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01x03 - Cassandra Complex
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Wait a minute.

I know this place.

This is...

It's not every day you see the building you're gonna die in.

Welcome back.

Thank you.

How long has it been?

Hey, wait. Did I tell you that, uh, Peggy had twins?


Yeah, they're cute too.

So she's off playing house, and we're a little short-staffed around here.

You know, we could really use you back full-time, if you're up for it.

After Haiti, you were a little off the rails for a while.

Jules, I'm not here about a job.

Just think about it, okay?

So what's up with your patient?

Well, it's leptospirosis, but she's not responding to dialysis.

I need an expert on tropicals.

I was thinking maybe that doctor from Haiti could help.

That local guy, Henri?

You don't know.

No, no, of course.

You already headed home by the time we found out.

He's dead.

What happened?

Shot... never made it back from that med run.

I sent him on that run.

No, no, not your fault.

You know how crazy things got after the quarantine.

Heard it was gangs. It's a shame.

I got to talk to this guy.

Cole, he's dead.

Yeah, he's dead now.

I can travel back to 2014, make him tell me about the Night Room before he dies.

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

Is that really the only way?

If we waste time thinking up another way, Jennifer could crack.

The Monkeys find the Night Room and the virus.

That's it.

It's over.

How will you find him?

I don't know. You were there.

You tell me.

It... wasn't a good time.

Haiti is dangerous.

I'm used to dangerous.

No, there were gangs.

They took our meds.

I'm the one who sent him out to get more, and it got out of control.

Look, I can handle it. It'll be okay.

No, it won't. You're gonna see me there.

Yeah. Yeah, I might.

Okay, well, when you're there, you do me a favor, and you stay away from me.

Got it?



Update, Mr. Cole.

It's nice to see you too.

I need to go back to 2014.

Haiti? That's preposterous.

We should attempt to send Cole back to 1987, just like Goines said.

For what?

We don't even know what to look for, nor do we have the power.

Then I say we go back to Jennifer Goines.

We've been over this.

We can send Cole to Jennifer before she's abducted.

Mr. Cole can eliminate her.

At the risk of approximating his previous self?

That is out of the question.

Or can we send Cole back to Leland Goines to interrogate him before he blows his brains out?

That is an acceptable risk.

What if Leland is killed before he tells us about the 12 Monkeys, or Jennifer before she tells us that the virus is in the Night Room?

We'll have undone our own progress.

We have worked too hard for this information.

Found this on the perimeter.

What's up?


Did you find any tracks?

Just one... scouts probably.

If there were more, we'd know by now.

Either way, there's gonna be a problem.

I'm gonna go up top, take a look.

There's nothing up here.

What are they doing this far north?

They're animals.

Scavs probably just looking for something to eat, screw, or piss on.

You boys would know best.


You tell me, Whitley.

See, I hear that there's a certain type of man, and he loves to get pissed on.

Watch yourself, little man.

You like little men?

We're go in two.

He'd like it, right?

Oh, he'd love it.


Mr. Cole... we're sending you to Haiti.

You don't look too happy about that.

We found multiple references to solar flares in 2014.

Okay, so?

You'll probably experience some form of temporal and electromagnetic interference.

What we don't know is how it might manifest.

You're trying to kill him?

Yes, we are.

That's sarcasm, Mr. Ramse.

Yeah, I know what that is.

I'm gonna go.

All right.


One more thing...

Dr. Railly.

I know. If she sees me, it could change things.

Catastrophically. It would fracture her timeline.

The following year, she might never go to the hotel and save your life from your gunshot wound.

Do you understand that?

I got it.

We cross paths, it could kill me.

Wait. Haiti? Right now?

Something's going on. There's an outbreak.

You've only been home a few weeks.

Can't you sit this one out?

You know I can't.

You have been working nonstop since you got grabbed.

Just take some time off.

Let's get out of town for a while.

You think Senator Royce will just let you run off, with the intelligence committee heating up?

I don't care about Senator Royce.

I care about you.

Call Jules. Tell him to send somebody else.

It has to be me.

People are dead.

Nobody knows what it is.

Except you.


'Cause this is it, right?

Just like the last one and the one before that.

You should call Dr. Ron.

You need help.

I'm fine.

