01x13 - Arms of Mine

Previously on 12 Monkeys...

They're coming.

They've been one step ahead of us the whole way.


I know who the Witness is.

Cole's not a concern. I killed him.

We have work to finish.

What are you doing?

Meet the new boss.

woman: You were walking through a red forest.

While you're busy saving mankind, someone has to figure out how to save you.

It matters what we do here this time.

It's over, Cole.

Jones: The paradox has destroyed your ability to travel back to your time. You live here now.

It was Aaron. That's how they found us.

Mr. Ramse's going to try and stop you.

And when he does, I'm gonna kill him.

♪ These arms of mine ♪

Cole: Where are you right now?

Somewhere warm, safe... next to someone you love?

Now, what if all that was gone and the only thing you could do is survive?

You would, right? You'd try.

You'd do things... horrible things... until you lose that last thing you have left... yourself.

But what if you could take it back... all of it?

A reset switch?

You'd hit it, right?

You'd have to, even if you didn't want to...

♪ These arms of mine ♪

Cole: Because sometimes the choice isn't even yours.

It's fate.

[dramatic music]

[punches landing]

Didn't think I could find you? Thought you could hide?



You think this is funny?

You're... you're angry with me?

You destroyed everything in my life.

You're no savior, Cole.

You're just a savage.

You want to know what makes a savage?

Seeing sh1t no kid should ever see and then doing the same thing to survive.

I was just a boy, watching the world die, alone.

Now I know who I have to thank for that.


Who are they?



Who are they?


Aaron, just tell us who you've been talking to.

Cassie, we can survive the plague... but not with him.

Come with me. Stop this, please.


Is it growing here?

What's it coming from?

If botany were my theater of expertise, Mr. Whitley, none of us would be alive.

We'd all be lying dead in an empty greenhouse.

Temporal interference of some kind, or could merely be a random sampling of the time stream caused by electromagnetic buildup, an anomaly.

This is not random.

You know, I've been thinking.

As soon as my hands heal, I want you to give me the injections.

I want you to send me to 2015.

And if you survived, where would that get us?

The mission is over, Mr. Whitley.

Then what are we doing here, hmm?

The men who attacked us were sending a message.

Focus on our perimeter, double our security.

We don't have the manpower to fend off an attack, not after Spearhead.

Look, Jones... if you're really done here... let it go.

We should shut this thing down... move on.

Well, their numbers are thinning.

Looks like your message was received, which is surprising, 'cause it was so subtle.

But still, I wouldn't take it as a sign that they're not ready for a fight.

If you believe their sentries have been diminished, why not a direct assault?

Sentries? [laughs]

You use the term "sentries." That is so old-timey.

Where are you from exactly?


Listen, friend, I thought they were light the first time I went in, and they took out half my crew, hence our little collaboration, but trust me when I tell you they are lean but mean.

I think you will find us formidable.

Oh, well, no doubt, but I do not want that place all shot up.

After you're done with your thing, it's mine.

Our deal will be honored, Mr. Deacon, as long as this plan of yours is successful.

Don't you worry.

They're not gonna see this coming.

This isn't something I want to do, but I will.

And you know that.

I just wanted to save you.

Who are they?

There's a woman.

She's the only one I ever saw.

They know it's coming.

They're planning for it.

How do they release the virus?

I don't know.

They're preparing for something.

She said it was "the coming of the 12."

Cole: What else?

They financed a project in Colorado.

They're gonna hide.

Some kind of facility... that's where they'll be when the world dies.

Ramse. You ever meet a man named Ramse?


All right, how do we find them?


The woman's one of their key investors.

They'll kill me for this... and then him... and then you.

It makes sense.

Railly: It makes sense that they'd finance the company that creates the plague.

Cole: We need to find this investor.

It could be the one key we've been missing.

We can't let him go. He knows more.



[groaning with effort]


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

Whoa, hey!

We got to get out of here now!

We just can't leave him here to die!

Cassie, he made his choice! Come on!

No! Cassie!

[grunts] No!

Cassie, I'm sorry.

