Thank you, Peyton.


[Brooke’s Room]

(She’s eating Chinese food on her bed watching TV)

BROOKE: (Watching a woman on TV Crying) Oh God pull it together. (She changes the channel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Better. (Peyton knocks on her door)


BROOKE: What are you doing here?

PEYTON: You’re not answering your phone.

BROOKE: And apparently you’re not getting the message. I don’t want to talk to you. I can’t believe you actually came over here.

PEYTON: Lucas’ mom called. She can’t find him.

BROOKE: Not my problem.

PEYTON: Okay fine. But if you can figure out where he might be, at least call his mom. See ya.



GIRL: So. What’s your girlfriend’s name? Got one right?

LUCAS: Not anymore. I had two.

GIRL: Wow. You ever. What are they like?

LUCAS: One’s all about fun. The other I kind of had this huge emotional connection to. But I screwed both those up.

GIRL: So you got a broken heart. What? You’re in here pouting. Boohoo. You know what the Easter bunny and true love have in common? Doesn’t matter. Cause they don’t exist.

LUCAS: Sounds like you’ve been there.

GIRL: We all have our tangles. So you want to get out of here?

LUCAS: I barely even know you.

GIRL: That’s kind of the point. Come on, live a little..(trying to think of his name)

LUCAS: Lucas

GIRL: Lucas. I’m Nikki. Let’s go.

[Scott Body Shop]

KEITH: (On the phone) Yeah, yeah I have a copy right here. Okay perfect, I’ll send it off to you. Yeah, yeah good bye. (Karen walks in) Hey.

KAREN: Sorry to drop in on you like this. Has Lucas been by tonight?

KEITH: Why? Is everything okay?

KAREN: I’m sure it’s fine. He might even be home right now. What’s with the for sale sign out front?

KEITH: Oh I just, you know, ran into a small skid there for a little while but everything’s okay now. Selling was just a last resort.

KAREN: Okay that’s it, I’m just going to take a loan against the café and write you a check.

KEITH: Look we already talked about it. I won’t cash your check.

KAREN: Keith, this is your livelihood. I’m not going to let you lose your business on account of my son’s expenses.

KEITH: Those are expenses he never would have had if it weren’t for me. And I’m not closing the shop, I’m just restructuring a little bit.

KAREN: What does that mean?

KEITH: Means I needed a financial backer and I found one.

KAREN: What, like a loan shark?

KEITH: No, it’s totally legit. Closing the deal tomorrow.

KAREN: Promise me you’re not about to do something stupid.

KEITH: I promise.


PEYTON: What are we doing here?

BROOKE: Lucas and I had our first date here.

PEYTON: So what you think he came here looking for you?

BROOKE: No I think he came here cause he knows they’ll take the fake ID I got him.

BARTENDER: What are you having ladies?

PEYTON: Actually we’re trying to track somebody down. He’s tall, blondish, kind of a loaner.

BROOKE: Cheats on his girlfriend with skinny blonde bitches.


BROOKE: He was wearing this. (picks up the splint the had left on the counter) On his shoulder.

BARTENDER: Right. You just missed him. But he wasn’t a loaner when he left, if you know what I mean.

BROOKE: Hmm. You know I’m gonna have a beer.

PEYTON: Make it two.

BARTEDNER: You Got it.

[The mall]

LUACS: Okay tell me you have that key because you work here.

NIKKI: No I said I used to work here. Now I just play here. (She turns on a carousel) Come on.

LUCAS: You said you work here. What if we get busted.

NIKKI: What if the ground opens up and swallows us. What if mars attacks. You can’t worry about all the what if’s in life. So. Relax and enjoy the ride. What happened to your shoulder?

LUCAS: Car accident.

NIKKI: Can I touch it? (Lucas takes his sweater off his arm. Nikki starts kissing his arm and hand) You know they say that you’re never more alive than the moment before you die. Was it a rush?

LUCAS: I don’t remember. (Nikki kisses his neck)

NIKKI: You have to pay attention to the important moments, Lucas. (She takes off her shirt) Sometimes, they only come around once. (She kisses him and sits him on the bench and they start making out while she takes off her bra)

[Karen’s Café]

(Lucas and Nikki are eating alone)

NIKKI: So is this your after school job, high school boy? You are in high school right?

LUCAS: Well…

NIKKI: It’s okay. I like them young. (She grabs food off his plate)

LUCAS: Are you serious? You just had a whole banana split.

NIKKI: What are you, the food police?

LUCAS: I’m just saying, that’s not right.

NIKKI: See that’s your problem. Everything for you breaks down to right and wrong. You ever think maybe it’s all gray?

LUCAS: Not really. There’s right and there’s wrong. There’s good and bad.

NIKKI: Okay, give me something’s that bad and I’ll tell you how it might be good.

