01x18 - To Wish Impossible Things

[School Gym]

(Annual Boy Toy Auction)

WHITEY: Come on, let’s get those bids up, it’s the Annual Boy Toy Auction. Alright I’ve got $25, do I hear $40? Oh come on people, this is for charity. $40?

GIRL1: $40

WHITEY: $40. Coming up right there. Anybody got $50? How about $50? $50?

GIRL2: $50

WHITEY: $50. And remember for the next five hours, till midnight tonight, these boys are at your call. How about $55?

GIRL3: $55.

WHITEY: $55. Going once. Going twice. Sold for $55. Pay your money and get your boy.

[At the “Pick up” table; Brooke is standing with the boy she bid on]

BROOKE: Look, I have credit cards, okay? Gold? Platinum, for crap sake.

WOMAN: I’m sorry. Auction rules say cash only. Okay?

BROOKE: Here’s the thing. I’m kind of coming out of a dark place right now and I could really use the distraction. I need this boy and I need him tonight.

WOMAN: I understand. But by rule, I have to give him to the next highest bidder if she has the money to give. (A girl sticks money in their faces and the woman takes it. Brooke grabs the boys name tag that is being handed over to the girl)

BROOKE: Oh no. No, no.

WOMAN: Brooke.

BROOKE: Uh uh.

WOMAN: Brooke.


WOMAN: Brooke. (She slaps her hand and Brooke lets go of the name tag. She gives it to the girl) Thank you.

GIRL: Thank you. (She and the boy leave)

BROOKE: Okay that did not just happen because I had an entire evening planed, so what am I supposed to do now?

WOMAN: Well, there are four boys still up for auction, and a cash machine right down the street.

BROOKE: Okay. (she leaves)

[At the Auction]

(Haley meets up with Peyton and all the cheerleaders)


HALEY: See anything you like?

PEYTON: I’m seeing everything I like.

HALEY: Really?

PEYTON: But I think I’m going to bid on Jake.

HALEY: You guys are really hitting it off, huh?

PEYTON: Just friends, really. What about you? Ready to fight off these rabid skanks for Nathan?

HALEY: Actually, I think I’m going to bid on Lucas.

PEYTON: Really?

HALEY: Yeah, I haven’t gotten a chance to spend time with him much lately and I get Nathan for free. (Peyton laughs and nudges her)

WHITEY: Alright folks, here we go.

HALEY: Who is up next? (They look at the program) Oh no.

ALL THE GIRLS: Tim. (Tim comes on stage dancing and taking off his jacket. He swirls it around his head then shakes his butt in front of the girls. Peyton and Haley cover their eyes. Deb and a woman are laughing)

WHITEY: Do I hear $30? (Tim does some really bad dance moves and the girls are laughing at him) How about $20?

WOMAN: That boys going to pull something.

WHITEY: Can I get a ten spot?

DEB: I suppose I have some chores around the house. $8?

WHITEY: Sold! (Tim smiles at her and Peyton and Haley laugh)

HALEY: Oh Jake’s up next. How much money do you have?

PEYTON: $87.53

HALEY: Okay. (Jake comes out in the Ravens mascot outfit with his jersey over it. Everyone cheers and laughs. He takes off the head and gives it to Whitey.)

PEYTON: $20.

WHITEY: I have a bid for $20. Do I hear $30?

VOICE: $30. (Jake starts taking off parts of the costume)

HALEY: Take it off!

WHITEY: $40?

VOICE: $40.

WHITEY: $40. Right over there.

PEYTON: $50.

WHITEY: $50. Going, going.

VOICE: $75.

WHITEY: $75.

HALEY: Bet it all.

PEYTON: $87.53

WHITEY: Going once.

VOICE: $100. (The girls look around for the girl)

WHITEY: $100.Going once.

HALEY: Who’s bidding on Jake?

WHITEY: Going twice. Sold! For $100 American. The highest man of the night, Good job Jaglieski.

[Back Stage]

LUCAS: You dirty bird. Who bought you?

JAKE: I don’t know. But whoever it is it will be fun. It’s for charity, right?

LUCAS: Yeah man.

JAKE: Go get ‘em.

WHITEY: Okay let’s have our next boy.

LUCAS: Well, here goes. (He steps out on stage looking nervous)

HALEY: Yeah! I got you.

