01x04 - YOLO

Previously on "Eye Candy..."

Stay away from Jake Bolin.

On your knees!

Someone set him up.

He's not our guy.

I asked you to consult on this case, but I... I don't get to pick to leave, not until we catch him.

Who have you been talking to?

Hackers don't usually work with the police.

On Sara's birthday, I gave it to her as a present.

We should all be reminded of what we've lost.

♪ I like it stripped down ♪
♪ Turned up ♪

Guys, come on!

This is awesome.

Let's make this happen already.

Is she gonna be like this all night?

Uh, what do you think?

Roller coaster Amy.

Hey, I'm just in it for the free booze.

Yo, Jessica, wait up!

(Girls laughing)

What's going on with that, anyway?

I'm dating a Rubik's Cube.

I don't know which side I'm gonna get or what combination.

The s*x is great, but who knows the dating desert out there.

Come on!

Right, Max?

It's a dating desert out there, huh?

Yeah, whatever you say, Aaron.

God, you are so serious.

Why is he even here?

I have no idea.

Welcome to paradise!

This is crazy.

Look at the lights.

I will be your hostess for our last night of innocence.

Oh, please, we cashed that in years ago.

Everyone, this is Jarek, our pilot.

Wait, wait, wait, we need a picture.

Kiss high school goodbye, losers!

You only live once!

Who even says that anymore?

Just say it, bitches.

(All) Yolo!

♪ Million dollar life ♪
♪ Loving, fighting, laughing ♪
♪ Crying, wanting, getting ♪
♪ Living, dying ♪
♪ We don't need to justify ♪
♪ Our million dollar life ♪
♪ We're doing what we like ♪
♪ We let our colors fly ♪
♪ We're doing what we like ♪
♪ We don't apologize ♪
♪ We're doing what we like ♪
♪ We wanna have some fun ♪
♪ We're doing what we like ♪
♪ We're just like anyone ♪
♪ Yes, it's a million dollar ♪
♪ Life ♪
♪ We don't need to justify ♪
♪ Our million dollar life ♪

Guys? Where is everybody?

Come on, where are you?

Where are you?! Guys?!

Amy! Where are you?!

♪ Now you're gone ♪
♪ Still you haunt me ♪
♪ You haunt me ♪
♪ I rise at dawn ♪
♪ Still you haunt me ♪
♪ You haunt me ♪
♪ Follow me home tonight ♪
♪ Ghost I can't deny ♪

We go now live to a report by Gina Simmons on five missing students.

It appears to have been about a day and a half since the high school students went missing.

Max Jeter, one of those students, was found unconscious early yesterday morning, and is working with police on the investigation.


We need to talk.

Kinda busy at the moment.

What's going on?

Six kids rented a party bus to celebrate their high school graduation.

Five of them are missing, the driver's also MIA.

Listen up, everyone, it's confirmed.

Driver has a record, Major Crimes has their suspect.

We need to fill in the gaps and find these kids.

What about the boy with the police?

Says he can't remember anything.

We're getting Max Jeter this afternoon, I want you to interview him.

His parents?

They're in the foreign service in Nigeria.

This is friendly, okay?

No lawyer in tow.

Find something to jog his memory.

(Voices echoing)

This is all their social media, isn't it?

All their texts, photos, posts.

You're rebuilding the night from everything they posted on the Internet.

This is what we do here.

People have no idea the trail of information they expose to the world.

Some of us do.

But, it stops at exactly 1:46 A.M.

Yeah, good catch.


We don't know. Either they went somewhere out of range, or someone blocked their signals.

I can help you quilt the night.


All this stuff... make it make sense like it makes sense to them.

I'm really good. I'm really fast.

How fast?


Show us.

Sergeant, really?

This has nothing to do with the Flirtual killer.

Humor me.

I probably speak these kids' language way better than a room full of uptight cops.

This, I need to see.

Who you calling uptight?

Excuse me.

(Typing, clicking)

Amy Bryant booked the bus using her parents' credit card.

She organized the whole thing.

Looks like they've all been friends through high school.

Except Max. Loner, stoner.

Except for when it comes to Amy.

Can't tell if it's a s*x thing, friend thing.

Or both.

