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08x08 - How It's Gotta Be
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Post subject:  08x08 - How It's Gotta Be

Previously on AMC's "The Walking Dead"...

Th-They were warning shots above your head.

He wasn't shooting at you.

This place is gonna fall.

I am not dying until I am damn good and ready.

[Tires squeal]

[Walkers snarling]

You realize the storm of sh1t I'm gonna dump on Rick?

I will survive -- It's all I know how to do.

Rick: We have a deal?


This is Rick Grimes.

Does anybody copy?

[Breathing shakily]

[Breathing shakily]

North, West, South, report.

[Walkie-talkie clicks]

Rick: Hey.


What does that mean?

What I said.

You hope the guy makes it.

That's not enough.

- If you give a sh1t...

- Carl.

If you care, you do something.

You don't just hope.

It takes more than that.

That's what I meant.

There's gonna be something after the fight's over.

Not for everyone.

Okay, yeah, but...

What about for you?

Different from picture.

[Machine-gun fire]


It's coming from the window!

We hit it and fall...


[Machine-gun fire]

[Vehicle approaches]

[Machine-gun fire]

Rick: Go!

[Engine revs]

They got out.

It hasn't been long.

We have to warn everyone.

- They're gonna hit back.

- We can get the cars near the East lookout and split up.

Jerry: Might have to find other rides.

The snipers probably used theirs to get away.

I don't think they got away.

You're gonna live, Dad.

Why are we doing this?

Why are we fighting them?

So it isn't like how they want it, with everyone working for them, everyone living for them?

We're fighting so it's all of us working together

for something more than just killing other people.

Well, you think we're gonna be out there, picking strawberries with Negan?

If that's what it takes.

It's more than just hope.

What, are we just gonna kill all of them?

Finding some way forward, that's harder.

That's something more.

Dad, that's how it's got to be.

[Negan Whistling]

[Negan Whistling]

[Engine whirs]

They have to talk to us, right?

After coming all this way?


I was just...



Eric and I used to take trips like this... back when we were looking for people to bring to Alexandria.

We drove to the Hilltop just a few days ago and...helped armor those cars.

He was always right there, where you are now.

I was just... remembering that.

I'm sorry.

I need to make sure he died for a reason.

Tell me what you were saying?

I was, uh... I was just thinking about Oceanside.

Wondering if they'll talk to us.

I hope so.

We got to try not to scare them.

Tara said that, up until her, they killed on sight.

It's going to be a risk.

We need to have them be a part of this.

We just have to convince them.

We have to.

We should've brought guns for them.

We have to hold on to those guns.

I could give Cyndie mine.

You're gonna need your gun, Enid.


I just want it to end before that.

I do, too.

You know how to drive?

Uh, yeah.

Well, sort of.

I'm better than Carl, anyways.


Aaron: Why are you turning?

We're supposed to be going straight.

Uh, I just want to check something out.

Maybe it's just about giving them something they can use.


You're right.

We can't show up empty-handed.

Social graces.


We'll be back soon.

I'll bring your daddy, too, okay?

Can you say bye-bye?



- Hey.

- Hi.

I'm glad you came back.

It's better we go out there together.

It worked.

We'll roll in, tell them to give up.

They're gonna give up.

I'm sorry.

I couldn't.

Don't be.

It worked.

[Exhales sharply]

It worked.

We opened it up for the walkers.

They're in.


So we'll finish it, just like we planned.


You stop by that warehouse on your way back?

Find any guns, ammo?


No, nothing heavy.

Just some stun grenades, smoke grenades... air horn, probably for redirects.


Well, after they surrender, we should use this stuff to redirect the herd.

We should take it with us.


Yeah. That's good.

Yeah, stack it up.

Yeah, keep going.


What about that really heavy-looking crate?


What about the air horn?

Cool. Okay.



Yeah, I got it.

[Truck door closes]

[Engine shuts off]

[Engine shuts off]

This good?

I don't know.

It's as good a place as any.


[Crickets chirping]

Aaron: [Grunts]

Natania: You shouldn't have come here.


[Body thuds]


Woman: Drop it! Now!

Get up. Slow.

Cyndie: Grandma?



Oh, God!

[Crying continues]


[Grate creaking]

[Crickets chirping]

Michonne: Carl.

I've been lookin' for you.

We're about ready to head out.

What are you doing?

I'm helping someone.

A traveler.

In the sewer?

[Metallic clanging]


Negan: You may be wondering why the hell your lookouts didn't sound the alarm.

See, we are polite.

I mean, I don't know when they're gonna wake up from that kinda shot, but they should wake up.

