01x08 - Yesterday

Cole: Previously, on 12 Monkeys...

What did you tell her?

Ah, what is there to tell?

You didn't tell her about your best friend?

Guy who devours blondes for dinner?

Elena wasn't blonde.

Elena was a whole different thing, man.

The floor is completely unstable.

What's Operation Troy?

Cole: It's how the virus starts in 2015.

The virus is mutating.

Soon, not even the immune will survive.

There's nothing you wouldn't do for this?


I'm in Chechnya.
I have the virus.

You open that case, everything goes to hell.

[aerosol hiss]

What are you doing here?

Trying to stop a plague.

You need to tell them they have to destroy this place.


If I die here with the virus, the future will be saved.

I'm glad I got to know you, Cassie.

Pratt: Predator has been launched.

[dramatic music]

Ramse: Please tell me you're not praying right now.

Lady, you don't seem like the type, secondly, it scares me, the fact that you might need some divine intervention bringing our boy back home.

I'll take whatever I can get.

Where is he?

Our last reading puts Mr. Cole's tracer signal in Chechnya, 2015, Operation Troy.

I'm not gonna say it.

Then I will say it.

Clearly, we did not stop the plague.

The Army of the 12 Monkeys remains one step ahead.

So, time to bring Mr. Cole home and regroup.

[typing clacks]

Dr. Adler: Locking onto Mr. Cole's coordinates.

We have him.

Initiate return sequence.


[power-up whine]

[electricity crackling]

[rapid beeping]

Dr. Adler: The core is unstable.

We have to abort.


[rapid beeping, electrical snapping]

Damn it!

Shut it down.

Whatever you do, maintain lock on Mr. Cole's tracer.

Mr. Ramse.

The core can't keep up with our power demands.

Between that and the toll the splinter process takes on Mr. Cole's physiology, we're losing our real-time tether.

And if we lose it?

Then Mr. Cole is lost in time with no way to bring him back.

[operatic singing]

Look what I rescued from the donate box.

Mansfield Park.

Has a note in here from your grandmother.

Thank you.


Hey, everything okay?

Yeah, I'm just... [sighs] having trouble accepting that it... that it is over.


It's gonna take time... but we'll get there.

But what if Cole...

What if we didn't stop it from happening?

If his body is still there in Chechnya, then we're not safe. The plague will still happen.

Let me get a meeting with Royce.

Maybe we can coax him into talking about the Wexler aftermath, ask him if they found anything.

I'm sure they didn't, but... it could help you get some... closure.

Yeah. Yeah.

Lasky: We've blown the stabilizer.

Ramse: Lasky, you better fix this quick.

Jones: It can't be repaired.

The only way to stabilize the core is to replace the manifold.

Mr. Whitley, there's only one place we can find one.

You're not serious.

What choice do we have?

If we don't fix the core, the mission is over.

Leaving home... all this was for nothing.

It's a half day's journey.

If I go now, I'll be there by morning.

Take Mr. Ramse.

Ramse: This is gonna be fun, Whit.

A little road trip.

I mean, I'm gonna talk the whole way.

I'll prep transport.

I want you to level with me.

[zipper sound]

Why do you want me to go?

Because you're as motivated as I am to bring Mr. Cole home.

And because Spearhead can be dangerous.

Things got ugly when you left.

Spearhead began as a symbol of hope.

After the plague, the government collapsed.

The President, advisors, and all the top minds who were still alive were transferred there.

Top minds. That you?

It was a safe haven to wait out the virus.

For 20 years, we worked on a cure.

Then the virus mutated, and it tore through us.

We gave up.

But the generals thought they were better off somewhere else...

Arizona, Colorado, somewhere out in the open.

Fewer bodies around carrying the virus.

What happened?

Colonel Foster... his wife succumbed to the virus.

He became obsessed with finding a cure.

Before the military leaders could leave with all of Spearhead's resources...


Foster stopped them.



A coup.



[women screaming]


We buried our dead, and I left for Project Splinter.

It was always clear to me, the only true cure was to undo the plague.

There were two DARPA power cores.

He kept one, and I took the other one.

But they're still trying to find a cure?

[scoffs] It's a pointless endeavor.

The virus has mutated twice since we left.

Not even the immune can survive another one.

You either double-down on failure, or you change the game.

Good luck, Mr. Ramse.


