01x09 - FYEO

Previously on "Eye Candy"...

Babylon portal.

Everything can be bought anonymously.

Sara was using Babylon?

This is my case file.

You used me to get to Bubonic.

Pretending to have information about her sister.

Who said I was pretending?

You and me, it's over.

I need you to just be there for me right now.

She's up to something.

Lindy's jacket.

And she's dating Lindy's matches.

I'm Tessa.

♪ ♪

How many you say?

Over a million.

That's like 300 years of bodies buried here.

That's too many, man.

That means the soil of this island is made from the unclaimed dead of New York.

You'll see. You just become numb.

I don't even think about 'em no more.

The hardest part is the babies.

Boxes so light you think there's nothing in them.

Makes you wonder.

All those lost little innocents.

If there's a boy inside or maybe a girl.

Who she was gonna grow up to be.

All alone now.


Sounds like drain pipes to me.

Yeah, well, it smells real bad and I can't have it wafting up into the club.

Don't worry.

All plumbing systems develop clogs.

There's simply no way of avoiding it.

No, I had most of it upgraded about a year ago.

It's in there.

Yeah, that's bad.

Um... forgive me if I wait here.

(Door creaking)

Everything okay?

(Man screaming)


Where are you going?


Want some juice?


I found my case file.

I know.

Tommy called me.

You were hoping he wouldn't?

What do you know about my sister's abduction?

Three years ago, several girls went missing in the northeast all around the same age as your sister.

The van was spotted at a couple of the abduction sites.

And you think Sara was one of them?

They found six girls total.

One of them claims there was a seventh girl in prison next to her whose name was Sara but none of the others could corroborate this.

Why didn't you tell me?

Nothing was definitive.


The girl who talked about Sara... is my niece.

Mary Robertson.

That's how we knew about this case.

She was abducted walking home from her summer job as a waitress.

Missing for nine months.

What did you do?

I made it personal.

I used the entire power of the Cyber Unit to find her.

I diverted funds, manpower, equipment... anything to discover even the slightest clue.

You broke the law.

I broke the law.

And that's why you didn't tell me?

For nine months, I saw how that waiting tore my family apart.

How false hope destroyed them even more.

When we didn't find Sara, I truly believed it was a dead end.

You had no right to keep this from me.

Don't you see, this is how I found you.

It wasn't because of your crimes as a hacker.

It was because of your quest to find your sister.

So you could use me.

I needed you focused on catching the Flirtual killer.

How could you?

I'll do anything to catch the bad guy.


You'll wanna hear the story from Mary yourself.

It's not a pleasant one.

For what it's worth... I hope you find your sister.

(Police radio chatter)

Sophia, Sophia, where are you?

Hey. Are you okay?

No, how could I possibly be okay?

Who is it?

I don't know.

The body has been here for a couple of weeks.



Why are you looking at me like that?

Connor, we, uh... We found his wallet.

His? His who?

Oliver Stewart.

We think he's been down here since the Reconnoiter event.

He was your date, right?

Oh my God.

I'm gonna need you to come in and answer a few questions, all right?

I... I really thought he was just blowing me off.

It's gonna be okay.

(Cell phone vibrating)


Sargent, we found another victim at IRL.

He was in the basement.

I'll be right there.







(Tires screeching)

(Toilet flushing)


Tessa, is that you?

Just a minute.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Just nursing a major hangover.

Didn't you just get home?

Right, I guess it's not a hangover then.

I'm still hung.

Wow, you're really warm.

You know me.

I'm always warm. I just need sleep.

You don't look so hot yourself.

What's going on?

Don't try and change the subject.

I'm fine.

I'm really worried about you.

(Tessa groaning)

(Cell phone chiming)

I'm sorry, we're turning over our exhibit.

We're not open at the moment.

You're Mary, aren't you?

Who are you?

I never saw her face.

I knew she'd be beautiful.

They found six of us.

We were kept in some kind of basement.

In boxes.

Later I found out they were dog kennels.


Sara was in the kennel next to mine.

And we could slip our hands in between the bars in front and hold on to one another.

What's that?

We tattooed our wrists with our names.

Three more letters to go.

We didn't wanna be erased.

If we died, we wanted people to know who we were.

He'd, uh...

Come to us at night.

He gave us pills to keep us quiet.

The worst was you'd desperately wish he'd pick someone else instead.

More often than not, he would.

(Girls screaming)

The doctors said when they found us, we were addicted to pain killers.