So let's just cut through the cow sh1t -- you lose.

It's over.

So you're gonna line up in front of your little houses, and you're gonna work up some apologies, and then the person with the lamest one is gonna get killed.

Then I kill Rick in front of everybody, and we move on.

You have three -- count 'em, three minutes to open this gate, or we start bombing the sh1t out of you!

They got out.


Come on.


Come on!

[Whistling continues]

[Crashing, tires screeching]

[Explosion in distance]

[People screaming]

Ezekiel: [Grunts]

[People screaming]


Man: Spread out and find him!


Do you think they'll surrender?

They will.


Not now?

Would we give up that quick?

No, we wouldn't.

Damn straight.

They don't surrender today, they will soon.

Just need to run out of food...water... choices.

Slow down.

Dianne: What is it?

Tree in the road wasn't there before.

Could've fallen on its own.

Trees do that.

It's them.

Something happened.

[Engine shuts off]

Bertie, turn around.


Dianne: Maggie.

[Vehicle approaching]

[Vehicle doors open]

Neil: Oh, sh1t.

[Truck door opens]

Hello, hello, hello!


What a damn nice night.

Carl: You need to make it look like we're escaping out back.

Get to the woods, halfway to the quarry, and cut the lights.

Get enough of a lead on them, hit them, and get away on foot.

You know where we'll be.

Just have to get the guns, get everyone else here, and we'll meet you there.

Negan: Two minutes, people!

Dig deep.

I want these apologies to be memorable.

Bonus points for creativity.

Work up a poem, sing a song.

I love that sh1t.

Get going.

There's gonna people in the infirmary.

They're gonna need your help.

[Negan whistling]

Look, we got guns.

We can fight them.

We will, but not now.

Carl's right.

Carl, we can't just let them have this place.

We can.

All you need to do is survive tonight.

This is my show.

You said it.

This is my plan, and you're gonna do it.

You're all gonna do it.

So let's go!

One minute!

One minute!

Well, here we are.

I didn't want it

to come to this.

Much rather would've been at home tonight.

But you folks wanted to order off the menu.

And look at that!

Now you have to eat sh1t.

God knows I didn't want to be the one serving it up.

The Kingdom and everyone in it now belongs to Negan.

Moving forward, everything that you produce will belong to us.

We're going to give you just enough to keep you working, but you're probably going to lose the freshman pretty quick.

In addition,all able-bodied men and women will also be transported to the Sanctuary to see to its repair and refurbishment.

And... since you made our former home a goddamn mess of death and the dead, we'll be hanging our hat here.

Simon: You all know the drill.

Due to your recent decisions, everything has changed.

And yet, nothin' has changed.

Everyone needs to hand over their guns.

Gary, shoot that beautiful b*st*rd if anyone tries anything.

Same goes for everyone in the cars.

[Guns cock]

Negan: Okeydokey.

Brought this on yourself, Rick.

See, was willing to work with you.

All you had to do was follow a few very simple rules.

Now -- Well, now I see that you got to go.

Scorched earth, you dick!

Carl: He's not home.

Oh-ho-holy sh1t!

Everybody hold your fire.

It's Carl.

Look at you.

Answering the door like a big boy.

I am so proud.

Daddy's not home, huh?

Well, I guess he's gonna get back to a big old smoky surprise.

There's families in here.


My little sister.

Well, that sh1t just breaks my heart.

There's kids at the Sanctuary.

You must've seen 'em.

Negan: Even had a little baby at one of the outposts.

I wonder what happened to her.

None of this sh1t's fair, kid.

Hell, you know that.

You had to kill your own mom.

That is screwed up.

Ergo, we need someone in charge who's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that sh1t doesn't happen.

Oh. Wait.

That's me.

Carl: Bad stuff does happen, but we can figure this out.

We can stop this.

Oh, now you want to talk?

See, your dad had it that I died, no matter what.

He gave my people a choice.

Not me.

Now we're gonna need a new understanding.

Apologies, punish--

Kill me.

What did you say?

If you have to kill someone, if there has to be punishment, then kill me.

I'm serious.

You wanna die?

No, I don't.

But I will.

It's gonna happen.

And i-- if me dying could stop this, if it can make things different -- for us, for you, for all those other kids --

it'd be worth it.

I mean, was this the plan?

Was it supposed to be this way?

Is this who you wanted to be?

[Guns cock]

Cars aren't gonna be enough, D.

We should've had the trucks.

No, it'll hold.

Just get ready for cleanup.

[Machine-gun fire]

Well, I'll be damned.

Come on! Let's get 'em!