You're not fine.

You're chasing after outbreaks because your kidnapper told you that a virus is gonna wipe out the planet.

Just tell me when you're coming home.

I don't know.


So, um, a year from now, are you going to that hotel to find him?

I have to go.

The world's not going to end, Cass.

We are getting confirmed reports of an outbreak in La Busquet that is rapidly spreading.

The Red Cross Haiti Assistance Program has requested that the American C.D.C. step in and offer aid.

Officials are hoping to avoid an outbreak like yellow fever in the Sudan that claimed the lives of 165 people.

More information as this story develops.

[People coughing]

[Indistinct chatter in Haitian creole]

Come this way.

If you have money, get to a tent.


[People coughing]

Okay. Let's get you up here.

Come on.


Dr. Railly.


Thank you for coming.

Oh, sorry I missed the barn raising.

Don't worry about it. We just got here ourselves.

Hospital's still down after the quake.

Lucky for us, we got ourselves a local guy, Henri Toussaint.

Did his residency at Hopkins Viral Ward.

You take blood and cultures yet?

Leaving on a jet plane.

Any suspects?

Too many.

We got a lot of broad symptoms here.

We got spiking fever, cough, fatigue, three dead... multiple organ failure.

[Speaking in Haitian creole]

Come here. Come on.

Let's go.

You guys okay?

Yeah, for now, but if that guy was infected, we just sent a walking vector out that door.

We need to isolate these tents.

It's a little early for that.

No, she's right. We don't know what this thing is yet.

Yeah, and as soon as we do, I'll escalate protocol then, okay?

But right now, you've been traveling all day.

Don't burn yourself out. We need you both, all right?

I'll reconsider when I hear from Atlanta.

Get some rest and start fresh in the morning.



Oh, hey.

Can't sleep?

Me either.

Is that helping?

I'm happy to share.

I thought, "This idiot is going to get herself killed."

I know. It's crazy.

He backed down because you were fearless.

More like terrified.

Mm, mm. It didn't show.

I've got a lot of practice.

A lot of practice with a gun in your face?

It's gonna happen one way or another... death.

You must be used to that kind of thing, being a doctor down here.

Bad things can happen anywhere.

What do you mean?

My sister had the measles... when she was a kid.

I was her big brother, and I couldn't do anything.

She died.

You know, I thought, "Henri, if you were a doctor, you would have the power."


I was wrong.

You can't control nature, and anybody who thinks they can are kidding themselves.

Nature doesn't break. It only bends.

What do you think this thing is?

Something we shouldn't underestimate.

Are you scared?

You're a lot smarter than I was.

I hope I'm wrong.

I imagine you rarely are.

[Both chuckle]

It depends on who you ask.

I don't need to ask.

[Electricity crackling]


[Man shouting in the distance]

[Branch snaps]

What the hell are you doing, Whitley?

I could have killed you.

This is a patrol, not one of your scavenger shoot-'em-ups.

You don't know anything about the outside.

You were raised in spearhead, man.

Your rations, your military protection... you don't know anything about scavs.

I know enough.


They're like animals... living off the weak, taking what they don't deserve.

It's like you and Cole.

I'm not taking anything from you, buddy.

Jones gets her traveler.

We get three squares and a roof.

Trust me, she gets the better end of the deal.

If it was my call, you and Cole would be back out here where you assholes belong... buddy.

Go ahead.

I go back alone, do you think anyone's gonna give a sh1t?


But you come back alone... well, that could be interesting.

Yeah, it would.


That's what I thought.


I want that wide open.

Can I get some help here, please?

[People coughing]

Excuse me, please.

Okay, you need to open up that saline.

It's spreading more.

And fast.

We have to elevate containment protocols.

What happened here?

The guy with the gun came back.

He took our meds, almost all of them.

They took our antibiotics and most of our pain meds.

I know where we can get some. I know a woman in town.

She's got a supply.


I need a doctor over here now!





Mr. Cole! Mr. Cole!

Temporal interference.


Okay, so what's the count now?


Is that guy coughing up blood?

Nurse, I want that man inside now.

Thank you.


Doctor, I need to speak to you.


I'm staying with a family.

They're very, very sick. It's really bad.

Tell them to come here. We can help them.