Sara, are you okay?

Sara, give me your hand.

How come you're so cold?

Help, something's wrong! She's got no pulse!

What, what is it?

Sara, something's wrong.

I think she's dying.


No, girl! No!

He grabbed her and, in the panic, he left his keys.

I didn't look back.

I was so scared.

It was three days before Christmas.

December 22nd.

I don't know how but I know the police packed the animal shelter and never found him.

They never found Sara.

I think Sara saved her pills until she couldn't take it anymore.

I'm sorry I couldn't save her.

She died and I got to escape.

I'm... I'm sorry.

You're the first person to give me any real information about my sister.

But she's dead.

I can't accept that.

Not until I know for sure.

Hey, I'm...


Is Connor okay?

No, he's not okay.

Where have you been?

I had some personal stuff that I had to deal with.

The killer put a body in the basement of my club.

That's pretty personal.

I'm sorry, I'm here now.

Okay, look... this is gonna sound really weird, but I think...

Well, actually, I know Tessa has been going out on dates with all of your matches from Flirtual.


Every single one.

She's been wearing your clothes, dating your matches.

How long have you known this?

I have been racking my brain.

But it all became clear when I found Oliver's body this morning.

She's obsessed with...

With the person who's obsessed with me.


Why would she do that?

It doesn't make any sense.

It's like this girl has got a death wish.

Do that thing.

Do that thing on her phone that helps us track her, that way we always know where she is and I can make sure that she's safe.

Yeah, of course.

(Cell phone beeping)

Thank you.

(Cell phone ringing)

Dr. Taylor to OR Dr. Taylor to OR


Will she be okay?

She's stable.

The doctor said we'll have to wait and see.

What happened?

Oh no.

We're gonna find him.

Then find him.

Lindy, look...

I'm sorry.

Okay, I'm sorry for what he's done, but I have something really important I need to deal with.

More important than finding who this animal is?

Lindy, please.

Tommy, I can't trust you anymore.

And it's her fault.

And it's your fault.

They found a girl who was left at Queen Central Hospital two Miles from the abduction site.

She died soon after from an overdose of pain killers.

Listed as Jane Doe. Number 30-34.

How did you get this information?

It was him... the killer.

Then it might not be real.

He just revealed to me what Catherine was hiding all along.

I just... I need to know who this girl was.

Her reports say that she was buried on Hart Island.

I have a connection to a firm that does some pro Bono work for families with relatives buried on the island.

Let me give a call.


Look out!

Oh my God! Jake, are you okay?

What the hell you doing, buddy?!

Yeah, it was... Sorry, it was my fault.

Watch where you're going.


There's nothing else to say.

We met off Flirtual, went on a couple dates, and he ended up strangled in the basement of my friend's club.

How much do you know about the Babylon portal?

Enough to know that it's the definition of human depravity and desperation.

Well, the killer used Babylon to buy Lindy.

That's our best link to catch him.

It took some digging, but we found Babylon's big coin wallet listed on a website belonging to a law firm in the Cayman Islands.

Read the list of clients.

Hamish Stone Publications.

What are you implying?

We think Hamish...

Your boss is behind the Babylon portal.

You think this is funny?

It's a little farfetched.

If I can get inside and we can order onto Hamish's servers, we may be able to find the killer's real identity.

Oh... No.

No, I can't help you. I'm sorry.

I value my job.

Next you'll be saying, "Hamish is the killer."

What is that?

It's Oliver's autopsy report.

He didn't die peacefully, I can tell you that.

That's not fair.

We can finally get the killer, Connor.


But if anyone asks...

I did it for the story.

You can't just go to Hart Island.

You have to petition the State to visit.

And even then, they won't let you near the grave.

Are you sure you have time to do this?

Yeah, of course I do. It's important.

Thank you.

The records aren't digitized but come with a photograph of the deceased.

It'll tell us if it's your sister or not.


All right, I'll be right back.

So I called about Hart Island burial records.

Oh, yes, of course.

That's them? Thank you.


They say not knowing is the worst part, but...

This feels worse.

Then we'll do it together.

Hold on.

Here it is.




There's supposed to be a photo of Jane Doe.


Who would take that?

The killer.

The killer was here.

You have a choice here.

You petition the State to exhume the body and wait months or...


It's the weekend tomorrow.

The island will be deserted.

If they catch us trespassing, the most they can do is fine us $800.

What are you saying?

All you need is some DNA. A hair.

