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08x03 - Monsters
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Previously on AMC's "The Walking Dead...

We came here to kill them.

They surrendered.

It's not what we do.

The Hilltop stands with Negan and the Saviors.

Hey! Hey!

[Rapid gunfire]

[Engine starts]

You okay? You okay?

No, no.

Eric, Eric.

It's over, Rick.

I called the Saviors back.

And they're coming.

This journey will not end in retreat.

Man: How double time it, and meet us at the rally point?

Radio back as soon as you're on post.

Let's just keep pushing east.

They are coming for us.

Got a visual on two.

Coming for us at this very moment.

A powerful force of bloodthirsty rogues and unrepentant cutthroats bent on nothing short than our pitiless destruction.

...about yards, on their way.

And yet I smile.

And yet Carol smiles.

[Man speaking indistinctly over radio]

Why, boss?

[Saviors whistling]

They probably have the numbers.

But we have strategy.

Ezekiel: [Chuckles]

Yes, we do.

Yes, we do.



[Gunfire continues]

I am binding a hope to my heart, perhaps unwisely...

but we have come this far, all of us, still here.

If we follow this plan, if we keep to our training, if the fates continue to shine brightly upon us, allowing us this...

this dream?

We will lose not one of our ranks.

We will lose not one of our ranks.

Ezekiel: Not one.

We move onward.

[Tiger growling]


[Breathing heavily]


[Guns tap softly]

[Breathes sharply]

So, you're the Rick from Alexandria.

This whole time, it was you.

You called your men in for nothing.

The fight's out there.

It's just me in here.

Did you hear what I just said?

I know who you are.

I saw it in the mirror through the open door.

And it wasn't any kind of blast from the past.

As soon as I saw you...

I knew you'd made the same trip as me.

From there to here.


sh1t, well...

Well, I guess we aren't the same guys we used to be, huh?

'Cause you're a monster.

I called them back because you're a prize, Rick.

We've been told.

We don't kill you, the Widow, or the King... not if we don't have to.

So why are you here, Rick?

I know you...

Just like before.

You're always the guy willing to rush in.

But why?

What is it you're looking for?

Nothing to say, huh?

It doesn't matter.

Not anymore.

Not for you or anyone else you brought in here.

'Cause what's left of my people...

They're coming.

And we'll get you to Negan.

Or we won't.

Either way, we're gonna settle your sh1t, Peaches.


[Walker growling]

Savior # : Come on, let's stay together!

Savior # : Falling back!


Savior # :

[Shouting indistinctly]

I'm going in!

Hold fire! Hold fire!

Morales wants us back inside!

All force towards the courtyard door on my mark!

They stopped shooting.

Savior # : [In distance ]

On main flank, we need fire!


No, they stopped shooting at us.

Savior # : Where's that backup?


Savior # : Fire from the rear!

[Gunfire continues]

Go, go! Get in there!

[ Gunfire ]

Savior # : Go!




Here. Here.

[Gunfire in distance]


It's okay. I got you.

Okay, okay.

I'm here.

How bad is it?


There's an exit wound.

That's good.


[Exhaling sharply]

We can get you to the Kingdom's doctor.

We just have to keep pressure.



[Crying] I'm so sorry...

Were you the one who shot me?


[Exhaling sharply]


I pulled you into this.

You didn't want to fight.

Until -- Until I did.


You need to help them --

What? I can't --

You need to go.

- I can bleed here fine on my own --

- I'm not leaving you.

Don't be an idiot.

They need you.

Aaron, look at me.


Look at me.


You know I love you.

You know I'm right.





Now... stand your ass up, get back to the fight, and you win this thing.

[Clears throat]

I will.


We will.

I love you.

I always had a hunch.

[Breathing shallowly]

Now go.


[Birds chirping]

Eduardo: When we get back, we'll talk to Maggie.

She'll know what to do with them.


She will.

Because she knows what they did.

Jared: [Whistling]

[Whistling continues]


We're not far.

From the Hilltop.

We're far from somewhere else, I guess.

- We made our decision...

- Nothing's been decided.

Well, nothing's permanent except impermanence, I guess.

In that way, I'll agree.

But we are taking these men to the Hilltop.

That's where we're going, and that's what we're doing.

You know how dangerous this is?

Who these people are?

No matter what they've done...

They're people.

There's many kinds of danger, many kinds of dying.

I kill.

I've killed.

You do.

You have.

But we don't execute.

I have.

Is your family here?

We never made it to Birmingham.

They didn't.

Rick: Well, I'm sorry.

Really, Rick?

I am.

I lost people, too.





Negan killed him.

Forced him to his knees.

Bashed his head in right in front of me.

In front of his pregnant wife.

He had a wife?

Not before.

He met her.

In this?

Yeah. In this.

She's the Widow.

Are you Negan, too?

I lost my family.

I lost my mind.

I was in some... tow trailer, sleeping myself to death.

