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08x14 - Still Gotta Mean Something
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Previously on AMC's

"The Walking Dead"...

You asked about your brother.

I want the guy who killed my brother.


Gate's open, boys. Let's go!

Light it up, gents.

- No, no, no.

- Light it up now!


Well, sh1t.

Shut up.











Shouldn't have played, lady.

Not your game.









NEGAN: What the sh1t?

No, really, just tell me... What the sh1t?!


The escapees could be en route to the Sanctuary.

They are Henry's quarry and Henry, ours.

There could be another attack.

Maggie needs me here.

You can leave.

But you choose not to.

Tell me why.

Just go.

You think he's already dead.

Is that what you believe?

Or can you not allow yourself to believe otherwise?

You told me to pretend to make it real until it is so, and you cannot.

It may not be so.

I fear for Henry.

You, who I thought were the bravest person I've met...



You're stopped by cowardice.



It's been over a day.

Still not sick. Doc says I'm cool.

You're a tough son of a bitch.

Daryl, it just means that Dwight shot me with a clean arrow.

Or it means you got lucky. Could be anything.

It's not like a bite.

Sometimes nothing happens.

- Daryl...

- Look, if Dwight knew, could've warned us, could've sent us a message.

Well, maybe he couldn't.

He let a whole day go by while our people lay around dying.

Everybody else in the battle who got injured got sick.

That can't be an accident.

So he just gets a pass? Is that it?


Look, you said that we might need him, and we might need him now more than ever, and what I'm saying is that if I had killed him, maybe I would be dead right now.

Look, do what you gotta do.

But know it's just for you.

I'm out.





Do you...

Do you want to read it?

You're going out there.

We need food.

I'm gonna find some.

What did he write you?

I don't know. I-I can't.

- Wait.

- I can't.

You have to.

I did it, too...

when it happened to me.

You keep moving to move away from it.

Andrea stopped me.


And now... I'm stopping you.

Carl wrote that because he wanted you to read it.

It was one of the last things he ever did.

You're stayin'.



CAROL: You goin' lookin' for him?

For them.

- You don't have to, Morgan.

- I do.

I could've before, and I should've.

I was supposed to.

See, we're the same, and I was supposed to.

And I thought that...

Thought I had to. [CHUCKLES]

Thought it'd be different. [SIGHS]



But I'm coming with you.

The relay cars are in position.

If the Saviors are coming back, we'll have , maybe minutes heads-up.

- And our ammo?

- 'Bout what we thought.

Not enough to fend off another attack of that size.

DARYL: Well, maybe we don't gotta worry about that no more.

At least for now.

Maybe going hand-to-hand's our only option.

You think they're low on ammo?

Well, they must've gone through a whole bunch of it getting through them walkers at Sanctuary.

And there's not a lot of places to find more.


They have our bullet maker.

They can make more.

You think the Saviors have what he'd need to make them?

If they don't, I know where they'd find it.

NEGAN: I smell it.

Whatever the holy hell happened here, I smell it.

That's what that fire is about, that salt, burning it away.

I told you, people are a resource.

I don't throw resources like that away.

I got a lot of confidence that most people can be put on the right path...

My path.

I wouldn't have killed all your people.


That was the work of someone not following the program.

But this?

This is my mistake.

I'll own this.

I took a chance on someone, thought I was doing the right thing, and all I did was punch myself in the dick.

I am sorry for this.

I really am.

I'm sorry that you lost all you had.

But I know, in some way, I can help get it back, that we...


This is our best bet. It'd make sense they'd stay near the road they'd take to get there.

/ chance they'd be...

What is it?


They were on this side of the road.





You know what it is.

You were supposed to.

You're not here. He's not here.

You are not here!

You weren't supposed to be there.

You weren't. You were...

He's dead. You know he is.

I didn't come out here to look for him.

I came out here to keep an eye on you.

Yeah, I've seen it.

You save people. I've seen it again and again.

But you can't save the dead, Carol.

You're not dead.

I know. Not me. I don't die.

I just see it.

Again and again.

Again and again.

And even when I look away, still see it.

Came through here.

Probably a shortcut.

Straight line to the road ahead.


RICK: Where'd they go?

- We already told Maggie every...

- So, tell me.

Sanctuary's our best guess.

It's pretty much our only guess.

There'd been some talk about trying to get out, but it was just talk, nothin' specific.

Thinkin' they had a plan's giving 'em too much credit.

They saw an opening, and they took it.

What if it was you?