WHITEY: Alright, let’s start the bid at $20.

GIRL: $25.

GIRL2: $35.

GIRL3: $50.

GIRL: $75.

GIRL2: $100.

GIRL3: I’ll go $101.

HALEY: $105. $110. Oh what the hell. $115.


HALEY: Café savings. No way he’s worth it though. (Peyton laughs and Lucas leaves the stage)

WHITEY: Alright, we’re down to our last boy toy, so loosen up those purse strings, pucker up those lips and remember, this is for a good cause. (Nathan comes on stage wearing sunglasses and everyone cheers) You’re on, Nathan. (He tosses his glasses to Mouth who is the DJ and walks downstage. He pulls off his pants and Haley looks surprised) Okay, do I have a first bid?

GIRL: $80.

PEYTON: Wow. (Nathan takes off his shirt and his chest says “BOYTOY”)

GIRL2: $85.

PEYTON: It smells like s*x in here.

GIRL3: $90.

HALEY: $91.

PEYTON: That’s a creepy threesome.

WHITEY: Do I hear $92?

GIRL: $92.

HALEY: How much money do you have?

PEYTON: Well with the five you gave me, $92.53.

HALEY: Okay bid it.


HALEY: You have to bid it, I want you to buy Nathan.


HALEY: To keep him away from them.

WHITEY: Going twice.

HALEY: Please, Peyton, please.

PEYTON: $92.53

GIRL: $109 and 40. (Haley looks angry and searches through her purse)

WHITEY: Going once.

HALEY: Where’s that emergency 20. Come on. Where are you?

WHITEY: Going twice.

HALEY: Ah. (She pulls out her money and gives it to Peyton)

PEYTON: Oh! $112.53.



HALEY: Yes! (she hugs Peyton) Thank you. (Brooke comes running in with money)

BROOKE: Wait, wait.

WHITEY: I’m sorry we’re fresh out of flesh. I want to thank you all for coming this evening supporting this good cause. Now all these young men belong to the highest bidders till that midnight kiss. Let’s try to keep things legal this year. (Mouth climbs on stage to collect all the microphones)

GIRL: I’ll give $5 for the microphone boy.

GIRL2: I’ll go 10.

WHITEY: Do I hear 20?

GIRL3: I will.

GIRL2: $25.

BROOKE: Oh no, I’ve got $200.

WHITEY: Sold! (He laughs and pats Mouth on the cheek) All sales are final.

[Karen’s Café]

(Karen is cleaning and Larry comes in)

LARRY: I didn’t see you in detention.

KAREN: Can I get you something to eat?

LARRY: Actually I was wondering if I could get you something to eat. Unless you’ve got plans after work.


LARRY: Great. We could go to my place. (Karen doesn’t answer) Karen. I’m not a serial killer. It’s just a couple of new friends eating food.

KAREN: Sure. Okay.

LARRY: Good, then it’s a date.


(Brooke is walking around with Mouth talking out loud to whoever they pass)

BROOKE: Okay, I’ve got $50 cash on the Mouth-Boy for trade. Who wants him? (Mouth looks at her confused)

(They pass and Deb is left standing in front of Tim)

DEB: Well, Timmy. Looks like you’re all mine tonight. How about you grab a change of clothes and I’ll meet you at the house.

TIM: Change of clothes?

DEB: Well you’ll probably want to take a shower after I get through with you. I plan on getting dirty. So I’ll leave the door unlocked. Just come in and get me. (He watches her leave. Jake is walking around looking for the girl who won him. Nikki comes up behind him)

NIKKI: Well, well, Jake. Once again, looks like I own you. (Jake starts walking outside and she’s following) Come on, Jake, wait up.

JAKE: I’m not kidding, Nikki. I’m not falling for your crap.

NIKKI: At least talk to me? (He stops and faces her)

JAKE: About what? Where you’ve been for the last 8 months or how my daughter doesn’t have a mother?

NIKKI: I understand you’re upset, but there are things you don’t know. Please. Jake, come on. I don’t want to mess with your head. But, the least you could do is hear me out. After that you can ditch me if you want.

JAKE: What, like you did me?


(Mouth is standing through the sunroof of a limo talking to Brooke who is by the car)

MOUTH: This things is awesome. Where are we going first?

