01x07 - SOS

Previously on "Eye Candy"...

Jake Bolin stood you up, huh?

Looks that way.

I don't want our first kiss to be for money.


It's not working.

Want my help?

We make a good team, Lindy.

Testing. How do I look?


(Bell ding)

Where are you taking me?

You just wait and see.

♪ I want to be ♪
♪ on the front line ♪

God, I've missed you.

Me too.

♪ Got a picture ♪
♪ in your wallet ♪
♪ Making me a habit ♪
♪ Wearing your vintage T-shirt ♪

What was that?

You'll see.

♪ Telling me I'm all that ♪
♪ Just like the girls ♪
♪ From your hometown ♪

You ready?


♪ You really got me now ♪

No way!

I thought you deserved an upgrade.

It's better than my crummy apartment with four roommates listening in.

And way better than a hotel.

It's huge.

Whose place is this, anyhow?

I rented it on Virtual Slumber.

It probably belongs to some euro oligarch who uses it to launder money, and they left us wine.

I'm not sure how long I can do this cross-country thing.

Hey. Soon you'll graduate and I'll get offered a job at the firm.

But right now, we have the whole weekend, and no one can bother us.

"With compliments of Virtual Slumber, welcome home."

I say we try every surface we can find.

♪ I don't want to come back down ♪
♪ I don't wanna touch the ground ♪
♪ 'Cause everything turned out so deep ♪
♪ Hypnotic taking over me ♪

Thanks for this.

You're my girl.

♪ Hypnotic taking over me ♪
♪ Hypnotic taking over... ♪


Morning, sleepyhead.



Beth? Beth!


One black americana, just how you like it.


I was... I was late.

I was early.

It's good to see you.

I'm afraid this is more of a coffee favor than a catch-up.

Oh, okay.

What's going on?

An old intern of mine has gotten into a weird situation.

It's actually kind of terrifying and he's refusing to go to the police.

What happened?

I think he should tell you himself.

It was supposed to be fun.

I wanted to make Beth feel special.

She only gets to visit me every month or so.

You know, it wasn't exactly cheap, either.

Neither of you remember anything else about that night?

Not after we fell asleep, no.

Somebody must've drugged us.

There was wine.

We drank that.

The next morning, Beth was out cold and I...


I woke up with this.

You need to see a doctor.

Beth and I went to one.

I was more worried that she was okay, but nothing was done to her.



Except she's totally freaked.

Who would do this?

Iluxa Electronic.

They booked the apartment online.

I thought maybe you could see who came in and out of the apartment.

You should go to the police.

You don't understand.

I'm this close to getting offered the job of a lifetime with Jake's law firm.

They do thorough background checks.

You know how humiliating it would be if anyone found out about this?

Jake's the only one there I trust.

He's got a point.

Okay, I can't force you to file a complaint, but what about your girlfriend?

She's okay with this decision?



Jake says you can help us.

Okay. I'll see what I can find out.

I still think Nick should go to the police.

Maybe they can figure out if it's a sick prank or something first.

I promise if it's anything more, then...

I'll take it to the Cyber Crimes Unit.


Hey, look. I want to apologize.

I know I bailed on our last date because of work, which is a terrible excuse and now I'm coming to you with a favor.

It's okay.

No, it's not.

I really like you.

This isn't exactly how I wanted things to go.

So how did you want it to go?

Kinda like that.

Yeah. Okay.

After this case is closed, I am making it up to you. We're doing dinner.

No more cooking.

What, you don't like my cooking?

It's just...

There are places in New York that can actually cook for you.

Oh, I did hear that somewhere.

Thanks for helping. I mean it, you're incredible.

(Tape rewinding)

How did that taste, Lindy?

Other guys don't understand you.

Do I have to kill someone else to get your attention?

Please... Don't make me do something we will all regret.

So, he's carrying me upstairs on his back, and I can feel his muscles keeping me from falling into this hundred-foot ravine.

Oh, Lindy!

Look who's here.


Oh, my God, Lindy!


It's amazing to meet you finally.

Such a surprise.

Just off the plane.

