04x15 - Us


( tires screech )

Daryl: Beth!

Previously on AMC's The Walking Dead...

( groans )

Name's Joe.

Dr. Eugene Porter is a scientist, and he knows exactly what caused this mess.

( walkers snarling )

( gunfire )

We'll find another vehicle.

We'll go with them until we do.

Michonne: - What do you think?

Rick: - Let's go.

He's a persistent son of a bitch, saving the world is just more important.

I'm well awareit sounds bananas.

But looking at the fossil record, knowing what I know about this infection, you cannot say for certain it isn't what killed off the dinosaurs.

Now, do I believe that's what happened?


But it's enjoyable as hell to think about an undead ankylosaur going after a diplodocus.

That there is a video game worth a preorder.

Oh, hell, yeah.


A few more of those, a little aluminum foil and some bleach, you got yourself some volts, sister.

Homemade battery.


For reals?

You don't want it?

For reals.

Much obliged.

Speaking of video games, what kind of gamer were you?

RPGs, shmup, sim racing?

( sighs )

Go to sleep.

I got this.

No offense, but I'm not leaving Eugene's life in your hands.

You came with us because you wanted help.

You're support, not point.

We'll move north with you till I find the right vehicle just off the tracks.

Then five becomes three.

Or two.

We each have our missions.

You need to get some sleep.

I haven't seen you do it yet.

( chuckles )

Thought it was because you were in love with him.

( chuckles )

A girl in love with a guy she's trying to help get to his girl. If that were the case... closing your eyes would be just too damn tragic.

If that were the case.


I saw the way you were looking down Rosita's shirt while she was serving you dinner. Hey, the things are damn near hypnotic.

( laughs )

Look, Eugene spends half the day staring at her ass.

I'm not mad, it just means my theory's shot.

I'm awfully sorry about that.

Well, I'm right and I'm wrong.

Something you did or something you didn't do?

Something I did.

You were in the army.

I get the whole gung ho, mission is your life bullshit.

Yeah, you do.


So we both got our reasons.

Both got our missions.

What do you do when the mission's over?

Eugene: Been rubbing me wrong, is all.

I'm an even-Steven type gentleman.

You help me find the supplies, we'll share the battery and whatever juice we scare up, minimal as it may be.


( theme music playing )

( walker snarling )

( snarling continues )

( cans rattling )

Man:I got it.

( grunts )

( urinating )

Looks like that Robin Hood cat cut out on us after all. I didn't think he had the sack to go out on his own.

He don't. Dude left his stuff here. Probably just stepped out to drop a morning deuce.

Rick: I think we got about a day's worth of water left. We're lucky it's cooled off a little bit, but... What are you doing?

Carl: Winning a bet.

Michonne: In your dreams.

Carl: I'm still on.

Michonne: ( laughs ) You spoke too soon, wise guy.

This might go on a while.

Maybe we can speed this up.

Yeah, you're right.

Shouldn't be fooling around.

We should probably--


Carl: I win. Pay up. Is that really the last Big Cat?

Michonne: Oh, come on.

Carl: Hey, but you said winner's choice.

Michonne: Go ahead, take it. It's yours. You won it fair and square.

Carl: Come on, we always share.

Fork it over.

( squeals )

Daryl: What the hell are you doing?

Catching me some breakfast.

Daryl: That's mine.

My arrow's the onethat hit first.Cottontail belongs to me.

Daryl: Been out here since before the sun came up.

You see, the rules of the hunt don't mean jack out here. Now, that rabbit you're holding is claimed, boy. Claimed whether you like it or not. So I was you, I'd hand it over. Now before you get to wishing you ain't never even got out of bed this morning.

Daryl: It ain't yours.

You know, I'll bet this bitch got you all messed up, hmm? Am I right? Got you walking around here like a dead man who just lost himself a piece of tail. Must have been a good'un. Tell me something. Was it one of the little'uns? 'Cause they don't last too long out here.

Easy, fellas, easy.

( laughing )

Let's just put our weapons down. See if we can't figure out what's really the problem here, huh?

Did you claim it?

Hell, yeah.

Well, there you go. That critter belongs to Len.

So let's have it.

Looks like you may be wanting an explanation. See, going it alone, that ain't an option nowadays. Still, it is survival of the fittest. That's a paradox right there. So I laid out some rules of the road to keep things from going Darwin every couple hours. Keep our merry band together and stress-free. All you got to do is claim. That's how you mark your territory, your prey, your bed at night. One word, claimed.

