01x05 - The Night Room

Previously on 12 Monkeys...

You know who we are?

West 7.

Leland Goines had a secret lab. His daughter knows where it is.

They want what's inside.

Jennifer, your father is dead.

Goines is in the hands of the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

Monkeys? [laughs]

Tell me the location of the Night Room.

Their specialized equipment... you find it, you find the Night Room.

I found it.

I found the Night Room.

[suspense music]

Markridge 1, this is landing team standing by to receive package at Frost 2.

What's your ETA to destination?

We're here.

Copy that.

Frost 2 in package delivery. We're clear.

Miss Goines.

I'm Ivan.

Your father... he speaks... he speaks very, very highly of you.

I doubt that.

And sorry about all the security.

It's part of the new protocol.

We don't know what's out there.

They don't know what's in here.


Uh, this way.

This way.

[keypad beeps]

Welcome to the Night Room.

Complete with evening stars.

The Big Burn system. Yeah, it's badass.

It is badass.

And the vault is like its own little Fort Knox per Dr. Toussaint's specs.

And obviously you're the only one here who can open it.

So if someone comes looking for daddy's little secret, they have to get though that?

And that, and that?

It's secure.

You don't think someone would try and steal this thing?

It's happened before.

[keypad beeps]

[siren blaring]

Fail-safe activated.

Oh, sorry, a couple more security fail-safes.

Please enter the fail-safe password.

There we go.

This is a bad idea.

Are you okay?

This thing falls in the wrong hands... brimstone, horsemen, zombies, crazy clowns, party's over.

Oh, um, for... for who?

For Markridge?

For everyone.

Truly, for the last time, tell us how to find the Night Room.


It's in Westminster, Maryland.

Leland Goines' black budget lab.

Cassie found it using records from the CDC.

She needs to confirm it. I'm supposed to meet her there.

On a first name basis with Dr. Railly now?

This is the only lab we found that uses that specific type of containment system.

That's gotta be where Leland kept the virus.

And where you'll destroy it.

Yup. The Beast is ready?

The damage from the West 7 attack was substantial, but she'll be ready.

You should get some rest.

So should you.

Yeah, I never really sleep before a jump.

Ramse and I usually knock a couple back.

It's become a kind of pre-splinter tradition.

Now I know why our calculations are off.

It's the alcohol in your bloodstream.

Hey, Katarina.

Hey, hey.

There he is.

The last great hope for mankind.


Hope I'm not disturbing your farewell ceremony.

No. Yeah, have a seat.

Mr. Cole said you were having a toast.

Yeah, could be our last night here.

If big boy here doesn't screw up, and he actually changes history?

Best hangover cure ever.

I've been saving this.

But as they say, no time like the present.

All right.

To the present.

Now we're talking.


All right.



Max ever tell you about Donovan?

Who? Who?


Ramse had a fresh shot.

I know. The story of my life.


It all goes back to Godel.


Continuum hypothesis.


The Godel metric closed timelike curves.

Kurt Friederich Godel.


The theory being, if our timeline is reset...

Mm-hmm. poof.

And we're all just erased?

This version of ourselves will cease to exist, and our mission will be over.

[groans] Oh, my God.

She said, "mission."


She said, "mission."


Another shot. Oh, man.

I don't understand. Do I say that a lot?

I got a question for you.


Before we disappear, something's been stumping me and Cole.


both: Jones.


both: Jones.

It's not exactly German.


No, it's not German.

It's my husband Jones.

My maiden name was Werner.


You were married?

Just for a few days.

Hmm. Uh-huh.

I'm sorry. I...

I just have a... still work to do...


Yeah. before you splinter tomorrow.

Sleep well.

[explosion booms]

[alarm blares]

Shut down the power source!

What the hell's going on?

We had a surge.

The core, it's completely unstable.

There's damage to the emitter relays.

The reactor crossover is fried.

I want it back online by morning.

Jones, the core is running out of juice.

We didn't anticipate so many jumps.

Splintering tomorrow is risky.

Works for me.

Why are you in a hurry?

Take a day to fix it. Take a week, take a month.

It's a time machine.

Every day we wait, the core degrades further.

The virus could mutate.

Deacon could come knocking on the door again.