[breathes heavily] Damn it.


[wood clatters]




Ah... ahh... ahh... ah.

Ah... [exhales]

[male and female speaking in Russian]

Hey! Help! Help me!


[chatter continues]

Cassie, you remember Senator Royce.


We just need to know if anyone survived the drone strike.

We agreed that this would stay quiet.

For my part, I'm not telling you another damn thing.

Cassie: Well, we can either discuss this discreetly now, or wait until it becomes national news.

W... hold on. It's not...

I think you've already cashed in your chips on this one, Marker.

Because if Cole survived, if anyone survived, they're going to be patient zero for the worst plague this world has ever known.

I think you're overstating things just a little bit.

Did Cole survive?

We removed the bodies of Wexler and his men.

Your friend's was never found... which is very good for you, because there are a lot of questions regarding this Cole.

So he could still be alive.

Nothing survived that strike.

Put me on the ground. I can verify it's clear.

Senator, it's a good idea.

Cassie: I can help you.

I can operate under CDC jurisdiction, make sure this doesn't become an even bigger PR nightmare for you.


Two visitors just cleared main gate.

This gonna get ugly?

Uh, if we hit resistance, it'll come from Foster's head of security.

Who's that?

My father.



Why are you here?

I need to see Colonel Foster.

Ramse: What's up, pops?

Welcome to Spearhead.

Ramse: Look at this place. I get it.

I get why your pops is so frosty with you.

He wants his kid to be here, as opposed to the basement you're in now.

What? Oh, you don't wanna talk to me now?

It's cool. We all got a past.

Don't you ever shut up?


Frank: I'll leave you to it.

Thank you, sir.

Foster: "Whosoever shall dwell "in the shelter of the Most High "will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

"For we shall rise, phoenix-like, from these ashes of death and decay."

This is gonna be fun.

Sergeant Whitley.

Been a long time, son. What brings you home?

We need your help.

Is that so? What did she do now?

Please tell me that she isn't still grinding scavengers into that machine.

Project Splinter... it worked.

Katarina sent someone back in time?

She did.

Well, then how are we still having this conversation... now?

Where is that utopian wunderland she promised us?

It's not that simple.

That I believe.

We need to stabilize her manifold.

We know you have a spare. We're willing to trade.

But I'm not willing to risk losing it.

Follow me.

Foster: Took us years to assemble with every still functioning server, processor, and hard drive within 500 miles.

We created a massive network with a single function... to find a cure for the plague.

You can't cure this thing, not the way it mutates.

In a few years, we will have engineered a vaccine that can anticipate all the possible mutations of the virus, before they occur in nature.

Wow. This is, uh... this is bullshit.


Well, it does require a certain... faith.

Faith. Right.

I have a friend.

He's stuck in the past, and I'm trying to get him back.

Then I wish you all the luck in the world, but I can't help you.

All right, Ramse...


Hey! Help me!

[male voice speaking in Russian]

Yes! Hello! You speak English?

[female voice speaking in Russian]

Aza: Yes, are you hurt?

Yes. Yeah, I'm trapped in here.

Aza: What happened?

There was an explosion.

Aza: My name is Aza.

My father's Mikaail. What is your name?


[Mikaail speaking in Russian]

Aza: My father says to ask you, does anyone know you are here?

Okay, great. Thank you, okay.



What are you...


I thought you were dead.

I thought that... maybe the West 7 had finally gotten you.


It's amazing to see you again.

I, uh...

I'm sorry, I have to get back to the lab.

Hey, hey, hey. Talk to me.

Jose, I...

What are you doing here?

Where did you go that night?

I traveled north for a couple years.

I-I came across this place, and Foster took me in.

What's... what's up with this coat?

You've gone from lady scav to, like, scientist? Five years?

I know. [laughs]

No, I'm a lab tech. I'm just helping out.

I thought I'd... I thought I'd never see you again.

I had to leave.

You didn't.

The 7 were hunting you. It wasn't safe.

I would have protected you.

I would have protected you.

It wasn't me I was worried about.

[children chattering]


Come here for a sec.




I want you to meet someone.

Sam, this is Jose.

Jose, this is Sam, my son.

He's five.



Dr. Adler: Are you sure about this?

Jones: It's our last chance. Mr. Whitley was unsuccessful.

Foster refuses to help. We're running out of time to retrieve Mr. Cole.