Morgan, Jessica, and Amy used to be best friends.

Sidebars seem to indicate they haven't seen much of Amy since she started hanging out with Max.

Looks like Amy and Aaron used to date.

Now, Aaron has a thing for Jessica, but she's clearly not into it.

(Phone buzzing)

You gonna answer that?


Have you seen him since...

Since he was accidentally arrested at my surprise birthday party for being a serial killer?


You wanna see him?

I hadn't really thought about it.

Well, clearly, he wants to see you.

Do you wanna find these kids or not?

All right, Ethan does homework for his friends, and accepts drugs as payment.

Nice kid.

He wouldn't be the first.

Max scores uppers and downers for the group from his parents' stash.

How do you know?

I, uh, might have accessed their pharmacy accounts.

Mmm, do I need to remind you that we don't do that here?

And who needs to know?

I'm sure his lawyers would like to.

What do you want me to say?

Doesn't that seem weird to you?

Everything just stopped.

Everyone stopped using their phones.

I mean, I guess. Yeah... I mean, I don't remember anything, all right?

Just like I told the other detectives.

Well, tell me again.

We were partying, things got a little crazy, and I blacked out.

Was that before or after you handed out your parents' pills?

How do you know about that?

We just know.

Well, am I in trouble?

If you don't tell us everything you know.

Look, everybody remembers something.

So, let's start with something.

How 'bout the beginning of the night?

This isn't gonna work.

We need this boy to open up.

There are five sets of incredibly frightened parents wanting to know where their kids are.

Max doesn't love the police.

Got searched for suspicion of weed possession on the subway.

Said they harassed him.


Posted it two months ago.

Got a black eye.

Then, let's go with a softer approach.

You talk to him.


I thought you were here to quilt the night.

Yeah, but I do that stuff online.

You've learned more than what they post, Lindy.

They lie, they embellish.

You can only know that face to face.

You wanted to help.


(Computer chirping)

Is that Max's phone?


Just imaged his phone. We have everything now.


Can't decide?

Yeah, I've hardly slept.

I need some energy.

Try a slingshot.

What's that?

One-third cola, two-thirds coffee, over ice.


Are... are you a cop?

'Cause, uh, you don't look like a cop.

(Chuckles) I guess I'll take that as a compliment.

No, I'm helping them out with stuff.

Cyber stuff?


What, like kiddie p0rn and terrorists?

No, like finding five missing kids using their social media.

(Sighs) So, that's how the detectives knew I was supplying my friends with meds, right?


Listen... I know what it's like to have someone you care about go missing.


My sister disappeared.

Sorry to hear.

Yeah, I'm an only child, so, I think my parents would be happy if their freak son disappeared.

You don't look like a freak.

Well, you don't know me, so...

Listen, they're gonna find your friends, okay?

I promise.

I thought you people weren't supposed to promise stuff.

I'm not these people.

Oh, and here.


(Phone buzzing)

Forensics say she was struck by a blunt instrument.

Cause of death is drowning.

This just took a bad turn.

And it's about to become a real mess out there.

Once the press knows Amy Bryant's a homicide, these missing kids are all anyone's gonna be talking about in this city.

There's still no word on the driver.

What about Max?

Somebody needs to tell him his friend is dead.

We need to wait until it's the right time.

Right time? He needs to know what happened.

And what if he's the one who killed her?

Everybody, take a beat. What do we got?

Amy had a phone on her.

Geolocation services were turned off, GoPro camera around her wrist.

Where did that camera come from?

All the footage from last night came from smartphones.

I think I know where it's from.


It's the driver's.

Yeah, well, unfortunately, he didn't fork out the 50 bucks for the waterproof case.

It's full of sea water.

The data is still intact when it gets wet.

You have to put the chip in distilled water to get rid of the salt and minerals.

Then, dry it out using rice.

How long will the retrieval take?

A couple of hours.

These chips are pretty well enclosed, it should work.

Then, we wait.

Well, I'm not waiting to tell Max.


Let her, but watch him. Watch how he reacts.

I... I don't understand. Amy's dead?

Y- y-you're lying. Okay, this is some kind of trick.

I don't understand what you're saying to me, okay?