What happened wasn't your fault. Aaron...

Betrayed us. He betrayed me.

Yeah, but it's not that simp...

We have work to finish. We have to focus.

[keys clacking]

That woman, one of Markridge's key investors...


...chances are she knows the new CEO.

You got to be kidding me.

Who are all these people?

Doctors, shareholders.

They're all here for the keynote address.

They all want to know where the new CEO is gonna lead Markridge.

[Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings]


Jennifer: Leland Goines, my father, was just a man.

But what kind of man?

A charitable man, a giving man, a wise man, and, most importantly, a family man.

Except that my father was none of those things.

No. My father was only ever a Markridge man.


I love you, Dad.

Miss you.

It's why we're all here today, isn't it?

Not to eulogize, but to capitalize.

Through continued advancements in bioengineering, through government contracts, through strategic partnerships and a renewed push into pharmaceutical retail, we will realize my father's vision for Markridge, and we will transcend it.


They love her.

It looks like she finally got the dosage right on those meds.

One more thing.

The dodo... silly thing.

Couldn't fly, too fat, flapped its wings futilely... into extinction.

My father created Markridge as a place to defy the order of things, to ignore the rules, to laugh at Mother Nature and spit in the face of Father Time.

Beginning today, Markridge will start repairing the damage that men like my father have done to this world.

Through genetic manipulation... [crowd murmuring] we will give new birth to what man has so arrogantly made extinct.

The lease is up.

Time to give the world back to its rightful owners... the animals!

The lions and tigers and bears!

The furry-faced caretakers.

Let's get to her before they kill her.


This year, the dodo. Next year, the unicorn.

[reporters shouting indistinctly]

Excuse me. Sorry. No, sorry.


Otter Eyes, back from thin air.

We need to talk.

That whole Night Room thing... what a rabbit hole.

[chuckles] I was off my meds, super cray.

Like, I saw things, like you disappearing before my eyes.

[chuckles, clicks tongue]

Lots of nuts in that bar.

I'm all better now.

You sure about that? Because the dodo bird...

Oh, my God, those guys are such dicks.

[laughs] I just wanted to see their faces when they realized I set their money on fire.

[scoffs] I have other plans for my company.

So you're not cloning a dodo?

Of course I am. I'm not a liar.

I hate you.

Jennifer, we need your help.

There's an investor in Markridge, a real power player.

We're trying to find out who it is.

She talks too much.

Railly: They've probably made key investments that have led to significant advancements...

Ah. Bloop, blop.

...in your father's work.


That's all I hear when your face hole opens.


I don't have time for you crazy bullshit.

There's too much at stake, and my patience is gone.

Ethan Seki, venture capitalist... genius.

That's who you're looking for.

Has a gift, knows things... when to invest, when not to.

[cell phone beeps]

Cole: That's Ramse.

That's him?

Yeah. He looks exactly the same.

I don't know how that's possible.

Maybe it's Jones's injections.

You said... said that they make it so time moves around you.

Maybe they have an effect on cellular aging.

He's recently become obsessed with this government project.

He's looking for an intro. Raritan Valley...

Raritan Valley National Laboratory?

That's it.

Called about it today.


What is it?

We need to leave, now.

Jennifer, thank you, again.

[cell phone ringing]

It's done. He knows.

Railly: What's Raritan?

It's where they built the machine that sent me here...

Project Splinter.

What does Ramse want with it?

My mission begins with that facility.

It's the only thing that can stop their plan.

He wants to destroy it.

If he does, it'll protect the future and his son.

What are you seeing?

I'm trying to remember the future... my past.

Your longing for your son will soon be over.

I can't... remember his face.

We're coming to the end.

It's natural to be afraid.

Who's that?

Your security.

He will accompany you to Raritan.

I don't need him.

Today is a great day, but we must still be cautious.

Your anonymous investments in their research made your existence here possible, but now their role in this is finished.

The circle is completing, tightening with each action.

It's not completed till I get to that machine.

It's been a long time.

We had to allow their research to progress without interference.

That meant sacrificing influence.

