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08x06 - The King, The Widow and Rick
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Post subject:  08x06 - The King, The Widow and Rick

Previously on AMC's "The Walking Dead"...

- You're my king!

- No, I'm not! I'm not your king!

Man: We are taking these men to The Hilltop.

This is not a sanctuary for killers.

Get out of here.

Down now.

We can make another deal.




Hands up.

I just wanted some -- even just some food.



Rick: Here's a plan, and everyone's sticking to it.

[Gate rattles]

[Gate creaking]

[Gun clicks]

Rick: The plan is working.

We're doing this.

We're winning.

We had a hard fight.

We lost people, brave people who gave their lives to make sure we won.

By the time it was over, there weren't any Saviors left standing.

Maggie: We beat 'em, but things got complicated.

Jesus took prisoners, brought 'em back home.

We're holding 'em outside our gates for now, till we decide what to do.

Until I decide.

Carol: We took the outpost bit by bit.

We thought we'd won.

We were gathered up in the open when they ambushed us.

It was over in seconds.

Ezekiel, Jerry, and me, we're the only ones who made it back.

Rick: All of it, it's scarier than I thought it'd be, but we're doing it.

We have to.

Sasha was first, and now there's been more.

The sacrifices are real.

We need to make it right for them.

The rest of the plan's still a go.

We're moving on to the next step.

I'm headed there now.

The Sanctuary's still surrounded.

They're trapped, cut off from their supplies.

Every hour that goes by, we're makin' 'em weaker.

The lookouts are all around the compound.

They open a door, we fire.

But if they open a door, seems like they'd have bigger problems.

We meet at Sanctuary in two days to end this, to win it all.

It's not like we haven't fought before.

We fought every step of the way to this place, to this moment.

The path has led us here, to who we are, to each other, to now.

And we're so close.

This can be our last fight.

[Knocking on door]

[Banging, creaking]

Jesus: Food.



Yeah, keep it.


[Door opens]




Maggie: Jesus...


You're giving away our food.

We had a bumper crop of turnips in the root cellar.

We couldn't get rid of them.

Saviors left them behind after they raided us.

That cellar is there for a reason.

We might have plenty now, but that could change.

We got to look after our own.

Gregory: Paul, this is a farce.

It's gone on long enough.

I mean, build a gallows already.

You're handy, Margaret.

Save the bullets and be done with it.

- Gregory...

- What?

I'm just saying what everybody inside there is thinking.

Go inside.


Come on, Gregory.


You know I'm right.

Maggie: You shouldn't have put us in this position.

Are you seriously thinking about doing what Gregory said?

Every option's on the table.

They have to be.

What are we fighting for, Maggie?

You know.

Yeah, I thought I did.

That's why they're here.

We have to end this

- and Negan.

- We will.

But when we do, we have to make sure what's left is worth what we lost.

The King is not receiving visitors.

[Knock on door]


We promised to meet Rick and the others.

You need to get out here.

We have to gather everyone who can fight.

[Knock on door]

He told me to go, you know.

That I didn't need to do this anymore.

This is what I do.


I'll go with you.

- I'll fight.

- No.

And don't follow me.


[Gate closes]




Jadis: Alone?

I am.

I shot you.

Grazed me.

Why back after?

For the same thing I wanted before.

A deal.

Trust you?

Shot you.

You grazed me.

I woulda still been mad if you'd shot me.

We kill your people.

We killed some of yours, too.

But we need you, and you need us.


Rick: It's not.

I coulda come with my people, taken this place.

You know I have the numbers for that now.

You saw it.

Jadis: Still?

Alone, you.

Need us to save you.

Not anymore.

The Saviors are finished.

We took down their outposts.

Negan and his people are trapped by walkers, hundreds of them.

Until they surrender... or we end them.

That's their choice.

Now I'm giving one to you.

Look, I get it --

you take, don't bother.

So you took Negan's deal.

I'm here to offer a better one.

My people will win.

Your choice is to forget Negan, switch sides again.

And be a part of the next world that Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom will build together.


we destroy you.

Brion: Threats and dreams.

Dreams and threats.

Now, my people know I'm here.

And what they do next depends on what you do right now.

Yes or no?

What's it gonna be?


Talks too much.

Gregory: People who aren't leaders always think they know better.


Always...pointing the finger at the guy, or, yes, sure, gal who's sitting in the hot seat.

Truth is, it's not so easy.

I don't know.

It was pretty easy for me not to sell out the Hilltop to Negan.

Go ahead -- judge me, Margaret.

What I did was in the best interest of this community.


My approach didn't employ bullets.

Connect the dots.

You were scared.

You tried to cut a deal to save your own hide.

Not just my hide.

My motives were pure.

I know, Maggie, we --

we've had our differences.

But I've sat in that chair.

I can help.

I'm already in the room.

So I can keep an eye on you while I think.

Keep an eye on me?

Come on.