BROOKE: Here’s the thing, Lips.

MOUTH: Mouth.

BROOKE: I know. And I know I owe you for the whole cheerleading competition, but I had this whole night kind of perfectly planned out and it’s a waste of a Brazilian wax. (He looks upset)

MOUTH: Okay. That’s cool. I can take off. (He climbs out of the car) At least let me give you some of your money back.

BROOKE: Oh, no, no, no. I don’t want that. Please.

MOUTH: No, no I understand. I just thought the car was cool. Um, I’ll see you later. (He starts to walk away)

BROOKE: Wait. Fine! I’ll take you to once place.

MOUTH: Really?

BROOKE: What the hell. It’s for charity, right? With the night I have planned I might need you to carry me home anyway.

MOUTH: Sweet. (He gets back in the car and Brooke gives the limo driver a look)


(Haley walks up to Peyton)

HALEY: I am so excited to have Lucas all to myself for an evening. We have not had a night to just hang out in forever. (Nathan walks up to them)

PEYTON: Yeah, same goes for me and Nathan.

NATHAN: I know you’re still into me, but $112? (Haley laughs and hits him with the papers) Hey you.


NATHAN: How about you come see me around midnight?

HALEY: Sounds good. (They kiss) Don’t have fun.

NATHAN: I wont. (Peyton jokingly looks hurt) Alright, come on. Let’s get this over with. (He walks away)

PEYTON: Funny. That’s what he’d say before we used to have s*x. (Haley fake laughs and Peyton walks away and jumps on Nathan’s back. Haley watches them looking a little hurt)

[Nathan’s Apartment]

(They come in and everything is covered with plastic and there is hardly any furniture. Peyton looks around)

PEYTON: So you’re planning to kill me?

NATHAN: The painters must have left it. So what do you think of the new place?

PEYTON: You really moved out, huh?

NATHAN: Yeah. Judge declared me emancipated.

PEYTON: Good for you, Nate.

NATHAN: Come on. Check it out. (They walk into the back bedroom)

PEYTON: So what, you got your big cool apartment but you don’t believe in furniture? Where are we supposed to eat?

NATHAN: We got the bed. (He sits down and pulls out food from the bag)

[Checkers Restaurant]

(Jake and Nikki are outside eating)

JAKE: Still doing that whole desert before the meal thing, huh?

NIKKI: You used to think it was cute. (She tries to feed him something but he doesn’t take it)

JAKE: Yeah. That was before you abandoned my child.

NIKKI: Okay. I guess we’ll do this now. I made a mistake. I didn’t know what kind of mother I’d be. All my friends were going off to college, my parents…well you know they felt. I just wasn’t ready, Jake. Is it that hard to understand?

JAKE: Yeah, Nikki, it is. She was a part of you. You held her in your arms. I spent every night asking myself how you could just leave her behind.

NIKKI: I couldn’t. I hated myself for leaving, that’s why I came back. I want to be in her life, Jake. And yours too. I missed you, you know? I wanted to call you a thousand times over the last 8 months.

JAKE: Yeah but you didn’t. Did you?

[Sawyer House]

(Larry and Karen are having dinner)

KAREN: Well, that was a great dinner, Larry.

LARRY: Thanks. Single parent cooking class. I’m glad you decided to come. Not too painful?

KAREN: No, not at all.

LARRY: But you don’t date much?

KAREN: I don’t date at all, really. At night I work or I’m at home with Lucas. Sometimes with Keith.

LARRY: Keith seems like a good man.

KAREN: He is. (clears throat) He’s a good friend. Well…(She starts to clean up)

LARRY: Oh no. Absolutely not. You’re off duty and not allowed to touch anything but your wine glass. Tour the house, make a long distance phone call, whatever, it’s called relaxing. (He gets up and takes the dishes away)

KAREN: Well you know I do have some friends in Florence. Maybe I should give them a call.

LARRY: Uh oh.

[On the Roof]

LUCAS: Haley, now this was a great idea.

HALEY: I know.

LUCAS: Did you fill any with milk like we used to?

HALEY: Yeah I did. Some of them. I can’t do this stuff with Nathan. It just seems, I don’t know, does it seem childish?

LUCAS: Well, yeah.

HALEY: Great!

LUCAS: But in a good way.

