03x01 - Laws of Nature

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03x01 - Laws of Nature

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[Electricity crackling]

[Helicopter blades whirring]

[Sirens wail in distance]

[expl*si*n in distance]

[Sirens wail]


Man: Did you see what he did?!


[Tires screech]


Sorry. I... I'm sorry.




I'm sorry. I don't know what's happening to me.

I'm just trying to get to the hospital! Please!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

[Tires screeching]

Hands in the air! Now!

We have the alien thr*at surrounded.

5th, between pike and union.

He's in our sights, ma'am.

Rosalind: Contain the subject.

Use lethal force if necessary.

Lethal force?

I'm not trying to do this! I need help!

Stay right there, damn it! Hands up!

Okay, okay.

Now turn around, hands on the hood, real slow.

I'll do whatever you say, but please don't hurt me.

Honestly, I... I don't know what... what's... what's...

Happening to me.

Hey, wait a minute! Freeze!

Get down on the ground! Get him!


[Siren wailing]


Hey! He's in the alley!



What's your name?

Guy, what's your name?



Okay, my name's Daisy, I'm with S.H.I.E.L.D., and we're here for your protection.

There's more on the way.

First unit's down or wetting themselves.

That S.U.V. got the point across.

Joey, Joey. J...

Joey! Stay with me, okay?!

I know you're scared and your world's being turned upside down.

But believe it or not, I've been through this, okay?

I can help.

We'll get you out of here.

It's you who made the car, the people, and the thing...

You're gonna want to stand well clear of that, mate.

Didn't I tell you?

I know it's a lot to take in.

But right now, you have very few options and zero time, so, please, just go with it.

We'll be right there with you.

It's not like this day can get any crazier, right? Right?

[Breathing heavily]

I take that back!

Chemical hazard. Mask on.

They were right here.

What the hell happened? They're gone.

Mack: How are you holding up in there, buddy?

Fine. I guess.

I hope this is going somewhere other than higher.

Rest easy. We're almost there.

We had him pinned down, but the target has escaped.

He didn't escape. He was extracted.

We'll secure the area, clean up, contain the situation.

Manage it without making any more noise.

There were helicopters this time, for God's sake.

It is getting harder for this to go unnoticed.

[Camera shutter clicks]

We'll leave you to it.

[Breathing rapidly]

Who are you?

W-what is this? What is S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Did you do this to me?

We try to protect people like you from the world or from yourself, unless we have to defend the world against you.

People like me? What is happening to me?

You've experienced what's called a bio-morphic event.

Short version... your DNA changed.

And the long version?

Is... long, but right now, you need to understand that you will survive this.


Okay, s-so you guys can cure me.

I'm sorry.

We just learn to live with it.

It may feel like your life has ended, but it's just... got more interesting.

More interesting?

I'm not a freaking TED talk.

Did you see the power line hit that t*nk truck?

I'm literally a catastrophic meltdown.

Everything was...

Wait, wait, wait.

Why... why isn't this box liquefying or this plane or whatever the hell this is?

It's poly-tectic adaptive materials.

Each module can be customized.

So, you're safe in there, and we're safe from you.

I don't feel safe.

I feel like my skin's crawling and my organs are shifting and...

Joey, just take a breath.

First thing you need is rest, medically speaking.

We'll be in the air for a couple more hours, and you will be in this box, so why don't you lie down?

You'll feel better after some sleep.



Thanks, whatever your name is.


Well, thank you, Daisy, for not letting them sh**t me in the head.

Uh, oh, one last thing...

Do you take vitamins every day, Joey?

Fish oil?

Not every day.

All right. Get some rest.

How's he doing?

Okay. For now.

Third incident already this month, but at least we were able to get our hands on this one.

The rate of new cases is increasing.

We knew it would after the initial reports.

A new Inhuman could emerge anywhere without having any idea what's happened.

Only in the continental U.S. so far.

Plus, this new aircraft can stay in the air much longer than the old plane.

Days, really, so rapid response anywhere is...

You love your new toy, don't you?

I very much love my new toy, but even with the mind-boggling range on this puppy...

Inhumans are still disappearing.

This is the first one in a while we've been able to secure.

Well, it's no mystery who's taking them.

That black-ops group was there before us.

I know.


