02x09 - Hyena

Previously, on "12 Monkeys"...

For you to create time travel, you had to lose Hannah, or at least believe that you did.






Even if you stop them, I could just make it again. I'm too dangerous alive.

You need to get out of here. Find a hole and disappear into it.


You're insane.

Initiate splinter sequence.

It works?

Oh, yeah.

This is my life's work.

When he was in my head, I saw a place called "Titan."

You and I, we can go there together.

We kill the Witness.

What's the natural predator of the monkey?

Hyena. I'll take the fight to them, Cassie. We have to go monkey hunting.

[dramatic music]

[somber piano music]

[cell phone ringing]

Hi ya, Tall Man. Get my note?

[jazzy music]


I want you to take this moment and think back to the day we met.

To the person I was then.

Crazy, wild-eyed Jennifer Goines.

♪ Locked up like an animal ♪


Well, the good old days are over.

I'm not a victim anymore.

I've got credit cards and the Second Amendment on my side.

I'm free like a virus in a preschool and paying it forward to all the other crazies.

I've got the keys to the zoo, and now I'm springing the cuckoo's nest.


There's a new pack in town.

Predators with a purpose and a thirst for vengeance, because there's one thing I've learned.

It's that nothing frees you to be crazy like learning that you're not.

My whole life, people tried to use me, break me, shape me, mold me into not-me.

Daddy had that doctor lock me away, but my father wasn't the only one he was working for, was he?


You tried to lock me in a cage too... like an animal.

♪ The moonlight shines bright ♪

So I became one.


Guess which animal I became.

Guess. Here's a hint.

Of all creatures great and cuddly which is the natural predator of the monkey?


The hyena.

These are the end times, Tall Man, but not for humanity.

I'm coming for you.

[dramatic music]

[thunder booming]

Scouting team took these.

Millburn Survivors Camp.

Just north of us, about a week ago.

The same camp... three hours ago.

The child you see here was a grown man an hour before the storm hit.

What happened to them?

Time driven insane.

The anomalies tore through the camp, aging the survivors hundreds of years one moment and reversing it the next.


Temporal storms are resurging here... here, and here.

They're closing in, destroying everything in their path.

But we stopped the paradox in 1975.

It was getting better out there.

Maybe that was a coincidence.

Well, none of you seem too sure about how all this really works.


I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Whitley.

Julian, we know there was another paradox, one that we haven't stopped yet.

All the data points to a major occurrence between 1951 and 1973.

Just one more Primary left to save, and all this destruction will end, once and for all.

Mr. Cole?

We need to find that Primary.

I'm gonna go ask the one person we know who's dialed in to all this.



You're back.

How you doing?

I just needed to get out of here for a while.

You know? You on the mend?

Yeah, yeah, just another one for the collection, you know?

Listen, I'm sorry I did... I didn't get a chance to talk to you about, uh... what happened to Sam.

Oh, that's all right.

When we went back to the '70s, Kyle kept on bringing up that the Witness was from our time, right?

Yeah, he said a lot of crazy sh1t.

He mentioned a place called "Titan."

"Titan"? No, I never heard of it. What is it?

Cassie said that when the Witness was inside her head, that she was also in his.

She thinks that it's a place where... he feels safe.

Well, she never mentioned that to me.

[gun clicks]

You see Jennifer, just ask her for me.


I got to find the Witness.

I got to make him pay.

I know.

[thunder rumbling]

Primaries, plague, paradoxes... and the Witness.

I didn't come here to see you do a magic trick, Jennifer.

This isn't magic. This is a lesson.

Perception versus deception.


Ramse, Katarina... her daughter, my daughter... all of them distractions.

You keep watching the ball when you should be watching the hands.

I'm beginning to think you get off on this.

There was a time when you could have known for sure.



The hell was that for?

I told you to watch the hands.

Screw this.

Can't tell you where to find the last Primary back in time.

I never knew, but there's someone who does: The Tall Man.

He leads the Army of the 12 Monkeys now.

How do I find him?

You and me, in 2016.

You got 30 years on all of us.

You know how this ends, don't you?

A wise man once told me, "There are many endings, but the right one is the one you choose."

One more thing.


Yeah. You know about it?