It's a delicate balance, and it ends today.

Your entry into Project Splinter will expose us, but it's necessary.

As you know, it's a difficult place to get into.

They're ready.

Gentlemen, prepare to witness Mother Nature at her finest.

The animals are drawn to the subsonic frequency of the Core.


W... Look, just trust me.

For years at Spearhead, this was a huge headache for me, and this many all at once... that place is going dark.

Let's see what you got.

As long as you hold up your end of the bargain.

I'm sorry. What was that again?

You make sure that bitch pays for what she did to Spearhead.

[birds screeching]

[alarm blaring]

[power failing]

The grid's gone haywire.

The Core shut down. It overheated.

How's that possible?

Something blocked the exhaust. The system crashed.

This is it.

They're coming.

Okay. Initiate splinter sequence.

[machine whirring]

Did it work?

28 years.

Can't know for sure, though, can we?

I don't think the data's lying.

We have achieved temporal displacement and have found a way to make it incredibly boring.

I know, I know.

Progress is a game of inches, and leaps and bounds are only in hindsight, I've been around long enough to understand that, but it's like Kat always used to say, "You know, man, sometimes... [German accent] "science is literally like watching paint dry." [normal voice] Oh, we're ready, man.

We're ready for a living specimen, and I'm not talking about a plant.

I'm talking about a primate subject.

Distortion of time and space and its effect on plants is considerable, right? Green to red.

Organic matter in states of flux.

You could kill anything...

It'll work. It'll work.

This came for you, sir.

The money has landed.

Everybody out. Let's go. You too, man.

You sure? I can help with the dog and pony show.

Not this time, you can't.

I'll finish the logs in the morning.

[door closes]

Right through here, these exhaust tunnels are the way in.

Let's go.


[man shouts]

[man grunts]


What are you gonna do with that?


Railly: What is this place?

[Cole chuckles]

That's home.

That's a lot of security... more than we ever saw at a Markridge facility.

How the hell do we get in?

Exhaust tunnels.

Mr. Seki, it is a great pleasure to finally meet you, sir.

[machine humming]

It works?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, to the degree I mentioned.

I mean, we can't bring anything backwards, right?

'Cause that's currently... like, that's impossible.

We've had extraordinary success sending things forwards.

The potential is limitless.

You've received the payments, right?

Very generous, yes.

The advancements it'll garner are incalculable, but, sir, I need to know what you're doing here.

What are you planning? This is my life's work.

You've made the arrangements?

You will have full, unauthorized access to my machine, yes.

The item.

This took a lot to procure.

Elliot: Mr. Seki, this is beyond dangerous.

Thank you.

Yeah, okay, man, well, you know, everything is set, as per your request.

Are you sure you want to do this?

Thank you for your work, Dr. Jones.


Whitley on walkie-talkie: Security breach! Evacuate through the tunnels!

We need the woman. The rest are meaningless.

Whitley on walkie-talkie: Tunnels secured! Nine men down!

We've got nine men down at least.

The doors to the chamber secured.

We need to get to the tunnels.

We'll never make it.


I failed.

What are you doing?

Come on.

Come on. The machine's this way.


[indistinct chatter over walkie-talkie]

I'm guessing that's not there in 2043.

Okay, we'll split up.

Better one of us reaches the machine than neither.

All right.

Go down this corridor, down the hallway, down the stairs.

The machine's a few doors in.

If you run into Ramse, be careful.

I don't really know him anymore.

I don't know what he's capable of.

You ready?

[door opens]

woman: You're walking through a red forest.

You're walking through a red forest.

The grass is tall.

Most of the blood has washed away.

Don't move.



You're alive.

Tokyo, I thought...

You killed me?

I thought Tokyo was as far as you ever got.

Now I know.

This whole time... it was you.


You're still asking that question?

This... this place... without me coming here, it would never have happened.

Jones didn't even want me there in 2043.

And it was mine.

Hey. Hey.

[drawer opens]


It took time travel to create time travel.

That's how it works.

There are no straight lines, brother.