HALEY: So, what’s your situation now?

LUCAS: What do you mean?

HALEY: With Peyton? Or Brooke. Or bar-slut that I heard about.

LUCAS: Okay. What’d you hear and who’d you hear it from?

HALEY: Just stuff…from people.

LUCAS: I just want to play ball again. You know? Get over this damn drama. You know it wasn’t long ago I was happy playing hoops with the guys and hanging out with you.

HALEY: Yes, life was much simpler then, wasn’t it? I think I’m going to go call Nathan. (She starts to walk away and Lucas throws a water balloon at her) Ohhh. You are so dead.

LUCAS: I guess that one was a milk balloon. (Haley grabs one and throws it back at him)

[A Club]

(Mouth and Brooke are sitting at a table with a girl dancing above them)

BROOKE: I think she likes you. (Mouth laughs)

MOUTH: So thanks for bringing me out tonight. I’ve never been to a real club before.

BROOKE: I’m glad I brought you.

MOUTH: Yeah?

BROOKE: Yeah. I enjoy corrupting America’s youth. It’s kind of one of my hobbies.

MOUTH: So was Lucas one of your test subjects?

BROOKE: Can we not go there tonight?

MOUTH: Okay. Sorry. That girls practically naked up there.

BROOKE: So you don’t like naked girls?

MOUTH: Well I’ve never actually seen one up close. But from what I’ve found online I’m thinking they’re okay. (Brooke grins at him) What?

BROOKE: Want to find out for sure? (She gets up and takes his hand) Let’s do some damage.

[Sawyer’s House]

(Karen is flipping through Peyton’s sketches)

LARRY: Kind of severe, huh? (She sees the one of her, Brooke and Lucas shooting the #3 heart.)

KAREN: Kind of familiar actually. You know when I was a cheerleader we buried a time capsule midfield of the football stadium. I bet if you dug it up you’d find a version of the same thing our kinds are going through now.

LARRY: Well, I got a couple of shovels in the garage. Want to find out?

KAREN: Yeah.


PEYTON: Sweet. You got a pool?

NATHAN: Yeah. You want to go swimming?

PEYTON: No, you are the boy toy you do what I say tonight.

NATHAN: Oh just like old times.

PEYTON: Please. You did whatever you wanted and most of the time it was either sucky or mean.

NATHAN: I know. But you let me.

PEYTON: Well maybe I kept thinking you’d change. Live and learn, right? Is this thing heated?

NATHAN: I don’t know, why don’t you check it out? (She bends down to touch the water and he grabs her and they fall in. Nathan is laughing)

PEYTON: Oh my god!

NATHAN: I slipped.

PEYTON: What?!

NATHAN: I slipped. Hey, at least it’s heated. (Peyton pushes him under)


(Haley and Lucas are throwing water balloons at each other.)


(Nathan and Peyton are still splashing each other in the pool)


(Brooke and Mouth are lying on a bed in a back room with two strippers dancing on top of them)

BROOKE: Real thing sure beats the internet, huh?

MOUTH: The internet sucks. (Brooke laughs)

[Skipping back and forth between Peyton and Nathan having a good time in the pool and Lucas and Haley on the roof with water balloons, showing the two couples on their dates]

[Deb’s House]

(Tim slowly opens the front door)

TIM: Hello? Deb? Miss Deborah?

DEB: Come on in, Timmy, I’m in the bath. (He smiles and puts his bag down. He gets to the bathroom)

TIM: Ready or not, here I come. (Deb is sitting by the bathtub cleaning the hair out of the drain. Tim comes in wearing zebra stripped underwear. They start screaming as they see each other.) Sorry!

DEB: Timmy! (Tim is running around gathering his clothes) I am so sorry. I don’t know what gave you the impression that-

TIM: It’s okay. I’m fine. (He is trying to put his pants on and falls. Deb comes over to help him)

DEB: It’s just that you startled me and -

TIM: Where’s my shirt? (Deb bends down to pick it up. Dan walks in and sees Deb on her knees in front of Tim who has his pants half way down. Dan laughs)

DAN: The lawyers are gonna love this one. (He walks out)


(Haley is hiding behind a tree)

HALEY: Luke? I’m all out of balloons. Can we please call a truce?

LUCAS: Is it a real truce or a trick truce?

