06x20 - The Wolves of War

LYDIA: Previously on Teen Wolf...

I saw everyone, even Derek and Ethan.

All of you turned to stone.

All I want is some good, old-fashioned revenge.

This wolfsbane is going in a bullet for Scott McCall.

They're coming, Monroe and more.

- And they have heavy firepower.



Let's go.

SCOTT: I'm gonna tell you a story.

Maybe it'll sound familiar.


There was this kid.

Sixteen, alone, and running for his life.

He couldn't see them, but he could hear them getting closer.

They had guns, crossbows.

They were hunting him.


SCOTT: It started on the night of a full moon.

Something came at him.

Something bit him.

- And it changed his life.


It changed everything.





- What's your name?

- Alec.

Did I get it right, Alec?

Is that what happened to you?

I've got my own story.

But there were parts that I didn't expect.


That I thought that would be with me forever...

Were the ones that I lost.

Some people I thought I could never trust...

Ended up saving my life.

More than once.

We've all got stories.

Everyone in my story is dead.

Yeah, but you're not.

And now you're with us.

So what happens next?

Your story. How does it end?




Didn't think you're doing this without me, did you?

Without us?









Can't believe you didn't tell me about any of this.

Not a word. Not a single word.

We had reasons. Really good reasons.


(STAMMERING) What he fears most...

He can't beat you.

And he knows it.


It's really started, hasn't it?

What's started?

(PANTS) It's an all-out war.


As much as I enjoy the impromptu family reunion, what are you doing here?

I found a pack slaughtered in Brazil.

There were two words written in blood on a wall. "Beacon Hills."

You came back for Beacon Hills?

No. Came back for you.



"Blood and destruction.

"Dreadful objects so familiar.

"All pity choked with custom of fell deeds.

"Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge.

"With Ate by his side come hot from hell.

"Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice."


Do you know the rest, Scott?

Do you know your Shakespeare?

"Cry, 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war."

GERARD: War, indeed.

Welcome back, Derek.

You must all be feeling rather nostalgic.

Are you pleased with the little family reunionI've gathered around you, Scott?

Yeah, well, why don't you come join us and I can thank you in person?

I even have a few visitors for you,from London.

Even someone like Jackson Whittemorecouldn't resist coming

back to Beacon Hills.

Say hello, Jackson.



Do it again, old man.

Come a little closer.

I'm gonna shove that thing so far up your ass...

Lost none of his charm, has he?

You can find him here with us at the Armory, Scott.

In fact, I'm going to tell you where to find all of them.

Your Deputy Hellhound met some friends of his while respondingto a call at Eichen House.

Your father was on his way back from San Franciscowith the goal of entering the fight.

But he didn't get far.

You might want to tell your mother to skip her shift at the hospital tonight.

Liam and his friends are there now.

Optimistic of them, but woefully ill-advised.

This is how you wage war, Scott.

A strategic positioning of your army against theirs.

Which is why you will come to me.

You will try to save as many as you can.

And you might even save a few.

But your limited resources will be spread thin.

Ultimately you will fail.

The dogs of war, Scott.

They're coming for you...



Just buy us more time.

Wherever Liam and the others are, get them out of there.

Am I buying you time to come up with a plan or to get help?

SCOTT: Both.


STILES: It was, literally, day one at my internship, and up comes a slide about this guy that they've been chasing in the woods in North Carolina.

I thought you were in South America.

I was. The bodies of the werewolves I told you about? They blamed me.

So I learn that the FBI has cornered this feral mass-murdering unsub...

I found a group of hunters gathering in a meeting place.

I was trying to get information.

Well, the FBI found out about it too and they were planning a SWAT assault to take him down. Dead or alive.

And, as we all know, though, with Derek, it's preferably dead.


So I convinced them to take me on the Field Op.

You convinced the FBI to bring an intern onto an extremely dangerous field operation?

I'm surprised he didn't convince them he could lead it.

I tried. Didn't work.

Anyway, long story short, I basically, you know, had to save his life.



That's not how it happened.

