01x05 - IRL

Only promise when you can deliver.

Previously on "Eye Candy..."

I'm working on something.

If that's all you've got, I wouldn't be too optimistic about your future here at Reconnoiter.

Who's The Insomniac?


You invited him?

We liked him, you liked him.

Well, now, he's the main suspect.

Don't move.

On your knees!

Somebody set him up.

Looks that way.

He's not our guy.

Most of the good stuff's been grabbed, but there's some linens in the bathroom.

But, who really wants used linens... whoa, easy.

What the hell are you doing? This is my apartment.

There was an ad online saying that you were getting rid of everything, that it... it was okay for anyone to take what they wanted.

Where's my dog?



Everything was pretty much cleared out when I got here.

(Phone pinging)

(Dogs barking)


You got here just in time.

We had him down to be euthanized first thing in the morning.

But, he must have only been here for a few hours.

Not what the records say. 96 hours, and we put 'em down.

Didn't you check the microchip on him?

We scanned it, and the only thing that came up was this.

Someone is playing some sick joke on you.

You should call the police.

I am the police.


You're The Insomniac?

Apparently not.

I don't understand.

I have a complicated boss.

Hamish tends to take over when something goes viral.

I hear when your sight gets taken away, the rest of your senses get overly stimulated.

Sounds kind of erotic, if you ask me. (Laughing loudly)

Good evening, I'm Mia, one of your servers tonight.

At transparency, all of the wait staff are certified legally blind.

But, don't worry, J.D. here has night vision goggles.

So, if you need anything once you're inside, just raise your hand and wave.

Now, if everyone would please form a line, and place your right hand on the shoulder of the person in front of you.

Should I take a hint that our second date is in the dark?

This way, you really have to listen to what I'm saying.

And not get distracted by how beautiful you are.

Aw, thanks.


Wait, did you just touch me?


Okay, do it again.

(Laughing loudly)

Shut up! Get out! I just can't stand this.

I feel like I've entered some other person's body.


So, the dark definitely makes your hearing more sensitive.


I'm glad you brought me here.

I always wanted to try this place.

Yeah, it's actually kind of thrilling.

I gotta go to the bathroom. I'll be right back.

You're leaving me alone in the dark.

You poor boy.

♪ ♪

Toilets are that way.

Thank you.

(Music continues)

(J.D. speaking faintly)

What do you say we have another drink when I get off work?

♪ ♪

I better get back to work.

You see where I left my goggles?

There you are.

Waiting for your date.

That was quick.

It's time someone taught your little boyfriend a lesson.

So, how was it having your fifth sense back?

Writing all those bad things about Lindy and I.

This is crazy, how are we even expected to cut our food?

Let's see what he writes about this.

Why so quiet now?

(Girl laughing)

That laugh. How am I supposed to concentrate?



(Girl laughing)


(Knife slashing)


Help! Help!

My girlfriend is choking, somebody help me, please!

(People screaming)

♪ ♪

Oh, no.

This has to go down as one of the all-time worst dates ever.

Slow down.

Slow down?

I think I have the right to be the slightest bit riled up.

My date turned into a three-way with a madman.

We could have been killed!

I finally meet this hot guy who's kind and incredibly present and emotionally available.

You know how hard that is to find in this city?

And for what?

So he can be served a woman's tongue as an appetizer.

You think I'm gonna get another date after that?

And you saw nothing?

The police asked me all this.

The point of the restaurant is that it's dark, as in pitch black.

(Sighs) That poor woman.

Do you know how long a tongue actually is?

I'll never get that visual out of my head.

Here, sweetheart.

It's lavender and chamomile, plus my grandmommy's secret ingredient.

It'll calm you down.

Wow, that's strong.

It's the secret ingredient.

Whiskey chaser.

What I need to know specifically... was he after me, Oliver, or that woman?

We don't know yet. The victim matches the profile, but all of you do.

I mean, you met Oliver on Flirtual, right?

Yes, but that was weeks ago, before any of this psycho, insane madness.

I should call him, right?

Calling would be good.


You said the woman had an annoying laugh?

News flash, it's called being from New Jersey.

But, that doesn't merit a death sentence.

Maybe he was sending you a message.


Would it be clearer if he cut off your fingertips?

Oh, that's cute. Because I'm a writer?

Because of my articles?

Writing is a generous term.

Saying bad things about bad people, it doesn't always end well.

Maybe you shouldn't have written them.

