02x08 - Lullaby

Previously on "12 Monkeys"...



What happened to me?

The Witness took control of you.

I don't love you!

You did once. And that can't be erased.

Cassie, you would never let me die.

Ramse, shoot me!



Is he dead?

I don't know.

He was my boy.

You're still holding on to the memory of her... holding on to her dead little hand.

[Jones softly singing "Brahms' Lullaby" in German]

♪ ♪



I'm sorry.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

What are one's last words if they will never be?

I leave now, not with my own, but those words that will exist beyond me.

"To be, or not to be... that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune "or to take arms against a sea of trouble, and by opposing, end them. To die, to sleep... no more. And by sleep to say we end the heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to. [echoing] To die, to sleep, perchance to dream. [normal voice] But that the dread of something after death... the undiscovered country... from whose bourn"...

[echoing] "No traveler returns."

"No traveler returns. In thy orisons, be all my sins remembered... Or erased."



Jesus. Deacon, what?

It's Cassie.

What the hell's going on?

Nothing. A glitch in the system caused by the damage to the Core.


Tell him.

What is this?

The tether... it disengaged itself from the system and then reappeared... some kind of glitch.

It's entirely unnecessary to maintain her tether.

All that matters is that she arrived.

Hey! Tell him what you did.

Clearly, Dr. Railly hasn't done anything yet.

There's still time to bring her back.

Where did Cassie go?



That's after the plague. Why would she go there?

Because there was another plague... one that ravaged time itself... a plague whose origins can be traced back to one single moment.

No cult. No investigation needed.

The true catalyst for the destruction of mankind is standing before your eyes.

I sent Cassie back to Spearhead in 2020 with the explicit instruction to end my life and so destroy the creation of time travel.

And undo everything.

Jones, this isn't the way.

The answer, Mr. Cole, has been in front of us the entire time.

We were on a quest to stop the Messengers from collapsing time, but it was this... it was this that allowed them to do it.

We fear the Witness, yet my attempt to rewrite history resulted in the destruction of time itself.

You don't get to decide it's over just because you've given up hope.

We've exhausted hope, James.

No, Cole, we have to stop this.

[snaps fingers] Lasky... when exactly did you send her back to?

I sent Cassie back to the day I should have died, the day I lost my Hannah.

This will predate our mission together.

Everything will be erased.

I'm sorry, James... but there's nothing you can do.

Start it up.


[birds squawking]

[breathing heavily]



Ready! Aim!

Present... arms!

[plays "Taps"]

♪ ♪

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter]

Open the gate.

Stop there! Who are you?

My name is Dr. Cassandra Railly.

I'm with the CDC.

CDC's dead.

I'm not.

Send a message to your commander.

He'll know who I am.

All clear. No pathogens.

Dr. Cassandra Railly of the CDC.

Where's your identification?

I lost it.

I hit a few rough patches on my way up from Baltimore.


On foot?

Tell me, Ms. Railly, how did you avoid the West Seven Quarantine Zone?

I went around it.

Nobody goes around the West Seven Quarantine Zone.

Have you been tested for immunity to the Kalavirus?


Prints match. It's her.

Who are those people?

We call 'em scavs... roaming survivors.

There's limits to the amount of civilians we can take in.

This way, please.

[indistinct conversation]


I have to say, it'll be a big morale boost for our teams to actually meet you, Dr. Railly.

The containment protocols you pioneered have been very helpful, along with a few of our own.

See, 75% of our population has been diagnosed at risk of infection, and I intend to keep those numbers safe and sound, which is I'm very curious about what happened at the CDC.

See, the last we heard, after the broadcasts stopped, rioters had taken over the building, so, naturally, we assumed the worst.

I escaped with a few others.

I'm the only one who made it this far.

I apologize for the third degree.

It's just, we've had some trouble lately.

Some of our men encountered a very organized pack of marauders... nomads, all women.

We think they're responsible for bringing in this recent outbreak.



Another dozen infected.

We lost two officers this morning.

But the rest are isolated, so we have it under control.

Lieutenant, I have a colleague I believe is here.

I'd like to speak with her...

Katarina Jones.

Oh. Sorry, Dr. Railly.

I'm afraid your timing couldn't be any worse.

[monitor beeping]

[alarm beeping on the monitor]

Virologists are a vanishing and highly valuable commodity.

Hence some of the measures we've had to implement.

What measures?

[monitor beeping rapidly]

Measures necessary for the security of our medical personnel.


You've stopped treating the sick?

These aren't all my decisions, but we've lost some great minds while trying to save the lives of those who never stood a chance.

Excuse me, Lieutenant.

Jones's daughter has passed.

Excuse me.

I'm glad you're here, Dr. Railly.

She'll need a friend later.

[Jones softly singing "Brahms' Lullaby" in German]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

She's gone.