Th... this is not happening. Okay, this can not be happening, okay?

I... I know Amy put up a front, but she was a good person, okay?

Why would somebody try to kill her?


Tell me what really happened last night.

Look, I don't remember. I don't.

Well, your tox screen says you didn't ingest any drugs or alcohol.

You've been lying, Max.


What, so now, you think I killed her? Is that what you're saying?

Look, I would never hurt Amy.

We can't help you unless you tell us the truth.

What happened?

You don't understand what's going on here.

Look, are you charging me?

Not yet.

All right, well, then I think I've said enough here!

I thought you said you weren't one of them.

Follow him. Either he killed her or he knows who did.

Max had nothing to do with Amy's death.

Is this a feeling you're going with, or you have any proof?

Why didn't you tell me you had his tox screen?

Because we work for the New York police department and you don't.

And that is what we call proof.

Well, he had no idea she was dead.

He's been texting her.


I loaded Spyware on his phone.

You can't just give a suspect back a piece of evidence.

What we don't see, we don't know.

Now, we can track him.


I've decided to put both of you on this.

Now, find me something we can use.

What are you doing? She's a source on another case.

And she's made a bond with the kid at the center of this one.

We use her.

You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?

(Laughs) No, detective. Everything I do is on purpose.

Now, work with her.

I told you guys this was the best pizza in the city.

Well, all I know is this is the best sponge to soak up the alcohol.

Maybe you should stop drinking.

Aw, come on!


(Shouting unintelligibly)


Yo, guys.

The psychic? Uh, no way, that stuff is creepy.

Oh, yeah.

We are so doing this.

No! Come on.

We are not so doing this.


You brought the psychic on the bus?

That's so funny, man.

Yeah, I know.

Check out Aaron's new girlfriend.

He likes you, the sporty one, huh?

But, he is not the one.

Wait, really?


(Kids laughing)

Okay, Ethan's turn. Ethan's turn.

Okay, witchy. Just try and scare me.

(Gasps) I'm sorry.

A boy so young should never lose his father.

Who told her? Who told her?

Who told her?

Okay, my turn.

Oh, your hands, they are so cold.

Runs in the family.


(Hissing intensifies)

What is she doing?

You guys. Why won't you answer me?

This isn't funny.

I'm so cold, so thirsty.

I'm gonna die in here!

Please, somebody let me out of here, I can't breathe.

Let me out!


(Kids screaming)

You gave quite the performance for those kids, madam.

Call me Ruth.

They paid you.

Well, I'm not running a charity.

They paid you to tell a story.

We all tell stories.

Look, I'm an entertainer. That girl told me exactly what to say... some ghost story she believed.

She wanted to scare her friends. What can I tell you, I put on a good show.

Was this a show?


You know what that was, right? That was The Stowaway.


The Stowaway.

Yeah, right!

Hey, listen. You better stay away from the water.


I'm serious. You need to stay away from water.

Not funny.

I did... I mean, what was that?

The rantings of a crazy person?

She was hit over the head and drowned.

It seems a bit of a coincidence.

She should have listened.

Who paid you to say that to her?

No one.

Look, I could try and explain to you how I work, but I have a feeling you wouldn't respect it.

Try me.

Some stories I am paid to tell, some stories tell themselves.

Can I go?


Scam artist.

Something else is happening here.

Something we can't explain.

Mmm, everything can be explained.

I'm not sure about that. I got some footage off the driver's camera.

Everything else was corrupted.

What about your friends?

They're out exploring.

I want to explore you.


Are you filming this?

It's, uh, for security.

Let's give it a show, then. (Giggles)

(Mysterious growling)

What the hell was that?

Your friends?


Oh, my God, did you see that? He's here!

Who's here?

The Stowaway, you idiot!

Do something!

It's just a joke by your friends.



Where are you going?


What the hell was that?

I don't know.

Still think Max killed Amy?

The Stowaway. Are you serious?

It's one of those Internet ghost stories.

Please don't tell me you believe in this.

I believe these kids did.

What's it about?

Ten years ago, a group of high school friends snuck onto a derelict ship that was docked in New Orleans.

It was a dare, but more like a big excuse to get lost and laid.

That's right!