Yeah. I may have left out a detail, but that's the gist of what happened.

It was the essential essence of it.

You couldn't walk.

I was limping.

You couldn't walk and I know that because I was carrying you.



They shot my toe. You want to see it?

My toe was caught in the crossfire.

It was obliterated.

Okay, forget your toe.

- Obliterated.

- LYDIA: Hmm.

Guys, it's not just the hunters.

We've got another problem.

It's called the Anuk-Ite.

They're everywhere.

My phone's not working. I think they're using a cell jammer.

So, what do we do?

We can't leave without Liam.

And we can't wait around for help.

- Then it's just you and me.

- Against them?

Yeah. Why not?

Is this a weird time to say that I love you?

Not if I love you too.

We might die tonight.

We're not dying tonight.







You all right?

(STAMMERS) I think so.

Who knocked you out?

One of my friends? Or one of yours?

I'm not sure I have any friends right now.

I'm not sure I blame them.

You okay to stand?

We're gonna need your help.

With what?

Taking back the hospital. (CRACKLES)

This is all the yellow wolfsbane we could find.

Extremely rare, but enough to make one bullet.

And more than powerful enough to kill an Alpha.

It can get into your head.

It can make you see things.

What does it look like?

It used to look like two ordinary people.

But somehow they merged.

All we know is that it's made of two faces.

One human. The other supernatural.

And it's a shapeshifter, just like us.

But it knows what you're afraid of.

What you fear most.

And now it can kill you just by looking at you.

Okay, so you're telling me we gotta go up against this thing blind?

And face our deepest fear?

Yeah. Why? What do you fear the most?


Becoming blind?

Yeah, terrified of it. Always have been.

This just seems to be a situation of unfortunate overlap.

Lydia, you and Stiles need to find Argent, get to the Armory, rescue Jackson.

I don't think we have time to wait for him.

I've gotten through those doors once, anyway. I can do it again.

Can we slow it down just for one second, make sure I'm grasping this?

So, we're actually talking about doing this?

We're gonna do exactly what Gerard wants us to? Is that right?

I think that if we stop the Anuk-Ite, we stop it all.

Stopping this thing can stop Gerard and the hunters?

Not all of them are hunters.

He's right. Most of them are ordinary people acting out of fear.

(SIGHS) Monroe's not gonna change.

But I think that we can reach the others.

Most of them, actually.

The Anuk-Ite is causing them to come from a place of fear.

Well, fear's pretty motivating.

Especially when it leads to anger.

And I think that if we can take out the fear, we can take out the fight in them too.

They're afraid of us, but they don't have to be.

They just have to change their minds.

Well, we have to change their minds.

Okay, we can face the Anuk-Ite.

We can try to fight it blind.

We can try to face our fears.

But we still need to know how to catch it.

We will figure that out. We always do.

Oh, it is nice to see that somebody hasn't lost their optimism.

Not yet.

I have.

We will buy you time, Scott.

Who knows? Maybe Jackson has an answer.

Maybe Argent will come back with one.

You two. You're with me.

And we need Peter.

Anyone who can help stop this thing or slow it down.

- Where we headed?

- The high school.

That's where we're gonna find this thing?


It'll find us.

Uh, two bodies?

No blood. No wounds.


What do they look like?



- MALIA: Peter, close your eyes.

Do it. Close them now.




JACKSON: You're afraid of me, aren't you?

Did they tell you why you should be afraid of me?

(CHUCKLES) If you're not afraid, why don't you come a little closer?

Shut up.

It's because I'm still part Kanima.

Do you know what that is?


Look at these claws.

Come on.

Come, take a look.

These claws produce venom that can paralyze you.

I even have different eyes.

Watch this.


I can't... I can't change completely, but it's, it's kinda like having a tiptronic transmission.

I can switch from automatic to manual.

Do you like cars?


I used to drive a Porsche...

(SIGHS) But I can't drive sport cars anymore. Hmm.

There's no room for my tail.


He's not dead.

He can't be.

There's a heartbeat, but it's faint.

We're not alone.