Waiting to become nothing.

And the Saviors -- they found me.

They thought I was worth a damn.

Worth bringing back with 'em.

So, yeah.

Yeah, I'm Negan.

To make it this far, this long, I had to be.

I had to be something.

Just like you.

We're not the same.


How's that?

- Well, look at you.

- Look at me?

Look at us, Rick.

Look at us.

We're two assholes who'll do whatever we have to just to keep going.

And the only difference is

I'm the one holding the gun.

That doesn't make me any worse than you, Rick -- that just makes me luckier.

'Cause let's face it, if it wasn't me, if it was you holding the gun, I'd be brains out on the floor right now.

- You don't know that.

- And you do?


I know I wouldn't want to.

Come on.

Is that the best you can do?

I'd -- I'd at least try to find another way.

Yeah? Why?

'Cause we knew each other for a few days back at the start?

Look, I know --

I-I wouldn't --

I wouldn't just --

You want to know what I think?

I think you can talk all you want.

You can say all the words.

Lori, Shane, Andrea, Glenn...

They're all dead, and somewhere along the way, Officer Friendly died right along with 'em.

Just like I did with them.

That's what I know, Rick.

Wait, no!



You good?

- That... t... that was...

- I know who it was.

It don't matter.

Not one little bit.


You find them guns?

They aren't here.


He called the Saviors back from the courtyard.

We gotta get out before --

[Door thuds open in distance]

They're here.

[Birds chirping]

You know, I've been trying to figure out

what's different about you.

'Cause something's definitely different.

[Singsong voice]

I think I finally got it.

[Normal voice]

It's your armor.

It's different.


Almost like it --

like it shrunk or something.

Oh, sh1t.

Was that the kid's?

It is, isn't it?

Why the -- [chuckles]

Why the hell would you wear that?

Didn't do sh1t for him.

[Walker growling in distance]

Woman: Walker's on the hill!

[Indistinct shouting]

[Walkers growling]



[Walkers growling]

[Gunfire continues]

[Walkers growling]


[Gunfire continues]

[Gun cocks]

[Walkers growling]


Let's go! Let's go!

Let's go!


Go! Go!

Follow 'em! C'mon!

They got guns, huh?


[Bullet case clatters]

Jared: God!

- Didn't make it this far to die!

- Come on!

[Gunshots ]

C'mon! C'mon!

[All panting]

- Go!

- Go left! Go left!

- [Grunts] No!

- Wait!

Get up! Get up! Get up!

Get him up! Come on. Come on.

Pull him up!

Get him up! Get him up!

- [Grunts] Wait!

- Get up.

Savior POW: Don't shoot! Please! We give up!




Morgan. Stop.

C'mon. On your feet.

Let's go.

They ran off to get away.

Then what happens after?

- We stopped them.

- And they keep trying.

Again and again.

What? You think they were gonna come back?

That they will change?

That they will be something else?

It doesn't change.

It never changes.

- Once you turn...

- Morgan.

We're gonna find another way.

Maggie will find another way.

Really think she won't want 'em dead?

Every last one?

After what they've done?

And it isn't just them.

'Cause we're here now, to be this, do the same thing they do, but we go on.

You see, we are the same --

- Morgan.

- We're the same.

We're the same, so there's no choice.

Everybody turns, but w-we w--

There's war, and then there's peace.

We're gonna have to live with these people after.

We're gonna have to find a way to peace.




[Both grunting]

Ezekiel: Make no mistake, those we've so swiftly extinguished are but perhaps one garrison in a compound of three.



But our first victory will allow our second.

Our second will deliver our third.

Man: Come on! Come on!

Let's go!


[People grunting]

[Gunfire continues]



Rick: Damn it!

Man: It's them!

[Man shouts indistinctly]

There! Go!

[Gunfire continues]



Jesus: Okay.

You're having a little trouble.



You want to stop now?

Maybe not?




Daryl: Hey! Hey!

I'm out!

[Gunfire continues]


[Air hisses]

Come on!

[Gunfire continues]


[Man screaming]

[All grunt]

Aaron: Teams of four, sweep the offices!

- Rick: Aaron!

- Rick!

We're by the elevator!

[Both grunting]


[Breathing sharply]



Is it over, Morgan?

Is it?


I'm not right.

I know that --

I'm not right.

But that doesn't make me wrong.

I can't be a part of this.

Tara: Morgan.

You are right.

[Horn honking in distance]

It's him.


[Knock on gate]


Open the gates!

I -- I need help!

I've been through hell!

I know you're in there!

I know you can hear me!

[Bangs on gate]


What, is the gate broken?

I-I've told them to oil that --

The gate's not broken.

What are you doing with Gabriel's car?

Where is he?

I don't know who that is.

The -- The car was just there.

So what are you doing here?

I live here.

This is my home.

I built this place.

Uh, you weren't here for that, but some of us didn't just show up.

Shut your damn mouth!

