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08x05 - The Big Scary U
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Previously on AMC's "The Walking Dead"...

The Hilltop stands with Negan and the Saviors.


[Engine revs]

[Both grunting]



We got the guns.

[Walkers growling]

Negan: I hope you got your shittin' pants on.


Gabriel: I might die.

I very likely will die.

I'm not asking to live.

You've given me redemption, and it's that which makes me no longer fear death.

What I fear... is a fruitless death.


What I ask for... after you have given me so much... purpose.

[Knock on door]

[Door opens]

Wakey, wakey, eggs pancakey, Gregory.

No thank you?

No "Yay!"?

These cakes are made from scratch by yours truly.

I used genuine Hilltop sorghum.

Milled it myself.

You -- You -- You did?


There is a lot of love on this tray, Gregory, because I wanted to express love to you.

'Cause you did the right thing.

I told you if things started to feel hinky at the Hilltop to come see me.

A-And I did.

With zero hesitation.


You went to the satellite outpost as I instructed.

Which was incredibly impressive.

You told me that already.

I did?

Three times.

Listen, you came to see me.

And though I was already away, dealing with that... rank betrayal, which was unknown to you...

Oh, indeed, it was unknown.

It was, indeed, unknown.

And you waited for me.

'Cause I wanted to tell you about... well, Hilltop and Alexandria, the Kingdom.

But you were finding out at that point in Alexandria, right?

Gregory, you don't need to explain yourself over and over again.


Hear me when I say, I'm telling you, you did the right thing.

Every step of the way.

Why did you bring me here?

I brought you here because we now stand on the precipice of greatness.

You said you could solve the problem.

Today's the day, Gregory.

You fill your belly up with my love, and then you solve it.

Aye, aye.


Well, I, uh...

I'd just like to start by saying thank you for having me here today.

Negan, let me lay this down straight for you.

I know how it is... negotiating the slippery, steep terrain of managing resources and the population and the big, scary you.

But you might know, it's called the unknown.


I-I mean it when I say it --

Negan, I don't like killing people any more than you do.

I like killing people.


Well, I --

I say it's about killing the right people.

So, you kill the right people at the right time...

...everything falls into place.

Everybody's happy.

Well, some people more than others.

But you kill one, and you could be saving hundreds more.

And that is what we are all about.

We save people.


That's why you're called the -- the Saviors. Oh.

Gonna grab a smoke.


You don't want to hear this?

Don't need to.

Tell me where to go and what to do, I'll make it happen.


[Door opens, closes]

Where were we, Gregory?


Oh, that's right -- you were telling me that you don't like to kill people, and I was saying that I do --

under the right circumstances.

Well, this -- this situation

that we -- we find ourselves in, this -- this conflict...

I can stop it before it even gets started.

I mean, here it is.

I go to my people, and I -- I tell them if -- if you're joining with this -- this misled crusade, you're no longer citizens of the Hilltop.

You're out on your asses.

You're still their guy?

They still listen to you, Gregory?

Can you exile people?

The Hilltop is my house.

I'm still the guy.

I've always been the guy.


If you're still the guy, if, indeed, you have always been the guy, then why the hell didn't you know about the widow leading an army of your people straight up my ass in Alexandria?

You know what I think, Gregory?

I think you're playing both sides.

I think you are a thin-dicked politician threading the needle with your thin, thin dick.

Now, is listening to you the right way to go, or is it the right place and time for something else?

No, no.

Not trying to do that.

No, not --

I was -- wasn't aware of things until they were already in --

in motion.

N-No hesitation.

Allegiance, right there, the whole thing.

I just -- I-I didn't know until I-I knew, you know?

Gregory, hey.

I believe you.

Now make Negan believe you, huh?


[Clears throat]

The Hilltop is mine.

I let a fox into my hen house.

She and her people took advantage of my generous nature.

I see that now, and I will fix it.

If we go in with the right stage picture, a thick and veiny show of force surrounding Gregory when he lays down the law, I think things go back to copacetic.