Daryl: I ain't claiming nothing.

We're gonna teach him, right? The rules say we got to teach him.

It wouldn't be fair to punish you for violating a rule you never even knew existed.

Daryl: There ain't no rules no more.

Oh, there are. You know that. That's why I didn't kill you for the crossbow.


Easy there, partner.

Claimed. That's all you got to say.

Hey, ass end is still an end.

Hold up!

We're stopping here.

Tired is slow.

Slow is dead.

It's barely noon.

I don't givea monkey's left nut.

None of us has slept more than a couple hours straight since we went all Casey Jones.

This place looks safe. We need to rest. I get it. You have to find her. Well, Rosita and me, we got a mission, too. It's keeping that man alive, getting him to Washington, and saving the whole damn world. So we're going in that tower and we're going now.

( walkers snarling )

Oh, crap.

Hey, hey, hey, watch out!

Abraham:Go, go!


Move! Move!

Rosita: Are you okay?

I'm fine.

We got to stay here. Who's gonna help me carry her up?

You okay?


You wanna stop or you wanna keep going?

No, keep going. I'm good.

You sure?

Yeah. Yeah.

Look, if she can keep going, we can all keep going.

Or you guys can stay here.

You don't need us, we don't need you.

It's okay.

Rosita: Wow, you're an ass. She will do whatever you say because she thinks she owes you. Man up. Stay here for a few hours.

Glenn: You just care about keeping Eugene safe, right? It's the only reason you want to stop? We go until sundown, I give Eugene my riot gear right here, right now.

Everybody wins.

Except her.

You're not her mama. She says she can walk, she can walk. You got yourself a deal.


So what's the plan, Daryl?

How so?

You're with us now, but you ain't soon?

Daryl: Yep.

So what's the plan?

Daryl: Just looking for the right place is all.

Oh, we ain't good enough for you, huh?

Daryl: Some of you ain't exactly friendly.

You ain't so friendly yourself. You know you need a group out here.

Daryl: Maybe I don't.

No, you do. You should be with us.

( walker snarling )

Joe: People don't got to be friendly. We don't have to be nice. We don't have to be brothers in arms.

( snarling )

We just got to follow the rules. You claim. If you steal, you keel. I know that sounds a little funny, but nobody laughs when something goes missing. And you don't lie. 'Cause that's a slippery slope indeed.

Daryl: What happens if you break 'em?

Oh, you catch a beatin'. The severity of which depends upon the offense and the general attitude of the day. But that don't happen much 'cause when men like us follow rules and cooperate a little bit, well, the world becomes ours.

( whistles )

Right there. It's our abode for the evening.

Daryl: Hey. There ain't no us.

You leaving right now? No? Then it sure seems like there's an us.

You a cat person, Daryl?

Daryl: I am. Loved 'em since I was three years old.

Vicious creatures. Anyway, I'll tell you, and this is true, ain't nothing sadder than an outdoor cat that thinks he's an indoor cat.

We're gaining on 'em. Still wet.

We sure as Shinola can't go up and over.

( walkers snarling )

How about around?

Glenn: No. That'll take a day, maybe more. If Maggie went through, I'm going through.

We're close.

Shut up a second.

( snarling continues )

You hear that?

That there is a long, dark tunnel full of reanimated corpses. I don't have full-on certainty that I can get Eugene through there alive. My recommendation would be take the day, make the detour and play it safe, but I know you're not gonna do that.

So this is wherewe've got to part ways. I'm sorry. You're on your own.

No, you're not.

Glenn: No, no, no. Those are yours. You guys will need them for your trip.

You will, too.

Thank you.

Glenn: Sorry, I... hit you in the face.

I'm not. I like to fight.

Good luck.

Try not to be an ass.

You're both good people.

I have to say that you are seriously hot, Tara.

Yeah, I like girls.

I'm well aware of that. Say you get into trouble in there. You turn around. We're doubling back to the first road we crossed. Maybe you find us beforewe find the right ride.



I know what you're going through.

After this all started, after I realized I'd never see my family, my friends again, I was numb. All day long, just numb. I'm just saying I get it.