Whoever they are.

How many do you think they've taken?

We know of at least five sightings, five individuals who vanished before we could get to them.

But the real mystery is, who's running that group?

Not if you did your part.


How did it feel to join the paparazzi, Phil?

I think I might have missed my calling.

I have every body, every piece of software tasked with identifying that woman so we can figure out where she's taking Inhumans and what exactly she plans to do with them.

Rosalind: Make it top priority.

We'll find them.

Just find out who's running them.

I'll handle the rest.

Anyone in particular I should be looking at?

I have a few names.

Meanwhile, tighten your belt so they don't catch you with your pants down again.

This metamorphosis is becoming less rare.


And I don't like that one of them got away.

Hey. Who the hell are you?

My name's Bobbi.

As in the name usually short for "Robert," but in my case, "Barbara," which, to me, is worse.

This room is all yours, so feel free to make yourself at home.

When you change, just put your clothing and any personal belongings in the drawer over here for analysis.

The screen will then ask you to perform a series of medical scans.

I know that you're not a huge fan of check-ups, but this will be painless.

No offense, but I don't know you, so don't act like you know a damn thing about me.

I know you put off your yearly physicals at least once every year.

I know that your ex-boyfriend was a health nut and was on you to take better care of yourself.

But it wasn't until you two broke up that you finally got your gym membership.

You've been spying on me?

Looked at your Facebook page.

I did see enough to know that you're generally more concerned for others than you are for yourself.

[Breathes deeply]

Did I hurt anyone?


But there have been no reported fatalities...

Not yet, anyway, so it's a good thing.

Daisy will be in soon to give you the rundown.

But know that you're not a danger to anyone in here.

And you're safe from those people out there who were trying to hurt you.

Whoever they are.

Hunter: They're not Hydra. You know, I've been digging, and my street sources tell me Hydra's gone silent...

Eerily silent, yes, but...

Yeah, the Hydra finances we track are static.

No money's changing hands.

And by the looks of the hardware these g*n-ho nutters are using, they're well-funded.

So if this woman's not Hydra, what is she?

Everything else.

I mean, look at this... two years CIA...

Is that MI6?

Yeah, under which time, she was consulting with the CDC, apparently.

All under different aliases.

Oh, I like her.

Yeah, but how are we supposed to track down someone like this?

We can't look everywhere.

If we can trace that hardware, that could give us a place to start.

Take that down to Bobbi in the lab.

Have the team analyze it.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, I'm... I'm... not going anywhere near Bobbi.

Fine. I'll take it to her myself.

Wouldn't want you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.


Yeah, I know that's sarcasm, and I'm choosing to accept your thoughtfulness at face value.

Mack, you should head downstairs, assist Skye with intake.


Daisy. Damn it.

Hard for us to get used to, huh?

Mm... no. No, just you.

Okay. So, what do we know about this José Gutierrez?

He goes by Joey.

Construction foreman, motorcycle enthusiast.

Appears to be able to liquefy certain metals spontaneously at a distance of up to 3 meters.

Yeah. And understandably, that development has scared the living crap out of him.

Daisy: Hey, Joey.

May we come in?

You're in.

This is my partner, Mack. We're just gonna talk.

So, she's the greeting party, and you're the muscle, huh?

Believe me, she is the muscle.

He looks big and intimidating.

But inside, he's just a soft, little, fluffy little teddy bear.


How are you feeling?


Like a stranger in my own body who I hate.

Nice of you to ask.

So, as I said, this phenomenon is mostly...

You know what? Lay it on me.

You don't have to soften the blows anymore. Thanks.

All right.


There exists a small percentage of the population with a dormant alien gene mixed into their DNA.

There's a chemical compound that activates this gene, giving them unnatural abilities.


This chemical compound, called Terrigen, was recently released into our ecosystem.

And you, Joey, are one of the first people with this gene to come into contact with it.


I'm an alien?

Part alien.

Welcome to the club.

We call ourselves Inhumans.




[Chuckles nervously]

All right.


At least it's, uh... it's a good drinking story.

I can't wait to tell my friends.

Unfortunately, you're gonna have to wait.

What does that mean?

We can't let you leave before we know you have your abilities under control.

And even then, only if we decide you're s*ab enough not to use them unless absolutely necessary.