You're really gonna stand there and pretend you didn't try to sell us out, sell this place out to the Saviors?

I was working for the side of sanity.

I was working for peace.

You threatened to kick people out.

I tried to save lives.

Now those people are cannon fodder.

Those people are fighting for a better life. [Sighs]

Look, the "throwing out the families" line was all Negan.

He made me say those horrible things.

I went to them in -- in -- in -- you know,

in the interest of -- of furthering [stammers]

good-faith diplomacy.

I tried to save lives.

Some people, without opinions colored by a preoccupation with vengeance, might call that heroic.

You were looking out for yourself.

You went there to betray us.

To warn Negan that we were gonna fight.

That's what you told Kal when you dragged him there.

It's why Kal left you there.

Kal? Pfft.

Kal is delusional.

What the hell?


Hey. C'mon, man.

Y-You -- You know you can be dramatic.

That -- That thing with the sorghum pancakes, huh?

You mean when you ate a little girl's pancakes?

I did not eat those pancakes!


Listen, for what it's worth, I did exactly zero harm to your cause.

Negan already knew everything.

Goodbye, Gregory.

Wait! No! Please!

I -- All right, I went there because I was scared, all right?

I knew you were going to fight, and -- and I didn't want to be complicit.

Because I didn't think you could win.

But I see now what -- what you saw all along.

That -- That --

That the Saviors can't be reasoned with.

That fighting them is the only way.

I was wrong.

I-I-I made a mistake, and I'm sorry.

Please, Maggie.

We're all just human beings with faults and flaws and -- and fears!

But i-is this who you are?

H-Have you no mercy?

Have you no humanity?

Have you no charity?

[Voice breaking] Please!

Open the gate.

Open your heart.

Don't leave another human being out here to die!

Let him in.

[Gate creaking]


With everything he did...



He's not worth killin'.

Not yet, anyway.

You won't regret this.

I've changed.

I-I'm a believer now.

You'll see.


Gregory: We are not letting them in!

No way!

With what they did?

With what they do?

They are monsters!

- Gregory...

- No!

This is not a sanctuary for killers.

We'll be putting the safety of everyone in jeopardy!

Get out of here.

I know what they are.

- I have stared into the face of th...

- Gregory!


He actually came back after all that.

And I actually let him in.

No offense, Jesus, but I kind of agree with that prick.

There are families here.


There's two empty trailers out back.

We could lock them up in there with 'round-the-clock guards until this whole thing is over.

And go from there...

You know what they've done to us.

What they've taken from us.

Of course I do.

But they surrendered.

Jesus --


We can't let them go, and we can't kill them.

We can't.

[Walkers growling]

[Crossbow firing]


[Camera shutter clicks]


[Walker growls in distance]



[Sobbing] He's there.

Eric's there.


I can't...

I can't...

I can't just let him...


that's not him.





We gotta go.

No. No.

Come on.

Scott: Guns aren't here.

We gotta go right now, people!

They're gonna pull away the herd, but we aren't taking any chances!

[Baby crying]

Tobin: She was inside?

She was.

[Engine starts]

I have a --

I have a stop to make, and Daryl's got his bike.

Maybe she can go back with you or Scott...

Aaron: She can go with me.

I can, uh, t-take her to the Hilltop.

She'll be safe there.


You sure?

Eric and I were gonna go up...


We were gonna go there after and update Maggie.

So...that's what I'm gonna do.

[Voice breaking] Please.

[Whispering] I have to.


Her name's Gracie.

[Vehicle doors close]

[Engine starts]

Hey, Gracie.

Daryl: See you back home.

Sure you wanna talk to them assholes alone?

[Grunts] Yeah.

That's how it gets done.

All right.

You're gone too long, I'm gonna come lookin' for you.

That's the plan.




You're alone.

You got to be.

There's not enough room for two of you behind that tree.

And there's a herd coming.

I'm just sayin'.

Hey, I tell you what...

...we'll make you a deal.

You drop your gun and come on out -- you tell us what we need to know.

You do that, you can take a car.

You go. You live.

How about it?

Todd: [Voice breaking]

Why should I trust you?

'Cause I'm giving you my word.

There's not a lot that's worth much these days, but a man's word... that's got to mean something, right?


Todd: W-What do you wanna know?

Rick: You ever have any M Browning . -caliber guns here?

We did. For a while.

What happened to 'em?

They got sent to another outpost yesterday.

Which one?

It was Gavin's -- it's west of here.

Can I, uh --

Can...Can I go?

Which team's at Gavin's?

Everyone is accounted for, Your Majesty.

Carol: Ezekiel?

Not one.

We need to sweep the compound.

Your counsel, your plan.

Let me take a look...

Alvaro: If we're gonna be here a while, might as well take care of them.

We should do it either way, man.

We or they.

One or the other.

It cannot be --

Scatter, now!

Cover the King!

[ Gunfire ]

Ezekiel: No!

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