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08x16 - Wrath
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Previously on AMC's

"The Walking Dead"...

NEGAN: I knew that I could count on you to deliver my plan to Rick.

He's gonna lead them directly into the line of fire.

EUGENE: We will change Savior history.

GABRIEL: I just wanted to make it so that the bullets didn't work.

CARL: You have to find peace with Negan. Show everyone that they can be safe again without killing.

NEGAN: Winning is about killing every last one of you.

RICK: I remember.




Saw she was up, so...

How'd it happen?


Please tell me.


SIDDIQ: My mother's dead. She was bit.

SIDDIQ: I had to watch her die. Not long ago.

SIDDIQ: And she believed people, their... their souls... were trapped in the bodies of the monsters... that killing the dead lets the living move on into an afterlife.

SIDDIQ: Carl was taking me back to your community, and I told him what my mother believed.

SIDDIQ: And we saw a few of the dead. [EXHALES SHARPLY] He wanted to honor her. I think he was trying to show me that I could trust him.

SIDDIQ: That's how it happened.

SIDDIQ: [VOICE BREAKING] He died paying respects to a woman he never knew.

SIDDIQ: But it was dangerous.

SIDDIQ: It was dangerous, and I didn't think about that. I should've.

SIDDIQ: But all that's left of the people we lose, what was theirs... are their ideas.

RICK: Thank you.

We're gonna beat 'em today. We are. And when we do, will you come back to the Kingdom? I won't run away again.

CAROL: Maybe.

How you doin', boss?

If this morning is to be our last, it will be a fine morning, indeed.

This isn't the last of sh1t.

It could be for some of our ranks.

I accept that.

I'm not accepting sh1t.

It's not simple acceptance or pessimism, no.

Not that.

But to justify everything we've lost, we must risk losing everything.

We're not losing sh1t...


DARYL: All right. We'll stick to this road, keep to the trees, we'll get there quicker. Plus, we can keep an eye on the road that way.

Yeah, if they're planning anything, we'll see it.

You think you can trust Gregory?

What he told us?

I locked him up inside the house.

He knew I wouldn't let him walk around free.

He knew he was coming back to that.

He doesn't believe in anything except himself, and he'd have to believe in the Saviors a whole lot to send us into a trap and think it would work out for him.

Unless Dwight didn't tell him.

That asshole could be setting us up.




Morgan, what is it?

They're gone.

They're doing something.




They were, uh...

They were gone... him.

They were coming in.

I asked Maggie if we could clear the walkers from the wall.

We... drew them away so we wouldn't have to worry about 'em when we rolled out.

He did.

Let's keep gettin' ready, everyone.

First team's going in .

He said when we roll out.

You and your people aren't coming.

You can be here.

But you're not us.

As long as we got that straight.

Maybe you shouldn't come with us.

I have to.

[SIGHS] You've done plenty.

I have to.

- Morgan...

- Rick.

I have to. I have t-to...


- It's not me.


It's everybody else, and I'm gonna keep 'em alive.

I'm gonna keep Henry from... f...


We are worse than we were... me and you.

We are.

Giving your word to those men back at the bar.

I mean, it's what it took, yeah, but...

But that was something else.

That was something wrong for you.

And we crossed into it because... because... we've both lost everything, everything good.


What does it matter if we spend whatever's left on keeping people alive?

Because we haven't lost everything.

- Not yet.

- We have.

And we can't go back.

So let's just finish this.



NEGAN: Sucks, don't it, D? I mean, even with that disgusting, knotted cheese on the side of your face, you once had these people's respect. But now? Well, now you don't have a damn thing.

Load him up.

There's my bullet maker.

Attaché in tow and order fulfilled PDQ, as promised.

Every munition personally quality-controlled by yours truly.

Sleep be damned and efforts be tripled, the deed is done.

Take yourself a tester.



Regina laid out the plan for you, right?

That's why I requested the ride-along.

Depending on the terrain and timing, the pump and priming, I believe we should attempt a one-fell-swooper.

A firing line that would minimize chaos opportunity and alpha-to-omega this thing in less than .

Are you sure that's something you want to see?

More of a "need to" thing.

Look at you.

Let's load up, roll out!

Lance, Duke... Boylan Road.

Map will show you where I'll be if there's trouble.

No, we got this one locked down, Jefe.

Damn straight you do.


Why don't you tag along, Gabey?

It's a nice drive.

I got some sh1t that I want to confess.

NEGAN: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.



Any second now.

Now, those men I sent out down there on that road setting up that roadblock with the dead not knowing they're joining their cold asses any second.

Because Rick and his band of pricks, they're gonna hit them hard.


You know, I don't enjoy sacrificing my own people.

You know that, right?

I mean, those guys back there, they came up with Simon.

Some of us had to take one for the team, it may as well be them.



I still don't understand.

Ricky was slipped some intel, make him think he can get the jump on me.

The thing is, it came from a less-than-reliable source, so if I were him, I'd be scouting ahead.

Taking out that little road-block crew is gonna make Rick think he's got the real story, where I'll really be.

They'll come to get me.

But, see, that is the trap.