No, no, they can't. They're too sick to travel.

It's really bad, Doctor.

You need to come with me, please.

Please, Doctor.

Okay, sure.

I need a nurse on this patient.

Wait. I need some supplies.

Doctor, we have to hurry up here, please.

That's the guy.

That's the guy that was coughing up blood.

sh1t. Doctor, we have to go.


Give me a second.

Give me a second.

We have to go now.


Hey! Hey!

Who was that?

I don't know.

He said he needed help, but something spooked him.

We can't allow infected people to leave these tents.

We need to order a quarantine.

Atlanta will never authorize it.

Atlanta pays us to assume the worst.

If this thing is airborne, we've all been exposed, and all it takes is one guy to get in a car or a boat or a plane... and we're looking at a pandemic.

All right, quarantine's on.

I'll push it through Atlanta.

Those meds you told me about...

Painkillers, antibiotics... if they're sealed, we can use them.


Henri... thank you.


I'm a friend.

You're one of them.

I'm a friend of Jennifer Goines.



She told me you got away.

Shut up. You're lying.

She's catatonic in a mental facility, and she hasn't said anything to anyone for months.

What, you mean since they came in and killed everyone looking for the Night Room?

How could I know that, huh?

You know that because you were there because you're one of them.

That night, they came in fast and organized, right?

Led by a man... tall, pale.

Listen, I'm alone.

I'm not... I'm not here to hurt you.

I just want to talk to you.

I need you to tell me the location of the Night Room.

They want to take what's in that room, and they want to use it.

They call themselves the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

They're looking for you too, and if I can find you, so can they.

I got to take medicine back to the tents.

Allow me to be a doctor and save these lives.

You do that, and I'll tell you about the Night Room.

Lead the way.


What are you doing here, Max?

Ramse, it's been a while.

Where's the West 7?

Huh? Where's Deacon?

I don't know.

Don't bullshit me!

Where are they? How many?

I'm alone, okay?

I swear.

I left the 7.

Nobody leaves the West 7.

You and Cole did.

Deacon's been following us ever since.

He probably sent you here to get us too, right?

I'm done with Deacon.

I'm done with all of them.

That's not my life anymore.

And I don't care if they come after me.

Well, who's your friend?

Not my friend.


He come from that building back there too?

What is it?

It's abandoned.

We use it to camp.

Is Cole in there too?

No. We split up a while back.

Mm. Is that right?

That's right.

So that wasn't the two of you I spotted a mile north of here, what, about a week back?

Is that where you left this?


What do you want, Max?

I can't go back to the West 7, okay?

He will kill me.

I'm cold, Ramse.

I'm hungry.

Just let me come with you... in there... for a few days.

I mean, that's all I'm asking.

There's a town... ten miles northeast from here.

There's a group of survivors... good people.

You'll be safe.



Yeah, sure.

Well, tell Cole I say hey.

So long, Max.


Markridge had us working in the Night Room on viral gene therapy.

Take the DNA out of a virus, and you can use it to deliver medicine instead of a poison, but you need a very powerful virus.

And that's what you and Jennifer were working on before the killings.

If you want Jennifer to do something, you ask her not to.

Took me years to figure that out.

That's why they came after you.



Merci, Victoire.

Even if those bastards get their hands on Jenny, they won't be able to break her.

[Gun cocks]


[Victoire chanting in Haitian creole]



So, Doctor, this is Haiti.



[Fly buzzing]

[Buzzing stops]

Can't say I'm very fond of this place... so many people.

You know, I'm not what you would call, you know, a people person.

Could you ask your friend to put his gun down here, please?


Thank you.

But it's very important to me, you see, Doctor, that we finish the conversation we were having in your former workplace... Markridge.

You remember?

He needs help remembering.

Run! Get out of here!

Meet me at the altar!

Please handle him while I go get the Doctor.


[People coughing, indistinct chatter]

[Monitor beeping]


[Breathing heavily]

[Heartbeat pounding]

[Heartbeat continues pounding]

Dr. Railly?

Dr. Railly?


I need you to cover the floor.

Someone shot a cop at one of our barricades.

Did anyone get out? Is the quarantine holding?

I don't know.

Did anyone get out?

We don't know.

Are you okay?


This is it.

This is it.