Well, I didn't write all of them.

Then, who did?


One of my employees was almost butchered.

I feel it's only right.

A serial killer party?

You're out of your mind.

It's not a party for him.

It's a celebration for the people of New York, to show this lunatic that he can't hold the city hostage.

By throwing a party in protest, you're simply provoking him... apart from not being in exactly good taste.

I'm sure that's not the first time you've been accused of that.

That is you, isn't it? Leaving the crime scene?

Didn't you date Reese Hennessey?

How do you know that?

That's what I do. I dig up the truth.

It's becoming clear to people that the killer is obsessed with you.

I find that fascinating.

As do you. She does know that you're using her, right?


Just like I'm using them to find the killer of the man that I loved.

Yeah, when it comes right down to it, it's all... rather touching.

All in this together.

So, the party's happening, whether you like it or not.

Try to shut me down, and it'll make for some really good press.

(Door closing)

I think we should use this.


Serial killers are narcissists.

What kind of self-respecting narcissist would miss a party in his own honor?

She has a point.

We record the identity of every person who walks through the door.

If the killer takes the bait, we can use all the data from the crime scene...

Cell phone records, security footage, GPS logins, and see if there are any patterns.

This might be the only time Hamish tries something like this.

We grant him a permit on one condition.

We control the venue.

I know just the place.

Are you out of your thin blue minds?

New York magazine just listed IRL under the "What's Hot" column.

I mean, how long do you think that will last when they find out that the NYPD is skulking around every corner?

They're called undercover cops for a reason.


Do you see the way these guys are dressed?

♪ What kind of love ♪
♪ makes its mark ♪

Sophia, Hamish is throwing this party one way or another.

(Sighs deeply) Okay.

If you really think this will help catch him...

I'll do it, under one condition.

Not so much a stitch of polyester walks through that door.

♪ Who will be there ♪
♪ to pick me up ♪
♪ Whenever I fall ♪
♪ I need your love ♪
♪ And I know I don't ♪
♪ deserve this, but ♪
♪ I need you to save me ♪
♪ save me from myself ♪


Everything okay?

Wanted to check in with you.


Is this a new touchy-feely management approach?

Or is this because tomorrow will be the one-year anniversary?

Just because he's gone silent, doesn't mean he's not a threat.

We messed up.

You think I don't regret that day?

Letting Bubonic get away was the biggest mistake the Cyber Crimes Unit has ever made.

Stay alert.

(Overlapping chatter)

♪ ♪

(Radio static)

All security cameras are online.

We have eyes on the entire club.

(Dance music playing)

Shaffer's on the main floor. Amanda's on the dance floor.


Everyone is locked down here.

Boys and girls are in place.

♪ ♪

You all right?

You've seemed distracted all day.

Yeah, I'm fine.

An old friend's in town. Not a good thing.

You wanna talk about it?

It's nothing to worry about.

Why don't I believe you?

Believe me.

And look, as far as this goes, I don't want you to get your hopes up.

It's unlikely he'll show.

It just feels good that we're actually doing something.


I wanna be able to talk to you wherever you are, okay?


And whatever happens, be careful.

If he wanted to kill me, I'd be dead already.

That's my girl. Ever the optimist.

Oliver isn't going to show.

Why would he show?

You mean, because he almost ate a tongue that wasn't yours?

You think you're funny? That's not funny.

Oh, and is Yeager gonna follow us all night?

They're called undercovers.

Okay, your partner is lurking at the bar like an undertaker.

He's giving people the creeps.

Most guys who stare at my ass for that long at least buy me a drink.

I'd rather stare at your ass than your face.

You're a public employee.

Are you even allowed to say stuff like that?

Guess he does like you.

♪ ♪
♪ One by one we see the sun ♪

You came.


Well, the serial killer's already tried to serve me dinner, I figure he owed me a cocktail.

♪ All we need to feel is now ♪
♪ As we go ♪
♪ get me a parachute ♪
♪ Take me to the sky ♪

Look who's here.

He just keeps showing up, that one.

♪ Get me a parachute ♪
♪ take me to the sun ♪

This is what happens when you blow people off.

I didn't know what to say.

You haven't told him yet, have you?

About Ben?

Any of it?

Where am I supposed to start?

That I'm basically the reason he got arrested?

Well, at least now we know that he's innocent.

I mean, you could always...


Sophia, no, I'm... I'm not ready.

Well, you better wrestle him into the friend zone quick, because, girl, he is bound to find out eventually.

