01x12 - Paradox

There's no sign of Cole's tracer.

We had it in 2015 for a moment, but there's been nothing in more than 24 hours.

Stop looking.

But if Mr. Cole did splinter successfully...

He did.

Mr. Cole barely made it alive to 1987.

You saw what condition he was in, and that was before the splinter to 2015.

God knows what further damage that did.

He survived, but he won't come back.

So that's all? We just abandon him, then?

I'm afraid it is we who are abandoned, Dr. Adler.

Mr. Cole is just a memory now, as the past was intended to be.

This morning, yesterday, or 30 years, it's all just a million firing neurons.

Given meaning by the human mind.

We'll all be there eventually.

[mellow alternative music]

[speaking German]

[speaking German]

When we are in New York, we speak English.

I need the practice.

Your English is fine.

I don't understand why you want to work in an American laboratory anyway, just because your husband...

It has nothing to do with my husband.

Raritan Valley is the only facility in the world focused on quantum splintering.

I thought you'd be proud of me.

I am, Kat, I just wish it weren't so far away.

Your mother and I miss having you in Berlin, and with your medical training, you might...

I'm not interested in medicine.

I'm not good with people.

If you'd only try.

Our bodies were built to die.

Why should I waste my research trying to heal them when I can put it to such better use?

Better use than prolonging human life?

If your prototypes, though I barely understand them, can prevent the effects of time on human cells at a molecular level, think of the possibilities.

What aren't you telling me? Did Elliot...

Please, let's not discuss my ex-husband.

Past is past. It was a mistake.

Falling in love is never a mistake.

Love can't be calculated or predicted.

Which is why I don't have any use for it.

You... you can't live by science alone.

It's the heart, not the mind that sustains us.

Good night, Papa.

I love you.

Good night.

[engine starts]

35 and 36, please, in Astoria.


Katarina Jones?

Do I know you?

My name is Dr. Cassandra Railly. I need your help.

We have a mutual friend who is very sick, maybe dying.


Cole, James Cole.

You're probably looking for my mother.

I'm not that kind of a doctor. I'm a physicist.

Please listen to me. We need to talk.

Well, maybe you'll call my office in the morning.

There is no time.

If you don't help me, Cole will die.

And I won't let that happen.

[dramatic music]

Jones: Time... it's going to take what it's owed.

Cole? Cole?

What the hell are you doing?



Aaron. I thought you were a scav.

What's that?

A scavenger.

From my time.

Is anyone else here?


Not anymore.


Get in here.

You're the only one who can help us.

I can't. I don't know what you...


Just look at these.


Where'd you get these?

This can't be real. This is my work.

In the future, this will all be very, very real.

Where's Cassie?

I don't know.

She sewed up your wound, and she left.

Said she had to get help.

What kind of help?

She wouldn't tell me.

She doesn't tell me much anymore, just that all this splintering is killing you.

But she knows someone who can help.


sh1t. Hey, hey!

Hey, hey, Cole, Cole. Cole?


Damn it.

[cell phone rings]


Cassie, he's not breathing.

Does he have a pulse?

Uh... no, no... there's nothing.

Okay, he's in cardiac arrest. He needs epinephrine.

Go into the kitchen and get my medical bag.

There's a hypodermic needle in there in a gray box.

Hey, hey!

Okay. Okay, I got it.

I got it. Now what?

Cassie, how do I do this?

sh1t! Um...

Okay, it goes in his thigh.

What's happening? What's happening?!

It's not working.





He's breathing. He's breathing.


It's time for you to go.

I have a gun.

Yes, but I have a knife, and unlike your gun, my knife is real.

I'm sorry. I just thought...

This technology... it's not published.

It's just a theory.

It's a prototype serum that I designed for Project Splinter... just the one.

It's not possible.

But my friend... and one day, your... your friend... is from the future where it is possible.

You... you, the future you... sent him here.

And now he's dying.

Please help me save him.



How long was I asleep?

You've been in and out of it for the last few days.

I wouldn't exactly call what you were doing sleeping.

I've seen boxing matches that look more restful.

Yeah, well, where I come from, sleep's dangerous.

It's when you're at your most vulnerable.