HALEY: It’s a real truce, I promise.

LUCAS: Okay.

HALEY: Okay. (She comes out from behind the tree) Or not! (She pulls out one last balloon but Lucas throws his at her first. He grabs her) No Luke, you’re going to hurt your shoulder. (She drops her balloon and it breaks) Oh you are so lucky. (Lucas notices something on her back) What?

LUCAS: What’s on your back?

HALEY: Nothing.

LUACS: Haley, is that a tattoo?

HALEY: No. It’s nothing.

LUCAS: Haley. (He turns her around and there is a small 23 tattooed on her lower back) 23. That’s great, Hales. You see, that’s why I don’t like the guy.

HALEY: Lucas.

LUCAS: No, that’s just like him! To get you branded with his jersey number right above your @#%$?

HALEY: He doesn’t even know about it. I just, I just did it.

LUCAS: By yourself?

HALEY: Yeah, by myself.

LUCAS: Haley, why would you do that?

HALEY: Because I’m in love with him. (She walks away)

[Karen’s Café]

(Haley is drying her hair then throws the towel to Lucas and she gets out two mugs and hot chocolate)

LUCAS: Look, I didn’t mean to freak out on you up there, okay? But, a tattoo?

HALEY: You got one. You got one with a girl you’re not even dating anymore.

LUCAS: I know. How stupid do I look?

HALEY: You hold me to a higher standard than everybody else, Luke, and it’s not fair.

LUCAS: Look, I know it’s not fair, okay? But that’s because I’ve seen you be better than most people. Let me see it again. (She turns around and lifts up her shirt) How long ago did you do it?

HALEY: A few days ago.

LUCAS: And Nathan had nothing to do with it?

HALEY: No, I told you, Nathan doesn’t know. Ugh, God, what am I going to do, Luke? I’m so, I hate being away from him, I think about him constantly. I was in the middle of a history quiz yesterday and I just totally zoned out on him. Maybe we’re not going to be together for the rest of our lives, but right now I’m in love for the first time and if I look at this tattoo 20 years from now, and it reminds me of how I feel today, I think I’ll be okay with that.

LUCAS: Then why didn’t you buy Nathan at the auction? Why hide out with me?

HALEY: Because, I wanted to remember for a night the way that things were. Everything was so much simpler when it was just you and me. And I’m used to being self-confident, and sensible and, I just really feel like a mess right now.

LUCAS: You’re not a mess. You’re just in love.

HALEY: And I’m not sure if he is.


NATHAN: What happened to us, Peyton? We used to be good together.

PEYTON: No, we weren’t. We just had s*x a lot.

NATHAN: You sure about that?

PEYTON: Trust me. You’re the only guy I’ve been with. You knew that.

NATHAN: Yeah, I know, I just, I figured since we broke up, maybe-


NATHAN: Yeah, me neither. It’s just s*x, right?

PEYTON: Okay, you know what, Nathan? Haley really deserves better than that. She really, really likes you and she’s good for you and more than that, she trusts you-

NATHAN: I know that.

PEYTON: And okay, fine. We could do it, right here in the pool, and nobody would know.

NATHAN: Peyton…

PEYTON: But I would know, and you would know, but I wouldn’t do that to Haley. Or myself. Or even you for that matter. Cause you know what? If you screw things up with your relationship with her, than you’re a bigger jackass than even I thought.

NATHAN: I know it would hurt Haley. The only reason I mentioned it, was to let you know that I’m not pressuring her.

PEYTON: Right. I knew that.

NATHAN: You said I was good in bed.

PEYTON: No, I didn’t.

NATHAN: Oh yes you did.

PEYTON: Oh, God, kill me.


(Jake and Nikki are walking to the car)

NIKKI: So I left school for good by the way. Thought I might transfer here. Will you at least tell me how she’s doing? (He gets in the car) Right. (She gets in) So I guess asking you how you’re doing is out of the question. (She takes the keys out of the ignition) You look good.

JAKE: Give me the keys, Nikki. (She is leaning over onto his shoulder) Stop it.

NIKKI: Come on. I missed you, Jake.