You must try a caipirinha. Go on.

It's the Brazilian national drink.

Nectar of the gods. Trust me.

These people know how to live.


I learned how to make these at a bar in Ipanema.

Be warned. Too many and you'll definitely crave a party somewhere. Everywhere.

So that's where you've been... Brazil.

One of the places.

Hence the communication blackout.

I woke up on my 22nd birthday and I realized, I'd only been to two out of the seven continents, so I left.

I wanted to go where no one gets to go, see the things they never get to see.

I can't believe you've become such an adventurer.

Never thought you'd see the day, right?

Honestly, no. When we were in boarding school, she was so afraid of flying that she wouldn't even go back home to England to see her family for the holidays.

I conquered my fear and now I'm conquering all my fears.

How long are you staying the city?

I have no idea. I guess I'm just taking it one day at a time.

So you're okay with it? With her staying?

Of course.

But you need to tell her.

What? Oh.

That we're rationed only six minutes in the shower, as our hot water tank sucks?

Stop it.

If she's going to stay, she needs to know.

I have not seen Tessa in so long.

I just want to spend time with her.

I mean, I have to ease her into the whole crazy time thing.

You mean crazy in the whole serial killer sense of the word?


If she stays, you tell her everything.




Well, hello.

Let me guess. You're here for Lindy?

Eh, that's negotiable.

I'm Tessa.

I'm, uh...


(Both laugh)

We should go out.


That's four of us. Four definitely makes a party.

Yes, it does.


Yes, Lindy.

Yeah, sorry.

George and I have some work that we really need to catch up on.

Do we?

Next time.

Next time, yeah. Okay.

(Typing on keyboard)

Everything on Virtual Slumber is done electronically.

People fill out a profile online, rent an apartment, it gets sent a QR key that opens a digital lock.

What about the owner of the apartment?

Lives in Paris full time.

Okay, first off, the whole concept is disgusting, okay?

Renting someone else's apartment with all their things and sleeping in their bed? People sweat a liter of water into their mattress every night. That's practically a waterbed.

Okay. Uh, it looks like this apartment isn't available until tomorrow. Booking now.

(Computer beeps)


I know you got this case from Jake, but what you're not telling me is, what's going on with you guys?

I don't know. It's confusing.

Why? 'Cause you like him?

Oh... I'm so not helping you until you admit you like him.

I like him.



Maybe? Come on.

That wasn't that hard, was it? Move.

Jeez. Okay.

Let's see.

(Computer beeps)


That's weird. The apartment network is protected.

(Computer beeps)

Really protected.

So how do we get a closer look?

Both: Fibertap.

(Dialing) (Line ringing)


Uh, delivery.

I've got flowers for you. Uh, lovely flowers, actually.

From your grandmother?



You're a bad person.

(Typing on keyboard)

Huh. Nobody used the elevator entrance to that apartment that night besides Nick and Beth.

So, whoever broke in entered another way.

It's eight stories up. There's no fire escape.

So, on a scale of one to "ton," how good was the Jake kiss?

I am not grading kisses with you.

Oh, come on. I am out here in my spare time, Linds.

Okay, surprise factor, a ten.

The rest, none of your business.

"None of your business."


Hello, hold on.

I'm seeing a ton of video compression traffic, like they're running a live cable station out of the apartment.

That means that apartment is filled with hidden cameras.

Okay, yep. That's pretty much my worst nightmare.

So, where is all that footage going?

All the data's being transmitted from the apartment through TOR, uploading to an untraceable website.

As in the 99% of the Internet that's hidden from the normals.

A haven for the weird and illegal.

We know.

I just like saying that phrase...

A haven for the weird and gross and the illegal.

I've got a lock.

"Dolls house"?

(Overlapping chatter)

What the hell is that?

It's a voyeur website.

They're all being watched.

(Overlapping chatter)

This is happening all over the city.

(Overlapping chatter)

(Overlapping chatter)

You know, I've heard nothing from Oliver since that night? Not one word.

Totally blew me off. Can you blame him?

I thought he was, you know, into it.