If they don't, we take a flyer on the place and kill everyone there.


Unfortunate play, but the other communities will get the message, and we achieve equilibrium.

Plan A.

Plan B --

People are a resource.

[Bat slams]

Money on the table.

[Bat slamming]

People are the foundation of what we are building here!

Who the hell do you think you're talking to?

Are you confused about who we are?

Are you confused about who is in charge?

Are we backsliding, Simon?

Please, tell me we're not backsliding.

We're not backsliding.

This is a pronounced event and a fragile moment.

Hell, yes, it is.

We need to win it all.

Plan A is taking Rick, the widow, and King Assface alive and making them dead in a very, very public and instructive way.

We kill the right people in the wrongest way possible, and we make them all watch!

[Four rhythmic gunshots]

[Walkers growling in distance]

Simon: Should we get our people out there?

Line 'em up, light 'em up?


They got some sort of hillbilly armor.

We'd just be wasting metal on metal.

And the RPG is stashed at the cache, so... let's have ourselves a little chat.

Simon, bring your new little friend.

We may need him to say some words.

Gregory, you're on deck.

Gary, put three and three in the windows.

Tell them to stay the hell down till we need them.

Well, sh1t.

I'm sorry.

Jesus Christ.

I was in a meeting.

[Walkers growling, pounding on walls]

Well, that's handy.

[Knife clatters]

This one still has a full clip.

There wasn't any point in firing it.

I didn't have enough.

Yeah, but you could've gone down fighting, you big baby.


I'm just pulling your dick, breakin' your balls a little bit.

You done good.

Smart play.

[Growling, pounding continues]

Let's get you properly on your ass.


Your friend Rick is an asshole.

You're an asshole.



I am.

But he's gonna

get people killed.

By you.

See, I killed the widow's husband and the ginger.

But I didn't get them killed.

That was your boy Rick.

Big difference.

You know, I saw you stop for that Gregory idiot.

You were there.

You saw the whole thing.

You heard his little speech.

Why would you stop for that bearded prick?

[Growling continues]

What I fear is a fruitless death.


Jesus Christ.

You got to be kiddin' me.

He split on your creepy little ass.

The point of your life would be saving that dickhead?

That wouldn't be it.

There had to be some reason I did what I did.

Maybe this is the reason.


I think... I'm here to take your confession.

[Man grunting]

Rick: Your people back in the chemical plant... did you win?

[Insects chirping]

[Groans, shuddered breathing]

No one did.

The hell's that supposed to mean?


The hell's that supposed to mean?

[Coughs weakly]

Everyone's dead.


There's no one else?

You're the only one?


The King.

The Axe Man.

And a short-haired psycho lady.

You did this.

[Ragged breathing]

My people... your people... they're all gone.

[Ragged breathing continues]


And, too.

Negan: We can wait it out a little bit, see if my people can figure something out.

One thing that is sure as ass... if my people think I'm dead... a lot of folks are gonna die in there.


[Walkers growling, walls thudding]

Listen to me.

I don't have sh1t to confess.

Except maybe the fact that I rubbed one out right where you're sitting just to calm down a bit.


Let me ask you something.

Why'd you become a priest?

I love God, and I love people.

I wanted to bring them together.

To help people through their difficult times.

To help them through their weaknesses.

Well, look at that.

That's my thing.

I like to help people through their weaknesses, too.

Been doing it one way or another my whole life.

How do you help people?

You want to know why people are gonna start dying in there?

Because I'm not there to stop it.

[Loud thud]

[Growling intensifies]


We have to assume Negan's dead.

I'm Negan.

And as I understand it, everyone in this room is.

Now, I realize there's a lot of stress in the air, but just to clarify, are you saying you're someone else, Regina?



We should send the fence crew out.

Grab a few others, we get workers, standing back to back.


We get them out with pipes, they clear a path...

- just enough for a small team...

- Inadequate.


The numbers you suggest aren't adequate.

Given the current SRO density of the herd surrounding us, workers armed with melee weapons in the formation you propose would be overcome, closed in on, and macked upon within a few minutes.