And even then, we... We can't let you go back to your old life, Joe.


I'm so sorry. It's just the reality.

Wait, wait.

You're not saying I can't go and have a beer anytime soon.

You're saying I can't go back to my life, ever?

Not in the foreseeable future.

The first step is control, but then S.H.I.E.L.D. will set you up with a new identity...

But I like... I like my life.


It has taken me a long time to get here, to build a life where I'm actually comfortable, much less happy.

I'm not about to toss it.

As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, I'd like to get back to it right now.


Reporter: Are unsure what to call this, whether it was a calculated alien attack or an experiment gone wrong.

Get too close, but, uh, he was a Latino guy.


Uh, he had this crazy look in his eyes.


Reporter: Manhunt is under way.

Authorities are asking witnesses to come forward with any information that could lead to the capture...

The world's been a little twitchy since Sokovia fell out of the sky.

Right now, your apartment is being torn apart, and your relatives are being questioned.

So I need to get to them before...

Your best-case scenario out there is that black-ops group k*ll you quick before you bring a building down on someone.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is your best option.

Let me the hell out of here.

Calm down.

Let me out.

Joey, you will lose control if you don't calm down.

Let me out! Let me out!

Now, Joey! Stop!


New readings on the monolith?

Nope. That was Daisy firing a warning sh*t.

No new readings, no new anything on the monolith in months.

Fitz even stopped sending automated probes into that room.

No one's stepped foot in there since...

Simmons was swallowed up by it.

This was fish oil again? What can I say?

We pulled the product off shelves, but we can't track down every bottle sold.

The good news, if you want to call it that, is the deadly metallic elements sank to the bottom, so the chemical contaminating the sea life isn't deadly to humans, just game-changing for Inhumans.

The bad news...

It's not just in the fish oil.

Where else could it have spread?

Other sea life.

With ocean currents, it's dispersed into the ecosystem.

I need to know how wide a range we're talking.

Fitz and I have the team working on a computer simulation.

That biology degree's finally coming in handy, huh?

Leaving me stuck staring at screens in here for all eternity.

I get it. Rehab's a bitch.

At least you're not hoping your knee will grow back.


I'm just frustrated.

The simulation's taking a while.

Have Fitz look into this, too.

If we can figure out where it came from...

We could narrow the search on the mystery girl.

I'm sure she'd prefer "mystery woman."

Oh, and by the way, where is he?


He requested yesterday to do some research at S.H.I.E.L.D. archives, but I haven't seen him all day.

I'll call him in.

He's chasing down one last lead on the monolith.

He's had a lot of last leads.

I know.

With him, I... I just try to...

We all do.

But I'd rather have him with his head in the game than banging it against a wall.

I'll call him in.

Thank you.



Fitz: Go for Fitz.

You need to come in.

Coulson has some w*apon he wants you to examine.

It's pressing.

You can handle that, though, yeah?

For a biologist, you're pretty good with forensics.

Fitz, I can't cover for you anymore.

I'll get started, but you need to get in here.

We need you here.

Yeah, I'll head back there in a minute.

I just need to check out one last thing.

Soon. All right?

Yeah, copy that. Call me if you hit a snag.


Just one last thing.

She'll be down that way.


A man like you should not go to that place alone, though I will not go with you.

Okay. Just... stay close.

[Speaking Arabic]


We speak English, my friend.

But you do not speak Arabic.

I'm looking for Yusef Hadad.

Is he here? I'd like to see him.

But does Yusef want to see you?

I'm fairly certain he's gonna want what's in this case.

Let me take a look, huh? I'll decide.

Hey, wait. Ah. I want to see Yusef.

You understand?

Or is your English worse than you think?

Suit yourself.

We lost Fitz again, huh?

He out there chasing down another ghost story?

He has a theory.

He's always got another theory.

That's why I locked up that damn rock and won't let anyone in.

He wouldn't dare go in there. He's not totally irrational.

Process of digging just helps him cope.

No, it keeps him from coping.

Look, I love the fact that he won't give up hope... I do.

But the man's a scientist, and...

The evidence is pointing one way.

I know, but...

I'm not gonna have this talk with him.

Are you?

So... let him dig.

[g*n cocks]

Fire in the hole.
Without him, I need your eyes on this.