Okay, your first date was with a serial killer, your next date was with a sociopath cyber terrorist.

Honey, I think he had his fill.

Connor, this is Tessa.

Why are all the hot men gay?


You look different from your pictures.

Oh, God. I was so clueless back then.

I liked how you were.

No, let's burn all those pictures and let's make new pictures.


(Overlapping chatter)

We can't shut it down...

There's nowhere to track it. It's so deep, its url is masked by several bulletproof countries.

So, what do we do?

There are over 1,000 apartments on Virtual Slumber in New York.

We have no way of knowing which ones have cameras.

You need to get this couple to come in now so we can get a warrant and search that apartment.

I tried.

They came to me because they don't want the police involved.

Well, it's not about just them anymore, is it?

We're involved.

Okay, let me get this straight.

This guy and his girlfriend get drugged and he finds whip marks on his back, but he won't let the cops help him?

He's hiding something.

(Computer alert)

Uh, guys?

I just found a load of archives on the site.

Backlogs of all the hidden camera footage.

Great. So, we can find the footage of Nick and Beth from that night.

That's a lot of files.

Well, I guess we're ordering Chinese, Tommy boy.

What? No. A serial killer?

You're serious?

She's serious.


That's better. Tell me everything.

I mean, that's all, really. There's a serial killer stalking people and ending their lives.


I'm so sorry. I mean, that is really, really intense.

Yeah, it's, um, a lot to process.

So, hey, if you don't want to stay with them...


I lived in the rainforest for four months, a place where everything wants to kill you.

The rainforest? I'd like to go there.

You better hurry.


It's bad.

The world's dying, Connor. Faster than we know.

More drinks. Be right back.

I need to show that bartender how to make a cocktail.

Okay, there's definitely something different about her that now I'm worried.

What do you mean?

Tessa. She never liked to drink.

Now she's some shot-loving world traveler.

I don't know. Would you want to be judged based on who you were in high school? I wouldn't.

What are you saying?

People change.

I don't know if they change that much.

Bottoms up. Cheers.

♪ We got 'em wrapped around ♪
♪ Our cheeky fingers ♪
♪ Take me out they'll soon feel ♪
♪ Our stingers ♪
♪ We'll make 'em swoon ♪
♪ Make it hurt just a little ♪
♪ The boys and the girls ♪
♪ And the freaks in the middle ♪
♪ Boys and the girls ♪
♪ And the freaks in the middle ♪

That's not what I was expecting.

Nick's been renting the same apartment on Virtual Slumber and using it to cheat on Beth.

Definitely a player. Sure looks like a motive to me.

Guys, I found the footage for Beth and Nick that night.

All I'm getting is this.


You don't get to play here. (Giggling)

You don't get to play. (Laughing)

What the hell is that?

We need to talk to Beth.


(Typing on keyboard)


How did you get my user name?

I found it on his computer.


So, you're one of them.


One of his flings.


You thought it was just us two?

There are other girls, you know.

Lots of them. He's a liar.

An addict.

I'm sorry.

I just came here to tell you that I had no idea what he was doing.


To commiserate, compare notes, gloat?

He lied to us.

Do not lump us together.

Nick and I met during freshmen orientation.

He was my first love.

Who are you but a distraction, a temptation?

I'm just so angry.

So humiliated. Don't you just wish that there was a way to get back at him?

I'm sorry for you.

I am.

But I got my revenge.

Now leave me alone. ("Alone" echoing)


It worked.

While you lured her to the watering hole, you mischievous Lynx, I compromised her computer.


Found a video file that was uploaded the night after Nick and Beth's little Virtual Slumber encounter.

Take a look.

(Whip cracking)

She wanted revenge but needed an alibi...

(Whip cracking)

So she hired someone else to do it.

(Whip cracking)

That is some weird creepiness.

Who does that?

Attached to Beth's video is a hidden url for the dolls house site.


(Overlapping chatter)

That's a whole other layer.

For special guests.

Apparently, just watching isn't enough for some people.

This site provides a service where you can pay to have them played with.


I'm never leaving my apartment, ever, again.