Got a convoy out.

We're on 'em.

[Engines revving,

tires screeching]

Negan: Son of a bitch, Carl!

Was that just a play?!

I thought we were havin' a moment, you little asshole!

Bombs away!

[Guns cock]


[Body thuds]





Gavin: Now, there's one last piece of business.

There's one person here who has to answer for all of this.


I need him.

We haven't found him yet.

I don't expect anyone to give him up.

But I will say, to do yourselves a favor and cooperate now.

We didn't see any goons with dreadlocks back at what was left of the homestead, so he's gotta be here.

There are rules, and he broke them!

And if you do not give him up right now, this...moves into something traumatic.

I don't want that.

Don't make this any worse than it already is.

There's goddamn kids here.

They don't need to see this sh1t.

All right.

You got five minutes.

Then it's Negan's way.

And that's on you.

Not me.

How'd you get out?

Three guesses.

Well, let's just say we figured it out.

- What'd you do to the others...

- Oh, yes!

That's exactly where I was going next.

Right now, Kingdom is getting its innards splayed out for the world to see.

And the Saviors will be taking possession of that property, starting tonight.

Same with Alexandria.

As long as they don't make it complicated.


But Hilltop?

The farmers?

The breadbasket of our nascent civilization?

It's your lucky day.

You've been chosen to keep producing.

Gregory made a little bit of a fool out of me in front of the big man, so I am hoping that you are the one to make things right.

[Music plays in distance]

You hear that?

I need you to shift into active listening.


Who, by the way, I was admittedly skeptical of, but, man, worked out like gangbusters.

He helped us get out of the situation with the masses of the cold and impolite.

And now my guys are leading the rest of the herd away.

So... this can go one of two ways.

One, I can kill this likable gent on his knees over there, drag you out of this car, and put you in this box.


In which you will not suffocate to death... like your friend.


And then we take you to Hilltop, gather everyone up, and kill you in front of the whole place.

And then drag you back to Sanctuary and put on the spike in front of HQ.

And then my people will lead the walker herd to the Hilltop and pull off the same move that your people tried unsuccessfully at our place.


What a pain in the ass for everyone concerned.


Or two, you turn around, go home, start watering that sorghum, save everyone, and, most importantly, me, a lot of trouble.

And, yeah... we're gonna have to kill one of your people.

But then we're aces.

Simon: Nah, Gary.

I got this.


[Glass shatters]

I just really needed you to know what I was talkin' about.

[Breathes shakily]

I need you to smell it.

Now tell me I don't got to kill this gent with the lustrous mane.

Tell me I don't got to go down the line!

Tell me, Maggie!

- Gary!

- No!

You don't need to do any of it.

I just want to ask you a favor.

What is that?

I'd like that box.

Take Neil home, to bury him in.

Favor granted.


[Bed creaks]

[Exhales sharply]

[Breathes deeply]

[Exhales shallowly]

[Explosion in distance]


[Glass shatters]


Tara: They didn't get out because of what we did with the truck.

Rosita: Even if they did, it was just a mistake.

And I made one, too.

If I hadn't gone to the Sanctuary to kill Negan, maybe Sasha would still be alive.

Maybe she would've gone herself.

Maybe everything would've ended up going exactly the same way.

I didn't want you guys to do it, but maybe you needed to.

Maybe you needed to play things out to figure sh1t out.

Where the hell are they?

[Vehicles approaching]

Stop the car.

I just want to take a closer look.

D, stop the damn car!

You're leading the trucks right into it!

You're gonna get us killed!


[Machine-gun fire]

Man # : Aah!

Man # : Aah!

Man # : Unh!



[Breathing shallowly]



That's why you didn't want to block the gate with the trucks.

That's why you drove right up to this!

It was you!

All of it!

You tell them to stop!

It doesn't work like that.

[Gunfire, glass shatters]

[Gun rattles]

[Exhales sharply]

[Tires screech]


Well, sh1t.

We coulda used those.

Solar panels?

That convoy, they got away, huh?

All of 'em?

Kid's still gotta be here.

I think he wanted to go down with the ship.

Search the place.

Find him, tie him up.

Don't kill him.

Blow up every other house.

I'm gonna go to Rick's, make a little spaghetti.

When he shows up, send him my way.


Norris: On the ground, kid!

- Dammit.

D.J.: Come on!

[Door opens, closes]


Eugene: I will acquiesce and facilitate your wishes, regardless of the foolhardiness.

However, on a personal note, it is my sincere opinion that venturing from the confines of this infirmary will be a fatal mistake.

The doctor is more than capable of returning on his own.