Dr. Adler: Without the stabilizer, it will put tremendous stress on the core!

We're patched in.

Mr. Cole is the priority, then we'll worry about the core.

Start the generator.

Listen, I think I can get out of here, but I can't do it on my own.

You see this beam moving?

Aza: Yes.

Think I can move it, but I can't do it on my own.

Maybe if your dad helps.

[both speaking in Russian]

Aza: Okay, he says he's ready.


On the count of three, you pull, I push.

One, two, three.

[Aza counting in Russian]

[machine whirring]

Initiate return sequence.

Tracer signal active.

Dr. Adler: Attempting to lock on.

We got him!

[distant scream]


[alarms blaring]

Aza: Are you okay?

[Cole grunting] Yeah, I'm alive.


Aza: You have a cough?

No, it's just the dust.

[siren continues blaring]

The core is dead.

How long will the tether hold?

The entire facility's on backup generators.

We could divert the power...

How long?

48 hours, at best.

You okay?


[clicks teeth]

My... my son...

You tell him about me?


Not because you're not worthy.

Because I don't know what his life is gonna be, who's gonna be there for him in his future.

This virus, it's gonna keep on mutating.

Foster is close to finding a cure.

Aw, come on.

All the doctors in the whole world, they couldn't solve this 30 years ago.

But Foster... Jose, he gives you something.

Something to believe in.


"You believe in me, or die."

That's how a coup works.

It might have started that way... but look around you.

Look at everything that he has done here.

I know this is crazy, traveling halfway around the world to make sure someone isn't there.

Can't say I'm crazy about the idea, but... you really laid into Royce.

Maybe this is Haiti all over again.

It's not. I get that now.

I get a lot of things now.

Come with me.

You need to do this on your own.

Go. Get some answers.

I'll be here when you get back.





Yeah. You remembered.

What you got there?

Blood cells. My mom's teaching me.

Red cells carry oxygen.

White cells help you when you get sick.

You're a smart kid.

You want to be a scientist when you grow up?


Smart kid like you, you got to know how to play the game "Go."

Buddy, listen, this is an ancient, ancient Chinese game. I'm talking about this game was invented thousands and thousands of years ago.

Kings and emperors would play this game, and they were so smart, and I think...

I know you are smart enough to win at this game.

You want to learn how to play this game?

Pull out ten whites.

Hey, get ready.

Things are about to get real interesting.

Pull ten whites, ten reds, count them out.

I'll be right back, buddy.

[whispers] I'll be back.


Foster: Katarina.

Welcome home.

Where shall we talk? Your office?

I think over dinner would be more appropriate.

I'd like to welcome all our guests.

Charming, but I'm hardly a guest here, and certainly not welcome.

Indulge me.

Aza: Cole!

Cole, are you there?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm here.

Aza: My father went to find help.

That's good.

What will you do when you get out?

I don't know.

I know what I would do.

If I could do anything, I would have Chuda.

My mother, she made it the best.

She is gone now. [coughs]

Hey. Hey, you all right?

Yes. [coughs]

I think so. It just started. [coughing]

Listen to me, you need to find a phone and call my friend.

She needs to know what's going on here.

She's a doctor, she can help you.

It's okay, help is coming.

We just have to wait a little longer.

[coughing] Help is coming.

Bless us, Father, for this meal we're about to eat, for the reunion of old friends, family.

Bless us that we may be peaceful and harmonious.




Your men got me up to speed. I know why you're here.

You want to ask again for the stabilizer for your core.


This part is of no interest to me at this point.

I require your entire core.


So completely and utterly brazen.

Our core has been exhausted. We have a man, a traveler, who will be lost in time if we don't have your core to bring him back.

What part of him did you want to bring back, an arm?

A leg? Torso?

I've heard about your little temporal mishaps, dear.

I've perfected the process.

Perfected? And yet, here we all are.


Mr. Ramse, care for some more?

How many men have you seen splintered, only to wake and find yourself living and breathing in the same reality?

I don't want to be involved in this.

A lot of lives at stake, and you guys are having a dick measuring contest right now.

All right. Well, then, suppose I were to give you my core to retrieve your man?

Then, when it is returned, you come back with it, Kat, and we combine our efforts towards the cultivation of a cure.

There is no cure, and there never will be.

Every day, we're losing more and more people...