And that is how we will get them.

They're going to find a map with the time and place I'll be and they're gonna believe it.

Because they will have killed all those poor bastards.

Hey, hey, hey! I give up!

I give... I'm done!


JARED: Dude! That was messed up.


I mean, Jesus.

Unh! Aah!


You don't die, right?


You oughta try it sometime.


You don't think you can kill your way out of this, seeing everybody else go, do you?


'Cause let me tell you... not gonna happen.


JESUS: Morgan?

Are you with us?

EZEKIEL: Good people, found something on our quarry.

What is it?

A list and another map.

And what appear to be other facts.

They're lining up Saviors on the Old Mill Road.

That's where Negan will be.

We have to get to Negan before they figure out what happened here.


- Maggie.


- I'm here.

It's time.

It was a trap.

So we're changing the plan.

So that's it?

Your confession is that you're... gonna kill every last one of them?

When you spoke before, you seemed almost as if you didn't want it to happen.

It ain't about want, Gabey.

It never was.






MAN: Fell out the door!

Hang back! He can't see crap.




GABRIEL: Eugene, I have to warn them.

- You can't do this.

- Shut up. Shut your damn mouth, or so help me, I will use a homemade munition to crack your cranium right here, right now!

Do you understand?

Do you?!



Look at you.

Where does your faith go when you truly need it?


Seems to me it's the only time worth holding on to.


Sorry, Eugene.

I'm gonna have to call dibs on Gabey boy myself.


You said you didn't want to die a fruitless death.

Well, you can't always get what you want.

Load him into the car.

JESUS: You want to keep these people safe, and you think you need to kill other people to do that.

That's not exactly safe for you, which ultimately may not be safe for the people you're trying to keep safe.

It's a conundrum.

Or it's not.

But you can stop people without killing them.

I mean, you almost stopped me.

I have a simple proposal.

Something to try.

This end for the dead, and this end for the living.

And things will get better.


I'm starting to like that guy.

ROSITA: Oh, Jesus.

JERRY: Holy damn.

You ever seen one that big?


Things are changing.

Let's go.

- How much further?

- We grow closer.

Yonder, over the ridge.






Well, damn, Rick, look at that.

Pegged again. Pegged so very hard.


NEGAN ON RADIO: [AMPLIFIED] I ambushed your ambush with an even bigger ambush.

RICK: How about you step out and face us?!

NEGAN: Oh, I am everywhere, Rick. Some more bullhorns, more walkies. Pick a direction to run. See how you do. Make it fun for all of us. Guess what else I did. I brought you some of your old friends.

NEGAN: You remember your old buddy Eugene? Well, he is the person that made today possible. Same goes for Dwighty boy here. In case you were wondering, he didn't ream you on purpose. No, he is just a... a gutless nothin' that sucks at life, and now he gets to stand up here and watch you all die, and he's gonna live with that. Gabriel, well...


NEGAN: he's got to go, too. We are cleaning house today, Rick. And then... there's you. It never had to be a fight. You just had to accept how things are. So... here we go. Congratulations, Rick.
















He's running!



Is Gregory already out here?

We left him inside the house.

Let them have him. Shh!

Keep going. To the rendezvous point.

The others should already be there.

- Hold up!

- What's going on?

I'm gonna try and slow them down.

Go, go.

What, just you?

Look, they can hear her.

- They can hear her in New Jersey.

- I don't know about Jersey, but I'm not letting you do this by yourself.

You think I'm gonna give you a gun?

I'm gonna stay one way or another.

Any of you gents with me?

'Cause I'm with her.

Even if she's not with us.


He did this! Get him!






You don't have to.



Let's clean this up now, shall we?

Give it another second.



Don't shoot.



We're done.

It's over.






RICK: Aah!



NEGAN: Just so you know, eenie meenie miney moe, that was bullshit. I made a choice. I just didn't want to kill a kid's dad in front of him. Turns out that would've been the best thing I could've done. Had I done it, that kid might still be alive.


- Aah!


RICK: You're beat. Your people are down.


NEGAN: I'll get out of it. I always do.


NEGAN: It's just you and me, Rick. And you... You are torn open. I am bigger, I am badder, and I got a bat.

RICK: We can have a future.

NEGAN: I know I will.

RICK: Just give me... Give me 10 seconds so I can... I can tell you how.


RICK: Just give me 10 seconds for Carl.

NEGAN: Ten...

NEGAN: nine...

RICK: Carl said it doesn't have to be... It doesn't have to be a fight anymore.

NEGAN: He was wrong. Eight...

RICK: No, no. He was right.

[RICK slices NEGANs throat with a piece of glass]

NEGAN: [WEAKLY] Look what you did. Carl didn't know a damn thing...



RICK: Save him.


- Maggie! Maggie!

MAGGIE: No, he can't! No! No, he killed Glenn! We have to. We have to end it! Rick!

We have to make it right!

We can't make it right, but this makes it over.

- It's over.

MAGGIE: No! It's not over! It's not over until he's dead! It's not over till he's dead!







RICK: What happened, what we did... what we lost... there's gotta be something after.

