01x02 - Mentally Divergent

Previously on 12 Monkeys...

I'm not gonna hurt you, Dr. Railly.

How do you know my name?

Pull in here. Pull the car over!


Do it! They sent me back too early.

This is the past. 2043 is the present.

Four years from now, most of the human race is gonna be wiped out because of a man named...

Leland Goines.

We find him, I kill him.

How will you know if the future has changed?

I'll be erased. [Gunshot]

He's dead, but you're still here.

[Shouting] How is that possible?

Killing him didn't change anything.

There were others.


Others who?

The Army of the 12 Monkeys.

Jennifer, your father is dead.

He always wanted you to carry on his work.

[Gasps, giggles]

[Dramatic music]

My name is Dr. Cassandra Railly of the...

We're working on containment of the Co...

The plague starts with Leland Frost.

The true architects of the plague...


Right there. Filter.

[Distorted audio playing]

[Garbled speech] Army of the 12 Monkeys.

It has always been there.

[Indistinct chatter]

Here, look.

This symbol appeared in a mental institution in...


It's not far.

Let's send Mr. Cole and Mr. Ramse to investigate.

Hey. Hey.

Scavenger camp.

We should take positions here, and we just wait them out.

That camp looks cold.

You don't know that.

We wait them out, we could be here all night, then we're humping back in daylight.

Listen, we get ambushed, we don't make it back at all.

It's a fair point.

You stay here. Wait them out.

Cole. Cole!


Doesn't make any sense.

The recording said Leland caused the plague.

No, it says it started with Leland.

It's not the same thing.

You sure he's dead?

Pretty sure, Ramse. I had him point-blank.

Maybe you missed him.


I didn't miss.


You're not seriously considering going back there... huh?

Jones said this was one and done.

I guess Jones was wrong.

The file on 248's missing. It's the only one that's gone.

[Glass shatters]

sh1t. Scavs.

What'd I tell you?


[Breathing heavily]

You never listen, huh?

Look out!


I didn't miss.

My friend, you are not the same man since you got back, and you're bringing me down.

What are you talking about?

Look, I'm telling you, you... you're different.

No, I'm not.

Yeah, you are.

Listen, I-I get it, okay?

You're a little sad about being back.

Who wouldn't be?

I mean, you got the food.

You got the science... the girl.

It's not like that, man.

Just remember, you're not from there.

You're from here.

We do what we have to.

[Buzzer sounds, beeping]

[Lock clicks]


No viral mutations detected.

Welcome back, gentlemen.

So, about the girl...

Her name's Cassie.


Are you gonna see her again?

I don't know.

It's me.

Look, I know you have a lot of questions, but I need your help.

I'm at a gas station off 68 in Cumberland.

Thank you for coming.

You could have told me to go to hell. Nobody would blame you.

I didn't have anyone else to call.

It's this one.

Take this exit.

I thought you were out of town.

I'm not going home.

[Door closes]

Where are we?

My grandparents' old store... the one they opened when pop retired.

Right. And why?

It's listed under my mother's maiden name.

I don't have...

I need to lay low for a little while.

Listen to yourself.

You got to lay low?

There it is.

The "she's gone batshit" look.

What are you doing with this guy?

He kidnapped you.

He filled your head with this plague stuff. Now he tries to kill someone.

Cassie, just talk to me.

You want answers?

I want to help you.

Then ask D.C. Metro why the cops released us to Markridge's private security.

Ask them why there were no charges, why we never even made it to the station.

Then I'll tell you all about Cole.

The symbol appeared in Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, New York, Berlin... all major cities where the plague had the highest rate of infection.


There's a pattern here... a design.

It's aimed at making the virus hit with maximum impact.

If there was a guiding hand, they made sure to infiltrate centers of power... police, government, health.

You think this guiding hand was the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

Who are they?

A terrorist organization, religious fanatics... still unclear.

So what now... back to 1987 to see this asshole again?

We don't have enough power to send you back that far, not yet.

So where am I going?

I'm sending you to 2015.

I want you to track down the patient in room 248.

She's somehow connected to this organization.

Find out who they are.

This, uh... mental hospital, Dr. Railly could help me get inside.


She is no longer part of your mission.

It was never my intention that you made her your accomplice.

You weren't there.

No... but you could have corrupted her timeline and prevented her from leaving the message, which starts our entire investigation.

Time is cruel, Mr. Cole.

We are risking everything by toying with it, taunting it.

Believe me.

I've learned enough about time to fear it.

And so should you.

Are you ready to feed the beast?

Oh, yeah.


Mr. Ramse, you can't go in there!

Lasky, shut your mouth!

All right, I want you to have fun back there this time, okay?