Of course, there was the loser of the group who always tried to tag along.

So, one day, they decided to prank him by locking him in the engine room.

Wait, wait, I read this. And then, when the police came, the kids ran, leaving him trapped.

Don't tell me. They all assumed that somebody was gonna go back and let them out, but none of them did.

He was so far down in that boat, that none of his texts went through.

He went crazy.

He scratched at the door until his fingernails tore off.

Screamed until his vocal chords bled.

When they finally found his corpse, it was a mummy.

His eyes were eaten out by rats.

They say that The Stowaway preys on teenage kids in revenge if they go to the docks at night.


(Screams) (Laughter)

Let's go look for him.

No way.

Yes way.

The reason their phone signals went dead is because they went inside a ship searching for The Stowaway.

That's where we need to look.

You want me to ask for a search warrant based on the chupacabra of the sea.

Tommy, please, I am serious.

The port of New York is the third largest in the country.

5,000 ships go in and out of that harbor every year.

That ship could be docked in a 25-mile radius.

A search would take weeks.

Yeah, but the driver knows where they are.

Why do you think half of new York's uniforms are looking for him?

Don't you get it?

Look, every video file from the GoPro camera has a unique serial number embedded in it.

I'm conducting a search to see if the driver's camera has ever uploaded any video online.

(Music playing)

This is why the driver kept a GoPro mounted on the dash...

So he could secretly upload party bus footage.

He has a paywall on everything.

And guess who just logged into the party bus as admin 40 minutes ago?

IP address results to a point of presence next to a motel in Jersey.

(Knocking) (Gunshot)

(Radio transmission chatter)

What have you done with the kids?

You don't understand...

Where are they?

You don't understand.

Where are they?!

I left them at the boat. It was him, he tried to kill me.

Who tried to kill you?

The Stowaway.

The Stowaway, I'm telling you the truth.

That some ghost took the kids?

What about Amy Bryant, huh? How did she end up in the East river?

I don't know, I don't know.

It wasn't me. After I was attacked, I ran.

I'm telling you the truth. Look.

My camera automatically uploads footage to my cloud account.

But, I received a notification that a video was uploaded.

Go. Go!

(Panting) Max. Guys?

(Panicked breathing)

Looks like an abandoned ship to me.

(Mysterious growling)

It's him.

He's gonna get me. We never should have come.

(Strange wailing)

Where are you guys?


Leave me alone! I haven't done anything wrong!

(Wailing) Oh, my God.

(Panicked breathing)

(Growling, thud)


She recorded her own murder.

Yeah, but murdered by who?

Or what?

(Sirens blaring)

Someone pushed Amy off this boat, and I'm guessing we're not ready to go with ghosts quite yet.

The footage of Amy and the driver being attacked was posted online.

It's all over the Internet, and under "Stowaway Attack."

Damn. Bring Max Jeter back in.

We lost his tail, phone is offline. Stay back.



(Faintly) In here! We're in here!


Thank God. Thank God.

We were looking for The Stowaway.

It was just some fun, some stupid fun.

I can't believe Amy is dead.

Tell me everything that happened that night.

We were messing around, searching the boat.

Then, there was this sound, this wailing.

Everywhere, like... like we were being followed.


We ran. Someone locked us in and left us there.

And Max?

What about him?

Should I even be talking to you... I mean, without a lawyer here?

Of course, I wanna help. Max.

Max was...

He was a loser at our school.

Good meds, though.

I never even spoke more than five words to Max, until...

What five words?

Can I borrow a pen?

And then her parents pull her out of school early for a six week vacay to Florence, Italy?

Six weeks?

That's kinda long for a family vacation.

She comes back, and Max is like her best friend.

She was in treatment.

How do you know?

Because my parents sent my sister away for six weeks once.

Amy met Max when she was admitted into Firenze...

Florence Recovery Center for an eating disorder.

What was he being treated for?

Severe depression, attempted suicide. That's why they got so close.

Amy was the artist, and Max was into movies and special effects.

And that is where they created The Stowaway legend together.

You know all this, how?

I accessed their patient records.


Try hacked.

It's not exactly a stretch to see The Stowaway as a representation of their psychology.