It's just like he said.

Like who said?

Nothing's working.

We don't even know what the hell this is.

What, did the labs come back?

No, but when they do, it'll be unlike anything anyone's ever seen before.

It's gonna be worse.

Just come with me. Come on.


You need me here.

I'm the only one who knows.

Okay, Cassie, you need to calm down.

What... We need to stop this.

No one can get out.

No one can get out, no one.

If anyone tries, tell the cops to shoot them.

Dr. Railly, you need a break.

No, Jules, listen to me.

Listen to what?

What, you want me to go outside and shoot people?

What are you, insane? What is wrong with you?


Get out of my way.

Get out of my way. Move.


You can't get off this island. We have military.

They're easily bought. They're everywhere.

I'll never tell you where it is.

You'd have to kill me.

Eventually, yes.

That does seem like where this is headed.

But there's other things we could try, but they're worse.

Who are you?

You don't know me. You will.

That's him. That's the one.

That's the one who killed...

Yeah, I know. I know.

Okay, let's go. The medicine...

Wait. Hey, hey, wait!

You're not leaving until you tell me the location of the Night Room.

I don't know.

I never knew.

We were always blindfolded and transported there.

It was always on the move.

They never kept it in the same place for too long.

So all this was for nothing.

No, listen, but there's a way to find it.

Just before I left, okay, they were upgrading a mobile containment system.

They called it "The Big Burn"... ultraviolet light powerful enough to torch anything in the lab if the wrong virus got out.

How does that help me?

Their specialized equipment... if you find it, you'll find the Night Room.


I never thought that I would come back here, but now I have nowhere else to go.

They're going to keep hunting you.

Let them try.

They'll find you, and they'll hurt you.

They'll do whatever they have to to make you tell them how to find that lab.

Somewhere in the world, there's a dark corner... needs a doctor.

There always is.

You'll never make it off this island.

He'll never make it out of here.

Jules... listen to me.

I know this sounds extreme, but if this virus gets out...

Cassie. it is all over.

You, me, our families, everyone we know... it will be all over, starting right here, right now, and it'll be all our fault.

It's River Fever, a rare strain.

That's why we missed it.

Lab results just came back a few minutes ago.

Vaccinations have been ordered. Quarantine's been lifted.

Thank God nobody listened to you.

But, Jules, no, you have to understand...

People could have been killed, Cassie.

You lost it.

Whatever happened to you, the kidnapping... you got to deal with it.

Go home.

Take some time.


[Gasping and sniffling]

[Watch ticking rapidly]

Mr. Cole... it's nice to see you.

I know how to find the virus.


That's good.

You're steady.

First time I shot a gun, the kickback knocked me on my ass.

You're steady.

Well, that's because I'm tougher than you.

[Chuckles] I believe that.


Okay, just remember, squeeze, don't pull.

If you pull, you can't hit anything.

I remember when I was...

Cole... stop avoiding the subject.

Tell me about Haiti.

I told you.

Henri told me how to find the Night Room.

What else is there?

You saw me there, didn't you?


I stayed away.

I had to follow Henri without you there.

Left just after the quarantine ended.

That was you... outside the tents that night... the lights.

I was wrong about the plague.

People could have died because of me.

But they didn't.


I'm gonna take the job at the C.D.C.

I figure there's no better place to look for that containment system that Henri told you about.

It was my fault.

I'm the one who sent him to get those meds.

Henri was a good man.

Tell me what happened to him.

After he told me about the Night Room, we got separated.

[Gun cocks]

I splintered before I could find him again.

I never saw who killed him.




I heard you got into it on the perimeter... something about saving Whitley's ass from a scav.

It was Max.

Where is she?

She wanted in the facility.

I turned her away.

I mean, do you know what Whitley would do if he found her here?

She said she'd left them.

You believe her?

Leaving the West 7, that's not an easy thing to do.

We did it.

She's not us.


How'd she look?


Even if she left them, they're... they're gonna be looking.

I'm telling you they're close.

He doesn't have the numbers for an attack.

He may not have had them then, but how many marauders has he picked up by now?

If he finds out about the facility, the West 7 will pick us clean, just like everywhere else.

I found shelter and food and water and power.

And you won't believe what else.

I found Cole.

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