LUCAS: Okay. A busload of kids crashes.

NIKKI: The kids go to heaven. There’s less pollution from the bus.

LUCAS: Okay. Alright, alright. What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you?

NIKKI: Forget it. I’m not the one in need of the attitude adjustment.

LUCAS: I’ll be the judge of that. Come on. Tell me your darkest secret.

NIKKI: You have any tabasco in this place?

LUCAS: Yeah. Hold on. (He goes to the back) How about red peppers? Oh never mind, got it. (he comes out and Nikki’s gone) Nikki? Nikki?


BROOKE: You know it’s funny. I look around at all these great looking guys and all I want to do is smash their pretty little faces. (Peyton laughs) Don’t even ask what I’m thinking when I look at you. You know, with Lucas I can understand what happened. Especially given what he’s probably up to tonight. He’s a guy right? Guy’s screw you over. But you and I were best friends and I thought that was supposed to mean something.

PEYTON: It does. God, Brooke, you will never know how sorry I am for making you question that. There was never a point to this whole thing that you weren’t my best friend.

BROOKE: Really?! Well thank you for nothing.

PEYTON: Okay, you know what? Hard to leave the glow of your love, but I gotta go. I’m babysitting for Jake in the morning.

BROOKE: Playing house with Jake Jaglieski. Don’t waste any time do you?

PEYTON: It’s a favor. Brooke are we ever going to get past this?

BROOKE: I don’t know, Peyton. And right now, I don’t really care. (Peyton leaves. Some guy sits next to Brooke and she laughs) No.

[Lucas’ Room]

(He comes in late. His mom is at the door and turns on the light)

LUCAS: I know. I know I’m late. You don’t deserve that.

KAREN: You’re damn right I don’t.

LUCAS: I’m sorry.

KAREN: You know you’ve been saying that a lot lately. What happened tonight, Lucas?

LUCAS: It’s just. I’ve been screwing up a lot, Mom. I thought I could join the team and deal with it all. You know, basketball and the rest of it. But ever since I left the river court, I’ve been a mess. I fought with you and Keith, and Haley. And I drove away two girls that I really cared about.

KAREN: Look, Luke. Being a teenager is hard. Honestly, it’s all hard. But you have a lot of good things going for you.

LUCAS: I know I do. And you’re one of them. I think part of being a man, is owning up to your mistakes. So I promise you, I’m going to do better.

KAREN: Oh I know you will. Well for a plan B that worked out pretty well. (gets up to leave)

LUCAS: What was plan A?

KAREN: I was going to kick you in the @#%$ and ground you for life.

LUCAS: Well I prefer plan B.

KAREN: Good night.

LUCAS: Night.

[Beach House]


DAN: What’d you get lost?

KEITH: I took a little drive, needed to clear my head.

DAN: And?

KEITH: I’m here aren’t I?

DAN: I knew you’d do the right thing for yourself in the end.

KEITH: Well believe me, if I saw any other way out I’d take it.

DAN: Why are you so quick to think the worst of me, Keith?

KEITH: Well because I’ve known you my whole life, Dan. Feel free to prove me wrong.

DAN: Well my lawyers have looked over the contracts, everything’s as we discussed. All it needs is your signature.

[Karen’s Café]

KAREN: Did I ever tell you what a wonderful job you’ve done?

DEB: I think you’ve thanked me a million times.

KAREN: Actually it’s more than thanks. I’ve been thinking, we should partner up. Business has never been better.

DEB: Oh I’m flattered, Karen, but I can’t. In the past, when things got bad with Dan, I would use work as an excuse to get away from him. Nathan was always the one to suffer for it. I don’t want that to happen again. I just hope it’s not too late. Dan is already poisoning him against me.

KAREN: If Dan is telling lies about you just make sure Nathan knows the facts.

DEB: What if what Dan’s telling him isn’t a lie?

KAREN: Whatever it is, Nathan doesn’t know your side. You got to talk to him, Deb. (Haley comes in)

HALEY: Life is so unfair.

KAREN: You didn’t get the Sheryl Crow tickets?

HALEY: No we got sniped.

KAREN: I’m sorry.

DEB: Haley do you where Nathan is?

HALEY: Um I think he’s still at your house.

DEB: I’m gonna…(She leaves)

HALEY: How’s Lucas?

KAREN: I think he’s going to be fine.

[Lucas’ House]

SKILLS: Hey yo.


SKILLS: What’s up, dawg? How’s that shoulder feeling, man? Up for a game?

LUCAS: It’s gonna be a while before I’m back on the court, Skills.

SKILLS: Look man, I brought you a little something. (Pulls out a basketball) Might help you get back a little quicker. Remember signing this? 4th grade. Man we promised each other those signatures would be worth millions one day. Remember that?