I think I know how to catch it.





- Jackson?

- Stiles?


Already covered that.

Oh, my God, it's you.

- It's really you.


- LYDIA: I can't believe it's you.

- Okay. That's nice.


- STILES: Okay, not too close.

Watch the, uh... Watch the hands. Okay.

Okay, all right, let's just break that up.


You did that?

Yeah, I did that.

I kicked down the door.

Now that we've all contributed, wanna get the hell out of here? Huh?

Uh, not without Ethan.

Ethan? What's Ethan doing here?

- He's with me.

- He's with you?

Yes. Me.


Yes. Ethan.

And you?



Oh, my God.

I thought you'd never figure it out.



(STUTTERS) Can we go find him now?


- Yeah. Oh, yeah.



You still at the Armory?

We are. Leaving momentarily, though.

There's something I need you to get first.




Wait. Let me do it.

Go ahead, Liam. Run. It'll be more fun that way.



- What are you doing here?

- Was just asking myself the same thing.

We can't just hide.

Peter's not gonna last like that.

Oh, neither will we if that thing finds us too.

We've got to wait for Stiles.

I'm not waiting here.

Whoa, hey. Malia, hold on.


- Scott...

- Nah, I'm okay.

I'm okay. Don't let her go.



No, you're not okay. It's yellow wolfsbane. It's gonna kill you.





COREY: You okay?


Except, I think that this bedpan was still being used.



How did you get out before me?

Well, I talked my way out of it.

You used the tail, didn't you?

You still have a tail?

So gross.

Can you just get up?

Let's go.

Still out there?

Look, I'm not dying for you.

I'm not dying for you either.


But I will fight with you.

(SIGHS) Okay.

Let's fight.






Get down!


Come on. Okay, sit down. Sit down.

Derek, just go. Help Malia, please.

Look, I'm not worried about her.

We gotta get rid of this.

And there's only one way to get rid of wolfsbane.

- You gotta burn it out.

- What?

Okay, look, you're not gonna be able to do much until you heal.

If I'm right, we just need Stiles to get here.




Okay, okay, okay. That's all right.


That's all right. That's all right.



Remember, you can't look at it.

You have to fight it blind.

How about we don't fight it?

Just get our friends and get the hell out of here?

Well, works for me.



(SIGHS) It's here.


Shut your eyes.

- JACKSON: Lydia...

- Shut your eyes.

FARRELL: Look at him.

You think he's dying?

STILINSKI: Not likely.

It's not that easy to kill a Hellhound.

You know that's what he's called, right?

I mean, if you're gonna wander into this world, you might as well have all the information.

Nobody here wants to get hurt.

Then put your gun down, Deputy.

You're not gonna shoot me.

We're not gonna let you take him out of here either.

I don't know about that.

There's only three of you.

(CHUCKLES) Stilinski...


You refer to me by my proper title, Deputy.

What are you, like, ?



The three of you...

Help Deputy Parrish to his feet and get him out of there.

Yes, sir.






- Ethan.

- ETHAN'S VOICE: I'm here.

- Where's Lydia?

- I don't know.

I closed my eyes and I couldn't see which way she went.

Where are you?

Right in front of you.



- What's the plan?

- City wide disarment.

Anyone with a weapon issued by Gerard is gonna relinquish it.

And we'll use force, if necessary.

JENNIFER: (ECHOING) Derek, is that you?



Derek, it's me.

It's Jennifer.


Don't you wanna look at me?

Are you gonna let them kill me again?


Are you gonna leave me for dead?


Or are you willing to give me another chance?

(GRUNTS) You're not real.

Don't I sound real?

Can't you look at me?


Derek, look at me.

Open your eyes.



Don't you wanna look at me one more time?

Don't you wanna remember me?

Remember us?


Please look at me.



Look at me!




Come on.


Where is it?

GERARD: You actually think I would trust you with our last few ounces of yellow wolfsbane?

I'm your daughter.

I'm an Argent.

But still one of them.

So you gave it all to her?

You gave it to Monroe?