I don't want you to get shot.

I want you to get laid, okay?

Find some vintage.



What was your mother's name again?

Roberta, right?

See, that is some cold sh1t right there, brother.

Briar Street, Philly, right?

You're not being nice to me.

She was pretty, right?

Let me ask you... are you my father?


Mr. Ramse, if you please.

Mr. Cole... we're splintering you to Philadelphia, 2015.

You sure?

You were off last trip by weeks. You got it this time?

Right on the money.

[Machine whirring]

Initiate splinter sequence.

[Whirring intensifies]






[Dog barking]

[Shouting in Korean]

You got to be sh1tting me.

[Shouting in Korean]

All right. Okay.

[Shouting in Korean]

I can't understand you!

Where... where am I?

[Alarm sounding]

What's going on?

Coordinates were off.

He's in the wrong place and time.

Do you got his tracer signal?


Prepare for long-range splinter.

We'll slingshot him.

Where did you send him?

[Operatic music playing]

How's it going?

You are American.


This is very good... for me.

For you... it is not good.

Okay, look, this is a misunderstanding.

I... I, uh...

[Buzzers sounding]

Do you guys have any idea what you're doing?

Mr. Ramse, listen to me...

Mr. Cole's name was on a recording made 30 years ago.

Fate gave your friend this mission.

You, Mr. Ramse, are here only because he insists on it.

Do you understand the difference?

Your future is not preordained.

Come on, let's go.

You get him back.

Okay? Get him back!

Coordinates reset for 2015.

Initiate slingshot.


[Whirring intensifies]

[Light jazzy music]


Assaulted two police officers, spent three nights in County, consistent signs of mental instability... spitting, clawing, violent outbursts.

No I.D., no next of kin... terrific.

You have no previous history of psychiatric treatment?

There was no previous doctor?

Were you military?

County says you have a number of bullet wounds.

The attack on the police and your episodes in the County Jail suggest a pattern of violent behavior.

Intermittent explosive disorder related to P.T.S.D.

What's that mean?

Your aggression is likely related to past trauma.

County requires a 48-hour stay for observation.


Who are you?

An angel.

What's your name?



What's the matter?


Only, it's sure a sorry name for an angel.

Please come in.

You shouldn't.

[Voice mail beeps]

I know I've already left you several messages, I just can't find anything about it anywhere.

I don't know what it is.

"The Army of the 12 Monkeys"... it's something Goines said.

I just want to know if it means anything to you... at all.

I'm going to keep calling you until you call me back, so please, Jeremy, please call me back.

Tough news in the biotech market today.

Markridge Group CEO Leland Goines has died.

Goines suffered a massive heart attack at his home in Virginia.

Markridge is one of the leading pioneers in vaccination research.

A spokesman for the company has requested privacy for the family as they deal with this tragic loss.

Media giant, T.R.W...

[TV clicks off]

Screw this.

[Elevator bell dings]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Telephone ringing]

[Elevator bell dings]

Goines, Jennifer?

[Buzzer sounds]

Pretty, like mommy.

Jennifer, open up.

Open up.


Those eyes... left, right, swaying like a granddaddy clock.

Soulful otter eyes.


Can't keep them off me.



You're Leland's daughter.

Yes and no.

I am a Goines.

I was a daughter.

[Whispering] Daddy's feeding the worms.

[Normal voice] Did you know dad?

We met.

Sorry for your loss.




[Chuckles] Reds and blues... primary.

Give me yellow! I could paint you the world.

I love colors.

What about numbers?

I love numbers... especially primaries.

What about the number 12?

12's not primary.

You're not as smart as me, are you?

It's okay. It happens a lot.

Hey! Hey. Hey.

Maybe you could teach me.


Okay. I could do that.

What do you want to learn?

I want you to tell me about the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

[Laughs] Monkeys?


Tell me what you know.

Who are they?

Who? What? Where? When? [Gasps]

Who are the 12 Monkeys?

Can't talk about the Monkeys.

Doctor's orders.

Or else the tongue thing... the temple thing.

It's like lightning in my brain...

[Gasps, laughs pleasurably]

I like you.


Oh, look at those otter eyes.

There's crazy in there.

It's different from mine, but... okay, I'll tell you. I'll tell you.

There were a dozen cages in my father's kingdom... chimps with eyes like yours... experiments.

I set them free... six and six.

Got them all shot.

Bang! Bang! [Shouts]

Hey! Hey! Shh!


Shh. Shh.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

I don't want to hurt you, but I will if I have to.

You understand?




12 Monkeys... They're my cover band.

We opened for the Warhols. Boston, '09.


[Alarm sounds]

[Laughs] Was that your hand or mine?