It'll work.


What the hell is wrong with you?


I get that you're in a rush to delete yourself.

Easy, man.

That one's in a mad dash too.

You guys are being reckless.

Look, we're getting close to the end of this thing, okay?

If she's right about tomorrow...

Right, right. We never have happened.

I get it.


And you won't be around here to hear me say I told you so.

[machine powering up]

Initiate splinter sequence.

Notice anything weird about that place?

I'm from the apocalypse.

Everything here looks weird to me.

Check out the roof.

The power cables, generators, solar backup... enough voltage to power the UV lights Henri told you about.

That's the Night Room.

It ain't Mr. Bee's Restaurant supply.


Good work.

[gun clicks]

Whoa! What's our plan?

We can get a closer look.

Yeah, we need a plan.

That is the plan, to get a closer look.

I've seen that face before, right before you shot Leland Goines.

Look, Cassie, this is it.

You found it, what we've been looking for this whole time.

This is the Night Room.

We're gonna be careful, okay?

But one way or another, I'm getting into that lab.

I don't like this.

Okay, I know what I'm doing.


Hey. Who are you?

Huh? Who are you?

Where's the lab?

It's... it's... it's downstairs.

Who else is down there?

Any security? Are they armed?

Answer me.

I'm sorry.

They already know you're here.


When did they get here?

A few hours before you.

Where's your security?

They're dead. They're all dead.

They're all dead.

All right. How many of them are there?

I count six down here. Are any of them yours?

No, there's no one else. It's only me.

Everyone else is gone.

But Markridge has gotta check up on this place, right?

They made security call in the all clear before they, uh...

All the outgoing alarms have been disabled.

The home office has no idea there is a problem.

I'm sorry. Who... who are you?

Cassandra Railly. I'm a neurologist.

And the people down there? What do they... what do they want?

A virus. Something Leland Goines was working on here.

Frost's M5-10 strain.

Yeah, we keep the precursor in the vault.

Can you open it?

What? The vault? No, no one stationed here can. No.


The bird a nest.

The spider a web.

Here we give birth.

Here it is born.

Bring down the Markridge man.

What's that?

We call it the "Big Burn."

Henri's lights.

Yeah, the wrong virus gets out down there, you throw the switches and it burns up every bit of biological material in the room.


At 1,800 degrees?

Yes, everything.

Then let's use it.

That won't work. There's two switches.

They've gotta both be thrown. Like a sub.

And the other switch is down there by the vault.

But whoever throws that switch...

Trust me, you get exposed to anything down there, the Big Burn is a better out.

Don't move.

Hey. Hey, what are you doing with him?


No, hey, leave him alone.

Cassie, hey, hey, hey, let him go. Let him go.

Let him go.

Can't save everyone.

I thought that was the point.

They're going to kill us.

It doesn't matter.

Look, I don't care about living through the next two hours.

The plague is right down there.

This is why I'm here.

This is what I came here for.

We've gotten this far, we have to get down there and destroy it.

I'm sorry about what happened to your friends today.

I know that that was hard to see.

And I don't expect you to fully understand, but this... this is an important moment.

He broke Jennifer. She led them here.

Do you think she's still alive?

When you open that door for us, we're gonna set things right.

I don't know how to open it.

I swear to you, I don't.

You what?

I don't know how to open it, I swear to you.

I'll do whatever you ask, I just want to see my wife again.

Please. I don't know.

I believe you.

Your wife, is she pretty?

Ye... yes.

Just close your eyes.

Close your eyes, ohh.

Imagine her face.


Plan B.


This is what being erased feels like?

Mm-hmm, exactly.

Excuse me?

Pardon? Pardon me, hi.

I know you guys are hard at work, but, like, I just discovered something.

Are these my hands?

Oh, my god! We're still here.

Sarcasm, I like it.

Hey, he's still alive?

We got his tracer signal.

You're not answering my question.

You see that look she gave me?

Yeah, I saw that look she gave you.

Why does Cole trust her?

I don't know.

Doctor Grim.


That's what they call her.

That's what who calls her?

West 7.

There are stories about a German doctor who turns people inside out.


Scav ghost stories.

But that's pretty specific, though.

No, it's not Jones.

No, must be the other German doctor.