Well, it's a prototype.

That's what I was thinking.

Thumb detection in the handle...

I had to bypass it, yeah.

Liquid-helium-cooled, titanium barrel and slide...

You ask me, it looks like an emerging technologies design.

DARPA, maybe?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

So you didn't need my damn eyes on this at all, huh?

No, I...

Yes, thank you.


We can run some surveillance on known DARPA facilities.

It could be black market.

You should ask hunter to contact the back-alley traders he knows.

Hunter's not talking to me.


You know why?

I do.

I hope you know what you're doing and this doesn't end in complete disaster.

Team's fallen apart enough as it is.

Can't afford any more trouble.

You want to see Yusef, let's go.


So, we tried to open this case of yours, but as you can see... we could not.

We'd like you to do that for us now.

I'll open it and give you what's inside, no problem.

But only in exchange for something in your possession.

How about in exchange for your life?

No deal.

A man with nothing to lose.

Okay, listen, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once.

I've already lost a friend, and it may sound strange, but to get her back, I need to understand the properties of an ancient monolith.

Now, I've learned it was buried in the Yucatan after being dragged around the earth for a few hundred years.

And originally found with it, were artifacts...

Mostly worthless, except one...

A scroll casing, over 1,000 years old.

The casing holds a parchment which reportedly describes exactly what this monolith is, which is what I want to know.

And I tracked the scroll casing... not easy...

Through history, to Mosul's Central Museum in Iraq.

But it was taken by your extremist buddies when they ransacked the place this year.

Now, I'm 90% sure it's in this room.

So you can either hand it over in exchange for what's in there, or you could spill my guts in the sand and use the briefcase as a booster seat.


It's totally your call.

[Clears throat]

[Breathing shakily]


Now... open the case.


[Briefcase chimes]

[Latches click]

These are... splinter b*mb.

The very same used in the U.N. Attack and used to k*ll Sunil Bakshi.

That name should mean something to you.

One of these k*ll him?

Yeah, separated his atoms, leaving no remains.

This woman you went to all this trouble for...

You love her, yeah?


Only love can make a man so stupid.


No remains, you said, huh?

Should be easy to clean up.

[High-pitched ringing]

[All screaming]


[Shouting in Arabic]

[Tires squeal]



Daisy: He's going nuts.

Joey's having a tough time.

The change is hard enough physically.

But emotionally, it's a whole other thing.

I tried talking him down, but I blew it in there.

And Mack is not exactly coming off as a teddy bear.

You just told the guy I'm a teddy bear.

And then you told him the best-case scenario was his head blown off.


I need help, and there's one person who's better at that than anyone.


You really want to go there again?

He could help with intake.

Plus, he understands the physical change.

He's a doctor, whereas we don't even know what medical treatments to give.

Last time you tried to sell him on it, he wasn't exactly buying.

I'd like to try again.

Mack, what's your take?

I voiced my feelings about letting Lincoln roam free.

I'd gladly drag him in here where he can't hurt anyone, but if Daisy can talk him in...

He might actually do some good.

Both of you go.

Requisition a flight team and a Quinjet.

Hey, Coulson, got her.

w*apon is a DARPA prototype.

We tapped surveillance at multiple DARPA facilities, got a hit... the D.C. branch office.

She visits every few days.

A routine.

Tell me there's a window where we can get to her.

It's a small one.

Every night she visits, she leaves at approximately 9:00 P.M.

With a small security detail.

They're all three dropped at the metro station on 12th half an hour later.

Her escorts buy her a coffee on the walk to the platform.

But she boards the 9:35 train alone.

Sits in the middle, drinks her coffee, and answers e-mails.

It's the only time she's alone all day.

You're not an easy person to pin down.


'Cause you were no trouble at all.

[g*n cock]

So I have trouble counting without using my fingers, but I think there's more of them than us.

Roger that. Thanks, hunter.

I would have sent a car, but then you would have suspected something, Mr. Coulson.

And what should I call you?

Mrs. Kinley? Ms. McBride?

So many stage names to choose from.

Call me Rosalind.


I know that's the name you went by at NASA.

At NASA, they tend to stick to last names, actually.

The whole east-coast flight-school mentality is so deeply embedded.

And yet you somehow came to it through the D.O.D.