Amy was terrified she would starve herself to death, and Max felt abandoned by his parents.

And this is where it all happened.

Max and Amy created The Stowaway on this boat, right here.

The whole plan was to create a night that would scare their friends so much, that the stowaway footage would go viral.

So, Max didn't kill Amy.


They tried to save one another.

If you're right, Amy would get the driver high while Max scared the rest of her friends on the ship.

He uses a P.A. System to broadcast the wailing they talked about.

And after Max locks them in, they're all so drunk or high that they wanna be scared.

Where are you going?


Max wore some kind of mask that Amy made.

Even the bus driver believes he saw The Stowaway and corroborates the story.

Serves him right. Jerk gave me the creeps.


Max moves the bus, trashes it.

The whole plan is for him to pretend like he has amnesia, while Amy takes the driver's camera onto the ship and starts filming herself.

It's him. We never should have come!

Right here.

And then, someone chases her?

Leave me alone!

I haven't done anything wrong.



This whole thing was an act.

No one was chasing her.

It's dark, and...

She tripped.


And hit her head here, falling overboard.

Amy's death was an accident.

Where are they?

Your friends? We let them out.

Is that where Amy fell?

We think so.

It was an accident.

What do you mean, it was an accident?

She was filming herself, and she tripped.


There's nothing you could have done.

You don't get it, do you? All right?

That whole night was my idea.

I... she'd still be alive if it wasn't for me.

Max, you can't do that to yourself.


Here we go.

The Stowaway.

Where did The Stowaway die again?

The engine room.

Then we start there. Which way?

Already on it. I can't get a signal.

Then, let's go old school.

Left. No, wait... right.

Sorry, I...

My dad's terrible with directions, too.

That's nice.

That way.

It's real nice.

Over there.


Max, are you in there? Max!

Go away.

Max, listen to me, it is not your fault.

Go away!

I have to finish what I started.

Max, open the door!

She's dead because of me.

(Gas hissing)

Get out of here!

You smell that?


We have to open this door...

No, no, no, you can't stay here, it's not safe.

One spark, and this place will blow.

I'm the cop here, I can decide how this goes.

No! No, but we have...

Ben would never forgive me if something happened to you.

Now, go.

Okay. But, I'm only leaving because I have an idea.

Let's hope it's good enough to save two lives.


(Knocking) Max, listen to me.

You really don't wanna do this.

Damn it, Max, you're gonna suffocate! Come on!

(Grunting) (Gas hissing)

(Radio feedback, static)

Hey, I'm sorry we don't hang out as much anymore.

Me too, but come on. Max is freaking weird, Amy.

We're all weird. You don't get it.

Max saved me. He's given me the best six months of my life.

I can't imagine I could ever be happier than tonight. I'll always love him for it.


(Coughing) Max, come on, you can't do this.


Max, listen to me. I know when you lose someone you love, it leaves you unsure of how you're gonna live in this world.

But, all those things that they do inspire you to make you better, make you laugh.

Those things can only live on in you now.

It's your responsibility to show the world how Amy made the world a better place.

You listen to me, Max.

You do this now, and you can be sure Amy will be gone forever.

Please, Max. Open the door.


I gotcha. Come on.



Oh, my God, Tommy!

So, I thought you found the kids, case is closed.

It is, I just need you to sign your statement.

You sure that's the only reason why I'm here?

Her name is Sara. Where is she?

Hmm, so now, you're a believer.

Alive, that's all I can tell you.

Thank you.

We thought so.

That'll be $150.


Tell her.

Tell her what?

The thing you've been keeping a secret.

She might be the one you've been looking for.

I'm not looking for anyone.

Sweetheart, we're all looking for something.

Isn't that why we're here?

Is this you trying to tell me my fortune?

No, this is me telling you anyone half-awake can see how much you care about that girl.



What was she doing here?

Just had to close up the file.


I just figured if you're gonna keep dropping by, we should figure out how this is gonna work.

How's this gonna work?

I'm the cop, you're the source. Source works for the cop.

The source listens to the cop. The cop is always right.

So, like a rock, paper, scissors thing.

Nope, like a cop thing. Hey, didn't you wanna talk about something when you came in the other day?

Yeah, no, it's all good.