SKILLS: It’s your turn to hold on to it. Help keep you focused on that prize.

LUCAS: Thanks, man.

SKILLS: Do what you got to do. Just remember, you always got us. Alright?

LUCAS: Alright.

[Outside Jake’s House]



PEYTON: Nice Suit. What, they got you parking cars?

JAKE: You’re funny. (Jenny cries a little) Shh, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.

PEYTON: Hey! Come here, hey Jenny. Hey remember me?

JAKE: Peyton

PEYTON: Hey. How are you? I missed you.

JAKE: So I’m sorry you couldn’t meet my parents, they took off for the wedding separately. My dad, he likes to get an early start.

PEYTON: Yeah my dad’s the total opposite. He’s totally like 3 minutes before the flight kind of guy.

JAKE: Okay so look, I wrote everything down. When she eats, when she sleeps, what toys she likes. And I put all my numbers down. My cell, my pager. I’ve got my moms, my dads, my cousin who’s getting married, I put his number down. If you need anything at all I’m just going to be less than an hour away so just call anybody…

PEYTON: Jake, we’re going to be cool.

JAKE: Okay. I guess I’m a little nervous. I’ve never left her alone with anybody but my parents before.

PEYTON: And you picked me?

JAKE: Well I…

PEYTON: I’m just kidding. I’m kidding with you, it’s okay. Go, have fun at the wedding.

JAKE: Okay, okay. Alright, I’ll be back in a few hours, okay Angel? You be good.

PEYTON: Take your time.

JAKE: Alright, thanks Peyton.

PEYTON: Bye. Hey.

[Whitey’s Porch]

WHITEY: Well if it’s not Mr. Scott. What do I owe this pleasure?

LUCAS: I came to apologize, Coach.

WHITEY: Sit down.

LUCAS: I’ve been kind of screwing up. I shouldn’t have walked out on practice the other day.

WHITEY: You’re right. But, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

LUCAS: I’ve been thinking about my position on the team.

WHITEY: That spot’s yours. It will be there when you’re ready.

LUCAS: Yeah I know but.

WHITEY: If we lose a game or two along the way then so be it.

LUCAS: I appreciate that. But we both know you need another shooter. If that means that you’ve got to fill my spot, then I’m asking you to give someone else a chance. Look the guys are undefeated. That’s important to me. It’s important to them.

WHITEY: Apology accepted.

LUCAS: Thanks, Coach.

WHITYE: Take care of yourself.

[Nathan’s Room]

(He’s playing a video game. Deb comes in)

DEB: Nate. Can we talk for a minute? I don’t want to keep secrets from you, Nathan, so I’m telling you this because I love you and because I think you deserve the truth. (Nathan turns off the tv and turns around to listen) A while ago, your father and I were having serious trouble. And, I met someone else. I left you father to be with this man.


DEB: A few years back. You were at basketball camp for the summer.

NATHAN: When I came back Dad told me you were gone on a business trip.

DEB: Please understand I was confused and I was selfish. As soon as I realized I might risk losing you forever I called it all off and came back. But Nathan I have never forgiven myself. (Nathan starts packing a bag.) You don’t know how hard it’s been for me to live with this guilt.

NATHAN: Hard for you? Dad was a nightmare that summer, Mom. You know that. And all those nights I called you to tell you how he was you didn’t come home because you were with some guy. Don’t you see what you did? You gave me to him, Mom. You knew exactly how he was and you made me dad’s property.

DEB: Oh I never thought that…

NATHAN: Everything he’s turned me into. All of this. This is your fault.

DEB: That’s why I came home. For you.

NATHAN: No, you didn’t come home for me, Mom. You came home because your fling ended. Just forget it. I don’t want to be a part of this family anymore.

DAB: (crying) Nathan. (He takes his bag and walks out)

[Karen’s Café]

NATHAN: So now I know. I don’t ever remember feeling like this, Haley. I mean, yeah with my dad, but she abandoned me.

HALEY: I’m sorry.

NATHAN: I can’t go back there. And I can’t live with my dad either. I’m screwed.

HALEY: Maybe not. There might be an answer.

[Scott Body Shop]

(A Dan Scott Motors sign has been put over Keith’s board outside. A man is on the ladder taking down the sale sign)

KEITH: What in the hell are you doing?

MATT: Oh you must be Keith. Name’s Matt Perry. (Puts his hand out to shake but Keith doesn’t take it)

KEITH: Yeah.

MATT: I guess I’m your new boss.

KEITH: Like hell you are. (Walking inside to Dan) Hey. You want to tell me what in the hell is going on here? Dan Scott Service Annex? What are you out of your mind?

DAN: Well Dan Scott is a brand name. We wanted to attract the right kind of customer.