And then we can put this to bed one way or the other right now.

You're serious?

If it was my sister out there, I'd need to know.

I'll go with you to the end of the line, Lindy.

Thank you.


I have some information on the Flirtual killer.


Of a rumor that he attacked the head of a Cyber Unit.

She's in the hospital.

How much of a rumor?

It's true. But no one will go on record.

You mean Lindy won't go on record.


Good, run with it.

Great, I'll see what I can turn up around town.

No, you know the drill.

You've got the story of the night.

When we break this, I want you running it from here.

Great, sure. Thank you.


Okay. There's no official map or monikers of the mass graves on Hart Island.

But I found a rikers' prisoner in charge of the burial crews from three years ago.

He was just released, lives a few hours upstate.

It's a long shot but maybe he remembers something.

Let's try.

(Cell phone beeping)

We're on.

Hi. We're looking for Mick Ferguson.

Is he around?

He might be... who's asking?

His niece.

And I'm his fiancée.


Thank you.

Can I ask you about Hart Island?

I think you might have buried my sister there.

Buried a lot of people. A lot of years.

I need to know where.

Do you know the date she died, Jane Doe number?

December 22, 2012.

Labeled 30-34.

I was losing anyway.

So... buried...

First quarter of 2013...

They'd have been on the southeast side of the island.

Next to the old asylum.


Yeah, they turned it into a drug rehab center for women.

Ironic it's called Hart Island.

First time I went, I hadn't seen a female in months.

And there's all these lost beauties wandering around.

Drug addicts next to the biggest graveyard in the world.

Wasn't exactly the most healing environment.

It's all closed down now.

We must be able to work this out.

How many bodies did you bury a week?

"N" 32.

Well, I worked three days a week, about 20 bodies a day, so that's 60 bodies total.

Started the new year in plot "C."


Boxes stacked about 20 feet by 30 feet.

We'd be out from the main road about 90 feet.

Moving from the outside in.

So around January 8th or 9th, you'd be...

Right about here.

Uh... yeah.

Smart girl.

She'd be here, resting soundly.

Your sister, number 30-34 would be right about here.

It's just me. Everyone's gone.

The server rooms that way but it's locked.

Don't worry, I can get in.

Just warn me if anyone comes back.




Don't be mad, but I got us some disgustingly unhealthy indulgences.

I snoop because I love you.

Sophia, no.

Okay, we have been friends a long time.


Okay, look, I will always support you, through anything.

Bipolar disorder or whatever it may be...


But I looked into these drugs, and it's really bad to drink while taking them.

So maybe that's something you need to rethink.

Sophia, it doesn't matter.

Yes, it does.

It... it can kill you.

I'm not bipolar.

I'm taking the pills for seizures.

Seizures? Why?

I have a Glioblastoma.

A what?

A brain tumor.

If this is a joke, this is a really bad joke.

It is a really bad joke, but I'm telling you the truth.

I kept getting these splitting headaches.

And then the doctors found this thing inside my head.

Said they couldn't take it out.

And I just decided not to tell anyone.

I mean, what do you even say?

Do you post it on social media?

You can't keep that from the people that love you.

That is not fair.

I can do whatever the hell I want.

If I wanted you to know, I would have told you.

I'm so sorry.

You had no right to go through my things.

See the way you're looking at me now?

I never wanted anyone to look at me like that.

I came here to have fun, goddammit.

You have to promise me you won't tell anyone about this.

Even Lindy.

Promise me.

I promise.

I have to go for a walk.


Hamish. What are you doing here?

Last I checked, this was my office.

I thought you should eat.

Come on, it'll get cold.


(Door creaking)


(Engine knocking)

Damn it.

What's going on?

I don't know.

I think we should push it off the street.

Well... looks like we might be stuck here for the night.


You're not gonna eat your food?



Why is there a police officer in my server room?


It's a simple question.

I'll take the floor.

You can't sleep on the floor.

Sure I can.

I spent a month in the outback with nothing more than a blanket.

Haven't you heard? They build us tough in Australia.

You never told me why you moved there.

No, I didn't.

My parents were killed in a car accident and I was sent to live with my aunt.

I'm so sorry.

Hey, I was five. I hardly remember it.

Thank you for today.

Whatever we find out about your sister tomorrow, it's not your fault.

Sometimes that's hard to believe.

It's time to believe it.

♪ Take it in bright ♪
♪ And breathe into your ♪
♪ Hungry appetite ♪

So you sure you still wanna sleep on the floor?