♪ Get me a parachute ♪
♪ take me to the sun ♪
♪ We'll be a miracle to ♪
♪ turn this world into one ♪

(Dance music playing)



I'm really sorry I haven't gotten back to you.

I get it, okay? It's okay.

I ruined your surprise birthday with a really big surprise.

I just want you to understand that my being arrested was a mistake.

I know.

Must have really freaked you out.

Uh, a little. Yes.


What's going on? We just lost the feed!

Everything okay? We just lost the connection with the Cyber Crimes Unit.

Well, get it back up.

I'm not sure if it's us or them.

Someone's blocking the signal.

(Phone chirping)


One club soda.


I'm helping Sophia throw this thing, I need to keep my wits about me.

I know all this has been crazy, but I hope this clears things up, and that maybe we could start again.


Things are a little upside-down for me right now.


This has nothing to do with you, honestly.

I'm getting over an unexpected breakup, and I thought I could move on, but I'm not ready.



No one can force their way out of heartache.

It's all good.



It is bad luck to toast without alcohol.

I don't believe in bad luck.




Pretty face.

Excuse me?

I said you got a pretty face.

Well, at least before I smash it to bits on the concrete.


You think I don't know that you're sleeping with my girl, right?

You've made a mistake, man.


I started a Flirtual account. It's right here, look.

That? Mistake? That's you, that's you!

It's not... it's not me.

That's... that's... that's you!

That's you, man.

Look, it's photoshopped.

Now, back off, I'm a cop.

You don't wanna know what I am.


(Music stops)

Oh, what happened to the music?

(Crowd groaning)

(Phones buzzing, chirping)

Hello, kiddos!

Now, for the entertainment tonight.

Let's play a game where you can win one million dollars.

A million dollars. Is this a joke?

I don't think so.

Rules of the game: Number one, play now or leave. Number two, the gameplay continues until all the money is won.

Number three, leave before the game is over, everyone loses.

You have one hour. Good luck, kiddos!

What the hell is going on?

I don't know.

Maybe it's Hamish.

(Bell chiming)

(Overlapping chatter)

I'm gonna go find Tommy.

You seen Tommy?


What is this?

It's legit.

You download the app, take a picture of yourself performing the dare, and get the money deposited directly into your bank account.

(Popping lips)

I just made 500 bucks.

Go to the security office and see if this is malware.

If it is, where it's communicating.

You think this is the killer, don't you?

Where did he get a million dollars is more the question.

Okay, I'm on it.

♪ ♪

(Bell chimes)

Guys, I just made 250 dollars!

Honey, I'm not that cheap.

I could use the cash.

I don't want our first kiss to be for money.

(Bell chiming)

What's wrong?

I smell something.

Is it me? I showered before I came out.

I always shower before I come out.

It's not my breath, is it?

No, it's from that night.

What, our death date night? We promised not to talk about that.

I told the police that while you were gone, someone sat down opposite me.

I thought it was you, but it was him.

It was the killer.

Come on.

(Bell chimes)

Dare you to give away your underwear.

(Laughs) Collect 1,000 dollars.

♪ ♪

(Cameras clicking)

(Bell chimes)

My bank just alerted me that there was unauthorized access to my accounts.

Someone stole a million dollars.

See what happens when you make a sociopath the guest of honor at your party?


I like my money. I worked really hard to get my money.

Then, he knew where it would hurt.

Okay, how 'bout this?

How 'bout I hire you to get it back?

Find out who he is.

So you can make millions more splashing the story across the Internet?

Come on, don't you wanna know who he is?

Yes, but I'm not for hire.

You sure about that?

Lindy, you're gonna want to hear this.

You smelled him?

I guess because the restaurant was dark, my sense of smell was on some kind of overdrive.

It's that whole sensory deprivation thing, the other senses kick in.

Okay, but there are, like, over 500 people here.

I didn't realize it then. I didn't realize it at all, but he had a distinct smell.

Like cologne?

More like a perfume or an oil.

I knew it. I knew it could be a woman.

Women can be serial killers too.

Connor, I'd say serial killers are a breed upon themselves.

Yeah, and they're called cray-cray.

Oliver, can you describe the smell?

Uh, it could be soap. It's like, damp, like leaves.

Mm, right.

Earthy, but lighter, sweeter.

Yeah, that sounds super repulsive and killer-like.

Then the killer is here.

I knew he'd come.