Space exploration and the defense department no longer eat at separate tables.

But they also don't like to share recipes.

You tend to vanish, then materialize within the walls of a rival agency.

I feel like I'm talking to a ghost.

Whereas I'm talking to a corpse.

You're not the only one who did the homework.

I guess not.

In the eyes of the public, S.H.I.E.L.D. no longer exists.

And you were k*ll long before the agency you worked for was pronounced dead.

Yet somehow, you both rise from the ashes.

If I wasn't so intrigued, I'd be terrified.

I got a feeling nothing scares you.

Not true.

But I'm certainly not intimidated by you staking out my route home, resorting to KGB-style tactics of intimidation.

I wouldn't know.

I haven't spent as much time as you have working with Russian counterintelligence.

And I haven't spent any time in Tahiti, though I hear it's a magical place.

Let's both agree that we enjoy a good secret, though mine do appear a bit old-hat next to yours.

Got to get with the times, Roz.

You don't want to be left in the dust.

That's why I plan to detain you...

So it stops happening.

Two teams in position at the next stop, ma'am.

That's one team for each of us.

Again, k*ll it with math.

But I do hope that we can continue this conversation in a more intimate setting.

I'm perfectly happy to answer any questions that might be bothering you now.

Incarceration doesn't seem totally necessary.

Nice of you to be so accommodating.

Then tell me...

Where are you hiding them?

You finish your rounds, Lincoln?

I'm trying.

Patient in 305's a little bit of a talker, I hear.


What are you doing here?

I said to leave me alone.

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important.

We need your help.

I told you, I don't know anything about that damn rock.

I'm sorry, what happened to your friend, but all I heard was that it's lethal.

It's not the monolith. We found a new Inhuman.

And he's not the first, and you know there will be more.

No one is better at helping these people transition than you.

You taught me that it's a gift.

I was wrong.

I was regurgitating a lie they shoved down my throat.

It's a curse.

You of all people should know that.

Look, I get that you're trying to build a life here...

Yes, a normal life, so stay out of it, please.

But our heritage...

Let it die.

You're not walking out of here till my partner has said her piece.

I think I made it pretty clear.

I'm not taking orders from anyone anymore.

Rosalind: These altered humans are a thr*at, and I am in charge of neutralizing that thr*at.

"By any means necessary" sounds like it's coming next.

And who do you answer to?

Mr. Coulson, it's others who answer to me.

The laws of nature have changed.

And until the laws of man change to reflect that, we can only do what we feel is right.

I agree, I think.

I know you do.

So I understand the trail of bodies you're leaving behind.

The dead ones I won't hold against you.

It's the ones you're sheltering...

Dead ones? I haven't k*ll anyone.

We've had some vanish before we could secure them.

Then how do you explain the carcasses we've recovered?

Blasted with some sort of energy w*apon.

That's not us.

It's not us, either.

Wait, is this still cagey banter, or are we being honest all of a sudden?

If you're not k*ll these individuals, then who is?

Get your hand off me!

Mack: You better watch your tone.

You're lucky we haven't dragged you in for that crap you pulled on the aircraft carrier.


I saw the men you took down.

They barely recovered.

Then you know what I'm capable of.

I'm not scared of you.

You should be.

[Electricity crackles]


Lincoln, cool down.

This isn't me.

[Woman screams]

Stop right there!


Now tell me where to find the Inhuman!

I don't know!


Never mind.

[Electricity crackling]

[Both grunting]



We'll have to hit this thing with everything we've got.

And I need a bigger g*n, I guess.

Or my ax.

Or maybe a g*n-ax combination of some sort.

Oh, we going in here? Yeah, that makes sense.

911, what's your emergency?

[Cellphones ringing]

Coulson: If we're both getting the call, then I think we know what it's about.


You'll have to excuse me.

[Ringing continues]

If you don't take it out of my pocket, it's just gonna ring like that forever.

[Ringing continues]

I guess you guys didn't do all your homework.

That many? In a hospital?

How close is the response team?


[Electricity crackles]



[Siren wailing]

He's gone!

Soldier: Contain the alien thr*at at all costs.

Use lethal force if necessary.

Come with us.

We'll keep you safe. Your life is in danger.

My life is in ruins.