♪ ♪

It's time.


I'm sorry.

[birds squawking]

[breathing heavily]


What are you doing? You can't kill Jones.

You're too late.

I already did.

What do you mean you killed...





[guns cock]

Present... arms!

[plays "Taps"]

What do you mean you killed Jones?

That's impossible.

They sent me back to the same moment they sent you... right now.

No, I already...

Why didn't anything change?

Because you haven't done anything yet, and you're not going to.

No, I did.

I'll prove it to you.


[indistinct chatter]

Open the gate.

Hey, stop there!

It's me.

Who are you?

Dr. Cassandra Railly with the CDC.

CDC's dead.

And who are you?

Look, I'm telling you, you didn't kill Jones.

If you did, we'd be erased. You wouldn't remember me.

Cole, I shot her... point blank.

No, you didn't. I got here the same time as you.

It's not too late.

It is.

Why did you agree to this?


Dr. Eckland.

It was my fault just as much as Jones's.

We've made things worse, Cole.

We need to stop ourselves.

What about the plague?

Maybe the plague was always going to happen.

Maybe we can't do anything to...

All clear. No pathogens.

Dr. Cassandra Railly of the CDC.

Where's your identification?

No. We went through all this before.

I came up through Baltimore.

Baltimore? On foot? Tell me, Ms. Railly...

How did I avoid the West Seven Quarantine Zone?

"Zone..." That's right... it's 2020.

Deacon hasn't turned it to sh1t yet.

And who are you?

Morris. Morrison.

Look, we went through all this yesterday.

You spoke to somebody else yesterday, not me.

Have you been tested for immunity to the Kalavirus?

Prints match. It's her.

His came back inconclusive.

They got a match, but to an 11-year-old boy in Philly named James Cole.

What is this?

Step inside, please.

No. No, we just want to speak with Katarina Jones.

Jones is with her daughter. Her daughter's sick...


Jones is alive. I told you.

Oh, my God!

You guys!



How are you here?

Uh, how are you here?

Oh, wait, I got to figure out which version of you two this is.

Okay, Night Room, total...

What comes to mind when I say, "the hyenas"? [imitates explosion]


It hasn't happened for you yet.

So welcome to 2020.

That number usually represents perfect vision, but it looks like you two aren't seeing too clearly.

Heard you were a busy girl.

Voices say you blew poor old Jonesy away, and then they say you didn't.

You know I was here before?

Feels like a déjà vu, right?

A repeat? Welcome to my world!

Wait, wait. What is happening here?

Well, I'm in a reboot.

What's a reboot?

Same day, different sh1t.

The day reset itself?

I hear gunshots and screams... "The German lady's dead!"

Then you all over again.

That's not how time travel works.

Oh, look who's an expert now.

Wait a minute. Wait.

Before we forced Jones to send me here, she said there was a problem with your tether.

You're saying the moment she shot Jones, time reset itself?

[imitating whooshing]

You two, come with me.

Got to go. [door buzzes]


I'll be here. [laughs]

See you soon!

They're, like, my best friends.

I have to say, it would have been a big morale boost here for our teams to have met you had you actually been Dr. Cassandra Railly.

You do look like her.

It was his false ID that tipped us off.

We dug a little deeper.

It turns out Dr. Railly was confirmed dead at the CDC by our own personnel... so you can't be her.

I am Cassandra Railly.

Are you aware that entering a military base under false pretense is currently punishable by death?

Now, tell me who you are.

[all grunting]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪





♪ ♪



[monitor beeping]



I'm sorry, Jones.

[birds squawking]

[both breathing heavily]

I'm not shot anymore.

You saved me.

Well, don't get too excited.

Last time I felt like this, it was killing me.

We need to get out of this loop.


["Taps" playing]

We need to split up this time.


Because the first time, it was easy.

Having you with me messes that up.

That's not happening.

It's why I'm here.

Look, I shot her to save you.

It just jumped us back here.

We need to figure out why this is happening.

Then figure it out.

My mission is the same.

Stop right there! Who are you?

I have to say, it'll be a big morale boost for our teams to actually meet you, Dr. Railly.

The containment protocols you pioneered have been very helpful, along with a few of our own.


[door buzzes, beeps]

Round three!

I'm sorry, sir. We thought she was with you.

I think she has my gun.

[monitor beeping]

I'll cover. Why don't you take a break?

Jesus, I'm dying here.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


[monitor beeping]

Your daughter, Hannah... how is she?

She's just ill. She... she'll be better.

She's immune, like her mother.

Listen to me. You need to summon your primary powers or whatever.

How do we break this loop?

Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Maybe time won't let you kill Jones.


Maybe time likes time travel.

What are you doing here?

I thought Foster's orders were clear.

Katarina, sorry to disturb you, but have you seen...

See you soon.