But you survived. That's something.

Maybe now that we know that the plague is coming, how it happens, where, we can prepare, work to survive it.

Maybe... for a year or two.

In a bunker somewhere, cut off from everyone, everything.

Not everyone.

You save the people that you love.

And that's what matters. Right?

Where have you been?


Uh, that address in your pocket, the one the other me gave you in 2017.

I went there.

What'd you find?

[door creaks open]

You must be Mr. Cole.


But how...

You knew.

You've always known me.

It appears so.

But maybe your "always" and my "always" are not the same.

Why didn't you tell me?

I'm sure I had my reasons.

I need blood samples.

You don't change, do you?

I'll need a microscope.

Uh, there's one upstairs in the office.

I'll draw a fresh blood sample.

Come on. You need to lie down.

Come here.

How'd you convince her?

The way you taught me.

With a gun and the truth.

Gun? I thought you flew to New York.

I did. The gun was a toy.

You shouldn't have brought her here.

The risk to the timeline, it's too...

I didn't tell her much. Besides, you're dying.

She can help.

I die, you die.

Nothing anyone can do will change that.

I got Jones here, didn't I?

Jones is here because she's always come here.

It's fate.

There's no such thing as fate.

Cassie, it's over.

There's a long list of what we don't have.

But that has never stopped us before, and it will not stop us now.

We need new leads.

We need to rebuild our investigation.

We can't... we lost practically everything in the fire.

We can, and we will.

We're not giving up. Start with our own archives.

Here. Remount the storage drives.

This is madness. Just blindly forward?

Well, forward is the only direction available at the moment.

I want everything you can find on the 12 Monkeys, Markridge, Goines, Oliver Peters, Dr. Railly.

Dig deep. No detail is too small.

Markridge was making significant political contributions.

This is from Washington Dulles.

Judging by the pattern of viral dissemination, it would suggest air travel.

The CDC's original report was signed by Dr. Railly.

There was a break-in at this laboratory, late November.

scientist: And these murders at Markridge were never solved.

Jones: Markridge got a new CEO in late 2015.

Facing facts, coming to terms... we don't need graphs and pie charts to illustrate what a sh1t show this year has been.

The death of Leland Goines, the Operation Troy debacle, the vanishing of Dr. Peters... these things subjected us to substantial economic gravity.

And we are, quite frankly, hemorrhaging trust.

[woman moaning]

What the hell is this?

A takeover. Hostile.

An embarrassing takeover. Move.

Jennifer, what are you doing?

He's right about trust.

If I can be frank for a moment: never trust a man with an offshore account and a mid-sized chubby for redheads.

This is ridiculous.


Embezzlement, infidelity?

Friendo, you're first mate on the Titanic, and you're filling up lifeboats with caviar.

Here. It's your resignation.

As majority shareholder pursuant to dear Daddy, I am exercising my right, as outlined in article blah, sub-section yada, to hostile-y take you bitches over!


Hmm, security.



Works for me now.

Crazy ironic. Ahh!

Raise your hand if you would like to be the new him.

Done. Meet the new boss.

Same as... absolutely nothing at all.

Markridge CEO: You're insane. You should be locked up.

Uh, charges were dropped. New evidence.

I've been set free. I've been...



Let loose.



Yes, that!

Un-caged. [roars]

And I'm never, ever going back.

Okay, Markridge, listen up.

I've got some ideas.

Did you find anything?

Comparing this sample to what you showed me in New York, it's as you feared, he's getting worse.

Mr. Cole is going to die.

He's not just a friend. He's more to you.

Much more.

How did you meet him?

I told you.

They found a recording that I make and... the future you sent him here to find me.

And you believed his story?

No, but he brought my watch with him from the future, and he broke time.

The same watch from his time?


That's profoundly risky.

I know.

It caused a paradox. It almost killed us.

[laughs] Yeah.

Mother Nature doesn't like it if you rearrange her furniture.


That must have been extraordinary to see... matter coming in contact with itself.

Wait, just a moment.

Um, when was Mr. Cole born?

Uh, 2009, I think. Why?

Splintering has corrupted his genetic composition at a molecular level, but if his current DNA were introduced to his original molecular structure, it might undo the quantum shifting.