Hello, Tommy.

Sorry you have to miss the party.

Let the games begin.

Dare you to lick the sole of a shoe.

(Laughs) Collect 10,000 dollars!

♪ ♪

(Overlapping chatter, shouting)

Hey, beautiful.

Help me make ten-grand, those shoes look tasty.

Yeah, sorry, I've got really big feet.

I can handle it.

Okay, really?


All right, easy, man, easy!

Back off!

God, what a creep. Thanks.

This is getting out of hand. I need to find Tommy.

Take her to the security office, I'll meet you there.

He's one of the cops that arrested me, but I guess you already knew that.

What's going on?

Uh, Jake...

Are you a cop, too?


Then what?

What's going on?

I was in love with a cop.

He was murdered by the Flirtual killer.

I'm so sorry.

We think he's here, we think he's behind this game.


Come on.

Here you are, at my little party.

Think you know me? That you can catch me?

You got away from me once before, but not again.

George, what do you got?

All the party guests' mobile phone numbers are connected to wi-fi and routed through a Volp connection controlled by a master app on the primary.

Or, what I would call the atom phone.

So, you're absolutely sure that whoever's controlling the game is here, in the building?

He has to be.

Okay, we need to contact the Cyber Crimes Unit and tell them what's going on.

They're offline, we can't get through.

There's something else.

I hate when sentences start like that.

I've examined the malware being used to run the game...

The ttps, everything. You're gonna wanna take a look.

I've seen this behavioral profile before.

Yes, you have.

This isn't the Flirtual killer.



Wait, isn't that like a plague or something?

He'd like to think so.

He's a hacker, but no one knows who he is.

Wait, this is my house. Okay, no one messes with my house!

Are you saying some cracked out geek is behind all of this?

He wasn't just any hacker.

He was one of the best in the world.

Protesting here and there, coordinating multiple botnets using low orbit lon Cannon attacks, taking down the websites from religious fanatics or white supremacists.

And then, one day, he turned bad, perpetrating a string of violent attacks that culminated in shutting down the traffic power grid in the nation's capital.

17 car accidents in two minutes.

19 people died and 68 were injured.

And you know him?

I was going to work for him once.


Excuse me.

What the hell are you doing?

Rules say no one leaves.

So, no one leaves.

I'm not losing my money.

With a temzee assigned to the atom phone, I can triangulate its location to within one foot using a directional antenna.

The problem is... Antenna's in my truck.

Tell me where it is. I'll get it, just tell me where it is.

No, we'll go together.

He'll be tapped into the security cameras.

Remember, no one can leave.

Go out the window in the boiler room.

Security camera's on the Fritz.

Oh, boy.

This way.

Which way? I don't know, I thought I just smelled it again, but it's gone.

(Game chiming)

Dare you to punch someone, 25,000 dollars!

What the hell?

Boiler room's down there.

(People punching)

Oh, no.

Come on, there's no time.


Oliver, watch out!

Whoo, I just won 25 G's!

Excuse me.

You just punched my date.

♪ ♪
♪ I'm letting you off ♪
♪ letting you off ♪
♪ I'm letting you off ♪


What's happening?

Okay, careful.

You might have a concussion.

Where's Lindy?

The party's on lockdown, no one goes in or out.

You don't understand. This isn't the Flirtual killer doing this.

Then who?


Wow, it's hot in here.

Over there.

(Pipe banging, Jake grunting)

(Thud, dragging)

Jake? Jake?

When did he contact you?

Last night.

And you didn't think to share this with me?

I was hoping it wasn't him.

Well, I guess we can know for sure now, can't we?

We have to go in there, we have to shut this down.

We can't.

Someone called in a bomb threat, and now, I know why.


No, no, no, he can detonate it at any time if we interfere.

The bomb squad is taking over.

There is nothing you can do here.

We go back to the Cyber Unit and we try and make contact.



(Beeping continues)

(Sawing metal)

Okay, what do we got?

Okay, it looks like a... Yep, it's a bomb.

What kind of bomb?

(Sighs) Guys, it's no use.

C-4, it could be...

Yes, C-4, it's a trigger, and if we tamper with it...

(Imitating bomb explosion)

Don't tamper with it!

I signed up for a serial killer, not a mass murdering play-guy who wants to blow up my club.

You said everything would be okay.

This is so not okay.

(Laughs nervously)

The numbers going down are six digits.

It's the money being given away. It's tied to the game.