RICK: The ones who have 'em up, put your hands down.

RICK: We're all gonna go home now.

RICK: Negan's alive. But his way of doing things is over.

RICK: And anyone who can't live with that will pay the price, I promise you that. And any person here who would live in peace and fairness... who would find common ground... this world is yours, by right. We are life. That's death! And it's coming for us. Unless we stand together! So go home. Then the work begins. The new world begins.

All this... All this is just what was.

There's gotta be somethin' after.

What happened to their guns? Was that you?

EUGENE: It was. I introduced a sabotaging aspect to the manufacturing process unbeknownst to my colleagues, inspired by Gabriel's purposeful ineptitude. And a few things you imparted to me before I vomited on you. Ergo, I created a modicum of phooey for a full kablooey.


That's for the puke.

EUGENE: Fair play.

It's for Henry.

Will you tell him I'm gonna be okay?

Are you?

I'm gonna try.

I know I need to be.


My mercy... prevails... over my wrath.



ALDEN: Excuse me. Maggie?

The... guys are going back to the Sanctuary.

Gonna... try and make something else out of it.

I don't know.

The thing is...

I was never meant to be there.

I-I've been reading that book, uh... "A Key to a Future."

You know, I-I can build things, I can make some of that stuff real, for... for this place, for these people. It... It's what I want to do with my life.

And, no joke, you, uh... You gave me that life, so...




Hi. Glad you're here.

Glad to be here. I think.

TANYA: Well, we know.

That you guys?

Yeah, more glass.

And more people to help put it back together.



DARYL: Get out.




I know why I'm here. I know what I did to Denise. To you. To other people. And it doesn't matter why. I knew I'd have to face it... to pay, and I should. I'm ready. I got to see Negan taken down, and that's enough.


Me? I'm a piece of sh1t. There's no going back to how things were.



I'm sorry. Look, I'm so sorry. Please. [CRYING] Please.

DARYL: Shut up.



DARYL: You go, and you keep going. Don't you ever come back here again. If I ever see your face around here again, I'll kill you.

DARYL: You go out there, and you make it right.

DARYL: Find her.



MORGAN: I'm a friend of Rick's. From Alexandria.


MORGAN: He says you can come back to the community. If you wanna.


MORGAN: Rick is trying to build something.


MORGAN: He needs all the hands he can get. He wants to show people that things can change.

MORGAN: You don't want to be alone. People. Everything is about people. Everything in this life that's worth a damn.

What's your name?


MORGAN: Morgan Jones.

Um... You can call me Anne.

Let me get my things. We can go.

MORGAN: Or you can go. I'm gonna stay. I want to be alone. I, um... I need to be.

I thought you said...

MORGAN: They are, but I can't.

MORGAN: I can't.






MAGGIE: I just wanted to say you were right. About saving the Saviors from the satellite outpost.

MAGGIE: Having them here. I don't regret what I did. But you were right. And Rick was right about not killing all the Saviors.

MAGGIE: He was right. He was. Not about Negan.

JESUS: So what does that mean, Maggie?

MAGGIE: We have a lot to do. We have to build this place up, make it work better than before, make it thrive for the people who live here.

MAGGIE: We need our strength, the ability to defend ourselves better. We have to have that.

JESUS: We will.

MAGGIE: But Rick and Michonne... Rick was wrong to do what he did. Michonne, too.

MAGGIE: So we're gonna bide our time, wait for our moment... and then we're gonna show him.

DARYL: Yeah.

MAGGIE: We will.

MICHONNE: We know you're awake.

NEGAN: I never said I wasn't.

Good. Because we need to tell you some things. And you don't have to open your eyes now. But you're gonna open them soon. Because we're gonna make you watch what happens.

RICK: And this isn't about who you killed. No, we've... We killed people. No, this is about what you did to us, what you did to so many people. How you made people live for you, how you put people under your boot.

NEGAN: I saved people!




MICHONNE: He needs to know. This isn't a discussion.

RICK: We can open up his stitches for a little while just to remind him. Carl pictured something better. All of us working together for something bigger than all of us. And you'll have a job, too.


You get to be a part of it. You'll be an example of what this will be. We're not gonna kill you. We're not gonna hurt you. You're gonna rot in a cell. For the rest of your life, day after day. You're gonna be evidence that we're makin' a civilization, something like what we had, something we're gonna get back.

MICHONNE: And you get to watch it happen. And you get to see how wrong you were about what people can be, about what life can be.

You, alive, is gonna help show people that things have changed, that keepin' you breathing earns another way, a better way. That's the part you'll play. So after all this... maybe you're good for something.



Thank you.

Thank you.

I understand.

I know now.

You've given me so much...

After you've given me so much.

I can see.

RICK: Dear Carl.

RICK: I remember.

RICK: I forgot who I was. You made me remember. I remember that feeling, walking with you that day. Like I finally knew who I was for the first time in my life.

RICK: Thing is, we were walking side-by-side, but you were bringin' me somewhere. Bringin' me here. Bringin' all of us to the new world, Carl. You showed me the new world. You made it real. I see it. I remember. Dad.

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