You, on the other hand, will likely succumb to illness or bodily rending en route.

But I know that that's the stratagem you're choosing, and it's a dirty game.

Will one of you please tell me what the hell is going on?

Gabriel believes he's on a mission from God to return you to Hilltop to tend to the birthing of Maggie and Glenn's child.

Look, he -- he can't go anywhere.

That is a conversation the two of you need to have sotto, solo.

I'm just here to inform you that the guard at the Northside gate is OOC.

What you choose to do or not do with that knowledge is none of my beeswax or card stacks.


You killed a guard?


His coffee was compromised.

He's currently riding a porcelain bus with laxative and melted sugar-free-gum-induced diarrhea.

In fact, unless he was fleet of foot, he may very well be catastrophically crapping his khakis right now.


Just, uh...

... plan on sleeping tonight.

So come with us.

It's not too late.

They'll take you back.

I shan't be doin' that.

[Keys rattle, thud]


I seem to have dropped the keys to a vehicle located just outside the aforementioned Northside gate.

You're doing the right thing.

As previously debated, that assessment is relative.


It isn't.

[Door opens, closes]


What're you lookin' at me for?!


[Vehicle approaching]

[Brakes squeal]


That's Ezekiel!

We need him alive.

Goddamn king's worth more than all of 'em.



Where's Ezekiel?

He's still in there --

I think.

I don't know.

You've got to get everyone to safety.

Take Cookman Parkway to Kingsley, beige house, miles down.

It's got a fence.

I'll meet you there.

Your Majesty.

Save 'em...

like you saved me.


Ezekiel, no!

[Lock clicks]


Margaret, I -- I understand you putting me in here, a-a-and message received, but...

- you know I don't belong in here.

- Shut up.

Kal: What happened out there?

That one.

Get him out.

He gets out?


[Gate opens]

Jesus: Maggie, what are you doing?

Kal, I need your gun.

[Door closes, lock clicks]

This one tried to kill you.

Alden: Maggie, you don't wanna do this.

Shut up, Al!

If Cupcake wants to put on a show, let her put on a show.

[Body thuds]

You wanna be next?

No, I don't.

Saviors killed one of our own tonight on the road.

We aren't even, but that was a start.

Jesus: Maggie.

Get more guards on duty.

Start fortifying the walls and bury Neil.

First light, everybody else starts tending crops.

I thought we don't give up.

No, we don't.

Simon said the others are under attack, which means there's no more supplies going in, but there might be people.

We have to be ready.

Gonna be up to Hilltop to make the last stand.

It's over!

[Gun rattles]

I made sure you guys could get out the back.

I drove the convoy right up to the roadblock.

I knew what it was.

I can't go back.

One of 'em got away.

She's gonna tell them.

How'd they get out?

Was it what I did?


I can still help you.

I know how they work, how Negan thinks.

I want you to win.

I want Negan to die.

And we can settle up after.


We need to get back -- now.


Leave it where they'll find it.

Gavin: We had a good thing going.

I felt bad about the kid, too.

I didn't want that.

You know that!

And now a lot more people have to die.

Sometimes you just have to swallow it!

I do.

Jesus, I thought you knew that, too.

I liked you, Ezekiel.

Your people are gonna look up at the Sanctuary fence, and they're gonna see their dead.

Keep loading the trucks.

His Highness tries anything, break his arms.

Tired of playin' bean bag.

[Manhole cover scraping]

[Water splashes]

[Explosions in distance]

I'm sorry.

I am.

[Walkers growling]

Rosita: Michonne.



[Manhole cover closes]

[Explosions in distance]






Negan: This sh1t isn't funny anymore.

Aah! [Gasps]

Don't make me do this now, Rick.

I got plans for you.

Cut you up in little bitty pieces, feed you to the dead, and make you watch.



Then, when you're some sort of screwed-up, creepy stump with a head...

[Both grunt]

Negan: ...that's when I'm gonna kill you -- in front of everybody.

You ever shut the hell up?

- Nope!


You know your kid volunteered to die?

What kind of boy you raise, Rick?

I'm gonna fix him.

'Cause I like him.

A few years, he's gonna be one of my top guys!

[Both grunting]

Rick: Aah!

When I am done with you, nobody will ever try to do what you did -- not ever again!

Not your friends, not your son --


Don't you touch her!

[Both shout]


[Walker growling]


They're all dead.

And you missed it -- all of you.

This is your fault.



Hyah! Hyah!





[Breathing heavily]


Where are they?



Carl: I brought him here.

That's how it happened.

[Shuddered breathing]

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