I know that the search for Titan only leads to death.

Your friends... their rage is blinding.

You need to see what they can't.

Stay the course.

Find the last Primary.

Stop the paradox.

Save the world, Otter Eyes.

[dramatic music]

She didn't know anything.

The Daughters are nomads.

They've traveled for miles and miles.

They got to know something.

Nothing, man, I'm sorry.

Look, are you sure the Witness didn't just put this in your head to distract you?

This is the first time you even mentioned it to me.

Maybe I was afraid you'd think I was crazy.

That's not what I'm talking about. Now, look.

We got work to finish.

Mr. Cole, the window's closing.

We will find him together, okay?

Soon as we stop the storms out there.

I'm not waiting for that.

You want to pay him back for what he did to Sam and you?

I get that. We will pay him back. First, we need to focus on this.

Yeah, focus on your mission, right?


Look, the Tall Man is the only one who knows how to stop the final paradox.

I'm gonna find him. I'm gonna make him talk.

And then what?

He's the man who killed your father.

I hope you get your vengeance, Cole, while we all wait here for ours.

Initiate splinter sequence.

[machine powering up]

[dramatic accordion music]

All right, Hyenas. Listen up.

We've traveled a long ways together and fought many battles and won great victories.

Now we must fight again.


Back to business...

12-Monkey-killing business.

And business is what?

All: Booming!

We've done well. Now is not the time to be resting on our laurels.

No, time for a re-up, corner kids.



Tonight's mission...

[alarm blaring]

They're here. They found us.

[alarm blares]

[both grunting]

[gun clicks]

Otter Eyes.

This... is mission control.

You been busy.

'Bout time, don't you think?

Take the fight to them for a change, right?

We got bigger problems in 2044.

Green to red?

Bad to worse.

Time's broken.

Storms are eating up the future, working their way back to now.

[grenade clatters]

Oh, sh1t.

Peggy, I asked you to please be careful with the grenades.

We got a discount for a reason.

This is a new level of crazy.

Crazy is as crazy does, and this crazy is getting sh1t done.

Him. I need to talk to him.

He has the answers I need.

Yeah, he's really well-guarded.

I mean, he never leaves the house without that guy.


He shouldn't be here.

Relax, we're on the same team.

It's okay, Vanessa. He's family.

Where did you find them again?

You want to start an antisocial organization, you need antisocial personalities, right?

Sprung 'em from a handful of institutions.

I mean, sure, a few of them are borderline personality but very dedicated.

Yeah, it's like the A-Team with all Murdocks.

They're like me.

They're just misunderstood.

I freed them, I feed them, and now I lead them.

[solemn music]

We're like family.

She's our mother.


Oh, Hannah.

I wanted to return this to you.

But it's yours.

We don't have things.

Mother says it has sentimental value... for you.

You were born at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

My father... your grandfather, he stitched your name in here.

He had never stitched a thing in his life.

What about my father?

What was he like?

He had an overdeveloped sense of self-preservation... and ambition.

He built this machine, and I made it work.

You used science to... change time.

To save my life.

I was told that when I was a small child, I was found floating down a river on the back of a golden swan that I had tamed.

Now Mother says I was brought to her because of you...

A woman who used a machine to cheat death.

No, to save you.

My daughter.

And billions.

I like the swan story better.

No one dies.

Science killed the world.

Now your machine is going to finish off what's left of us.

This is every record we have, and no mention of Titan anywhere.

Maybe Cole was right.

Maybe it's not real.

You said you felt it.


He's there.

We just got to keep looking.

Ramse... even if this place exists, it could be anywhere in the world, and we don't have maps or records from after the plague.

What we need is something that doesn't exist in 2044.

We need a database of some... kind.


What is a database?

It's a place where information is collected and stored.

Like the Keeper?

What's that?

He's like your database. He collects information.

The history of what happened after the old ones died.

Can you take us to him?

He can be dangerous.

Mother has forbidden us from trading with the Keeper, but I could tell you how to get there.

What does he trade in?


[gun clicking]

You're not going alone.

You concerned for my safety now?

No... but I know that if you figure out where the Witness is, you're not coming back for me.

Get out of here.

You're not the only one out for blood.

The Witness used me.