Daisy, Daisy!

He's on his own.

We got to get you out of here. They're hunting you, too.

Come on. Let's go.

Want to tell me why you're not speaking to me?


[Locker slams]


You're not supposed to see the bride on the wedding day.

So, are we gonna do this or what?

I asked for the ring back because I paid for it, not as a meaningful gesture of any kind.

But thanks, oh, great master of melodrama.

Why? Because it wasn't at all melodramatic when you whispered on your death bed, "I can't do this anymore."

I meant pretend not to...

You know...

I didn't mean that we should make the tragic mistake of marrying each other... again.


Call it what you will, but you've got the ring you once threw in my face, and we're shagging on the regular, so only thing missing is a piece of paper.

And your ring, not that you know where it is.

I know exactly where it is.

Just don't personally own the scuba-diving equipment to retrieve it.

You don't care about the money.

That ring is cheap-ass.

I wanted something to hold onto...

If your mind really is made up.

I'm going after him, Bob.

Coulson's given me the green light.

I've chased down all the Hydra intel I can from on high.

If my hunch is right, I need to get to ground.

We agreed that you'd wait till I was 100%.

And every day, I'm pushing myself, getting better, stronger.

A few more weeks...

I'll be better without you.

On my own turf, calling in favors, whatever it takes.

I'm gonna hunt that son of a bitch down.

It's on.

President Ellis: Good evening.

I'm here tonight to address growing concerns among our citizens of the thr*at we face that are not of this world.

I don't need to remind people of the catastrophes in New York, London, and most recently Sokovia, tragedies that seem to be growing in number and scale.

And the organization we had in place to protect us, S.H.I.E.L.D., brought airships raining down in our nation's capital.

Every day, new dangers present themselves, filling our peaceful streets with chaos.


By executive order, I have created a special task force to neutralize these alien thr*at on our soil.

The advanced thr*at containment unit, or ATCU, will be given full license to act with whatever authority is necessary.

The laws of nature have changed.

And until the laws of man change to reflect that, we must do what we feel is right.

People really do answer to you, don't they.

Reporter: Mr. president! One question! Quick question!

Reporter #2: Mr. president, how do you respond to reports that the recent incidents are, in fact, due to the spread of an alien contagion?

These are rumors. They are not true.

They are fabrications meant to boost ratings and cause hysteria.

Any and all possibilities are being taken very seriously by the ATCU.

But if this is an outbreak, shouldn't the public be made aware?

I think we should be careful, the words we start throwing around.

The last thing we need is panic in the streets.

Any thr*at will be eliminated, I can assure you.

People have a right to know. Are the infected among us?

Thank you. That'll be all for today.

I've lived with a secret before.

I was miserable until I came out with it.

This secret...

The world's not ready to hear.

[Breathing heavily]

I've been waiting for a while.

Had to be done. It's my last sh*t.

What's supposed to be in there?

The answer.

You've thought you've had the answers before.

I think you've considered every possible answer...

Except the obvious one.

[Drawer slams]

You thought Simmons was trapped inside the monolith, but every instrument scan showed the stone was solid all the way through.

After hearing about the Pym technologies disaster, you even thought she'd been reduced to a microscopic level.

But no evidence supported that.

And now...

And now I think... I know it's a black hole.

It's dark matter made solid. It can warp space-time.

It... look, regardless... okay?

This is gonna tell us exactly what that monolith is.



Should we scan it?

See if the computer can decipher what the...

It's Hebrew.

It's just one word.

What does it mean?


Fitz, I'm gonna make the trip to Sheffield.

Jemma's family deserves to know that she's M.I.A.


They need to be able to move on.

And so do we.

You have shown so much heart, never giving up on Simmons, and I will always, always respect you for it.

But look around. We need you.

We need that big brain of yours and that heart here.


I miss her, too.

I'm having a hard time accepting it... all of it.

I-I'm on my third hand, but nothing feels normal because nothing will feel normal.

May took off on vacation and never came back, so I lost my right hand, too.

We have got to accept it, to say goodbye.

We need to say goodbye.

Jemma would want us to do that.








Do something.

[Breathing heavily]

Do something!


Do something!

Do someth-i-i-i-ing!

We'll return in a moment.




[Breathing shakily]

[Growling in distance]
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