That's right.

We use the workers as a distraction to get a small team past the herd.

They can warn the outposts and then come back with the Fat Lady.

Add to the approach's slim chances of success, it's likely the play would lead to widespread unrest, pitting the workers against the soldiers when we're running out of food and fuel, upsetting our already precarious apple cart.

Maybe all we need to do is put you out there, Eugene.

Maybe it would motivate the answer man to come up with a solution.

Regina, he's right.

The workers have the numbers, and we need to keep them on our side.

We need to keep them in line.

Even if we get a few of ours out and somehow clear the crowd, they have snipers all around the building.


So right now, let's deal with the other part.

Someone in here made everything out there happen.

We're having our little crisis-management meeting about the rebellion in Alexandria, us three outpost heads, and that's when they pile this crap on us?

That's when they cut us off?

Come on.

They knows all and sees all.

Sometimes it doesn't take a gun.

The right kind of rat... can kill plenty of people with just some talk.

But it's not gonna be us, and it doesn't have to be the workers.

Dwight, you got to face reality here.

No, Simon, we keep what's ours, and we don't give up a damn thing.

We get out.

And I don't want to hear backbiting or pissing or moaning from you two.

You got a problem with that, come at me.


You can't lead the Saviors out of here, I will.


Yes, my boy.



we're gonna find that subhuman coward that did this to us, and we're gonna kill him very slowly in front of everyone here over the course of a few very long days.

Good meeting, people.

Now let's make today the best today it can be.

[Door opens]

[Knock on door]

[Door creaks]

I'd like to express my sincere thanks for your support at the recent confab.

I was doing my level best to stay fully on the DL, but sometimes the mouth-brain neuronal connection experience is a misfire, and foot met mouth at an unavoidable velocity.

You were right in there.

If you didn't say it, I would've.

As a token of my appreciation, I brought you some primo cukes from my private stash.

I'd like you to accept these as a sign of my faith that we will, in fact, find a way out of this pickle.

Pun intended.

Thanks for stopping by.


Hold up. It's --

It's still wet.

My apologies.

You DIY'd these?

That's right.


I fully understand the reasoning behind yours truly being prime suspect in pretty much any Benedict Arnold type situation.

And in light of that, I'm doubly grateful to have you watching my six.

You were right back there.

I didn't say anything more than that.

[Walkers growling, walls thumping]

You helped the weak before this?


You don't show them the way, well, they turn out like garbage.

Little assholes become great big ones, so you show them the way.

Adults, they need it, too -- the government, laws, religion, guilt.

People are weak.



You're weak.

Killing the innocent.

Right and goddamn wrong.

I'm weak, but me "killing the innocent"?

That ain't why, Gabey.

[Growling, thumping continues]

[Board creaking]

[Growling intensifies]

We'll wait a little bit longer, see if my people can pull it together.

Why are you weak?

That's the wrong question.

It is how I am weak.

You see, the thing is, I am also strong.

Everyone is a mix.

You can use your weaknesses to drive your strength, and obviously, I am strong as sh1t.

I took this place, and it was a damn free-for-all --

a loose confederation of assholes, an army made up of gangs of animals, and I brought it all together.

The last guy that was in charge, he wasn't in charge of sh1t.

He allowed people to be weak.

I don't.

I make them strong, which makes this world strong.

You're gonna see, Gabey.

See, I'm gonna make you my new special project.

Gonna make you nice and strong, too.

We're gonna find your special purpose.

Hell yes, we are.

I'm strong.

I've killed.

[Growling continues]

I was at the Satellite Station.

I was a part of that.


Then you killed my people while they were sleeping.

Well, look at you, swinging your dick.

Sure, Gabe.

That's strong.

But that's not what I'm talking about.

Tell me how you're weak.

[Growling continues]

We might be dead soon.

You may be dead.

Wouldn't you want to confess before all that happens?

Wouldn't you want absolution before that?


Costs you nothing more than saying the truth aloud.