The Keeper isn't the only dangerous thing out there.

You're not immune, and it's a long drive.


These Hyenas have burned six of our labs. Now we have nothing.

That's him. How did you get this?

We left him a phone, so he'd know who's been screwing with him.

He used it?

No, but he kept it. Didn't know we chipped it.

So anytime he's near, we get stuff like this... listen.

We cannot proceed without Oliver Peters.

The virus was destroyed. He's the only one who can recreate it.

We need M5-10.


AKA the guy who created the virus that kills us all.

We've been looking for him.

Cassie told him to get out of Dodge.

He's long gone by now.

Or is he?

Peters was adopted.

My father helped track down his birth parents.

They were dead, but there was a brother.

After Peters disappeared, so did his money, and that long lost brother goes from a studio in Flatbush to six bedrooms in Sag Harbor.

I'm doing "Dateline" here. Try and keep up.

Jennifer, what's the point?

Brother dearest just got a new job as the night janitor at Hudson University Hospital.

[dramatic music]

[suspenseful music]


Whoa. Don't hurt me, please.

I'm just the janitor. I'm just... I'm just the janitor.


That's a new look for you.

No, not you.



What are you doing here? With him?

What part of "run away and disappear" didn't you understand?

Where was I gonna go?

South America? China?

They have people everywhere.

My brother, he... he helped me.

Helped you with what?

What are you working on here?

It's a vaccine... for the virus. It's still theoretical, but I needed to find a place with the right equipment.

Tall Man's looking for you.

No, no.


He got everything he needed from me.

I... I gave him the virus.

We destroyed it.

Put him behind schedule.

Now, to get back on schedule, he needs you.

[guns clicking]

What the hell are you doing?

Cole... Cole, he's the only one who can engineer the virus.

This is bigger than the virus.

We're talking about fixing time, and Tall Man's the key to all that.

We finally have something that he wants.

We can use him.

Use him for what?


[thunder booms]

Trying to kill yourself?

What would happen if I died here in 2044, anyway?

I'm the one who starts all this, right?

When I leave the message for Cole.

But if I never do, then does any of this happen?

Somebody else would leave a message.

Cole believes that time needs us to save it, which sounds...

Sounds like something Cole would say.

What does that say?

It's Latin.

It means "liar."

What did Hannah call this place?

Domus Veritatis.

"House of Truth."

[thunder booming]

[suspenseful music]

[metal clangs]


Drop your weapon.

We just want to ask you a question.

Drop your weapon.

[guns clatter]

Do you remember when Mother would speak of the Red Forest?

Promise that we were important.

That the cycle would lead us to a world without time, without death.

Your father gave his life for it.

Why hasn't it come? The Witness...

Works in mysterious ways, dear.

As do you.

I never expected you to embrace technology this way.

We've spent far too long looking to the past for answers.

Your leadership proved that.

It's time to look to the future.

In recent weeks, the Markridge Group has been under siege after a series of explosions took out seven of their research facilities, and now they're bracing for yet another impact as former Markridge employee, Oliver Peters, has made allegations that the company is guilty...

Peters has finally come up for air.

Peters, who had been in hiding, will hold a press conference to expose what he claims...

The Witness didn't foresee this, did he? Did he?

Dealings with dangerous subversive groups.

We are awaiting further...

He lies.

[Chopin's "Nocturne in E-flat Major" playing]



[dramatic music]


Where are you going?

To secure our future.


We've got eyes.

Now we just wait for the Tall Man to show up.

That's right, and when he gets here, everybody has to be cool, okay?

You can all take a crack at him after I get what I need.

You, you.

It's all about you.

Ever since you showed up.


What are they doing over there?

Getting him ready for his close-up.

We're not actually going through with the press conference.

But it was your idea. You said...

It was part of the trap, all right?

I never said it was a good idea to let people know the apocalypse is coming.

Don't worry, Cole. Be happy.

What is wrong with you?

All of you?

What... what, you want to tell the world the truth?

That there's no hope? That they're all gonna die? I've seen what happens when people think their days are numbered. It's ugly.

We're not speeding that up.

People need to know the truth.

No. They don't.

I know what happens.

We turn on each other. We become animals.

Real ones, not like you're pretending to be.