A paradox. To save his life?


We could get a blood sample from the original Cole.

It might work.

[door closes]

Your friend just left.


Aaron? You're leaving?

This isn't my fight.

Of course it is.


No, see, while you're busy saving Cole and the rest of mankind, someone has to figure out how to save you.


It's Aaron Marker.

I want to make a deal.

I don't pretend to understand what you're doing or why, but I am a pragmatist.

Right, a realist.

You have to be to survive in Washington.

Survival is everything.

This isn't just about me. It's Cassie.

Dr. Railly.

Of course.

How's it gonna work?

Where are we gonna go? I need to know the details.

I'm not just gonna take your word for it.

In time.


Mr. Marker, you're a lion protecting your pride.

A Roman centurion keeping the savage horde at bay, ensuring your seed continues.

Why would you feel shame over what you were built to do?

To endure.

To thrive.

Because it's wrong.

No, this is not a moral compromise.

It's primal. Elemental.

Magnificent. Darwin himself would be proud.


I missed his treatise on genocide.

Evolution, Mr. Marker, takes many forms.

Promise me Cassie and I will be safe.

That all depends.

On what?


I found the name James William Cole in the social security database.

The birth dates match.

Father's Matthew.

There's a Matthew Cole who owns a garage about an hour away.

Might be his dad.

It's a lot to take in, I know.

I'm more worried about prison.

We're going to ask a stranger for a sample of his son's blood?

It'll be fine.


Says the woman who threatened me with a gun.

We won't need a gun.

Did you bring a real one this time?

You're going to kidnap this boy?

If that's what it takes.

Oh, can you... can you please stop the car?



You all right?

Soon going to be over. I have an appointment.

You're pregnant?

For now.

Recently, I was a married woman. For six days.

Six. Then he left me.

Now I want every part of him gone.

[music box plays gentle music]

Excuse me?


I'm looking for Matthew Cole. Is this his garage?

I'm with the CDC.

I don't know if you're aware, but there have been several cases of E. coli in the area recently, likely from that supermarket.

We have reason to believe Mr. Cole or his family might have been exposed.

Sorry, miss, wrong guy.

You're not Matthew Cole?


Bill. Bill Anderson.

Mr. Cole owned this place before me.

Do you know where I might find him?

Is there a forwarding address?

Disappeared. I haven't seen him for months.

Good luck, though.

Come on.

[metal squeaking]




All right, you got two minutes. I gotta get back.

Okay, so you are Matthew Cole?

I'm not usually the paranoid type, but the boy's mother was always... well, let's just say that she gave me a reason to worry about James.

Of course.

Protective parents are perfectly natural.

Dad, I can't get this to work.

Can you...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What word was that? I don't think I heard you right.

I can't.

We don't use that word around here.

The only failure...

Is giving up.

Exactly, now why don't you work on that a little by yourself and I'll come help, okay?

Good boy.

We're not here about E. coli.

Well, let's have it then.

I'm gonna tell you the truth.

Oh, God help us.

You're gonna find this hard to believe, but it's just...

Nearly impossible, I'd say.

[gun cocks]

You need to leave.

Please, I'm telling the truth.

Lady, that boy is the only thing in this world matters to me.

I don't know what kind of game you're playing here, but I...

No, no, no, it's not a game. It's not a game.

I think we should go. Let's go.


It's real, all of it... the virus, time travel.

There's something called the Army of the 12 Monkeys and...

What did you say?

The Army of the 12 Monkeys.

They're the ones behind the plague.

Did Marion send you?


Marion, the boy's mother.

Last time I saw her, she was on about some monkey army.

Told me I had to protect him.

Your son, the grown-up James Cole, he needs you.

Right, and who are you to him exactly?

Look. Come with us.

Look into his eyes.

If you don't see your son there, then you can leave, and we will not bother you again.

But if you won't come... he'll die.




There's someone here to see you.




Dr. Adler!

Where the hell did that come from?

Have there been any power surges?

Temporal activity of any kind?

Just a small tachyon surge in the middle of the night.

Nothing unusual.

I want to know how they got here.

Is it like a shot?