When Brian told us he wanted to take over the prison, I knew it sounded bad. When I found my girlfriend,she was dead. My niece. My sister, she was surrounded, pounced on. I saw it happen. But still, it wasn't as bad as seeing what he did to Maggie's father. Because that's when I knew.

That second the sword-- I wanted to scream "no," but it just happened. Brian said we might have to kill people. I was the first to jump in. I was just hanging on the "might."

They ain't here.

Nobody's been here for a while.

Whoever was, they got all the gas.

That don't matter.

We're getting closer. I can feel it.






( walkers snarling )

The blood is still wet.

This had to have happened today.

Hold this.

Glenn. What are you doing?

She's not one of them.


There's no bodies on the ground.

Glenn: That means Maggie made it through. She made it through.

We have to get rid of them.

We don't have enough ammo.

Glenn: Then we'll push through.

We have to find another way.

( exhales )

( snarling )

( pounding )

You got him?

I got her.

( engine starts )

Gonna need to air this baby out.

Good, it'll give us some time to figure out how to get back on track.

Yo, no, no.

I'm the navigator.

Then learn to navigate.

Remember Thompson?

I'm formally requesting a straight up do-over on that one.

I guided us here from Houston to northern Georgia without incident.

I wouldn't say without incident.

Minimal incident.

Navigation-wise, at least.


I cannot abide a reality where you are the chosen navigator over a son of the South who has successfully negotiated the travails and vagaries of journeys both real and virtual.

All right.

We're going north.

Got it?

( snarling )

Glenn: Tara. What is it? What is it?

I can't--

( grunting )

Get up, get up, get up.

Eugene:Turn left up here.

This is the third left turn you've made me make in the last five minutes.

You're lost.

I'm not.

Turn left.

If you're lost, please just tell me. The gas in this tank is worth more than your ego.

If you want to talk fuel efficiency, we could talk--

We are not rolling up the windows.

It smells like a damn carcass in here.

Stop the van.

Why are we stopping?

( in Spanish )


Ugh, liar!


This wasn't your plan?

Why you insisted on navigating?

Why you told him to go to sleep?

Nope. I never claimed otherwise.

Now how about you apologize for the slander and we call it square?

What the hell is wrong with you?

If Glenn and Tara were still alive and there were no significant delays and they continued traveling at approximately three miles per hour and I timed it correctly in my head, they might be somewhere around here.

Those two are not the priority. The only priority is getting you to Washington.

After I save the world, I still have to live with myself. I'm not leaving them behind.

Oh! Son of a bitch! Why the hell are we stopped?

If they made it out of that tunnel, they'd be somewhere around here.

You're kidding me, right?

What's your problem?

My problem?

You're the one in the driver's seat.

You're the one who put your damn foot on the brake.

He told me to stop.

You don't stop! You never stop!

I know the rules. - If you know the rules, the rule is never stop!

When you stop...



Both: What?

Len: You've got to be kidding me.


Give it here.

You step back.

My half was in the bag. Now it's gone.

Now ain't nobody around here interested in no half a damn cottontail except you. Ain't that right?

You're the only one still thinking about that crap.

Empty your bag.

I said step back.

Did you take his rabbit, Daryl? Just tell me the truth.

Daryl: I didn't take nothing.

Joe:What do we got here?

Come on.

Well, look at that.

You put that there, didn't you?

When I went out to take a piss.

You lied.

Didn't you?

You lied. You stole.

We gonna teach this fool or what, Joe?

Whoa, whoa.

Now, Daryl says he didn't take your half of the rabbit. So we got a little conundrum here. Either he's lying, which is an actionable offense, or...

( laughs )

or you didn't plant it on him like some pussy, punk-ass, cheating, coward cop, did you? 'Cause while that wouldn't be specifically breaking the rules, it'd be disappointing.

It would.


I didn't.



( groans )

...teach him a lesson, gents.

He's a lying sack of sh1t. I'm sick of it.

Teach him all the way.

I saw him do it.

Daryl: Why didn't you try to stop him?

He wanted to play that out. I let him. You told the truth. He lied. You understand the rules. He doesn't.

( blows landing )

( Len groaning )

Looks like you get the head, too.

( straining )

( panting )

Go. Go.

Find Maggie. Go find Maggie.

No, no.


Glenn, you can't save me.

( straining )

Even if you got this off me, I can't run. And if you help me, they're gonna get both of us.