And the other? Degrees Fahrenheit.

It's the temperature of the oil in the boiler.

The more they play, the more money is being paid out of the game, the higher the temperature rises.

And when the pressure gets too high, it will blow.

You're gonna get me out of this, right?

Yeah, I promise.

There has to be a way to disarm it.

You mean, disarm them.

(Distant shouting)

They're the fuse.

Dare you to cut off a finger.

Collect 50,000 dollars.

(Crowd chanting "Do it!")

What the hell is going on in there?

(Crowd) Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

No, stop!

Get off me, man.

We've got a problem.

(Crowd continues chanting)

(Cheering, bell chimes)

We've got a really big problem.

(Radio feedback)


Tommy? Tommy, can you hear me?

I'm routing through George's satellite phone.

Lindy? You okay?

Yeah, what happened to your face?

It was a... Bubonic specialty.

We're out of time.

He's running the whole game from an atom phone.

If we find it, we find him, and we can clawback the money and stop the game.

I took the wireless router used by the club's credit card point of sale system, and with a minor adjustment, voila.

One-directional wi-fi antenna.

Do you think it'll work?

It better.

(Overlapping chatter)

You ready?

You be careful now.

Okay, he's on the move.

You should be right on top of him... now.

There's no one here.

Wait, he's below us.

(Game chimes)

Steal their phone, steal their money.


How 'bout you give us your phones?


Lindy? What the hell's going on...


I'm in the stairwell.

At the bottom, there should be two hallways.

He's down there. What happened?

I lost Yeager.

Then, pull back.

I don't want you going down there alone.

You have no idea how dangerous Bubonic is.

Yes, I do. Somebody's gotta do it.

Lindy, no! You're going out of range.


(Radio static)


Happy anniversary, detective Calligan.

What's it feel like to have someone you care about trapped, and there is nothing you can do about it?

Don't you hurt her. Don't you hurt her!

(Laughing maniacally)



Don't worry, he's fine, Lindy.

Just thought we should chat in private.

It's good to see you again.

Why are you doing this?

I thought it was time you found out who you're really working with.

They're murderers.

You're the murderer.

No, I'm a patriot.

A truth teller.

You have no idea what they did. You see, I scared them.

Scared the government until they arrested the only thing I have ever loved.

They tried to pry my identity out of her, but my girl wouldn't talk.

You think she was strong, but really, she was just...

Alone and scared.

Scared of what your Cyber Unit was going to do to her.

She hung herself in her cell the next morning.

She used shoelaces.

He didn't tell you that little bedtime story, did he, your detective Calligan?

They're hiding something from you, Lindy.

People like you and me, people who don't follow their rules, we'll always be the enemy to them.

And, I am sorry if I've turned a little bitter and done some nasty things.

It's that I... I am really, really mad.

Now, the reason why everybody turns bad for a price.

What's yours? Catching me, or...

Saving the day?

Do you know anything about my sister?


I'm sure we'll be seeing each other real soon.


(Punching, shouting)

George, I've got the phone!

Sending you the specs, call back the money!

(Computer chirping)

(Bell chimes)

(Overlapping chatter)

♪ ♪

(Laughing) Oh, you lose.

(Laughing) We are never throwing a party together again. Never.

(Laughs) (Sighs)

(Helicopter flying) All right, everyone, please, to your left.

She's gonna be okay, yeah, she'll be okay.


Thanks for saving my life.

Thanks for saving everyone's lives.

My pleasure.

Hey, um, you wanna make 250 bucks?


♪ ♪
♪ You're the light out ♪
♪ on the sea ♪
♪ A twirling seed blown ♪
♪ off the tree ♪
♪ Just floating in the wind ♪
♪ rolling on the waves ♪
♪ Slipping out of reach ♪


♪ You're everything I need ♪

I left my phone inside the club.

I'll go.

I am so happy you're alive.

I'll be right back.

You okay?

Yeah, I think so.

What happened in there? Did you see him?



I just found the atom phone, he was long gone.

Well, Bubonic by his nature is a liar.

Deceptive. You know that, right?

Why did he do it?

Maybe he and the Flirtual killer are connected.

(Siren sounding in distance)

Now, that's what I call a party.

(Chuckles) And my money?

Back in your account. Thanks for the loan.

Remember, you owe me one.

Wasn't that the point?

(Rope snapping)

(Choking, gasping)

You're not afraid? You should be. You all should be.

Oliver? Oliver? Oliver?