♪ Know you're higher ♪
♪ Than the instant sky ♪

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch...


It's my rib from the cyclist.

Let me look.


I had no idea how bad this was.

It doesn't look so bad. (Laughing)

It's purple and blue!

Do you not see how bad this is?

You might've broken a rib.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.


Your hands are cold.

Okay, I'm gonna go get some ice.

It'll take down the swelling.


♪ I feel the light ♪
♪ Surrounding me ♪
♪ I'm open now ♪
♪ And feeling free ♪
♪ In time I ♪
♪ In time I... ♪


They think you own the Babylon portal.


Own is a very conventional way of looking at it.

I prefer curate.

And that you know who the killer is.

Or... might actually be him?

If only I had the time.

Call him. Call your cop.

(Cell phone beeping)

Detective Calligan.

I do hate a party crasher.

Yeah, that's cold.

I thought they built you tough in Australia.

I'm not taking it off.


♪ Full crends... ♪

So we just sit here then?

♪ Give who we said ♪

You can't feel any pain anymore.

♪ Broken parts ♪

You'll have to back away.

♪ I felt it all ♪
♪ And I feel it all ♪
♪ She left with the change ♪
♪ Of the leaves ♪
♪ Through the fall ♪
♪ Through it all ♪
♪ Never cry ♪
♪ It's just taken from me ♪
♪ Take the most ♪
♪ Of the branches ♪
♪ That we shared ♪
♪ The season's gone ♪
♪ Like the dreams ♪
♪ And the feelings we shared ♪
♪ I felt it all ♪
♪ And I feel it all ♪
♪ She left with ♪
♪ The change in the leaves ♪
♪ Through the fall ♪
♪ Through it all ♪
♪ Never cry ♪
♪ It's just taken from me ♪

Did you really think I would keep my servers here?

That I would be that stupid?

We know about Babylon.

You're gonna arrest me?


I think not. Here's how it's gonna go.

(Woman moaning)

You type "execute" and you could shut down Babylon forever.

You can save lives right now.

You won't be able to pin anything on me.

It'll all be gone but...

Why would I do that?

See, I never do anything without a parachute.

I found a clue that'll lead you to the killer.

How can I be sure?

You strike me as a gambling man.

Come on, you'll get the biggest lead you'll ever get and I walk free.

Seems like a fair trade.


It's gonna hurt me a lot more than it's gonna hurt you.

Now type "execute."

You know you want to.


All gone.

You just cost me a lot of money.

Deal's a deal.

Bye now.

Both of you.

(Cell phone chiming)

(Water running)

(Floor creaking)

(Door creaking)

(Door opening)



I knew it. I knew it was you.

Please don't kill her.

Kill me instead.


I've been looking for you.

You'll be doing me a favor.



I'm dying.

I can't do it myself. Please, please?


Thank you.

You're welcome.

♪ He'll hear every ♪
♪ Word I say ♪
♪ Hold you every time ♪
♪ You move ♪

Hey, you.

So the mechanic just left. We are good to go.

I feel hungover but we didn't even drink.

That's weird.

Let me make it better.

♪ What can I do love? ♪


The Flirtual killer didn't kill Reese.

He got someone to do it for him.

He sold it on Babylon.

That means the killer could've been anywhere when Reese was tied up and murdered.

Yes. Anywhere like Lindy's birthday party.

I rented us a boat.

It'll take about 20 minutes or so.

Wait here, I'll get the keys.

What are you saying?

Jake was in jail when Reese was murdered.

That was his alibi.

But how could he have pulled it off?

Lindy was abducted from the party and taken to a warehouse, but you arrested Jake at the party.

The time line is wrong.

It has to be.

None of the guests were sure when they last saw her, except Sophia and Yeager who were distracted with the fire in the bathroom around 10:20.

We arrested Jake around 11:00 p.m., that's 40 minutes.

She was drugged. He gets her out of the apartment.

No one is paying attention.

While it takes Jake 14 minutes to get her to his car and drive her to the warehouse, arriving around 10:35.

Lindy witnesses someone kill Reese, thinking it's the killer.

It only takes Jake 12 minutes and he's back at the party before 11:00 p.m.

Has anyone seen Lindy?

Don't move. On your knees!

He could've done it.

Everything okay?

Uh... I'm just trying to call Sophia and it won't go through.



Can you hear me?

Did you see the person who attacked you?