Okay, Cole?

I get that you're afraid. We are entering uncharted territory, but old me told you to come here, right?

Yeah, so?

What do you think it took to face the Monkeys head on?

Fearlessness, right?

Fearlessness that comes from knowing that everything is gonna be okay.

Old me is proof that I live to fight another day.

What about everybody else? Hmm?

Who's gonna save them if your little crew here is wrong?

We don't take orders from you.

[dramatic music]

[breathing heavily]


This was a sisterhood.


It's been corrupted.

[breathing heavily]

Don't point the gun at my friend!

[machine clicks, powers on]

[gun clicks]

[electricity crackling]


[guns clicking]


[breathing heavily]

You liberated us, Jennifer.

Opened our eyes to a threat we didn't know existed.

Now we have to open everyone else's eyes.

When the Tall Man comes, the Tall Man dies.

Then we tell the world the truth.

We'll take it from here.

[chair creaking]


You're the Keeper?

I am.

As the world was dying, they went for the guns.

Then the grocery stores and so on.

Nobody came for the books. Nobody cared.

Until the winter, of course... when the fires needed feeding.

So you saved them.

Mankind did for its words what it could not do for itself.

Digital immortality.

I walked into the headquarters of Amazon, the Pentagon, and collected those precious ones and zeroes.

Protected history.

Now I record the events of the rebirth.

My terms are simple. I shall not lie and neither shall you.

The machine will confirm your honesty.

We're looking for records of a city.

I think.

Called "Titan."

Jesus, Cassie.

Why do you hate this woman?

And she, you?

What are you talking about?

[machine beeps]

[electricity sizzling]


People died because of liars.

"There's no need to panic." "We're working on a cure." "Quarantine zones will save us."

Their lies...

[computer beeping]

Doomed us.

I hate him because he's selfish.

Because he let countless people die to save... one.

[machine beeping]


What is the real reason?

[dramatic music]

I hate him... because someone I cared about... someone I sacrificed everything for... chose him over me.

[machine beeping]

And you?


[machine beeping]


[indistinct conversation]

[suspenseful music]

He's here, headed upstairs to the maintenance floor.

He's in the elevator.

Hyenas, sixth floor.

Keep an eye on them. Let's move.

I can't believe how many times I defended you.

Yeah, you really are crazy.

You recruit all these lunatics, you give 'em weapons, and then you lose complete control over 'em. It's unbelievable.

You know the otter is a branch of the weasel family?

No, I didn't know that, Jennifer.

Sad, soulful eyes.

Tiny, backstabbing hands.

Is that what the voices in your head tell you?

I didn't try to control my Hyenas, control freak.

Control? You can't control them, Jennifer, because they're just as insane as you are.

I told you already. We're like family.

[blow lands]

He's still in the elevator. Let's take the stairs.

Oh, about what I said over there...

Yeah, yeah, let's just go get the Tall Man.

We can hug it out later.


[elevator dings]

[door rattles]

[whispering] Where is he?

Helen, the Tall Man is a no-show.

Can you spot him on the monitors?

Maybe he went down.


Oh, I see.

A trap.

James, did you lure me here just to shoot me?

No, asshole.

I'm here to save you.

[somber piano music]





[breathing heavily]

You killed my father.

You killed some fathers, starting with hers.

She seems to have gotten over it.

Oh, it's okay. Rest your hands. I'm not going anywhere.

The Messengers... went back in time to paradox Primaries.

We know about Tommy.

We know about Kyle.

There's one more we don't know.

You're gonna tell me who that is.

Messenger business was not left up to me.

Mothering is more in Olivia's wheelhouse.

[slow ominous music]

[tools jangling]



Plan B.

We still got a press conference.

Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

You're the reason the world dies, Peters.

Least you could do is warn them about it.

[suspenseful music]

Paradoxes in the past.

1944, 1975.

When's the last one?

[dramatic music]





Upstate New York.

A paradox so powerful, it destroys the fabric of time...

At least locally...

Enough to maintain erosion forever.

The birth of the Red Forest.

Try to stop it, but you can't, 'cause it's already happened.

It's like a memory of tomorrow.

What... what time... What time is it?