What is it that you wish for that we don't already have, besides bringing back the dead?

Have you forgotten, Herr Frankenstein, that was never a part of the natural order?

That our Father has provided everything that was promised?

Spare us.

"Be fruitful and multiply.

Replenish the Earth."

You want to chase ghosts instead of offering men hope.


Same old Jonathan.

Tell me, what hope was there for the men of Spearhead who opposed you?

When you when you put bullets into their heads?

You can take on all the airs that you want, but I remember.

I remember the day when you spilled blood in the name of hope.


That you have nothing to show, just empty promises.

Show us this vaccine. Show us your cure.

Show us something real.

What do you have to show?

Where did you get this?

Maybe now is a good time to speak in private.

How can you have these?

They were all lost in the fires when Atlanta fell.

Indeed. How can I?

Jonathan... you can have your wife back... and all those who are lost... and not just them.

Society, culture.

Help me. Help me right the past.


The man I sent back into time, he retrieved them for me.

No, no, no, no.

You found them somewhere, had them reprinted.

Is that what you believe?

That I'm tricking you?

Jonathan, if you hadn't believed in the potential of Project Splinter, you would have put a bullet into my head too.

And now you have the proof in your hands.

These are very precious to me... but let me show you what righting the past looks like.

The past is the past. This cure is not a memory.

With your help, a vaccine could be a year away.

We need the core for our servers.

That algorithm is the lifeblood of our species.

See for yourself.

There is only one true cure, and it's within my reach.

So, you succeed, and the virus materializes in another form.

What if this, all of this, were meant to happen, so that we could find the cure?

Is this what you would tell your wife?

Yes. And your daughter.

Hannah, you're still holding on to the memory of her, trapped in that tiny room, holding on to her dead, little hand.

How's Sam?

I put him to bed.

He was asking about you.



What'd he say?

He wanted to know why you didn't have hair.

[both laughing]

He's a good kid.

Yeah, I think so.

He's handsome, like his dad.

Well, I hope he gets your modesty too.

He's got your eyes.



And your smile.

He's gonna break a lot of hearts.


I'll be back.

You better.



There was an explosion in the hills a couple weeks ago.

Yes, but now everything is okay.

Can you take me up there?

No, you cannot.

Russian military has the area, "off limits."

How close can you get me?


Foster said no?

They got their own thing going on over there.

Safe, clean. It's organized.

They said they found a cure for the plague.

There is no way to predict the mutation.

Foster's got a room full of computers.

That's why they need their core.

Ramse: They say that they're able to predict when the virus is gonna change, that they're also able to create a cure every time it mutates.

You know what that means?

We don't have to go back in time.

If Cole comes back, we just move forward with our lives.

Dr. Adler: We've been down this road before.

Chasing the virus is a losing proposition.

But maybe now it's possible.

Jones: I'm afraid not.

Ramse: You have to admit, it sounds plausible.

It's a lie.

A lie to keep the people in Spearhead complacent, to protect that fragile house of cards.

Foster did find a cure, to the virus of 2033, the strain that destroyed Spearhead.

Not to the one we're facing now, not the next mutation or the one after that.

All he managed to do is [laughs] cure a strain that's already dead.

It's already history.

Are you sure?

We need to retrieve Mr. Cole.

That machine is the only hope for us, not Foster's computers.

You can't save Cole unless you take Foster's deal.

Mr. Ramse, I promise you we'll find a solution, but now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do.

Maybe he's right. We make a deal to use the core.

Maybe then we can convince Foster.

[scoffs] Foster's deal is just a window into our eventual servitude.

Then what do we do?


We take their core.

Take it how?

By any means necessary.


Aza: Cole! Cole, wake up!

You're safe! They're coming to get you out!


Take this.

And give this one... to the guard.



Aza: Cole, just hang on.


[Aza coughing, men chattering]

[man, indistinct]

Mr. Cole, grab the strap.

[men chattering]

Aaron, it's me. Cole's not here, I'm sure.

I've bribed officials, talked to locals, and now I'm standing in front of the blast site.

No one survived, and there's no body.

He did it. He saved the future.

He was erased.

[sighs] It's over.

The virus, it got out?

Of course.

There's been a plague, all over the world.


What year is it? What year is this?


Oh, they tried to pull me back. I jumped two years.

[dramatic music]