KEITH: There’s a guy out there telling me he’s my boss.

DAN: Well Matt runs my service department so technically you do fall under his jurisdiction.

KEITH: Yeah well technically you can kiss my @#%$.

DAN: Come on. What did you expect? A hand out? This was a legitimate business deal.

KEITH: Yeah? Well I want out.

DAN: Well things don’t work that way, Keith. You walk away now, this shop is mine.

[Jake’s House]

(Jenny is crying and Peyton gets her keys to make her stop)

PEYTON: Oh no, no. Hey, hey. Remember these? Okay. Yeah. (Jenny takes them and stops crying, then tries to put them in her mouth.) Okay, no you don’t want to put those in your mouth because these are gross. (She takes them and Jenny cries again) Shh. Oh no. (Peyton looks at the keys thinking. Next a mobile is above the crib with the keys hanging down and Jenny isn’t crying) Who’re you going to be, little girl? (Jake comes in the door) Shh.

JAKE: Hey. Look at this.

PEYTON: I got copies. How was the wedding?

JAKE: Oh it was good. I mean it’s a wedding, you know? My parents were having a good time (making a drinking motion) so they decided to stay downtown.

PEYTON: Alright, then I’ll clear out and you can relax while it’s still quiet.

JAKE: Well hey, I could order pizza, pop in a movie. It’s the least I could do.

PEYTON: Okay. No chick flicks.

JAKE: No chick flicks.

[Nathan’s House]

(Nathan comes in and hands Deb a folder)

DEB: What is this?

NATHAN: I’m petitioning for emancipation from you and dad.

DEB: What?

NATHAN: I talked to a lawyer. Says I have case. I’ll be living by myself. How does it feel to be abandoned, Mom?

[Brooke’s House]

(Lucas knocks on the door and Brooke answers)

LUCAS: I know you don’t have any reason to listen to me.

BROOKE: You’re right I don’t. (She starts to close the door but he stop it)

LUCAS: Brooke. I’m not asking for forgiveness. I just want you to know how sorry I am for what I did.

BROOKE: How sorry you are? Do you know that the entire time that we were dating I actually felt inferior to you? What a joke. You are just like every other guy on the planet. You’re a liar and a cheater.

LUCAS: You’re right. I lied to you. And there’s no excuse for that.

BROOKE: Whatever. Why don’t you tell it to the girl you hooked up with last night. (She throws his splint at him) As far as excuses, you don’t owe me any. I’m not your girlfriend. And from here on out, I’m not even your friend. (She shuts the door in his face)

[Karen’s Café]

(Nathan is at the counter and Haley is cleaning. Someone walks in.)

HALEY: Sorry we’re…(She turns around and it’s Sheryl Crow)

SHERYL: I was hoping to get a cup of coffee.

HALEY: Open! We are so open. Cup of cup, uh cup cup of coffee, yeah. We can, uh, we can do that for you. Sheryl Crow. I’m a huge fan. You have no idea how much it killed me to miss your concert tonight. We, we waited on line and everything and then the stupid ebay snipers just…

NATHAN: Haley. Let it go.

HALEY: Right.

SHERYL: Thanks. How much do I owe you?

HALEY: One song per cup.

(Sheryl looks at the guy with her; They start playing and Nathan and Haley are sitting at a table in front of them)

I would have given you all of my heart

But there's someone who's torn it apart

HALEY: You know the sad thing is, nobody’s going to believe us when we tell them.

NATHAN: I can solve that problem. (He gets up and takes a picture on his phone of Haley smiling in front of them.)

And he's taken just all that I had

But if you want I'll try to love again

Baby, I'll try to love again but I know

[Beach House]

(Deb walks in with the folder)

DAN: What is it? What’s the matter?

DEB: He’s leaving us, Dan. And I don’t blame him.

The first cut is the deepest

Baby I know the first cut is the deepest

But when it comes to being lucky he's cursed

When it comes to loving me he's worse

[Brooke lying on her bed]

[Lucas sitting at his computer looking at Peyton’s website that says “Web cam offline. Server not responding”]

I still want you by my side

Just to help me dry the tears that I've cried

And I'm sure going to give you a try

And if you want I'll try to love again (tryyy) Baby, I'll try to love again but I know

[Peyton reading something at her desk]

The first cut is the deepest

Baby I know the first cut is the deepest

But when it comes to being lucky he's cursed

When it comes to loving me he's worst

[Jake’s House]

(He’s cleaning up the plates and sees a picture of Jenny that Peyton drew. He smiles and looks at Jenny sleeping. Someone rings his doorbell and he answers)

The first cut is the deepest baby I know

The first cut is the deepest try to love again...

NIKKI: Hi, Jake.

JAKE: Nikki.

NIKKI: So, how’s my daughter?