And I always thought that Deacon just, you know, made sh1t up to keep us from running off, but now?

sh1t, Ramse.

You guys are running with a lady who sends people through time.

How well do you even know her?



[monkeys chirping]


Oh, that's not good.


Surely, Henri told you how to get into the vault in Haiti, right?

'Cause we can't ask him now.

Or Leland Goines.

You look nervous.



So this is bamboo. That's beautiful, isn't it?

Look, Jennifer didn't tell you about the vault, did she?

Ah! Ah!


He can't tell you how to get into the vault.

We don't know how.


No, I believe you.


This is not some kind of interrogation.


Please, stop.


You're insane.

No, insanity and rationality may be on opposite sides of the animal, but lately, Doctor, the snake is eating its own tail.


And if you were to ask... him, he would tell you that 99.9% of all species that have ever existed, are now extinct.

The natural order.

Him? You mean God?

No, no, not God.

The Witness.


Is that your boss?

What exactly has this asshole witnessed?

Enough to know that the natural order is no longer sufficient.

Yeah, why don't you call him down here, and we can all have a chat?

A chat? Have a chat?

[bamboo going into fingernails]



That's not your usual solution.

Not with Leland.

Or Henri in Haiti.


Your answer was a bullet.

How many more do you have to kill before this is over?

We're ready.


Oh, okay.

Excuse me.


Um, bring him upstairs. I want them to see this.

Yes, sir.


[door slams shut]

Is it true?

Did you kill Henri?


Answer me.

I didn't have a choice.


I don't want to see it. Please don't make me see it.

Jennifer. Jennifer, it's me, it's Cole.


[string vibrates]

[music box plays]

They're gonna open it.

I don't want it to see me.

How dare you?

What the hell is this?


What'd you do to these people?

Cole wasn't the first, was he?

No. There were others.

Others lost in time.

What the hell is that thing?

The origin... of my father's virus.

We're in.

Let's get the remains and get out of here.

Yes, sir.


Yes! Booyah, Tall Man!


[cheers] Boom!

I got him, Otter Eyes. I got him!


Attention, Night Room shoppers, Markridge commandos are on the way.

Jennifer, what are you talking about?

Monkeys can't get in the vault.

I mean, they can, not without melting like Raiders.

Like... like... [imitates melting]


I led 'em here. I knew they'd crack the vault, but what they don't know, the home office has just been pinged.

Markridge Security's on the way.

Quick question, who's this bitch?

I'm Dr. Railly, Jennifer.

No more doctors.

No, always saying my name, "Jennifer, Jennifer," but never specifying which one.

Okay, it's all right. Cassie helped me find you.

Thank you. You can go now.

Okay, look...


Markridge Security's never just gonna let us walk out of here. We need to figure a way out.

Okay? Jennifer!

[groans] You say it right.

You say my name and the voices stop to listen.


Those otter eyes.

Like two full moons pulling back the tide.


Jennifer Goines, you're needed downstairs.

Uh-oh. Are you mad?

I'm sorry. [laughs]


They were experiments.

Specimens sent through time.

And completely necessary to finish the project.

Each one a little more progress before we were ready to send Cole back.

There's nothing you wouldn't do for this.


You better wake up, lady.

In case you haven't noticed, it's not working.

Nothing's changed.

We're still here.

All you got is blood on your hands.

Mr. Ramse, have you ever heard Mozart?

Or Beethoven?

Debussy? Bach?

He was my favorite. You're too young to remember.

I remember enough.

It wasn't just the people.

It was the ideas.

The paintings.

Rembrandt. Caravaggio.

The books. Shakespeare.


And... and the music.

Oh, the music.

Go. Go call me a monster.

This is wrong.

This was necessary.

You don't think I felt the pain of those men?

You kept going.

Because in 1,000 generations we could not rebuild what was lost.

What is the lives of a few people, compared to the whole of human history?

Without it there's nothing.

Nothing. No future.

Just... just drifting... in the ocean of time.

No shore in sight.

You tell me the truth... this gonna happen to Cole?

I won't let it happen.

It matters.

Matters what we do here.

This time.