How'd you get back there?

You're on foot, there's probably someone injured.

Maybe you need a place to hole up and figure things out.

There's an old dive bar three miles off Edgehill Parkway.

Some of them, uh, took me there once.

They wanted my expert opinion on what it'd take to turn the place into an outpost.

It's between here and there, but the chances they'd actually g...


I don't know if this is any kind of a lead, but if you're going out there...

it's not for nothing...

Can you do me a favor?

If you happen to find them... don't kill any more of them than you have to.

When it went bad last night, they... they made a choice.

It was the wrong choice.

Some of them, probably hasn't hit 'em yet.

You could show 'em... by bringin' 'em back.

You could do that.

Yeah, I could.





Hey! Let's talk about this!

I had nothing to do with this!






- I got your flare for that little fire you were gonna start with my girl.

And let me tell you, I pulled my punch.

Tried to hit old Mr. Ninety-Degrees there.

Look, whatever you're doing... you must not really want to do it.

'Cause if you did, you wouldn't have left me sitting here with a bag full of guns.

Found something else in there, too.

Gotta think these snaps are near and dear.

So let's have a chat.

Let the healing begin.

We should wait.

Let it pass.

Trail goes straight through.

We could lose it.

We could lose more than the trail.




That stick.

It's Henry's.



Morgan, stop.

It came from the other road.

We go that way, maybe...

Maybe we can find him.

We take that road, you know what we'll find.

But I don't.

I decided... I decided what it would be.

But I won't know unless I go... unless I try.

And you can try, too.


No, I can't. I...

You save people.

I watch 'em die.

I have to.

I'm supposed to.

When I tried to run, you found me.

You saved me.

You knew I could come back.

And you can, too.

That wasn't me.

I'm not strong like you.

I was there that whole time, watchin' 'em, knowin' that something would happen.

I knew it. I saw it.

I was waiting for it to happen, and then it did, like it...

Like it always does.

So I just have to.

I have to kill 'em.

I have to.




Leave those pictures alone.

I figured they meant something to you.

Especially considering this is it, right?

I mean, it's not like you can just pop around the corner and order yourself some prints.

So I'm gonna ask you one more time.

What the sh1t?

I mean, this... This is how you kill people?

With that thing?



People are a resource.

Move the flare away... Please.

They're all I have left.

They're all this place has left.

You took my world, everything.

You took away me.


My wife's name was Lucille.

She got me through.

I didn't give her sh1t, and she got me through.

Just life.

Regular life.

The bat... The bat got me through this.

So I named it after her.

That's it. Nothing more to do with her than that.

But it is the last little piece of her that I got left.

Sort of like these snaps for you, huh?





Just stop.



What the sh1t?


No! No! No!

I'm here! I'm here!

I'm here!

I'm here.


NEGAN: No. No, don't!


I-I didn't burn your pictures.

I didn't do it. I wouldn't.

That is all I have left of her.

You burn her, and all you have is ashes.

No, I get to hurt you.

I didn't do it.

I can settle it.

I swear on my sack, I will.

I can settle it.






Morgan. Morgan, hey.

You know me.


I'm not right.

Maybe... Maybe you shouldn't be out...

Hey, I'm not going anywhere.

You're out here for them.

Me, too.

Then, we finish it, you and me.



EVAN: We had to get off the road, out of the forest, and still...

Maybe we didn't do it in time.

Yeah, but maybe we did.


- Maybe they don't look so hot 'cause we hacked off part of them.

We're not just gonna leave them here.


Look at them. They're dead already.

He's right.

They knew the rules.

You pooch it, nobody carries you.

After everything we've been through?

- Things are shaky, man. Let's not...

- Look, we got the rules so somebody goin' down don't take the rest of us with them.

Case in point.

We could've been halfway home by now.

How long was I out?

Just long enough to end up here.

Say we make it. Huh? What then?

MAN: He's right, Jared.

What do we got waiting for us back there?

Maybe we go our own way, be done with the Saviors.

MAN: We pooched it. Simon wasn't gonna carry us.

That's right. Because we lost.

But things have changed.

Delivering Rick the Prick to Negan is a win.

We wiped our own asses on this one, and the Big Man is gonna recognize.

Hey. He's awake.


Rise and shine, curly.

You ready to do some walkin'?


Of course you are.

Pack it up, boys!

We're ditchin' the dead weight and movin' on.

This is a loose-end sort of thing, that's it.

It's gonna be better for you, better for us.

RICK: Wait! My truck's not far.