[birds squawking]

[breathing heavily]

[spits, breathing heavily]

You need to stop trying to kill Jones.

You're gonna kill us.

I need to get back inside alone again.

Hey... I have to say, it'll be a big morale boost for our teams to actually meet you, Dr. Railly.

The containment protocols you pioneered...

Excuse me, Lieutenant Foster.

Forgive me, but I was hoping I could see some of your recent data on the virus.

Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties, 'cause it's cold out there!

Well, it's cold out there every day.

What is this, Miami?

Get it?


What is this?

Dr. Railly?

Listen, I don't have a lot of time to explain.

What are you doing here?

You sent me ba...

Look, if you want to save Hannah, I need your help.

Save her how?

I looked at her chart.

Her temperature's been fluctuating... 107 to 105.

Yes, but, she has...

I went through Foster's data.

The Kalavirus's key symptom is an uninterrupted increase in body temperature.

Nothing, not even medicine, can stop the increase or suspend it.

We need to figure out why she's the exception.

What's her temperature?

Still 107.

If it gets any higher, she'll be at risk for brain damage.

[Hannah moans]


Sensitivity to light...

What are you getting?

An antibiotic.

This is viral. Antibiotics...

Light sensitivity is a symptom of other infections.

Haemophilus influenzae, for example, causes bacterial meningitis.

Bacterial? Not the virus?

Mm-mm. We need to get this fever down.

Here. What's her temperature now?


It wasn't a false positive.

She is immune.


[monitor beeping]

Dr. Railly, are you okay?

Blondie's just gonna have to learn.

Time likes Jones just the way she is.

[birds squawking]

[both groan]




What happened?



It doesn't matter.

[breathing heavily]

["Taps playing in the distance]

Hannah's immune.

She doesn't have the virus... possibly a form of meningitis.

She dies because of Foster's no-treatment protocol.

You saved her?

That was yesterday's today.

She'll die again today.

Jennifer said something about time not letting us kill Jones or change her.

Maybe that includes saving Hannah.

We need to ride the day out here, see if the machine brings us back.

We tried it your way.


[birds squawking]

What do you think Jennifer really meant?

She said... time knows Jones invented time travel, and it needs her to do it.

Did she also tell you that time has a long, white beard and a list of commandments... "thou shall not splinter and kill the creator of time travel"?

I remember this one time.

Ramse and I were kids.

We bumped into this group of guys coming out of a gun store.

They were much older than us.

There was five of them... just armloads of guns.

They had these green boxes of ammo at their feet, and they saw two of us out in the open, broad daylight, and they just lit us up.

And we thought we were dead.

Not a single bullet hit us.

We thought it was some kind of miracle.

Now, there's two ways to look at that story.

The way I like to look at it... it wasn't our day to die.

God or time or whatever... didn't want us to die.

Thinking like that helped us through some hard times... believing that there's something out there helping you out.

What's the other way to look at it?

Remington makes blanks, and they come in a green box.


The longest version of the day was my first.

If it's gonna reset, it'll happen soon.

You know, I don't blame Jones for asking you to do this.

I got plenty of things I'd undo if I could.

2013... breaking into your car and waiting for you.

And give up the mission?


Thanks, but I only had a few years left, anyway.

[clears throat]

Yeah, but in those years, you could have found some real happiness.

That's better than a lifetime of this.

We've been through this.

My life is my life, my choices.

I didn't have to go to that hotel and wait for you, but I did.

So, please, stop blaming yourself for me.

Worry about your own purpose.

Go... save the world, Cole.

Ah, to hell with the world.

Then what are we still doing here?

For what?

Why continue this?

You know why.

No. I don't.


You didn't have the Witness in your head.

Tell me, why is this still worth it to you?

The only world I ever gave a damn about was the one with you in it.

All this bullshit, everything I've done, it's been so you have a place to go back to.

That's it.

[birds squawking]

[both groaning]

[eerie discordant tones]

♪ ♪

What is it?


A memory.


A memory of what?



["Taps" playing in the distance]


♪ ♪


[door buzzes, beeps]

Hey! I didn't see either of you two "yestertoday."

No vacations. Work to finish.

Just give me a minute.

[gasps] Did you ever think of maybe doing something, but not doing it?

I'm getting pretty tired of hearing you talk in circles.

You're tired of hearing me talk in circles?

I'm tired of you going around in them.


You need to do something, but nothing.


Think about it.

What needs to be done?

First and foremost, what needs to be done to save the world, Cole?

Get you to stop talking.

What needs to be done to save the world is to believe that you can.

But you can't, because things have been bad.

Hope is lost. Get it back.

I have hope. I haven't lost anything.

Not just for you.

Okay, put the pieces together, okay?

Think about me.

If tomorrow comes, they're gonna put a bullet in my head.