You need someone to tell you it's okay to follow your gut.

And guess what?

I'm that guy.

Our hippie-dippie kung-fu-fightin' friend may try and make you feel bad about it, but at the end of the day, you're the shepherd.

And you can't have wolves wandering around amongst the sheep.

It's as simple as that.

Rick said stay put.

Just gonna look.

You're still healing.


Get some rest.

Get ready for the next fight.

I'll be back soon.

[Engine starts]


You're still healing.

You were shot.

- I was just beat up.

- I've been shot worse than this. Drive.

[Door opens, closes]

Tara: Hey.

You just get back?


I was looking for you.

I was looking for you, too.

I wanted to tell you that you were right when you didn't kill Dwight.

We wouldn't have gotten this far without him.

The thing is, I know what you said.

But after this, I'm gonna kill him. I want it to be me.

Maybe it could be you and me both.

And maybe we don't got to wait so long.

[Metal creaking, hammering in distance]

[Indistinct conversations in distance]

[Metal creaking, hammering]

Alden: What are they building?

Don't worry about it.

Did you sign up for this?

When you joined your group?

[Walker growling in distance]

Alden: I was -- I was by myself for a while.

Then I found a safe place.

Buncha survivors, buncha tough guys, too.

Eventually, one of them took over, and another one took over, but I wasn't really paying much attention

'cause, you know, I was gettin' fed.

I'm good with my hands.

They sent me over to the satellite place to put up a fence.

Now here we are.

Now my life depends on the lady in charge in there.

Jesus: You can stop now.

Don't pretend that any of us are innocent.

What do they call you?


Well, Jesus, I'm, uh...

I'm no angel.

Never said I was.

Ain't no such thing.

[Gun clicks]

Why did you need to come out here?

The second they rolled out to the Sanctuary and I wasn't with them...'s like this... siren's been going off in my head.

I can't turn it off.

I helped get this started.

It's been a day and a half.

And I have felt every second.

So I just need to see it.

Turn that alarm off in my head and turn around and go back home.



[Music plays in distance]

Stop the car.

[Music plays in distance]


[Music plays in distance]

[Music plays in distance]

I don't think that sound could reach the Sanctuary.

I don't, either.

But we don't know.

[Woman vocalizing, music playing in distance]

[Woman vocalizing, music playing in distance]

[Walker growling]

[Walker growling]



It was my dad.

There -- There were warning shots above your head.

He wasn't shooting at you.

I'm Carl.


Food and water.


I guess you -- you were talking about something your mom said... about helping people.

And my mom told me that you got to do what's right.

It's hard to know what that is sometimes, but sometimes it's not.



Glad I found you.

You were looking for me?

Yeah, I --

I scavenged the sardines, other stuff.

Me and my dad, we're in a community.

I'm gonna ask you a few questions.

I need you to answer honestly, okay?


How many walkers have you killed?

I know it's hard to keep track --



Give or take a couple.

How many people have you killed?



The dead tried to kill him, but... they didn't.

You're making walker traps.

Is that how you killed so many?

It's --

It's only part of it.

My mom thought or hoped that killing them would...

free their souls.

You know?

Maybe -- Maybe she was right.

Doing that, doesn't that just make things harder for you while you're trying to survive?

I -- I don't know.


But you gotta -- you gotta honor your parents, right?

If I was honoring my dad, we wouldn't be talking right now.

And definitely wouldn't bring you back to my community.

[Walkers growling]


I told you not to follow me!

Do you know what happens to kids when they go wandering around in the woods?

They never get seen again, and if they do, they're monsters.

- Is that what you want?

- I'm not scared.

Then you're stupid.

You need fighters, so I'm fighting.


Just now, were you gonna go back to the Saviors' place by yourself?

Let me go with you.

I have to get the guys who killed my brother.


Can't just walk around with that stick.

You know how to use it?

I watched you train people.


Stay close.

The safety stays on until I say otherwise.

[Hammering, banging in distance]

Still not worried?

[Door opens]

Maggie says to bring them in.

Get them in.

Come on.

Two at a time.

Maggie: Starting now, we'll keep the prisoners here.

We'll feed them.

We won't mistreat them.

But we won't stand for anything less than total cooperation.


Uh, Margaret, all -- all due respect, uh, I'm just straight-shooting here.

You can't let people we don't trust run around inside our walls.

You're right, Gregory.

In fact, I couldn't stop thinking about

what you told me yesterday.

You see, I grew up on a farm.

I know all about sheep and wolves.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Come on, Gregory.

Let go of me.


Kal, are you serious?



This -- This can't --


Eduardo: Calm down.

No, don't tell me to calm down.

I am not gonna go in there.

You can't! Maggie!

Look, just --

No, wait, stop!

Just for a minute!

Calm down!

No, please, no!

No! God!



[Crying] Oh, God.

I didn't do anything.

I didn't do anything.