[Alarm sounding]

They're in here, and they make me kill people... good people who bought me lunch.

Jennifer... I need to find them.


Did he hurt you?

Yes, Constable, this gentleman tried to kill me.


Get him out of here.

Need to find them, Jennifer.


12. 12.

Numbers on a clock.

12 dancing Monkeys.

Jennifer, you know they're not real.

Tell him that. He's the one asking.

Well, that patient shouldn't have been talking to you.

I think he wants to know what the Monkeys want to know.

Where is the Night Room?

And where is it, Jennifer?


It's locked away.

Let's get her another round. Up her dose 100 milligrams.




It's Bandara.

She's talking about the Night Room.

A run-in with a new patient shook it loose.

Now, I need to know that you'll honor our deal and...


Same account.

[Cell phone beeps]

Come on, Jeremy.

[Doorbell rings]

[Door creaks open]


Jeremy, the door was open, so I just let...


Jer... Oh!

No, no. Careful. [Chuckles]

The slightest breeze, and the flowers are gone... and then the stench.

I killed your friend because he was asking questions about us... for you.

Stop asking questions.

I don't... I don't want to do this... this to you.

I-I don't. I... but if you ignore this message... and make some attempt to get some sort of weapon or scream or contact the authorities, then I will... and to those you care about.

Where's Cole?

I don't know.

No, I don't think you do.


So long.


[Tires squeal]


[Doorknob rattling]

[Light knock]

Cassie, it's me.


What's wrong?


I checked in with D.C. Metro. You were right.

There's no record of your arrest.

Because they're covering it up.

Just hold on.

They even have a cover story for Leland Goines.

What are you talking about?

The heart attack.

That's not what happened.


Okay, then why don't you tell me what happened?

Cassie, did Cole kill him?

Is that what you're mixed up in now?


Listen to me.

This guy is a maniac, okay?


I had Cole's picture from security footage run through the CIA's facial recog.

Aaron, what did you do?

It's fine.

Royce sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

I just called in a favor. All right?

Look, Cole showed up at an army base nine years ago in North Korea.

CIA got these from the State Department.

He's dangerous.

Cassie, I'm telling you, they think that he might be some kind of seriously delusional activist or...

Look, he had an address on him.

A mental institution in Philly... J.D. Peoples.

Aaron, you need to stop asking questions.

Clearly, this is a guy with a history of mental instability...

Aaron, please.

I don't think that it...

You need to go.


Look, Cassie, I just...

Just take care of yourself, Cass.


Who are you?

My name's Cole.

Are you real, Cole?


If that, then what?

Ipso facto.

You are real.

Jennifer... you need to tell me about the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

They're not real.


They can't be.

Yes, they are.

They always have been.

What did you do for them?


No, wrong, wrong... not "did."

Was done, to me.

You said you killed people.

At Markridge?

Tell me what happened there.


No, senor.

No way.

It's all locked up in here.

That's what those doctors out there think, right?

The Monkeys... they're all in your head.

I know they're not.

I know they're real.

Did you know I used to work at Markridge?

Knew the boss... easy gig to get.

[Chuckles] Kind of risky, though.

I was always... rarh.


The voices started when I was 13... right when I got breasts.

Daddy needed me.

Lots of work to do.

Lots of pills later, I was fixed... mostly.

Then they came.

They wanted to know.

Weren't gonna stop until they found out where it was.

Where what was?

Daddy's great and shadowy laboratory... filled with evening stars.

He called it the Night Room.

It's an off-site lab with his teeny tiny little secret locked inside.

The virus.

I knew where it was.

But I wouldn't say.

I saw the blood.

The voices came back screaming and... and one by one...

Something broke inside me.

I couldn't speak.

And then I saw someone running away... the only other one of us who could find it... the one that got away.

Man... is angry.

Your father... did he ever tell you about the Army of the 12 Monkeys?


Okay, listen, well, that's who we are, and your father is important to us.

I don't want to hurt his daughter, but can you tell me, Jennifer, where to find the Night Room?

The man... he smelled of lavender and jasmine.

Then it was my turn, but he said, "not today."

Those men died because of me.

No. No, they didn't.

You didn't kill them.

It's hard to say.

Memories are funny.

Daddy thought I did.

Maybe I killed him too.


No, that was someone else.

Been here ever since.

773 days locked in a cell, apologizing to ghosts.

You don't know what that's like.

You'd be surprised.

[Clattering, alarm sounds]

Jennifer, listen to me.

The Army of the 12 Monkeys are gonna steal the virus from that lab.

They're gonna use it to kill everyone.

You need to tell me where it is so I can find it.

Buried. Buried deep, deep... deeper than daddy.

She's in here.

How the hell did you manage...