Bang! Bang, bang, bang, bang!

My people are waiting for me nearby, but a leader is only good if they're present to lead.

If tomorrow comes and I die, who's gonna tell Jones to bring you back from the hotel and bring you to 2044 like I did... will do... for you?

Plus, you're gonna need another primary.

So, me, Jones... we're pieces of the puzzle.

You got to make them fit.

Okay... so now tell me... what do you need to do to get out of the loop de loop?

So I have to do something, but the problem is, I have to do nothing.

I want to talk to Foster... now.

How could you, Katarina?

What is the meaning of this?

To betray us, to risk so many lives, and Hannah, even.

I told them about you working with us... about your plan to eliminate all the nonimmune from Spearhead by having Jennifer and her people bring the virus in.



We can't lie anymore.

They know you're not Cassandra Railly.

What are you doing?

This is madness. My daughter just...

And now you will join her.

I needed a moment alone with you.

You're insane.

Just answer me this... is a little bit of happiness better than a lifetime of anything else?

Answer the question.



I'm gonna hold you to that.


Fire! [gunshots]

[birds squawking]


Why would you do that?

I think I know how to get us out of here.

[monitor beeping]

How is it looking?

May be an issue with the console.

Do we have them or not?

[computer beeping]

Yes. We have them.

[machine whirring]


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[machine whirring]


♪ ♪

If you seek congratulations for failure, I have nothing for you.

I did what you asked me to do.

I shot you several times.

So did I.

Oh, I must be bulletproof!

Every time we killed you back there, time reset the day.

"Time reset the day."


You're the one that told us time was conscious... that it needs primaries like Jennifer to think.

She was there at Spearhead.

Of course she was there.

She's causality's fool.

So what's your hypothesis of what that exactly means, Mr. Cole?

Time needs us... needs you to set things right... to fix it... to stop the 12 Monkeys from destroying the world.


Time is on our side?

Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Cole, but I've spoken to Adler.

Your tethers were caught in a perpetual slingshot sequence.

That is why you splintered into the same day repeatedly.

Time had nothing to do with it.

It was our broken machine that you failed, once again, to undo.

You need to come with us.

[horse whinnies]


We need to talk to Jennifer.

She knows.


So tomorrow came.

You need to tell her.

No. You should.

You're the puzzle-maker.


We couldn't kill you.

We couldn't do anything to change your timeline unless we did something... but nothing.

I had an idea.

I had to talk to you about it first.

Is a little bit of happiness better than a lifetime of anything else?

[birds squawking]

We came up with a plan. It took a few times for us to get it right.

Stop there!

[birds squawking]

[gunshots, birds squawking]

What are you saying, Mr. Cole?

Hannah didn't have the plague.

She was immune... like you.

[Jones cries out]

She died of bacterial meningitis.

I saved her once with you, but the day reset anyway.

Time... wouldn't let us change your history in any way.

It needed you to create time travel.

It needs us to complete the mission.

[monitor beeping, flatline]

I held her hand.

She was gone.

She was gone. I...

That's how you remember it.

[dramatic music]

Now, you can say that the time loop was just a glitch in the machine, and you can believe that, but the only thing that stopped the loop was this.

For you to create time travel, you had to lose Hannah...

or at least believe that you did.

But, Jones, we changed the timeline.

♪ ♪

[monitor beeping rapidly]


[monitor beeping]

They told you Hannah died in their care, that her body was incinerated with the others.

It wasn't.

♪ ♪

[crying softly]

[faint echo of Jones singing "Brahms' Lullaby"]

♪ ♪

An auspicious change has befallen me.

I find myself guiltily relenting on my ranting and ravings.

Is death not necessary for the past to be erased?

I shall not know.

The undiscovered country does not beckon me.

How is she?

I'm surprised she doesn't hate us.

She lost 24 years with Hannah because of what we did.

Well, Hannah was dead before.

Now she has a chance to know her.

It's not perfect, but it's something.


You and I both know that we're gonna lose so much before this is over.

I'd rather have that moment and lose it than die never having had it at all.

You say that now.

But it's the losing that haunts us.

[sentimental music]

♪ ♪

This can't happen.


♪ ♪



[gun cocks]

You know why I left this place?

'Cause I hated everything about it.

Couldn't stand the sight of it.

[gun uncocks]

It's what hell must be like.

[gun cocks]

Cole sees a light in you.

I don't.

You see, what happened to you happened... because you wanted it.

I got two... one for you...

[softly] One for me.

I don't blame you, Ramse.

If I could take your son's place...

I would.

I can't.

But what if we could find the one responsible?

The Witness.

It's a phantom.

It's an idea. That's all it is.


When he was in my head...

I was in his.

I saw a place... called Titan.

He's there. He feels safe.

You and I...

We can go there together.

Then what?

We kill the Witness.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