NIKKI: Remember how good we were? (She has her face against his neck) I know it’s been hard for you, I do. Let me make it easier. (She kisses him and he returns it.) Come back to me. We could be a family. (They kiss for a few seconds then Jake throws her off)

JAKE: Damn it. Damn it, Nikki. You almost had me again. You want to impress me with your Maternal instincts? Get out. (They both get out) Why don’t you go buy all the things you think Jenny might need. I’ll wait.

NIKKI: Okay.

JAKE: Hey, by the way. She’s 9 months old, just incase you forgot.

NIKKI: I’ll be fine.

[Whitey’s Office]


WHITEY: Hey, Keith, come on in.

KEITH: I saw your car. So how did pimp duty go?

WHITEY: That’s charity coordinator.

KEITH: Right. Assuming you’d raffle yourself off, huh?

WHITEY: Nobody could afford me. I’m glad you came by, Keith. I’ve been wanting to ask you a question. (he pours them drinks) When do you plan to start living?

KEITH: Well, I am living, coach.

WHITEY: No you’re not. You’re dying. I for one think it’s a damn shame. You know what I’d change in my life if I could? I’d have Camilla back. Just to spend one more day with her. When we were young and in love. You love Karen, don’t you?

KEITH: Yeah, I do. And I plan on telling her that it’s just, things have been kind of messy since the accident, you know?

WHITEY: I understand. There’s something you need to understand. Everyday you wait, is another day you’ll never get back again. Trust me on that, son. I know.

[Brooks and Mouth’s Limo]

BROOKE: So why don’t you have a girlfriend? You’re a nice guy.

MOUTH: Well that’s the problem. I’m too nice. Girls like jerks.

BROOKE: Yeah, tell me about it.

MOUTH: You mean Lucas?

BROOKE: I thought we weren’t going to talk about Lucas tonight, but I could just throw your @#%$ out at the next light.

MOUTH: Okay. So let me ask you a question. What do girls want?

DRIVER: Half your paycheck. (Brooke rolls up the window between them)

BROOKE: Here’s my philosophy on dating. It’s important to have somebody that can make you laugh. Somebody you can trust. Somebody that, you know, turns you on. And it’s really, really important that these three people don’t know each other. (They laugh)

[Jake’s Car]

(He’s waiting for Nikki to come back. She comes walking up and takes things out of the bag)

NIKKI: I got the cutest little stuffed animal.

JAKE: She has a purple monkey that she can’t sleep without. Anything else she ignores. (He throws the stuffed animal onto the car. He takes things out of the bag) You got the wrong formula. She needs a special kind because, well she wasn’t breastfed. The alcohol in these wipes are bad for her skin. I buy her a special vitamin because she was a little underweight at her six month checkup. She doesn’t read. She sure as hell doesn’t smoke. Oh well look, at least you got the most expensive kind of ice cream.

NIKKI: I got that for you. Cause on our third date you said that all you needed for life to be good was a pint of this ice cream. I want your life to be good, Jake. I want to be with the boy that told me those things. Where did he go?

JAKE: You left him. Damn it, Nikki, it’s not fair for you to come back here and do this. It’s not fair to me, and it’s not fair to Jenny.

NIKKI: I still love you, you know?

JAKE: It’s funny. I can’t tell you how many times I spent wondering when I was going to hear you say that again. Just hoping the next time the phone rang it’d be you, calling to say those words.

NIKKI: Jake.

JAKE: And now that you’re here, I, I cant even remember why I needed to hear them. You should recognize this next move, Nikki. You perfected it. It called turning my back and leaving you behind. (He get in the car. Nikki has a tear go down her face)

[Football Field]

(Larry and Karen are walking on the field with flashlights)

KAREN: I don’t know about this, Larry. We’re trespassing.

LARRY: No we’re not. Our taxes paid for this place.

KAREN: Oh, okay, let’s try vandalism, theft…

LARRY: We loosen dirt, on a field we paid for, get property that belongs to you, and we put the dirt back. What could they charge for us?

KAREN: Immaturity. (She hands him her beer)

LARRY: There’s a difference between growing up and growing old, Karen.

KAREN: Give me the shovel. (She starts to dig)

[Another Club]

(Mouth and Brooke are dancing together)

MOUTH: I can’t believe you do this every night. You have the greatest life. (She looks around and makes eye contact with a guy at the bar. She walks over to him. Mouth continues to dance with other girls)


GUY: You look hot tonight.