Look, get her out of here.

Get him dressed. He's being moved.

Hey, it's the wrong room.

[Grunts] Where you taking me?

You're being transferred back to County.

Can't have you attacking other patients.

[Elevator bell dings]

There you are.

This man is suffering psychosis brought on by viral encephalitis from an unknown vector.

Aren't you glad I found you, buddy?

You are?

Dr. Cassandra Railly.

I'm a virologist.

Well, this patient is being transferred to County.

We're not equipped to handle his level of aggression.

And I'm authorized by the family to take custody.

You're discharging him.

Unless you want an outbreak at your hospital.

I need a word with my patient.

How did you find me?

The North Koreans called.

Look, you can't be here, okay?

Oh, I'm here.

They said you hit a cop.

You know better than that now.

Did that on purpose.


'Cause I needed to be in here.

Who are you trying to kill this time?

I'm not. I'm here for information.

I could have helped you with that.

No, no. You couldn't help me with that.

You... you're finished with this.

That's not up to you.

Cassie, this is my mission.

No, not anymore.

It's ours.

Look, the people who sent me back... they're worried about your timeline.

It's too late for that.

Your future could affect everything.

Okay, I don't care about your paradox bullshit, Cole.

Shut up and listen to me.

Jeremy is dead.

Someone knows we got too close to the truth, and the man who did it didn't just kill him.

There were flowers.

There was jasmine and...

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.


Jasmine and lavender.


He asked me where you were, Cole.

There's someone here... someone important.

[Door closes]

I knew you'd come back for me.

Hello, Jennifer.

We have work to finish.

Leland Goines had a secret lab.

His daughter knows where it is. They want what's inside.

"They"? The Army of the 12 Monkeys.


Cole, that's him.

He's got a patient!

[Alarm blares]

Place is locked down.

He can't get her outside.

Code yellow.

Staff, please report to nurse's station.


Hold back security. I need to get to her first.

Okay, I'll try.


Hello, Cole.

Who are you?

Please, are you suggesting you don't remember me?

That would make this... even more painful.

But I do wonder why you're here.

All that brutality... you haven't found it either.

12's not primary!



Bring her.

[Whistling light melody]


Are you okay?


We need to go.

All right.


[Door opens]

[Indistinct radio chatter]

"The Night Room."


She said that's where her father kept the virus.

[Groans] Thanks.

And Jennifer is how the 12 Monkeys are gonna find it.


Well, I'm still here, so she doesn't hold out forever.

What's that?

Jennifer's file.

It was on the desk at the nurses' station.

That's where that went. I was looking for that... in my time.

This is her first-intake statement.

It's a confession about the murders at Markridge.

She kept saying, "one got away."

Yeah, she said that to me too.

What if she was talking about another scientist, someone else who worked in the lab?

Someone the 12 Monkeys never found.

If we found them, we could get to the Night Room first.




Time to go.


See you soon.

[Whirring intensifies]

So Ms. Goines is in the hands of the Army of the 12 Monkeys?


Yes, we've been over this, and the man with the scar knew my name.

I have no idea how.

And I explained to you... you're experiencing time out of order.


He has encountered you before in his past... your future.

Now we know what to look for... the Night Room and the one that got away.

Whatever you say.

Have a seat, Mr. Cole.

We are not finished.

Yes, we are.

Mr. Cole...

Give it a rest.

We'll pick it up tomorrow.

I'm holding a sign-in sheet from the mental institution.

There's a signature here... "Dr. Cassandra Railly."

I gave you explicit orders not to get her involved.

Let's get something straight. You do not give me orders.

Clear the room.

[Indistinct murmuring]

I'm not your soldier.

Tell me, Mr. Cole, what are you, then?

What would you be had I not given you this mission... a scavenger... [Scoffs] wandering the wastelands for scraps?

This must be so frustrating for you.

You're stuck here. I get to go back.

And there's nothing you can do about it.



Mr. Cole...

I can show you what nothing is.

You could, but you won't.

You are endangering our chance to save...

Seven billion souls! I know.

I've heard it.


I was 37 years old when the world died.

I remember them... those seven billion.

Not you... you were just a child.

All you remember is what you did out there.

And that's the soul that you want to save... just that one soul.

We had a one-shot deal.

I go back in time.

I kill a man for you, and it's all over for me.

I get erased.

I'm not supposed to be here anymore.

None of us are.

Oh, Mr. Cole, you and I... we want the same thing... to change this reality.

But that won't happen if we don't trust each other.

Then you need to trust me.

Back there, I need her.

I can't do this alone.

All right.

Who the hell are they?

I don't know.


Am I dying now?

No, not today, Jennifer.

[Jennifer cries]