So now you want to destroy it?


I want to go home... to my son.

I'm done here.

If this were really about your son... you wouldn't want him to grow up just to die.

You'd let him go. You wouldn't kill an entire world.

Foster found a cure. We'll find another one.

That is our world, not this.

I spent the last 28 years living with ghosts.

Our only future... is the future.

Is that what you've become... someone who will kill 7 billion to save one?

You'd do the same thing.

No, I wouldn't.

For her?

You're gonna tell me... you risking your life coming back here this whole time was for everyone?


Cassie... you love her.

I love my son.

He deserves a future.

I did what I had to.

Now you... pull the trigger.

Ah, your wonder machine is right through there.

They're about to reboot their Core, reroute the exhaust system.

We'll be back online in 20, 19, 18, 17...


Three, two, one.

Core reboot.

Don't move.

Hello, again.


I would put that down if I was you.

Apologies, Mr. Deacon, but you're looking at someone who has nothing to live for.

We represent the future, madam.

We do not wish to be relegated to the past.

Then stand down.

That we cannot do.

No more killing.

Let the people of this facility go.

They are no opposition.

And in return?

Is this what you came for?


It's yours.

Don't believe her.

She killed everyone at Spearhead for this thing.

She'll never give it up.

A mistake.

I'm willing to pay for it.

You can't change the past.

Nobody can.

All that matters is what happens here... in this time.

Let them go.

You let them walk, the machine is yours, or...

I'll kill everyone in this room.

You were my brother.

I know. I thought I killed you.

I lived with that guilt for a long time.

Killing you again can't be the last thing I do here.

Didn't have to be this way.

Sometimes you're out of moves.



Whoa. It's all right.

It's all right.


How is it all right exactly?

Put the gun down.

This is him?

Ramse, the Witness?

The Witness?

It's not that simple.

You think I'm the Witness.

Do it, Cole.

I'm not doing anything.

Shoot him.



I'm not the Witness.


Cassie, don't do this.

"Don't do this"?

He's killing everyone.

It's about his son. I can talk to him.

Tell me, Ramse... can we talk about this?

You, put the gun down now.


Don't do anything.

Cassie, put the gun down.


He made his choice.



Disarm them and let them go.

Wait. Uh, I would not recommend that.

They are going to be a problem.

For you, not us.


There's no exit wound.


Cole: Tell me what to do.

I'm bleeding internally.

You need help. We need to call someone.

They won't make it in time.

Send her to Jones.

We're both gonna die here.

She'll save her.

She won't save me.

You inject her with that.

That could kill her.

She's gonna die here anyway, man.

[breathing rapidly, shakily]

What are you doing?

I'm sending you to Katarina.

Cole, this won't work.


Come on.

You okay?



I'm gonna see you soon.

I don't think so.

[machine whirring]

You make it back there... you find my son, all right?

Tell him I tried to protect him.

I tried.

The 12 are ready.

All 12? All healthy?

Would you like to see them?

Oh, beautiful.

At last, the next cycle has begun.

man: In 28 years, they'll be ready.

This is quite the undertaking.

woman: It has to be. Nothing is more important.

The cycle is complete.

Make sure it is ready.

You're certain of all this?

The Witness has spoken.

But what of Jose Ramse?

woman: On this day, November 11th of 2015, history will show that Ethan Seki will be found dead beside the accelerator he helped finance.

His circle will come to an end.

And James Cole?

James Cole will flee into obscurity, his future unknown to us.

All of this is preordained, scripted by time, unmovable, because there is nothing more powerful than fate.

What are you doing?

No one has to die. We'll find another way.

We'll find another way.

We will need her.

Lock her up.

Come with me.

Where's Cole? Did he go in that thing?

Yes, and he'll never come back.

[machine whirring]

You were saying?

What is this?



man: The virus... isn't there a better way? Something more reliable?

woman: The release of the virus is out of our hands, exactly as it should be.

What an extraordinary itinerary... around the world, 12 cities in just a few months.

Tell me this trip is for pleasure.

Not exactly.

I have work to finish.