I --




Oh, honey... you're gonna get these people killed.

Well, you already got some people killed, didn't you.



Alden: Hey.

Thank you.

Don't make me regret it.

Or you will.

[Walkers growling in distance]

[Walkers growling in distance]

[Walkers growling in distance]

[Walkers growling]

Carl: Okay.

For your mom.

[Walkers growling]


[Walkers growling]

Siddiq: Just go!

You don't have to do this!

Carl: [Grunting]





Siddiq: You okay?


You could've left.


I'm responsible for you now.

That's how it works.

I don't want to make any trouble.

Your dad didn't want anything to do with me.

He didn't, but... sometimes kids have to find their own way to show their parents the way.

[Clattering, banging]

Leo: There was an RV out front that was all burned to hell.

Think it was that asshole Rick's ride.

Zia: Okay. So?

Negan torched the piece of sh1t.

So what?

Or --

Or they did.

Think about it.

That gate was ripped open.

And an RV bomb is one hell of a dinner bell for the dead.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean there was a fight.

Come on, Zee, there had to be.

That was definitely a battle back there.

And I'm betting it was all about surrounding the big house.

Probably with some rots from the Herdway.

Yeah, well, whatever happened, whatever is happening, Rick the prick, or whoever, they don't know sh1t about "The Fat Lady" here.

What's been done can be undone real quick.

We get her singing, we save their asses.

And I think Negan's gonna give us a leg up.

No more of this scavenging bullshit.

Well, then, get it done, then.

Come on.

[Tools clanging]

That about does it.

[Machine-gun fire]

Zia: Check the perimeter!

Make sure no one else is here.


Leo: [Whistles]




[All grunting]

Zia: You don't look so good, girl.

Somebody tune you up?


Get your ass to the Sanctuary!

Leave 'em to me!



Rosita, stop him!


Rosita: Drop it.

Baby girl, you're not gonna use that --

[Engine starts]

Michonne: Rosita!

[Tires squeal]

[Woman vocalizing]

[Woman vocalizing]

[Music stops]

[Machine-gun fire]

Jesus, that was too close.


It was.

Daryl: Truck full of speakers, huh?

That was a Savior.

Michonne: Yeah, it was.

They were scavenging when you guys attacked the Sanctuary.

They saw all the walkers around it.

It's a cache.

They were gonna try and drive the walkers away.

That's why they were out here.

Why are you guys out here?

I need to see the Sanctuary.

We both do.

Why are you out here?

We got a lot more work to do.

All of us.

- Jerry: He's still not seeing anyone.

- Jerry...

stand next to Henry.

Cover your ears.

[Gun cocks]


The door's not locked.

Ezekiel: I know what you want from me... what I should be doing.

But I can't.

People out there need you.

Who the hell was I to choose for them?

You're their king.

'Cause I said I was a king.

I played a part.

And early on, I was shown that the stakes were these people's lives.

And I still played the part.

I knew.

And yet I smiled.

I can't do it no more.

[Breathes deeply]

I can't be what they need.

So, please just... leave me alone.

Why did you keep coming to visit me?

It was my duty.

To make sure you were okay.

I was okay.

Why did you really?

You just...

...made me feel real.

Not a fiction.


You are real.

To me.

To the Kingdom.

Those people need their king to lead them.


You could lead them.

But it has to be you.

You inspired them to build this place... to believe in something.

You have to help them grieve, to move on, to end this.

You owe them that.

Henry needs you.

Those people need King Ezekiel.

And if you can't be the king, then do what you do best and play the part.

I have to act every day.

It used to bother me.

But this is who I am, and I am still standing.

I just have to act like everything is normal until it is.

It's what they need, and it's what you have to give them.

I can't.

[Indistinct conversations]

You already screwed up once.

I'm not gonna let you get us all killed.

You think they're gonna kill us?

Just keep it together.

This place is gonna be ours.

I keep...

forgetting he's gone.

I have this...weight.

There's moments when I -- I think I'll see him, that I'll, uh... be able to talk about how I'm feeling with him.

And my mind catches up, and I remember that the pain is about knowing that it will never happen.

I know that feeling.


- Does it get easier?

- No.

But it helps to do something about it.

How is he?

Jesus: Gregory's fine.

He's trying to suck up to the Saviors now.

I just wanted to say, I think you did the right thing.

And I wanted to thank you.

- Don't.

[Gracie cries]

The Saviors in that pen might be bargaining chips.

Maybe we'll have to trade them for some of our own people.

They're alive 'cause we might need them.

Jesus, if we don't... we can't let them live.

Enid: Where are you going?


To make sure we win.

Let me come with you.

You're right.

We need to win.

Grab your stuff.

And some food.

We might be gone for a while.

[Air brakes hiss]

[Engine shuts off]

Daryl: Here you go. You wanted to see it.

So what do you need us for?

To end this thing -- right now.

[Engine starts]

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