You don't think you have anything to confess?

People you've killed?

I haven't killed anyone that didn't need it.

The workers you treat like slaves.

It's an economy.

Some people win, some people lose, but no one's a slave, no one's going hungry, and you couldn't say that before all this.

Carl told us about your wives.

The women you pressure into marrying you?

Every one of those ladies made a choice.

Was there a first?

One before all of this?

A wife you promised to have and to hold, forsaking all others?

One you told that lie to?

Lucille, give me strength.


[Walkers growling]

All right, Gabe!

No one's coming for us.

You took your shot -- shots.

It's time to go.

[Insects chirping]



Give me a hand with this.



- Got it?

- Yeah.

We can use these now.


Well, think about it.

There ain't no Kingdom no more.


We know what we got to do.

We blow open the Sanctuary, let the walkers flood in.

They'll surrender.

It'll be done.

Hell, we could end this by sundown.

They have workers in there, right?

Families, too.

Are there?

We'll hit the south side of the main building.

The workers live in the north side.

They'll be up the stairs before the walkers even get in.

What if they don't?

There are people in there who aren't fighters.

Doing this could change that.

Make them pick up guns and stand by the Saviors.

And if the Saviors don't surrender, maybe everyone fights us.

And we don't have the Kingdom anymore.

We're not doing this.


You ain't doing this.

There's a plan, and everyone's sticking to it.

Not everyone.

There's a lot of our people that are dead, Rick.

Things change, man.

Negan and that other group, this is on them.

If people die, it's their fault, not ours.

Daryl, we can't do this.

And we got our own people to look after.

We're not doing this.


I'm not letting you do this.



This ain't your choice.

[Electricity crackles]

[Fan motor winding down]



[Daryl thuds]




Get up!


[Metal clattering]

[Engine struggling]


[Engine struggling]

[Motorcycle approaching]

[Engine shuts off]


There's a plan.

We got to see it through.

We gotta win.

Yeah, we gotta.

Choke hold's illegal, asshole.


Yes, it is.

Looks like I'm walking.


I'll meet you when I'm done with the last play.

You sure about doing it?

Yeah, I am.

[Engine starts]

Negan: We have Lucille to help us get to the Sanctuary.

We have that gun.

We should use it.

Most importantly, Gabriel, we have each other.

People are a resource.

We make it inside, we live.

[Walkers growling]

We can take a chance, we can "gut up," play dead ones across the courtyard.


Or I can just kill you, but that is not what I want.

What I want is for you to work with me.

That is all I ever want.

I've killed before, but that's not my greatest sin.


I locked my congregation out of my church when this all just started.

I listened to them die... as I cowered.

I failed them.

I failed God.

And every day, I work to lessen that failure, to be of service and purpose.

Now I offer you the assurance of a pardon, penance, and absolution.

I will go with you.

I will show you that working together as equals is the only true way to grace, to a future.

I will do this... if you confess.

Jesus, Gabe.

What you did, that is some horrible, cowardly, spineless sh1t.

But I guess that's what a confession's supposed to be, right?

My first wife was a real wife.

My only real wife.

Till death did us part.

It was before this.

I lied to her, I screwed around on her.

And she was sick.

And when she went...

When she went, it was during this.

I couldn't put her down.

That is how I was weak.

That is what I will confess.

Because, yeah, maybe we do bite the big one here.

[Door opens]

[Growling continues]

You're forgiven.


You can keep your gun.

[Growling continues]

Sucks, Gabe, but it looks like we got to risk eating it...

[Corpse crunches] eating it.

I don't understand.

You ever done this trick with the guts before?


[Bones crack]


These are putrid, decaying organs, dead blood, piss, and sh1t that have been cooking all day in the Virginian sun.


None of your people ever gotten sick from this?

We're from Georgia.


Look at you lucky sh1ts.


[Organs squelching]

[Walkers growling]

Let's make some noise.

[Lucille pounding]




[Walkers growling]

[Growling continues]



Oh, damn.

Now, we were due for a delivery today from my place.