BROOKE: Thanks. (She kisses him) So, what’s your name?

GUY: You don’t remember the last time we did this. You were pretty wasted. You’re name is Brooke, right? (Brooke realizes what she had done and looks around the room at all the people hooking up) So, Brooke. Are we going to do this again, or what? (She looks upset and walks away slowly. Mouth notices her leaving and follows.)

MOUTH: You okay?

BROOKE: I need to go home.


(Brooke looks in scared and sad. They are sitting in silence with Mouth watching her)

MOUTH: Brooke, did something happen? (She nods, almost crying) Do you want to talk about it?

BROOKE: How long have you known Lucas?

MOUTH: Since 4th grade. I transferred in.

BROOKE: And you think he’s a good guy?

MOUTH: I think he’s a great guy. Why?

BROOKE: Remember when I told you what girls want? Girls just want somebody to want them back. At least I do. (She starts crying and leans on his shoulder)

[Football Field]

(Larry is digging and Karen is drinking and doing a cheer next to him)

KAREN: If it’s action that you’re craving, go and get yourself a Raven. We said go. Ravens. Go mighty Ravens. If you really want to score, gotta dig a little more. We say go, Ravens, go mighty Ravens. (Larry hits something with the shovel)

LARRY: Oh. We got treasure. (They pull out a big box) Oh yeah. Check it out.

KAREN: Oh! (She pulls out a yellow shirt)

LARRY: Bon Jovi. I saw that tour. Scorpions opened for them.

KAREN: Yeah. Oh no!

LARRY: Check out the hair. (They have a picture of Karen and Dan together)

KAREN: Me and Dan.

LARRY: Is that Keith?

KAREN: Yeah. He was always very protective. (Keith is standing in the background behind them) You know I don’t think I ever noticed Keith in the picture before.

LARRY: Well the kid in the background is definitely in love with the girl in the foreground.

WHITEY: What in the sam hill is going on here?

KAREN: Oh my God.

WHITEY: Karen?

KAREN: Hi, Whitey.

LARRY: Offer you a beer, coach?

KAREN: We were, um, having dinner and - (Keith comes up behind Whitey) Oh hey, Keith. (He turns around and leaves. Whitey follows him. Karen watches them and Larry laughs.)

[Nathan’s Apartment]

PEYTON: It’s nearly midnight. Looks like our date’s almost over.

NATHAN: Yeah. I think I was hitting on you in the pool.

PEYTON: You think you were?

NATHAN: I don’t know anymore. This whole good guy thing, it’s new to me. I guess I’ll always have feelings for you, Peyton. But I owe it to Haley to be a better guy than I’ve been. I just don’t want to be the kind of guy that cheats no her.

PEYTON: Then don’t be. Nathan, I’m proud of you. You know, standing up to your dad, and being a good guy for Haley. You’re turning into the kind of guy I always knew you could be.

[Outside the apartment]

(Lucas and Haley are coming up the stairs)

LUCAS: So Nathan got his own place.

HALEY: Yeah this is it. Oh crap. I left some cds for him in the car. I’ll be right back.

LUCAS: No, I’ll come.

HALEY: No, it’s alright. Um, why don’t you go ahead and go on in, apartment 11. Hey, ask him if he’s in love with me, and if he says no, break up with him for me, okay?

LUCAS: Okay.

HALEY: Great. Hey. Seriously. Say something nice, okay? I mean, he’s really a different person.

LUCAS: Okay.

HALEY: Okay. (She goes back down and he goes to the apartment)


PEYTON: I better get going.

NATHAN: Okay. I guess by rule, I owe you a kiss.

PEYTON: I guess so. (Lucas walks up to the door and sees in. Peyton and Nathan kiss for a second then smile at each other. Lucas backs away from the door so they don’t see him)

[Outside the apartment]

(Lucas came down to Haley before she could go up)

LUCAS: He wasn’t there.

HALEY: Are you sure? Apartment 11? (She calls his cell phone)

LUCAS: Yeah.

HALEY: Voice mail. Great. I guess he’s not done yet. I told you Peyton was easy.

LUCAS: Come on, I’ll take you home.

HALEY: Okay.


(The driver opens the door for them and they get out)

MOUTH: I guess I should have told my parents I’d be out late. I’m not sure this was a good idea.