Yep, just like it.

Except that instead of putting something into your body, we're taking something out.

Will it hurt?

No, just a pinch.

[clears throat]

Am I sick?

No, you're helping somebody who is sick.

Your friend.


My friend.

Wait. Dr. Railly?

You better do this.

I'd hate to seal the fate of mankind because I can't find the vein of a five-year-old.

She's a really good doctor.

Hey, there.

Ah, ah.

I know, I know. Almost done.

All done.



All right.



Mr. Cole, we have to keep you a distance from the boy.

You can't get too close to yourse... to James.

That would be disastrous.

Come here.

Here, here.


Good job.

Matthew: Get some rest.

You all right?

Why don't you get some rest?

And I'll stay with you.

Railly: Here you go. Look at this.

[indistinct conversation]

I have to say, that boy saved my life.

Before he came along, I wasn't much of a man.

Can you... can you tell me about my mother?

I didn't know her that well. Marion.

I loved her like crazy, but it was a short thing.

I asked her to marry me, but she wouldn't.

Then took off pretty soon after without saying much.

When she tracked me down a year later, she had a kid.

My son.


Told me she couldn't protect you.

I never understood what she was talking about, but I was grateful.

Every day.

Look at that. He's a... he's a good boy.

He won't always be.

But I'm trying to make up for it.

I'm sorry I can't...

Hey. Don't use that word.

The only failure...

Is giving up.


Are you all right?

Yeah, just trying to...

I know, I know.

I'm so sorry.

I just thought I'd be there for him.


This plague... it'll get me for sure?

[cell phone rings]

Excuse me.


Aaron: Cass, come around the corner, the parking lot quickly.

I'll be right back.


Cass, please don't ask a lot of questions.

Just get in the car.

They're gonna win this.

No, what are you doing?

They're gonna win this, you know that.

Aaron, what...

It's why nothing changes.

Oh, my God. What did you do?

Please get in the car.

They wouldn't wait any longer, Cass.

What did you do?


Aaron, stop it!

[Aaron grunts]

We can't stop it, Cass.

You know I'm right!

[dramatic music]

[door creaks]

Get in the car now!


[Matthew groaning]

Where is he?

Step ahead of you, asshole.

[chuckles] Doubt it.

You're just in time.


It's over, Cole.

I know.



My father?

The boy?

I left him with Katarina. I didn't want him to see.

It was Aaron.

That's how they found us.

[sirens wailing]

We should go.


Jones: He'll be safe here with Child Protective Services.

You're throwing away your cigarettes.

I've decided to keep the child.

After all this, maybe my father was right.

Love is never a mistake.

Railly: But the plague... you might not have much time.

I'm a scientist, Dr. Railly. I don't believe in fate.

I could tell you, you know.

Who those men were, everything.

Give you a chance to do it differently, give you a head start.

It's tempting, but no.

It's just as likely to undo your work as it is to help mine.

The causality of temporal physics is unpredictable.

And if it is fate that our paths will cross again, then we'll find the answers together.

But listen, Mr. Cole, you have to understand, the paradox has destroyed your ability to travel back to your time.

You live here now.

I know.

Good-bye for now, Mr. Cole.

Good-bye, Katarina.

[engine starts]

We'll probably have some more questions for you, but you just can play here for a while, okay?

Are you sure we should leave him here?

Maybe I could see...

He'll be all right.

He'll make friends.

You okay, kid?

Don't be scared. It's okay here.

I'm Jose.

Show you around.

Adler: I analyzed the plant.

It is ordinary hedera helix. English ivy.

Jones: But why is it red?

Why is it growing on my machine?

There's barely any light here.

Well, I have a theory.


I examined the isotopic CO2 composition of the cell membrane.

I'm not a botanist, Dr. Adler.

Nor am I, but based on my analysis, this plant grew in an environment with significantly higher amounts of greenhouse gases.


This plant is not from our time.

[alarm sounding]

man: Let's go, let's go!

Jones: What's happened?

guard: It's Sergeant Whitley, ma'am.



Good Lord.

They're coming. They're coming.

This facility.

What is inside is very important to us.

Are you sure you can get us in?

It'll be my pleasure.