Spotters haven't seen anything.

Yeah, the transport truck would've turned around, seeing the state of things, but nothing's come up any of the roads.

Chem outpost doesn't miss deliveries. Something happened.

That Rick guy happened.

Our outposts are getting hit while --

[Breathing heavily]

What is it?

They're coming up the stairs.

Eugene: Walkers?

The workers.

They said we'd have to shoot them.

[Muffled conversations]

[Door opens]

[Conversations stop]

Workers are designated to stay on the ground level.

Jesus Christ.

Specifically, their activity is constrained to the factory floor and the outdoor gardens.

Potter: It's too hot down there.

And we sure as hell ain't going outside.

When you gonna fix the power?

It doesn't need fixing.

We're conserving fuel.


It's a shared sacrifice.


You're sharing now.


That sort of tone is not gonna work for me --

Hey, everyone, everyone!

Look, we're gonna get through this.


We just need some more time.


We need some more water!

There are young people, old people!

We're rationing that out, too.

Woman: We work, you protect us.

That was the deal.

- That's how it was supposed to work.

- Woman # : Yeah.

Man: We need water!

Man # : Do you have a plan for getting us out?!

You heard the man!

You all need to get back to the factory floor.

Where's Negan?

Is he dead?

Woman: Answer the question.

Everyone has to return to the factory floor now!

I'm not going anywhere.

I need to correct you on that point.

Woman # : Where's Negan?!

Gavin: Gun!


[Woman yells]

I am Negan!

Anyone else want a bullet?


[Whistling in distance]



Ah, Regina.

Now, why'd you have to go and do that?

I am guessing that a lot of you fine folks thought I was dead, chewed up, never to be crapped out again.

Well, here's a little refresher on who the hell I am.

I wear a leather jacket, I have Lucille, and my nutsack is made of steel.

I am not dying until I am damn good and ready.

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I am in deep need of a sandwich, a shower, and some of that, uh, wilting lion orchid deep-tissue sh1t that Frankie learned in San Francisco.

Hell, I might do it all at once.

But after that, we have some serious business to attend to.

Like talking to my right-hand man.

You see, we got to figure out how all this could've happened like it happened.

And then...

Well, and then we're gonna get back doing what we have always done.

We will save people.

Woman: Thank you, Negan.

Thank God for you.

And that is why I am here.


gently take him to number .


Arat: Good news is, I figured out where that asshole's gun came from.

And the bad news?

Gary: They're ours.

Stolen from the armory.

A worker couldn't have gotten this many guns

without us knowing about it.

Laura: They couldn't have got one.

No, one of our own did this --

is doing this, right now.

Negan: Tell me how we find him, Simon.

Simon: We...find when the munitions went missing.

Through that, we get an idea of the how, which hopefully leads us right to who.

But we start with when.

[Insects chirping]

[Breathing heavily]

[Helicopter blades whirring]


Dr. Smartypants.

Big, big chance here.

You solve this thing with the bad-smelling convention outside, I will make you very, very happy.

But even if you try your best and I know you try your best but you don't figure something out...

I assure you, I will kill you quickly so you don't have to see all the awful, horrific things that are gonna go down here when we run out of food and water.

What I'm saying... is that I got your back either way.

You got mine?

[Whistle blows]

Gabriel, it's Eugene Porter.

Dr. Eugene Porter here.

We were, uh...neighbors, traveling companions.

We've eaten dog together, so...

I imagine that joins us in some manner for life.

I'm here to formally welcome you to the Sanctuary.

In our current state of siege, the prickly heat alone might be enough to turn you off the place, so I took it upon myself to...bring you some welcome-wagon items in hopes of providing some relief.

[Knock on door]


[Keys rattle]

[Lock clicks]

[Door creaks]

You need to see

Dr. Carson . A.S.A.P.

I d-- I do.

That's why I'm here.

That's why --

It's the reason we're here, I think.

I think it's... Maggie's doctor.

W-We have to get him out of here.

We have to get him out of here.

We have to get him out of...

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