'Cause at 8:00, Oliver Peters was going to divulge information very damaging to... to me, to me and my people.

Good evening. My name is Oliver Peters, and I'm here to tell the truth about the Markridge Group and its role in the development of biological weapons for a ruthless and secretive fringe organization.

[suspenseful music]

We haven't needed Peters for some time.

We already have M5-10 under lock and key.


You keep watching the ball when you should be watching the hands.

Where's your coat?

You and your Hyenas were a nuisance, but a nuisance that could become a threat.

Hyenas are the natural predator of a monkey.

What's the natural predator of the hyena?

You see, the natural predator of a hyena is man.

- [beeping]

We've got a situation.

We need to clear the building.

Evolution, Jennifer.

I took part in research related to extremely dangerous bioengineering...

What's happening?


Get out of there. It's a trap.

I can't hear you.

Get out! Get out now!

Get out!


[all speaking at once]



[sustained beep]

Uh, we're not sure what's happened.

Uh, there may have been...

There's been an explosion.

I've been told that there has been some sort of explosion.

This is just coming in.

This is breaking news.

That was a hospital.

Yeah, I've evolved, myself. Learned so many things.

[cell phone ringing]

You know, I know that a cell phone can be used to eavesdrop on someone, but do you know that also they... they can be used to track someone's location?

[metal rattling]





[shelves clattering]

[gun clicks]

What's that?

It's a CIA intelligence report, part of the classified archives.

Afraid I couldn't collect anyone to declassify it, but it is what you came for.

The only record with even a mention of a place called "Titan."

Thank you.

You know, whatever battle you're about to walk into together... it won't be your hatred for each other that will divide you.

It will be the lies you tell to camouflage it.

East Germany, 1961, and a doctor named Kirschner. Not a lot to go on.

Got a name, place, and the date... put 'em together.

And we've got a new mission.

There ain't no "we," lady.

The only one who wants the Witness dead as much as you is me.


I don't need another partner with a death wish.

[glasses clinking]

[somber music]


I wasn't sure what you wanted to do with this little guy.


I can't take care of him.

I can't take care of anything.

Listen, I know how you feel.


This is the price of taking people on.

But I didn't pay it.

They didn't deserve to die.

I made them.

The Hyenas...

They were my fault.

And all the people in the hospital.

[sobs] Hundreds of people.

Cole, is this what I become in the future?

A woman who's failed everyone?


Then tell me what happens. How does this end? [sobs]

There are many endings.

Which is the right one?

The right one...

[together] Is the one that you'll choose.

[electricity crackling]

Time to go.

See you soon.


[knocking at door]

Wow, you weren't kidding.


You must be Hannah.

[dramatic music]

If you'll excuse me.



Should I not be here?

For many years, Dr. Adler and I shared a common bond: the loss of a child.

And now that's changed.

I didn't mean to offend you earlier.

Mother says most people are not accustomed to directness.

I don't really understand why not, but...

Hannah, there's so much that we don't know about each other.

I'd rather not waste any more time with pretty lies.

[laughs] I just realized...

"Hannah" might not be the name that Jennifer calls you.

She's always called me "Zeit."


That's German. You know what that means?

It means "time."

Mother is not without her sense of humor.

Oh... you asked me about your father.

I think he looks like you.

He was quite a brilliant man.

He only ever gave me two things: this machine and you.

But you were the only thing I ever loved him for.

Thank you.

If you like... you may call me "Hannah."

Another brilliant mind lost.

I know what that's like, 'cause I could have been the man that science mistook for a magician.

Me, and Tesla, and Ben Franklin and his kite, you know?

But nope. 'Cause they pull your funding.

They find one dead body in your facility, and... poof.

They mothball the future, and then they discredit you.

And I'm not dead, but I might as well be.


Do you believe in resurrection, doctor?

Man, I'm afraid I've become a... a realist in my failed state.

Enough to know that this idea that you're talking about is impossible.

How so?

The technology doesn't exist, man.

It would take... I don't know...

sh1t, decades... unless you, you know...

Regardless, let me ask you something.

Even if I could build this for you, why would you want it?


Against what?

The future.


This project is massive.

It is.

That's why we're calling it "Titan."

[glasses clink]

[dramatic string music]