There's got to be a way. There's got to be a different way.

Glenn, they're coming.

Glenn: I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving you!

Get out of here! Go!

Glenn: No.

( gun clicking )

Come on!

( engine revving )

Come on!

( tires squeal )

( gunfire )

Abraham: Get down!

( gunfire )

( crying )

Oh, my God.



God, you are so beautiful.

How'd it go?

End of the tunnel's secure.

If anything tries to come in, we'll hear in plenty of time.

We didn't get to officially meet.

Glenn: Oh, I'm sorry. Tara, this is Maggie.

Maggie, Tara.



He's a big fan of yours.

Glenn: I met Tara on the road. Couldn't have made it here without her.

Thank you.

Glenn: When she heard what I was doing, she said she had to help me. She's just that kind of person.

What's up?

He just said that he knows what caused the outbreak.


He does.

Let me guess. He asked you to go to DC with him?

I'm downright tickled y'all found each other. Should spend the rest of the night celebrating.

Because tomorrow there's absolutely no reason why the eight of us don't stuff ourselves in that van and head up to Washington.

Tara:He's right. I'm gonna go.

No, he's wrong.

We're % of the way from Houston to Washington. Up until now, we've had an armored military vehicle for transport and we lost eight people.

That wasn't our fault.

They're gone.

Eugene: I can't imagine we'd have better luckwith that grocery grabberwe picked up.

We're a day's walk from Terminus. Who knows what they've got there?

Rosita: Look, it couldn't hurt to check.

Load up on supplies, maybe even recruit some of them to come with.

I'll go with you guys, but after. I have to see Terminus.

My brother could be there. I got to know.

Me, too. On both counts.

He tells me I'm wrong... I listen. Tomorrow we go to the end of the line. Then Washington.

I can't believe it.

I know. We were right over there.

A whole swarm of them came at us. And we didn't have enough bullets. I tried to think what you would do if you were here. So I just emptied my clip into the ceiling and I hoped for the best.

That's unreal.

Kind of like asking those guys to hold off saving the world while you go look for your wife?

( laughs )

I'm a persuasive guy.


Whoa, hey. What are you doing?


Glenn: This is the only picture I have of you.

Maggie: You don't need a picture of me. You never will again.

( loud clang )

( door opens )

White Lightning. Easiest thing to make with the least amount of supplies. I'd start slow if I was you. Your stomach's probably emptier than you think.

Daryl: Mmm. I ain't been lit at dawn since before everything fell apart.

Fell apart. I never looked at it like that. Seems to me like things are finally starting to fall together. At least for guys like us. Living like this, surviving. We've been doing this from the start, right?

Getting closer.

You seen this before?

Oh, yeah. I'll tell you what it is. It's a lie. Ain't no sanctuary for all. Ain't gonna welcome guys like you and me with open arms.

Daryl: So is that where we're headed?

So now you're asking?

Daryl: That's right.

We were in a house minding our own business and this walking piece of fecal matter was hiding in the home. Strangled our colleague Lou and left him to turn. Lou came at all of us. He lit out. We tracked him to these tracks, one of those signs, and thus we've got a destination in mind.

You see his face?

Only Tony.

That's enough for a reckoning.


( music playing )

♪ be not so nervous ♪

♪ be not so frail ♪

♪ someone watches you,you will not fail ♪

♪ be not so nervous,be not so frail ♪

♪ be not so nervous,be not so frail ♪

♪ be not so sorryfor what you've done ♪

♪ you must forget them now,it's done ♪

♪ when you wake up ♪

♪ you'll findthat you can run ♪

♪ be not so sorryfor what you've done ♪

♪ be not so sorryfor what you've done ♪

♪ be not so fearful ♪

♪ be not so pale ♪

♪ someone watches you ♪

♪ you will not leavethe rails ♪

♪ be not so fearful,be not so pale ♪

♪ be not so fearful,be not so pale ♪

♪ be not so sorryfor what you've done ♪

♪ you must forget them now,it's done ♪

♪ and when you wake up ♪

♪ you'll findthat you can run ♪

♪ be not so sorryfor what you've done ♪

♪ be not so sorryfor what you've done... ♪

Hi. I'm Mary. Looks like you've been on the road a while.

We have.

Let's get you settled and we'll make you a plate. Welcome to Terminus.