We can get 'em to the Hilltop's doctor.

They could come back with us.

You all could.

You didn't want this.

You made a split-second choice, and you chose wrong, but it's not too late.

You cut us loose, you cooperate... we'll give you a fresh start.

A chance to become part of our community, to become one of us.

I'm giving you my word.

There's not a lot that's worth much these days, but a man's word...

that's gotta mean somethin', right?

You asshats aren't dumb enough to believe that.

We can hear him out.

W-We could talk it over.

Thing is, there isn't time for that.

There's a herd out there, close, probably headed this way.

You're all gonna need to make a choice, and it's gonna have to be now.

Wake up, everybody!

There isn't any herd.

There isn't any "deal" waiting back at Hilltop.

You think these asswipes came here to save us?

They came here for blood.

Hell, this one strangled one of his own guys to death with his own hands.

All Rick is saying here is a steaming pile of bullshit.

You know, you're right.

I came here to do what I was supposed to.

To kill every last one of you.


You should save your bullets, 'cause you're gonna need 'em.

That herd, it is comin'.

Maybe they'll hear the moans or the coughs, you know?

Maybe they'll just stumble in through the open walls, but they are comin'.

And then after...

After, when you're just torn skin and loose teeth and blood... when you're nothing but the stuff that they didn't eat... well, that'll be a damn shame.

Because there won't be a single one of you left for me to kill.

JARED: We're done.

Let's dump 'em and bounce.

I want a sandwich.

MORGAN: See? It doesn't change.

It never changes.

And I don't die.

I don't. Nobody dies!

'Cause everybody turns!

Hey! Everybody turns!

Hey. What are you doing?

You'll ruin our chances of getting back to Hilltop.


MAN: Walkers! We're surrounded!

Thing is, we've already killed you.

Some coming in! Some coming in!




You're too weak to take on this herd alone.

Cut us loose.

Give us our weapons. We can help you!

No! Nobody's cutting anybody loose!

I'm killing these pricks right now.


- Come on!


MAN: No!

- Come on!

- We gotta find a way out!



Hey, give me the stick!


We're almost out. Go on ahead.

Son of a bitch!







You like sticks, right?


Let go! Let go!

Let go! No, no! Let go!

Let go!



Aah! Let go!

[CRYING] Let go!

Let go!

Let go.




You said...

- You said...

- I lied.

I... I didn't.

We could've...

We could've lived... after.

After this.

Everybody turns.

You saved me.

Morgan, you saved me.

I would've died.

Maybe on that street, right

in front of your house.

You didn't know me.

Why'd you do it?

We should go.

Just tell me.

Why'd you save me?

- You had your son there.

- No.

- You did.

- Hey, no.

Why'd you save me? Why?



Because my son was there.

You didn't lose you.

You should know that.

Now, you wanna tell me what the hell happened here?

What that was all about?

You can come with me, you know.

Follow a new path.

Your path?

The offer stands.

I'll swing by again sometime.

Who knows?

Maybe you'll want to share.


- HENRY: Help me!

Help me!


Help me!


Help me! Help me!



[CRYING] I'm sorry!

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I'm sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

I was wrong.

You could survive.

I was wrong.

I was wrong.

On it.


- Hey! Come here! Right here!

Yo! Distract the deadies!

That's it! Come right here!

Over here! Over here! Hey!


Your Majesty!


- Dude.



You were right. I was afraid.

Oh, yeah, you were. I saw it.

But you are no coward.

I had a daughter.

After I lost her, I...

I was nothing.

But the people I was with... being with them...

I found myself.

Some version of myself, a better self.

Still, it always feels like it could just...

just be swept away again.

But that doesn't mean it will, and... and it doesn't mean that I couldn't find myself again if it does.


I, um...

I killed them.

I killed the man who killed your brother.

I did.

I killed him.

I'm sorry.



Don't ever be sorry.






Jesus Christ.


Holy hell.

If sh1t could sh1t, it still wouldn't look as shitty as you.

Get in.



Negan. I knew it.

I knew you were alive.

Hell yes, I am.

But you're not gonna say a word. You understand?

Daddy's home, and it's gonna be a surprise.

Hell, I got all sorts of surprises to roll out.

Well, looks like you're right.

It's up and runnin'.


Buckets of casings for Eugene to turn into hundreds of bullets.

Let's do it now.

We don't take out the machines.

We take out the man.

RICK: Thank you.


I'm sorry.

You don't have to be.

I love you.

I love you, too.

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