BROOKE: Mouth, you’ve got to live a little.

MOUTH: No, it’s not that. I mean, a night with you is like flying first class. My life is coach. It’s going to be hard going back to it.

BROOKE: Thanks, but this gets old, pretty quick. Trust me.

MOUTH: Listen, Brooke. I don’t know what’s going on with you and Lucas but he’s a really good guy. I’ve never been really good at sports, I mean, I’m little, you know. But when I decided I wanted to be a sports announcer, Lucas introduced me to the guys at the river court and it made me feel like I belonged. He has a good heart. And as far as I can tell, you do too. I’d be really surprised if you two couldn’t work things out.

BROOKE: Thank you.

MOUTH: Well, I should get home. That stripper might booty call me. (He starts to walk away)

BROOKE: Mouth. (She gives him a kiss)

MOUTH: Oh right. For the charity thing.

BROOKE: Nah. Just cause.

MOUTH: Hey, Brooke. Thanks. This was the greatest night of my life. (he leaves and she gets in the car)

[Haley’s House]

(Lucas pulls up in front)

HALEY: Well, did you have fun tonight, slave boy? Thanks for playing along.

LUCAS: Look, Haley. I know we’ve grown apart a bit lately. And I know we have a lot a head of us. But, I just want you to know I’ll always be there for you. And if Nathan doesn’t see how special you really are, well, then he’s an idiot. Cause I think you’re amazing.

HALEY: Thanks, Luke. Oh, technically you owe me a goodnight kiss. (She doesn’t look happy about it)

LUCAS: Mm. Rules are rules, I guess.

HALEY: Yeah, I guess so. (They start to lean in but she stops them) Here’s the thing, though, if your tongue comes anywhere near my mouth I’m just never speaking to you again. (Lucas laughs) (They have a quick peck on the lips then hug)

LUCAS: Hey, Haley. You’re going to be okay. I promise you that. (She smiles and gets out of the car)

[Jake’s House]

(Nikki is at the door waiting for him. He open it.)

JAKE: Nikki, don’t do this. (He tries to close the door)

NIKKI: Jake, please. Keeping Jenny away from me because I hurt you is wrong. (She tries to look in but he comes out and closes the door behind him) Can’t you just forgive me?

JAKE: It was a Wednesday.

NIKKI: What? What was?

JAKE: The day I realized that you weren’t coming back. I loved you. You knew I loved you. I would have done anything for you. But you betrayed me. So it was that same Wednesday that I stopped loving you. And I promised myself that my daughter would never feel the pain that you caused me. You want to hear me say it? Fine. You broke my heart, Nikki. But you will never break my daughters heart because you will never, ever have the chance to.

NIKKI: I’m going to be in her life, Jake. With you or without you.

[Lucas’ House]

(Karen walks in with Larry)

KAREN: So would you like some coffee?

LARRY: It’s getting late, I should probably go.

KAREN: I had a lot of fun tonight. I didn’t do much of this in high school.

LARRY: Well maybe next time we could do something less juvenile.

KAREN: Oh well, if we have to.

LARRY: Karen, I know you have some history with Keith. I hope I didn’t cause any problems tonight.


LARRY: But I like you. For what it’s worth.

KAREN: Well I like you too, Larry. And you’re right. I do have history with Keith. I’m just not sure we have a future. (He kisses her)

LARRY: Goodnight.

KAREN: Goodnight. (he leaves then the doorbell rings. Keith is there when she answers it) Keith.

KEITH: It’s not too late is it?

KAREN: No. Is everything okay?

KEITH: Not really. These last few weeks have been the hardest of my life. Being without you and Lucas, on the outside of your lives. I felt, I felt like a shadow of someone I used to be. And I know I let you down. And , I put Lucas at risk, but you have to know, I love Lucas. And I’ve been carrying this around with me since the night of the accident. (he pulls out a ring box) I love you Karen.

KAREN: Keith.

KEITH: I always have. Marry me.

[River Court]

(Lucas is sitting on the picnic table. Brooke comes over to him)

BROOKE: I need to talk to you.

LUCAS: Okay.

BROOKE: I spent the entire night trying to avoid this or ignore it, but I cant so I’ve just got to say it

LUCAS: Brooke what’s up?

BROOKE: I think I’m pregnant. (he looks at her shocked)