Okay. Grabbing Beth's user name and password. And...

Menu? Wait, what's on the menu?

These are all Virtual Slumber profile pictures, but...

That's how Beth did it. When Nick went to the apartment on Virtual Slumber, his picture went up on this menu.

Lindy... Someone bought you.


It's because I rented the apartment.

A sting? Absolutely not.

I rented the apartment for the night.

Let's use it to lure him out.

We have no idea what this guy wants to do with you or what kind of perv paid him to do it.

It might be our only chance to actually catch whoever is doing this, in the flesh.

I've obtained a warrant.

We're covertly accessing the admin portal.

That'll tell us who runs dolls house.

Yeah? And how's that coming?

Well, admin just keeps displaying the same word...

"Babylon"... it's untraceable.

We have a chance here, a tiny window through which this pervert is going to crawl.

All right.

But if we do this, you let me plan everything.



Good, you're back.

Why are you stuffing my handbag with toiletries?

You're leaving.


Cyber Crimes is working a big case.

I can't leave you here without a protective detail.

Where exactly am I leaving to?

Montauk. I booked you on the Jitney.

Connor's meeting you there.

Walkups are so exhausting.

What's happening?

Did you tell her about him?

Yes, I told her.

She told me.

So then you both understand why it's not safe to be alone in this apartment.

Why Montauk?

It's the end of the season. It'll be quiet and safe.

Come on, Sophia. We'll make it work.

(Sighing) Okay, sure.

But just the weekend.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, I had to go to the police.

You did the right thing.

But Nick doesn't want to press any charges against Beth...

He just wants the footage of him off the Internet.

We'll do our best.

Do you really have to go through with this?

I brought you this case. If something happens to you, it's my fault.

I'm going to be fine.

It has to be me.


Promise me you'll be careful.

From what we know, the whole apartment is rigged with voyeur cameras, full audio.

This creep will be watching everything we do.

Pascal, you'll lead a team of plainclothes unis outside the apartment.

Got it.

Yeager, you'll go link the voyeur site and be our eyes.

You go inside the apartment and wait until he reveals himself.

No one moves until then.

We? But I booked the apartment as a single occupancy.

Well, you just got hitched.

You didn't think you were going in there alone, did you?

They love you when they need you but dump you when all the fun starts.

Excuse me?

What? You don't feel left out?

That's not a carpet cleaning van, is it?

No, no, it's not. It's my private office.

You know what's great about an office on wheels?

You can take it anywhere you want.

You want to crash the sting?

♪ ♪



Hey! Oh.

You're drunk.

You're mad.

I need to talk to you.

You should be in Montauk right now... we agreed.

We were having so much fun hanging out.

Sophia, this is serious.

I know, I know, I know.

I know. Look, don't worry. Tessa's already booked a later Jitney.

Right, Tessa?

Uh... I am so sorry.

I totally forgot.

You said you booked it.

It's fine. We'll just get the next one.

There is always another Jitney.

No. I'm sorry.

There's no time. You're coming to the Cyber Crimes Unit.

Where? What's she talking about?

It was bad enough when she wanted us to go to Montauk.


Did Sophia tell you that the serial killer has killed ten people?

Oh, my God.

What makes it worse, he likes to target the people around me, the people I care about. So, please, meet me downstairs.


That's a downer.

(Elevator bell dings)

You ready?

So what do you think?

Amazing, honey.

And we're linked in.

They're inside.

Officers are in place.

Let's settle in. Relax.

Oh, look. A bottle of welcome wine.

You want a drink?


Why didn't you tell me your killer was so prolific?

Because it terrifies me and I try to not live my life in terror.

If you keep staring at him, you're gonna lose again.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, really? He kind of reminds me of Philippe.

You remember Philippe, from Montreal? You liked him.

We both liked him.

Yeah, well, he died.


Wait, what?

That... that's so sad.

Tessa... What is going on with you?

What do you mean?

The partying.

Traveling, Philippe.

I don't know, it's just not you.

Look, it's really not a big deal.

My parents are getting a divorce.