♪ All them Markridge boys a-comin' with their guns ♪
♪ All them Markridge boys a-comin' ♪
♪ with their clipboards and their guns ♪

Okay, Tall Man, I got a suggestion though.

I really think that we should do this hand again, because you've already made inroads here, and Daddy's tin soldiers got a 20-minute turnaround, so... chop-chop.

Jennifer, you deceived us.

sh1t no, son. I'm Honest Abe.

I'm chopping down Cherry trees.

Hey, I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

I cannot tell a lie, so I told you half a truth.

And the other half?


Desert island. Palm trees and coconuts.

The answer's in that cage of yours.

I am a cage, Tall Man.

The things that scurry behind the walls in my head?

Look in my eyes. Do you see them?

Hold her! Please.


I like it when you pull my hair. [laughs]

How many more things can we fit inside that head of yours?

The code to the fail-safe, please.

Wild eyes. Sharper teeth.

Like Cole. I only tell my secrets to Cole.

You care for Cole?

And you don't realize that he's a flytrap, and you're just a fly.


He's spun a web for your father.

And pulled the trigger and wrapped your father.

Cole killed my daddy?

Cole killed my daddy?

Cole killed my daddy?

That's a secret the man forgot to tell you.

Cole killed my daddy?

Cole killed my daddy?

[screaming and laughing]

We gotta get out of here.


Just tell me why.

They would have found him.

I couldn't let that happen.

They would have found him, they would have...

They would have found him.

The Night Room.

I trusted you.

I had a good life before I met you.

A full life.

Now there's just death.

Ramse and I, we, uh...

We had rules for ourselves.

Never kill in anger, only for self defense.

Then it became food and shelter.

This one day we raided this farmhouse.

And there was this old couple.

The husband went down easy.

But the old lady, she, uh... she was quick.

She got a knife in me before I...

And, uh, so I did it.

She, uh... she looked up at me and she smiled.

Like she forgave me.

And I never knew it before that moment, that was what I wanted.


I don't deserve it.

I know that.

But still, ever since that's what I've been rushing towards you know, just trying to make everything make sense.

And that's what this is.

You know, if I can... if I can fix this.

If I can fix it, then all of it won't have been for nothing.

Maybe if you found somebody else.

You're willing to do what is needed and I'm not.

I can't.

I just want to heal people.

Fix things.

That's good.

You don't want to be like me.



Hey... whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey. Hey.

Oh, he told me, Cole.

You. You did it.

You killed Daddy.

That... that is... awesome.


Cole, they're leaving.

Monkeys don't want to face off against Daddy's commandos.

And neither do we. We're fish in a barrel in here.

If we don't get out of this room we're dead.

Yeah. Come on.

[keypad beeping]

Did you just unlock the door?

She has the code.

First rule of growing up Goines: don't trust Daddy.

I have all the codes.

Wait a minute. You have the codes that means you can get us into the vault.

Past the fail-safe.

Let's get what we came here for.

Wait up.

Okay, come on.


If we break the tank open to destroy that thing the pathogen could become airborne.

We all need masks.

I'm immune.

I'm not. She probably isn't.

Okay, take that one. I saw one upstairs.


Come on. Open it.

Come on.

Come on.

How about the fail-safe?

Jennifer, the virus in there is gonna kill everyone.

We need to destroy it.

Please enter the fail-safe password.

Come on, okay? You can do it.

Open it.


I told them I'd never, ever open it.

Only for you.

Only for me?

I'd do anything for you.

Wait a minute. They're still here.


See, the thing about Jennifer is, if you can cut through all the noise, she's always true to her word.

Hence, our little exit show.

You're almost done, Jennifer.

Please finish.

Don't do it.

computer: Deactivated.


computer: Fail-safe activated.

Don't do it.

I was hoping for the M5-10 to be already cultivated.

But, uh, I can settle for this.

Inside that old meat... a centuries old virus.

There's something about its eyes.



You go in there?


I was right, you found something.

Like I said before, bullshit ghost story.

That's bullshit. Right.

Let it go.

You actually trust her?

No, I don't trust her and I don't trust you.

Focus on the mission.

What about Cole?

Due back any moment.


Now why am I still here?



Something's wrong.


Come on.

No, not now.





Ah! Cassie!


What the hell's going on?



West 7.