Oh. Yeah, but, uh, enough for one last bullet.


That bullet.


MAN: We got another one here.

I don't know if he's dead.

But he definitely looks vulnerable.



It's over now, Kate.

Everything fell into place.

CHRIS: Not everything.

It's time to put the guns down.

What are you talking about?

Scott's still alive and he knows how to save them.

All of them.



NOGITSUNE: Hiding in the library, Scott?

Hiding from me?

Open your eyes, Scott.

You think you can fight me, but you can't.

Your friends are gone.

They saw my face and it drove them insane.

They're gone because of you.

You failed them.

(DISTORTED) You failed everyone.

Especially her.





DEREK: Open your eyes.

Open your eyes. (GROWLS)





Open them, Scott.

All you have to do is open your eyes.

Your fear is different, Scott.

There's power underneath.

Your power.

Your fear brings me freedom!

I won't be trapped again.

I won't be caught and caged ever again.

Not ever!



Open your eyes.


Open them!

I know how to fight you.

And I know how to catch you. (GRUNTS)





I can't get a shot. What do you want me to do?

MONROE: Just shoot him. Shoot both of them.






You can't beat me.

I'm not afraid of you.

Not anymore.

MONROE: (OVER WALKIE-TALKIE) One in the head and one in the heart.


Even if the yellow wolfsbane was just meant to weaken him, Scott figured it out.

Like he always does.

The Anuk-Ite.

You wanted enough power so that you could never be trapped again.

You wanted the power of a shapeshifter like me.

But that comes with all of the rules of being a shapeshifter!

We have weaknesses.

And we have lines that we can't cross.

Mountain Ash.











Is it over?




Now it's over.


Good to see you, Coach.

You too, Jackson.




It hurts. It hurts.

It hurts.

It hurts. (PANTING)




Does it hurt anymore?



- You let this happen.


You let this happen, you stupid, old man.

All you saw was him.

He destroyed our family.

Your family is right in front of you.




Drop your weapons.

Parrish, drop their weapons.

Yes, sir.

I'm gonna need you to teach me how to do that.


Someone report with a status. Now.

Someone respond. (PANTS)

Someone talk to me.

What's happening?

Someone pick up the radio and tell me what's happening.

You lost.




He's not healing?

Scott, what happened to your eyes?

I had to. I'm sorry.

DEREK: Scott, you have to heal.

If your eyes stay like this much longer, the damage is gonna be permanent.

Come on, Scott. Concentrate.

I'm trying. It's not working.

I can't focus.

Hey, hey, look at me.

Yes, you can. Just concentrate.

I can't, I can't, I can't do it.

Yes, you can. Scott, please just look at me.


Kiss him.


Kiss him.



SCOTT: They ran that night.


Gerard put guns in people's hands.

But a lot less than he thought were actually willing to use them.

More people know our secret now.

But more of them are on our side.


You wanna be co-captains now?

We've, uh, gotten past our differences.

That doesn't sound very competitive.

Who taught you that crap?

You did.

Because you're a great coach.

You're right.

I am a great coach.

SCOTT: And they weren't afraid of us anymore.

Now we have allies who used to be enemies.

We have protectors.

We have friends willing to fight for us.


SCOTT: The rest of us have been looking for others like you.



Okay, Alec.

The people who are hunting you...

They've got a leader. Her name's Monroe.

She's got a lot of followers.

Like what? Hundreds?


All over the world.

So what are we doing here?

Well, we're meeting up with some people who can help us.

Some of them are always with us.

Others come when we need them.

(SIGHS) But tonight...

We need everyone we can get.

ALEC: Are they all...

Uh, different?

Some of them are.

Some can do things you'd never believe.

And the others might only be human, but they make up for it by being really smart or really good in a fight.

Who are they?

My friends.

My pack.

And you can be with us if you want.

But you're gonna have to fight.

Against Monroe?

And everyone that follows her.

She said she'd find me.

That she'd hunt me down and kill me.

She didn't care how old I was.

She said I was a monster.

You're not a monster.


You're a werewolf.

Like me.