They've been married for, like, 20 years, and then, all of a sudden, they realized they hate each other.

Yeah. I'm really sorry.

It's life. Everything.

It's all temporary, so if you want to climb a mountain or pet a tiger or make a move on that boy over there, you better just do it.


It's just flirtation.

Why not more?

I mean, someday we're all gonna end up like poor Philippe.

The website just went live.

(Overlapping chatter)

Lights. Camera. Freak show.

He doesn't know we're watching?

I'm wirelessly looping in.

No harm, no foul.


Great place, huh?



(Cell phone buzzing)

That's the office.


You're up on the site.

Good to know.


This is painful to watch, man. Loosen up.

You're acting like cops, not a couple.

Yeah, I guess I'm out of practice.

Well, you need to sell it. He's watching you.

I'll do my best.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, you know, work.

Always getting in the way of our romantic getaways.

They're watching.

♪ I can dream my future ♪
♪ Dream my future ♪
♪ On the under ♪
♪ I can feel my nature ♪
♪ Feel my nature ♪

Okay, so, uh, I brought cocoa and, uh, hot apple cider.

♪ To hold or to refuse ♪


We should get ready for bed. Right?

Yeah. Yeah, sure, whatever you say.

♪ Lover, can I ♪
♪ ooh ♪
♪ At the wall in the mirror ♪
♪ On the one side ♪
♪ I can dream my future ♪
♪ Dream my future ♪
♪ On the... ♪

(Breathing heavily)


Seems like it's gonna be an all-nighter.


Are you okay? You seem different.

This was a bad idea.

Hey, wait. What's a bad idea?


This whole flirtation.

It's not easy having to hang out and protect you all the time.

I'm sorry I make it hard for you.

It's just not fun having to hang out with a girl that you'd kill to take out, if things were different.

But you can't, because things are the way they are and that's all they're ever gonna be.


How's the mattress?

You asleep already?

Tommy! Tommy, what's wrong?

It's not the wine that was drugged.

It's the pillow.

(Gasping) Oh!


(Whimpering) Aah!


Aah! George!


(Yawning) I bet stings were better in the '70s.

With all that '70s crime.

Hmm, I hear everything was better in the '70s.

Hey, you notice that?


Tommy hasn't moved an inch and Lindy's still in the bathroom.

(Electronic buzzing)

Video just glitched.

Oh, no. He's looped the image.

Yeager, it's George.

Okay, don't ask me how I know this, but the video feed, it's looped.

They're in trouble!

10-13, make entry now.

Let me go!

Let him come with me!

(Elevator bell dings)


He took her.

He took Lindy.

You're gonna get caught.

There are police all over the place.

But we're alone now.

Who paid you?


Help! Help!

Building is surrounded. I've got an air unit overhead.

There's no way he breached our perimeter.

How could this happen? You said she'd be safe.

We'll find her.

Pascal, start at the bottom, work your way up.

I'll do the opposite.

You sure you're okay?

Just go.

(Muffled screaming)

(Overlapping chatter)

(Muffled screaming)

Oh, my God.



Yeager, do something!



Oh, no! Aah!


(Whimpering) (Screaming)


Help! Help!




(Whimpering) (Screaming)

(Whimpering) (Screaming)



Lindy! Lindy, no!



(Groaning) Uhh!

You okay? You all right? I got you.

(Gasping) Thank you.

(Police radio chatter)

Michael Dahl. Two stints at New York State Mental facility, two more in prison.

You want to call someone?


Says here your father owned Dahl Fabricators.

Seems they did quite a bit of renovation on the Virtual Slumber buildings.


Who paid you? Who paid you to brand her?

I was never gonna brand her. That wasn't the deal.

What deal?

He only wanted me to scare her.

To scare her real good.

To get just close enough.

Who paid you? Tell me, who paid you?

I don't know. That's not the way Babylon works.


It's Babylon who pays you?

I never know who pays me.

But he said you would.

He gave me a message for you.

He has the power.

He always has the power to harm you, but never would. He never could.

You broke his heart.

Did I scare you, Lindy?

You're still my ten, my perfection.